i yelled a lot while watching this

Since this reaction will be quite short compared to my other ones, i’ll do an exception and do all of the members for this one. Also i’m assuming that the members only like you and you aren’t their girlfriend (if i’m wrong, please correct me so i can do it again!). 

And thank you so much, it really means a lot! ^^

The boys watching their crush waking up in the morning on TV

Shownu; He would be quiet while watching the TV screen, focusing on the cameras that are entering your girl group’s dorm. They would start to play loud music and sirens to wake you and the girls up, and once the camera focused on your frowning, confused face, Shownu’s face would lift up with a huge smile, thinking about how cute you looked. 

Jooheon; I feel like he would be yelling at the members to shut up when your group’s reality show came on, and he’d be concentrating on the TV with his tongue poking out, super excited to see you. He’d burst into laughter when the crew would wake you up, and he’d see you sitting up with a hoodie over your head, eyes squinted while looking around still half asleep. He would find it hilarious, and he’d boast to the members, saying, “Look! Look how cute she is!” while pointing at the TV. 

Wonho; Wonho would be watching the TV screen with a smile on his face, and his heart would pound in his chest when he saw you rub your eyes cutely and pull the covers over your head while the filming crew tried to wake you up. He would find you super adorable and he would be fanboying inside, wishing he was there to wake you up in person. 

Minhyuk; Omg, Minhyuk would be so loud and excited to see you. He’d be watching you on the screen with his mouth open, laughing and giggling when he saw you grumpily getting out off bed, a plushie that you sleep with still under your arm. “Guys, look how pretty she is with no make up! I’m so in love with her, oh my God..” 

Hyungwon; He’d be the quietest one, occasionally hitting someone (probably Minhyuk) so they would shut up while he watched you. He would fall for you even more when he saw you wake up and stretch, and when you figured out the situation, he’d smile, watching you giggle and bow to the camera, thinking about how sweet and cute you were.

Kihyun; Kihyun would be really into the show lol, he would sit on the floor in front of the TV screen, watching you as you slept peacefully cuddled up to one of the other girls from your group, thinking you were absolutely adorable. He’d grin from ear to ear when you woke up, and his heart would sink when he saw you nuzzling into the other girl, hiding your face from the camera. Pretty sure he’d be super jealous of the other girl and would wish you were cuddling up to him instead. “Wah.. So cute..

I.M; 100% the members would be teasing him when you were on the TV, and poor Changkyun couldn’t do anything about it since he’s the youngest, he couldn’t even smack them lmao. He’d blush a little bit as the members kept on teasing him about his crush on you, yet he’d ignore them because his eyes would be focused on you, yawning and stretching as you sat up on the bed, spaced out and half asleep, he’d fall for you even more after seeing you like this. 


This is how I see a relationship with calvin

–playing video games at 4am

-him calling you hot or something

-eating junk food and take out a lot even at 4am

-listening to some pretty good song while he’s high

-just cuddling on a couch 

-gets a bit jealous 

-mad sometimes for dumb shit and yells at you then makes up for it in some way ^_~ 

-making fun of each other aka roasting

-play fighting a lot

-a lot of making out cuz he’s a dork and they appreciate it more

-putting his hoodies and snap backs on

- playing with his messy hair and glasses

- watching a lot of dumb shit on youtube and netflix

- and idk why but a lot of inside jokes

movie marathon w/ bts

taehyung: scary movie marathon;; non-stop screaming and jumping and spilling of popcorn all over the floor and lots of tight hugging and yelling at the tv screen

jungkook: a scary movie at first;; him insisting on holding your hand and cuddling you from behind bc “u’re so scared” “jungkook i’m no–” then changing to action movies bc he’s a scaredy cat

yoongi: falling asleep while watching a bunch of new releases and not waking up until the sun went down but then getting up for a little and moving to sleep on the bed

hoseok: watching every type of movie;; scary (non-stop screaming), action (death grips), comedy (laughing until he falls on the ground), and romance (where he thinks he can serenade you better than the guy in the movie)

namjoon: deep-confusing-plot movies (another example: Inception); where you’re confused 24/7 but he’s just too intent on watching + when you ask him at the end he explains it and you’re just more confused

seokjin: feeding you snacks and shifting positions constantly to get more food and accidentally missing your mouth when feeding you during the climax of the movie

jimin: wrapping his arm around you but getting bored in the middle so he’s tapping your shoulder to see if you catch him then u looking at him like “yah, jimin i–” and him pecking your lips before smiling shyly to himself

Why LGBTQ+ representation matters to me.

