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i think the most messed up part about it all is how you still linger even though you left. i’m beginning to find myself unable to even talk to new people without stopping and remembering that they’re not you. like the laughter dies and bubbles deep in my stomach, my tongue curls back and i retreat, closed mouth, eyes lowered. and i know that confuses people when i suddenly become distant, but, yeah, i still can’t enjoy myself or others anymore and dive into new friendships because i know i will never reach that same level of intimacy that i did with you. and that’s partly because there’s no one in the world that’s going to take your place, and that’s partly because you took advantage of my trust and generosity and now i can’t ever pour my entirety into any relationship anymore for fear it’ll be too much for them like it was too much for you. too much and too ugly. you said it would be better if you would leave, so why are you still here in everything i do?
—  god, you said this would be the last time i’d hear from you, but i should have known that you wouldn’t suddenly stop lying now

hey does anyone else remember 2009 fanfiction culture where every fic was based off a taylor swift song 

Older Noctis, with beard head canons

So I decided to to write a few head canons I have of older Noctis, and in particular with his beard. I am just such trash for him and I love him without end. Also, I am tipsy af atm so I thought why not, better do it now or never. Perhaps a little NSFW?

  • Noctis tends to his beard upkeep, regularly. He always keeps it trimmed, and uses various nice oils and mixes it with irresistible fragrances. These oils really come to its full right when Noctis is outside and when the sun shines upon his face, highlighting his beard in all its glory.
  • Sometimes when Noctis watches himself in the mirror, he’d sometimes see his father stand before him. It startles him for a moment, but recovers swiftly, tilting his head up, knowing his father would be proud of him.
  • His beard might be scruffy looking and rough, but damn is it actually really soft. He loves brushing his beard against your cheeks and going further down your neck. He adores hearing you squeal and giggle. He aims to tease and please with that fine beard of his.
  • Noctis has these certain gestures he makes with his beard. He often rubs it with his thumb and index finger, when lost into deep thoughts. This is a common trait of his, also when he has to make certain important ‘kingly’ decisions.
  • He also loves to make these gestures to seduce you, taking your hand and kissing it gently and afterwards rubbing his beard over your fingers, pulling you in more and smoothly rubbing his beard over your arm, which ends at your collarbone. placing soft and ticklish kisses.
  • Noctis doesn’t really try out many different styles of beards, though he is open to it. The bros often tease him about the matter. making the joke of: ‘A different beard for every royal  occasion’.
  • Noctis prefers to shave his own beard lightly, but he also has his very own royal barbers. These are the best barbers of Lucis.

wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart (chapter ¼)

Summary: It’s just Isak’s fucking luck that he’ll probably be outed before he ever kisses a boy. Fortunately, Even’s there to fix that, only to flit out of Isak’s life right after. Years later, a wedding brings them back together. (Once again, @westiris is an amazing beta and I love her.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 8,643


Sorry, baby, I have to work late. Tell Noora and Eva congrats from me! xoxo

Isak sighs, rubbing at his temples. He should’ve expected this—Wesley has a huge project coming up at work. It’s all he can talk about, but there’s very little about customer analytics or audience tracking that Isak cares for. He can hardly blame his boyfriend, either. Isak’s spent the last week cooped up in his office, grading papers or preparing for that huge conference in Copenhagen. They’d skipped their usual Tuesday date night, but that was probably for the better. Isak doesn’t have enough energy to force a conversation. The only good thing he’d get out of date night would be the sex, and he has the comfort of his own hand and his best dildo for that. It’s much more efficient that way.


I wasn't that drunk!

“Morning everyone.” Hunk said happidly, admonst the hungover and sick paladins who moaned in pain at Hunk’s cheerful voice.

“I don’t even know why I have a damn headache.” Lance complained. “I drunk so much water last night.”

“You and I got into a flirting contest and you flirted with a tree.” Pidge said, their hair unbrushed and fuzzy. “And you threw a water bottle at Keith’s head.”

Hunk rolled his eyes, glad that he chose not to get smashed last night, and begun making space pancakes for everyone. Shiro perked up at the smell of sizzling batter.

“I wasn’t that drunk either.” Keith added.

“Keith, I’m not sure if you remember, but you flirted with Hunk.”

