i yelled at them twice to get away from the well but they kept running around it

They made him kill his horse.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

This is a story that my grandfather liked to tell. It’s kind of long, and I can’t say if it’s true, but it seems to fit the very old and cantankerous guy I knew, who never, ever let a grudge go. I mean, in the 1980s and 90s, he would sometimes go and yell at Democratic candidates for office, because Woodrow Wilson had made him fight in WW1.

The story actually starts with that, kind of. You see, Grampa immigrated to the US early enough that the first election he could vote in, he voted for Teddy Roosevelt. Wilson won, though, and then he ran for reelection under the slogan “He Kept Us Out of the War.” Which seemed like a good platform, so my grandfather voted for Wilson. Few months after that, he got us into the war, and a few months after that, my grandfather was in the trenches somewhere in France.

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My grandma lived under the house

by reddit user chewingskin

Before you read these moments from my life, I’d like to apologize for the language, but I’m trying to recall it from the exact detail.

During the months of June, July, and August, I spent many hot summers of my childhood at my Grandmother’s house further west on the island of Cape Breton. The forest was plentiful, the plains were a vibrant green, and my Grandmother’s house was a rickety old two-story that was built sometime in the 50’s and looked like it didn’t belong.

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Scared of Beautiful (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 3993

Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence (during a fight). Smut. NSFW gifs.

Anon asked “You Made a List is so fucking cute, so many feels :)! I’m not sure if your requests are still open but could you do Bucky X Reader based on Scared of Beautiful by Frank Ocean? Can be smut (you’re amazing at it) if you’d like. Thank you and have a lovely day :)”

A/N: This was such a challenge for some reason but here you go. The sexual tension is unbelievable. Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE. Sorry about the tagging. I’m still trying to solve that issue!

Part 1

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Say It (1/8)

Say It - Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 6,594 (I have a problem, lol)

Request: “Could you write buckyxreader where the reader has a speech impediment.”

Warning: Angst, descriptions of blood 

A/N: This was a request by @gondorgirl01 a very very very long time ago, but I never got around to writing it before now. I’m apologizing though, I promised you fluff, but the angst wrote itself. Haha. I wanted to post this on your birthday, but I was like, “nope, not gonna angst her this hard on her b-day, that’s just plain rude”. I love you girl, and I promise to make up for this angst with some fluff for you at some other point! hehe. Love you! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

You didn’t know what it was about Bucky that drew you to him.

All you knew was that the pull you had towards him was like a magnet to steel.

Every time he would enter the room, every time he would speak, every time he would smile, the pull became stronger and stronger.

Your mother told you it was because girls were born with an instinct to fix what was broken, but you knew that wasn’t the case.

You didn’t want to fix Bucky because it wasn’t your job to fix him. He was broken, yes, but no one but himself could fix that. It was a battle he had to fight on his own.

But you wanted to help. You wanted to be there for Bucky, to support him in his journey to recovery.  

That was all you really wanted to do, but you didn’t know how. Bucky spoke to all the Avengers, he was kind, he did his very best to show the Avengers the gratitude he felt, and you wanted to talk to him as well. You wanted to assure him that all the Avengers including yourself were happy to have him here, were happy to help him, were happy to be part of his life. You wanted to tell him that so badly, but you couldn’t. And that was probably the hardest fact for you to swallow each and every day when you saw him. A million words you wanted to say, but the only thing you could do was smile bright his way and hope he understood why you were the only one who couldn’t say a word to him.

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For @defiantlilsheep who requested “Draco cant wink. He can do anything and everything but he cant wink. Trust me.” …. this got a bit longer than a tiny Drabble I couldn’t help it!

When Harry had returned for his eighth year at Hogwarts he had absolutely promised himself that if a certain blonde haired pointy git who may or may not have helped save his life but was also most definitely still an arsehole happened to return he would not get himself involved no matter what.

Except, once school started he realized that he had the small matter of returning Malfoy’s wand to handle, so he had to see him. I mean sure he could’ve returned it by owl but that would just been rude. He had to do it person. He had to. At least that’s what he kept telling himself.

He put it off for weeks before finally walking up to him while he was studying outside and both thanking him and apologizing for stealing his wand. And the truth was Malfoy had been so different during the exchange; solemn and pensieve and if he didn’t know better even remorseful. He had told Harry not to apologize, that he was the one who should be sorry. Harry had been so flustered he’d muttered something about studying and nearly tripped on his own feet in his haste to escape the confusing thoughts swirling through his brain and making him feel like he’d been punched in the stomach.

But still, none of that could change the fact that he was still an arse and Harry didn’t care what he did. Or at least that’s what he kept trying to tell himself. He’d always been pretty good at lying to himself, so he hoped it might work this time.

As time went on Harry realized that it was definitely not working.

He couldn’t help but be curious when twice in the same week he walked into an empty loo to find Malfoy making an odd face in the mirror. Both times the other boy had looked horrified at being caught and run away. Although Harry had no idea what exactly he’d caught Malfoy doing.

And that was a problem, because try as he might Harry didn’t like when he didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t that he was obsessed with Malfoy as a person, he just wanted to know why he seemed so different and what exactly he was doing.

Hermione told him he was nosy and to please promise not to become obsessed with Malfoy again. Harry had promised.

The thing was, he had to admit to himself he’d never actually stopped being obsessed with Malfoy and therefore when he caught himself once again searching him out on the Mauraders Map and following him around under the invisibility cloak or ducking around dark corridors he figured he wasn’t actually breaking his promise. You couldn’t exactly start doing something again if you’d never really stopped doing it in the first place.

Harry swore he would only do it a few times, just until he figured out what the other boy was up too. The problem was he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what he was doing.

Harry knew he was getting sloppy, knew he was being obvious, but by the second term he just couldn’t help himself. It was like an itch he couldn’t scratch, being away from Malfoy. And the odd faces he kept catching him making in bathroom mirrors and suits of armor had gone from weird and perplexing to confusing and adorable. Which was more than a little unsettling.

Harry however, had no excuse when he caught himself trying to figure out what kind of tea Malfoy was drinking at breakfast, or what his Potions partner said that made his lips curl up in a soft smile, or what kind of books he was reading when he sat hidden in the corner of the library pretending to study potions and thought no one could see him.


It was a bright and sunny morning. Harry had snuck out of the castle early to get a bit of flying before classes started.

The sky was so clear and the weather was just perfect for flying. Only instead of being happy to be up in the air, Harry’s only thought was of how much he wished Malfoy was up there with him, challenging him to the snitch.

It was at that exact moment that Harry realized he wasn’t obsessed with Malfoy.

He was falling in love with him. And that was definitely worse. Much worse.


“Potter!” Malfoy yelled, grabbing the back of Harry’s robe and dragging him into a darkened alcove behind a rather rusty suit of armor.

“Oi - watch it, Malfoy.”

“Watch it? Watch it?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” He shrieked and Harry had the decency to shrink back a little bit.

“You’re the one who won’t stop watching! Everywhere I look there you are! Always skulking about and staring me and interrupting me when I’m trying to- well it doesn’t matter what I’m trying to do the point is you’re a world class nuisance like always and I can’t concentrate when you’re constantly following me around like a lost kneazle.”

Harry blinked a few times then smiled, which was clearly not what Malfoy was expecting because the look of confusion on his face was priceless.

“You find me distracting?” Harry asked curiously, smiling again when Malfoy began backing up as Harry walked forward.

“Of course you’re distracting, Potter. You bumble around noisily like the obnoxious twat you are. I don’t know how you could possibly think I hadn’t noticed you. You’re everywhere, making a nuisance of yourself.”

Harry couldn’t help but notice the way Malfoy’s fingers were curling as he talked, the sweat building on his brow, and the way his breathing was quickening. To anyone else it looked like Malfoy was angry, but Harry wasn’t anyone else. He’d spent the better part of the last few months doing nothing but watching him and this wasn’t angry this was something else entirely; it was arousal. He was sure of it.

Or pretty sure of t at least. Sure enough to take a chance.

“So then Malfoy, what exactly are you up to? If you tell me I promise to stop following you.”

“So you admit you’ve been following me!” Malfoy shouts, putting his hands on Harry’s chest and shoving him gently. But it’s not aggressive, not even a little bit, and Harry just grins mischievously.

“Are you trying to get my attention?”

Malfoy splutters. “I most certainly am not!”

“Yes you are. Admit it.”

“I was not trying to get your attention I was trying to learn to wink!”

Harry stops at that. Quirking his head to the side. “To wink?”

Malfoy looks embarrassed now, smoothing down the front of his robes and staring at his feet.

“I can’t wink. I saw you wink at that Weasley girl during the first quidditch match of the season and I figured if you could do it so could I. Except I can’t and I look like a right tosser trying! Are you happy now?!”

“I could teach you.”

“Teach me? Teach me?!” He all but shrieks starting to sound a bit hysterical.

“It’s not hard, Malfoy. I can teach you….if you want me to.”

They’re so close now Harry can see Malfoy’s pupils dialating, so close their lips would be touching if he just moved forward a bit, angling his head up.

Malfoy seems to have realized the same thing because he kicks his lips, blinking a few times before muttering “Alright fine, teach me how to blink. Let me have it, Potter.”

Harry isn’t sure what posseses him but at those words he feels some of his self control snap and he leans upwards to close the distance between them, pressing their lips together.

Draco’s lips are cold and chapped and he taste almost bitter like earl grey tea without enough sugar. He smells like fresh air and parchment and the blueberry scones the house elves had sent up for tea today. It’s new and familiar all at one and Harry doesn’t think he’s ever felt more exhilarated in his life, until Draco’s shock wears of and he’s kissing him back fiercely, pulling him closer and sliding his hands into Harry’s hair almost desperately.

Harry would be embarrassed at the whimpering moans of desperation he’s making, but Draco is making them right back so he can’t be arsed to worry about it.

Much later after the desperation has turned softer, they stand there with their foreheads pressed together, out of breath but full of hope.

“So, did you still want me to teach you how to wink?” Harry all but whispers. He’s surprised when Draco just starts to laugh.

“If you must know I was only trying to learn in order to get your attention.” He seems a bit embarrassed at his admission, but something about it warms Harry’s heart.

“I knew it! You were trying to get my attention and you were up to something.”

“God you’re an wanker, Potter,” he mumbles, reaching his hands around Harry’s body to rest just above his arse.

“Well yeah…but at least now I’m your wanker.”

“Yeah?” Draco asks, a genuine smile on his face.

“Definitely,” Harry says, and he winks at him for good measure.

Draco groans, spinning them around to switch their positions and slamming Harry back against the wall, pressing their bodies together and kissing him with such intensity Harry feels like he might faint.

Oh yes Harry thinks with pleasure as Draco’s mouth attaches itself to his neck, there will definitely be a lot more winking in his future.

Colored Pills (Richie/Eddie) 1/5

Definition of Amaranthine

1: undying

2: dark purplish-red


Edward Kasprak has no friends, and this does not surprise him. Richie Tozier has 5, and that surprises everyone (Except all of the friends who love him and would do anything for him.) Eddie’s mom cares too much, Richie’s too little and both of their fathers are gone in some capacity or another.

In a life stuck in black and white, their mental health both in tatters, colored pills are supposed to save them.

But maybe, if they try hard enough, they can save each other instead.


Bad Language, depression, mental illness’, ANGST, fluff, homophobic slurs


Hi, so this my first tumblr fic, and I’m excited slash nervous. If anyone wants to ever be on a taglist, and i have one so far, I am willing to add. Comments are so appreciated. This is also if Pennywise was never real, and the boys are 17. I really hope you like it, and I hope I post this right because I have no clue what I’m doing. Thank you!

In Derry, Maine or rather everywhere on Earth, people had soulmates.

When you first see your soulmate, when you meet them and touch them, your world turned from black and white to color.

In Derry, your soulmate was the person you had to be with, no question, and if you weren’t with them then you were outcasted, but most people wanted to be with their soulmates anyways, and they were with them from the moment they met them.