I was lucky to grow up in a very tolerant family, my parents are both very open and they accepted me no matter what. But I went through a rough time and switched schools pretty often.
After I came out (regardless of the fact that it was obvious that it would only make things that already were a little complicated much worse) I suffered a lot more - mentally, as well as physically.
But its not only about that, its not only about the bullying, it’s specifically about every time someone called me a freak for what I identify as. It’s about every time someone shoved me aside and told me I’m not worthy of respectful treatment. It’s about every time people asked if they could watch me having sex with my girlfriend. It’s about the people who yelled at me in broad daylight in the city while I was holding hands with a girl I was dating.
Even though my family accepted me, I felt like I couldn’t accept myself. I‘ve always been this kind of person who seems to be very comfortable with her sexuality, and even though I knew its fine, I wasn‘t fine. I grew more comfortable over time that’s for sure, but some things never changed.
When I meet new people there inevitably is this one turning point. Will they accept me as a gay person or won‘t they. Will they say: ‘Ugh okay it’s fine…‘, will they leave, will they be overly enthusiastic about it. Will they see it as one of my main character traits.

I am not gay, I am a person that coincidentally also happens to be gay.

I discovered TV shows, and I was longing for LGBTQ+ characters. I craved for shows which contained any form of representation at all. It gave me a reason to keep suffering – because I knew it would end eventually. I cried over conversations within fandoms, wanted to die as I heard people saying: “not trying to be homophobic but this people who want XY to be gay… eww. The thought alone is enough to make me physically sick.”
That’s a quote by the way, I’m not making this up. I had somewhat of a breakdown as one of my favourite shows turned out to be just a massive queerbait. It‘s like having people tell you how great you are, that you are fine just they way you are, that you matter, just to use you, to get some money out of you. Or, to come back to the actual topic; To attract you to a certain show or film, just to say afterwards: ‚Ah well you should‘ve seen this coming, you should‘ve known.‘ Just to dismiss the idea of homosexual love or trans/ non-binary or any other representation afterwards and mock people for believing what they themselves initiated.
Its appalling and it honestly makes me want to cry.

Representation matters to me because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel… ordinary. And in a good way, I feel like I belong, like I finally found something to hold on to. It sounds sappy but it makes me happy.
I want to see myself on screen. I want to be the one who gets a romantic love story. I want to be the one who saves the girl and marries her. I want to be the one who meets the love of her life on the bus. I also want drama and tears and adventure. I want stories about criminals and pirates and heroes, I want to be more than just my sexuality but also my sexuality. I want to identify with the people on screen. I want to be able to see myself in them.
Watching LGBTQ+ characters on screen made me stronger and convinced me of the validity of my identity and it made me more comfortable in my own skin.
Even though I know that sometimes things end up unresolved and many people are probably like: ‘Yeah well the straight couple also doesn’t always get the happy ending‘ there is a huge difference. LGBTQ+ characters almost never get the happy ending, almost always die. They almost always get hurt or carry unrequited feelings or its all just about their sexuality and that’s their only real character trait. It‘s not only me who suffers because of things like queerbaiting. There are so many people out there who aren‘t out yet, who aren‘t accepted or who just aren‘t certain about themselves yet – and having kids see themselves in films and shows makes them feel more comfortable or if they aren’t LGBTQ+ or don’t know it yet, they learn to open their eyes, to not judge people or hate everything new.
Not only that though; it gives people who aren’t closeted anymore and are in the LGBTQ+ community strength to muddle through their daily life, to keep going. Although it may seem like an overreaction to most cisgender heterosexual people, it actually matters to this community. You can‘t just outrun this topic, its important and will catch up with you eventually.
It‘s not about ‘making everything gay‘ it’s about disassembling stereotypes.
We can‘t be muted, we can‘t be overlooked like this – it’s a huge problem which should be viewed as such. This can‘t be going on like this. I promise – whatever it takes, I will be doing all I can to make this society a bit more open a bit more tolerant. I promise – I will do my part to create a safe world, a more open world.
People deserve to be able to accept themselves. I want everyone to see that we’re not that different – we are all shades of everything and no one wants to be ignored or dismissed by others.
Peoples happiness kind of depends on it – just like I said.

We can’t be muted, we can’t be overlooked like this any more.

