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I too am procrastinating!! I'd really like to see Dex and Nursey sharing Lardo's room, Dex becoming more comfortable with himself and Nursey, and realizing that the team has his back

hooray for procrastination! okay room sharing, lets bullet point this shit (also i kind of stuck to the prompt but the main focus is on room sharing and being comfortable with each other and less on everyone having each others’ backs, sorry it kind of ran away from me)

  • to start, dex gets the top bunk and nursey gets the bottom obvs bc honestly can you imagine nursey successfully climbing up to the top without falling off the ladder at least once a week?
  • music is a big point of contention for the first month 
    • dex blasts dad rock whenever he’s coding and nursey listens to his indie shit so loudly that even when he’s using headphones dex can hear it from the top bunk
    • they reach a weird understanding one day when nursey puts a playlist on shuffle and they end up both singing along to the middle by jimmy eat world and they discover they both  are still in  went through a punk rock/pop phase (yes i have been reading @heyfightme‘s punk au)
    • from there on they reach a pretty easy agreement that when they’re both in the room and neither are studying, it’s tb punk from the 2005 era or anything they’ve recently discovered
    • (for the sake of avoiding arguments) 
    • (also because both love watching the other get lost in the music as they scream the lyrics)
    • (please take a moment to imagine two 6′2″ hockey players yell the words to i don’t wanna be an asshole anymore by the menzingers to each other as they jump up and down in the middle of their bedroom at 4pm)
  • it takes a while to get a bathroom routine down bc nursey has A Lot of skincare products and he likes to bathe william, not all of us are neanderthals that enjoy feeling crusty

the rest is under the cut bc i got carried away

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a list of self care things that chris made victor do so he can forget about how yuuri abandoned him at the grand prix banquet

  • face masks
  • spa treatment
  • shopping
  • fabulous photoshoots at the swiss alps that got them both 1mil likes on instagram each
  • watching mamma mia
  • watching mamma mia while drunk off tequila and then they start singing “gimmie! gimmie! gimmie! (a man after midnight” off the top of their lungs out chris’ balcony
  • go to brunch hella hungover but still drinking mimosas regardless
  • spent an entire weekend playing with chris’ cat
  • flew all the way to southern california so they can relax at the beach and then try in-n-out and carne asada fries as their fellow competitor leo suggested
  • roadtrip to amsterdam so they can go to cafes and get hella stoned on bon bons
  • gossip about literally any other skater besides yuuri
    • (victor still found a way to tie it back to yuuri)
  • have an entire conversation while completely wasted where it’s just them yelling compliments at each other. Really Loudly
  • gave victor a makeover that broke the internet
  • went to sweden to watch an abba tribute band
    • victor cried six times. i mean he was drunk, but,

(there were a lot of moments were chris had to pry victor’s phone off his hands bc he’s always going back to yuuri’s social media)

(also the amount of times that chris has had to pry a cryingi victor away from his cat) (and his husband) (because his husband is surprisingly a great support system) 

Ok with all this stuff about how there should be a completely genderbent Sherlock adaptation, not just making Watson a woman, I’m like why stop at Sherlock and john, why not flip all the characters??

Hudson would be the sweetest father/grandad figure ever. Always offering people tea and little hard candies that he always has on him. He wouldn’t take anyone’s shit either and could box pretty well despite being seventy something, but also give the best damn hugs. When he tidies 221b he’s always be grumbling about the two “hooligans” he keeps as tenants, but He’d be so proud of His crime solving daughters running around through all hours of the night. He’d start every reprimand or piece of advice with “now, son” no matter who he was talking to.

Mycroft being the definition of a stone cold bitch, being offended to her core when anyone tries to flirt with her, calmly giving kill orders henchmen while adjusting make up. impeccable 1,000$ suits and heels. She still loves sweets but only super fancy pastries and flan and stuff. Is besties with the queen.

Lestrade being team mom for Holmes and Watson. Making sure they never get officially arrested, keeping Sherlock from getting punched, she’s just in a constant state of confused cluelessness and concern when it comes to the two of them. Her love life is a mess, she’s constantly questioning her career choices. She’s just a hot, caring mess but will always go out of her way to help Watson and Holmes.

Sherlock is either a hot mess or just plain hot. She wears perfectly tailored pants and blazers with $200 blouses, and $700 oxfords out and about but kinda just doesn’t wear clothes around the flat?? Like the most she wears is her robe. “What’s the point of clothes if I’m not going to go anywhere?” She’s as skinny as a rake and is like six feet tall but can break a mans jaw with one punch. She’s just… so gay, like never been into men, never will be, why do people always assume that, God where my ladies at. She thoroughly enjoys deducing people to tears. Wears tiny earrings shaped like bees.

John(Joan???) being the most badass and abordable woman on the planet. She’s about 5'2" but can take down men a foot taller than her in about three seconds. Is an expert in Krav Maga, has at least three pistols on her at all times. Image how sassy and little shit john takes, and multiply that by a thousand. But she also loves quiet evenings reading Charles Dickens and sobs every time she watches the Titanic. In a constant state I’d either amazement or exasperation with Sherlock (mostly exasperation) She only ever wears like five layers, because she’s always cold. She’s done up countless stitches for both herself and Sherlock.

Sherlock and Joan are like the greatest power couple ever??? Like they yell at each other a lot because their ridiculous idiots but hug and make up, taking down drug crews while calling each other “my dear”, dragging any sexist asshole they encounter. I just love all my daughters so so much.

Feel free to add stuff btw

I'm not finished yet

Some extremely petty revenge. Should fit right in here.

My clothes dryer regularly breaks down. It’s annoying. More annoying is dragging my wet clothes to the laundromat to use the dryers.

The one closest to my house is also the cleanest one, so in spite of the fact that it has about 20 washers and only 10 dryers, I use it. I try to go when it’s not busy, but that’s hit and miss.

I pull up with loads and loads of wet clothes. Place is empty. So far, so good.

After I get my stuff in the dryers (I’m using 3-4), a crowd hits. Still not too bad. I should have at least half my stuff out of the dryers before the others need them.

