i yelled during this part

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*BTY playing in the car* me: *sings the Bebe part* *the Louis' part comes* *remains silent* *cries because of the voice* *cries more* *cries even more*

I just yelled at someone for breathing too loudly during louis’ part in fireproof

me as both these asks

Why ASTRO are the rookie KINGS of fan service and working the crowd

KCON LA 2016

Just a heads up, a lot of these links to videos go to the same videos so I’m sorry if you close the tab and think you’re done only to open the same video again. -Admin M


  • Rocky yells something before the lights even come on (x)
  • Jinjin yells “make some noise!” in the beginning (x; x, 0:20)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans in the front row and doing aegyo (x, 0:30; x, 0:39; x, 0:44)
  • Jinjin’s famous dab (x, 0:46; x, 0:38; x, 0:49)
  • MJ’s aegyo (x, 1:00)
  • As they moved from one part of the stage to the other, every member was waving at the fans, as well as just jamming out to the song (x; x, 1:38; x, 1:47)
  • Moonbin whips (x, 2:49; x, 3:01)
  • MJ dabs (x, 0:09; x, 2:51; x, 3:02)
  • Sanha smiles at front row fans (x, 3:11)
  • Eunwoo and Moonbin make a heart with their fingers and wave at the fans (x, 3:16)
  • Rocky yells “Scream!” (x, 3:08; x, 3:19)


  • Jinjin yells “What’s good, L.A.?” (x, 3:28)
  • Jinjin acknowledges the upper levels and says “Everybody, scream!”  He follows up with “I can’t hear you.  Everybody scream!” (x, 3:46)
  • Sanha’s aegyo-filled introduction (x, 4:01)
  • Moonbin does the “shy, shy, shy” movement (x, 0:04; x, 4:17)
  • Eunwoo greets in English (x, 0:07; x, 4:20)
  • Sanha waving at fans (x, 0:10)
  • Rocky also greets in English (x, 0:11; x, 4:26)
  • Sanha and MJ turning and waving at the fans behind them (x, 0:16; x, 4:30)
  • Jinjin’s greeting in English, Moonbin copying his hand movements, and Sanha putting his hands to his ear (x, 0:19; x, 4:32)
  • Sanha making peace signs at the upper levels (x, 0:32; x, 4:45)
  • Jinjin asks “You guys have fun?” (x, 5:08)
  • Eunwoo’s English (x, 5:28)

Puss In Boots:

  • Jinjin says “let’s go” (x, 6:19)
  • Right off the bat, Moonbin makes a heart with his arms, yells “I love L.A.! Let’s have fun!”(x; x, 6:27)
  • Eunwoo is waving at the upper levels behind them (x, 6:27)
  • Someone else yells “I love you!” right after Moonbin speaks (I can’t tell who it is) (x, 0:08)
  • MJ dabs and Moonbin dabs and Jinjin dabs (x, 6:28)
  • They all make hearts when moving forward (x, 0:09; x, 6:33)
  • Rocky yelling “one, two, three, let’s go!” before the chorus (x, 0:10; x, 6:36)
  • Eunwoo makes a heart with his arms (x, 0:16; x, 6:40)
  • Yelling along to their song in parts that aren’t their own (x, 0:40)
  • Eunwoo makes half hearts with his hands (x, 0:43; x, 7:09)
  • Sanha is waving to fans (x, 0:46)
  • MJ points out fans when he runs across the stage (x, 0:52)
  • Jinjin points out fans during his part (”Just only you”) (x, 0:53)

Hide and Seek:

  • Eunwoo makes a heart when he’s standing in front of their line (x, 0:04; x, 0:06; x, 7:28)
  • They get everybody hyped by yelling the “three, two, one” of the beginning of the song (x)
  • Rocky and Eunwoo smile at fans when they turn to the sides (x, 7:42)
  • Yelling when it isn’t part of the song gets a crowd hyped, Rocky did so (x, 0:15)
  • Instead of just touching their heads, a majority of the members made hearts over their heads with their arms (x, 7:54)
  • As they sang, Sanha and Moonbin both acknowledged the fans in the front rows (x, 0:21; x, 0:29; x, 7:58)
  • Sanha looked up to the upper levels (x, 0:17)
  • MJ acknowledged the fans on the side as he faced that side of the stage (x, 0:36)
  • I’m not sure what he said, but Rocky yelled something before his rap (x, 0:33; x, 8:07)
  • Sanha and Moonbin dab (x, 8:14)
  • When they turn around, Sanha, MJ, and Moonbin wave at the fans behind them (x, 0:52; x, 0:48; x, 8:17)
  • When going side to side in the chorus, Sanha is pointing at and looking up to the upper levels (x, 1:00; x, 8:24)
  • Smaller things are said between verses.  Rocky says “yeah” and Jinjin follows with “leggo” before Rocky raps again (after the chorus) (x, 1:02; x, 8:36)
  • Also, Rocky acknowledging front row fans (x, 1:05; x, 8:39)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans again (x, 1:09)
  • Jinjin putting his hand at his ear, then he stops his rap to yell “Where is everybody?” (which makes everybody yell louder, I might add) (x, 1:11; x, 8:46)
  • During Moonbin’s part (where he is the only one standing up in the choreography), Sanha makes a heart with his arms and yells “I love you!” (x, 1:34; x, 9:07)
  • Rocky makes a heart at a fan (x, 9:08)
  • Rocky points out (several?) fans (x, 9:12)
  • During Sanha’s part before the chorus, he puts his hand at his ear and waves his other hand, encouraging the crowd. (It works.) (x, 1:44; x, 9:19)
  • Astro yelling along to their own song in parts that aren’t theirs (x, 1:49; x, 9:23)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans front row fans again (x, 1:55; x, 9:29)
  • Jinjin’s “Okay, one, two, three, let’s go!” results in louder yelling at the chorus (x, 2:02; x, 9:38)
  • Jinjin turns around to face fans behind them briefly (x, 2:13)
Epik high on ikon’s “My Type”

blo: ikon, our dongsengs are debuting today. have you heard the song “my type” that’s coming out at midnight? 

tukutz: i didn’t know that was the title but i’ve heard most of it already 

blo: i haven’t heard my type yet so i’m so curious 

tukutz: then text B.I right now and ask him to show you right now

blo: we can’t get a preview but we can predict… (singing) 취향…. we don’t know anything but we can predict it and check at 12am. if junhoe sings 취향~ i think it’ll be like BAM!!! 취향~ BAM!! 

tukutz: i thought so too, jinhwan or junhoe sings 취!향! and BAM!!

mithra: i think the choreography might have someone like completely being their type and they all fall over

blo: i feel like during an acapella part bobby will yell 비둘기도 자릴 떠! 엉!! (t/n: from born hater) and show his abs at least twice

trans by iKONOT7