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“All of my favorite things are the most simple things. I don’t need a $100 million yacht. I’m not going to say that. The things that I consider the most enjoyable are fairly simple, the creative process, a good meal. If you’re just making food for yourself at home, reading a great book, watching a great film, simple pleasures.” — Jared Leto

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They don't mention his son in their articles, so why better not end up babygate?! do it

I’m finding yacht weird too, but with this team is hard to tell if there’s a deeper meaning or if they just forgot to focus on Elounor 


Irene Adler appreciation post. 

In other news, Adlock lives on.

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Adlock AU - Poison

“If you’re going to play this game, you’d better make damn sure you’re going to win. Because if you lose, she will feast on your remains and laugh while doing it.”

He huffed a short derisive laugh of his own. “Since when have you been prone to exaggeration. Mycroft?”

His brother fixed him with a level look. There was no trace of humor or hyperbole on Mycroft’s face. “I’m not.”

Everything about her spoke of decadence and darkness, her countenance and carriage carefully designed to inspire fear and awed desire.

And yet as she drew near, her scent whispered to him. Lavender with slight notes of honeysuckle and roses. Soft and tranquil, it spoke to him of mornings and fresh fields in Grasse and flowers picked at dawn…

A sharply melodic contrast to the rigid air of bellicose sensuality she presented, it confused and disarmed him for a moment, which was no doubt her intent. She smiled, and a muscle in his jaw twitched.

“Miss Adler, I presume?”


By SorrowsFlower

Hushed Sounds And Open Doors (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(Apparently, since I’m a shitty writer, here’s more of my shitty writing, lol. In my agreement with @dinnerxx that Sherlock and Irene would probably be more embarrassed to be caught being sweet and ‘sentimental’ rather than someone walking in on them having steamy af sex, this fic sprouted. I also inserted some headcanons here, like Irene baking and other callbacks to past fics. I literally almost slipped in the shower when I thought about this… and I feel like my author’s note at every fic is a little too talkative soooo yeah. Dedicating this to my adopted child @realestofgeek too because she’s had a rough day because of some frickin ANON. Anyway, let’s just get on with it.)

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John looked at his watch, wondering where in the world was Sherlock Holmes. He pursed his lips, thinking that the detective might have forgotten the small celebration they planned with Lestrade for Sherlock’s own birthday, but figured that since his best friend was hesitant about the entire situation in the first place, Greg and himself were purposefully ignored. 

Still, he figured, since they missed much of Sherlock’s past birthdays, they had to at least make an effort to make the incoming ones worth remembering. 

Sighing as he looked at his phone with no reply from Sherlock, he sent a quick text to Lestrade to let him know that plans are still a go, and he would be in 221B to get the detective himself. 

Arriving at the flat, he went in to greet Mrs. Hudson. 

“Is Sherlock here? He’s been ignoring my messages all day.” John asked. 

“You do know it’s his birthday?” Mrs. Hudson quipped back, looking at him questioningly.

“Ah, yes. That’s why I’m here. To get him… Celebrate. Cake and go to the pub.” John explained, confused. 

To his surprise, Mrs. Hudson laughed. “Oh, silly! He wouldn’t want to celebrate his birthday with you.

John’s eyebrows raised, looking for an explanation, but Mrs. Hudson was too amused that she left him by himself at the hall, astounded, saying something about creaking floorboards in between her fits of laughter.

The doctor decided to head up to the flat, surprised that Sherlock was still nowhere to be found in the living room. Seeing that light was coming from his friend’s ajar bedroom, he walked over and was about to call out to him when he heard a familiar voice. 

“Don’t you think you should at least tell them you’re not interested in coming?” he heard none other than Irene Adler say, almost making him gasp. 

It may be a ridiculous idea, but the doctor decided to sneak a peek at the door’s slight opening, wanting to have visual evidence that it was in fact her.

At that, he was met with an intriguing sight, with Sherlock lying on Irene’s lap, the detective holding The Woman’s hand rather delicately, while she glides her fingers through his hair. It was a scene that looked out-of-place if you know the two parties involved, but judging by their soft expressions, it was something that was already bordering on habit.

John can’t help but be amused. So, this is what Mrs. Hudson was talking about? Moreover, Mrs. Hudson knew about this? 

He saw Sherlock roll his eyes, still gently playing with Irene’s fingers. “I already told them once. They should have known better.”

John grinned, shaking his head. This bloody moron, he thought. 

He saw his friend’s expression change to somewhat of curious frustration, now examining Irene’s hand unlike the simple caressing he was giving it earlier. 

Sherlock looked up to her, eyes full of concern. “What happened to this?” 

Irene shushed him. “Nothing. I… It was nothing really.”