[written by Luzy Horre, 13/01/2017]

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but I’m here for platonic prideshipping???

like, I got no problems with people wanting sex in the ancient egyptian afterlife or “what does Kaiba do with the hologram machine after hours”

but I’m here for like, Atem reading a magazine on the couch in Kaiba’s office while Kaiba wraps up for the day, then they go watch the North American Duel Monsters championships together while eating burgers

Yugi gets the two of them to play test his game together but they are too busy being hypercompetitive assholes to give Yugi good feedback

I2 releases a new set and KaibaCorp gets prerelease info, Kaiba calls Atem up and they geek at each other about new cards (“not enough new dragon support” “they gotta give everyone else something to play with, you know”)

they try to play Yugi’s game again, but they accidentally end up sitting on the floor talking about whatever till like 3am

I want Kaiba interacting with a peer??? and Kaiba doing slice of life stuff. I want the two of them to have a wacky adventure together that they can bond over its absurdity. the two of them discover that they have more in common with each other than just card games.

Atem figures out that he can’t “fix” the parts of Kaiba that are broken, but being a connection to a normal sort of life is the best thing he can do for him. Kaiba figures out how to understand Atem as a person instead of the abstract of “power”. Kaiba gets a turn to call Atem out on the times when he’s shitty or hypocritical or weak or just plain wrong.

I want bad dating advice or worse music taste, unrepayable financial help and Atem dropping off fast food even though Kaiba has a kitchen staff. they keep trying to give Devil’s Sancutary to each other (“it’s yours” “I gave it to you” “it doesn’t fit in with my decks” “I have ten thousand copies”)

I don’t mind romantic prideshipping. I just want all of the trappings of a friendship too.

Monsta x reaction to you shouting at the tv

Monsta x reaction to you being really engrossed in a tv show/film and shouting and talking to the tv while it’s on. 

@classydeerfox Here you go dear, and thank you for loving my blog :) I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun making this


Originally posted by trainingpanda

*Looks at you adoringly* *He thinks it’s cute how you get so engrossed in your shows*


Originally posted by prince-hongbin

*You’d make him watch with you* *His face at the plot twist*


Originally posted by chiqkihyun

*Totally engrossed with you* *It’s normal for you two now*


Originally posted by wonkyuns

*Confused af when he heard you yelling at the tv* “Why are you yelling, it’s not like they can hear you.”


Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

*Judges you hardcore for talking to the tv*


Originally posted by beastdw

“Shush Jagi, I’m trying to watch!” seriously tho what even is this gif?


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*Will watch with you but low-key judges you for your shouting*

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[English Translation: Top Yell November Issue] Imaizumi Yui x Ishimori Nijika: we asked the members with the good voices their thoughts on singing

– As you two are both among Keyakiza’s best vocalists, you probably feel strongly about singing. What first triggered you to fall in love with singing?

Ishimori Nijika: I’ve loved Morning Musume ever since I was little, and when I’d watch them on TV I’d often imitate them. And my mother was also the kind of person who would sing a lot. I was raised in an environment where my mother and I would walk while holding hands and singing together anywhere we’d go.

Imaizumi Yui: My older brothers used to want to be singers. I’d go to watch my fourth brother’s live shows, and seeing him on stage singing made me also fall in love with singing.

– What kind of songs did he perform?

Imaizumi Yui: EXILE kind of R&B style songs. But, I mean, all of my four brothers actually had ambitions to be singers.

– Really?! Your brothers probably encouraged you then.

Imaizumi Yui: They do push me. One of my brothers actually came to my handshake event the other day (laughs).

Ishimori Nijika: I was in the same lane and when they told me “he’s Imaizumi’s brother” I was really surprised (laughs).

– Your aim is to be a singer then, right Imaizumi?

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Boxing Lessons

Request by sanjana111

Sorry this is coming so late. I hope you enjoy it and it’s what you were looking for. I recommend listening to ‘Fighter’ while reading it, 'cause that’s what I did while writing it xD (I listened to the Glee version, but you can also use the Original, I think^^)

Thanks for requesting this, it was A LOT of fun to write :D

You watched Harry, as he punched into Mark’s Punch Mitt, straight and from below, moving his legs in perfect form, before repeating and getting in a punch from the side. That last one threw him off balance, making you shake your head and yell: “What the HELL, Styles? Stop boxing with anger. We talked about this!”