For example, when Bill Denborough met Stanley Uris, because he had accidentally bumped into him, the world turned to color.

Bill had just jumped back, and Stan stood there, shocked.

The boys, at the age of ten, had found their soulmate.

Things like this weren’t uncommon, like when Ben and Beverly brushed hands at the library and when Ben saw color he became so excited he just kissed Beverley right then and there.

Or when Mike met Alice, and he knew before they touched and she thought he was crazy so he just grabbed her hand and everything turned into color and she screamed.

These things were normal and expected.

And there were the two boys who hadn’t met.

Eddie had a system.

He would get up, take a shower, brush his teeth, get dressed, and eat.

Then he would do the whole thing over again, flicking the lights twice as he entered or left a room and turning everything on twice.

He would lock the door twice, make his bed twice, turn off the water twice.

Edward Kaspbrak did everything twice and he did that because he had a case of moderate OCD.

As for Richie, his predicament was different but just as debilitating.

The losers club, which were what Richie’s friends Bill, Stan, Beverley, Mike, and Ben, called themselves, had been calling themselves since they had become a group.

They were the ones who noticed something was off with Richie. One day he would be running at 4 in the morning, getting shit done, kicking everyone’s ass and just as quickly the next day, he wouldn’t talk or eat or get out of bed no matter how much you coerced him.

He also talked of the clown, the one that no one else saw or heard.

But all of that was common in people with bipolar disorder, the mood swings, the hallucinations which felt so real, the suicidal thoughts.

Only problem was, Richie had no clue he was even bipolar

His mom didn’t care, she was a drunk and a bitch. His father didn’t care because he was never even home.

But then, when Richie councilor noticed that Richie would either be unable to keep his attention in class or he just wasn’t there, his parents cared because they had to pay attention to him, and whatever problem he probably had.

So go deal with it, they sent him away to some fucking medical center that he was going to spend a year in.

And this was when Richie and Eddie would meet and they’re world would translate it to something bright and colorful.

And it was going to suck for them both.

Pennywise had an annoying obsession with red balloons, and Richie of course couldn’t see the color red but after knowing that was what the clown carried with him, he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to see it. Pennywise would carry the stupid ass balloons around with him, and he would make this creepy smile through his face paint, and Richie hated it.

Richie’s fear of clowns definitely stemmed from the dancing clown who followed him around.

The clown, Pennywise, also liked eating children.

“Richie.” Pennywise chuckled, watching as Richie sat in his bed, which was encapsulated in the small white room he now resided in.

Richie turned his head to look away from the ball he had been previously smacking against the wall and looked at the clown.

“Pennywise.” Richie mulled in response before the ball hit the wall again with a thud and then landed back into Richie’s hand.

“You want a balloon? That would cheer you up wouldn’t it!” The clown gave a high pitched laugh before extending his arm forwards, balloon in hand.

Richie had to fight the urge to punch the clown in the face.

It was in this moment, the one right before Richie yelled, the Eddie turned the corner with his freshly washed blankets and pillow and into his new room.

“No jackass! I don’t want a fucking balloon, why the fuck would you ask me that?!”

Eddie stopped in the doorway and looked at the boy before speaking up.

“Wow trashmouth, this is a nice thing to walk into your new room with,” Eddie muttered, and he could already feel the tension. It didn’t help that he could feel the dirt from in the walls. He looked around the room for a moment. “Who are you even yelling at?”

Eddie dropped the blanket and pillow on the bed and wheeled his suitcase to the wall before pulling out his hand sanitizer and putting some on his hand.

Richie could tell the young boy was analyzing the room around him.

He began rubbing it in and Richie could practically feel the burning in his own cut and bruised skin, but he ignored it.

“No one. It’s not real,” He said, and he was mostly saying it for himself. Eddie knew it would be rude to push, especially because he didn’t even know why this boy was here, so he kept his mouth shut, instead, beginning to put his stuff away.

Richie eyed him from afar, and he was almost certain he knew the answer to the question he was about to ask, considering he was now turning on the lamp for the second time in a row, but he had to ask anyways because he had to know what his roommate was like.

“So what did they put you in here for?” Richie asked.

Eddie looked at the boy, and he knew this question was gonna he asked so he should have been prepared but he really wasn’t. He took a deep breath before responding.

“Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,” Eddie replied simply and Richie raised his brows like he hadn’t known.

“Ah,” Richie replied simply, and he waited for the other boy to ask him back but Richie realized he may be too polite for that, so instead he told him. “They say I’m bipolar, moderate to severe. The whole nine fucking yards, mood swings, wanting to die, hallucinations. All that fun shit.”

Eddie nodded his head, and the yelling made more sense, but he figured it had been a hallucination in the first place.

So he asked about the hallucinations because even though he didn’t know this boys name, he seemed pretty open.

“What do you see?” Eddie asked, and Richie laughed lightly.

“You’re gonna think is weird, all of my friends do.”

Eddie had thought about saying something along the lines of, well at least you have friends that think your shit is weird because I don’t have any, but he didn’t.

“I don’t think anyone here has the room to judge anyone else, including me,” Eddie told him. Richie nodded his head.

“Well I see this thing,” He started, and Eddie shifted to sit on his own new bed, placing his slippers down on the ground and sitting crisscross. Richie sighed. “His name is Pennywise, the dancing clown. He’s creepy and he carries around red balloons and he eats children.”

Eddie thought about commenting on the eating children, but something else was pressing more in his mind.

“You can see color?” Eddie asked him. Richie tilted his head, in confusion.

“Why would you ask that?” Richie asked, wondering what that had to do with Pennywise.

“Well you said he carried around red balloons, so you can see them as red?” Eddie asked. Richie’s confusion melted away from his face.

“Oh. No. He’s just told me they are because it represents the blood of the children he eats,” Richie replied. This time Eddie had to say something about the children.

“That’s fucked up,” Eddie said, and Richie hadn’t really expected it for some reason. “Eating children, that’s so fucked.”

“You’re right there, Mr. Clean,” Richie said, pushing his glasses up on his nose and then looking back at the smaller boy who was now frowning “It is damn fucked.”

“Okay Trashmouth, my name is Eddie, so don’t call me Mr. Clean.” Eddie replied, already becoming annoyed by the curly haired boy with the coke bottle glasses, but for some reason, he was also so drawn to him and Eddie didn’t particularly like the feeling.

“Oh, I’m sorry Ed’s. I didn’t mean to offend you.” He said, and he didn’t let Eddie respond to him to the new “I’m Richie but apparently you know me as trashmouth.”

Eddie didn’t want to laugh, because then the other boy would know that he thought he was funny, but he couldn’t help it.

He just thought the boy was kinda funny and kinda witty and he liked it.

He liked it a whole fucking lot.

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Always You //  Ashton Irwin


Request here

Requested: Yes

A/N: First, some warnings. 1) This was written in a delirious state at 1:30 am and an annoyed state in the day following 2) I have no idea, what I’ve done. It’s probably shit. I’m so sorry. 3) I think I’ve used “oddly” an “rather” more than I should have 4) I call Luke a bread stick…. Now that, that’s out of the way… Enjoy, I guess? I don’t know if it’s good enough, but I tried my best. I think it’s a little but different from the request, just a teeny bit. My best friend proof read this for me (thanks I would die without you). If there are more typos, then apologies. It’s not my best work. Anyway, have a great day/night! xx

The five of you had arrived at the venue two hours or so prior to the show. You had arrived at the hotel you were staying at a couple of hours ago, giving the boys just enough time to relax before their performance. You were now in the dressing room, playing FIFA.

You were squished in between Luke and Ashton on the couch while Calum and Michael sat at the foot of it. You and Michel were currently engrossed in a very intense match of FIFA. The two of you had your eyes glued to the screen, hands occupied by the controller.

“You’re never going to win Y/N. Just give up and save yourself the humiliation,” Michael taunted, controlling his player expertly.

You scowled at the back of his head, before turning your attention back to the screen, pressing buttons to guide your players. You’d played with the boys before. You weren’t half bad at the game. But you were yet to beat Michael- the dude was like the king of the game.

Both of you were fully devoted to the game, but with the press of buttons and experience from over the years, Michael had scored the winning goal.

“No!” You whined, tossing the controller on the floor as you cuddled into your best friend’s side. “I know you rigged the game.”

Your friends laughed at your antics. You grabbed a handful of pop corn and chucked them at Michael. Luke laughed, wrapping an arm around you. “Aww, don’t be such a sour loser.”

You playfully punched him in the torso before nuzzling closer into him, unaware of your boyfriend frowning on the other side of you.

Now Ashton’s never had a problem with your relationship and physical affection with the other boys. He didn’t mind the affection you showered them with. He didn’t mind the occasional hugs and cuddles you gave the boys when one of them had had a rough day. But recently, your physical interactions with Luke had bugged him more than it should. He felt oddly ignored and insecure during moments like these, when you chose to curl up into Luke rather than him. He shouldn’t feel this jealous, this angry. You were his girlfriend. Not Luke’s. You loved him. Not Luke… Right? You guys were just best friends… Right?

Your giggles at something Luke had said pulled him out of his reverie. Doubts were creeping into Ashton’s head, insecurities bubbling up. He got up, suddenly, causing you all to look up at him. He looked rather grim, the smile on his face a minute ago- not there.

“You alright, Ash?” You questioned, looking up at him.

He nodded distractedly, eyebrows furrowed as he looked around. Grabbing his hoodie, he headed to the door. “I’m going out for some fresh air. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Want me to come along?” You asked, siting up, peering at his disappearing figure.

“Uh, no. I’ll be alright. Stay with the guys if you want to.”

“Alright,” you answered, shrugging off his changed mood as pre-show nerves.

Half of him wanted to be left alone for a while, but the other half of him wanted you to come along. But as Ashton went out and stood at the door to put on his hoodie, he heard you laugh at a stupid joke Luke had cracked and he was off, biting his lips in sadness and frustration.

Ashton’s short walk had turned into a long one around the venue. He had stopped by to click some pictures with the fans that had found him and had lay in the soft grass for some while before finally deciding to return. He was in a slightly better mood. He was heading to the dressing room to get ready since soundcheck was only in a bit. Calum and Michael passed him as he walked towards the room asking him to “hurry the fuck up” and he sped up.

The door of the room was open a creak, light from the hallway slipping in too. As Ashton reached the room, he stopped when he heard voices. He peeked in through the sliver. He didn’t know what to feel as he saw you and Luke standing very, very close together before you moved away, smiling. With the seeds of doubt already planted in his head, he assumed the worst. Should he feel hurt? Angry? Both? He moved away from the door when tears pooled in his eyes but he wiped them before they could drip down his cheeks.

He slammed the door open, glaring at the two of you before yanking his hoodie off. He walked past the two of you, ignoring your questions as to where he had been. He pulled off his shirt and put on a slightly less warmer tank top.

You stepped closer to him, standing on your tip toes to give him a peck. Though right when your lips were about to touch his, he turned away and your puckered flesh met his cheeks. You frowned, confused. Before you could ask him what was wrong, he turned to Luke and rather hatefully spat out- “We’re getting late.” And then he was gone.

Through out the show Ashton had been very aggressive. He broke his drum once and his drumsticks twice. He also hadn’t conversed with the fans as much as he usually did. Every smile you’d sent his way through the side of the stage where you weren’t visible was returned with a scowl or a glare.

When the show and the meet and greet was over and the guys were heading to freshen up, you tried to block Ashton’s path. “Hey, whats wrong seriously?”

“Move Y/N. I’m really sweaty. I need a shower.” He said, not looking at you.

‘Not until you tell me what’s wrong.” you answered.

“Y/N…” He warned.

“What’s wrong?” You repeated adamantly.

Rather unexpectedly, Ashton burst out. “Y/N, I said move. Stop annoying the crap out of me.”

You stepped back, surprised by his outburst. His yell earned the two of you looks from the crew and the others. Ashton sighed, rubbing his temples with his thumb and forefinger. His voice cracked and came out raspy,”Let me just go, Y/N.”

