i wrote this months ago and just found it

satisfying language learner things

free resources that are actually good

common verbs being regular

being mistaken for a native speaker

understanding something perfectly

mastering a different script

managing a half-decent accent

being able to use your language skills in unexpected situations


sounds that aren’t horrendously difficult to pronounce

phrases that are easy to translate from one language to another

understanding an idiom

looking back at all your progress and seeing how far you’ve come

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Win a boyfriend? (requested)

Anonymous said:

hello! i was wondering if you can do a Dan imagine where Y/N wins a contest to spend the day with him but he thinks she is going to be another crazy fan. when they spend the day together he starts falling for her because it turns out she isn’t just a crazy fan and she treats him like any other person. this might be a stupid request but it sound cute :/

This was a brilliant idea! I may have gotten carried away and wrote a ton… but thank you for the request!! Hope you enjoy it!

(Word Count: 2887 Wowww)


“Come on Y/N you should just sign up for fun!” My friend Maggie told me as I looked at her laptop screen. She had pulled up a contest page to win a day with Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire on youtube. I had only found him a few months ago though Maggie who was, to put it nicely very dedicated to him and his best friend Phil. I myself though simply enjoyed his videos thinking they were thought out and planned well. She was trying to get me to enter the competition simply for the heck of it.

“It’s not even like I will win.” I shrugged not wanting to sign up for it, but Maggie’s eye was boring into mine making me groan loudly. “Fine! Give me the damn laptop.” I mumbled getting Maggie to giggle happily and hand me her mac book. I typed in my information for it on the site and rechecked to make sure all my information was correct on it before I handed her the laptop back. “There submit it.” I shrugged leaning back against the wall of my bedroom.

“Nope, you have to submit it yourself! If I do it will feel as though I forced you to do this!” Maggie Insisted turning her laptop to face me once more. I shook my head pressing the submit button. “Yes! See that wasn’t so hard now was it Y/N?” She teased before I threw my pillow at her.

“Shut up, Let’s play some Mario Kart now. I want to destroy you again.” I smirked shutting my laptop and stood up. She pouted before she got up herself and moved with me out of the room. I wasn’t going to lie, deep down I sort of wished to win the completion. It would be cool to spend the day with him, to simply hang out and get to know the Daniel behind the camera.

*Fast Forward*

It was about five in the morning when my phone went off with my ringtone of Maggie screaming “Answer it’s me you bimbo!” She had set it as her own personal ringtone when I had gotten this phone months back. I groaned rolling onto my stomach and unhooked the cell from charger. The screaming stopped when I answered it.

“what’s up?” I mumbled my voice filled with tiredness and yearning to go back to sleep. I sat up slowly turning my light on in the process of Maggie screaming incoherent words to me. “Dan Howell. Competition. Website. Go.” Was all I was able to comprehend. “Maggie! Slow down what are you trying to say?” I asked with a soft yawn.

“Y/N. Go to Dan’s twitter… right now…” She said more slowly her voice filled with excitement. I could picture her in her blue and white pajamas sitting on her bed bouncing a bit on the phone. I rolled my eyes and shut the light laying back. “Maggie, it is five in the morning. I’ll look at it when I wake up.” I said as I shut my eyes. “goodnight.” I added before I hung up to Maggie screaming “but Y/N It’s-“  I plugged my phone back in and rolled over going back to sleep.

When I woke up it was about ten o’clock and my phone was ringing with the generic Iphone ringtone. I grabbed my phone looking at the weird number and raised a brow before I sat up. I rubbed my eyes and answered the phone. “Hello?” I questioned fighting back a yawn as I looked to my window, the light shining brightly burning my eyes slightly.

“Hello! Is this y/f/n?” The voice asked on the other side of the line. This got my attention. “Um, yes?” I responded. I heard a chuckle and then a “I’m sorry, did I wake you?” The voice sounded familiar, the chuckle as well but I couldn’t place the voice. I shook my head before I knew the stranger couldn’t see me. “No. Okay well yeah but I needed to wake up.” I yawned moving my feet off my bed. “Who’s this?” I asked as I stood up cracking my back to relieve a bit of pressure.

“Oh, yeah sorry! This is Daniel Howell. I’m calling about the competition you won.” He responded making me fully wake up. I guess I was to silent as I processed everything which made him add “Are you still there?” I took a deep breath “Yeah. Yeah sorry I- just wow…” I chuckled softly. “well. I was wondering when you wanted to hang out. I would pay for the cab to pick you up since I see you live in London as well.” He explained

We decided we could hang out at about noon today since him and I were both free and we would meet for Lunch at a restaurant nearby. After our conversation I hung up and let out a “HOLY SHIT HOW THE FREAK DID I WIN” kind of scream and did a little dance. Okay, maybe not a scream, but I did to a little dance. This was the first competition I ever won so I had every right to be happy!

I got ready for the day, eating a small bowl of shreedies, showering, changing, putting on some makeup. I wanted to at least look like a human when I met him. My outfit I chose was a pair of black distressed jeans with a white tank top a black leather coat and my black converse. I simply lined my eyes with a bit of eyeliner and mascara not wanting to overdo it before I heard my door bell. I tossed a few things into my bag, my phone, a charger, a camera, some spare cash as I went to answer the door. Dan stood there with a little grin on his lips, a flash of surprise in his eyes as he saw me. “Y/N?” He asked as if to make sure I was the right girl.

“Yup that’s me! It’s nice to meet you Dan.” I said with a smile as I took a step out of my door and locked it behind me. Dan watched with curiosity and took a step back. “It’s nice to meet you as well.” He said opening his arms indicating a hug. I raised a brow but chuckled and gave him a small hug. He moved his arms around me hugging me back a bit awkwardly before we both pulled away.  “Let’s get going. I’m starving!” Dan joked as he turned and walked towards the cab waiting for us.

During the cab ride we played twenty questions, or well. He played and I answered most of the questions were simple. “how old are you?” “21.” “how did you find me?” “through my friend Maggie.” “what do you do?” “I am a university drop out. Was training to be a teacher, wanted to be a writer instead.” The list went on from foods, to music, to how much of a fangirl I was about things. He was surprised though I wasn’t a huge fangirl over him.

“I was sure that the winner would be some obsessed girl. Which isn’t bad! I was just worried I would be kidnapped by one…” he joked grinning with a chuckle as he looked at me. I laughed along with him. We had gotten lunch and were walking down the street now as we thought of something to do. It was already like him and I were close friends. Especially when we were asked nicely to leave the restaurant because we were being “a distraction to those around us.” For laughing to hard at some stories we told. He had told me about his hamster, and I had told him about a time I accidently fell into a lake while trying to throw something.”

It was about five when he looked to me. “Want to go to my flat? We could play some video games if you want.” He asked raising a brow as if to judge what I was about to say. A smirk grew on my lips before I nodded “only if you wanna have your arse kicked in Mario Kart.” I said with a soft chuckle. “Is that a challenge?” he responded with a smirk as well.We got ourselves a cab and he gave the cabbie his address. I pulled my phone out texting Maggie a quick text since she was blowing up my phone with “tell me about Dan, give me a video, face time me!” Dan glanced over to my phone and chuckled softly “So that’s Maggie huh?” He asked looking up at me with a grin. I nodded texting Maggie to stop before I responded. “Yeah, major phangirl. She’s begging for you to face time her.” I shrugged as I went to put my phone away but he stopped me.

