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Boom!Cafe Au ! Where Amy opens up her dream Cafe with the help of her friends, assisting around the place! ( 6//v//6) A borrowed au from soaspersonal on Twitter!


When technically you’re the chill friend but your best friend for whatever reason refuses to accept the happiness he deserves smh

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CLICK YOUR HEART: Choose Your Own Ending Loveline ♥

DM: You hear buzzing, and from behind the trees you notice a group of large, feral bees swarming towards you

me, playing a slightly dim-witted half-orc named Pigfart who trailed off the path a little bit: Oh crap, I yell to let the others know that I found some large bees.

me: *rolls to see if i’m successful in alerting them, critically fail*

DM: Nope, you instead see the bees and immediately think you’re allergic to bees and you flee, and the bees follow

me: Do I make it back to the group? Yes? Okay. *in character* “Pigfart afraid! Pigfart scared!”

our bard, who is Pigfart’s best friend: “whoah what’s the matter, Pigfart?” *the bees emerge and the party notices* “Oh, it’s just a bunch of bees. They’re nothing too bad.”

me: “Me allergic. Get stung and die.”

Proceed to combat where everyone kills off the bees while I just run around in circles in terror

a quick doodle because i’m still shellshocked after plot developments and i also should be studying but my hands itched… i still love him so much and i still hate his hair…


commonwealth minutemen | preston garvey

in a world full of horrid people, be a preston garvey ;)

Ok but i really want to talk about this - its interesting how so different they were at the beginning.

In an earlier scene as Pearl snaps the head of a peedle, she mentions that Steven can’t join them till he can control his powers. They were quite dismissive of him at first, didn’t believe he could be experienced enough to join them on adventures and his naivete probably needed some working [i mean he coos and aws over the peedles spewing acid all over the house and making holes in the floor but that’s what makes him charming - he’s always wanted to make friends first and it’s a feature that’s stuck with him since I really love an appreciate]

But BACK to the gems, even as they dismiss him for joining on missions, they want to understand him and get along with him too, they try so hard. Like they’re just feeling each other out. “You can’t join us on the missions yet but we got you a whole bunch of cookie cats since we heard you liked it, and we want you to be happy.”

They’ve always wanted the best for Steven even at the beginning, they just had to figure things out along the way to see what clicked and didn’t, in their own awkward gems interacting with humans nature.

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i saw your tags and I have to ask... what's your foundational narrative?


I am 8. I have angst (as all 8 year olds do). I am living in a new state with no friends and nothing but my family. I didn’t really understand how amazing my family was back then like I do now.

My dad and I get into a fight - I honestly don’t even remember what it was about but I know it had to have been emotional.

As I still do now, I took to writing as an outlet. I find words are best put together on paper where you’re still able to make mistakes and cross out words and use an eraser.

I don’t even write ‘Dear Dad’. I use his first name. That shows how pissed I was. Basically the letter recounted the fight and the wrong doings of both parties.

I end the letter: ‘You have no idea how hard it is to be 8.’ Like, what the fuck was wrong with me?

This basically affirmed how dramatic I was from a very young age and my emotional dependency on writing as a creative and mental outlet.

To this day my parents’ greatest regret is not keeping that letter.

Again, I’m boggling a bit at the folks yelling specifically at Vax for downplaying Scanlan’s behavior when he was literally the only person in the episode who confronted him directly about the suude? Like, yeah, it was not a particularly good or effective confrontation because they were both yelling at each other about different things to distract from their own issues, and it was pretty crude in true Vax fashion (”If you’re gonna die, don’t do it with a fucking flute up your ass, all right?”), but he’s pretty obviously acting out of concern and frustration and anger that Scanlan’s putting himself (and the rest of the group, by extension) at risk, which is exactly the same reason why Scanlan’s getting pissed at him in that scene.

I dunno, man, most of the discussion in the wake of this week’s episode has been great, but Reddit has a bunch of people who complain that everyone is acting wildly out of character the second they’re not the Flanderized and easily-summarized-in-one-sentence versions of themselves, and Tumblr has a handful of people who seem to want characters who are always the pinnacle of emotional maturity and only react with logic and cool-headedness to difficult situations, and it’s very, very strange to see how vitriolic the discussion becomes in both places when characters don’t fit either of those molds.