Hearing the waver in voice, you immediately stepped aside, letting him pass. You looked at him as he weaved his way through the crowd of people backstage, wondering all the while what had gone wrong. What had you done? What had you done that you made him cry?

You guy were sitting in Calum’s room having dinner out of take out boxes when you were back from the venue, the work for the day done. Despite the conversations Luke, Calum and Michael made, an awkward silence hung in the room. Michael kept sneaking glances, eyes flitting between you and Ashton. Finally, curiosity got the better of him and he spoke up. “Alright, what’s wrong?”

Ashton looked up at him from his box.”What?”

“What?” Calum snickered tauntingly. “What as in why aren’t you both all over each other? You’re literally on top of each other after shows. I don’t know how you do it, he’s so fucking sweaty.”

“Well, I assumed she’d rather enjoy some time with other people,” Ashton sneered.

You turned to him, eyebrows drawing into a scowl. “What do you mean I’d en-”

“I’m going to bed,” he cut you off, shutting his box and placing it back on the table, food still unfinished. He got up to leave.

“No, you’re not,” you said. Your eyes followed his moments, as he shuffled around, grabbing his jacket, his phone and his room key. You got up from your seat as well “Ashton, stop being so fucking cryptic. Just spit it out!”

Ignoring you, yet again, he walked out slamming the door at your face. You gritted your teeth, eyes burning as tears filled your eyes this time.

“Uh… Did something happen between you two?” Luke asked.

You turned to him, glaring. “I don’t know, Luke. Does it look like something’s happened?” You hissed, sarcastically.

Luke cowered back, shooting you an apologetic look.

You sighed, muttering a sorry. You began to pace by the door, lips drawn between your teeth and panic flooding through your system.

“Did I do something wrong you guys?” You asked worriedly, running your hands through your. “Did I say something? Why is he so pissed off at me? Is he going to bre-”

“For the love of god, Y/N, can you please breathe for a minute?” Luke said, coming to stand beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders giving you a shake before he continued. “Go talk to him. That’s it.”

“If you haven’t noticed, he’s ignoring me.” You pointed out the obvious. “He won’t listen to me.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Then force him to talk. Listen, if he doesn’t talk to you we’ll talk to him.”

“Yeah,” Michael piped in. “And if that doesn’t work we’ll take you to a relationship therapist.”

Calum made a face at Michael, before turning to you. “We won’t because it won’t come to it. Just go talk to him. You’ve talked through your problems before.”

“Right. Yes, I can do this.” You repeated, sucking in a breath before letting it out.

Luke gave your shoulders a squeeze as you walked out towards the room you were supposed to share with Ashton. The door of the other room shut behind you.

You were oddly nervous. Sure, you had had your fair shares of arguments with him but he’d never been this mad at you. You’d never made him cry.

You knocked on the door of the room twice, eyes focused on the carpeted hallway. “Ashton? Open up, please.” You said, softly knowing that he was listening.

He didn’t reply. Neither did he come to unlock the door, despite all the moving you could hear him doing inside. “Ash, babe, please.”

Still nothing.

“You know I’m sharing a room with you any way, so you have to let me in anyway.”

You heard the lock turn, and his face popped into view. “Really? Because I thought you’d rather sleep with Luke.”

You frowned. “Why would I want to sleep with Luke?”

“I don’t know. You had no problem kissing him today.”

Your jaw went slack and a look of pure confusion overtook your face. “What the fuck are you on about? When did I kiss Luke?”

He was about to shut the door again, but you put your foot in between, wincing at the pressure. He was shutting you out again, quite literally as well as emotionally. You pushed on the door, slipping in and past him.

“No, we are talking about this.” You said, enunciating each word. You slammed the door behind you, crossing your hands in front of your chest.

“There’s nothing to-”

“Cut the shit Ashton!” You yelled, frustratedly. “You’re literally accusing me of cheating! That too with Luke! Your band mate!”

“Well didn’t you?” He screamed right back. His eyes had turned a shade darker, his jaw was gritted and hands clenched into fists.

“When the hell did you see me kissing him? Because I clearly don’t remember doing so, ever. So if you can jog my memory it would be really helpful.” You spat, moving inside.

Ashton followed you. “I saw you… And him. In the dressing room. You were standing so cl- close to him and you were smiling. And-”

You scoffed. “And you assumed I cheated on you with one of your best friends. That’s what you think of me, Ashton? That’s what you think of your girlfriend?”

“Why wouldn’t I, Y/N?” Ashton whimpered. When you looked up at him his orbs were filled with tears again. He plopped on the bed, dropping his head into his palms. “I mean you’re always so close with him. You’re always with him.”


“No. Please, let me finish,” he sniffed, wiping the tears that had spilled. “You always choose to be with him. You choose to sit next to him even when I’m there. You choose to cuddle into him, you choose to joke around with him, you choose to make fun of him. Not me. You choose to talk to him when you’re upset. You choose to go have fun with him. Not me. It’s like you- It’s like you choose to love him. And not me. Not me.”

By now Ashton was sobbing, and tears were rolling down your cheeks too.

“But- I don’t blame you. You’ve known him your entire life. He’s talented- plays mean tunes on that guitar. he’s good looking. He’s charming. He’s everything I am not and more. Maybe I’m just not enough to deserve you. Maybe I’m not as good to deserve your love. Maybe I was stupid enough to try in the first place. Maybe I am not good enough.

You shook your head, sitting beside him, the mattress bending under your weight as you sat down. You reached out to grab his hand but he pulled away. So you scooted closer, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders. “No. No. You listen to me, alright? Listen to me carefully, okay?”

You pressed your lips to the side of his forehead, holding his shaking body as close as you could. You moved your face closer to his ear. “I love you. I fucking love you. No, I didn’t kiss Luke. I can’t ever kiss anyone ever, but you. I will only ever want to kiss you. I only want to feel your lips against mine, okay? And I will never in a million years leave you, or stop loving you. And you deserve me. You probably deserve better than me. Not someone who doesn’t give you attention. But I’m sorry. i didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I wouldn’t ever want to hurt you. I will always want to cuddle you, or laugh with you or have the time of my life with you. And I will be selfish, because although you deserve better, I want you all to myself.”

You grabbed his face in your palms, turning it towards you. You looked into his green eyes, red and glazed. “And I love you more than any thing in this whole damn world. I love you because you make feel more wanted than anyone ever has and ever could. I love you because you put the stars in my fucking sky. I love you because you look at me and all I see is love.”

You leaned your forehead against his. “I love you because you listen to me ramble about the most boring things.” You kissed his left cheek. “I love you because you laugh at all my bad jokes.” A peck on his right cheek. “I love you because you let me steal all your shirts and hoodies.” On his nose. “I love you because you let me play your drums and you play them better than anyone ever can. And I love that.” On the corner of his lips. “I love you because you hold me like we’r in our own world, like everything will always be okay.” On the other corner of his lips. “I love you because you’re Ashton Fletcher Irwin and I wouldn’t ever want to love anyone else.”

You pressed your lips against his softly. At first he didn’t move- the two of you felt everything, every crease, every torn skin of your lip brushing against the other’s. And then he turned his body to face you completely, a hand grabbing your waist while the other went into your hair. His eyes were closed, forehead still against yours ass he pushed you into the mattress. “You love me, right? Not Luke?”

“Not Luke, that dude looks like a fucking bread stick.” You smiled, fingers grazing his jaw, up and down. “Only you. Always you.”

Ashton giggled and then asked. “You never kissed him?”

You shook your head as much as you could in his grip. “Never had and never will. No one but you.”

He moved his face, lips brushing lightly against yours. “And you’ll always love me?”

“Always and forever.” You answered.

“You promise?” he asked.

You chuckled. “Yes, you adorable noob. Now shut up and kiss me.”

falloutgirlpatrickwentz  asked:

Ok how would Mccree/76/reaper/junkrat/ and genji react if Y/N got injured in battle and then later found out that Y/N got shot on purpose. I know its angsty and I hope it's not too much to ask. I'm new to tumblr and I think I did it right? I love your work by the way

((I had to cut back Genji because these are so darn long. All of them are roughly 800+ words I think. But I hope you enjoy!!))

Originally posted by meilingziegler

When Jesse heard you cry out in a mix of anger and pain, he was quick to have someone watch his back as he ran to get you.

He found you sprawled on the ground, your leg shot through the knee as you crawled away from his view, “Come back to finish this!” you yelled at whoever you were trailing.

Jesse ran over, calling out for you as you pulled at a kid’s leg. In the span of seconds the kid had kicked your face and taken off.

“Fuck! Fuck, shit!” you swore to yourself as you wiped at your bleeding nose while holding back tears. Jesse knelt down to scoop you in his arms, brushing back your hair.

“y/n. You okay? Who was that kid?” he questioned as he started running to cover. He looked at your bitter expression as you kept wiping away the blood.

“A punk he was… Used to be a friend of mine. I promised him that if I ever left him behind he needed to shoot me or I’d shoot myself… He joined Talon after, after..” you started sobbing, tears streamed down your face with your bloody nose as Jesse set you down, helping you clean up your nose.

“God.. Jess, if I can’t keep my friend safe.. How the fuck am I supposed to keep you or anyone safe? I deserved this.” you sulked as you looked at the bullet hole in you knee.

Jesse silently pulled you in a hug, sushing you as he swayed back and forth, “You get stronger is how.. You just, get back up, wipe the dirt from your knees and try again hun.” He said as his hand rubbed the small of your back.

“I’m here for you. I’ll make sure you don’t get left behind”

Originally posted by yoshiro-san

You were seated infront of the soldier shirtless as the man tried to stitch your deep bullet wounds and grazes.

“That was the most reckless thing I’ve seen you do… This is not the y/n I met in the training room.” he said as he wiped the blood off your back with a rag.

“You were getting shot at so…” You started,

“So you decide that jumping infront of me and becoming a meat shield is better than taking cover?” he chimes, making sure you felt he was upset by pricking the needle through your graze a little harder. Making you wince.

“It doesn’t matter, they had run out of ammo, their defences were down, we could’ve easily killed them and gotten the files!”

“You could’ve died, y/n!” he said sternly.

“Who cares if I died?!” you said, raising your voice.

I do” he replied, yelling accordingly

Well I fucking don’t!–” You shouted, your fist slammed down on the table beside you.

The room was silent as the two of you froze, the soldier’s hands moved away from your back as you heaved for air, your fist still on the table. He knew you were crying, he knew you were hurting. So was he.

“I know you care, trust me I do-” he started, but you cut him off.

“Then why do you drink yourself away? Why do you kill yourself for the world?” you questioned, making him look down.

“If you won’t look out for yourself, I will. Even if I die doing so. You’re my world…” you said quietly, turning around to face him as you placed a hand on his shoulder.

Originally posted by etlabetes

Everything around the reaper was a blur as he looked up at his assailant. Their eyes shined with hatred and blazed with rage as they shot him in the gut numerous times. He knew he was done for when he saw the assailant was aiming for his head.

“No!” he heard a familiar voice yell and the assailant was tackled down.

You were on the ground trying to wrestle the gun out of the other man’s hands, straining to overpower him as you grunted.

“You’ll have to get through me first fucker…” you said as you worked with one hand as the other tried to get your own gun.

Reaper had almost regenerated fully, slowly standing up. He looked in a mix of dread and everything along the lines of shock as the assailant fired twice, clearly going through your vitals but just in time with a yelp you yanked out your gun and shot the man’s head.

You quickly fell to your side as Reaper rushed to you, scooping you up gently in his arms,

“hh.. Gabe, y-you’re okay!” you said, clutching at your chest. Blood seeped through your fingers, “I did it, I-I shot him.” you said.

Gabe could only nod and smile sadly at you, “Why would you get shot for me you big goof?” he asked. making you smile at him, your face going paler by the minute.

“Because… you’re the grim reaper. I know I won’t die if you decide so right?” you joked, coughing up a little blood, and making Gabe take in a sharp breath.

“No, no, you’re right. I won’t let you die okay? Just promise not to fall asleep on me okay? okay.” he said as you started to nod off.