Then the crazy lady comes in. She gets her laundry into the last of the empty washers. Then she grabs two of the carts (one with each hand) and holds on to them.

By this time, other washers are finished, I’m emptying the first of my dryers, and people are moving clothes to the dryers. Except some of them have to hand-carry their clothes from washer to dryer because Crazy Lady won’t let go of the carts. She glares at anyone who comes close. Everyone in the laundromat is getting a little grumpy and impatient.

All my dryers finish, except the last dryer of towels. As fast as I’m emptying dryers, other people are taking them. Each time I carry a basket to my car, I pass Crazy Lady. Each time she says, loud and in my general direction, “You need to hurry up. I need dryers in 5 minutes.”

Comes down to my last dryer of towels. All the other dryers are full. By this time, Crazy Lady is standing over my dryer with her cart of wet clothes, counting down the minutes left on the timer. I’m staying far, far away while still watching her.

The dryer clicks off. Now Crazy Lady is practically hopping one one foot, yelling, “Hurry up! Hurry up! I need that dryer.”

I slowly walk over. Open the dryer. Plunge my hand deep into the mass of my (perfectly dry) towels. Frown. Close the dryer door. Put another quarter in the slot. 10 more minutes.

Crazy Lady loses her shit. Her husband (?) drags her from the building. Everyone in the laundromat is smiling.

Crazy Lady is still in the parking lot, screaming, when I load up my last basket and leave.

Since this reaction will be quite short compared to my other ones, i’ll do an exception and do all of the members for this one. Also i’m assuming that the members only like you and you aren’t their girlfriend (if i’m wrong, please correct me so i can do it again!). 

And thank you so much, it really means a lot! ^^

The boys watching their crush waking up in the morning on TV

Shownu; He would be quiet while watching the TV screen, focusing on the cameras that are entering your girl group’s dorm. They would start to play loud music and sirens to wake you and the girls up, and once the camera focused on your frowning, confused face, Shownu’s face would lift up with a huge smile, thinking about how cute you looked. 

Jooheon; I feel like he would be yelling at the members to shut up when your group’s reality show came on, and he’d be concentrating on the TV with his tongue poking out, super excited to see you. He’d burst into laughter when the crew would wake you up, and he’d see you sitting up with a hoodie over your head, eyes squinted while looking around still half asleep. He would find it hilarious, and he’d boast to the members, saying, “Look! Look how cute she is!” while pointing at the TV. 

Wonho; Wonho would be watching the TV screen with a smile on his face, and his heart would pound in his chest when he saw you rub your eyes cutely and pull the covers over your head while the filming crew tried to wake you up. He would find you super adorable and he would be fanboying inside, wishing he was there to wake you up in person. 

Minhyuk; Omg, Minhyuk would be so loud and excited to see you. He’d be watching you on the screen with his mouth open, laughing and giggling when he saw you grumpily getting out off bed, a plushie that you sleep with still under your arm. “Guys, look how pretty she is with no make up! I’m so in love with her, oh my God..” 

Hyungwon; He’d be the quietest one, occasionally hitting someone (probably Minhyuk) so they would shut up while he watched you. He would fall for you even more when he saw you wake up and stretch, and when you figured out the situation, he’d smile, watching you giggle and bow to the camera, thinking about how sweet and cute you were.

Kihyun; Kihyun would be really into the show lol, he would sit on the floor in front of the TV screen, watching you as you slept peacefully cuddled up to one of the other girls from your group, thinking you were absolutely adorable. He’d grin from ear to ear when you woke up, and his heart would sink when he saw you nuzzling into the other girl, hiding your face from the camera. Pretty sure he’d be super jealous of the other girl and would wish you were cuddling up to him instead. “Wah.. So cute..

I.M; 100% the members would be teasing him when you were on the TV, and poor Changkyun couldn’t do anything about it since he’s the youngest, he couldn’t even smack them lmao. He’d blush a little bit as the members kept on teasing him about his crush on you, yet he’d ignore them because his eyes would be focused on you, yawning and stretching as you sat up on the bed, spaced out and half asleep, he’d fall for you even more after seeing you like this. 


“Only 20,000.”

Requested by anon

“Hey everybody! What’s up? We’re just chilling, watching Parks and Rec,” Tom said to his followers on his live stream, flipping the phone to face you. 

“Hey,” you waved at the camera, hearts and comments streaming in. “I’m showing Tom Parks and Rec because he never had seen it before I mentioned it to him.”

“This is true,” Tom affectionately chuckled. “We’re on season three now!” 

You and him both stopped talking, mesmerized by the constant flow of comments on Tom’s phone screen.

“’How long have we been dating?’ That’s a popular question… Uh, about a year?” you answered. 

“’Y/N is so cute,’” Tom read. “I know she is.” 

“How many people are watching us right now?”

“Not that many, darling. Only 20,000.”

“20,000?! That’s a lot,” you yell, burrowing into your blanket, suddenly feeling shy. You turned back to the episode you two were watching while Tom continued to talk to his followers. 

Tom Haverford had just started listing his food nicknames, to which you started reciting from memory. 

“‘And I call forks.. food rakes!’“ you finished, smiling at the comfort of your favorite show.

“Aren’t you just adorable?” Tom faced the camera towards you, causing you to cover your face. 

“I forgot you were live!” you squealed. 

“Okay, guys.. I’m sorry but I’ll have to continue this live later. It’s snuggle time now,” he chuckled. “See you guys later.” 

You leaned over, gave him a kiss, and started snuggling him. 

“We’re still on,” he admitted. “I’m really shit at turning these things off.”

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B-Project acting all together! Exhilarating youthful musical movie! On 250 screens throughout the country, Spring 2017 Roadshow

Ascend the throne! Friendship? Or Power?


Houou Academy High School

Shishidou High School

Legendary Gangster - Nishiyama Takanori (Nishikawa Takanori)
JOKER - Kamimori Ryunosuke (Kamiki Ryunosuke)

Introduction Story

-8PM. Shibuya ward, Westside.