“He’s my boyfriend, Pidge. I can flirt with him whenever.”

Hunk giggled quietly.

“You asked him if he was single and cried when he said he wasn’t.”

Hunk’s muffled giggles turned into full on laughter, which made Lance clamp his hands over his ears. Shiro flipped him off.

“I am the world’s most cursed man.”

Feeling Alive- Part 8

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 8/?: Manhattan

Word count: 2789

I am SO PSYCHED for this chapter (and I usually try to leave a few days between each update to give people time to read the latest part but I COULDN’T RESIST). Trust me. It’s a good ‘un. Anyway we broke 50 notes on Part 7?! Whaaaat?! Given that I’ve never written one of these before and this ain’t *technically* my fandom I’m astonished to even get one stranger interested in reading this story and I’m so grateful to you all <3 (all the songs featured are linked to the appropriate YouTube video in case you haven’t heard them before/just want to listen anyway)

B: is Sunday eve ok for you?

B: or we can ditch the film night on Sat

Y: I’m on the night-shift again Sunday so it will have to be the latter

Privately, you think it will give your group of friends enough ammunition for gossip for the next three weeks, but decide against sharing that with Bucky. Just in case- just on the off-chance- that you’re reading this situation entirely wrong.

Regardless of how Bucky’s interpreting your invitation, you’re in a state of nervous excitement for the whole day. You decide, then immediately refute, what you’re going to wear at least three times. You tidy and re-tidy every inch of your tiny flat. Your stomach seems to be full of spring-loaded frogs at a rave. Eventually you put on your most comforting music and make a start on the soup.

The doorbell goes just as you put the pot on to simmer, and you jolt in surprise.

Stay calm, you tell yourself, don’t freak out. Then you take a deep breath, calmly put down the oven glove, and head downstairs.

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Steve sat down next to his best friend and watched as he tied himself in knots as you danced with some random guy across the room.  “Why don’t you just talk to her?” 

“Hell, no.” Buck shook his head and smiled sadly over at Steve.  He knew he had majorly screwed up with you and there was no chance of him getting a happy ending.  Everyone had seen the pair of you getting closer and there had been an unspoken expectation that you would realised your feelings and make it official.  Problem was you had figured out your feelings and put yourself out there only for Bucky to freeze, completely thrown, he had never thought anyone could feel like that about him.  You had taken his silence as rejection and from that moment to this you two hadn’t been alone in the same room.  

“You love her right?”  Steve rested his hand on Bucky shoulder and allowed the silence to grow between them, waiting for the answer he knew his friend was reluctant to give.  Buck looked across at you and the familiar ache that had settled into his chest became more intense as he watched Tony take your hand and pull you into him.

Stark ignored the fast beat of the music as he wrapped his arm around you, his hand resting on your lower back.  “You do know some guys find it difficult when a girl takes charge right?  I mean, they are a little old fashioned, can’t cope with a modern woman laying it all out there.” he murmured in your ear.

“What are you saying Tony?” pulling back from him a little you looked unimpressed but he continued unperturbed. 

“Maybe you scared him a little.  Doesn’t mean the precious little snowflake isn’t totally into you.  In fact, the way he is glaring at me, I’d put money on it.” Tony smirked before dipping you low causing you to giggle.  

“Since when did you join the Barnes fan club?” you smiled as you straightened up.

“Wouldn’t go that far kid, just saying what I’ve been seeing.  Plus, you know, you like me and it couldn’t hurt to have you pulling Bucko’s strings.” he shrugged as you hit his arm and laughed before glancing over at Steve and Bucky.  Tony wasn’t wrong, if looks could kill then Stark would be a smudge on the carpet right now.  Your eyes met and you smiled softly at him.

That was all it took for him to get to his feet and cross the room, ignoring everyone around you he came to a stop in front of you and realised he didn’t have a clue what to say, what to do, if you even wanted to talk to him.  Spotting the panic in his eyes you took his metal hand and placed it on your waist before taking his other hand in yours, interlocking your fingers.  Resting your head on his chest you both swayed gently to the music and he realised he didn’t need to explain himself, you already knew.  With a smile he rested his cheek on the top of your head as he held you close.  Whatever was said or not said he knew he wanted to keep you right here in his arms always.

