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brooke davis. gorgeous brunette with an a m a z i n g energy and smile. her three FAVOURITE things: sex, sex and sex.

Summary of episode two (what a wild ride)

  • the colors….lance and allura…..im uncomfortable
  • allura found dead in miami
  • battle of the mullets
  • the entire fight scene between hair guy and larry
    • oh his name is bokar
    • even better
  • d r a m a t i c  z o o m i n g
  • you just fought my paladin and hurt him but hey lets have dinner
  • rip larry
    • “hAIIILLP”
  • keith in blue jammies n i c e
  • cOOOOran
  • keith is a karate ninja hI YAH
  • “fly in the ointment” 
  • video game sound effects
  • keith: *narrates everything he does*
  • pidge is Shook
  • “planet doom”
  • allura……can sparkle
  • gijinka art where the characters are drawn very diversely and fitting to their original personality and appearance: *gets like 10 notes and two comments saying "looks nice!"*
  • gijinka art where everyone is drawn as thin pale conventionally attractive people with unconventional hair colors: *gets one million notes, every comment is "HH OLY SHIT THIS IS FUCKING A M A Z I N G??? GOD I NEVER THOUGHT I'D WANNA FUCK THEM"*

an eerie silence falls over the bigtop as a ceasefire is called while both sides retreat to rally their newfound troops and check their ammunition

the average Friday night pie fight has long since elscalated into all out war, and was taking far longer than either could have predicted

and neither clown is willing to give it up


vamo fingi que tem algo legal escrito aqui
























































Sigam esses tambri que parecem uns pãozinho doce de tão lindinhos que são

E também me sigam @radio-via-dagem troco nudes

Por hoje é só beijos de luz no core fiquem com Inês

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A Zen massage smut sounds A M A Z I N G !!!

Doesn’t it?! <3 It was originally supposed to be something innocent and fluffy since I’ve been feeling stressed and tense myself, but whoops, my mind was going other places. (’:

I’m sure Zen is extremely talented with his hands and fingers. Pressing against you in all the right places and making you melt with his touch. Working with sheer determination at those tense muscles from behind that has you leaning back against him and letting out blissful sighs, asking for more which he’s more than happy to provide…

I was tagged by @freejiminiesbutt to spell my url with kpop songs

A - All I wanna do by Jay park 

M - Mind your business by Ailee 

A - And you by Dean 

Z - Zutter by Bigbang 

Z - Zero by B.A.P 

J - Just right by GOT7

I - Incomparable by Monsta x yall im so inlove with their new album i cant 

N - Not today BTS

I tag @boymeetsfiction @babygirlskies @agust-fire @ilsan-s @h00dy (idk how ur gonna do it lmao sorry) @17-bts-fairytales

A to Z tag game!

Tagged by @nenufair Thank you!💕

A (age): 18

B (biggest fear): Being a failure and a disappointment.

C (current time): 8:00pm

D (drink you last had): Tea with milk

E (easiest person to talk to): my best friend? Though I don’t have a problem talking to other people, I’m shy at first but as soon u talk to me I’m good.

F (favorite song): We Can Hurt Together- Sia

G (grossest moment): I don’t remember any (thank god)

H (horror yes, horror no): N O!

I (in love with): all my favorite fictional characters (especially Kunikida, Dazai and Chuuya)

J (jealous of): People with dreams/ high self-esteem/ strong willed/ people with good relationship with their moms??

K (killed someone): working on it lol

L (love at first sight or should i walk by again): I don’t think love at first sight is possible? Love is a strong word to describe someone u just meet/saw.

M (middle name): I don’t have one.

N (number of siblings): 7

O (one wish): I want to be successful.

P (person you last called): My Dad.

Q (question you’ve always been asked): ‘why being shy?’ I just am 😂 (it’s funny cause im pretty hot-headed and stubborn)

R (reasons to smile): my siblings (like honestly i dont know what i’ll do without them), my friends and ofc my tumblr friends @nenufair and @odaazai like u guys are such a blessing thank you so much!!

S (song you last sang): Symphony

T (time you woke up): 1 pm (i had a break so i have to waste it very wisely)

U (underwear color): purple

V (vacation destination): Finland (i want to see the northern lights and they have snow?!!)

X (x-rays I’ve had): none

Y (your favorite foods): Chocolates and Coffee

Z (zodiac): Taurus ♉️

tagging: @odaazai, @sharkinlovewithadolphin and whoever wants to

So I found a website that identifies dogs in a picture and threw BTS members in it...








I was reading one fic and in one scene Yurio was questioning his sexuality and talking with Viktor about it and Viktor says to him ‘‘Don’t fall in love with genres, fall in love with people’’ aND LMAO I CAN’T