Houou Academy High School’s intelligent-type delinquent group, called “Seventh Heaven”, and Shishidou High School’s violent-type delinquent group, called “Route Seven” are always in conflict for Westside’s throne. These boys never stop arguing, but by no means, are they are harmful existence.

The reason is because they were born and raised in Shibuya, and love it more than anyone else. In this town, many of the young residents take spiteful actions, so they won’t show mercy on those who lack manners and morals. They’re the ones who even properly separate the garbage from ordering fast food.

In reality, these two powers have an extremely strong influence of power and it’s no exaggeration to say they preserve the town’s order.

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Can you do an imagine where y/n and Fionn are really good friends but y/n never really felt him as more of a friend until one day she has a dream about them kissing and being way more than friends and since that dream she can't look at him the say way and she begins to avoid him because it just becomes way too difficult to her but he noticed that she's distant and he says that he really needs to talk to her which freaks her out even more and you can decide the rest💕

“Pass me the ball!” Y/N whined as Fionn ran away with the football. She was never really any good with a football, Fionn on the other hand was a lot better. They were having an awfully boring time around his flat, so they made the choice to grab the ball and head down to the park… Well, Fionn did and Y/N followed. 

He giggled cheekily and turned around to watch her catch up. She let out a loud huff and tucked her hair behind her ears, “I told you that I wasn’t made for this!” Y/N cried out while he chuckled. 

“Calm down, Beckham!” He joked with a small smirk and it grew and she looked up him. 

“Fuck off, would ya!” she yelled, playfully pushing him with a small smile.

“Oh wow! Contact!” he yelled back and brought her into his arms restricting her movements, “Contact! Yellow card for her! You know what? Red card!” he cried out and they both fell to the grass in his gentle tackle, Y/N laying beneath him and their giggles filling the little space between them.

“I don’t think I deserve a yellow card, I think it was justif-” Y/N began but was abruptly cut off by lips meeting hers; Fionn’s. 
They were soft and warm and it did not take a moment for her to respond. Their lips softly caressed each others with their tongues gently meeting every now and then. 

Woahhhh! Wait! What?? 

Y/N flung up in her bed, her hair a mess but her mind a bigger one. 
Fionn kissed her! It was a dream! But what?? Fionn had been her best friend since her first day in London, their relationship was nothing like that. She decided to shake it off as though it were nothing. It was nothing; it was a stupid dream. She heard clattering in the kitchen, knowing it was her roommate. She made her way out into the living room to be greeted with the brunette boy the for the first time, made her blush. Their eyes meet and he smiled warmly towards her, 

“Uh.. G’mornin’” she said huskily, struggling to keep eye contact. 

“Hey, Cassie let me in, she went out though!” he responded sipping a mug of tea.

She nodded softly. Cassie was her roommate of 3 years and she was delightful, a pocket of sunshine and she forever wanted Y/N to admit they loved each other. Y/N had never agreed with her… at least, not until this dream…. NO! It was just a kiss! It was nothing! 

“Are you alright?” Fionn’s voice interrupted her internal conflict.

“Um.. Yeah. Great,” she mumbled in response, walking into the kitchen without looking at him.

“Woah, woah, woah! Slow down, love! Have I done somethin’?” he asked her, grabbing her wrist gently.

“No, nothing!” she snapped back, taking her wrist from his grip.

“You can’t even look at me!”

“You kissed me!” she fired back and the room fell silent, “I… I had a dream and you… you kissed me.” 
Her face blushed a fierce red and she did not break her eye contact with the wooden floor. She felt fingers beneath her chin and her eyes met his. 

“I kissed you?” he asked, his face holding a soft smile. She nodded gently in response.

“Was it a nice kiss?” he questioned.
More colour rose to her cheeks and she nodded once again.

“Was it.. was it something like this?” he mumbled before his lips met hers. They were chapped, but soft and they were so gentle. It took her a few moments to respond, but soon enough their lips moved softly with each others. The kiss wasn’t hard or sexually driven, it was sweet. He pulled away unwilling and looked at her.

Her eyes immediately met with his as they fluttered open, “That was… That was better…” she said through a smile.

I don’t have a lot of regrets in life, but I really regret not filming myself while watching “Before Tequila Sunrise”.  I remember at different points the following occurred:
-I applauded out loud.
-I held my breath for too long and my face turned bright red
-Squealed “oh my godddddddddddd”
-covered my face beccause i got nervous.
-choked on my drink when i realized they actually were going to do it.
-ugly cried at the end
-screamed at my mother when she strolled through the room not saying a word “SHUT UP SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING!”
-yelled “Noooooooooooo” about Jane quitting.
-and like chugged a beer after it ended because i felt like i just survived a goddamn natural disaster. 

Some of my favourite things from the Computer Games Facebook Live:

 - Darren wearing his hat in every conceivable position

- Darren trying to hand Chuck the mic REPEATEDLY and Chuck not taking the mic REPEATEDLY

- Darren being able to play multiple songs from the top of his head on the guitar with seconds of warning

- Bowling and Rambling Mike from Highly Illogical

- Darren’s Cockney accent (and saying ‘fucking’ in the cockney accent)

- The fact that TWICE Darren gave away the answer for the Heads Up Game (”Outkast….uhhhhhh …*plays a song by Outkast*”)

- Chuck’s emo singing about the girl graduating 

- “I like how Chuck looks like a rocker and Darren kinda looks like a little kid but I love them both”

- Calling Beyonce on their desert phone

- Darren being unable to stop playing the guitar as they look at the comments

- “I speak Italian like a really smart 4 years old or like a really dumb 14 year old”

- Darren’s excitement about that Justin guy’s birthday

- Their commentary on the video as they watched it on the iPad and tried to show it to us (which was an epic fail because we couldn’t really see it)

- “We might have to yell at it.” “Yeah. HEY! Turn yourself up!” “Be louder.”

