i wrote wan't on the last one

There’s that kind of love, where when you see the person, you know you love them.

But then there’s that other kind of love, where when you see the person, you know you’ll never love another person as much as you love them, where this warmth fills your being, where darkness cannot lurk in your life, where the little things become huge, like the sun on their skin and the wind blowing through their hair, where the earth stops rotating when they look at you, and where birds wouldn’t dare sing when they laugh, where the stars refuse to shine in the presence of the twinkle in their eyes, where night becomes less lonely and where each new day is no longer a routine but an adventure, where their existence is the air you breathe, where no challenge is too much, where nothing will ever go wrong again, where you learn the true meaning of beauty, where life suddenly serves a purpose, where you know you would cease to exist if they were to leave, and you know…

You know that this is real love where the other is unenlightened.