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French Internet Abbreviations

I gathered a rather long list of abbreviations you might encounter, these are the most common ones I could think of. 

jsp: “je sais pas” / “idk" 

mdr: “mort de rire” / “lol”, can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context 

jpp: “j'en peux plus” / “i can’t anymore”, used as a reaction to something funny 

ptdr: “pété(e) de rire” / “lmao”, either used ironically or as a reaction to something funny 

tg: “ta gueule” / “shut up" 

ftg: "ferme ta gueule” / “shut up”, more aggressive than tg 

frr: “frère” / “bro”, sometimes used amongst girls too 

c: “c'est” / “it is” 

ptn: “putain” / “fuck/fucking” (not the verb but the interjection) 

t: “t'es” / “you are" 

g: "j'ai” / “i have" 

wsh: "wesh” / “hey/yo” (?) as an interjection, not a greeting 

slp: “salope” / “bitch" 

msk: "miskine” (arabic term) / “poor”, used to talk about something/someone unfortunate 

tmtc: “toi-même tu sais” / “you know it" 

fdp: "fils de pute” / “son of a bitch" 

jdcjdr: "je dis ça, je dis rien” / “i’m just saying" 

wlh: "wallah” (arabic term) / “i swear to god" 

bz: "baise(r/é(e))” / “fuck(ed)” as the verb 

bb: “bébé” / “baby”

amr: “amour” / “love” used as a petname


bg: “beau/belle gosse” / “hottie" 

mrc: "merci” / “thanks" 

bcp: "beaucoup” / “a lot" 

tt: "tout” / “all" 

pq/pk: "pourquoi” / “why” 

pcq/pck: “parce que” / “because" 

ds: "dans” / “in" 

ntm/nvm: "nique ta mère/niquez vos mères” / “fuck your mom/moms" 

ndd: “non de dieu” / “for god’s sake”

tkt/tqt: “t'inquiètes (pas)” / “don’t worry”

stp/svp: “s'il-te-plaît/s'il-vous-plaît” / “please”

If you know any more, feel free to add them!


Final performance, probably the best ever, shoutout to Micah who performed with a messed up knee and strong rifle catches, and to Abby who went straight into it after she dropped the flag.

speed texts [week one]
  • not sure what this is about to be but here’s some batflash texting with hopefully hurt and comfort written on a whim! also, watch the time stamps! message me if you think i should make it a chapter thing? and/or put it on AO3?



[8:14]: Hey Bats! 

[9:20]: Uh, just wanted to let you know I can’t make it up to the station for the meeting tonight. 

[11:07]: Superman gave me your number, by the way. 

[11:56]: K


[6:45]: Not much of a texter, are you? 

[6:45]: It’s like you didn’t even try. 

[6:46]: You’re probably a slow typer. 

[6:46]: Unlike me. Heh, get it? 

[7:35]: do u need something 

[7:40]: Not really, I guess. Just thought it’d be cool to text? I text the others a lot. Wondered why we never did?

[8:20]: busy 

[8:30]: Oh. Okay. Good night, then. 

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as for my opinions on the polls i have no idea

i dont mind yandere-chan being emotionless cause as someone who identifies with her and projects my own mental illnesses on her, i feel she is relatable to me and i get her emotionless and intense love feeling and fear of losing someone on a very very personal level

to change her feels so weird to me, but at the same time her old character was cute and more yandere like, i like both and i wsh there was a way to make it go both ways 


Happy doodle day, kiddos! Today, draw your favorite Pokemon starter! (If you can’t decide on a favourite, you can draw one of your favourites, or more than one starter) Or if you prefer, you can color one of these pages I found of Rowlet, Litten and Popplio! Don’t forget to show us your work 💕 I can’t wait to see who you are bringing on your adventures!

Grass starters, from left to right: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, Chespin and Rowlet!

Fire starters, from left to right: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig, Fennekin and Litten!

Water starters, from left to right: Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Froakie and Popplio!

Have fun! I wsh you the bestest day 💫


Under the cut, it’s a pretty long post!

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It happens to me too, even if I have a good graphic card..

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Post a couple of pics of the mini-furniture on here! It would be cool to see :D

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I was hoping I was wrong :’(

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So sad, and way too close to my reality.

Oh my God, I’m so sorry for you…