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can i get some australian pidge headcanons?? if not, thats cool too!!

Ah Nonny I’m afraid I won’t be much good for this :/ I’m pretty much the furthest thing from an Australian myself, and I have no Aussie friends I can quickly ask for inspiration

I’m gonna open this up to all my followers, anyone have ideas?

“DUDE! You can’t just say that out loud! If you think about The Game you lose The Game–fuck! I lost it again!”

“….thank you, anonymous.”


So, it turns out we DO own the Icelandic women’s national costume (upphlutur) in a drawer somewhere and no-one told me! *glares stage left*

  1. Silk scarf with golden embroidery
  2. Pattern on the apron (worn over the skirt)
  3. The cap with the traditional silver cylinder around the tail (although this seems to be silver over copper, since the verdigris is showing through)
  4. The vest, made of satin and velvet, normally worn over a white shirt, embroidered with silver thread and with clasps made of silver filigree.
  5. - 8. Closeups of the embroidery and filigree work.

This costume was made in its entirety by my great-grandmother, bespoke tailor Stefanía Lára Ólafsdóttir

Hey guys just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately TT^TT I’ve just been extremely tired and busy recently and I have to start college apps and work next week AHHH I’m so sorry, I’ll try to update The Labyrinth tomorrow night D:

You Coming? by Miss-Mary-Grace

The lovely @novanoah is hosting an adorable FMA OC Pool Party, so I thought I’d jump in on the fun with my own FMA OC, Cassie! 

I had these outfits available to use as inspiration, and I chose this one

This was a blast, it was nice to actually get involved with the FMA OC side of the fandom more. 

Sun’s out, guns out! Check dA for a longer description!

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                            “Ok, but….Why a bow an’ arrow? Ain’t it difficult to work with? 

                                       Gotta have space to draw, gotta make sure your arrows don’t 

                                       come outta your quiver- not to mention there’s no way of concealin’ 

                                       the thing. Where’s the appeal outside of the stealth, Robin Hood?