Dripping wet part 2

Calum Hood - 1701 words

You can read part 1 right here.


By now the party was in full swing. People were grinding on each other in our living room, there was one girl puking in the toilet with the door open, much to my dismay, and outside the not-so-drunk posse was just chilling and enjoying the chill air of impending summer. I dragged my alcohol deprived ass towards the kitchen, pushing past a few of giggling girls, eyeing Luke from afar. He always had that kind of influence on people. “Hit me up.” I yell over the music to Luke pouring drinks, his smile immediately a bit brighter as he spots me walking over to him.

“Glad you could make it.” I roll my eyes as I push myself up on the counter, feet dangling as I watch him fill a plastic cup with the light yellow liquid. I merely nod my head as I already lift the now full cup to my lips, taking a small sip as I let my eyes roam over the people Luke had invited. “You have shit friends.” It draws a chuckle from Luke’s lips, his fist punching my shoulder lightly before he starts to fill his own cup. “Be careful what you say, that means you’re the shittiest of them all.”
“I actually might be.” I joke in return, my gaze catching Calum, lounging on the living room sofa with a cigarette between his lips. He’s animatedly speaking to a guy, I think his name was Michael, his own cup dangling from his hand, leaning over the sofa.

“Are you digging Michael?” A sudden voice pulls my from my trance and I whip my head around so quick I think I might have given myself a whiplash. “What?”
“I could hit you up if you’d like.” Luke wiggles his eyebrows and now it’s my turn to punch him roughly in the gut. His breath leaves his lungs in a whiff and I can’t help but grin when he tries to regain his breath. “I am not interested in Michael. Besides, I’ve met him once, remember? If I wanted him I would’ve taken him then.”

“Damn girl don’t have to be so harsh on me.” Luke huffs out as soon as he can get the sweet air in his lungs again, but by then I am already back on my feet. “Y/n!” The sweet voice of Wendy chimes from behind me and I slowly turn on my heel, granting my only girl friend with a large grin. “Wen, didn’t know you were coming.” I let her press her lips against my cheek, my hand briefly resting on her upper arm to steady myself.

“I can’t miss out on an opportunity to dominate the dance floor with my girl!” A hearty laugh leaves my lips and I let her pull me towards the living room – a.k.a. the make shift dancefloor – as I wave at Luke. I discard my cup somewhere along the way, the contents already emptied.
“Those boys know how to throw a party! Whoo!” Wendy grabs my arms and swings them around, drawing another chuckle from my lips. Wendy was always a happy-go-lucky girl and I appreciated that about her. I wasn’t much fan of drama – but who was? – and the fact that she never brought any along made me decide to become friends in the first place.

I hum along in agreement, but my eyes already have found Calum again. His cigarette was discarded in an ashtray nearby and this time his gaze wasn’t focused on Michael, it was on me. As soon as our gazes meet he grants me with a small smile and a wink and I remember my thoughts from earlier on the evening. I start to swing my hips along to the beat a lot more deliberately, making sure I put on a show for my flat mate.

“Still crushing on the Kiwi, are you?” Wendy chuckles as she follows my lead, throwing a look over her shoulder to see where my gaze is transfixed on. I shrug my shoulders as I meet her gaze once more. “At least it’s not a banana.” This draws a fit of giggles from her lips, her hand slapped in front of her mouth to lower the sound. “Damnit now I have to pee. I’ll be back.” Wendy dismisses me quickly and I decide to just stay here, dancing along. It was actually quite fun when I forgot people were probably staring at my horrendous dancing.

I freeze in my spot when I feel his hands land on my hips, his front pressed tightly against my back. “Having fun?” I hum in response, keeping the swaying of my hips going while I lean into his large frame. “I see so.”
I turn around, my hands resting on his chest to steady my poor balance, my head lifting to catch his gaze. “What brings you here?” I joke, letting Calum lead me away from the middle of our living room and to the side. Suddenly I am pressed against the wall, Calum leaning against it as he corners me, making my small frame disappear behind his large one.

