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spice up those coffee shop AUs
  • sure, i used to be a regular, but i literally haven’t been to this coffee shop in two years. how do you still remember my order??
  • you wrote my name down wrong the first time i came here and i didn’t correct you, but you’re really sweet and now i don’t know how to tell you you’ve been calling me by the wrong name for the past month.
  • i’m the manager and one of the other employees keeps drawing amazing art on the chalkboards, but i can’t figure out who it is?? i’ve been keeping a meticulous schedule to figure out whose shift it appears during
  • i work opening shift, but whenever i get there at 5:30 somehow you’re always already there, looking flawlessly put together. you haven’t even had your coffee yet. tell me your secrets.
  • we’re coworkers but we work different shifts and communicate exclusively through post-it notes. maybe i should just give you my phone number already so you can tell me more about the lady who ordered a latte for her ten year old.
  • you and your friend always sit at the table a couple down from mine and gossip in [insert language here], which happens to be a language i’m currently learning. i’ve been eavesdropping to try and improve my listening comprehension and oh my god are you actually talking about how hot i am??? 
  • i love hot chocolate So Much but it’s embarrassing to be the adult ordering hot chocolate at a coffee shop, so do you think you could announce that it’s a different drink when you’re giving it to me??
  • at the local coffee shop, there’s a chess set set up in one corner of the shop and every morning i move one piece. later in the day, someone else always moves a piece too. i’m dying to know who i’m playing against.
  • i’m a new hire and you’re trying to show me how to use the espresso machine. i actually already know how to use it, but i’m pretending to be incompetent so that you’ll keep talking to me. please don’t fire me.
a little farmers market thing

The op of this post said i could write something based on their headcanon so here it is.

ETA: now jaradel and I are co-writing this verse, over at AO3!


How he can wear flannel in this weather is anyone’s guess.

But Bitty doesn’t mind the way he sweats as he moves carts of ripe tomatoes and bulbous squashes from truck to table. A bead glistens at his forehead, slides down the slope of his nose to linger on the tip of his chin. His arms stretch taut, muscles bunched, around the crates as he hefts them. The mop of dark hair above his eyebrows is damp, misshapen from the press of his baseball cap, discarded at the side of the register. As Bitty watches, a tuft of bangs becomes unmoored from where he’s combed it aside and flops down almost to his eyes. He doesn’t move to dislodge it. Bitty itches to cross the aisle and slide in behind the Zimmermann Farms table, lift one hand and brush it out of the way without a single word.

He bites his lip and looks down at his own table. Really, he should be rearranging the scones or sorting the loaves or something, but every single week, as this “Mr. Zimmermann” (Bitty has no idea of his first name) unloads his wares, Bitty’s reduced to a staring, flushing mess. Nobody ought to look like that. Nobody especially ought to look like that when they’re toting vegetables. It almost makes Bitty want to eat a healthy diet. Or grow green beans. Or something, some excuse to have a conversation with this square-jawed, droopy-eyed farmer who, when he smiles at a customer, makes Bitty’s toes curl up in his sandals. Maybe he should pick up some rhubarb for a pie.

Yes, rhubarb… and it’s a little early in the season for pumpkins, but when fall rolls around maybe he’ll have pumpkins and … and oh dear Bitty is staring isn’t he.

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Anonymous said:Please can you write a Rosalie cullen x female human reader imagine? The reader is Bella’s bff and meets Rosalie?

A/N: Heya, anon! Of course I’ll do this for you! Sorry that I didn’t write it sooner. I took a break. /-\ I’m also aware that I wrote Rosalie’s last name wrong in the edit, but she’s the same person. /-\ Sorry! But nevertheless, enjoy this imagine about the beautiful goddess of a vampire: Rosalie Hale, whom I love very, very, very much! Thank you for requesting, sweetie! :)

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Imagine: Meeting Rosalie Cullen but you’re Bella Swan’s best friend.

Her golden orbs scanned over your gorgeous form a million times before that exact second had come to a finale. Rosalie Hale felt something different than her bitter frozen heart had ever felt for many years… Love.

Your form descending down her family’s homes stairs was a gorgeous sight to see, - even if you were in nothing but ordinary clothes-. Her breath seemed to be taken away and all of her family shared a glittered glance at her, a tender smile spreading across their perfect faces.

“Guys, this is (Y/N).” Bella rubs her hands together awkwardly, sharing a small glance with you. “She’s really important to me and she needs to be in on this secret, because Victoria’s trying to target her too.” Bella suddenly confesses, causing Rosalie’s hateful glower to consume her bitterly with a scowl.

Bella met Rosalie’s glance with a shaken head and a priceless grin that only spelled out true disappointment. “(Y/N), that’s Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Esme.” she pointed to each of the family members apart from the seated blond haired goddess.

