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The people who are following me for a while might remember the Baseball AU I started a couple years ago and that one drawinG OF 2013 (I JUST CHECKED AND GOSH DAMN THAT’S A LONG TIME AGO) THAT I DID with Soul and Maka going to a baseball NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game that both were very excited about. And well, they end up in front of the stadium with fanshirts for the opposite teams LOL. This is me continuing their date in some way? 

I was so inspired when I watched snippets of a LIVE (!!!) baseball game in a restaurant when I was in Vermont with @fabulousanima, @makapedia, @sojustifiable and Caleb. Thank you guys for having me! And thank you for @chaoticlivi for having Fab and me with some great cinnamon rolls (I miss them!) and big thanks to @skadventuretime and @bbbutterfingers for having us stay in Boston and giving me a great tour! This sappy romance is for you all! =D ♥

things i loved about justice league
  • alfred being salty about bruce being single
  • [about diana meeting victor] “she has a date. at least someone around here does”
  • barry being proud of saving four people, meanwhile clark saves an eNTIRE BUILDING
  • pet cemetary
  • everyone acknowledging how badass diana is
  • THE A M A Z O N S
  • “i’m like a black hole of snacks. a snack hole”
  • steve still inspiring diana almost a century after his death
  • “i know you didn’t save me because you like me” “i don’t. i really don’t.”
  • arthur ranting about how perfect diana is because of the lasso of truth
  • everything barry says tbh

Here’s Dark’s language! I think it’s fairly easy to learn if you wanted to :U

a - Ju
b - Loh
c - Re
d - Tih
e - Zjuh
f - Ohn
g - Ha
h - Po
i - Ku
j - Lih
k - Na
l - Ja
m - Go
n - Win
o - Uh
p - Sih
q - Tasin
r - Lei
s - K’no
t - Sa
u - Ko
v - Za
w - Konah
x - Qua
y - Jani
z - Ah

ch - Quara
dr - Hasa
ai/ei - Loka
sh - Ba
tr - Masa
th - Kee
uh - Telo
oo - Fah

Hello/Hi (Formal) - Pozjuhjaauh (poh-zjuh-JAH~-uh)

Hello/Hi (Informal) - Poku (poh-KOO)

Goodbye/Bye (Formal) - Hauhhtihlohjani (Ha-uh~-tih-LOH-jah-nee)

Goodbye/Bye (Informal) - Lohjani (LOH-jah-nee)

My name is… - Gojani Winlokago Kuk'no… (GO-jah-nee win-LO-ka-go KOO-k-no)

King - Nakuwinha (na-koo-WIN-ha)

Queen - Tasinzjuhhwin (tah-SIN-zjuh~-WIN)

Ruler - Leifahjalei (lay-FAH-jah-lay)

Jackson - Lihjurek'nouhwin (lih-JOO-ray-k-no-uh-WIN)

“Dark” - Tihjuleina (tih-JOO-lay-NAH)

Madeline/Maddy - Gojutihhjani (GO-joo-TIH~-jah-nee)

-Silent letters are not given a sound
-Double consonant (ball) = stretch out sound
ex: Ball - Lohjujaa (loh-joo-JAH~)

So my cat Lydia likes paper right. If I open my mail on my bed, she’s right there, walking on it, listening to it crinkle under her toes, and then laying right down. Even if I leave paper on the floor, on carpet or tile or hardwood, she’s there, curling up, standing on it, happy as can be.

And like many of my fellow fanfiction addicts, I don’t read a lot of print books, but I recently borrowed a novel that sounded a m a z i n g and I wanted to get it back to my coworker on Monday. It was going pretty well Saturday afternoon until

Every time I put this book down, whether open or closed or page up or down, she was there. Happy as can be. And so freaking cute that I didn’t want to move her, which meant I was not going to finish it.

So finally, in protest and so I could actually finish this book, I gave her another one

I finished my book (White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi, highly recommend) but I left the decoy out.

She’s been sleeping on it every night. It’s been a week.

Updated Masterlist | 4.23.17

{Every time I update, I will change the date }

T O M  H O L L A N D 

Dating Tom Holland Would Include
You and Me
A Total Mess
More Like Her
Hands to Myself
Honest  |||  Part Two 
Tom & OFC
Prank Imagine 
Ex-Girlfriend Interview Imagine
Lovey Dovey Interview Imagine
Celebrity Crush Interview Imagine
Dressing Formal Imagine 
Thanking Tom Imagine
Facetiming Tom Imagine

P E T E R  P A R K E R 

Let it Grow 
Just Smile
Stay Away
Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman
Closed Door
Finding You Outside Imagine
Finding Out Imagine
Finding Out (shorter version) Imagine
Project Help Imagine ||| Part Two 

J U G H E A D  J O N E S 

What Do You Feel ||| Part Two 
Black Sheep 

A R C H I E   A N D R E W S 

Misplaced Trust
Never Alone

C H R I S  E V A N S 

Stone Cold Sober
Far From Boring 
Fatherhood Interview Imagine
Father Chris Imagine
Spilling The Beans Imagine
Taking Off Shirt Imagine
Giving In Imagine
Meeting New Boyfriend Imagine
Laughing Game Imagine
Divorcing Chris Imagine
That Look Imagine