He threw you a glare. Alright, if he wanted it that way, fine! You climbed into the ring and tapped Mark on the shoulder. He grinned and hurried away, knowing shit was about to go down. You held up your gloved hands, looking at Harry over them. He had paled slightly and there was a frown between his brows.

“You wanna let out your anger? Fine, go get a punching bag. But in this ring you’re a boxer, Styles! Which means you’ll control your anger and concentrate on your technique and your partner, understood?”

He nodded.

“Can you do that?”, you asked in a pressing tone, holding his gaze.

“Yes.”, he said through clenched teeth.

“Alright, then show me. Show me you can do this!”

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Whatever you do, do not think of Cisco with Don and Dawn bECAUSE IT WILL BE VERY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!

  • Team Flash originally finds out that Iris is pregnant, because Barry and Iris was keeping it a secret, and Barry accidentally outs them, because Iris insists on helping out with a metahuman, while he thinks she should slow down. And Barry just ends up yelling IRIS YOU´RE PREGNANT!!
  • This is of course mentioned more than once in the future - especially by Cisco, and Barry never gets trusted with secrets again.
  • Barry quickly gets a habit of bringing the kids along to star labs whenever Iris needs to work.
  • Of course Barry never thinks that through, so whenever something ends up happening, he has to leave them at Star labs with Cisco and whoever else is there. (They´re starting to get more friendly metahumans around.)
  • Cisco panics a little about it to begin with, because how the hell is he going to take care of two kids? Especially now that Caitlin is no longer around.
  • Before they can walk, they´re relatively easy to take care of, and Cisco think they´re cute. Sure, sometimes they cry a lot and he has to call Iris when it gets especially bad.
  • Of course, despite the fact Iris specifically tells Barry to let Wally or Cisco or really anyone else take care of emergencies while he is looking after the kids, this scenario keeps on happening.
  • But once they learn how to walk, it quickly turns out that they inherited their father´s ability, and that takes things to a whole other level. 
  • Don is especially bad, which means usually Wally or someone else has to take over the coms and talk to Barry, because funnily enough even though he doesn´t have super speed Cisco is the only one that can catch the kids when they run off.
  • Occasionally they end up in some of the places in the lab where they definitely shouldn´t end up - Cisco obviously doesn´t mention this to Iris or Barry.
  • But generally speaking Cisco and the twins get along quite well, when they get a little older he watches loads of movies with them, and it´s basically thanks to him that they end up watching half the classic kids movies they do. 
  • Dawn also gets a habit of snacking on whatever Cisco has laying around, and because of her super speed most of the time nobody catches her. 
  • This eventually prompts Iris to make sure Cisco has actual healthy food lying around (Because if my kid is gonna keep on snacking on your food, at least have something healthy.)
  • This obviously results in protests from both Cisco and Dawn. 
  • The kids in general just really love hanging out with Cisco, and they quickly mutually decide to call Cisco and his girlfriend Uncle and aunt.
  • His girlfriend does think it´s a little strange at first, but she quickly rolls with it, because she knows Cisco loves both of them.  

I was so horrified today,I went through a drive through with my mom,I wasn’t paying to much attention to anything but my phone,but suddenly she went from speaking in a normal tone to screaming at this poor guy who looked barely old enough to work and who began crying while trying to fix his mistake on her order something about cookies not being hot and her drink not having enough ice,he was shaking all over and starting to stutter while he was doing this,and she just kept yelling at him!i was just siting there mortified the entire time,before she finally drove off after a watched this kid practically run away so the manager could ‘fix’ it and when she stopped to turn out of the parking lot,I legitimately got out told her I was walking back to my dads,then went in and apologized to this poor kid who was literally sobbing as his manager tried to calm him down and stuck $20 in the tip jar.She called me saying she was pissed I didn’t think it was okay for her to verbally assault a 15 year old to literal tears because ‘I was just hungry you know how I get’.I was livid,I don’t give a shit how hungry you are, don’t you EVER take it out on some poor kid so that he breaks down in tears

Our Little Hideaway


Can I have a PoexReader where they escape from the base for a while to spend time just being together rather than working 24/7? Maybe they just relax and cuddle somewhere, maybe something non-PG happens, I dunno. I could just really use it after this hellacious week I’ve had.