- Darren showing us the choreographed dance while sitting on the couch

- Chuck’s inability to dance

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domestic jily headcanons plz plz????

yes yES I have all the time for this:

  • Lily sitting on the counter and being James’ taste tester while he makes dinner
  • James’ gets really emotional and ~deep~ one night when he’s watching Lily from his side of the bed and he just blurts out “You are the best thing that ever happened to me” and she has to turn her face and smush it in her pillow because damnit he makes her smile and she’s blushing so hard it’s embarrassing
  • James is the dad that not so secretly frets over every potential disaster that could happen and accidently freaks out and yells quite a lot because “nO Harry get away from the toaster or so hELP me Godric”
  • Meanwhile Lily mocks James because “you blew up the toaster a couple weeks ago, I’m not sure you’re qualified to tell him off for trying to retrieve his breakfast” with a raised eyebrow
  • but she is also that parent that can silence Harry with a single terrifying look
  • One time when they were in hiding James lost his razor, and couldn’t get a new one
  • Lily fell in love with his stubble
  • James then got creative and threatened to grow a huge mustache like the ridiculous one Sirius grew in fifth year
  • Lily threatened a divorce
  • James discovering Harry loves bubbles and blowing them out the end of his wand so enthusiastically that he ends up almost passing out
  • James plays a prank to make Harry laugh but accidentally scares him and then Lily walks in on James’ panic searching google articles about overcoming childhood trauma
  • Once the war is over they settle into normality pretty happily
  • James wears a suit to work at the Ministry as a Senior Auror and Lily ties his tie and kisses his nose
  • Meanwhile Lily is a stay at home mum, and the master potioneer for Fleamont Potter’s resurrected potions company on the side
  • (because while Lily can’t leave Harry after that night in Godric’s Hollow, she still has ambitions to one day be a world renowned potions expert)
  • James will sneak downstairs at 4am for the last pop tart only to open the cupboards to find that his wife had already snuck down and eaten it
  • Eating in bed
  • It usually drives James a little insane but some nights he can’t help but curl up with a bag of popcorn and attempt to steal some of Lily’s oreos
  • (He miserably fails obviously - Lily is not a sharer of food)
  • James falling asleep in the most random places all the time, mouth open, snoring and drooling whenever Lily finds him (or in some circumstances, when she trips over him at 6 am on her way to the kitchen)
  • “Potter, why are you sleeping with your head against the bannister when there’s a perfectly good bed upstairs?”
  • An almost incoherent mumble of “pop tarts” usually explains
  • Lily will read a book before bed while her husband lies next to her and reads Quidditch magazines, and promptly falls asleep five minutes later with his glasses sitting wonkily on his face
  • She always quietly removes them and the magazine from his hand, gives him a peck on the nose and turns out the lights for the night
  • In the dark she’ll hear him mumble an “I love you” every night, without fail
  • Lily loves decorative pillows, James doesn’t understand their function
  • “This seems like such a waste. And why do they have to be in a specific stacking order, they’re just pillows??”
  • In response he always gets a smack round the head with one and told that their true purpose is whacking Jame’s in the face so that he “shuts up about the pillows function?? It doesn’t need a bloODY FUNCTION you dimwit it’s just a pillow”
  • Sometimes Lily gets drowsy on the couch and James will carry her up the stairs, tuck her into bed and just look at his wife, think about his life with her and Harry and wonder just how he got this damn lucky

Steve Harrington Imagine 

N\A: OK, So it didn’t come out as good as I hoped but it’s here anyway. I had this idea on my mind since season 1 but didn’t had the gut to write, but it sucked anyway so hope you guys like it but I make no promises… 


Steve was walking in front of his car, he was damn nervous. How did this happen? They were so careful. Well, Y\N was careful and worried, Steve usually just worried about holding her in his arms.

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Tyler Seguin - Healing

Originally posted by tylerseguin-stars

Word Count: 1564

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two

It’s been ten months since you last saw Tyler. Ten months since the big break up that made you change your entire lifestyle. The two of you lived off of each other when you were together. He took you everywhere he went, to every game. Even got you a job through the team so you could do so. You lived in the same house and slept in the same bed. This went on for three years. Until one day he came home plastered drunk. Making an argument out of nothing. You don’t even remember how it started. You just remember leaving and never looking back.

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Black Paladin Lance Is Going To Be Canon Y’all

listen i’m not an animation expert or anything but I know what I saw when allura was getting shocked and team voltron tried to help her

they showed close ups of all their faces while they held onto her but LOOK AT LANCE


the blue from lance’s suit barely even looks the way it should and I get that the animators changed it up and shaded a bit considering the blast emitted a lot of light, but the color is very greyish and has hints of black and I legit mistook him for shiro when I first watched the scene

I don’t think I even need to explain the fact that Lance clearly has great leadership and motivational skills

I bet you sooner or later it’ll be canon that he’s the black paladin and my precious Cuban boy won’t feel expendable or like a wheel anymore


Celebration “Prompt” @emilybillard : Hey! Congrats on 500+ followers! Can I have both an mood board and a prompt? 💖I followed you bc your an amazing writer and an awesome person..I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I love reading. I love photography. I’m shy and awkward until you get to know me, then I become more awkward and you wish I would shut up. People have told me I have a very kind personality and I could give people cavities bc I’m so sweet😂 I suffer from anxiety and I’m Canadian. And can that be with Tom? Thank you!!

A/N: This is the “prompt” for the lovely @emilybillard . Thank you for all the kind words, I love you, I don’t deserve you, you’re awesome!! Even though I really like this fic (I really enjoyed writing it!), I’m shit at writing prompts! I can’t keep it short dvjddj I’m trash. I hope you like it anyways! Enjoy!

“Are you ready?” he asked as the car came to a halt and layed his hand over yours.
“Will we leave if I say no?” you asked and you two both knew that you were joking. This event was really important for Toms carier and you’d never leave him to deal with it on his own. He was really nervous about it and it helped him knowing that you’d always be by his side.

“We could. But we probably won’t.” he chuckled and you flashed him a smile.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

You were somewhat used to the flashing lights as soon as you both left the car and walked onto the red carpet. First they took bazillion of photos where they would yell your name constantly to get you to look over. You tried to look in every direction possible so they’d get their picture but after a few minutes you felt slightly dizzy so you tightened your grip around Toms arm which made him look down worriedly.
You kept smiling and ignored his worried look but he understood and wrapped his arm around your waist to give you more stability.