I Want Your Love In Ink Black

This little thing is based on the Ereri Tattoo AU by Lena that @aurieackerman reposted with permission on tumblr. Thank you for posting it Aurie, I’m in love with that art mmm (~1.5k words)

[Read it on Ao3]

“Hey, babe.”

Little time left before closing hour and it was then that tattooist Levi registered that voice behind him, it had sounded off right after the door bell of Levi’s tattoo shop had stilled eeriely; two words that were enough to dip the room in a sultry resonance.

Levi turned around and met with mischievous emeralds glinting at him hotly. Eren, his gorgeously perfect boyfriend, was smirking at him, teeth dug down on his bottom lip in a oh so sexy way.

He raised a brow at him, his return of a smirk being that of a little tug upward at the corner of his mouth. “You want a new tattoo?”

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Hi! I read your Yousana stories and I loved them, so I decided to send you a prompt... a coffee shop AU where Yousef works at a coffeshop and he's Elias' best friend, he has a crush on Sana (who feels the same but doesn't know if he likes her or if he's just being nice) and every time she goes to buy coffee he flirts with her in his dorky way. Until one day Yousef decide to step up the game to win his girl Sana. I hope you decide to write it!

Hey :) Thank you for reading and the prompt and I wrote it. But I wrote it pretty much in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep so bear with me please :)

Here it is. I hope you like it and please tell me if you liked it :D


Since Sana started high school she has been going to the same coffee shop after school, in breaks or free periods. They just had the best Turkish coffee, which is Sana’s favorite coffee.

After a particularly hard and exhausting day of school Sana can’t wait to get her coffee and go home and be by herself for a while. She is over the moon when she steps into the coffee shop and sees that there is no queue like there usually is. Sana isn’t the only one that appreciates the good coffee here.

“Hi! What can I get you?”, says the barista before looking away from the cupcakes he arranges in the display. As soon as he lifts his head and sees Sana standing there, he stands up straight and smiles at her.

“Hi, Sana!”, he says and hopes that he didn’t give away how happy he is to see her. 

“Hi, Yousef.”, she says with a small smile. Whenever she comes to get coffee here she secretly and involuntarily finds herself wishing that Yousef is working. He is her older brother Elias’ best friend and she sees him at her house once in a while. Well, that’s not true. Whenever Yousef is not working he is with Elias at his house. “Can I get a cup of that Turkish coffee with a little bit of sugar.”

Yousef nods and asks her: “To go or to drink here?” He finds himself wishing she answers ‘Here’. But she doesn’t. Sana wants her coffee to go so Yousef nods, pressing his lips together. While he works on her coffee, Sana stands there and just waits. Yousef notices how her gaze wanders around the shop until she finally keeps staring out of the window. She seems to have had an exhausting day and Yousef wonders if he should ask her about it. Would he cross a line? Yousef has had a crush on Sana since she started to come into the coffee shop two years ago. Before that he would only see her for a few short moments when he was at her house with her brother. She would always be polite then and Yousef didn’t and couldn’t overlook that she is very beautiful but their interactions were limited.
However, when she started coming into the shop, they got to talk more. Mostly small talk, though. Yousef didn’t know if she was just being polite or if she wanted to talk to him. He didn’t want to assume anything and make her uncomfortable. That didn’t keep him from noticing her whenever she was there. Sometimes alone, just drinking coffee, reading a book or studying. Sometimes with her friends. 

“Long day?”, Yousef finally finds the courage to ask Sana while putting the lid on her cup. She breaks out from her trance and looks at him. She smiles a little and nods but Yousef can tell that she doesn’t feel like smiling.

“This coffee is probably the best thing about today.”, Sana mumbles but Yousef catches it. Involuntarily he frowns, which Sana notices. He hands Sana her coffee and before she can move Yousef takes out a chocolate cupcake from the display and holds it out for her.

“On the house.”, he says and Sana looks from the cupcake in his hand to him and sees him waiting for her to take it. “There’s not much a good chocolate cupcake can’t distract you from.”

He is being so nice to her. This time Sana shows him a genuine smile which she can’t suppress. Yousef doesn’t have to do that; he could’ve just put on a fake sympathetic smile and let her go. But he didn’t.