Just when he had slowly lost hope help arrived, and you were taken off the man’s hands.

You woke up on a hospital bed several hours later, your wounds all healed. When you turned to look at your side you saw Gabriel, smiling warmly at you.

“See I told you so… Today was not your day to go y/n.” he joked and you smiled.

“One day it will be. But till then, death will be mine to keep safe I guess.” you rasped, reaching your arm over to hold his.

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Jamison loved to spend time with you. You were abit of a rule breaker yourself. You also liked to attend alot of riots and strikes to voice your opinion.

The riots weren’t always safe. Particularly one where the riot turned violent.

Molotov cocktails began to fly, knives, guns and pressured water hoses were out and everywhere the smell of burnt tires lingered. It was mayhem that Jamie was familiar with.

You were not a violent person but you tried to defend yourself as police came at everyone with guns and tasers. Jamie and Roadhog were hid away, knowing full well things could get more dangerous. Everyone was screaming at the police as they threw boxes, bottles, anything at reach.

Jamie looked beside him to find you weren’t there. He soon heard gun shots go off. The crowds screamed as people began to run away with limp people in their arms. People were getting shot and a thick fog of tear gas filled the streets.

“Roadie. I gotta go find y/n!” he said, turning to look at the large man, who grunted as he got out of cover.

Explosions began to go off as people shattered windows and more homemade bombs went off. Yelling and screaming went on as the duo ran with masks to keep them safe from the tear gas.

“NO PIGS OR MURDERERS! WE WON’T SIT BY AND WATCH AS OUR FLAG BURNS!” anarchists rhymed as they threw rocks.

The sounds of car alarms blared in the junker’s ears as he bumped into people running, until he saw you stumble away dizzily. Junkrat quickly ran to you asnd grabbed you by the arms.

You were shot in the arms, and it was visible you were shocked as he ushered you out of the chaos.

He hushed you as you sobbed in his arms as Roadhog removed the bullets.

“Shhh, it’s okay love I got you… Those coppers are bastards, they defend the wrong people. Roadie will get you patched up and then it will all be better okay?”

You could only nod as another bullet was yanked out of your arm.

The Summer Fling (Chapter 9) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Salsa and Beer”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Warnings: Smut……….. I know. I don’t know where it came from.

Author’s Note: A few things, I really never thought I would write smut for this series. I am just as surprised as all of you. I tried to keep it less explicit than usual. That was my compromise with myself. What else… oh um, if you ever go to Burbank, go to Salsa And Beer. it is legitimately the best Mexican food i have ever fucking had. those flautahs… i have dreams about them. also, yea, uh, enjoy. there’s only about ten chapters left so relish it while you can.

Summary: Dylan talks with Posey about what happened the night after his first appearance at ComicCon, before returning to New York and having a night that he never expected and will never forget.

Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten

Originally posted by mieczyslawr

Dylan handed his menu back to the waitress and smiled as she walked away. He then turned his attention back to his best friend sitting across from him, examining the lunch hour crowd around them in the busy Burbank restaurant. “Thanks for coming down here for lunch, man.”

Tyler turned his head as he heard Dylan’s voice and he smiled. “No problem, bro. I was just chilling today since all the Comic Con craziness from last week is finally over. How long do you have until you have to be back at the hotel for the rest of the American Assassin press?” He asked, leaning back as the waitress brought over their beers.

“They gave us like two hours, or something. We’ve got time.” Dylan clarified while smushing his slice of lime down the neck of his Corona.

“So what happened on Thursday night?” Tyler asked, getting straight to the point of why Dylan frantically texted him the other night asking if he could have lunch with him that Monday.

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Too Late

Summary: When Steve leaves you for another woman, it tears you apart, but Steve might feel the same way. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: The request got lost somewhere, but the person asked for an angsty/motivational story. I hope this satisfied whoever requested it. Happy reading! 

The day you met Steve was unlike any other. He had been so kind enough to pretend to be your boyfriend to scare off the man who kept staring at you the entire night, and the both of you eventually ended up hanging out until the sun was about to rise. From then on, you and Steve had become inseparable. 

You knew he was Captain America. Not many people realise it when they meet Steve, granted they all think he’s dead, but you weren’t one of them. You hadn’t said anything, though, afraid he would think of you as some fangirl who only wanted to get to know him because he was a legend. You hadn’t told him that you were a big fan of his work until you got to know him. Steve laughed it off, thinking it was the funniest thing in the world. Since then, nothing has become in between the both of you. He didn’t bring you to the tower a lot, wanting to keep his work life and his personal life separate, but when he did, the other Avengers made sure to get a good look at you. 

They didn’t tell you, but they admired your kindness and your willingness to get to know Steve. It had been tough getting used to the new century and you were there to help him adjust. They loved that you made him happy and they loved that he always came into work with a smile. You were their own version of normality, too, as always happy to hear the every day tasks you did as a non-Avenger.

Writing songs and poems had been a big part of your life for a while, but you fell off the wagon. You weren’t sure what hit you, but your life began to change before you and Steve met. Your friends were no longer people you trusted, your family was all the way across the country, and you didn’t find any motivation to write. That had been the breaking point and you frequently visited bars to get you mind off of things. 

However, Steve brought you out of that funk and you found yourself in love with writing once again. You filled your notebook with thoughts for poems and songs, and wanted to surprise Steve one day with all of the things you had said throughout the time you’ve been dating. 

But that joyful feeling came to an end. 

You sensed something was off when Steve stopped swinging by your apartment. He called and texted you less and less, and started to leave you one word answers of short replies whenever you did. You didn’t see him much anymore and assumed work was taking a toll on him. You didn’t pressure him to talk about it, but you constantly reminded him that you were there to listen if he ever felt like talking. But, that wasn’t the case. 

You sat in your apartment and heard someone knock on the door. You opened it and your best friend, Kelsey, stood outside, looking extremely distraught. 

“Y/N…,” she trailed. 

“What is it?” you said, anxious because she looked anxious. “Are you okay?” Kelsey sighed. 

“I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a complete asshole. It’s just that I don’t want anything to get in between us and I just need to say it.” Kelsey took a deep breath and you crossed your arms, waiting. 

“I’m in love with Steve,” she blurted out after trying to compose herself. “We ran into each other one day and I figured I’d try to get to know him because he means so much to you. We started hanging out more and one thing led to another, and we kissed. I’m sorry, Y/N. Steve said he wanted to talk to you, but I needed to as well.” 

You stood in shock and didn’t know what to say. How could two people you trusted with your life do something to hurt you, unintentionally or not? Steve, the love of your life had pressed his lips against another woman. Kelsey seemed to be torn apart too and desperately tried to get you attention. 

“Oh,” you said. “Well, who am I to get in the way of love?” you asked with a croak in your voice. Kelsey smiled sadly at you and reached for a hug. You awkwardly patted her shoulders until she let go. 

“I don’t want this to ruin things between us, though,” she said. Her phone’s alarm rang and she looked at you. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Talk soon?” You nodded, not trusting yourself to speak without yelling unkind words. 

Hours passed by and you constantly asked yourself why you weren’t good enough. The man who had pulled you out of thinking this way was the person responsible for putting you back on this mindset. Were you too boring? Were you not happy enough? Did he think it was a struggle to listen to you talk about your passions and struggles all the time? 

You hadn’t cried yet and that worried you. You felt numb, not sad or angry. You hadn’t moved from the couch since Kelsey left and you started at the blank TV screen, replaying the moments right before Steve had made less effort in your relationship. 

There was knocking on the door again and you assumed it was Steve. 

“Y/N, we need to talk,” he said, looking at you. You gulped and nodded, letting him in. 

“What do you want to talk about?” you asked in a small voice, fully knowing where this conversation was going. 

“To put it simply, I met someone else,” he said, averting his gaze to the floor. “I know it sounds terrible, and it is, but I feel like we lost that spark between us. I don’t want string you along because that would make me the biggest asshole.” As if you weren’t already the biggest asshole, you thought to yourself. 

“Well, I don’t want to stand in the way of the person you love,” you said, gritting to your teeth. You thought about cussing him out, but it’s no use. You were tired, you wanted to be alone, and yelling at Steve wouldn’t make you feel any better. 

“Uh, thanks. I hope we can still be friends?” Friends. This line was the line you dreaded. All of your ex-boyfriends had said this line to you and you knew you would never speak to Steve again. You hated that you weren’t speaking up to fight for him, but why would you fight for someone who didn’t want to be fought for? You could see Steve’s interest somewhere else and you swallowed your pride, wanting this moment to be over.

“Yeah, sure,” you said. Steve awkwardly smiled at you and walked towards the door. 

“See you around, Y/N.” 

You hadn’t. 

Back at the tower, it had been weeks since the Avengers saw you and they were wondering where you had run off to. It was unusual that Steve had stopped talking about you and stopped bringing you by. Tony, especially, liked having you around because he thought you had the most eloquent way of talking. Natasha liked your wit, too, and was genuinely upset that you weren’t around. They started to ask Steve, who kept saying you were busy. Between missions and reports, the team accepted his answer and didn’t think twice. 

But one day, Steve brought Kelsey to the compound with his arm around her waist and kissed her lips in front of everybody. 

“Uh, Steve? That’s not Y/N,” Tony pointed out. Kelsey felt embarrassed and Steve looked at Tony. 

“This is Kelsey, my girlfriend,” he uttered. Tony cocked his head. 

“But Y/N -”

“Y/N and I broke things off a long while ago. It was the right time to do so, Tony. I didn’t feel the spark anymore. I’ve found it with Kelsey,” he said, grinning at the girl draped in his arms. Tony watched at the two kissed and felt disgusted. Steve chose to leave you for another woman and that probably meant he’d never see you again. 

The other Avengers learned about the break up and about his new girlfriend. They didn’t like her very much, but granted it was because they thought you and Steve were the couple who would grow old together and live the happiest life. None of them liked when Kelsey was in the compound. She felt like an intruder, but they couldn’t say anything. They were nauseated because they were so used to you being around, cracking jokes and talking to them like they were people who you’d meet on the street. Kelsey seemed to only think of them as superheroes and didn’t bother to get to know them beyond their suits. 

You, on the other hand, were a mess. You cried yourself to sleep and you cried when you woke up. You only left your apartment when you needed to, and despite having friends who supported you, it didn’t feel like they were helping much. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, had heard of this breakup through Wanda and gave you her support and words of encouragement. Diana had a soft spot for you after the two of you met at one of Tony’s parties and she wanted to get to know you more, but it never seemed to blossom with her being away all the time for her day job and her night job. 

“Men are not worthy of you if they make you cry,” she had said, rubbing the upper portion of your back. “Steve is just another man in this big world and I’m positive you will find your happiness once again.” 

You sniffled and nodded, blowing your nose. “You’re right. I’m done crying over somebody who doesn’t give a damn about me.” Diana’s words had uplifted your spirits and she helped you regain your smile. 

What you didn’t count on was losing your notebook filled with your poems and songs. It was sacred to you and you wanted to expand on your thoughts. You figured the first step to getting over Steve was to face the fact that you were happy together, but now you were to individuals with different goals. You flipped your house upside down before deciding to visit the tower to ask Steve if he had it. 

You swallowed as you approached the front desk. This was the last place you wanted to be, but writing was so important to you and you couldn’t reproduce everything you had already written. 

“Do you have an appointment?” the secretary asked. 

“Oh, uh, no. I’m Y/N Y/L/N and I was just hoping to find something that was mine. I think I left it in the Avenger compound.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you in without an appointment. That area is strictly off limits unless accompanied by one of them or if you have a badge.” You sighed and began to walk out the door when you heard Tony shout. 

“Y/N, wait!” You turned around and saw him running towards you. 

“Tony,” you breathed, looking at him.

“Hey, kiddo,” he said, engulfing you in a hug, but let go soon after. “Sorry, I know it must be weird, I just missed you and -” but you cut him off and wrapped your arms around him. 

“I missed you too, you big goof,” you said. “I think I lost my notebook and I’d really like to find it. This is the only place I haven’t looked.” Tony led you to the elevators and happily let you up. 