A/N: I think I needed this, too, Nonnie. This seemed a lot longer while I was typing it…

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the signs as things i did while drunk
  • aries: got into a lot of passionate arguments about feminism, politics, history, literature, philosophy, and the fate of mankind
  • taurus: fell asleep in a drug dealers apartment
  • gemini: offered a water bottle full of pálinka to others and watched their face as they took a sip
  • cancer: yelled about how gay i am in english to some hungarian friends i havent even officially come out to yet
  • leo: got punched in the face, forgot about it, spent the next day wondering why my nose was tingling
  • virgo: decided the house party was way too social for me, retreated to the bathroom with two friends, sat in the dry bathtub to talk
  • libra: wrote my last will and testament in all caps (also the funniest thing i have ever written in my entire life up to this day)
  • scorpio: made out with a girl who had a boyfriend (oops lmao)
  • sagittarius: sang the alto part of o fortuna from carmina burana while a friend was singing the soprano part in an entirely different rhythm and pace and another friend was playing some completely unrelated music in the background
  • capricorn: took part in an at least an hour long conversation about bread. didnt participate much tho, i mainly just listened in awe
  • aquarius: got into a writing challenge with a friend, had to write a supernatural fanfic based on a hungarian poem from the 19th century that includes the phrase "tractor driver", fuckign nailed it
  • pisces: almost cried because a friend was making us cocoa but then the mug broke and it all spilled
Have fun trying to play.

My older sister plays a PVP MMO that’s kind of popular these days. When she’s on it, NO one is allowed on to make her lag. Otherwise she will yell, kick, scream & throw a fit if she so much as rubberbands on the map once.

Now our mom knows that my sister is in the wrong & has tried & tried to get her to listen. She doesn’t & will continue to blame me for every little lag spike she gets. 

Now I do a lot of things on my laptop & yeah I watch the occasional video, but I try to do it while she’s not online or is at work. However she will throw her fit even if I’m not anywhere near my laptop.

Lately I’ve taken to going on facebook or tumblr & watch the videos muted. She lags so bad she can barely play when I do this.

She can’t do anything because she can’t hear the videos play.

It’s petty, but I’m tired of getting yelled at.

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Baby girl - Dean Winchester

Request: Could you make an imagine where Dean and the reader are a couple? And she is pregnant, so she is super bossy. When she is going to give birth, Dean freak out like A LOT and she yells at him? Like very funny, I don’t know if you know what I mean😜 

Note; Sorry it’s been so long. I’ll try to write more. This one was written by Venora and corrected by me (Emma) xx


Dean was watching the computer screen intensely, searching for another case, while I was sitting in a chair on the other side of the table, reading a magazine. I loved these quiet moments, since they were so rare with our unusual job. God, how I missed hunting, but even walking was getting hard at this point and I was way too emotional to deal with that kind of stuff right now . My gaze wandered over Dean’s face, recognizing every freckle, every wrinkle and every expression. Automatically I place my hand on my belly. Yes, we were expecting a baby, a little Winchester of our own. Now and then Dean would peak up from his computer to look if everything was okay with me. He was so supportive and understanding… I had to admit that I wasn’t always that easy to be around during the pregnancy. Because even the smallest things would annoy me, like the noise of someone turning pages of a book or even the noise of someone cleaning a gun. But Dean took it all so well, shrugged of my bossy comments and comforted me whenever I needed it.

“Honey check this out.” His voice was rough from being silent, but I put my magazine away and headed over to the computer. Leaning over him to read the police report on the screen. Three woman had vanished only to be found dead with weird symbols scratched all over their bodies. “Oh my god!” Dean brushed his hand through his hair.

”I know, cruel right?” I quickly wrapped my arms around my belly.

”no, I mean… Oh my god, Dean! My water just broke.” We stood there for a moment, just looking at each other with surprised looks on our faces. That was until Dean started to run through the bunker like he was going crazy. He quickly looked for his phone and started to search for his car keys.

“Babe, why are you still standing there? Sit down. God, I can’t believe this is really happening, we need to get to the hospital, but I can’t find the keys. So just sit down and try to relax.” He kept on ranting while working his way through the mess in the bunker in order to find the keys to the impala. That was when I felt the first contraction, it didn’t hurt it was just this odd feeling. I could hear my boyfriend talking from the kitchen, but he wasn’t talking to me.

“Sammy! It’s happening! I can’t believe this, I’m freaking out man and I really need to be calm for Y/N, but I feel like I’m losing it, I’m so fucking happy, man.” The second contraction lasted a little longer and it started to hurt a little too.