The detective eyed her, rubbing her fingers softly. Irene sighed, and John could swear she was flustered. Irene Adler, the dominatrix who almost brought the nation to its knees, is blushing

“I wanted to bake you a cake, just like the chocolate one you loved when we were in Paris. It didn’t turn out nice, so after a couple of tries, I just gave up on the idea.” she told him, trying to sound nonchalant to mask her embarrassment at the admittance. 

John jerked his head to the side, an incredulous expression on his face. Irene Adler baking? Paris? What in the world–? And more so, why is he still here? 

He smiled to himself. Probably because he was happy that Sherlock finally took his advice? That his best friend was happy? Oh, how he wish… 

How he wish Mary could have seen this. She would’ve been happy for him, too.

He looked up just in time when Sherlock stopped laughing at Irene’s confession, the detective reaching for The Woman to plant a kiss on her forehead. Sherlock then reached for her hand and planted soft kisses on her fingers, and John observed how Irene was looking at his friend with all the affection in the world. Without a doubt, the two have been this familiar for years.

John took one last look, amused and somehow relieved. He forgot all the annoyance he was feeling for having been ignored by Sherlock, figuring that the detective got the gift he wanted for this special day. The doctor can’t help but smile even more. 

This was far more different, definitely more real than the display he saw with Janine. And somehow, it felt more sure because it is with the Irene Adler.

He was about to turn away to leave them to their business when he was greeted by Lestrade, the Detective Inspector hovering at the flat’s door and shooting him a questioning glance. 

“John, what’s taking so long?” Greg asked, voice loud enough for Sherlock to hear. 

The doctor waved his hands extensively, telling Greg to shush, but it was already too late. 

“Sherlock, dear, what is it?” 

John turned to see Sherlock, followed by Irene, both standing by the door frame, evidently alarmed upon seeing him and Lestrade. 

Greg couldn’t hide his own amusement and surprise, eyes immediate boring into Irene Adler. 

“Graeme, didn’t you mother tell you it’s rude to gawk.” Sherlock snapped, before turning to John. “How… How long have you been here?” 

John gave a nervous laugh. “Not long…. Erm… So… You two…?”

Irene scoffed. “What?”

“What do you mean, ‘what’? Shouldn’t I be the one asking that?” the doctor couldn’t hide his amusement. 

“Ms. Adler was just visiting… For a case I needed help with.” Sherlock retorted, and Irene gave a proud nod. 

“What? In your bedroom?” Lestrade noted, smirking.

“And what case? I wasn’t aware we have a… case?” John added, fighting the urge to laugh at his friend’s flustered expression. 

Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Don’t you have better things to do?”

John straightened his jacket and turned to Lestrade almost comically. “Well, I guess we’ll just leave you to your business then.”

Lestrade was still smirking, nodding at John. “Yeah, catch you later, Sherlock. Erm… Happy birthday.”

Greg headed out the door first, letting out a laugh as soon as he was out of sight, and John was about to follow him when he remembered Mrs. Hudson’s remark, things finally falling into place. 

“By the way, take the brainstorming a notch lower, mate. Mrs. Hudson said something about….creaking floorboards?” he mused with playful pretend nonchalance, making both Irene and Sherlock turn an amazing shade of red.

The doctor took it as his cue to leave them at their celebration.

“The music.”    [meta/ficlet?]

His sister heard it from the music, of course she did. She’s a Holmes, with her vast intelligence and sharp perception. And despite what fateful series of events had been shaping the thorny paths they both trod, a unique sibling connection unwaveringly prevails.

He was playing himself on the Stradivarius, after all. Whilst his always (almost always, but the ‘positionofthecar’ incoherence was merely a single occasion!) well-guarded words articulate reason and logic for his controlled cerebral mind, his music would subtly nudge open the lock to a different window. His music would take the liberty of expressing The Ungraspable, felt and constrained within his chest.

And he would allow that. He’d composed Irene’s song when he thought he’d lost her, when suddenly there was an unbearable void that was never filled to begin with. He’d poured all the melancholy and devastation and befuddlement and ache into the tunes. Plus the whirlpool of everything he hadn’t realised he’d felt for The Woman, everything that he’d never wanted to feel and even actively steered away from experiencing.

A lot (understatement) has happened since then. In London (Battersea, Baker Street, and Heathrow), in Karachi, in all the places where they’ve misbehaved during and after The Fall. Somewhere in between her resurrection and his, despair was shone through by hope, anger dissolved in understanding, denial abraded with acceptance, and suspicion evolved into trust.

But however much things have changed, there is a constant that remains. Something that had been brewing since before the music was created, since Belgravia or perhaps even Buckingham Palace. It has crystallised from the disorder of emotions, and strengthened with each encounter and separation between him and The Woman, with each minute they have spent together and apart. It marked the beginning of a profound realisation, and diffused into the fundamental definition of who he was. Sherlock Holmes, the heartless machine, no longer, if ever.

