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1979: Smooth

By @rhapsody-in-flannel: 1979 “Will you two just admit that we should have gone with my plan?!” (btw this is a really clever concept!)

Word Count: 822

A/N:  For the longest time I absolutely loathed country music. But the last few weeks I’ve kinda started loving it. And, I mean, how can you hate a song that uses a frog as an instrument? That’s absolutely fantastic! When I got all of my brother’s songs, I inherited his big library of country music, and somehow this song found its way onto my iPod. I don’t know many Florida Georgia Line songs, but I think it’s time I check them out more :)

Version en Español: 1979: Smooth

Song 1979: Smooth by Florida Georgia Line

“Will you two just admit that we should have gone with my plan?” Dean hissed at you and Sam as yet another person walked up to introduce themselves.

You just laughed, the sound of your good mood echoing off the old barn and leafy trees. Sam, as always, was infected by your happiness and found himself relaxing, despite Dean’s keyed-up attitude. “Dean, c’mon, it’s not that bad. Besides, why would you wanna go to an old bar when we got invited to a good ol’ fashioned southern barbeque?”

“Hey there,” the middle-aged woman drawled, coming to a stop in front of the three of you. “Y’all don’t look like yer from ‘round here.”

“They’re not,” you gestured at the boys, leaning into Sam’s side. “But this smells like my childhood. Feels like home.”

In the two years that Sam had known you, he’d never seen you as at peace as you were in the middle of this crowd of strangers. Your southern accent that was always playing on the edge of your voice had come out in full force during this hunt. You spoke slower, smiled more, and just seemed freer. The hot, muggy air wasn’t as stifling as it would have been without you by his side.

“Then let’s get y’all somethin’ ta eat! Can’t let these two handsome fellas leave without experiencin’ some o’ our southern hospitality.”

You pulled away from Sam and looped your arm around the woman’s, leading the way further into the melee. You fit right in here. As Sam pulled Dean along to follow you, he heard you confide to the woman like you two were best friends. “Dean over there thinks he prefers bars to parties. It’s up to us to convert him of his heathen ways.”

“And that tall drink of water next ta him?”

“Oh, don’t worry about him. I’ve got that one eatin’ outta my hand.” The wink you flashed over your shoulder at Sam made him grin and forget about the hot sweat that suctioned his clothing to his body.

The closer the group of you got to the crowd, the deeper Dean grimaced. Country music flowed out from speakers set up throughout the yard, people of all ages milled around, and there was a loud buzzing that came from everyone holding loud conversations. Sam just rolled his eyes at his brother’s behavior. Dean could put up with one night of innocent company and music that wasn’t classic rock.

Once Dean had a plate of food, though, he was in a slightly better mood. You had taken residence under Sam’s arm while the two of you joked and conversed with the people around you, making up for Dean’s silence.

A few hours into the night, people started moving off to the sides, making room in the middle of the yard for a dance floor. Your eyes lit up, but before Sam could decide if he wanted to embarrass himself on the dance floor for you, another man came up and asked you to dance. Without a second thought, you stood up and took his hand.

“Y/N—“ Sam started to protest, but you just leaned down and kissed him quickly, pulling back with a huge grin.

“Honey, don’t you worry.”

And in the next flash, you were out in the middle of the dance floor, easily following the stranger’s lead. Sam was torn between his jealousy at seeing that other man’s hands on you, and the pure happiness that he felt upon seeing how free and happy you were in this setting.

More people skipped onto the dance floor and partners were switched around. No one stayed with the same person for long. Just watching you smile and laugh as if you’d been friends with everyone at this party for years sent a spark of tenderness through Sam’s heart.

Then someone grabbed Sam’s hand and he let himself be pulled onto the dance floor. You spotted him and lit up even more, if that was possible. Making your way over, Sam marveled at how well you fit in here. The way you moved your body and how you locked your eyes on his just made him fall even more in love with you than he thought possible.

You finally made your way over and hooked your arms behind his neck. Sam couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and leaning down until his lips were at your ear. In his best southern accent, he said, “Good Lord almighty, darlin’. You sure know how ta make a man fall in love, and ya ain’t even tryin’.”

Your perfect laughter rang across the crowd at his attempted fake-accent and you leaned up to kiss him. “Oh, sweetie, it’s effortless ‘cause I wrote th’ book.”

“Think you could read me some of those chapters tonight?”

With shining eyes, you grinned up at him. “I reckon we can figure somethin’ out.”