“Call her, I can talk for a few minutes.” He said looking at me seriously. I raised a brow questioning it for a moment before he responded. “She’s the reason you’re here with me. I want to thank her. Also she’s a fan and I wanna try to meet or speak to every one of them if I have the chance” He said. Moments later Maggie’s face appeared on my phone as I face timed her. I didn’t let her see Dan yet wanting to calm her a little. When I thought it was safe, I gave Dan my phone and they spoke for a bit. Maggie was being calm, or well… more calm than before as she stumbled over words to tell Daniel. Like the good friend that I am I recorded this on my camera for her since, well she was on her phone. Dan finished the conversation and handed me my phone back. I said good bye to Maggie then hung up as the cab stopped.

Dan got out and paid the cabbie as I got out of the cab. I moved to the pavement and looked up at the building as Dan turned to face me. “ready?” He asked as he moved to the door and opened it. I nodded and followed him inside and looked up the stairs forgetting how many there were. “Third floor.” He shrugged as he began his climb with me following. When we got to his front door I was mentally cursing how unfit I was, then he opened the door and there were more. “You’ve got to be kidding.” I muttered getting a laugh from Dan. “I know, we’re almost there though.”

After our final climb up the set of stairs I was in a familiar hallway, the one from his apartment tour video and a few others. “Here’s the lounge, feel free to relax and I’ll get us some tea.” He said nodding to me with a smile. I agreed and walked into the longue looking around. I moved towards the gaming systems in amazement before looking around at the few pictures hanging around to the Black sofa with Dan’s sofa crease. A chuckle danced from my lips as I moved and sat down next to the crease assuming Dan was going to claim his rightful spot. He walked in a minute later with the two mugs of tea. He had choosen the Rubix cube mug, and the hello kitty mug. He handed me the hello kitty one and sat down.

“So as I remember you said you were going to kick my arse in Mario Kart?” He asked smirking as I took a sip. He set up the game as I nodded “Im a master.” I replied casually setting my mug down and took the remote from him. The game began and after four rounds it was tied two to two with one last round.

“Ha! First!” He said as he over took me, but that was a mistake as I used my blue shell and knocked him out of first again. “what were you saying Howell?” I smirked looking at him as he exclaimed “what!” in an octave higher than his normal voice. I had beat him winning the last game and claiming victory. Dan set his remote down mumbling angrily making me laugh. “Sucks to lose.” I teased poking his cheek. He laughed and stood up shutting the system off. “There’s no proof that you won.” He said looking at me. I gasped shaking my head. “Rude.” I mumbled before a sound of thunder rumbled through the room. I looked up to the window seeing it was down pouring outside.

“Crap, how late is it?” I asked standing as he checked his phone. “about ten.” He responded looking from the window to me. “If you want… you can stay here for the night. I don’t feel like it’s safe for you to travel in this rain.” He said moving towards me. I looked at him raising a brow. “what about Phil? When is he returning?” I asked. Dan shook his head “He’s in Florida with some family.” He shrugged “You can stay in his room if you want. I have something you can borrow as well.” He added. As another stuck of thunder rumbled in the sky I nodded agreeing. “sure that’s fine.”

Dan smiled happily before he put up a finger indicating he would be right back before he ran out of the room. I smiled to myself chuckling at his happiness. For some reason I couldn’t shake the feeling of my own happiness off. I was spending the night with Dan. Well, at his house, not really with him but it was the same difference. He had proved himself to be quite a gentleman today. He was more sweet than I imagined, more handsome as well. The way his jaw clenched as he focused on winning, the smirk on his lips when he thought he would win. I shook my head getting those thoughts out of my head. I had just met him for god sake, but now that I was thinking of It I couldn’t let it go.

Dan came back in with a small pile of clothes in his hands for me but stopped raising an eyebrow. “Y/N why are you blushing?” He asked confused. My eyes widened as I now felt the blush on my cheeks darken more. “N-no reason! Thanks for the clothes!” I said moving to grab them and disappeared down the hall to change in the bathroom. I could feel Dan’s eyes on me until I went into the bathroom and shut the door.

I looked at my red face and shook my head as I changed into the sweat pants and shirt he got me. I washed my face and then looked at my outfit. I looked ridiculous in his huge clothes, but honestly what did I expect it would look like when he was a giant. I pulled my y/h/c into a messy bun on the top of my head to get it out of my face, then walked back out to the lounge. Dan had already changed into his own sweats and his grey tank top he used to wear in older videos. “How does a movie night sound?” He asked looking over at me holding movies but stopped seeing how I looked. A faint blush formed on his cheeks. “You look adorable.” He chuckled making my cheeks flame up a bit. I moved and fell back onto the sofa. “Shush!” I laughed hiding my face. “You’re a giant!” I added looking up at him.

Dan laughed along with me as he sat down on the sofa next to me. “I get that a lot.” He grinned as he pressed a button on a remote. “I thought we could watch big hero six.” He said looking at me as if to make sure it was alright. My smile grew a bit as I nodded. “Perfect sounds like a plan!” I responded as he pressed play. The movie began and by the end of it I was cuddled up against Dan with his arm around me. My head laid against his chest as I slowly dozed on and off. When the movie ended he moved a bit and looked down at me smiling softly. I looked up at him as silence filled the room.

His eyes glanced down to my lips for a split second before he looked into my eyes. It felt as though we sat there like that for hours before I felt him leaning in and his warm breath was right above my lips. I moved up gently connecting our lips and slowly we kissed. His lips were soft and tender against mine as he kissed me pulling me closer lightly. When we pulled away I looked up into his light brown eyes a blush on both of our cheeks. His lips came to mine again as he kissed me once more then pulled back before I could react.

A few seconds after he finally broke the silence. “Y/N would you like to go on a date with me… tomorrow?” He asked softly. A smile formed on my lips before I nodded “I would love to.” I said softly before he kissed my forehead and brought me back into his chest as we stayed there the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies.

Time to stop this shit.

As you might know I never got along with @panicatthemcrimagines for different reasons I’m not gonna explain right now, but long story short they blocked me months ago and I was honestly fine with that. 

Then, I started receiving asks about a fic they wrote, and as soon as I read the messages I knew it was from them because no one would ever come to a Frank Iero Imagines blog to talk about a fic where Frank wasn’t even involved. 

Of course I asked what the fic was about and if they could link it to me but no one did, they just kept repeating how good it was. So Elle informed me about it because she actually found it, read it, and remained shocked because of how awful it was (both because of the story and how it was written). 

Then we wrote the post about how dangerous it was writing about an abusive relationship knowing that many of their followers are underage. Of course I knew we would have get shit because of it, I talked with a person who found it good but she did not hide behind anon so it was nice confronting with them. Then we started getting anon messages who were joking about how i got ‘triggered by a vase’ (because the main character broke one while fighting with Y/N and insulting her) and sent us #VaseLivesMatter which is wrong on so many levels. I wouldn’t have even cared if they insulted me directly with slurs and stuff, but this shit is fucked up! 

People who write fanfics and say that they care about people and fandoms, used serious matters to make jokes, it’s so fucking wrong! People might ask them to tag certain stuff because if they see that they might get an anxiety/panic attack and they just pretend to care about that. Because the moment you make ‘triggered’ jokes, you basically make fun of who actually get hurt because of serious triggers. And don’t even get me started on the hashtag. 

‘But how do you know it was them sending the messages?’

We received other messages that Elle deleted because honestly they’re just meaningless, and at that point she checked if we were still blocked because you cannot send messages to who you’ve blocked and surprise surprise we were not blocked anymore :)

Honestly how juvenile and ridiculous do you have to be to waste your time sending dumb messages to someone you don’t like? 

Stop harassing us for stupid stuff, just apologize or ignore us and go live your life. Go learn how to write properly, learn what feminism is, learn what the black lives matter is about, get informed about mental illnesses and triggers, and especially go learn what respect is. 

Never Be Like You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,214 (with lyrics)

Summary: Based off of the song “Never Be Like You” by Flume!  The reader used to date Dean, but then gets engaged to another man after they break up. Then, the reader shows up at Dean’s motel room one night after getting really drunk.