It is this constant that the Stradivarius bow was dancing to revisit in Sherrinford, conveying the depth of the sentiment with precise movements, with fervour and intensity. He played Irene’s song in the light of everything that had transpired since the intricate melody first resonated on his violin strings and filled the flat at 221B all those years ago.

Whereas the music was previously simply referred to as “sad” by John, it has come to encompass much, much more. Whereas the audible yearning in the quivering notes had been for an incomprehensible concept, it is now attached to fond memories. Of her, of them, of experiences both physical and beyond. His sister heard all that.

Sherlock considers what his brother’s reaction to the tunes might be, and manages to keep his expression neutral.

To dear fellow adlockers – group hug! x

P.S. Violin music speaking Sherlock’s heart – the scene rather reminded me of Father Holmes Listens, a very short ficlet (indirectly adlock) exploring Sherlock’s relationship with his father..


He looked up and there she was, on the other side of the room, mingling with other wedding guests, not far from Mrs. Hudson’s and Molly’s table.

She turned and gave him that enigmatic half-smile, and immediately – without consent from his brain – his heart began to pound.

His words stuttered as he finally approached the end of his best man’s speech, and his fumble caused him to reveal his unexpected deduction about Mary. He hurriedly covered his mistake by urging the guests to dance, finally bringing his speech to an end (hours after he had started its delivery, but well, public speaking tended to be second priority when there were murderous photographers to be dealt with).

He looked up again, trying to see her figure in the crowd, but she was nowhere to be seen. In the meantime, John and Mary were looking at him in confusion, and he knew that unlike the other guests, he would have to explain his little slip-up to them.

“All the signs are there… The signs of three.”

He watched as the expressions on his two friends’ faces ranged from shock to acceptance and finally to joy. And as John clapped him on the shoulder with a broad smile on his face and Mary beamed at him through shocked tears, he was momentarily distracted from the appearance of the Woman by the unexpected wave of emotion that swept through him as they stood in that little circle of three – well, four, if you counted the bundle of cells currently gestating in Mary’s uterus - in the middle of the dance floor.

It was a curious mixture of sadness mixed with happiness at the same time, melancholy and euphoria blending together. A sense of… belonging. He belonged to John and Mary, and they belonged to him.

How unfortunate that this feeling should come in this hour when he must surrender them to their domestic bliss. And yet, how fitting.

How very fitting for Sherlock Holmes.

Because even though he belonged to them, he was still apart from them. Sherlock Holmes was still a man like no other, and no matter how well he fit in with John and Mary, they were still different enough from him to almost be an entirely separate species.

In the end, there was really only one other person he could think of who was truly like him.

He searched for her in the crowd, but unsurprisingly, she was nowhere to be found. He donned his coat and walked out into the night.

He found her at the train station, standing with her back against him. She had been careful to avoid the cameras, but from this angle, she would be visible if she turned and so would he if he faced her. So he contented himself with standing behind her as they waited for the train to arrive.

“Who leaves a wedding early?”

He was careful not to stand too close. He couldn’t see her face, but he knew she was smiling. She didn’t turn to face him, but he could hear the smile in her voice 

“The best man, apparently.” She spoke in barely a murmur, but the languid tone of her voice – heard only in his mind palace for far too long – slid smoothly over him like silk. “Excellent speech, by the way. Trust Sherlock Holmes to solve an attempted murder in the middle of a wedding toast.”

“Well, I didn’t want to disappoint you.” He couldn’t help it. He leaned closer and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of her perfume. Her neck arched slightly in response to his proximity. “It is the new sexy, after all.”

The cut of her dress kept her shoulders bare and her hairstyle, which he suspected she had planned specifically to tease him, exposed the long column of her neck to him. He was tempted to brush away the strands of hair that had escaped the knot and trace the curve of her neck and shoulders. He curled his hands into fists in his pockets to prevent them from acting on that particular impulse.

Too long. Far too long.

She was thinking the same thing, he could tell. Her breathing rate had increased slightly, and he didn’t have to take her pulse to know it was elevated, or see her face to know that her pupils were dilated.

“How long do we have?”

He huffed in impatience as the train began to slow to a stop in front of them.”John and Mary won’t miss me, but Mycroft will suspect. A day and a half. Two days at the most.”

The doors opened and they parted. She walked in casually, just another passenger. He followed, careful to keep distance between them, and the train began to fill.

He entered his compartment and had barely closed the door when she was on him and he found himself pushed against the wall. Her smile was wicked as she tugged off his Belstaff. 

“We’d better make it count then.”