After the photos it was time for the interviews. You walked alongside Tom and he did not let go of your hand.
“Hello you two! Look at you! I’m so honoured to be interviewing these gorgeous love birds.” the interviewer said into his mic while looking into the camera and you looked down to your feet trying to hide your blushing cheeks.
“Who are you wearing tonight?” the interviewer asked you both and you looked up at Tom so he would answer first.
“Uh, you know. Probs to my dresser. She does an amazing job but never tells me “who I am wearing”. It’s an ongoing joke of hers, she finds it very funny.“ he said chuckling and you grinned to yourself. You loved her and it really was entertaining to watch Tom find new anwers everytime he was asked that question.

“Now you’re exposed. Eat that, homie!” he said into the camera and made gang signs which made you laugh.
“No, I’m joking. She’ll kill me. Or not dress me well and embaress me. I depend on her. She’s a great person.” he apologized immediatly and made the interviewer laugh too.  After they talked about a few other things where you threw in little comments here and there he finally asked a question directed to you.

“So, tell me. What are you guys doing with your free time?”

“Regarding that we don’t have a lot of free time, we enjoy little things. Simple things, you know. Like watching a movie or going out to have dinner. Sometimes we have friends over and play charade.” you said sheugging your shoulders,“ And Tom is not a good loser. He is very competitive.” you added while covering the side of your mouth as if he couldn’t hear you that way.
“That - ” he started to decline but as you looked up to him he let it go, “is kinda true, to a certain point.”

“What do you do when Tom is away. Like what keeps you busy?”

“Well other than college. I read a lot. Sometimes I go out with Toms little brother Harry to snap some pictures because we share the same passion for photography, you know?” you said and looked over to Tom who was watching you with a loving smile. “And Tom over here will pout if he hears about it. How dare I have fun while he is away.” you joke and Tom blushes while you laugh with the interviewer.

“Y/N! Could we have an interview!” you heared someone yell and looked over your shoulder.

“You can go if you like. I’ll finish this.” Tom encouraged you and pointed at the interviewer with his head.
“Uh, sure…” you said and shook the interviewers hand as a goodbye and moved on to the next one.
Tom watched you in awe how you handled the situation. You went from one interviewer to the other answering politely and having nice conversations. He saw you laugh quiet a numorous of times and he felt a little pout-y suddenly. You were really sweet and friendly with everyone and they loved you whihh was great. But Tom somehow felt left out even though he was busy himself. He liked having you by his side. Especially when you were wearing a gown like that where every guy in your presence tried to impress you.

You were talking with an interviewer about your no-goes when you felt someone wrap his arm around your waist.
“I’ll have to steal her from you know.” he said and took your hand.
“It was so nice talking to you!” the interviewer said and leaned in to give you a hug which you kindly accepted.
“Same goes to you.”

“Thank you for your time!”

“Thank you for your time.” Tom hissed under his breath as you two walked into the bulding and you looked at him with furrowed brows.
“Are you okay?” you asked and tried to look him in his eyes but he looked straight forward.

“Did I do something wrong?”


He didn’t make sense what so ever so you decided to let it go. You walked to your seats where Harrison and Harry were already waiting. You hugged both of them and sat down. Tom did not say a word the whole time they talked on stage and you couldn’t understand his sudden mood swing. The event itself went really well and the four of you decided to attend the after party.
“I’ll have to go talk to some people. Are you okay with staying with Haz and Harry?” he asked you leaning in so you’d actually hear him.
“Of course. Off you go. I’ll occupie myself.” you agreed and waved him off. He smiled thankfully and leaned in to give you a quick kiss before disappearing in the mass of people.

“Wow! You look gorgeous.” you heared someone say from behind and when you turned around your mouth dropped as you saw Robert Downey Jr standing behind you with open arms.
“Uh…thank you, I guess. So do you!” you said and wanted to vanish into thin air as soon as it left your mouth. He chuckled and came closer while sipping at his glass.
After you had a long conversation with Robert you talked to many other people. Celebs mostly which left you totally shook.

Tom was talking to his manager when someone approached him with a big smile on his face.
“Hey Tom!” he greeted Tom and they shook hands.
“Your girlfriend is the most down to earth, sweet and funny girl I have ever met. Does she have a sister or anything?” he joked and Tom forced a smile on his face. Was she talking to everyone but him tonight? Tom knew that it was douchy of him to think like that but if he was honest to himself then he would admit that he was jealous. It was great that everyone loved Y/N but he liked having you for himself. Jesus, you were nice to everyone. Too nice maybe which would bring the guys on unwanted ideas. As soon as Tom thought of that he excused himself and went to find you. As he found you, you had your head thrown back laughing along to something Chris Evans had said. He picked up his speed and was by your side in seconds.

“Hey, Tom! Nice to see you man!” Chris said and gave Tom a quick one-shouldered hug.
“You too, Chris.” Tom said and Chris did not stay long after that.
“Do you want to leave? I think we should leave.” Tom said suddenly and you looked up in confusion.
“What’s going on Tom? You’ve been weird the whole time? Did I do something to upset you?” you asked and tried to read his emotions but he shook his head.
“We should get home.” he just said and you let your shoulders sink.
“Sure. Let me just grab my stuff.” you said and took off to gather your stuff.


Tom did not talk the whole ride home. He did hold your hand but it felt weird and this situation was bugging you. You thought you were doing great with the interviews and the press and all of that but appearently you had messed up somehow. When you finally got home you two changed into more comfortable clothes which were old T-Shirts and baggy sweatpants. You cought him staring at you with furrowed brows as you turned around after you finished changing your clothes.

“Alright. Spit it out. What did I do?” you asked finally and crossed your arms infront of your chest, feeling a little annoyed.
“You still look hot.” he groaned and your eyes widened.
“Pardon me?”
“I don’t get it. You’re not even showing skin or anything.” he said staring at your body and you couldn’t hold back a chuckle.
“What did you drink tonight? Something heavy?” you said amused and he rolled his eyes. You walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his waist.
“What’s bugging you? Come on, tell me.” you encouraged him and he wrapped his arms around you too.