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pen: warrior queen, usually reserved and composed, authoritative and on the proud side
also pen: the type to drown her friends in snow aka is actually quite fun loving and lively to those in her inner circle

not the snotacon gotham deserves but the snotacon it needs right now

@asokkalypsenow and i just posted the first chapter of our metal gear fanfic, 

Coming Back As We Are, snake/otacon, chapter 1/11 (5k words) 

That one time Snake and Otacon had to pretend to be married for a mission. Meryl’s a hero, Naomi’s a friend, Nastasha’s James Bond, and Mei Ling may or may not be Big Brother. Featuring two heists, one road trip, several instances of bed sharing, and an overabundance of the word “hack.”


  • this takes place in 2006, about a year and a half after mgs1. 
  • it’s not an au but it does diverge from canon in that it assumes that 1. meryl worked with philanthropy a bunch because that’s more fun and meryl’s the best 2. naomi, after getting busted out of prison, gangs up with the rest of the team. so okay maybe it’s an au a little but. but this is what happened in my heart. 
  • i wont say how long we’ve been working on this because it’s a while. the whole thing is written, we’re just editing the rest at the moment, and today lara was like “we could just … post the first chapter today…” and then we did.
  • snotacon is not the only ship in the fic but the New Ship has yet to arrive so it’s not gettin tagged yet. 
Valentine’s Day One-shot

Nothing could prepare her for this. Nothing. There she stood, outside of the large gate that  trapped him inside. On Valentine’s Day, no less.

She held the small pink box closer to her chest and took several deep breaths. She adjusted her pink earmuffs and reached for the small button of the gate. Her arm stopped when her finger was almost close enough to ring it. She let out a frustrated sigh and lowered her hand.

“What am I thinking?” She said to herself, “I can’t do this!” She turned away from the gate, “I mean, who am I kidding, Tikki? There’s no way I can do this!”

“Of course you can, Marinette!” Tikki said, popping her head out of Marinette’s puffy pink jacket.

“Even if I could, what would I say to him?”

“Simple! Say, ‘Hi, Adrien! It’s me, Marinette, you know, the girl who is so hopelessly in love you that she foams at the mouth anytime she sees you! Here have a gift!’”

“Haha, very funny.” Marinette replied, “Seriously though, all I want to do is make up for last year’s mess up!”

“You mean not signing your poem of love?”

“Yeah, exactly.” Marinette sighed as she stared down at the present. “I don’t even know if he’ll like them…”

“He will, Marinette! He liked the scarf you made him for his birthday!”

“Yeah, but that was because he thought it was from his father. What will he think if he knows they’re from-”

“Marinette?” The voice caught her off guard and she quickly turned around to see a certain blond haired boy, all bundled up in a long black coat between the iron bars of the gate.

“A-A-Adrien!” Marinette exclaimed, “H-hi!” She gave him a small, awkward wave. “Wha-what are you, uh, you doing here?”

“Uh…” Adrien glanced back to his large house. “I’m pretty sure I live here.”

“O-oh, right!” Marinette laughed awkwardly.

“So, I guess the question is… what are you doing here, Marinette?”

“W-w-well I-I uh… Uh…” She hid the pink package behind her back. Adrien noticed this.

“What’s that?” He questioned.

“N-n-nothing! I-i-it’s nothing!”  He raised an eyebrow at her response. He then looked over to the side of the gate. He pressed something and the gate swung open. Marinette quickly jumped backward. “W-where are go to-I mean- offing! I mean off to?”

“I’m headed to a cafe to meet up with Nino. Do you want to come?” Adrien replied.

“Oh- uh. No! No, thank you! I-I have plans with Alya.”

“I see.” Adrien said. “Well, then why are you here?”

“W-w-well, I was uh, in the neighborhood and uh, I-I mean- I uh- I-” Marinette stopped and sighed. She quickly pulled out the present and shoved it into his chest. “ Th-this is for you!”

Adrien looked down to the package then to Marinette. “What’s this for?”

“Day- Valentine’s… I-I mean Valentine’s Day. I-It’s Valentine’s Day today…A-and I wanted t-to make up for last year!”

“Last year…?” Adrien asked. Marinette quickly nodded her head, looking down to the floor.

“Th-the poem… I forgot to sign it…”

“You wrote that poem?!” Adrien exclaimed. Marinette flinched at his sudden reaction.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry!” Marinette quickly backed away and ran off.

“Wait! Marinette!” Adrien reached out to her. Adrien watched her turn the corner. He looked down to the pink wrapped box in his hands.

Marinette suddenly reappeared from the corner, walking in the opposite direction.

“M-my house is this way…” She muttered, walking passed Adrien.

