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Why ASTRO are the rookie KINGS of fan service and working the crowd

KCON LA 2016

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  • Rocky yells something before the lights even come on (x)
  • Jinjin yells “make some noise!” in the beginning (x; x, 0:20)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans in the front row and doing aegyo (x, 0:30; x, 0:39; x, 0:44)
  • Jinjin’s famous dab (x, 0:46; x, 0:38; x, 0:49)
  • MJ’s aegyo (x, 1:00)
  • As they moved from one part of the stage to the other, every member was waving at the fans, as well as just jamming out to the song (x; x, 1:38; x, 1:47)
  • Moonbin whips (x, 2:49; x, 3:01)
  • MJ dabs (x, 0:09; x, 2:51; x, 3:02)
  • Sanha smiles at front row fans (x, 3:11)
  • Eunwoo and Moonbin make a heart with their fingers and wave at the fans (x, 3:16)
  • Rocky yells “Scream!” (x, 3:08; x, 3:19)


  • Jinjin yells “What’s good, L.A.?” (x, 3:28)
  • Jinjin acknowledges the upper levels and says “Everybody, scream!”  He follows up with “I can’t hear you.  Everybody scream!” (x, 3:46)
  • Sanha’s aegyo-filled introduction (x, 4:01)
  • Moonbin does the “shy, shy, shy” movement (x, 0:04; x, 4:17)
  • Eunwoo greets in English (x, 0:07; x, 4:20)
  • Sanha waving at fans (x, 0:10)
  • Rocky also greets in English (x, 0:11; x, 4:26)
  • Sanha and MJ turning and waving at the fans behind them (x, 0:16; x, 4:30)
  • Jinjin’s greeting in English, Moonbin copying his hand movements, and Sanha putting his hands to his ear (x, 0:19; x, 4:32)
  • Sanha making peace signs at the upper levels (x, 0:32; x, 4:45)
  • Jinjin asks “You guys have fun?” (x, 5:08)
  • Eunwoo’s English (x, 5:28)

Puss In Boots:

  • Jinjin says “let’s go” (x, 6:19)
  • Right off the bat, Moonbin makes a heart with his arms, yells “I love L.A.! Let’s have fun!”(x; x, 6:27)
  • Eunwoo is waving at the upper levels behind them (x, 6:27)
  • Someone else yells “I love you!” right after Moonbin speaks (I can’t tell who it is) (x, 0:08)
  • MJ dabs and Moonbin dabs and Jinjin dabs (x, 6:28)
  • They all make hearts when moving forward (x, 0:09; x, 6:33)
  • Rocky yelling “one, two, three, let’s go!” before the chorus (x, 0:10; x, 6:36)
  • Eunwoo makes a heart with his arms (x, 0:16; x, 6:40)
  • Yelling along to their song in parts that aren’t their own (x, 0:40)
  • Eunwoo makes half hearts with his hands (x, 0:43; x, 7:09)
  • Sanha is waving to fans (x, 0:46)
  • MJ points out fans when he runs across the stage (x, 0:52)
  • Jinjin points out fans during his part (”Just only you”) (x, 0:53)

Hide and Seek:

  • Eunwoo makes a heart when he’s standing in front of their line (x, 0:04; x, 0:06; x, 7:28)
  • They get everybody hyped by yelling the “three, two, one” of the beginning of the song (x)
  • Rocky and Eunwoo smile at fans when they turn to the sides (x, 7:42)
  • Yelling when it isn’t part of the song gets a crowd hyped, Rocky did so (x, 0:15)
  • Instead of just touching their heads, a majority of the members made hearts over their heads with their arms (x, 7:54)
  • As they sang, Sanha and Moonbin both acknowledged the fans in the front rows (x, 0:21; x, 0:29; x, 7:58)
  • Sanha looked up to the upper levels (x, 0:17)
  • MJ acknowledged the fans on the side as he faced that side of the stage (x, 0:36)
  • I’m not sure what he said, but Rocky yelled something before his rap (x, 0:33; x, 8:07)
  • Sanha and Moonbin dab (x, 8:14)
  • When they turn around, Sanha, MJ, and Moonbin wave at the fans behind them (x, 0:52; x, 0:48; x, 8:17)
  • When going side to side in the chorus, Sanha is pointing at and looking up to the upper levels (x, 1:00; x, 8:24)
  • Smaller things are said between verses.  Rocky says “yeah” and Jinjin follows with “leggo” before Rocky raps again (after the chorus) (x, 1:02; x, 8:36)
  • Also, Rocky acknowledging front row fans (x, 1:05; x, 8:39)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans again (x, 1:09)
  • Jinjin putting his hand at his ear, then he stops his rap to yell “Where is everybody?” (which makes everybody yell louder, I might add) (x, 1:11; x, 8:46)
  • During Moonbin’s part (where he is the only one standing up in the choreography), Sanha makes a heart with his arms and yells “I love you!” (x, 1:34; x, 9:07)
  • Rocky makes a heart at a fan (x, 9:08)
  • Rocky points out (several?) fans (x, 9:12)
  • During Sanha’s part before the chorus, he puts his hand at his ear and waves his other hand, encouraging the crowd. (It works.) (x, 1:44; x, 9:19)
  • Astro yelling along to their own song in parts that aren’t theirs (x, 1:49; x, 9:23)
  • Sanha acknowledging fans front row fans again (x, 1:55; x, 9:29)
  • Jinjin’s “Okay, one, two, three, let’s go!” results in louder yelling at the chorus (x, 2:02; x, 9:38)
  • Jinjin turns around to face fans behind them briefly (x, 2:13)
Epik high on ikon’s “My Type”

blo: ikon, our dongsengs are debuting today. have you heard the song “my type” that’s coming out at midnight? 

tukutz: i didn’t know that was the title but i’ve heard most of it already 

blo: i haven’t heard my type yet so i’m so curious 

tukutz: then text B.I right now and ask him to show you right now

blo: we can’t get a preview but we can predict… (singing) 취향…. we don’t know anything but we can predict it and check at 12am. if junhoe sings 취향~ i think it’ll be like BAM!!! 취향~ BAM!! 

tukutz: i thought so too, jinhwan or junhoe sings 취!향! and BAM!!

mithra: i think the choreography might have someone like completely being their type and they all fall over

blo: i feel like during an acapella part bobby will yell 비둘기도 자릴 떠! 엉!! (t/n: from born hater) and show his abs at least twice

trans by iKONOT7