“It’s dumb.”

“Come on.” you said rolling your eyes and he sighed.

“You’re beeing too sweet.”

“Come again?”

“You looked smoking hot today AND you were sweet to everyone. They were literally drooling after you.” he growled and furrowed his brows.
“Are you se-…You are serious oh my god!” you exclaimed and chuckled while cupping his face with your hands.
“I thought something bad happened. I thought I did something wrong! You were just jealous.” you laughed and he mumbled something you didn’t understand.
“No you were great. You’re so sweet you could give me cavities.” he said like a little boy and made you laugh.

“You’re so dumb!” you said and leaned in to give him a statisfying kiss. You broke the kiss after a few seconds and grinned teasingly.
“I’m canadian. I can’t turn of the sweet. Thank god you have a sweet tooth!” you teased him and wiggled your brows which made him roll his eyes.

“Shut up.” he said and leaned in to kiss you again. Whomever drooled after you, at the end of the day you were only his.


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Warnings: talk of blood and wounds.

You had just put your son down in his crib as he finally, after what felt like century’s, fell asleep. You sighed in relief when the door to his room shut softly, you made your way into the kitchen and decided to start on dinner for you and your old man chibs.

After 6 years your routine set itself in place and with the new addition to your family 6 months ago the only thing that really changed was not working anymore. Chibs had wanted you to be a stay at home mom and he made sure that happened no matter what. You hated it, you had always been one to work but chibs insisted. And after a night of arguing you conceded. So here you were, making dinner and patiently waiting for him to come home.

You were busy chopping up some onion when you heard a thump in the living room, with no one else in the house besides you, your son, and your pitbul rocky, who was currently in your sons room. You stiffened. Grabbing the knife tighter in your hand you slowly and quietly made your way over to the wall that separated he two rooms and peaked around the corner.

Your blood ran cold as the rather large man stood up, obviously from climbing through your window. You weighed your options, you could run to your sons room where rocky was, but you couldn’t, You would be leading him straight to your son. You could call your husband but he could easily hear you, the same went for calling the cops. You mentally sighed as you knew even if you could get ahold of anyone, you wouldn’t last long in a fight against him. You slowly pulled the phone from your pocket and dialed 911 as you hid and watched the man walk down the hallway completely oblivious to the activity in the kitchen.

“911 what’s your emergency”

~Chibs POV~

Jax, happy and I were currently talking to hale who had been here to ask about a disappearance of one of the town members daughters. While we took care of the man, who took her, hale didn’t know that.
(I don’t know much dispatch lingo so if it’s wrong, forgive me)

“Dispatch all units to a break in at 1145 princess anne drive. Caller specified a large male of unknown decent in her home. Ambulance 6 needed as well"  my heart dropped as the call come over the radio.

“Y/N” hale immediately hopped into his car and jax, happy and I sped out of the lot on our bikes.

~Reader POV~

You had placed the phone down on the kitchen table, still on the line with the dispatcher who had requested to stay on and watched as the man reached for your sons door.

“Don’t!” You yelled out hiding the knife behind  your back as he snapped to face you. He was Mayan from what you could see if his tattoo and while you wanted to run and scream, you’d be damned if he laid a finger on your baby. By now rocky was going crazy at the smell of a stranger outside the door. The man backed off the door slightly, keeping eye contact with you before charging at you. His hunting knife in full view, you charged at him and ducked under his arm when he reached you, slicing the back of his calf when you turned around. He reached out to grab you but you slipped out of his grasp easily but couldn’t miss his knife as it skimmed across your cheek. It was only a surface cut but it was enough for your anger to peak through. You lashed back at him giving him a match surface cut to yours.

“Bitch” he whisper yelled. “You’ll pay for that.” He growled. You got up and ran for your room where you kept your gun, but was soon pulled to the floor in the hallway. The man turned you over onto your back and put the knife to your throat. “I’m going to enjoy this.” He smirked as you looked over to see your sons door. You reached for the door handle, the man to stupid to realize what you were doing, but pain radiated from your chest. You looked back to him cutting into your chest, not enough to kill you, but enough to scar. You cried out from the pain making rocky bark again from the sound of his mom (yes my dogs are my children and I am their mother.) in pain. You groaned reaching for the handle again, tears steamed down your cheek as he continued his assault now making cuts into other places on your torso. You finally reached the handle and opened the door, rocky jumped out and latched onto the mans arm making him drop his knife. You grabbed it and threw them behind you as you heard the sirens coming down the street.

What felt like seconds later two officers were in your hallway trying to get rocky to unlatch.

“Rock” you called him making him unlatch and sit in front of you panting. Without a second thought you rushed to your sons crib and scooped him up holding him close to you. He somehow slept through all the noise and for that you were thankful for.

“Mam, I need you to come with me” you almost scoffed at the paramedic. “You’re bleeding” he reached for your elbow. “Please just let me look at you.” You nodded after a minute and walked outside with him, your son still in your arms and rocky stuck to you like glue.

After the paramedic patched you up with rocky watching him closely on your left, your old man popped up in front of you.

“Love.” You looked up at him with a smile and relief washed over him.

“Everyone’s fine.” You stated as he sat down on your right side.

“Your face.” His voice was smaller, smaller than you’ve ever heard it as he grabbed your chin lightly moving you so he can see the cut better.

“It will heal.” You kissed his cheek.

“You’re covered in blood.” Jax, happy and the rest of the club watched from a distance.

“Baby, Im fine, they’re surface cuts and nothing more. Our son is perfectly okay, rocky is okay.”

“But,” you shook your head.

“No, the man was stupid and took his time trying anything and that’s why I’m here and not as injured as you want to make me out to be.” He kissed you lightly, taking your son and holding him close to his chest as rocky took the opportunity to try and get into your lap.

“You have a 75 pound lap dog.” Happy yelled out making the group of you chuckle, but that moment passed as hale escorted the Mayan to his car. Jax nodded to chibs and after moving rocky back to his original spot you happily took your son as you stood up leaning against the ambulance.