 “Dean honey, we really should be going!” You yelled towards the kitchen area.

“Just try to relax, babe. Yes! I found them. N, I wasn’t talking to you Sammy.” Dean walked into the library with the keys in one hand and hanging up the phone with his other.

“Okay, let’s get you to the hospital, babe.” He carefully helped me up and supported me all the way to the car, where he opened the door and helped me in the passenger seat. Dean drove really carefully and slowly, which was a huge contrast to his usual style of driving. The pain came more frequently now and the time in between two contractions shortened fast.

“Honey, I appreciate you doing this for me, but you need to push a little bit harder on the gas pedal, or else I’m gonna have this baby in the car.” I squeezed the door handle, turning my knuckles white whit the force.

“No, no! You can’t have our baby in baby.” I could see the panic in his eyes as he sped up.

 The drive seemed to take forever but eventually we got to the hospital. I couldn’t hold back the screams anymore as the pain became almost too much to handle.

“Stay here, I’m gonna get a doctor!” A few moments later Dean came running back with a doctor and two nurses following him. They rushed me to the room where it was all going to happen. I tried my best to focus on anything else but the pain. The smell of the room for example, it smelled clean, like every hospital room. The doctor spreading my legs, checking if everything was alright. Dean’s eyes staring into mine or his hand holding my own as the other stroke gently through my hair. He tried his best to keep his shit together, to be the supporting father, but inside I could see he was freaking out. The doctors soft voice woke me from my storming thoughts.

“Everything looks okay, miss Winchester, let’s deliver this baby.”

 Nine months… I had been waiting for this moment to come, longed for the moment our baby would finally enter the real world. But now that it was here, I felt scared, unsure and I didn’t really know if I was ready to be a mom. Dean must have seen the panicked look on my face as he squeezed my hand a little harder. The doctor counted down and said to push as hard as I could. So with all the strength I had, I pushed. I pushed so hard I thought my body would explode. And then the doctor told me to pause. I didn’t want to stop, I wanted this to be over, I wanted the pain to be over. After a few more times of pushing and pausing, I turned my face towards Dean. He looked so pale, like all the blood had been drawn from him. His hand was sweaty and he was shaking a little. For a moment I thought he would faint, but one of the nurses quickly gave him a chair so he could sit down.

“Dean, are you alright?” My voice was full of concern, but also a little angry. He couldn’t pass out, I surely couldn’t handle that as well.

“Dean, listen to me, pull it together man. You’ve been through worse. For god’s sake you’re a hunter.” I whispered the last words, so that only he could hear them.

“But there’s blood and you’re in pain, I hate to see you in so much pain.” His voice was soft, it almost sounded broken.

“Blood? You’ve never been afraid of blood. And yeah Dean, I’m in pain, so I need you to be strong right now and act like the freaking man I know you are, not a scared little kid.” The words were loud and hard as the doctor asked me to push one last time. I pushed and screamed and almost thought I would lost consciousness.  For a moment everything went black and I let myself fell into the pillows. The doctors voice sounded far, but so clear at the same time.

“ Here you go, sir Winchester, you have a beautiful baby girl.” With the last strength I had, I forced myself to sit up again. My eyes searched  for Dean, who was holding a little bundle of blankets. His voice never sounded so happy and emotional at the same time.

“Hello Mary, are you ready to meet your mommy? You’re just as beautiful as her you know.” And in that moment everything felt perfect, like my life was complete. Seeing Dean holding our baby, I’ve never felt so happy and I quickly forgot about all the pain.

thoughts while watching the gtb video
  • me: ashton can stick that sign up my ass
  • me: calum pLEASE RUN ME OVER
  • me: they could shoot me in the chest 10 times and id still love em
  • me: wow nice font guys great work
  • me: michael pls
  • me: ashtoN PLEASEA YELL IN ME
  • me: with calum's wink i have grown back my hair, i have now graduated, i am now a doctor, i have tons of money, i discovered the cure for cancer im
  • me: calUM SCREAM IN ME
  • me: okay im still not over those high notes fuck you guys
  • me: i wish they could all run my ass over and end this
  • me: are you fuckin gkidding
  • mom: why are you yelling?
I ain't no liar