By SorrowsFlower

Back when things weren’t fucked up.

Because I still believe that Irene was at the wedding. In my Irene and Mary as sisters AU, she went because she promised Mary long ago when they were kids that she would be at her wedding (‘cause Mary was that kind of little girl then, but Irene, unsurprisingly, wasn’t).

Also, because I frickin’ need Adlock!!!!!!!!!


The first message comes from her, luckily for him he had his phone off already.
You got away with that, impressive - IA

He smirks reading the message, strangely amused before replying
You still have powerful “friends”, impressive - SH

Irene holds the phone gently, appreciating the moment, then she types again
You jealous? - IA
And when a reply doesn’t arrive she continues the conversation, fiercely.
My new husband is boring. Come over. Let’s have dinner - IA
But this time the answer arrives
Busy - SH

She laughs slightly
Busy? You escaped death. Again. You should celebrate - IA
She hesitates some further seconds before continuing 
YOU should celebrate. With ME. Catch a fly. Let’s have dinner - IA
When a reply doesn’t come, again, she changes strategy.
You wouldn’t have died anyway… - IA
That worked. She giggles, she knew that THAT would have worked.
What makes you say so? - SH
She decides to torture him for a while before finally answering
I would have helped you - IA

Is that sentiment, Miss Adler? - SH
Was it sentiment back in Karachi? - IA
And Sherlock doesn’t reply and Irene gets undressed thinking about him.

The next time he’s the one starting the conversation, sending a picture.
Irene is eating when she downloads that picture and once she sees it she almost chokes
Is that little Watson? - IA
she types fast
Her name is Rosamund Mary - SH
He confirms and Irene smiles gently before writing  
She seems pretty but your child would be prettier… - IA
Sherlock almost chokes too when he reads that and a couple of seconds later
Are you offering? - SH
Irene can’t help but rolling her eyes, even if she’s aware he can’t see her, then she texts again
Maybe. Or maybe not. You should come over to find out - IA

Irene write again a couple of days later.
This city is tedious - IA
I need some new “friends” - IA
She keeps writing and he keeps ignoring her
And I miss London - IA
And Belgravia - IA
And Starbucks - IA
And your funny hat - IA
You should wear it more often, it suits you - IA
But you already know that - IA
Com’on join me. Let’s have dinner - IA
Even the great Sherlock Holmes has needs - IA
To eat, for instance - IA
Or to… play - IA
Or to have dinner - IA
You like this don’t you? - IA
You bastard - IA
What’s so interesting to avoid me? - IA
I know you find this hilarious - IA
And then, eventually, he answers
I do - SH

Irene decides to return the favour sometimes later

Have you read John’s blog lately? I know you would find his last post HILARIOUS - SH
It’s been a week, still offended? - SH
Do you have anything to do with the Borgia’s perl disappearance? - SH
Not that I care - SH
Gone to the Opera today? - SH
Maybe - IA
Sherlock smiles gently enjoying this little game of theirs and decides to push her
Godfrey? - SH
The mention of her husband’s name manages to amuse Irene more than she was supposed to, probably.
Is that caring, Mister Holmes? Or jealously? - IA
Try not to be irrational, Miss Adler - SH
She’s happy in that moment, more than she’s right to be and appreciates the moment, liking the power she is holding, then she texts back.
I’m not and you know it. Let’s have dinner - IA

The next time is Irene who starts the conversation

I’m bored. Again. Let’s have dinner - IA
Busy. Again - SH
Try to be interesting, Mister Holmes. Let’s have dinner - IA
Not now - SH
He warns her tough without realising that this attitude can only manage to annoy her more
Why not? - IA
The woman doesn’t even wait a minute to write a further message
You know you can’t get me out of your mind. Let’s have dinner - IA
And then again another
It’s been too long. Let’s have dinner - IA

When she texts him again Sherlock is about to catch the flight to go home
Travelling around the world and not even a short visit in Montenegro? If I was a different person I might get angry - IA
When he reads that he finds the message unexpectedly funny. His reply is half a monkey, half a challenge
You ARE angry - SH
She doesn’t deny that but she attacks him
And you are hungry. Let’s have dinner - IA
He doesn’t deny that either

Then the word falls apart and he needs anchor, she needs her

Mary is dead. John hates me - SH
Her replay is immediate
I’m already on my way - IA
He shivers at the only thought of that, then he texts her
Don’t. It’s too dangerous - SH
He can almost hear her laugh, then her reply arrives
Nonsense. I’ll be there in 12 hours - IA
He trembles writing the following words
I can’t protect you. The last person I vowed to protect died - SH
Her response comes fierce, like her.
Luckily for you I’m prone to resurrection - IA

And for the first time in a while he genuinely smiles