Warning: Not any like super detailed smut, but a little bit of smut. Drunkenness. Swearing. Angst. 

A/N: I wrote this a few months ago and posted it on my main blog (@hanny-bananny​). It’s a lot more angsty than I remember, haha! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. Feel free to leave any feedback! xx


{6 months ago}

Dean sat at the small table across from Sam at a diner just outside of Wichita, Kansas both reading a local newspaper. Dean was shoveling forkful after forkful of eggs into his mouth as he looked through the paper for somewhere that looked promising for a case.

“Alright, so I found a few things that might be up our alley… a couple of suspicious suicides a few towns over seem pretty weird to me… Dean? Are you okay?” Sam asked when he saw the look on Dean’s face.

Dean sat wide eyed, staring in horror at what he saw in front of him. He balled up the newspaper and threw it at the ground and without a word, stormed out.

“Dean, what the hell man? What on earth could make you stop eating…?” Sam mumbled to himself as he stood up to retrieve the piece of paper that made Dean rage.

Smoothing it out and searching for an explanation, he immediately found what he was looking for. In front of him was a large picture of you and a man with his arm wrapped around you and your hand held up proudly, obviously showing off the large diamond on your left ring finger.

An engagement announcement.

Sam’s heart sunk – just six months before, he could’ve sworn that it was going to be you and Dean announcing an engagement.

What I would do to take away this fear of being loved
Allegiance to the pain
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you


“Y/N, wha… what the hell are you doing here?”

You stared up at Dean’s tired green eyes, startled yet oddly comforted by the sound of his gruff voice. He stood tall in front of you, hair ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed and only wore his undershirt and boxers.

“Dean! I’m so happy to see you!” you shouted, your speech slurred together.

You tripped on your way into the hotel room Dean and Sam were staying in to give Dean a probably unwanted hug. Fortunately, Dean caught you before you fell.

“Jesus Christ Y/N, you’re drunk as hell” Dean huffed angrily, trying to get you to stand unsuccessfully. Being so close to him now, you could smell the whiskey on his breath – he probably hadn’t slept yet. He wrapped his arms around your waist and steered you to the couch. But you had other ideas.

“Sammy!” you screeched happily as you flung yourself into Sam’s bed with him. He awoke abruptly, clearly confused and angry.

“Oh god damnit…” Dean muttered under his breath as he tried to control you.

“What the f… Y/N?” Sam’s voice rose to a level you had never heard before. He rolled out of his bed and stood up, leaving you alone giggling in his bed. “Dean, what is she doing here?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Dean grabbed onto you once again and stood you up. “She just showed up, hammered as fuck”

Sam approached you and got inches away from your face. “I want you to get out of this hotel room and never come back, you hear me? I never want to see your face again!”

Your intoxicated mind was barely comprehending what was happening – you were all smiles just being around those boys again. Dean set you gently on the couch and went up to Sam to exchange some harsh whispers. You only picked up a little bit of what they were saying, but you got the gist of it.

“Sam, she’s trashed, I’m not letting her try to drive home… God knows how she even got here to begin with”

“I’m not letting her back into our lives again, not after what she did to you… I can’t watch you go through that again”

“Sammy, I can handle myself!” Dean’s voice was getting angrier with each exchange of words.

Sam put on pants and a shirt then started to head for the door. “I’m not sure what’s going to happen here, but all I know is that I don’t want to be here for it”

I would give anything to change this fickle-minded heart
That loves fake shiny things
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you

{A year earlier}

“Y/N, come on… we can work this out. I can work this out” Dean pleaded with you as you pinged from one corner of the room to the other, collecting your belongings and stuffing them into a bag.

You scoffed as you shoved a sweatshirt into your duffel bag. “That’s what you said the last time. And the time before. And the time before that. I’ve had enough of this argument, okay? I get it – you pick hunting. Hunting is more important than anything else”

He gently grabbed your arm to stop you from leaving. “That’s not fair, Y/N. It’s… it’s an impossible choice”

You rolled your eyes and tugged your arm out of his grip. “That’s the thing – it should be an easy choice. I’ve had enough, Dean. You’re gone all the time, you never call, for god’s sake, you hit on anything that had a vagina… it’s like we’re not even together!”

He grabbed your bag from your hands in his desperate last attempts to get you to not leave.

“Y/N, please… I’m begging. Please, just… just stay. I can make some changes… I… I don’t know what I would do without you”

“I’ve given you so many chances to change this… you say it’s an impossible choice? Well, I’ll just be making the choice for you”

You grabbed your bag from his hands and started heading out the door when Dean grabbed your arm, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss. He was really grasping now, more desperate than you had ever seen him.

Pulling away and resting his forehead on yours, he whispered, “Y/N, I love you more than anything… please, just don’t go…”

Tears brimmed your eyes as you thought of the words that you knew would break both his and your heart.

“It’s just not enough anymore”

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it
He’ll never be like you


Before you knew it, you were bent over the hotel room toilet hurling out every bit of alcohol you had in your system. You felt familiar hands gently brush back your hair as you vomited profusely.

When you felt like you were finished for a while you washed out your mouth then leaned back against the wall and groaned.

“Y/N… why are you here?”

Hearing that deep voice of his again was so intoxicating to your ears. Still completely hammered, you paused, trying to formulate coherent sentences. You thought about where to start then decided that you should just start from the beginning.

“I… I got engaged after we broke up…” you began but Dean interrupted you.

“I know. I saw your announcement in the paper”

Tears brimmed your eyes just thinking about how much that must have hurt him. “We um… well I, I guess… broke off the engagement…” you started, waiting for a response but only got a blank look.

You gulped loudly then continued. “After I… left, I rushed into things too fast and, well… I found myself thinking about you more often than I should have considering I was engaged to another man. Every time we went on a date, I was wishing it was with you, every time we went out with his family, I was wishing it was with you and Sam… every time we made love…”

“Y/N, stop… please”

“I came to realize that you are irreplaceable, Dean Winchester”

You looked up at Dean, trying to figure out where his head was at. You were always good at reading Dean, but right now he was unreadable.

“I came here tonight because I miss you… and I know that it’s not going to make a difference, but I just needed to let you know how I felt. How even though I left, I never stopped loving you…”

Dean stared at you, clearly with tears in his eyes as you both sat on the grimy hotel bathroom that he was staying in. He stood up and started pacing around, you close at his heels.

“What do you expect me to do with this information, huh? When you left… I have never experienced that kind of pain. Losing you again would… I just can’t do it” his voice roared so loudly you could feel it ripple through your body.

Face to face with him, you got nearly inches away from his face.

“I came here because I needed to let you know that I’m aware of the mistake I’ve made… and although I know I can’t do anything about it now… I just needed to let you know how sorry I was, and maybe get some closure for the both of us”

Stop looking at me with those eyes
Like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why
Now I’m fucked up and I’m missing you
He’ll never be like you

Dean was leaned up against the wall of the bathroom, just staring at you. He said no words, but you could easily tell what he was thinking through the stern look in his eyes.

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that I got my closure? I got it the second you closed that door and never came back… I got it again when I saw that engagement picture… You’re here for your closure, not mine. You came here because you’re selfish… didn’t you think about how you showing up like this would affect me?”

You stood silently, soaking in his words. Of course your drunk mind hadn’t thought it through…

“You being here is… it’s like reopening old wounds” Dean said quietly, almost to himself.

You stood there for a moment longer before you decided that you just needed to go. Of course hunting Dean down and going to the hotel he was staying at in the middle of the night was a bad idea – you were finally seeing that now that you were sobering up.