The compound was exactly as you remembered it. The stain in the middle of the couch was still there, Sam’s ridiculous lamp stood by the balcony, and the notch that Natasha had put into the wall by accident was still right above the photo of Tony and Pepper. 

“Y/N!” Bucky said when he saw you. You grinned and waved at him. The entire group was lounging around and perked up when Bucky said you name.

“It’s nice to see you guys,” you said. “Is Steve around? I lost my notebook and I kind of need it back.” 

“Sure, let me get him,” Bucky said. He grunted when he realised he’d have to see Steve and Kelsey together.

Steve came out with your notebook and tried to make it as normal as possible. “Is this it?” he asked. “I found it in the corner of my room and thought it was mine.” You flipped through the pages and nodded. “I didn’t want to look into it in case there was something personal.” 

Ah, the ever so caring Steve. There he was, staring back at you, and you felt as if you might accidentally blurt out you still liked him.

“Thanks. Can’t really reproduce these.” You both laughed awkwardly. 

“What’s in it? If you don’t mind me asking.” 

“Just a bunch of stuff I’ve written. You got me back into writing and I’ve written a lot of things since, uh, well, you know.” 

“Since we dated?” you cringed. The wound was still so fresh. 

“Yeah, that. I should go. Thanks for keeping it,” you said before nodding at Steve and the team behind him. You turned to walk to the elevator and Wanda spoke up. 

“We’ll see you around, right?” she asked, her eyes becoming sadder. She knew the answer, but she wanted to be comforted. 

“Of course,” you croaked. 

“What would we do without you, right?” Clint joked. “I mean, I wouldn’t want Budapest to be broadcasted all over the world.” You chuckled and Natasha joined in. They had been so kind to share their Budapest story with you. It was the only inside joke you shared with the Avengers. 

“Budapest stays a secret. See you ‘round, guys.” You gave one last final wave before leaving.

As the year progressed, you landed a job where you wrote songs for the biggest artists in the music industry until people found out you could sing. In no time at all, you were given a record deal and everyone in the world knew your name. 

You hadn’t thought much about Steve and when you did, it didn’t hurt you at all. You accept that he moved on and you had to as well. Soon enough, your music played everywhere and your face was on billboards. Steve had noticed this too and was happy you moved on, but his heart tugged every time he heard you on the radio and every time he saw a promotional poster for your anticipated album.

“She’s going so well for herself,” Bucky commented. Steve tucked his hands in his jean pockets and looked at the ground. 

“Uh, yeah. Good for her.” 

“You okay?” 

“Yeah, I am. It’s good that she’s chasing her dreams.” 

As the day progressed, the team and Kelsey were hugely around the TV, watching E! Entertainment. They made it a joke - they’d always try to see what the media said about them and make fun of them later. What they didn’t anticipate was seeing you on the screen.

“Y/N!” the host exclaimed. “Tell us more about these two singles you released. The world is going nuts over them and everyone knows your name.” The team watched as you laughed.

“I’m happy they’re doing well. It’s sweet, whenever I meet fans, they always tell me how it’s so relatable and that they’re happy someone understands them.”

“What are these songs about?” 

“The first single I released was actually about an ex-boyfriend of mine. I wrote it when were were together and I thought about the things I loved about him most. I really wanted to emphasise how much he had helped me become a better person, basically.” 

The team smiled, but at the same time felt sad that you hadn’t gotten the chance to tell Steve this. Kelsey was jealous that her ex-best friend was achieving her goal, and Steve shifted in his seat, both slightly uncomfortable yet curious as to what you were going to say. 

“And the second single?” 

“It started out with me furiously writing about how much I hated my ex. In reality, I don’t. He’s a good person, really. But the song turned from writing about all the things I didn’t say to a self-help guide. I wanted to make myself feel better and I’m happy that other people are embracing themselves instead of focusing on someone who won’t love them back.” 

Steve winced and he felt his heart fall to the bottom of his chest. Had you really suffered? He hadn’t noticed because he was spending too much time with Kelsey. 

“Three of the songs on my album focus on the relationship I had with this person,” you began. “I lost my will to write for a while, but got back into it, and now I feel like it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“If you could say something to your ex, what would it be?” 

The team watched as you pondered your answer, eager to know what you were going to say. 

“I’d tell him that I’m happy with my life now and that he should keep doing the things that make him happy too. He’s a nice guy, really, so I’d tell him to keep being true to his heart because that got me to take the leap of faith and land a record deal.” The interviewer laughed at the joke you made and the team smiled. The show turned into a commercial and Tony spoke up. 

“I’m so proud of her,” he said. 

“Me too,” Wanda added. “She’s already nominated for six Grammys this year.” 

“Holy shit, that’s a lot,” Sam added. 

“Not to mention her album isn’t even out yet,” Natasha said. 

Kelsey tried to block them out and held onto Steve like he was her lifeline. Steve felt like his whole world was crashing down and wondered if leaving you was the right decision. At first, Steve thought you and him weren’t meant to be and that you didn’t love him either, because you had been so nonchalant when be broke up with you. Now he realised you hadn’t cried or yelled at him because you didn’t see the point in fighting for him when he said he committed himself to someone else. 

“Steve?” Kelsey whispered. “I think I’m gonna go back to my place for the night. I’m a little uncomfortable.” Steve nodded and watched her walk out the door. The team was immersed in their own conversation about your success. 

“I want to design her stage and the lighting,” Tony said. 

“I could be her body guard and security,” Natasha added. 

“Oh, me too! I’d beat up any fan that stalks her,” Bucky said. 

Everyone laughed. Steve stood around and tried to genuinely laugh at their jokes, but he wondered if leaving you was the right choice. He had heard your songs on the radio, but he didn’t know they were about him. Steve often thought about the person you wrote them for and wondered if you met someone else, but now that he knew you loved him and felt like you had nothing when he left, he felt so guilty. He had pushed away someone who genuinely loved him for Steve Rogers, not Captain America. Kelsey was great, but not as great as you. Steve had deciphered that for himself when he heard you say you got over him with his own ears. 

But it was too late. He hadn’t seen you since the day you came to find your notebook and Steve wished he could’ve read all the things you wrote about him. That night, he sat in his room and wondered if his love life was doomed because he let go of someone who cared about who he was inside. 

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The Intruder

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Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count:  3,359

Genre & Warnings: Fluff & Smut, but not like, super crazy smut. Good ‘ole Missionary. But it’s sweet. 

Notes: SURPRISE! I needed something fluffy in my life. I wrote this fairly quickly, so I’ll go back and edit later. 

“It’s only going to be for the weekend, Namjoon. You’re making a huge fuss out of nothing.” 

Namjoon leaned against the counter with his head cradled in his hands, pouting as he watched you pack your small bag. He’d been like this all day, listing at least a hundred reasons why he thought you shouldn’t go. 

“Baby, I only have a couple more weeks before we have to leave again. Pleaseeeee….” You just stare at him, shaking your head in disbelief. 

“You’re such a whiny baby. Why your fans think you’re so “Daddy” is beyond me. I promised Mom I’d go home for the weekend. I promised her a month ago and she’s been calling to remind me twice a week. I have to go. I’ll be back Monday afternoon and I’ll be all yours for two whole weeks before you have to leave again. You’ll be so sick of me that you’ll ask to leave earlier. I promise.” You peck him on the cheek as you pass by, and set your bag by the door. 

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Here’s the Baby. {Request}

Word Count: 2.1k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only! NEGAN’S MOUTH!**
Notes:  Thank you @unchartedghoul for requesting! Writing pregnancy was new to me, so I did the best I could, I hope you enjoy! Tagging @negans-network also for anyone else that has requested a fic like this.~
Pregnant Reader x Over Protective Negan = Father Negan and bonus baby scene! No smut.  

This beautiful (heartbreaking) gif doesn’t belong to me! Just the one I kept looking at to get motivation.~ *v*

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A/N: I’m sorry. That’s all I have to say, lmao. Please don’t hate or kill me.

Summary: The Green Goblin uses you to hurt Peter.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

p.s. I was listening to this song while writing, so maybe you should listen to it too… I don’t know, man… Maybe…

You heard your window creak and you smiled, turning to face Spider-Man—or rather, Peter Parker, your boyfriend. The smile fell off of your face when you saw the menacing smile aimed at you. You lunged for your phone, which was resting in the middle of your bed. A second before you reached it, the man’s hand gripped your hair and yanked your entire body back, away from your phone.

There was a short struggle as you thrashed, trying to dislodge him, but then pain blossomed on the back of your head and your vision swam. You gasped for air and your knees gave out as everything went black.

When you woke up, you were laying on something hard and cold. Wind was whipping around you and your thoughts came rushing back into your mind all at once. Your eyes snapped open and you sat up, your heart leaping into your throat when you saw where you were.

You were sitting on top of a bridge.

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Never Again.

Characters: Erik x Reader, Charles.

Warnings: Physical violence, mentions abusive relationships, swearing.

Authors Note: I do not support any form of abuse in any kind of relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is in one, please seek help. Thank you @mm277me for the request.

It was a particularly quiet day.

You were sitting in your king-sized bed drinking a warm cup of lemon water. Gazing out the enormous window, the golden sun peaked through the trees, the rays illuminating your skin. Wearing only underwear and your love’s shirt, relaxation flowed through you. In the midst of day dreaming your mind snapped back to muffled yelling and a sudden slam of the door.

“Erik?” No one answered back.

“Erik,” you asked again, with still no response.

You set your cup down on the mahogany nightstand and shuffled into the den. Erik was hunched over the dining table, back facing you, his muscles stretching his shirt. He was heaving as his fists were clenched together.

“Erik,” you whispered.

Erik exhaled a frustrated breath and shook his head.

“Erik, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I thought you were asleep,” he murmured.

“I woke up ten minutes ago, maybe fifteen,” you replied. You carefully walked up behind him and put your hand on his shoulder, “what’s buggin’ you, baby?”

He replied flatly, “Shaw.”

“Charles brought it up again, didn’t he.”

“He doesn’t understand, I have to stop him. He killed my mother.”

“He doesn’t want you to get hurt.”

“He doesn’t want to fight.”

“He doesn’t want you to bite off more than you can chew.”

“Are you actually defending him,” Erik turns to you, “ of all people?”

“I don’t want you to go after Shaw either, not right now.”

“Why,” Erik growled, “because you couldn’t handle a bit of blood either?”

“Excuse me?”

Erik began to prey on you causing you to walk back into the bedroom, him inches away as he growled, “ you know Charles wants you, and you know he could influence you if he wanted to.

You were brought to a halt by the foot board of the bed, “I know that he wants me, but he can’t influence me, and you can’t beat Shaw, not today.”

He latched onto your wrists and pinned them against the wall.

“You’re weak,” he snarled in your ear, “you’re weak and you know it.”

“Let me go Erik.”

“What do you think you’re gonna do, huh? What do you think would happen?”

You could feel his hands strangling the circulation out of yours, with great pain you pleaded, “Erik, please stop, it hurts,”

You fought to get out of his claws but the grip tightened.

“Get the fuck off me!” You then kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground, winded, and tried to run. Erik pounced on you and grabbed you by the shoulders bringing you down with him. The two of you began to scuffle, rolling around on the floor until you managed to get on top of him and pin him down this time. You punched him twice, as hard as possible, making his nose bleed.  

Erik was out cold and you sprung up to successfully escape.

You were speeding through the hallways and corridors to get as far away as possible.

About to run out into the gardens a pair of hands reached out to you, “stop, what are you doing?”

You froze in your tracks to the sight of Charles, he rushed to you, “what’s going on? What happened?”

You stuttered, “I was in my bed, then a I heard a - and he came - and we - then he - then I - and he’s on floor and now I’m - and I -”

“Shhh,” Charles whispered, placing his hands on either shoulder,”  don’t worry, love, I’m here.”

You nodded, still winded.

“Come with me and we’ll talk after some tea, yeah?”