“Marinette.” Marinette shook her head and began to pick her pace. Adrien just watched her, then looked back down to the package. He turned back toward his house and went inside.

Adrien ran up to his room and closed the door behind him. He placed the package onto his computer desk and opened one of the drawers. Adrien pulled out a pink heart shaped card with a hand written poem on the inside.

“‘Your hair is golden, your eyes green iridescent, when I look at you, I would like to share your dreams and thoughts. Yes, I want to be your Valentine, we’ll be good together, I love you forever, my heart is yours.’” Adrien read the poem aloud and sat on his bed. “I thought this was sent by Ladybug.” He sounded slightly disappointed.

“Oh, please, “ Plagg said, suddenly appearing from Adrien’s coat. “Does it matter who sent it? I said it before, if she writes something that sappy, she has to be your soulmate!”

“Yes, but that poem was specifically for Ladybug! I wonder why Marinette thought it was about her…” Adrien thought about this for quite sometime, trying to remember the words of his own poem. “Your hair is jet black…  your eyes as blue as the heavens.” Adrien suddenly realized something. “Plagg.” Adrien muttered staring at the poem. “Marinette has jet black hair… like Ladybug.”

“So?” Plagg replied.

“She also has the same blue eyes as Ladybug.”


“She’s the same height, she has the same build, the same figure.”

“Okay… what’s your point?”

“Plagg, Marinette is-”


“I’m telling you, Alya! It was the worst! I fumbled with my words so much that I didn’t know if I was speaking or just making noise!” Marinette exclaimed, as she and Alya walked up to the school.

“So, yesterday was no different that any other time you’re around him?” Alya laughed.

“Alya!” Marinette yelled, “It’s not funny! I’ve never been so embarrassed my life!”

“Oh, come on! I’m sure you’ve been just as embarrassed plenty of times before!”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better…”

“Hey, Marinette!” It was Adrien’s voice. Marinette froze in place. Alya smirked and continued to walk into the school. Marinette hesitantly turned her head to see Adrien running up to her. He was dressed in the same black coat as yesterday, but had a black hat and matching mittens on. Marinette smiled at this.

“A-Adrien! Hi!” Marinette said, as he drew closer. “What do you n-need?”

“I wanted to thank you for the hat and mittens, I really needed them!”

“O-oh! It was nothing really!” Marinette turned to leave.

“Wait, Marinette.” Adrien started to fish for something in his pocket.

“W-what are you doing?”

“You got me something for Valentine’s Day, and I felt bad so I got you something.”

“N-no! That’s fine! You didn’t have to! I-I just-.”

“Marinette.” Adrien said sternly. Marinette looked up to him.

“Your hair is jet black, your eyes as blue as the heavens,” Marinette felt her cheeks suddenly burn, “ I wanted to ask who you were behind that mysterious mask.  Every day I see you, and I hoped you would give me a sign. I shall love you ‘til the end of my days. And, suddenly you asked me to be your Valentine. I’ll agree, But on one condition,” Adrien leaned in closer to her as he gently forced something into her hand. He whispered, “Will you be mine?” Adrien pulled away, leaving Marinette confused and speechless. “I’ll see you in class, Marinette.” And with that, he turned and walked into the school.

Marinette stared at his back until he was gone. She looked down to her hand to see a small velvet box. Curiously, she opened the box to see a silver bracelet with a single charm on it. The charm was nothing other than a ladybug. Marinette’s eyes widened as she felt her blush spread to her ears. She looked back over to the entrance, but Adrien was now long gone. Marinette smiled to herself, closed the box, and placed it over her heart.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

Marinette placed the box into her backpack and ran into the school.

lisas999  asked:

4 or 16 for the Teacher prompts :) cherik

4. I’m a teacher and you’re the school tech person. I keep putting in helpdesk tickets for things that aren’t broken and you keep coming into my classroom to fix things even though you know they aren’t broken.

Today is the projector.

Everyone knows it’s not broken, even the students. Nothing is ever actually broken.

Still, Erik comes to fix it, just as he always does. He appears at the door to Charles’ classroom, a bag filled with his tech gear resting in one hand. It’s for show. Of course it is. Neither of them remember the last time something needed proper fixing.

“What’s wrong with it?” Erik asks, walking towards Charles’ desk.

“I’m not exactly sure,” he replies, the giggles of his students not going unnoticed. “It won’t turn on.”

By this point in their relationship, Charles thinks he could probably just ask Erik to spend time with him. He’s ninety percent sure the other man would agree, but their little game has become something they do, a tradition almost, and he sees no need to end that now.

Especially if it entertains his students for a little bit each week.

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