“Thank you!”, Sana says and takes the cupcake from him and gives him the money for the coffee. Yousef opens his mouth to tell her not to worry about it but she insists on at least paying for her coffee. 

“Elias, we need to get this done.”, Sana complains but her brother doesn’t change his mind.

“Sis, we can take a short coffee break!”, he reassures her and enters the coffee shop. She rolls her eyes and sighs. Getting anything done when her brother was with her was almost impossible. And the line to get coffee was long as ever. Elias didn’t care, he would wait. Sana finds herself looking for Yousef, as always when she steps foot into this coffee shop. 

Sana jumps when she suddenly hears his voice over all the chatter in the shop. He’s standing next to Elias and says: “I’m on my break but I’ll quickly get your coffees and join you!” Before he leaves the Bakkoush siblings he looks over to Sana and smiles at her and Sana thinks he says Hi to her but isn’t sure because of the other noise in the shop.

Elias finds a free table at the back of the café. Sana is so happy when she can finally sit. Elias and she walked around the city for too long and her feet were killing her. 

“Did you tell Yousef what we want to drink?”, Sana asks her older brother. 

Elias shrugs and then shakes his head. How does he not think of telling Yousef that? “I didn’t. But he’ll know what to bring us.” She doubts he’d remember what they usually drink. There are too many customers coming in here for that. Maybe Elias’ order he’d get, they are best friends after all but hers? 

Not long after he left he comes back with a tray. 

“A vanilla latte for Elias!”, Yousef announces and Sana starts laughing, loudly.

While Yousef turns to her with a confused look on his face, Elias slides down in his seat just a little bit and shakes his head at Sana as a sign to not say anything. The way Sana smiles, her dimples showing and the knowing look on her face amazes Yousef. To be honest, whatever she does amazes him. 

“Do I want to know what’s happening?”, Yousef asks. Elias shakes his head while Sana nods. Yousef puts down her coffee in front of her which she thanks him for and then he sits down.

“Tell me.”, he urges Sana and seeing her smile like that, obviously wanting to somehow embarrass her brother, he forgets that his best friend is sitting at the same table.

Sana nods and presses her lips together to calm down. Yousef’s eyes follow every small movement and he has a hard time not staring at her. If only he knew for sure if she liked him or not, then he could try to move on or make a move. 

“Just minutes ago Elias complained about Vanilla being in everything!”, Sana exclaims. “We’re shopping for gifts for Mamma’s birthday and Elias and I couldn’t agree. One of the reasons being him supposedly not liking Vanilla that everything smells like.”

Yousef joins her laughter which Elias just shakes his head to. 

“Bro, you should let Sana choose. Let’s be honest, she has better taste than you!”, Yousef says to his best friend who just takes a sip from his coffee with a Vanilla shot in it. 

Elias narrows his eyes at his best friend and asks: “How would you know?”

“First and foremost: You’re drinking a Vanilla latte; Sana’s drinking Turkish coffee.”, with that Yousef can’t help himself and turns to Sana once more. She has the cup raised to her mouth and watches the two boys talk. When he meets her gaze, she lowers the cup and licks her lip. Sana looks over at her brother and back at Yousef.

“You’re biased! You take some kind of weird pride in people liking Turkish coffee just because you’re Turkish!”, Elias says jokingly. What he doesn’t know is that it actually makes Yousef happy that Sana likes Turkish coffee so much. If she likes one Turkish thing, she might like another. Him. He mentally face-palms himself for being so hopeful about the chance that she might like him the way he likes her. Until now, she hasn’t been anything but nice. But Sana is a nice girl in general.

“It is really good, though! I like my coffee strong and not sweet with vanilla like you.”, Sana tells her brother laughingly and makes Elias sighs overdramatically. Yousef just laughs at that.

“Dude, you’re supposed to be my best friend. Don’t team up on me with my sister!“ 

They sit there, talking about other things, for about ten more minutes. Until Elias announces that they should get going soon but he needed to go to the bathroom first. He leaves Yousef and Sana alone. At first neither of them knows what to say. Both think the other one is just being nice and neither knows that the other has so much to say but doesn’t know how.

“When’s your break over?”, Sana decides to ask him. Small talk, the safe bet. 

Yousef looks at the time on his phone before looking at Sana again. The sun is shining right through the window behind her and makes her look even more beautiful than usual. “Seven minutes.”