Charles sat you down in the kitchen and made you a cup of chamomile tea, “here,” he said, “this should help you relax.”

“Thank you,” you sniffled.

“Now, what happened.”

“I was in bed a-and he came in, and was just so angry about Shaw. Then, before I knew it, he was holding me against the wall, then I pinned him to the floor and punched him, then I ran and now I’m here, a-a-and…”

“You don’t have to go on,” he assured.

You looked to him and saw guilt in eyes, ”its not your fault,” you said.

“Maybe not, but you still got hurt pretty bad.”

“I’m fine, really,” you insisted.

“I beg to differ,” Charles pointed.

You looked down to see purple marks on your wrists, bruises from Erik’s hands.

“It’s nothing,” you shrugged.

Charles scowled, “and this has never happened before?”

“No, never.”

“Well if this keeps happening you need to let him go, I don’t want this to turn into abuse.”

“Believe me,” you laughed coldly, “he wouldn’t be around if it was.”

“Well, good,” Charles nodded.

You spent the next few days in Charles’ quarters. You slept in his bed while he took the couch in the other room. He insisted and you couldn’t say no. Charles granted you a vacation from training but you would look out his window to see Banshee flying around ever so often and the occasional red flash coming from Alex.

The fight kept replaying in your mind, everything happened so fast. The blood, the bruises, the yelling. It was a 24 hour news reel of pain and regret and despair.

You started to weep, “Erik, Erik…”

Your tears were interrupted by a creaking doorway, you wiped the droplets away, not knowing who it was that was sauntering towards you.


“Darling, I’m so sorry.”

You jumped from the bed and into his arms, sobbing, “I’m sorry too.”

“I shouldn’t be in here but I had to see you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Charles told me to leave you alone, but I just couldn’t.”

You chuckled, “you made the right choice.”

“Please forgive me, baby.”

“I do, of course I do,” you looked up to him and you changed your tone,” but if you do this again you’re gone.”

“Of course, darling, of course. Never again,” he cried.

Hand in hand you went back to your room, laughing and kissing one another.

Charles was leaning in a doorway, watching you cheerily walk with Erik. He sighs and walks outside to check on the other’s training.

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Total Knockout: Boxer!Tom AU

A/N: I had an itch to do this about a month ago, but Boxer!Tom Night with @tbholland yesterday set me over the edge. Inspired by my favorite boxing movie, Southpaw, so you’ll see some similarities 😉

Warnings: Swearing (always), Angst for days, TW blood (???), TW mention of pain killers


Boxing was our life. It was all we’d ever done. I say ‘our’ because for as long as I’d known Tom, since we were kids, that’s what he’d always been. Even before a contract, even before his name was up in lights, he was a fighter. And he was my fighter. And before you up and judge me for being cheesy, I’ll tell you that the first day I met him was when he punched a boy in the school yard for trying to get a hand up my skirt after I’d told him no.

Almost ten years later and he was still my defender, but I was his, too. It was my job to keep it all running. It was my job to keep him safe from everything that wasn’t a glove. I was the woman behind the man, and when the pressure was on him, the pressure was on me, too.

We took separate cars to Madison Square Garden for the fight. I knew Tom needed to be with the boys right up until it was time, and I didn’t mind. I was texting his mom from where I sat in the backseat. Yes I’d look after him, no Nikki don’t watch it, yes I’ll give him your love.

This was a big fight. He’d been undefeated for so long, there was a lot riding on tonight. The town car pulled into the back entrance and I got out, pulling down the hemline of my dress. I passed security confidently —they knew I was coming— making my way to the back room where they would be prepping him.

I knocked on the door, trying to suppress my own jitters. The door opened and Tom’s coach, Yousif, greeted me.

“Hi, beautiful.” He kissed me on the cheek.

“How is he?” I asked, glancing across the room. I could see Tom sitting on the edge of a table with his headphones on, looking down at the ground with intensity.

“I think we’ve got him there. I think he’s ready. But you gotta seal the deal, you know how he is.”

I nodded. He’s anxious. He always was. It was 20 minutes until start.

“I need a minute.” I said to Yousif.

He clapped his hands together, “You got him, Queen. Hey boys!” He called over to the handful of Tom’s friends, milling around the room. They knew it was my time.

Harrison was his cutman tonight, so I made sure to pull him aside as he walked toward the door.

“Watch that left brow, Haz. That’s where it always starts.” Harrison held up some bandages already with him and put a hand on my shoulder, “He’s gonna be fine. He’s ready.”

The door closed behind me and Tom still hadn’t looked up. That was normal for him, he was in a trance. I approached him from across the room, my heels clicked on the concrete as I pep talked myself in preparation to pep talk him.

“Hey.” I prompted, stepping into his line of sight. He looked up at me, face softening at my smile. I pulled his hands around my waist and slid the headphones off his ears.

“Hey baby–” he leaned up to kiss me. His lips were hungry, but he was the first to break away. He was always the first to break away before a fight. He let me look him over for a minute. I always wanted to memorize his face before he went out. It was hard on me and he knew it, but we both knew this was the only way for him. It had only ever been boxing.

“You ready, King?” I asked, moving my hips like I was revving him up. His eyes were adoring but his face was serious.

“I can do this one. I’ve got him. No problem.”

I bit back a smile. Growing up, Tom always used to say “No problem”, even if the kid he was about to fight was twice his size. That happened a lot, when we were kids. But this wasn’t then. This is what he trained to do. He needed this win.

And in that moment, I knew he didn’t need to hear it from me, too. So I scrapped my speech, all the words about his mum worrying and the crowd cheering, and just pulled him to my forehead.

“Don’t get hit too much, ok?” I whispered.

I was seated front row next to Harry, who was periodically leaning over and promising me Tom was ok. But I wasn’t so sure that he was ok. It was like he was a newcomer in the ring, a baby in comparison. I needed to stop that line of thinking.

“Guard your fucking eye!” Yousif was screaming.

“Why is he taking so many punches?” I whispered to myself. Sure, Tom was getting the hits in, but he was hardly defending. Blow after blow went back and forth between the two of them, blood was running down his face and I was biting the insides of my cheeks to keep myself from screaming, too.

The bell rang and Tom collapsed in the corner, Harrison on his face in an instant. Yousif crouched down in front of him, yelling instructions. Tom looked tired. It was heading into the tenth and he still hadn’t finished this.

Over the noise of the crowd, I could hear him saying “I know I know I know. Fuck! I know.” He squeezed his eye shut as Harrison fixed him up as best he could. I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore.

“Tommy!” I shouted, his head immediately snapping in my direction. I threw my hands up in confusion. “Knock him out, babe!” He was breathing hard and he didn’t say anything, but I knew he felt my words in his core. The bell rang and he flew up.

Right hook, bob, cross, fall back, one-two punches. A left corkscrew put him bleeding on the canvas. The referee got to the count of six and he was up again, coming back fierce. He ducked and jabbed and weaved his way around the ring, keeping off the ropes. But he was still getting hit, a significant amount.

“Fuck.” Harry hissed. “Come on, Tom.”

Then something changed. I could see it through the blood running down his face. Like he was just sick of it. In a flamboyant fashion, he landed a series swings and with one final blow and the longest count of 8 I’d ever endured in my life— he won.

The stadium exploded and all the guys around me screamed and shook one another as Tom’s fist was raised high in the air and models surrounded him and a belt was placed in his hands. It was everything we wanted, but I felt sick inside. Cameras flashed on me as Tom turned in my direction and blew me a kiss. I beamed as bright as I could fake and then was whisked backstage to the prep room to wait for him.

The aftermath was always a flurry. Everyone shouting, trying to keep the loser away from the winner, press settling in for the post-conference. I couldn’t stand to sit out there on his panel tonight, so I waited and watched on the television screen.

He looked like absolute shit. Harrison had done his best and Tom obviously had to check out with the fight physicians, but I swear the other guy had about beat his face in. I could only imagine how many bloody towels were sitting just off camera.

Tom smiled bright as he was peppered with questions about his come-from-behind win. He laughed as reporters teased him about getting beat up pretty good. And he shrugged nonchalantly when asked if he’d take on another challenger in the next couple of weeks.

After the news conference ended I could hear the boys all coming down the hall. When the door opened, Tom came trudging through. He looked worse in person, his exhaustion a clear physical weight on his shoulders. He managed a dopey smile at me.

“Hi Princess.” He extended an arm for me to come near, and I reluctantly did.

“I think you’re going to need another shower before we leave here.” I mumbled into his shoulder. He kissed my hair over and over, so happy with himself.

“Can’t hit the town smelling like a winner, eh?” He teased.

I stepped back and stared at him.

“You aren’t honestly thinking about going to the after parties, are you?” I glared over and Harrison and Harry, who both avoided eye contact.

I frowned at Tom as he tried to sway me, “Come on, love. We won! It’s going to be fucking wild. You can join me for this second shower, if that’d help.” He winked as best he could with his tortured face, and Harry made some type of choking sound. Harrison was used to it.

I shook my head at him, feeling my frustration rise. He needed to go home. He needed to rest. We needed to talk.

My wishes were unsurprisingly ignored. Tom was always susceptible to peer pressure, and with the guys rehashing the fight play by play, bolstering his ego like it was their job, of course he was going to want to celebrate.

We were lead out a main exit where a massive crowd lined the barricades, and flashes of cameras made my vision spotty. Security kept close and Tom clutched my hand as we made our way to the car, and then to the party.

Once we had arrived, he sat proudly next to me, his hand never leaving my thigh, inching his way up it, in fact. My skin tight dress felt suffocating as I sat silently, counting down the minutes until the night was over.

Finally, well after midnight with the party still raging, Tom turned to me.

“Ready to go, Princess?” He was definitely a bit buzzed, but not smashed, and I thanked God for that. I needed him coherent.

“I’m ready.”

Our ride home was silent. The boys were gone, the cameras were gone, and his hand on my thigh was gone. I could see in the faint light that his jaw was set, and he wouldn’t look at me. My stomach twisted with anxiety, but I hardened myself. There was a fight coming, and we both knew it.

After the car pulled into the driveway, he made no effort to open the door for me, a gesture he rarely skipped. Instead, he walked straight into the house and left me trailing behind on his heels.

“Don’t do this to me.” I called to him as we jogged up the stairs. I could see him wince even ten steps ahead of me, and it wasn’t from my words.

“Do what?” He yelled back, heading to our room. “I couldn’t possibly understand what the problem is here.”

“Don’t make me look like I’m nagging and crazy! You know why we have to talk!”

We were in the bedroom now, Tom grunting as he pulled his shirt over his head, grabbing a bottle of pain killers.

“What happened out there tonight?” I motioned out the window.

“Baby, I won. That’s what happened.” He still wouldn’t look at me, instead bracing himself on the edge of the bathroom sink.

“No, no. You punched the hardest. I don’t equate that to winning.”

Tom’s head turned sharply to look at me now, his face disgusted, his already fat lip pouted out even further, “I spend years being the underdog and now I’m finally making it and you’re telling me you’ve got a problem? You’re by me when I lose but not when I win?”

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that, Tom. You are all I care about. You get that?” I was desperate for him to hear me.

“Why do you have to bring this up now?” He spat bitterly.

I could feel the lump in my throat rising, “You know Tom, someday I’m going to have your children, and when I do I don’t want them afraid of their father’s face.” Then, as an after thought I added, “If this keeps up they’ll be lucky to even know their own father’s face.”

Tom looked up at the ceiling, hands running up into his hair.

“Baby, I won! This is good for us!”

“Yeah but it’s taking you way too long to get off now. You’re going to be punch drunk before you’re 25 if you keep up fighting like this.”

He moved towards me, arms spread wide, “What, baby? What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to block a punch now and then. It’s not weak to play defense.” I argued.

Tom shook his head in frustration, “That’s not how I fight.”

I sat down on the edge of the bed, “That’s how you’re going to fight if you expect me to believe that you love me and want to be with me for the rest of your life.”