“You okay?” Bobby asked

“Yeah.” You shrugged. “a little shook up, but I’m in one piece.” You sighed as you watched chibs punch the Mayan in the face and knocking him out.

“And my nephew?” You rolled your eyes at his concern yet you hadn’t noticed that your blood at made it on your sons pajamas.

“He’s perfectly fine.” You smiled down at him as he yawned opening his eye finally. “Say the strange man didn’t even get to touch me.” Your baby voice had bobby smiling from ear to ear as he stepped closer to give you a hug. Rocky quickly jumped in between the two of you, not trying to bite him or anything, but so he would keep his distance. “Rocky” you called out as a warning and he sat in front of you once more, still watching bobby and everyone else who passed by you.

Jax and chibs were talking with hale as the man sat in the back seat staring at you and if looks could kill, you would certainly be dead. Hale looked to be in deep thought before nodding as if agreeing to something the guys had asked. Chibs came back over to you smiling taking your son and holding him close before pulling you close as well.

“Happys grabbing you and Y/S/N a change of clothes and taking you three to the clubhouse.” You nodded and kissed his cheek before walking over the car to get rocky in the back.


Once at the clubhouse you got your son changed and settled into the pack and play and shut the door as rocky laid down on the bed and watched him sleep. You closed the door behind you only to run into a hard chest. Happy.

“We need you in the garage.” He stated simply grabbing your wrist lightly and dragging you behind him. The doors were closed as it was after hours but you could see the light seep through the cracks before entering the office. He opened the door to the garage revealing the guys as well as the Mayan who had attacked you.

“What’s going on here? I thought hale had him?” You questioned.

“Don’t worry about that love.” Your old man cooed as he guided you over in front of the man who attacked you. “You know what to do.” He kissed your cheek lightly as he handed you his knife. You spun it around in your hand a few times smiling mischievously at the guys, no one smiled back but happy as he jumped up on the counter to watch the show.

Three hours later you took a step back to look at your master piece, the mans screaming was a bit distracting but you had drowned him out along time ago.

“It’s your crow.” Chibs stated before a small smile crept onto his lips.

“I thought they should know exactly who killed him.” You said almost definitely. “You don’t try and fuck with my family and get away with it.” Happy was awe struck at your work, running his fingers over it not caring about the blood that seeped over his fingers.

“Hap, get him into the van.” Clay ordered but you called out to stop him.

“He’s not dead yet.” You stated.

“So? We can finish him off.” You shook your head no before taking the knife and stabbing him in the neck.

“There.” You sighed taking the knife out and watching the blood flow freely. “Now you can take him.” Chibs grabbed your hand pulling you into the office before closing and locking both doors and closing the blinds. He kissed you passionately as he picked you up and placed you down on the desk standing in between your legs. He didn’t care about the blood or the sweat the you had on you, all he wanted right now was you.

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While in Kingsmen mode, Eggsy was ruthless. He had to do things nobody ever wants to do in a lifetime. Watching people die, or being the one to kill them was in a way, his job. This toyed with his mind on the daily. 

With this job required a bit of time off so he would keep his sanity. Some other kingsmen took up athletics, while others took small hobbies like reading or writing. Everybody had their own way of taking their mind off the job. Eggsy’s was playing board games with the one he loved most. 

He would come home from a mission, tired and beaten, and come straight to you. You would listen intently to his rantings and misfortunes, and often his successes. He then would shower and eat, settling in for the night.

On those nights, where he was calm and content with the day, he preferred to lay next to you in bed and watch a movie. On the days you knew he was a little more upset and wouldn’t fall asleep for a while, you would run to the closet in the hallway to pick out a game for the night. 

On one specific night, you played small little connect four till almost two in the morning. By that point you two had gotten into a lot of competitive fun. 

“Connect four my ass. You cheated!” You yelled, slamming the rest of the pieces down on the ground as Eggsy cheered. “I did not! You’re just bad at this game.”

“You’re an ass.” You laughed, pushing his chest. “Yeah maybe.” He responded with his smug little smirk. You smiled, knowing instantly that we was okay.

Lost Years


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

A/N: What is up with me and writing all this angsty stuff?? This part is a lot shorter than the previous ones but I needed a little bit of a filler, you know? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Words: 1,705

Warning: i can’t give you any without spoiling you…

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Kim Eunsoo (Model): Wow…. Xiumin really;;;;His looks are astounding TT

I fell in love.

EXO Hwaiting!

Soldier. I like EXO. 89-er. J-gun.

It's embarrassing to admit, but I started liking EXO after watching their Weekly Idol episode. I’m straight…. (but) Xiumin is my style. I thought he was a lot younger than me, but he’s actually the same age as me..

Fanaccount of 140113 Idol Star Olympics Championship

1. While they were playing futsal, a Xiumin fanboy behind me yelled “Xiumin hwaiting!!!!” He was really loud….kekekeke


…Somewhere above me, a fanboy yelled “Yah!!! Xiumin!!!!!!!” Xiumin turned his head our way and looked at him…kekekeke

Thai Fanboy

Q: I like EXO’s Xiumin.

Hello, I’m a guy and I’m the same age as Xiumin.

While I was on the internet, I came across some group called EXO that debuted a couple years ago?

When I looked them up, one member (Xiumin) really caught my eye….

Please understand..

Q: I’m a guy but I really like EXO’s Xiumin.

It’s just that Xiumin is so cute

and petite

that I want to protect him…

I really like him. What do I do?TT

I’m a guy but..I like Xiumin so much..that I’m about to go crazy….

Q: I think I’m about to be Xiumin’s fan.

My older sister’s obsessed with EXO, so I looked them up, and came across a picture of Xiumin….He was so adorable that I was dumbfounded for a few seconds and thought he was a girl. Honestly, he looked so cute (young-looking) that when I asked about his age, someone told me he was 24 years old? I couldn’t believe that he was older than me;;

EXO would like fanboys, right?… 

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin. His smile is so adorable. I really like him.

Ah, I’m not Luhan.

My older brother is an obsessed Xiumin fanboy.