“Oh, and you wasted most of your break with us.”, she comments and chuckles. 

Yousef laughs as well but shakes his head:“ Nah, that was a good break.. I enjoyed it a lot, actually.”

Sana nods and doesn’t know how to answer. She did, too. She loved that he was so cool with challenging Elias and teasing him a little. Many people can’t do that because Elias is good at charming others. Well, it has its perks that Yousef and Elias know each other forever.

Yousef tries to think of something to keep the conversation going. He knows he could spend all day talking to her, even when most their conversations were short up until now.

“Hey, do you want to have Turkish coffee to make at home?” He regrets saying it as soon as the words leave his mouth. If she does that, she won’t be coming here so often. He curses himself mentally for not thinking before speaking.

Sana on the other hand starts smiling again and is happy that Yousef found something to say. She didn’t want to stop talking but even though she had a lot to say she didn’t know how without being awkward.

“Well, I wouldn’t know how to make it, to be honest.”, she confesses and smiles sheepishly. 

“I could show you.”, Yousef says, maybe too quickly. He adds right after: “If you want to.”

Sana nods and takes the final sip of her now cold coffee. “Would you really?”

“Of course. I promise I’ll show you the next time I’m at your house.”, Yousef says. Again, without thinking it through first. He just got very excited that she seemed so happy about his suggestion. And Sana, well, she is really happy about this arrangement. She knows it won’t be long until he is at her house again. Elias’ friends basically live at the Bakkoush house and Yousef, as Elias’ best friend, is almost always there.

Sana goes to that coffee shop more often than she probably should. If she drank her coffee at home she would save a lot of money. But honestly, she knows that she wouldn’t be able to make it as good at home as they do it here. And there is another reason why she enjoys coming here.

Yousef is preoccupied with another customer when he sees Sana walk through the door. He hurries to get the order out quickly so he can take Sana’s order instead of his colleague. Somehow he manages to do that and when Sana sees him she walks right up to him.

“Hi.”, she says with a big smile. Directly, it’s very obvious to Yousef that Sana is in a good mood and that makes him smile. He has seen her come in here with a sad or exhausted expression too often. Most of the time he didn’t know how to help so he usually gave her a cupcake or some other dessert to cheer her up a little. Sometimes he would tell her a stupid joke and act like he just remembered it to not be too obvious.

Now there is no need for any of that. She seems happy.

“Hi! The usual?”, he responds and starts making her coffee before she answers. 

“Yeah, but can I also get a coffee with a lot of sugar and milk?”, Sana adds.

Yousef’s head shoots up to see if he didn’t notice a friend of hers coming in with Sana. Wouldn’t be the first time. But there is no one. “Of course.”, he says, “So how’s your day going?”

Sana leans a little on the counter and watches as Yousef works efficiently as ever.  Hands moving fast and his eyes trained on her.

“Good, pretty good. And yours?” She is genuinely interested and Yousef can see that. 

He answers: “Yeah, well.. I had an exhausting day. I’m having a good day now.”

It’s no secret what he’s implying which makes Sana blush and look down at her hands for a few seconds. Yousef slows down a little bit to have a few moments more with Sana.

“So, who is the second coffee for?”, he asks casually. 

In the same casual tone Sana answers: “For a friend of mine. He’s waiting outside.” As soon as Yousef hears ‘he’, he looks outside and the only one standing there is a blond guy standing with his back to the window.

Something moves inside him. Yousef is aware that the guy outside probably is only a friend because Sana said it’s a friend and she wouldn’t have a reason to lie to him. Still, he wonders. All this time he didn’t have the courage to ask her out. But in this very moment he regrets it more than ever. Sana doesn’t have to wait around for him to get his shit together and ask her out, if she even liked him like that, that is.

“I’m helping him find a good birthday present for his girlfriend. She’s a really good friend of mine and this way I can have my present for her ready early, too.”, Sana continues to tell Yousef. When she is in a good mood she tends to share more than she would otherwise.

A relieved smile finds its way onto Yousef’s lips, which Sana notices. She doesn’t say anything about it though. Yousef gives Sana her friend’s coffee first and quickly scribbles something on her cup while she looks at her phone. She pays, takes the coffees and starts to leave after saying goodbye.