Tom’s eyes widened at my ultimatum. It felt harsh, but I meant it. He wouldn’t live to see old age if he kept up at this rate. He stumbled over to the edge of the bed and sat beside me, resting his head on my shoulder. His hands clung to me as though I might walk out of the room at any second.

“I can’t lose you. You know I can’t lose you.” He choked out. I felt hot tears running down my arm.

My eyes filled with tears, too, “I am here for you. But you need to know that all these other guys, they’re in it for the glory. The minute your bad days start to outnumber your good, they’re all just going to scatter. When they’re gone, I’ll still be here. I’ll still believe in you. So for my sake, I need you to take a few less hits.”

“Ok…ok…” he whispered, still holding me, still on my shoulder.

“I love you. Ok? I love you.” I turned his chin up to look at me, “We’re in this big bad world together.”

His teary eyes turned to loving ones and he kissed me so hard I was glad he had the painkillers in his system.

Taking his face in my hands, I held him at arms length, “I would rather see you block a good punch then land a careless one any day of the week, you understand?” He nodded at me. He was good, but to survive he needed to smart, not just good. He knew it and I knew it.

“I’m sorry.” He said earnestly, turning to kiss my hand on his face. “I love you.”

“You know I’m proud of you.” I told him intently, standing up.

He scooted up to lean against the head of the bed while I started changing out of my miserable dress. It was quiet for a time.

“You know,” he mused, watching me, “I only went 10 rounds tonight. I’ve still got another two in me.”

My attention turned immediately in his direction and I smiled to myself, making my way over to the bed.

“Tommy Holland wants to go two whole rounds?” I whispered, crawling gently on top of him in my underwear, “With me?”

“Fuck.” He swallowed, looking me up and down, “If I have my way, I’d like to make you go three rounds.”

anonymous asked:

❤️much love but... what would be the companions reactions if Small SS is dared to go up to them ON THEIR TIPPY TOES and make out with them?

Sorry for the wait guys, but these are longer and a little more detailed than usual to make up for it! I also added Old Longfellow, just because I love how kooky he is. ~Admin Shadow <3

Smol Sole Getting Dared to Go on Their Tippy Toes and Make Out with the Companions

Cait: Cait didn’t even hesitate when Sole leaned up to kiss her. She grabbed Sole and pulled them close, their body tight against her own. Fuck, she could even feel their heat radiating through their vault suit, which just intensified her desire. Right away Cait bit into their bottom lip, hard. She relished in the little squeaky moan that Sole expelled as they tried to lean into her farther, deepening the kiss. After a little while of chewing on Sole’s lower lip, Cait finally let them go, but not without saying “We are gunna finish this later.”

Codsworth: Sole got on their tippy toes, and even had to pull Codsworth down to kiss him right on the top of his metal, spherical body before pulling away with a smile. Codsworth shook with excitement before exclaiming, “Aww, thank you, Mum/Sir. It always feels nice to be appreciated!”

Curie: Curie was blushing really hard as Sole got up close; they were so short, was all the synth could think. Oh, Curie worried about being too passionate and giving her feelings away so easily. As Sole got on their tippy toes Curie allowed them to plant a tentative kiss on her lips, before she relaxed just a little and allowed them to run their tongue along her bottom lip. That was when Curie stepped away from Sole completely blushing. “Missure,” she gasped in shock. “It is too public for sure fowl behavior!”

Danse: When Sole got really close to him, Danse froze. Their close proximity was really hard to handle and even their smell of diluted mutfruit was intoxicating. He was actually shaking, from anticipation or nervousness Danse couldn’t be certain. Once they were on their tippy toes Danse pulled them flush against his body and kissed them ardently. He found one of his hands tangling in their silky hair and his tongue pushing between their lips and gaining access of their mouth. Danse felt like he was melting straight into Sole as he pulled them as close as humanly possible – just so he could feel the heat of their body against his. It wasn’t long until Danse found himself breaking the kiss because he was certain if he kissed Sole for just a few more moments, he was going to have a really hard cock.

Deacon: “I don’t know if you’re ready for this level of heat, partner,” Deacon teased as Sole leaned up to kiss him. Deacon allowed Sole to get really close, their lips were hovering over his own for a few seconds – the wait was actually starting to gnaw at him. Sole moved to seal the gap and their lips pressed against his own was exciting, as he captured theirs in return. Deacon tugged at Sole’s vault suit and nudged them forward so he could wrap his arms around their neck and deepen the kiss. He intertwined his fingers in their hair and tugged their head back so he could access Sole’s neck with ease. Deacon left hot, vehement kisses against their neck and he even sucked on it a little to leave a light purple spot – he couldn’t deny that Sole’s squirming had been hedonistic. He finally let Sole go and kissed them on the cheek before saying, “I knew you couldn’t handle this, the squirming gave it away.”

Dogmeat: When Sole had to crouch down to be eye level with Dogmeat, the loyal hound just started licking Sole’s face. Sole laughed and let Dogmeat get a few good swipes with his tongue in before Sole got back on their feet and gave him a good scratch behind the ears. 

Hancock: “He he, oh you have no idea what you’re about to get yourself into.” Hancock felt the need to warn Sole as they stood on their tippy toes to kiss him. He didn’t waste a second as he locked lips with Sole and slide his tongue into their mouth, and right against their perfectly aligned, white teeth. His hands gripped onto Sole’s hip before drifting down to their nice, solid ass. Hancock gave it a firm squeeze which caused Sole to yelp into his mouth as their tongues tangoed in a highly erotic manner. Hancock kissed them for a few more minutes, favoring every time Sole’s groan rumbled into his mouth with satisfaction.

MacCready: “Alrighty, hit me with your best kiss, boss” MacCready said with ease. The moment Sole got really close to him, the merc tensed even though he tried to play it cool. Once Sole was on their tippy toes and their lips were against his, all bets were off. He grabbed both sides of their face gently and tilted their head to the side so he could get more access to their mouth. MacCready found himself groaning right into the kiss, which cases Sole to pull him closer. Their tongues did a furious dance for dominance before they were forced to break the kiss just to catch their breaths. Oh, but seeing the boss breathless with swollen lips was worth it.

Nick: Nick remained stoic as ever as Sole got close. Once they were on their tippy toes, Sole leaned in and kissed Nick straight on the lips without any hesitation. Gingerly, he placed his good hand on the side of their face and allowed them to tug on his trench coat and close the gap between them. His ill working taste receptors actually allowed him to taste how sweet Sole was as their tongue pushed past his lips. Their scent flooded his olfaction sensors and his CPU could hardly process all the information that was flooding his senses, he hadn’t expected to be this heavily influenced. Nick found himself breaking away from Sole with a troubled smile, because he was still having issues processing everything. 

Piper: “No funny business, Blue,” the journalist said as she allowed Sole to get close to her and lean up to steal a kiss. Oh, Sole was nothing short of passionate as they slowly moved their lips against her own. Piper felt Sole’s tongue wiggle its way through her lips and right into her mouth and it meticulously explored every little spot. Their tongues collided a few times, brushing over each other in a surprisingly intimate way. Piper broke the kiss after a few more seconds, because Sole tried running their hands down just a little too far down her back. Always trying to push it to the limit, that was Sole for yah.

Preston: He was a little wide-eyed when Sole leaned up and kissed him whole-heartedly – their arms wrapping around his neck to draw him in. He kissed Sole as if he was a starving man who had been deprived of every necessity. His hands ran down Sole’s side, memorizing every curve before he settled his palms against their hips. He tore his mouth away momentarily to leave feathery kisses against their cheek before he worked his way to their neck. Sole arched into him as he kissed and licked a particular sensitive spot on their neck. Sole broke his kisses as they gentle pushed him away. Preston cleared his throat and tried to act normal before finally saying “That was kinda hot General, just thought you should know.”

Strong: Even on their tippy toes Sole found it impossible to kiss Strong. They had to beacon him down toward them before they placed a kiss on his lips. It was pretty chaste because Strong yelled “Why human kiss Strong? Humans too weak for Strong.”

X6-88: Just based on his posture he wasn’t okay with Sole being so close. When Sole was on their tippy toes and leaning forward so elegantly, X6 found himself closing his eyes behind the shades and patiently waiting for their lips to ascend upon his. Sole’s lips were so soft, like cushions of pink flesh; he hadn’t believed it to be anatomically possible. He still showed no change in emotions and attempted to mimic them, but he was begrudging enjoying the experience. X6 quickly pulled away after a couple seconds and wiped his lip before saying, “That’s enough, Ma'am/Sir.”

Maxon: Maxon hardly waited for Sole to get on their toes before he swooped in and claimed Sole’s lips for his own. Maxon pinned them against the closest object – his lips ravenously demanding entrance to Sole’s mouth, which Sole was reluctant allow. Their tongues battled for dominance, and he could hardly suppress his carnal lust. Maxon pulled away slightly to leave hot, lascivious kisses on their cheek. He kept Sole still as his hands bore into their hips and his lips quickly traveled to their neck, where he left rough nips and bites to remind them that he had been there. Sole let out a throaty moan before he pulled away leaving them both breathless. Oh, he was sure going to find Sole later to finish this, because he never left things half done.

Gage: Just as Sole stretched up to kiss Gage on the mouth, the raider grabbed Sole and pulled them up tight against him. Sole was forced to wrap their legs around his waist, and holy hell he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away so easily. He didn’t think twice about allowing his lips to collide with Sole’s as he pinned them against the closest object and continuously kiss them with synchronous lip movements. He was in heaven, as his tongue forced its way into their mouth and Sole began to cautiously suck on his tongue. It wasn’t long until Sole finally untangled their legs from around his hips – and hell, he was sweating after that kiss, the boss was too good at this shit.

Ada: Sole leaned up and kissed the front of Ada’s face plate. They smiled while doing so, which caused the robot to say, “Thank you, but I feel I do not deserve such affection.”

Old Longfellow: Kissing the cap'n? Well, Longfellow wasn’t sure he was up to this, he damn well wasn’t drunk enough for this shit. So when Sole tugged on his coat to kiss him, he kinda went rigid for a second before Longfellow allowed himself to relax and enjoy himself. He kissed them back with a lot of anxiety at first, but his apprehension dissolved and he calmed. He even tugged them closer, allowing his hands to rest firmly against their hips. It wasn’t a long kiss, no he wasn’t too bold for that – before he let them go. It had been a long time since he’d kissed someone, and he felt oddly self-conscious – contrary to his normal not-giving-a-fuck attitude.

I Care. - Theo Raeken

Ratings: Fluff?

Warnings: Spoilers from 6x16

Request: @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses said: Hii! Idk if u saw episode 16 (of season 6) of teen wolf, but of you did would u like to write a Theo Raeken imagine where he and the reader don’t really get along. But they do have a crush on each other but won’t admit (sorry if this is weird). But what 6.16 has to do with this is I thought maybe the Theo/Liam scènes could be Theo/YN? And if it can, they confess feelings for each other? Kinda smutty if u want to write that. Love ur blog! Sorry if it’s confusing, if it is, message me pleas💗

A/N: GUYS!!! I’m thinking of making a part II. Like, smut was requested, but I got really carried away & this is already super long. So, if you want smut, just request a part II. Seriously. I’m ready to write smut for this. Also, I meant to post this Sunday, but I saved it to my drafts and didn’t realize it. Whoops.

Imagine wanting to hate someone so much that you trick yourself into believing that you do. That someone would be Theo Raeken. As someone who’s been best friends with Scott  Stiles forever, I knew Theo well. And, by that, I mean past tense. I knew. I knew the Theo that was once my best friend. My first kiss. The Theo that moved away. That Theo isn’t the Theo standing in front of me. The Theo standing in front of me is the Theo that killed his sister. He came back to Beacon Hills and tried to use the friendship we all once shared to stab us in the back. It was a weight off my chest when the ground swallowed him whole.

“Do I get a choice here?” I asked. Liam and Scott were talking to me about a plan to lure the hunters out and give us a chance to get a step ahead. Said plan involved Liam, Theo and I alone in an abandoned zoo. I love Liam, don’t get me wrong, but he can have some of the worst decisions. Like that time he brought Theo back without our agreement. Watching Malia attack him almost made it a little bit better.