“I… you’re right. This was a mistake… I’m sorry I came here” you breathed out as you walked out of the bathroom.

You were nearly out the door when Dean’s voice called out to you. “Typical. So you’re just going to leave again?”

You stopped dead in your tracks, staring at the door with Dean behind you. The decision for your next action was probably largely influenced by the liquid courage you drank earlier, but you didn’t care. You finally gave into your urges.

In three long strides, you found your lips crashing into Dean’s with an urgency. His lips on yours felt… Normal. Familiar. Comfortable.

It didn’t take him long to reciprocate, his hands cupping your cheeks trying to make the space between you two nonexistent. You gripped onto his shirt like you were afraid that if you weren’t holding on, he’d disappear.

Your earlier conversations completely out the window, you and Dean held each other like you had never let go a year ago.

Dean led you both to the bed, you laying down first as he gently held himself over you, his lips never leaving yours. You pulled at the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head as your nails lightly scratched his toned back. You were desperate to feel his warm skin against yours.

The rest of your clothing was gone in an instant.

Being together for so long, it was safe to say that you and Dean had made love an innumerable amount of times, but this particular time… it wasn’t anything like you and Dean had done before.

The two of you locked eyes, leaving sloppy kisses on each other’s lips as Dean thrusted himself into you over and over again. The way Dean held you, the way his eyes barely left your face… it was like he was a whole new Dean.

Before you knew it, a warm euphoria flooded through your body the same time Dean felt the same magic. It felt like ages since sex felt that satisfying.

Dean rolled off and laid next to you, both of you staring up at the ceiling panting in contentment at the activity you just participated in. You stayed quiet, knowing Dean would be the one to break the silence.

“Y/N, can you… can you just come here”

Knowing exactly what he meant, you curled up against his body as he wrapped both of his arms around your bare torso. You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck – the sound of his heart was one of the most pleasant sounds your ears had ever heard.

Dean kissed the top of your hair before he rested his cheek on your head.

You stayed quiet, afraid of ruining this perfect moment that you knew could be the last.

I’m only human can’t you see
I made, I made a mistake
Please just look me in my face
Tell me everything’s okay
Cause I got it
He’ll never be like you

squashed - a young Paul McCartney one-shot

a/n: howdy i wrote this a long time ago (okay a few months) and i just found it so here it goes, it’s short!!!

“well, i don’t know about you, lads, but i’m havin’ a blast here.” john lennon spoke with clear sarcasm in his voice. y/n just rolled her eyes, the other three didn’t react for john’s behaviour wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. paul raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“it’s not like we have a choice now.” ringo said.

“we do, of course.” came george’s reply.

“yeah, the first one is to go out there and be mobbed to death by the birds outside,” john said, “and the second is to sulk here until it’s time for the check. neither is much fun.”

“life’s not fun, john.” y/n said. john stuck out his tongue at her.

“i like the second choice better, if you ask me.” ringo said.

“i’m with ya, rings.” paul said and then looked at y/n who was sitting next to him. “want some nuts?” he asked. y/n nodded and sighed as she reached for the glass bowl full of nuts and raisins.

“anyone got any idea for what to do?” john asked.

“he’s definitely not giving up.” y/n muttered to paul as they both picket at the bowl of raisins and nuts. paul grinned.

“i usually don’t.” john responded, having heard y/n’s comment. the girl sighed again and fell back against the sofa.

“i gotta say, man, none of us are fab to do anything right now,” george started to say, “i mean we’re all pretty much ready to crash, even y/n, the never ending source of energy here.”

she smirked at the comment.

“so you just expect me to sit in one place for the next—brian, how much time till soundcheck?” john spoke.

y/n decided to isolate herself from the silly argument that was about to happen between john and the rest. she sighed, looking at the ceiling above her. maybe she should have just stayed home, in Pool. decline paul’s request of coming with him on tour. was y/n starting to regret this?

“tired, love?” came paul’s voice from beside y/n, disrupting her train of thoughts. she nodded and seeing as paul was sort of laying down, too, she moved closer to him.

“wish i was home where i could go and do things.” y/n said quietly.

“m’sorry, love, it’s the first time this has been like that.” paul apologised.

“don’t apologise, it’s not your fault you’re so damn attractive to your fans.”

“yeah, but… i brought you here and we’re not having a blast at all.” paul said. “which is exactly what i wanted you to have on this tour.”

y/n sighed again. she took paul’s hand in hers and brought it up so they could both see their hands. paul’s fingers danced against y/n’s. “i don’t think it’s ever a bore if i’m with you.” she admitted.

“hmm. that’s nice to hear.” paul said.

“not like it’s something unordinary.” y/n said. “we’ve been best friends since our mothers were pregnant with us.” she chuckled, paul joining her.

“what did you expect we’d do, anyway?” y/n asked.


“out here, on tour, on yous’ free time.”

“oh, sheesh…” paul trailed off, “go shopping, maybe? have a drink or somat… definitely not sulking in a hotel room.”

“have a drink? in the middle of the d-“

y/n didn’t get to finish for the one and only john lennon had stepped on the coffee table and had started to speak loudly. “lady and gentlemen, we have found a solution.” he announced.

“yeah? and what’s that?” y/n asked.

“well, seeing as you two love birds are close to fallin’asleep, i’ve decided that we will do some activities.” he said and grinned happily to himself. y/n and paul rolled their eyes at the words ‘love birds’. wasn’t the first time john used them to describe y/n and paul, but it wasn’t much of a true statement.

“for christ’s sakes, lennon, get off the table.” said brian epstein. john looked at him with narrowed eyes, but did as he was told, which was a rare thing.

“so?” george said. “what are those… so-called activities?”

“we’ll go on the roof of this building!” john said, pointing at the ceiling with his finger. y/n laughed loudly.

“what tells you that?”

“oh, y/n, it’s only my magical mind.”

“i’m not even sure it’s allowed, john.” ringo said with furrowed eyebrows.

“you bet your beard it is!” john said. everyone could hear that he was ecstatic about his idea. y/n looked at paul with a questioning glare. he just closed his eyes and shook his head.

“are you with john’s idea?” she asked. paul shrugged. “i mean, it’s something to do.”

“well, yeah, but… eh, alright, why not?” paul said and sat up, bringing y/n up with him. “let’s see what john’s really up to.”

Title: At 3 In The Morning

Ship: Germerica

Summary: Alfred finds Ludwig crying in the kitchen in the middle of the night covered in baking flower…

CW: None

A/N: Okay, so this was a thing that was being discussed at one of ladybeemer‘s livestreams a few weeks (maybe a month) ago. Firstly, Ludwig stress-baking. Secondly, something that could make Ludwig cry. I just wrote out as a kind of vent a few nights ago. I didn’t delve into why but we discussed Ludwig feeling useless/unable to protect close friends/family. Sorry in advance for any OOC-ness!

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Continuation of “Override

Part of the “Nocturne” series

Incorporating this from @thefandomimagine: “Imagine McCoy having to call your death” 

From this series: Nocturne || Shipmate || Inflection || Override || thanks to @heilith for the Russian song suggestion and translation

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Chat Noir - the “original” villain of the series?

I was introducing my friend to the series the other day and her comment really made me open my eyes. 
I was explaining to her the nature of Ladybug and Chat Noir’s powers - good and bad luck - when she interrupted me and asked:

“Are they enemies?”

My friend really did not know anything about the series, so she did not know the kind of relationship that the two dorks heroes shared. I quickly told her the rest of the plot of the show, making her understand that they were allies, but that question really made me think.

Ladybug and Chat Noir seem to be natural enemies: one is perfect, loved by everyone and messenger of good luck and good news, while the other seems to create only catastrophes.