My older brother is a twenty two year old college student. He started liking Xiumin after watching “Wolf” on TV one day and now, he always watches Xiumin videos in his room until dawn. I can’t sleep because his room is next to mine. Recently, he’s also bought EXO’s Growl album in order to see Xiumin TT TT He even went to Myeongdong to buy a couple albums in order to go their fansign. Nowadays, he collects Xiumin photocards and spends 90% of what he earns from his part time job to find his photocards. He also had a girlfriend but he kept ignoring her for Xiumin, making excuses, breaking his promises, and ignoring her on kakaotalk….From the moment he wakes up (at 6am), he’s on his computer, looking up Xiumin stuff. In the afternoon, he tells me he’s going out to meet his friends but he goes out to buy hats and clothes that Xiumin wore before. After he comes back home, he goes back to looking at Xiumin stuff… He keeps telling me to like Xiumin as well (…) What should I do about this? I want my brother to leave the house and live on his own, but because he spends all of his money on Xiumin, he lives at home.. Plus, he’s also starting to like D.O and Baekhyun, and I think I’m about to go even crazier. Should I chase him out of the house? Whenever I’m about to sleep, I always hear “Hello, we are EXO! I am Xiumin!!!! Thank you~ Eureurongeureurong” from his room ….I’m even starting to memorize their songs TT TT TT

Somehow I became a fan…..

I don’t really understand myself .. I’ve never even liked a female idol this much before…

(I am a male student.)

I don’t understand why I search ‘Xiumin’ a couple times a day T T T

My friends think that I’m a bit weird.. /laughs/ I understand.


I always lurk around to see if there are other Xiumin fanboys. 


Do you guys think fanboys are weird? If you do, please don’t think that way~~ I feel lonely ^^

My older brother is a Xiumin fanboy

My brother is a 21 year old college student and lives at home… I’m so sick of him.. The reason why I got into Xiumin is because of my brother.. I can’t even sleep at night because I hear exo’s song and Xiumin’s voice coming from his room ..^^… He’s always watching exo’s variety shows and programs (…)

He has a girlfriend but I pity her. I want him to leave our house quickly…why did he pick a college that’s near our house?

Do you guys not like Xiumin’s fanboys?

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy. I’m not gay. Please don’t think I’m weird because I’m a fanboy. I really like Xiumin hyung…

Girls fangirl over IU and Krystal so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?


Ah~ I extremely like Xiumin


I failed my test… ah Xiumin

(curse) (Our) Minseok hyung…

Xiuming-hyung TT TT What do you think about fanboys?

Ha..I was a fanboy of Girl’s Day, but I feel like I fell into hell this time..It’s my first time liking a male idol like this TT.

Haa (curse) 


Girls think fanboys of male idols are gay? TT But girls fangirl over IU so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?

Baozi-hyung TT TT TT TT TT TT

hangh TT TT TT

What am I supposed to do? I’ve fallen for you.

I always look for Xiumin-hyung on Nate Pann. 

It’s all because of Pann!!!! How can anybody not fall for you when there are so many ssibdukk** pictures of you (on the internet)?

Xiuming hyung. I love you ♥♥

**ssibdukk = charming (attractive, cute, pretty, etc.)

I’m a guy, but I really like Xiumin

Hello. I’m a normal junior high second year student.

This might seem really weird

But I really like Xiumin

I don’t think I’m gay..

It’s exam week, but I think I’m about to go crazy because of this hyung. His face is pretty… you guys (fangirls) understand, right? Xiumin’s appeal?

What do I do… What do I do..?

His shouting skill from Mama era is so cute.. My photo gallery is getting fuller and fuller (b/c of his pictures). Is there a way I can stop liking him?.. Because of Xiumin, I’m starting to like the other exo members. Chen hyung.. I really like Xiumin and Chen. What do I do.?

+) I have one more thing to say

Is it weird for fanboys to go to fansigns..?

Xiumin Fanboy kekekeke

I came from Sehun’s talk !!!!!

At my school, there’s a Xiumin fanboy


He resembles a bear, and he’s a bit plump and cute. He came to my classroom and turned on EXO’s radio appearance. When Xiumin said “honey~”, he shyly had his hands in front his mouth 

and kept saying “Oo-mini hyung…Oo-mini hyung. Xiumin TT TT kyahhh~~~~~~ You’re so cute TT TT”

Wow, seriously, Xiumin makes even guys fall for him…

Even though I’m a guy, I really like Xiumin

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy (oong-nam)..

I don’t know when I started to like Xiumin, but I kept saving his pictures on my phone until one day, I found that I had 2000 pictures saved on my phone….I have a lot more on my computer.

What should I do? I’m not gay.

I only like Xiumin. My wallpaper, kakaotalk background, and phone theme are all Xiumin.

I never even thought a female idol was all that pretty before.  But when I saw his picture for the first time, I thought he was really pretty. 

One time, I pretended that I had a sister to buy his photo card. This is embarrassing to admit, but I even bought makeup to get his photocard.

What should I do .. I worried a lot about whether I should post this, but I decided to post this anyway. Do you think it’s weird that I like Xiumin?


130902 Sukira Radio Broadcast


Starts from 1:15 and ends at 3:03

R: What do you think about doing WGM?


R: Are there any celebrities that you want to be paired up with?

H: I don’t really know any female celebrities that well.

R: Me too.

H: But… you know… Ryeowook really takes care of exo.

R: Of course. Wait, does that mean you want to do WGM with an exo member?

H: I bet the viewer ratings would be really high then.

R + H: (laughs)

H: But, as you know, Ryewook really takes care of exo (…) Exo is our hoobae, but I’ve only seen them two times at weddings. Whenever they greet me, I always greet them back and run away because I haven’t learned all of their names (pause) but Xiumin!

R: Xiumin? Does that mean you want to do WGM with Xiumin?


R: You’re too much. People say that Xiumin looks like Sohee (T/N: Heechul is a huge Sohee fan)

H: Fine. Are you gonna go all out like that? Put me in the show with Xiumin. Add Sok-chun hyung (T/N: an openly gay celebrity) so we can make a love triangle. Call him!


Xiumin’s also a DBSK fanboy!