“No. If we gave you a choice, you’d do the opposite of what we need you to do.” Scott said, his eyes pleading me to just go with it.

“Why does he have to come?” I asked. Theo was standing against a wall on the opposite side animal clinic. I could feel his eyes burn holes in the side of my face.

“Because I’m also a valuable part of this plan.” I could practically hear the smirk that he wore because of how cocky he sounded.  

“We’ve gone over the plan. There will be no changes. No one is getting out of this because they don’t like someone else. We need everyone to do exactly as planned or it’ll all fall apart.” You can always tell when Scott meant business, and this was one of those times. We all gave in and left the animal clinic. Liam, Theo and I headed out to Theo’s truck to wait it out at the zoo.

I could hear Mason over Liam’s phone. The plan was working. Nolan was following Mason to the zoo, and he’d be there expecting to find the entire pack.

“He’s driving a bright red car.” Theo looked at me, knowing I’d hear the comment as well, and chuckled. Any other time I’d refrain from reacting if Theo was involved, but I laughed with him. If asked to describe Nolan, discrete will never be an adjective used.

As Mason pulled up, we all hopped out of the truck. Liam and I left Theo to empty the trunk as we crowded around the rolled down window of Lydia’s car.

“Should I come with you guys?” Mason always wants to help us, whether he really can or not. In this situation, however, none of us were going to let him try. Mason can only do so much before he’s thrown into the line of fire, and he’s already tip-toeing on top of it.

“His friends shoot to kill. Go home.” Theo was right behind me, his arms full of stuff from the car. Mason agreed and drove off, leaving us to get into position.

“They’re not gonna believe Nolan.” Liam and Theo were going back and forth. Nolan only saw the three of us, and now there are only two hunters here. In order for the plan to work, we needed more of the hunters here.

“Okay. Then they’ll have to believe us. Isn’t that right?” Suddenly Theo was yelling at Liam.

“What the hell? Theo, what’s your problem?” I placed my hand on his shoulder, hoping to grab his attention and quiet him down.

“My problem? What’s your problem? Oh, that’s right, you always have a problem.” Theo’s voice rose with each sentence. If he wanted the hunters’ attention, he had it. They definitely knew we were there now. The next thing I know, Theo’s hand collides with Liam’s face.

“You see that, Scott? Little beta can’t even take a punch?” Then I knew. Theo was trying to get their attention and make it seem like we were all here. If they thought we were all here, they’d be forced to call for more backup.

I stood up, knowing I’d have to make myself known as well, and pushed Theo against the wall we were hiding behind. If this was a free chance to hit Theo, I’d take it. When my hand made contact with Theo’s jaw his head hit the wall and he was momentarily dazed.

“You’re one to talk, Theo. Seems you can’t take a hit either.”

“I’m not going to hit you,” Theo said, quietly. “Let me go.” I studied every part of Theo’s face before I hit him again, testing him. When Theo didn’t even raise his arm against me, I pulled away.

“Awe, Theo. No need to go easy on me.” I tease, raising my voice so I knew they’d hear. This time, Theo switched us around. Somehow, my back was suddenly pressed against the barrier. Theo still made no move to hurt me. Liam took the opportunity to grab a hold of him, spin him, and dish out a punch similar to the one Theo threw at him.

“Your beta, Scott, he’s only good in a fight when he’s angry. Let’s see how he gets.” When Liam growled, I couldn’t tell if he was acting or if Theo had really made him mad. Finally, we could hear the hunters scattering and calling for help.

“Are you done? Or do you need to keep going?” I asked after Theo ripped Liam’s shirt. They both looked as if they’d been jumped.

“I think they’re sold.”

“You ripped my t-shirt.”

“Yeah? You broke my nose. Twice. It healed. Then, you broke it again. Two times!” I couldn’t help myself when Theo said this. I gave in and swung at him once more.

“Three times.” I smiled victoriously as I watched his nose begin to bleed again. We looked around, checking our surroundings before running to our next hiding spot. Theo began to complain, pestering Liam about why he’d pick an abandoned zoo to bait out the hunters. I tuned them both out as soon as Liam began comparing the zoo to a Greek island.

All three of us were stood in this tiny spot behind bars, looking out for the rest of the hunters. When they finally came, they came in bulk. Everyone was there - Nolan, Monroe, and Gerard included.

“We’re supposed to be decoys, not target practice.” Theo and I went to leave, but Liam stayed. I grabbed Liam’s hand, hoping he’d get the hint and follow, but he didn’t. I faced him, trying to convince him before he yanked his hand from mine. Theo grabbed his shoulder, but he shrugged his hand off. Theo tried to convince him but gave up.

“Fine. Get caught.” As Theo left, I gave Liam one last look.

“Please don’t make me follow him on my own,” I begged. Liam said nothing, so I too gave in and left, trailing behind Theo as we heard Gerard announce his army.

“He’s going off anger,” Theo muttered to me as I caught up. “He’s going to get himself killed.”

“He’s angry. Theo, aren’t we all angry? Each and everyone one of us is being targeted. It’s like the deadpool all over again. Ordinary people are picking up weapons and hunting us. People we’ve known forever. Everyone has turned against us.” The deadpool was before Theo returned to Beacon Hills, but that didn’t change the fact that this was the same song and dance, just more personal. Theo didn’t see how the deadpool hurt us, but now he’ll understand it.

“I’m not dying out here because you want payback against some kid who kicked your ass.” The bitterness in Theo’s voice didn’t surprise me at all. It also didn’t surprise me when Liam pulled away from Theo again.

I felt Theo grab my hand and pull Liam and me away from our spot, which alerted Nolan of where we were. Theo tried to tell Liam to calm down, but all that did was make it worse. Liam flashed his golden eyes at Theo. I could feel Liam’s anger radiating off of him.

“What’s going on with you?” I asked him.

“This can’t just be Nolan. Something around here is triggering you.” Theo added. When Liam tried to tell us he was fine, Theo kept pushing his buttons. I could hear Liam’s heart beating quicker as I took a step back, not wanting to be between the two if one of them threw a punch.

“They’re up here!” We were so distracted by trying to calm Liam down that we did hear Nolan find us. Liam charged at him, taking him over the barrier and catching Theo and I both off guard.

“Dammit,” I muttered, stepping forward to see where they landed. I went to jump down and follow them, but I felt a hand grab a hold of my wrist.

“(Y/N), stay up here,” Theo said, pulling me towards him.

“Why?” I tried to pull myself away from him. I could feel my own heart rate go up as I realized how close I was to him. Being this close to him, seeing him in this light, it made me momentarily forget just who he’d become.

“Nolan has a bow. You and I both know he probably won’t hesitate to shoot you. I’m not going to let you get hurt.”

“Nolan won’t hurt me.” I tried to pull away once more. Nolan and I used to be friends. Nolan was like a baby. He’s scared, and he’s confused because he doesn’t know what’s happening. “I don’t need you to protect me. Especially not from him.” I don’t need Theo thinking I need him around.

In the time that Theo spent trying to keep me away, Liam had lunged at Nolan. Nolan’s back was pressed against the wall, and he might have been crying. It hurt me to see that. Deep down inside of him, he knew what he was doing was wrong. Nolan is a good person. He’s just been misled. Liam was hitting the wall next to Nolan’s face. He was trying so hard to keep from killing him. Finally, I felt Theo let go of me. Before I could make it, Theo was already over the ledge. Next thing I knew, Liam was on the ground.

“Run.” Theo gave Nolan his infamous smirk. For a split second, I couldn’t help but feel a bit attracted to it. I shook it off and helped Theo drag Liam to the truck.

“I don’t need your protection,” I said as Theo and I climbed into the front seats of his truck.

“I don’t want to see you get hurt and know I could’ve prevented it.” He spoke quietly like he didn’t want me to hear it.

That struck me. It pulled at my heartstrings. Deep down inside I knew I cared about him. I never quit caring. But he doesn’t have to know that. When Theo came back I expected him to be the boy I wanted him to be. When he wasn’t, that’s what hurt. It hurt knowing he wasn’t still the same boy that stole my heart when we were younger. Theo was my first kiss because he was my first love. I wanted him to be the same Theo, even though I hadn’t seen him since like the 4th grade.

“Theo,” I started before he interrupted me.

“No. I’m being honest here. I know you probably don’t trust me. Rightfully so. But, I need you to know that I care. I need you to know that I am scared that something will happen to you. And I will do my best, when possible, to keep you safe. Because I care.”

“Theo, shut up,” I whispered, my face heating up. I knew he could hear how rapidly my heart was beating.

“Seriously. (Y/N). You know me better than everyone else does. You know when I’m lying. You know when I’m acting. You know that’s not what’s happening here. I know you can’t stand me, but you’re the only one I care about enough to keep safe. I’d go crazy if you were hurt in some way.” Theo reached over, grabbing my hands in my lap. “Whether you care or not, I do. I want you to be safe.”

I threw my walls down for a moment and held his hand with mine. I took a moment to study his heartbeat and the way his face looked with the street lamps’ light bleeding through the window.

“I care,” I whispered, scared to mess with the moment that we were having. It was fragile. I felt that if I breathed too hard it would ruin. Theo didn’t pull his hand away from mine.

“Did you have to knock me out?” Liam was no longer out cold. “How many times?”

“Five times.” The smirk on Theo’s face made me laugh a little. I chose to ignore the rest of the conversation until we were parked. Liam got out of the truck and, before I could open my door, Theo locked the truck. With his seat belt off he turned towards me, his one hand still holding onto me.

“Do you really care?” He said, his eyes not meeting mine.

“I want to say no. I want to not care. But I do. And it sucks.” This time it was my eyes that wouldn’t make contact.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

“Theo, I don’t hate you. As much as I should, I don’t. I trusted you when you showed up out of nowhere. I defended you when Stiles was against you. I almost chose you over my best friends because I still saw you as that boy that kissed me on the playground when we were little. But that’s not you anymore. For a while there I wasn’t sure who you were. When you killed Scott I lost my mind. If Melissa hadn’t of saved him, I never would’ve been able to be this close to you again. But somehow I can’t hate you. I avoid you because I hate knowing what you do to me.” I nervously played with his fingers, hoping he’d leave it at that.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Look at me.” I faced him. He took his hand from me and brought both of them to my face. I could feel his breath on my lips as he got closer. It felt like years passed before his lips touched mine. I reached one of my hand up to his face, falling into the moment. I could feel all my pent up emotion bubbling to the top as he kissed me. His lips were warm and he tasted sweet and I wanted the kiss to last forever. At some point we pulled away, waiting until we absolutely had to. His lips were swollen and the image in front of me was sinfully glorious.

As we made eye contact we burst into laughter, not really believing what was happening. I pulled his face back to my own, smiling into the kiss. My hands traveled from his face, down his chest, to rest at the end of his shirt. Nothing could really happen with the console placed awkwardly between us, but neither of us was willing to stop. Not until we had to. Before anything could happen there was a knock on the window.

“I was gonna ask how your part of the plan worked, but I’m sure I’ll have to wait,” Scott said from outside of the truck before walking off.

“We’re not done here,” Theo said, pulling away. I laughed a little bit before nodding my head.

“Definitely not.”

Who’da Thought

Here’s my entry for @katymacsupernatural‘s Writing Gif Challenge.  You can see my gif prompt below.

Summary: An argument with Castiel leads to much more than you were expecting.

warnings: slight Castiel bashing at the beginning (I don’t mean it though, I promise!), angst, then just smutty against-the-wall sex

word count: ~1400

You were in the library bunker with Sam, Dean, and Castiel, trying to figure out what to do about Lucifer’s baby.  You couldn’t let it live, but you didn’t want to have to hurt Kelly Kline, so you were at an impasse on your planning.

Currently, you were fighting with Castiel.  It wasn’t really anything new, as you and the angel seemed to be constantly arguing about anything and everything, but this time emotions were running really high.

And maybe you were going a bit too far.

But you couldn’t stop now, could you?  You were on a roll.

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