It clearly jumps to the eye that Chat Noir isn’t really that great at saving the situation as Ladybug is, and he seems to know it too. Chat Noir knows that he only helps Ladybug, as she is the only one who can cleanse the akumas from evil and save them both thanks to her lucky charm. 

He can only destroy and create chaos. Ladybug always asks him to distract the enemy or handle the fighting because she knows that he is better at doing that. His own special power, Cataclysm, is made to destroy stuff and who knows what could happen if he used it on someone. 

Don’t get me wrong, Chat has done some pretty amazing things and has saved people in the coolest of ways, but you just can’t compare it to how many times Ladybug rescued/helped the civilians. 

Also, in the Egyptian papyrus there was no mention of Plagg or Chat Noir; the only two figures that were praised for their help were Tikki and an Egyptian Ladybug. Why isn’t there a mention to the Chat of the time? Cats were highly respected in the Egyptian society, they would have idolised Chat Noir and made him become a god if he had actually helped them. Could it be then that Plagg and Chat Noir only brought bad luck and suffering to the Egyptian people?

There have been speculations that the man with the stick on the top right of the papyrus is the Egyptian Chat, but that is just speculation. Even by zooming in, the only recognizable thing that makes us assume that it could be a Chat Noir is the stick that the man is holding. He doesn’t seem , however, to have any tail or cat ears, while the Egyptian ladybug clearly was wearing a similar attire to the one Marinette is wearing now, even with the same colour pattern.

That’s what we can see from Marientte’s textbook. The quality of the shot really isn’t the best, so I just played around a bit with the colour settings to make it clearer.

No tail, no ears, or at least I can’t see any of the two. Is that really Chat then? Or is it someone else?
Assuming that that is Chat, that still doesn’t explain the Pharaoh’s behaviour during the episode 7, “The Pharaohs Queen.” The Pharaoh kind of ignored Chat, the only ones who were worried about him were the mummies. He targets Ladybug and blames her for the failure of his previous trials of resurrecting his lover. Does this mean that he didn’t recognise Chat Noir as someone on the same side of Ladybug and therefore didn’t think of him as a threat?

But how can someone as adorable as Plagg be an evil deity?

Well, let’s start with the principle that people - and gods - can change. We assume that Plagg and Tikki have always been helping the humans to get rid of the akumas, but we really have no proof of that yet. Only Tikki mentions her past with the other Ladybugs, while Plagg doesn’t even address the matter.
Also, we have to consider the nature of Chat Noir’s powers: as said before, he can’t cleanse the akumas. It’s not something that Plagg can do, I assume. 

Then could it be that, as a deity, Plagg was born to bring chaos and mischief to this world and then changed? 

And if so, what made him change?

This theory is kind of all over the place and I doubt that it’s actually correct, but it would be really interesting to see where it could go!

ayarou  asked:

Hello, I'll just introduce myself as someone new in the BNHA fandom but I found myself shipping kacchako intensely. Then I found you and your writings. It has been one pleasant experience, honestly. Eventhough the last time you wrote them is maybe months ago, I just wanna say that I really really really love how you write and you make them so in-character. I absolutely love going through your blog everyday, your writings make me super happy, and they help me go through the day, so thank you! :)

Hello my friend and welcome to both the BNHA and kacchako fandom!! :D I’m so glad you found my ficlets pleasant to read! Just knowing that my little stories somewhat brightened your days means so much to me! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated ;_; (mostly cause I started a new job and also cause of writer’s block) but reading your words really motivates me to get back to writing kacchako! Thank you again for your super kind words and I hope you continue to enjoy the fandom!

We Made A World


Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: low key found this in my notes from when i wrote it during free reading a month or two ago and found it just now soOoOo you’re in luck (p.s the pretending to date fic is a thing and it is in the works be patient with me)

Summary: Dan and Phil are at their tour after party and their friends convince them to dance. 

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So you may have heard about the song Taylor just released with Zyan for the Fifty shades darker soundtrack called I don’t want to live forever. Well naturally when I heard it I looked on her lists to see if it was registered on any of them yet and I found this! A song called The reason why that she wrote with Calvin Harris and Rhianna sings on! It was added since the last time I checked that site maybe like a month ago so I think (and I’m hoping) it might get released in the near future! A songwriter/producer named Kuk Harrell who’s worked with Rhianna before is involved in it somehow too (it says as a performer but I think he’s just a songwriter/producer so I don’t know?) and it’s 3:41 long. That’s all I know so who knows what’ll happen with it but it is a legitimate song so I wanted to post about it as soon as I heard! (Despite the fact that it’s now past 1am here! haha)

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo/Orihime
Rating: T (they’re just talking… mostly. but they are in bed and nakey… mostly… so…)

Orihime stared into the dark as her fingers stroked the spiky orange hair of the head at her shoulder; warm, steady breathing tickled her skin.



“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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Poetic Confession

Trying something a little different this week, based on the first nine chapters of Poe Party and a theory that may or may not be completely wrong. And also on an old poem some guy wrote. [I had to put lines in between the stanzas because tumblr wouldn’t keep my extra spaces]

It was many and many a month ago,

           In her cottage by the sea,

That I first read the words that Edgar wrote

           For my girlfriend Annabel Lee;

And he said that she lived with no other thought

           Than to love and be loved by he.

“He’s just my friend and I’m just his friend,”

           She quickly explained to me;

But we loved with a love which was worse than love –

           I and my Annabel Lee –

With a love that was founded on secrets and lies,

           Fueled by jealousy.

And this was the reason that, later on,

           Faced with opportunity,

I took advantage of an offer made

           To innocent Annabel Lee;

For when Lenore asked whom to invite

           To that cad’s dinner party,

Annabel deferred to my input

           Which I gave most willingly.

All authors, not half so worthy as bankers,

           Who had e’er quarreled with me –

Yes! – they were the ones (no one would know;

           I’d met them all secretly)

That Edgar would invite to his house that night,

           At the behest of “his” Annabel Lee.

For our love it was weaker by far than the love

           Of vengeance I carried in me –

           Of justice toward those who’d wronged me –

And neither the psychics who bring back the dead,

           Nor the cops fresh from Academy,

Can hinder my murderous plan; no one can!

           No, not even my Annabel Lee.

As I watch them point fingers I find my gaze lingers

           On the beautiful Annabel Lee;

When they mention invites, she suspects, knows she’s right,

           Out the door runs my Annabel Lee;

Can’t let her get away: who knows what she might say?

So I kill her – I kill her – my eleventh kill today.

           Instead of revealing me,

           Her last breath says it was always he.

Preference #7: Going Into Labor (Requested)

This is Part 2 to the Telling Him You’re Pregnant preference I wrote a while ago (which can be found here). The second part was requested, and that person wanted something with the babies. I hope this is okay! :)

Scott: Being pregnant hadn’t exactly been the amazing experience that you had thought it would be. Being young and naïve as you had been, you thought it was going to be easy. You hadn’t expected the heartburn, the swollen everything, the gas, or any of the other side effects you’d encountered in the last nine months. You most definitely hadn’t expected that your morning sickness would last well into your sixth month, and that it wouldn’t just be the morning. No, morning sickness happened all day long.

But, you were finally in the homestretch of this thing. At thirty-nine weeks pregnant, you knew that your baby girl could start making her way into this world at any second now. And, thank God for that! You were so ready to meet her, but you were also so ready to just not be pregnant anymore.

For the millionth time that night, you toss and turn in bed, trying to get comfortable. From beside you, your boyfriend turns over and flutters his tired eyes open. “What is that?” Scott’s nose lifts up, smelling something rather unappealing.

“Oh God.” You sit up as best as you can and look at the wet spots on your pajama pants and the puddle in between your legs. “Scott, that’s my water.” You reach over and hit Scott’s arm until he’s awake.