I work at a nice-ish restaurant in a sorta rich part of town so we get a lot of entitled and rude people coming in. I’ve worked there for about two years so I’m pretty good at putting on a happy face while middle aged people yell at me for our happy hour policy, etc. Anyway, one night it’s raining pretty hard and our building is old so the lights flicker but everything is good and the night keeps going. Later, an older lady motions me to the bar from the host stand and asks me to turn on the tv to whatever baseball game she wanted to watch. I look at the tv and it’s black so I thought maybe the storm knocked out one of the satellites or something so I said “Sure, I think the storm might have knocked out the reception but let me double check with the bar tender”. She says “NO I KNOW it works”. I just sort of go ok…and go over to the bartender and he says “Oh yeah I can just turn it on.” So I’m like ok good whatever and as I head back to the host stand I hear her say under her breath “That’s right don’t lie to me little girl” and I LOSE MY SHIT (internally of course). I’m just appalled that this women would accuse me of lying (why would I) and call me “little girl” which is so degrading. I don’t know why this is the incident that got under my skin the most but it is.

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sterek and 3 for the writhing thing

things you said too quietly

“It doesn’t count if I didn’t fucking hear you!” Stiles yells.

He’s pacing around their apartment like a mad man while Derek watches carefully to make sure he doesn’t trip on anything like he has a tendency to do.

“I really am sorry,” Derek promises, “I thought you’d heard.”

“Doesn’t this seem like something you should’ve confirmed that I knew about before we ended up here?” Stiles snaps.

Derek knows he’s right. It’s just hard to concentrate on that when he’s so happy.

He’d be even happier though if he knew Stiles was happy too.

“Stiles,” Derek says gently as he steps into Stiles’ path and catches his arm. He rubs his thumb against Stiles’ bicep soothingly.

“What?” Stiles bites stubbornly.

Derek softly tilts Stiles head up so he’ll meet his gaze.

“I swear I thought you knew.”


Derek knows he believes him now, but he still can’t tell what Stiles is thinking. Years of being together hasn’t changed that fact.

The difference is that now he knows he can ask Stiles and expect an honest answer even if it won’t be easy for Stiles to give or Derek to hear.

But that doesn’t mean he isn’t scared shitless.

“What- how do you feel about it?”

Stiles seems to get what Derek isn’t saying and finally the fight deflates out of him.

“I’m scared,” Stiles replies with a half-hearted shrug.

“Me too,” Derek says honestly.

He’s never been more scared of anything in his life, but he’s also never been more thrilled.

“But I’m really happy too,” Derek concludes.

“You are?” Stiles asks, clearly surprised.

“Of course.” Derek cups Stiles’ face in his hands. “There’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my life with you. And your family.”

Stiles smiles and nods. “Okay. That’s good, me too by the way.”

Derek grins back at him and can’t resist kissing Stiles.

After a moment, Stiles pulls back and punches Derek in the arm.

“I’m still pissed that you didn’t make sure that I knew that male pregnancy was an option. We could’ve done this years ago!”

Dating Cake

Requested: yes, thank you pandaaabear-cutie :3!
Type: cute Luke blurb, cute Calum blurb.
I’m sorry this kind of sucks, and I think I said “would” too much. Anyway, enjoy! xx

Dating Luke would include lots of nose nibbling and forehead kissing. Lots of epic beach dates with all the ice cream you can eat, laughing and yelling while he would pick you up and throw you in the water, only to have him trip and fall in with you. Lots of lanky limbs thrown around when cuddling, so you would end up tangled up in eachother. But it would comfortable, it would feel so right. Sometimes when you’re watching a movie together, he would grip your hand and rest your conjoined hands on his knee while you would be snuggled up to him with your face nuzzled in his neck, not even paying attention to the movie. Every once in a while, he would lift your connected hands to his lips and press a soft kiss to the back of your hand. You would then look up at him and kiss his jaw, and he would smile because he knew that you were the one for him.

Dating Calum would be just a lot of suggestive jokes. A lot of “make me”’s and “prove it”’s, you would like to challenge eachother. You two would go to the museum and make up your own language just to confuse people. Then when you couldn’t take it anymore you would hide behind a statue and giggle about the puzzled looks on their faces until you were out of breath and clutching onto eachother for dear life. Calum would love your bum, and sometimes when you’re at a family gathering he would walk behind you and tap it playfully, while you would glare at him and try to hide the blush forming on your cheeks so nobody suspects anything. You would get him back though, messing with him all through dinner by placing your hand a little too close to his private area and keeping it there, just to get him going. Then he would wait for the perfect moment to pull you away so you can both have at eachother discreetly. Calum is such a little shit disturber.