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VINCENT (Black Hole [Walt Disney:1979])
Quick Character Sketch

Koh-I-Noor Toison D'or #4B Graphite Pencil
Pentalic Traveler’s Pocket Journal & Sketch

I just got finished watching my DVD of ‘Black Hole’ by Walt Disney from 1979. This movie is a favorite of mine from childhood. I still enjoy this movie, and I find the VINCENT, and like robot BOB, to be my favorite A.I./Robotic science fiction characters ever created.

saintalia  asked:

character writing meme: wyn!!!!!!

wynk!!!! ;^)

answering this specific characterization ask is Difficult because wow writing wyn is second nature at this point; actually having to Think about HOW to write her was pretty hard for a hot second

but basically:

she’s laidback and usually wearing a smile; she likes to have fun! she likes chatting with people, getting into trouble, and telling jokes. on a deeper level, she dislikes displaying emotional vulnerability and feels the best way to counteract displaying negative emotions is to just Always Be Smiling, but genuinely she’s mostly just having a good time; she lacks social anxiety in about 99% of situations (the other 1% is when she’s placed near fear stressors and can’t immediately bolt for whatever reason), so she’s generally unfettered in using her various charms on people for various reasons - most of the time, it’s just for a laugh, and (most) people laugh with her. (downside to this: jokes at bad times, people who don’t react well to humor, and also when her mouth works on getting her into trouble faster than her brain can work on getting her out of it)

but she’s also passionate, opinionated, stubborn, and impulsive; despite her relatively relaxed exterior and almost blase reaction to a lot of things, she does hold a firm, desperate fist over her heart to protect the follower- & family-instilled ideals there - and she will defend them, if pressed. she’s not… as callous as she sometimes acts and really doesn’t like to see people get hurt (she is, after all, a doctor) - but she also tends to TRY (operative word: try) to keep her passionate oratory on a leash if she’s in a new place where she isn’t sure how the locals will react, etc. the flipside to this is that for every time she’s managed to play it cool about something that hits too close to home, she’s also opened her stupidt mouth and gotten herself in trouble. she doesn’t like showing anger, but also when she feels it’s justified and is out of patience, she stops giving a fuck.

she values her independence highest on 9/10 days, and runs away from shit that puts emotional stresses on her. for physical and mental stresses, she pushes back harder, unless it looks like a severe impediment to her continued survival (and even then, she sometimes does it the fuck anyway).she’s also a habitual wanderer and doesn’t really have any Life Goals, but she’s self aware enough to make a ‘fuck off’ expression whenever anyone tries to psychoanalyze her. but her priority is almost always herself and her own continued freedom, unless (and this happens more often than she’d like to admit) someone with a really desperate need for help wanders across her path - she’s usually incapable of saying ‘no’, though she lacks any kind of naivete or blind trust in those situations (or mostly any situation)

wyn’s really fucking smart (and really adaptive) - her impulsiveness and shitty luck might really not belie this at all, but. she has dragged or lied or dodged her way out of a LOT of less than ideal situations (only about half of them were her fault), and is adaptable to many more - you can run pretty fucking far on confidence and intelligence, and she - quite frankly - needs those skills to keep herself alive, because she makes a shitton of problems for herself and then is forced to solve them (either before or after she runs away from them - they have a tendency to Come Back in the end)

n’ lastly: wyn’s got an existential dread the size of the mojave. this is a very quiet, very unnoticed part of her personality, but she processes her (tbh) gnarly depression in fragmented, unhealthy swathes. there are a lot of things she regrets, and a lot of questionable coping mechanisms involved, and a lot of ‘but what the fuck is the point’-ing going on in her head. she leans on her (sometimes very fragile and honestly inflated beyond her actual, genuine sense of self-worth) shell of confidence and bravado to not tip off other people that she’s got some trauma processing still going on in the background. she’s done this once before, a long time ago (and was just as bad at it back then) - but her ‘nature’ (wandering, smiling, no set goals) often presents her with even more existential dread than she had before she began overthinking herself into an early grave. she’s not really afraid of dying, just… of not living right, of finding or having nothing with meaning, of only her mistakes being the things that leave a mark on the world or other people (because she has, frankly, made a lot of mistakes). she’s doing her best.