“What?” Scott suddenly sits up, fully awake now.

“We have to get to the hospital.” You tell him while carefully swinging your legs around as best you can. You had been staying with Scott the last few months to prepare for the baby’s arrival. Your parents were still heavily involved, but both you and Scott had decided that you wanted to live together and raise the baby in one house. Scott couldn’t bare the idea of leaving Melissa alone in their house, and honestly, you loved the idea of living with Scott and Melissa. She was going to be the best grandmother.

Over sixteen hours later, you’re finally holding your baby girl in your arms. Labor had been hard, and you had cursed your boyfriend’s existence more times than you could count… But, now that your daughter was in your arms, you couldn’t even remember what that pain had felt like. All you could focus on now was your baby girl and how happy you were to finally be able to see her.

Allison Melissa McCall had arrived just after 8 PM that night, and she already had both you and her daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny finger.

Scott walks over and lifts the baby from your arms when he sees your eyes start fluttering. “Go ahead and get some sleep, Babe. I’ve got Ally.” Scott leans forward and leaves a kiss on the top of your head before pulling back, leaning down, and kissing the top of Ally’s head, too.

Stiles: Here you were, seven and a half months pregnant. You and Stiles were out shopping for a few last minute items for the nursery. You were getting to that point that you didn’t even want to move so you knew that you had to get this done now.

You had stopped for a quick lunch between stops when you started feeling sharp pains in your stomach. “Oh!” You breathe out and put your hand over your more-than-swollen stomach.

“Everything alright, Babe?” Stiles sits up and reaches across the table to move his hand around over your stomach.

You shake your head. “It’s just Braxton Hicks.” You tell him, sure that’s it. You still had six weeks to go after all. All of the sudden, another sharp shooting pain rips through you. You let out a deep, guttural groan.

“That’s it, we’re going to the hospital!” Stiles throws some money down on the table while standing up and quickly walking around the table to your side. He helps you up and out to his jeep.

By the time you’re in your own hospital room, you know you’re in labor. Your water breaking had been a big clue. When Melissa walks in to check on you, you shake your head at her. “It’s too early! He’s only 34 weeks.” You cry out.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Honey.” Melissa steps forward and starts wiping your hair off of your sweaty forehead. “Babies born at 34 weeks can be completely healthy.”

As another contraction hits, you try breathing through it. “He has to be okay.” You say as a few tears slip out of your closed eyes. Stiles leans forward and just kisses one of your hands, which is clenched tight into a fist.

A few hours later, after you’ve been pushing for what feels like forever, you let out a deep groan as you push one last time. “It’s a boy!” You hear your doctor announce, but you’re listening for the cry. You know that he’s supposed to cry.

“Stiles?” You look over at your boyfriend, tears cascading down your cheeks. “Is he okay?”

Stiles stands up and follows the nurses across the room where a different doctor is checking on the baby. Stiles’s eyes are wide with worry.

After what feels like a lifetime, you finally hear the baby let out a loud wail. “Oh…” You breathe out, bringing your hand up to cover your mouth. “Thank God…” You wipe your tears away just in time to see Stiles walking over with the newborn in his arms.

“Cooper Scott Stilinski, this is your mom.” Stiles gently places the baby boy on your chest and in your arms before leaning down and kissing your temple.

“I love you so much.” You whisper to your baby boy before lifting his little hand and kissing it.

Derek: You pace the floor of Derek’s loft as you wait for him and the rest of the pack to get back. The only person left with you was Lydia, and that was because Derek had insisted on not leaving you alone with your due date only a couple weeks away.

“It’s been hours.” You continue pacing as you bring your hands up, one to hold your stomach protectively and the other up so you can bite your fingernails. “Where are they?” You turn around and lift your eyes to look at Lydia.

“They’re all alright, Y/N. I haven’t felt anything… you know, scream-inducing.” She takes a deep breath before stepping forward and reaching out to hold both of your hands in hers. “Derek is coming home to you and the baby. Do you really think he’d let your son grow up without a daddy?”

You shake your head as a tear falls from your eyes. “What if he doesn’t have a choice, Lydia?” You reach up and wipe the tears from your eyes. “I can’t do this by myself. I need Derek.” You admit out loud for the first time. You always put on a brave face, especially for Derek, but you were really scared that something was going to happen to him, and then you’d have your raise your son without him.

“Let’s sit down.” Lydia leads your over to the couch. “Stress is not good for you or the baby right now.”

You just nod your head in response. As Lydia helps you ease backwards onto the couch, she doesn’t even realize how right she is. You’d been feeling what you knew were contractions for the last two hours, but they were only about twenty seconds long and every fifteen minutes apart. You knew they weren’t Braxton Hicks contractions because you had been having those for weeks. This felt different, but you knew you still had time before you had to go to the hospital. You’re desperately hoping that Derek is back in time to go with you.

As another contraction hits you, you clench your fist tight at your side, trying not to let Lydia see what’s going on. Right as Lydia notices your face contorted in pain and opens her mouth to say something, the door to the loft slides open.

You look over to see Scott and Stiles walking in with their arms around Liam, helping him walk into the loft as well. “Where’s Derek?” You ask them, your eyes wide with worry.

“I’m right here.” Derek calls out from behind Scott, Stiles, and Liam as he enters the loft. He immediately walks over to you and bends down. “What’s going on with you? I can tell that something’s wrong.” Derek squats down and rests his hands on the sides of your stomach. You don’t know how, but when his eyes look up into yours, you know that he knows. “How long have you been in labor?” He asks, his eyes getting wider as he stands up and walks around the corner to grab your hospital bag.

“You’re in labor?” Lydia looks taken aback. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I’m fine.” You stand up when Derek comes back and wraps his arm around you to help you up. As you stand up, your water breaks.

Derek looks down at the puddle and then back up into your eyes. “Later we need to have a talk about your definition of fine. Right now, we’re going to the hospital.” Derek keeps his arm around you as he begins leading you towards the door.

Later that night, you and Derek are sitting in your hospital bed, one of his arms wrapped around your shoulders, while you hold your newborn son. “I can’t believe I let you convince me to name him Holden.” You glance up at Derek before turning your eyes back to the baby in your arms.

“I think Holden James Hale has a nice ring to it.” Derek turns his head and kisses your temple. “Almost as good as Y/N Hale…”

His words catch you off guard. You and Derek hadn’t talked about marriage. You didn’t want to pressure him, and Derek didn’t want you to feel like he was only proposing because of your son. You look back over at your boyfriend. “Derek?”

“I want us to be a family, Y/N, and more importantly, I want to spend the rest of my life with you… maybe making more babies.” He casually grins down at you, thinking he’s so charming. “Will you marry me?”

You nod your head slowly with a tight smile on your face. “Of course I will. I love you, Derek.” You tilt your head upwards and kiss Derek’s lips slowly.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a ring for you.” Derek whispers while pulling his lips away from yours.

“And, I’m sorry I didn’t tell Lydia that I was in labor.” You apologize sheepishly while biting your bottom lip.

“Yeah, about that…” Derek looks down at you with a stern look on his face. You chuckle under your breath and look back at Holden while Derek breaks into a lecture about never doing that again if you two happened to have more kids someday.

Isaac: You were definitely in the nesting period of your pregnancy. So far, you had cleaned every inch of the house that your pregnant belly would allow you to waddle into. Now, you’re in the nursery, reorganizing the baby’s closet for the hundredth time.

As you’re folding the clothes and putting them back in your daughter’s dresser, you hear soft footsteps behind you. You turn your body as best as you can, and you see Isaac standing there, biting back a smirk while folding his arms over his chest. “Don’t laugh at me, Isaac Lahey.” You scold your boyfriend before turning back to the task at hand.