“You think I didn’t know you were secretly watching me? If I had had any chance myself I would’ve done the same thing.” He whispers, his hot breath flowing past my ear, shivers immediately emanating all over my sweaty body. I feel him press his large frame even more against my trapped one, heating my body in an instance.

The words that had left his lips hit me only moments after, a rush of heat downing on me, dampening my knickers in a split second. “Interested?” I blink slowly, furrowing my eyebrows as he stares down at me. “Huh?”
“Are you interested?” The scowl doesn’t leave my lips and I hear him sigh before he closes the distance between us and catches my lips with his. He pulls back just the tiniest bit, our lips still touching as he whispers. “This.”

I let my eyelids flutter closed as I pull him back towards me, crushing our lips harshly back together. My back bounces off the wall again and Calum’s hands slither towards my bum, cupping both cheeks in his hands as he pulls me back towards him. “Upstairs.” I mumble against his lips, my flat hands pushing against his chest as I guide him towards the stairs.

I’m slammed against the recently closed door of Calum messy room, my hands roaming through his hair, occasionally pulling on the thick strands, earning a groan from his plump lips. His hands start to unbutton my shirt as my hands immediately fumble with his jeans, my hand sliding in as soon as the zipper is halfway down and palming him through his boxers. He stills his movements for a second to groan into my neck before my shirt flies across the room in record speed.

“Fuck. Come on.” Calum groans as his teeth sink into my neck, his hands pressing at my bottom again as he lifts me off of the floor and traps me against the door again. He’s grinding his crotch against my damp core and I can’t help but moan out, the sounds muffled by Calum’s lips against mine.
He carries me over to his small one person bed, lying me down before following suit after and covering my body with his. His fingers reach behind my back to unclasp my bra, my own hands occupied with ridding him of his tight, white shirt.

He stands back to his feet and pushes his jeans down to his ankles himself, his gaze never once leaving mine as I rid myself of my trousers. He stands still momentarily, his fingers curled around his shaft as his gaze flicks from my breasts to my still clothed core. As he walks over, one of his hands reaches for the waistband and slowly, seductively, pulls them down.
“I would take my time but I just can’t wait any longer.” Calum groans, his fingertips lightly brushing over my sides as he crawls back over me. “Then quit stalling.”

I feel his thick erection brush against my wet core as he positions himself on top of me, my nails already grasping for his prominent biceps. He doesn’t give me any warning as he slowly pushes in, a huff of a breath leaving his lips while he buries his face in my shoulder, leaving wet, open mouthed kisses along his path. He starts moving rhythmically, it almost seems as if he is moving along to the thumping beat sounding through the speakers downstairs, his biceps flexing as he tries to keep himself upright.

He hits just the right spot which makes me cry out in pure bliss, Calum stopping momentarily to gaze at me in wonder. “More..” I breathe, pulling me towards me and throwing my legs around his hips to create a different angle. He starts thrusting more violently, raising his body back to watch me rapidly speed towards my orgasm. “Harder Cal, please.” I moan out, throwing my head back as I clutch my eyes closed. It seems to only edge him on, his pace picking up, hitting the right spot over and over again, the black spots appearing in front of my eyes.

“Oh Cal I –“ I stutter out, my walls clenching around his thick cock as my orgasm crashes over me. Calum keeps up his relentless pace, fucking me through my orgasm and chasing his own. It doesn’t take him long before he stills, stuttering inside me and dropping down with a loud huff. He lets himself glide off of me, his arm push underneath my head as he discard of the condom he somewhere along the way seemed to have pulled on. Thank you Cal.

I’m staring at the ceiling, waiting for Calum to tell me to get the fuck out of his bed but all of a sudden he pulls me closer to his sweaty, scorching chest and a chuckle rumbles in his chest. “I never thought you were this verbal.” Calum’s loud laughter booms through the small room. My flat hand connects with his chest briefly as I roll my eyes, settling against his warm chest. “Dick.”

I hope you liked it!
Lots of love,
L. xox


y’all im just gonna be thinkin bout that bi lance post for a bit because that shit has got me FUCKING EXCITED