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Unneeded Doubts; Kim Taehyung

Taehyung thinks he needs to change but you’re there to tell him otherwise.

Word Count: 1,075

(A/N): This was a lot longer than I expected…but I wrote this in less than an hour, woo! I neglected proof reading as I’m quite tired so excuse any really silly errors :) Please leave me feedback if you have time, I’d love to know what you think! And also, I wanna give a shoutout to bts-please because you made me blush so hard, you’re too sweet bb <3 Anyway, enjoy and please look forward to more stories :D xoxo

You didn’t know what happened but you wished it didn’t. The light in his eyes faded to a point where you didn’t know if the gaze you looked at was really Taehyung’s. Each day, his signature smile seemed to become less and less genuine and, though you knew for sure you hadn’t, you asked him if you had done anything to make that be so. The typical denial would have ensued if he didn’t know you any better but a simple ‘I’m not upset, what are you talking about?’ to avoid feeling burdensome would not have sufficed to you and he knew it so coming clean was the only option. Besides, the two of you functioned best with honesty.

“Are you sure you just didn’t have a bad day?” you rubbed his aching temples as he laid his head ontop of your lap. He nodded, his hair rubbing up into the fabric of your jeans.

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girl is an empty subway station
with train tracks for arteries,
throws herself under attack until the
brain drains from six different directions and bleeds
out into a city divided by two.
one day we used our teeth to dig
under a barbed wire wall and found that
fool’s heart waited sixteen golden years to emigrate from
east to west and
it was all for nothing -
“freedom” is brick-dust on the lips and rapid gunfire
to the soul,
(we call the cloned boys “soulless” but in dawn-light they eat more soul than us all), and
baby is hungry, baby wants to rip still-beating ribs from chest and lick the scars shut because
she still hasn’t had enough to eat.
one day we will use our bodies to find out what’s on the other side.
—  until then, we can still burn our skeletons in secret.

1. You eat regret for breakfast.
Wash it down with a cup of coffee, two sugars.
It sits heavy in your stomach like the
stones you used to skip across the lake in the summer
with the boy who made you realise how
important chemistry is.
Skin on skin
creating sparks of electricity.
Enough to light up a Christmas tree,
a home made for two,
an entire street,
your eyes.

2. You spent the whole of tenth grade chemistry
trying to figure out how this could be.
You held hands with your lab partner for
one minute to see if you could replicate that
moment of current in your veins.
You’d brush shoulders with strangers,
kiss boys underneath the stairs
but it was never enough to create
goosebumps on your skin.

3. The lunch lady serves you regret for lunch
and she looks at you like she knows.
The pebbles from breakfast still sit
in your stomach so you only eat half of it.
The other half finds home in the trash can.
The stones are heavy.
The stones are piling up.
The stones are sinking you to the bottom of the lake.

4. The lake where you first felt
goosebumps on your heart and he kept it warm
in the inner pocket of his jacket.
He held it as if it would crumble.
By the body of water that had a bed of drowning rocks
he kissed you as if death was lurking behind him.
You dropped all your pebbles and
filled your fists with his shirt instead.
You emptied your mind and
filled it with the colour of his eyes instead.

5. Three years ago
you both swallowed pills of empty promises
and walked away from the lake, from each other.
A road trip of silence back to a home that
reeked of memories that didn’t involve each other.
That same year, the lake dried up
and all that was left was a pile of rocks
covered in fingerprints that would
all lead back to you and him.

6. This morning he wakes up and
searches for the jacket he wore that
particular summer.
He finds it shoved behind football boots and gym bags.
All that is left is a gum wrapper and remnants of a pebble.
He puts the jacket back.
He walks into the kitchen.
He pours himself a bowl of stale cereal.
He eats regret for breakfast, too.
—  A.Y // nothing fills you up like regret does

Ayden rolled over to meet his buzzing phone. The text from Heather lit up the screen, but it wasn’t the message that caught his attention, it was the day’s date. He sat up in bed, eyes wide as he tried to put the pieces together before rushing to the kitchen to turn on his laptop. May 17th, May 17th. “Shit,” Ayden cursed before the air in his lungs left. He lifted his hands to cover his face and his eyes that stung with guilt. Shutting his laptop and briskly opening the cabinet where Beca and Eric and Ayden kept their alcohol, he decided against a glass and brought the whole bottle of whiskey with him to the lake. 

Twenty-four hours later, Ayden repeated the previous day’s steps, rolling over too late in the morning to meet his hangover and his phone which still held the texts from Heather. He realized he had missed their second da–…y, making his heart sink with the same anchor-like quality as the day before. Standing up quickly enough to bring the churning sensation to his stomach, Ayden grabbed the pack of gum from his nightstand and ran to Heather’s cabin. Steadying himself against the door, Ayden knocked quickly against it, resting his forehead on the frame. “Heather? Heather, I’m so sorry.” 

Belle hid away in her room even with orders to leave she had no interest in it. She had only spoken to ‘the beast’ once before but if she was being honest, she was afraid of him. It was perfectly reasonable for her to be, she was now alone and scared, trapped here with talking cook ware. It was more than strange but she wasn’t going to say anything about it. On the other side of the door she heard someone ask her to come out for dinner but she sat at the beginning on the bed refusing to leave. Even if she was hungry there was no way she would it with him. The light knocking got louder but she refused to move before shaking her head even though whoever was on the other side couldn’t see it. “I’m not coming out,”