“You’ve folded and refolded her clothes more times than I can even remember.” Isaac bends down, moves a pile of clothes, and then takes a seat next to you. “You’ve cleaned the entire house three times this week.”

“So I want our daughter to come home to a clean house! What is so wrong about that?” You use your very pregnant stomach to lay a onesie flat before folding it.

“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Isaac shakes his head while grabbing one of the jumpers sitting nearby and starting to refold it. “But, I’m a little worried that you’re overworking yourself. Your due date is in a couple of days.”

“Oh, I know.” You nod your head vehemently. You wanted your little girl to be as healthy as she could possibly be, but you were also so ready to not be pregnant anymore. You wanted your body back. You would much rather have your baby girl in your arms rather than instead of in your stomach. “The sooner this girl makes her appearance, the better, Babe.” You purse your lips over at Isaac.

Isaac chuckles under his breath while leaning over and gently kissing your lips quickly. “Well, let’s get you and Baby off to bed. I’ll finish folding her clothes.”

Isaac stands up before taking a step over, standing behind you, and bending down while putting his arms under yours and around your waist. As soon as you stand up, you start feeling sharp pains in your stomach. “Oh!” You reach your arm down and clutch your stomach.

“What is it?” Isaac asks you, holding you tighter before letting his hand reach down to touch your stomach. He tries to take some of your pain away, but you swat his hand away. “Not now, Babe. I think… Oh!… I need to feel this, I think.” You breathe out, taking a few deep breaths in and out. There was something telling you that whatever was happening, you needed to know what it was. You needed to feel the pain. “Isaac, something is wrong.” You turn your head and look towards his face, scared out of your mind.

“We’re going to the hospital.” Isaac starts turning around and leading you towards the front door.

Before you can make it to the front door, your water breaks. “We’re not going to make it.” Your legs stop moving as you hunch over more and hold your stomach on both sides. “Isaac, she is coming right now!” Your eyes widen and lock on your boyfriend’s.

“What? What do I do?” Isaac walks around to your front side and bends down. You move your hands over to his shoulders and grip them as hard as you possibly can as another contraction hits. Isaac doesn’t say a word about the pain. After all, he’d suffered much worse, both from his father and while being hunted as a werewolf.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You whisper to Isaac before looking up from the floor at him. “Just… She can’t be born here, Isaac.” You look into Isaac’s ocean-blue eyes as tears spring up to your own.

“It’s okay, Baby.” Isaac really wasn’t that worried about you hurting him. He was far more concerned about you and the baby. “I’m going to call Melissa. She’ll know what to do.” Isaac grabs his phone out of his pocket and dials the number while guiding you over to the couch.

Within ten minutes, Melissa McCall is running through your front door with Scott hot on her heels. “How far apart are your contractions?” She asks when she reaches the guest room where Isaac had carried you after calling her. Melissa reaches into her bag and pulls on some rubber gloves.

“Maybe two minutes.” You huff out.

“I’m going to check your cervix.” Melissa informs you before doing so.

“Woh!” Scott is quick to rush around his mother and to the side that Isaac’s not occupying. He did not need to see what was going on down there.

Melissa peaks her head back up and looks straight up at you. “Y/N, when I say, start pushing as hard as you can, and when I say stop, you have to stop. You got it?” She asks you.

“Okay.” You nod your head a few times.

“Boys, hold her legs back.” Scott and Isaac do as she says while you lift your left hand to cover Isaac’s.

Less than an hour later, you’re holding your newborn daughter in your arms with Isaac sitting down on the bed next to you, one hand softly caressing the top of your daughter’s head.

“Haven Grace is a beautiful name.” Melissa tells you while walking back into the room with the paramedics.

“We almost changed our minds and named her after you.” You smile over at Melissa. “Thank you so much for everything.”

“Oh Honey, you did most of the work.” Melissa smiles down at you before looking at the baby. “All I did was turn her over a little bit.”

That was an understatement. What Melissa hadn’t told you when you first started pushing was that your baby wasn’t positioned right, and halfway through, Melissa had to turn the baby before Haven could be all the way born. It had hurt like hell, but it was worth it in the end. By all accounts, Haven was healthy, and she looked as happy as could be swaddled up in your arms and under the precious watch of her daddy.

“The paramedics are going to take you to the hospital now.” Melissa smiles down at you.

You smile back up at her. “When can we start calling you Dr. McCall?”

“Just go take care of that baby.” Melissa laughs at you.

A few minutes later as the paramedics are lifting you up into the rig, Scott steps up next to Isaac, who is now holding his daughter. “So, Haven huh? That’s an interesting name.” Scott comments on the little girl’s name.

Isaac looks down at his daughter’s sweet, chubby face. “It means safe place.” Isaac turns to look at Scott, a permanent, proud smile etched on his lips. “Y/N chose it. For me, I think. She wants me to know that she and Haven are my safe place, my home, my family.” Isaac turns his eyes back down to the baby, mesmerized by her tiny button nose and the crystal blue eyes she’d inherited from him. She, along with you, really were his everything now.

Brett: You loved your boyfriend, and you would do anything for Brett. But, hanging out in the woods when you were nearly 39 weeks pregnant was not your idea of a good time. Your stomach was ginormous, your feet were swollen, and it was hot as all hell.

You knew that pack meetings were important to Brett, and that the baby would be a part of the pack by extension, whether he ended up actually being a werewolf or not, but it still didn’t endear you to being at this current meeting given your condition.

“How’s Little Man?” Brett asks you when he takes a seat next to you and hands you a water bottle.

“Honestly, we’re a little tired.” You tell Brett truthfully as you take the water bottle in your hands.

“I know.” Brett nods his head while lifting his hand and rubbing small circles on your belly, hoping to catch a kick or two from the baby. “And, I know you didn’t want to come tonight, but I had to.” Brett pauses while quickly leaning in and pecking your lips. “And, I wasn’t going to leave you at home by yourself given that there’s only a few days left until your due date.”

You let out a sigh. “It’s fine, Brett.” You relent. “It’s not your fault that I’m 17 months pregnant, as big as a house, haven’t seen my own feet for weeks, and annoyed with everything and everyone.” You shrug your shoulders. “Then again, I am acting as a human incubator for your son right now so you’re not allowed to be annoyed with me.”

“Never.” Brett shakes his head and lets out a quiet chuckle under his breath. After hearing some voices in the background gathering around the fire, Brett helps you up and you two walk, hand in hand, over to where the rest of his pack is gathered.

Satomi starts the meeting as she always does, telling stories about the wolves that came before the ones standing around her. But, ever since meeting Scott McCall, Satomi had added something to this part of the meeting. She added on details about the responsibility that the werewolves had to protect the people around them. They were gifted with the bite (or werewolf gene) and could do amazing things with their abilities. They had the ability to save and protect people who couldn’t always protect themselves.

As Satomi continues her speech, you start feeling sharp pangs of pain in your abdomen. You think it’s just more Braxton Hicks, and luckily, everyone is so enthralled by Satomi’s words that they don’t even notice you. Brett gives you a few careful, questioning glances, but you shake him off.

Right as you realize that this really could be real labor, Satomi turns her strong, steely eyes on you. “It looks like our littlest wolf is ready to make his entrance into the world.”

“I thought it was the fake labor.” You glance up at your boyfriend sheepishly when you feel his blue eyes trained on your face. When you look at his face, you see how worried he is.

“We have to go to the hospital.” Brett reaches forward to wrap his arms around you, to lead you to his car, but Satomi walking forward and putting her hands on either side of your stomach stops him.

Your eyes widen. Before this, you hadn’t even been sure that Satomi liked you. Now, here she was, completely invading your personal space, in your most vulnerable moment no less. “You’ll deliver here.” Satomi looks up into your eyes, and you can see that she expects not to hear any arguments.