so… i drew some emwyn that was kind of inspired by @bronwyning ‘s secret santa gift for me? it was such a nice and sweet story and i guess the idea of it kinda leaked into my drawing haha. happy new year everyone! i was going to wait until midnight to post (it’s only 8:15 pm here as i type this) but i couldn’t resist, i was too excited about this lol.

wayfaring-fledermaus replied to your post: Interesting plots, lovely characterization, and two complicated men making it work. That’s how you baited and hooked my queer heart. <3   

Well like I’m serious

I thought it was a slow burn but that the end goal was super explicit

if it was too slow and not explicit enough I should probably fix it


I thought I got Durriyah last April but uhhh apparently it was February? Whoops. Whatever, it’s been over a year! Because of how this year’s been I feel like it’s been no time at all. And it’s really hard to process that I’ve had Riyah now longer than I had Wyn… Wyn was only with me a year and one month and it seemed like a lifetime.

I deliberately got the most stress stripey female betta they had at petsmart so I could see her color up. I had no clue what color she would be, though I guessed blue. For a while there, she looked copper, but today is rarely stress stripey or at least nowhere near that initial paleness that lasted about a week or so. She took a bit to warm up to me (she hated me) and would only color up when she flared.

Riyah loves food and hiding and being a blimp. She puts up with my baby talking and loves to stare grumpily at me. She’s fat and I love her. She’s the only betta I currently have who isn’t annoying to feed because she’s smart enough to find the pellets mostly herself and her mouth is big enough for them lol. She filled a female betta shaped void in my life after Wyn, my heart fish, passed, but she’s managed to be basically completely different from Wyn. I used to slip up all the time and call her “minnow” but now I singsong “Riyahhhh” instead. I love her and hope I have another few years with her :’)

i don’t mean to imply that wyn’s secretly always in anguish or smthn, she’s genuinely usually pretty laidback - just that she uses social graces to deftly deflect other people moving too close inside her emotional comfort zone, regardless of if they’re provoking her or trying to be Friendly; having to bare her emotions to people has historically been a fucking uncomfortable experience and she, in classic wyn fashion, runs away from that shit whenever it occassionally comes up. she’s self aware enough to know she’s Having emotions, but avoidant enough to… well… avoid addressing them lmfao

outside of that, her golden tongue has both helped and hurt her and really it’s just down to the theoretical day she learns to keep her stupid mouth shut (which she hasn’t, not yet)


Why does this feel like Molly Hooper’s version of the skull on the mantel? I hope that’s what it is somehow.

(Okay, maybe because I want fandom to start drawing cute taxidermied-skateboarding-mouse comics after Series 4. A GIRL CAN DREAM.)

It is difficult for me to love myself, but loving fictional characters helps me learn how to do this.

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ok i just finished season 1 of wynonna earp and it is fucking amazing holy shit

i need season 2 like burning

and i can’t fucking decide who i ship more, wyn/dolls or wyn/doc, and that is distressing because uSUALLY BY THIS POINT I HAVE A CLEAR OTP

(i definitely love wayhaught though. so much.)

[Send Me Your Name And I’ll Tell You What Colour It Is]

TL;DR: Yer an Emerald/Paris Green [#50c878], Madness

Alright so immediately my mind jumped to Green (whereas my heart completely jumped outta my chest cause I forgot about this meme and my brain pretty much died on me since I just got back from school so I had no idea why you gave me your name until now rip)

So I’m like “ok… Regular Green isn’t good enough… what about Sea Green???” because I associate you with mermaids and I’m thinking of a nice green mermaid tail tbh buT SHOVING THAT THOUGHT ASIDE–

I felt that Sea Green wasn’t suitable enough and the green of my icon isn’t dark enough to fit my Image™, so here I find myself on crayola.com, in search of the green hue that fits my vision (note to self, why didn’t you go to colorhexa, wyn,,,)

Now I’m randomly looking through shades of green

And I look at this and go

Me: it’s just a shade off, kinda a lil bright; *clicks a different green* Emerald/Paris Green it is!

Also Me: i’m practically blind without my glasses; how the hell am i able to tell that this greener shade was what i wanted ffff

Hola My Dear Friends, Welcome To my Blog!

I am Wyn and I really love music. I love singing and playing musical instruments. In the guitar, I am really fond of guitar fingerstyle and I like creating my own song arrangements. This blog is about my adventures in music. I’ll be posting short videos and guitar tabs here. 

So if you’re fond of music and other musical stuffs then you’re in the right place! Come on now and follow me in my music adventures!

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