S T E V E  R O G E R S 

Age Of Ultron Imagine
Asking For Permission Imagine
Disagreeing Sokovia Accords Imagine

S E B A S T I A N  S T A N 

Drunken Nights
Simple Hello  ||| Part Two
First We Had  ||| Part Two
Parting Ways
Annoyed Imagine
Don’t You Do That Interview Imagine

B U C K Y  B A R N E S 

Brain Scrambled Imagine
Steve Telling Bucky Imagine
Afraid To Leave Imagine
Finding Out He Killed Imagine
Sent To Kill Imagine

T J  H A M M O N D 

She’ll Be The Death ||| Part Two 

J E F F E R S O N 


S H A W N  M E N D E S 


H A R R Y  S T Y L E S 

War Is Love |||  Part Two
Reaction Imagine
Caught In Interview Imagine

E D D I E  R E D M A Y N E 

Three Words
Panicked Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Imagine
Platonic Interview Part Two Imagine
Costar Imagine

N E W T  S C A M A N D E R 

Newt Dating a Muggle / No-Maj
The Greatest Creation |||  Part Two
Yer A Wizard
I Wouldn’t Mind / OFC
Talking About You Imagine
Amazed By You Imagine
Dramatic & Sick You Imagine

E Z R A  M I L L E R 


C R E D E N C E  B A R E B O N E

My Credence Plea
Under The Mistletoe
Monsters Lyrics
Helping Him Imagine
Helping You Imagine

D R A C O  M A L F O Y 

Bite The Hand That Feeds
Last Straw
Change Of Heart

H E R M I O N E  G R A N G E R 

Flustered Times
Good Advice
Crush Imagine

F R E D  W E A S L E Y 

Sentimental Gift Ft. George Weasley
Lost & Found
Take Care Imagine

S I R I U S  B L A C K 

The Return Of The Jackal
Son Imagine
All This Time Imagine
Getting Killed Imagine

R E M U S  L U P I N 

Sneaking In Late Imagine

H A R R Y  P O T T E R 

A Nervous Wreck
Dumbledore’s Army Imagine

H P  A E S T H E T I C S / M O O D B O A R D S 

Slytherin 2

S C O T T  M C C A L L 

Innocently Deadly
Finding Out Imagine

S T I L E S  S T I L I N S K I 

Denying You Imagine

P E T E R  H A L E 

Being The Reason Imagine
Leave Me Alone Imagine

S P E N C E R  R E I D 

Being Late Imagine
Your Voice Imagine

A A R O N  H O T C H N E R 

Jack’s Favorite Babysitter Imagine
Jack’s Favorite Part Two Imagine

Find your dialogue prompt!

A: The first letter of your first name!

B: Your birthday!

  • A: “Can I help you?”
  • B: “Be gentle.”
  • C: “Help me find my scarf!”
  • D: “What happened to your arm?”
  • E: “What the hell happened here?!”
  • F: “How are you feeling?”
  • G: “Well, this is interesting! Did you know-”
  • H: “I just thought of a world without puppies and got really sad.”
  • I: “I love you.”
  • J: “Please kill me.”
  • K: “Want to know how I got these scars?”
  • L: “On go, we’re going to run, okay?”
  • M: “Help me.”
  • N: “Did you hear that?”
  • O: “Kiss me.”
  • P: “What’s your favorite sin?”
  • Q: “Does God ever say ‘Oh my God’?”
  • R: “We’re stuck in a maze!”
  • S: “So, today I was thinking we should-”
  • T: “Did you just murder someone?!”
  • U: “Code Yellow, I repeat code yellow!”
  • V: “I want to show you something.”
  • W: “Can we cuddle?”
  • X: “Do you want to talk about your childhood?”
  • Y: “Who wants to die today?“
  • Z: "I am the hero this city needs!”

  1. “Oh, I saw a spider”
  2. “You shouldn’t have had that sixth cup of coffee.”
  3. “Speaking of that, I just got laid.”
  4. “That should be illegal.”
  5. “High School Musical.”
  6. “Speaking of gay, I’m gonna go do some gay stuff right now.”
  7. “Unrealistic.”
  8. “I hope you outlast your relatives.”
  9. “Easy, psycho.”
  10. “I won!”
  11. “I’m confused, as usual.”
  12. “I volunteer as tribute.”
  13. “It’s magic!”
  14. “Dang, I was so close…”
  15. “I have a headache.”
  16. “I love being left alone.”
  17. “Can I kiss you?”
  18. Please, tell me more.”
  19. “Stay quiet!”
  20. “Oh maaaaan, sounds amazing, who can resist!”
  21. “That’s so gay.”
  22. “This is all your fault.”
  23. “Are you okay?”
  24. “No.”
  25. “A badly timed joke?”
  26. “I want to leave.”
  27. “5 more minutes.”
  28. “I’m calling the police!”
  29. “Queue the music.”
  30. “Stop following me!”
  31. “We’re all going to die.”

(if you get something confusing, then try to explain it, BAM, you’re writing)