“We’re in the middle of the freaking woods!” You exclaim. “I absolutely cannot have my baby out here. I need a doctor!” You look into the short, but intimidating, woman’s eyes.

“I will help.” She informs you matter-of-factly.

You look over to Brett, hoping for some backup, but he is just looking at you like he doesn’t know what to do. “I’m sure Satomi knows what she’s doing, Y/N.” Brett tells you.

You gather as much strength in your body as you can as you grab Brett’s hand and pull him a few feet away, keeping ahold of his hand and squeezing it as the contraction pain rips through your body. “Are you sure enough to risk our son’s life, Brett, because that is what you’ll be doing?”

“She’s my alpha, Y/N, and she’s older and wiser than you’d expect.” Brett reaches his hand up to your face and caresses your cheek. “Our boy will be fine.”

Even if you wanted to keep arguing with Brett, you couldn’t. Another contraction, the strongest yet, starts ripping its way through your body. “Oh my, God!” You breathe out and grab Brett’s arm with your free hand, squeezing it as hard as you can.

“There is no more time. He has to be born now.” Satomi walks over, and as much as you don’t want to follow her instructions or have your baby out in the middle of nowhere, you know, at this point, you have no choice.

But, as your labor progresses, you start caring less and less. All you care about is getting this baby out of your body. Over two hours later of pain and pushing, you finally hear your newborn son cry for the first time. You let out a deep sigh of happiness at the sound.

“He’s so beautiful.” You hear Brett sigh out as Satomi places the baby boy in your boyfriend’s arms. “Here Y/N, here’s our baby.” He whispers to you while walking around to your side and dipping his arms lower so you can see your son for the first time.

“He’s perfect.” You whisper while reaching your arms out. Brett knows you want to hold the newborn so he slowly puts the baby in your arms.

“This is our son.” Brett whispers in disbelief while looking down at you and the baby wrapped up in your arms. “Hi Wesley, I’m your dad.” Brett smiles at the baby.

Wesley Luca Talbot. You say your son’s name in your head while looking down at him. Yes, the name perfectly fit the baby boy cradled in your arms.

Parrish: Everything had just happened so quickly. One minute, you and Jordan had been on the phone with one another, you telling him about the latest baby clothes you had bought, and then all of the sudden the line was dead.

Jordan had been freaking out, trying to call you back over and over again, and he had been shocked when a fellow deputy had called him back, on his own phone, telling him that he should get to the hospital. You had been in an accident, and it was really bad.

Jordan’s whole life flashed before his eyes in that moment, and if it hadn’t been for Sheriff Stilinski standing beside him and offering to look after Ella, Jordan might still be standing in the middle of the station. Stilinski had one of the other deputies drive him over, and now Jordan was sitting in the waiting room, just waiting to hear any type of news about you or the baby you still carried in your womb.

Jordan’s foot bounces up and down, his elbows resting on his knees, his hands clasped tightly over his mouth. How could this have happened? One minute, he was thanking his lucky stars for all that he’d been given: a job he loved, an amazing and beautiful wife, and in a matter of days, he’d be the very proud and grateful dad of two daughters. Suddenly, he wasn’t sure what was going to happen anymore. All he could do was pray for both your life and that of your second daughter.

“Are you Y/N Parrish’s husband?” Jordan looks up and sees a doctor standing in front of him.

“Yes, I’m Jordan.” Jordan stands up and runs his hand through his short hair nervously. “How is Y/N? How’s the baby?” Jordan asks.

“Your wife was seriously injured in the car accident, and when paramedics brought her in, it was imperative that we deliver the baby both to save the child and your wife.”

“Did you? Save them, that is.” Jordan presses on, subconsciously holding his breath as he waits for the doctor’s answer.

“Yes.” The doctor nods his head once. “Your daughter was born via c-section, and she is perfectly healthy.”

“What about Y/N?” Jordan keeps questioning.

“We were able to stop the internal bleeding during surgery, and she has a broken arm.” The doctor pauses. “But, barring any complications, I would say that your wife is out of the woods and will make a full recovery.”

“Oh, thank God!” Jordan finally feels like he can breathe. As he lets out his breath, he slowly leans forward, putting his hands on his knees and steadying himself in the process. “When can I see my wife?”

“Right this way, Mr. Parrish.” The doctor turns and starts leading Jordan down the hallway.

Over forty-five minutes later, your eyes finally start fluttering open as the anesthesia from your surgery starts wearing off. You slowly turn your head from side to side, confused about where you are, when it all comes rushing back. With your free hand, the one not tucked into your body in a cast, moves to touch your stomach, but when you do touch it, you feel the pain.

“Hey, it’s okay. Baby, everything’s fine.” Suddenly, Jordan is standing above you and looking into your eyes. You can see the tears in his eyes, but there is a smile on his face.

“What about…” You can’t bring yourself to ask about your baby’s fate. You were too nervous to hear the answer.

Jordan looks down at the newborn he’s holding in his arms. You follow his eyes and see your newborn daughter for the first time. “She’s perfect, and she’s a fighter just like her mommy.”

“Oh…” You reach out your good hand to smooth over the short dark hair on the top of your daughter’s head. “She’s okay?” You ask Jordan, glancing up at his face.

“She’s fine. She’s healthy, and she’s beautiful, and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her.” Jordan reassures you.

You look back at your newborn daughter again before letting out a huge sigh of relief. “What about Ella?” You ask about your oldest daughter.

Jordan smiles as the little girl runs in, as if right on cue. “She’s perfect, too.”

“Mommy!” Ella shouts when she sees you awake. “Mommy, you okay?” Ella asks when she reaches your bedside.

“Mommy’s just fine.” You tell Ella as Jordan bends down and lifts Ella onto the bed beside you with one arm. “Come here, have you met your baby sister yet?” You ask Ella.

Ella shakes her head while looking over at the baby in her daddy’s arms. “She’s squishy.”

“So were you when you were born!” Jordan teases Ella before poking her stomach playfully.

“Ella, this is your sister, Honor Eloise Parrish.” You smile down at your now four-year-old daughter.

Ella purses her lips as she thinks about it. “Ella and Honor.” She nods her head and then smiles at you. You smile back, showing Ella the same smile she gave you. Then, Ella turns back to her mini-me. “I love you, Honor.” She whispers before leaning forward and kissing the baby’s head.

“She loves you too, Ella.” Jordan smiles down at his two girls before looking over at you. I love you. He mouths to you, and you just smile back. Now, it was you thanking your lucky stars that you were still here to witness this moment and all the ones you’d have with your family after.

I do not love you anymore but there will always be something there – no matter how hard I want to throw my fist into your face. I think I just want to knock some sense into you. That maybe, just maybe, if I hit you hard enough, not only would it make me feel better, but also it would cause you to realize just how much you miss talking to me too.
—  i found something i wrote about 8 months ago saved as a word document 

Summary: You are in high school and a really great artist. Jungkook is really fond of your work and ends up falling for you through your art.
Member: Jungkook X Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1547 words

As an art student, I can go on and on about how art holds a special place in my heart. I believe that it’s something that’s ingrained in me and being able to put it in words was a dream come true. I wanted to make a narrative based on poetry alone but it took too much work so I just used the poetry I prepared here. This is a major fluff but enjoy!

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You have had always considered yourself to be very lucky. You heard the stories where people of your age were not only drowning in the responsibilities every time they turn a little older, they were also swarmed with questions posed by others. Questions that they too have no answer. You knew of the doubts that swam in their heads when they had too many options and sometimes when there were too little. Where the scariest questions started from ‘Could I really do this’ turning into ‘I can’t do this’.

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