Sana doesn’t get far tough. Her eyes fall onto her cup and she sees something that she never did before. Yousef had written something on her cup. Well, that’s a lie. A few times, when he knew that she had an exam, he wrote a short good luck message on the cup. But what she sees now, written hastily, is a phone number. Yousef’s phone number. She breaks into a big grin and stops in her tracks.

Yousef sees how she stops walking, right in front of the door. Did this mean she found it weird that he did that? Yousef just felt like he needed to do something right now. Was this the wrong thing? He starts panicking but then Sana turns around. With a smile playing on her lips. She silently raises her eyebrows at Yousef who mimics her. She lifts her cup lightly and nods at it. Yousef looks at the cup for a second and then meets Sana’s eyes. He nods and knows that Sana understood him the way he understood her without saying anything.

“We’ll talk later.”, Sana calls over to him, smiles and presses her lips together.

“We’ll talk later.”, Yousef affirms. 

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Omg #3 I want to c how it goes!!

3. “Baseball cards? What are you? Five?”

Brazil. Beautiful Brazil. Harry and I had been in this amazing country for almost a full week, thoroughly enjoying our quiet time together. Promo was set to start in another month, so we had another week planned before heading back to England to visit his mum. Not having to plan out every moment of our lives has its advantages. We awoke sometime in the morning, made love as leisurely (or swiftly) as we wanted, and then take ourselves outside for the day. The weather was gorgeous, and we spent a lot of time outdoors: hiking, paragliding, touring the rainforest, bicycling, swimming in the ocean, and just soaking up the atmosphere.

Day four, a knock came while I was alone in the hotel room. Thinking Harry had lost his key, I rushed to open the door. My disappointment at the desk clerk with a package for Harry was supreme. Putting the package on the desk in the room, I stared at it, wondering what the hell Harry had needed delivered during our holiday. Part of me wanted to open it, but we weren’t at that place in our relationship yet. So I just sat on the bed, swinging my legs, waiting for Harry to return from a trip to the drugstore for some essentials. (Who knew that 2 dozen condoms wouldn’t last two weeks?)

Impatiently, I stared at the box. What could it be?

Hearing the key in the door startled me, and I felt guilty when Harry entered the room. My gaze must have telegraphed that guilty feeling because once Harry removed the key, he closed the door and caught my eyes with his.

“What did you do?” he asked in his accusing tone.

“Nothing!” I answered quickly, “I should be asking you the same question.”

HIs confused look cleared up when I pointed to the package on the desk. Like a child, his face lit up, “They came!” Rushing to the table, he used his room key to tear the tape off of the package.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I moved to stand next to him as he opened the small box. “Baseball cards? What are you? Five?” I squawked when I saw the contents.

Harry looked a bit dismayed at my words, protectively turning himself to block the box from me as he carefully took out the packages of baseball cards. Without a word to me (which is how I knew he was hurt by my comment), he stuffed several of the packages in his pockets.

“You’re not even going to tell me why you bought baseball cards and had them delivered to our room during holiday?” I demanded.

“Nope,” was his only response, “I’m going down to the beach. You’re not ready yet, so I’ll just meet you there.” With those words, he left the room, pulling the door closed behind him.

Damn. Obviously I had upset him. But seriously? He’s a grown man! Why was he having baseball cards sent to Brazil? Changing into my swimsuit, I grabbed a towel to head to the beach myself. Upon arriving there, I spotted Harry pretty quickly, surrounded as he usually is by fans. Resolving to not press him about the stupid baseball cards, I stalked over to our umbrella, laying my towel down. It was at this point that I noticed that most of those encircling him were boys. Young boys. They were talking excitedly to him, holding up some object in their hands, pointing and gesticulating. That’s when the awareness hit me, and a tingle ran from the top of my skull all the way to my toes.

Baseball cards. Harry and the boys were looking at the baseball cards he’d bought, and he was laughing with them, carefree. My boyfriend was making friends with the locals, and I had ridiculed him. I was going to pay for this. Burying my face in my hands, I resolved in that moment to apologize to Harry in the most carnal way possible.

One Line Prompts

The Art of You - Chapter 3 - mr_mustache_penis - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
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Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron), Allura/Shiro (Voltron)
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Keith is an art student, art college au, Bisexual Lance (Voltron), Shiro is a Drama King (literally and figuratively), Allura is the Beyonce of Dance, Lance Is Trying His Best to Make His Family Proud, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Keith has an Orphanage Family guys, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, texan keith, Fluff, The TINNIEST Bit of Angst, Slow Burn, Ace Keith

Keith is a student at a local arts college in South Florida.

Lance has a secret love of dancing that no one knows about.

It doesn’t take long for them to see the art in each other.

Dancing with the Linebacker - Epilogue

Rated: M (NSFW: smut/swearing/less than brief mention of surgery)
Kristoff and Anna welcome their twins! Oh and a wedding or something…

*** I want to thank each and every one of you who’ve read and liked and commented on this story.  I appreciate it more than I can possibly say ***

Previous Chapters Here

Despite how sore and tired she was, Anna could not stop smiling.  They were finally brining their babies home.  Born on August 1st, at 36 weeks and five days, Wesley came in at 5 pounds 8 ounces and Olivia weighed 5 pounds 3 ounces.   They now occupied the two brand new car seats, as her and Kristoff drove with the excitement of taking their newest additions home for the first time.

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I didn't know if you were still taking prompts but something under the idea of Mike and Ginny getting close during spring training and close to opening day one of them has the line, "I can't keep doing this with you."

those who wait | ao3

“Hey, Lawson?”

Mike looked up from slicing tomatoes when Ginny came in, an inquisitive tilt to his head.

She practically skipped through the kitchen, freshly showered and grinning. No question was forthcoming as she slid onto a stool at the island to watch him prep dinner. Most likely, she’d been summoned by the smell of sizzling bacon and wanted to know when food would be ready. There were days that he thought he should regret inviting Ginny—and Blip, who’d declined, and Livan, who hadn’t—to stay in his Arizona house, but he never quite managed to do it. Then of course, she’d do something like grin so openly at him, happy and healthy and on her way to the top, and regret was the least of his worries.

“Back to San Diego next week,” she observed, sneaking a piece of bacon from the paper towel where it was draining and crunching into it. “You excited?”

It hardly mattered whether or not Mike was excited, not with the giddy energy rolling off Ginny. Ever since she’d cemented her spot as a starter again, having made her comeback from last season’s injury, she’d been irrepressible, practically floating everywhere she went. It didn’t dull her competitive edge, but off the field, her enthusiasm and energy were hard to resist.

Well. That was easier to think than the alternative.

(That she was hard to resist.)

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scent (xii)

A wee writing exercise: a series of drabbles (proper, old fashioned, strictly-100-word drabbles), each beginning with the same sentence.

Serena smells her before she sees her, follows the scent of roses upstairs to where it emanates from the bathroom.  Sure enough there she is, through a haze of steam, hair twisted up to keep it out of the water, body hidden under mounds of bubbles.  She leans against the doorframe for a moment, watching fondly, until Bernie smiles lazily, half opens her eyes and holds out a hand.

Serena crosses the room and takes it, bends to press a kiss to hot, damp skin.

‘Join me?’ Bernie murmurs, gazing up at her from beneath her fringe.

‘I’d love to.’

[See here for more on Bernie and the scent of roses.]

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The sound of the jet landing had you sprinting through the corridors and out to the landing pad.  It had been two weeks since you had last seen him and when he had left it had been in the middle of a heated argument.  You had said things you didn’t mean, horrible, terrible things that he might never be able to forgive.  He had thrown insults back but you knew you had cut him deep.  That man was your best friend, meant more to you than anyone you had ever met but he knew exactly how to push your buttons.  You had watched him leave and then spent fourteen long days going from anger to guilt to worry back to a righteous outrage and certainty you had been right before settling on just desperation to see him and make sure he is alright.  

Crashing through the final door you raced towards the tired, dishevelled bunch that were exiting the jet.  His shirt was undone, nearly causing you to stop simply to admire his muscle definition, and as soon as he saw you racing past Nat and Steve he grinned.  Pulling you into his arms, your hands came up and gripped his hair, lips meeting in a passionate greeting that betrayed your true feelings for each other.  Breaking away you pushed him back.  “I’m still mad at you Barnes.” you say weakly.

“No you’re not.” he smirks and pulls you back into his embrace.