“That must be Rosalie then.” you grin, finding Rosalie’s golden ocher eyes. You slipped into a trance where the two of you were suddenly the only people in the entire world. Or at least that’s how it felt.

“And you must be, (Y/N).” she smiles at you. “Pardon my rudeness, Bella and I don’t seem to get on the best of terms.” she grins warmly, attempting a nonchalant go at humor. “I’ve heard many things about you.” she adds on with a flirty grin that almost made you collapse. You ended up holding your breath.

“Oh! I’ve heard lot’s about you.” and there goes your cool! Also, did I forget to mention? You had a terribly unfortunate habit to gush and blurt things out at the wrong moments.

“Enough about that!” Bella chuckles nervously, throwing her arm around your shoulders as Rosalie’s eyes turn to slits upon your best friend. “You know, Rosalie, she says the funniest things at these random times. Kind of like Ali-,”

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How will the iwatobi and samezuka bbs comfort their s/o when she started to feel insecure and lonely?

i spelled sei’s name wrong when i wrote this. i need to go to sleep.


Haruka doesn’t really know what to do, and yet, somehow, even his presence is comforting. He knew what it was like, feeling all alone, unsure of yourself, and even though he wasn’t all that good at cheering you up with words, the fact that he stayed by your side and kept a watch over you, holding your hand and gathering you into his arms, was more than enough to make you feel better.

Makoto would definitely be able to comfort you with his hugs and gentle words of assurance. We all know he’s a compassionate, loving guy, and really, it’s in his nature to be able to bring you relief when you’re down. Expect a lot of cuddling, and a lot of gentle, consoling words. Makoto would only let you leave his side when he was completely sure that you weren’t feeling down any more.

You’d be laughing within moments with Nagisa around. One of the reasons that you were so in love with him in the first place is that he always seems to be able to make you laugh, even when you were feeling down. Of course, it wasn’t just that, though - he’d be there to comfort you about your insecurities, grin and tell you just how much he loved you, and how you didn’t need to feel lonely whenever he was around.

Rei figured it was best for him to just stay quiet, sympathetic look on his face as he took your hand tentatively. When he gathered the nerve to speak, he reassured you that, when he first started swimming, he felt insecure, too. He thought it might be comforting to hear that it wasn’t just you, and that everyone felt insecure now and again… He told you that it was ok, but there was no need to feel alone when he was there for you.


Rin knew exactly what that felt like. He’d felt the exact same way when he went to Australia, at first, and so, with that in mind, he’d gather you up into his arms, bury your face in his chest, and refuse to let you go until you had heard everything that he had to say to you. He’d reassure you, comfort you, let you know that you weren’t alone, that you were never alone so long as he was around; and he wasn’t planning to leave any time soon. 

Sousuke’s first instinct is to leave you be - that’s what he likes when he’s feeling down. But he figures that he should probably stay by your side, for now, silently assuring you that you were not alone. He’d wrap you in his arms, still quiet, letting his presence speak for him. He’d absolutely be there to listen to whatever you had to say, all your grievances and insecurities, letting you vent it all out. It sounds strange, but being able to just speak to him like that was what made you feel better. Well, that and his cooking. 

Having Nitori there when you were down was both a good and a bad thing. He’s equally as talkative as he usually is, but this proves to be oddly comforting. Hearing his voice ramble on about nothing in particular was soothing, giving your mind comfort in knowing that you’d never be alone so long as Ai was around. He shared his own insecurities with you, too, making sure that you knew it was ok to feel inadequate every now and again, and that things would turn out alright either way.

Momotarou attempted to cheer you up with stag beetles. As much as this made you chuckle, and really, you did appreciate the effort, all you needed right now was someone to reassure you, tell you that everything was going to be ok. Turns out Momo’s quite good at doing that, too. His boundless optimism really does rub off on you, and, after a few hours of him speaking of how the future is bright, and how, if you gave up, he’d be at a loss, it was hard to feel alone anymore.

Seijuro is just the guy to go to when you’re feeling like this. He has a presence about him, soft voice whispering in your ear about how much you mean to him, and how special you are to him as he held you in his arms. He’s gentle, swaying your bodies back and forth where you were sat as he listened to everything you said, occasionally interrupting to quieten one of your many worries. It was hard to hold onto your insecurities and loneliness when Seijuro was there for you.


(Photo n°1 is not mine, credit to the author)

So Is it possible that we read the message wrong ?

I mean, Aria wrote her name in the windiw and when Hanna and Spencer come to look for Aria we see that someone ( Probably Melissa or Wilden) cleared up the rest of Aria’s name and just left the A to show the girl it was A who took Aria. But what if this A cleared the name and left the A to show the girl that Aria is not only Aria she is also A ? I could read this wrong but I feel like it is another way of seeing things and it’s very possible that Melissa or Wilden (dressed as the queen of heart and drugged Aria) wanted to show that Aria was A. Wilden is dead so he is not A, and I don’t think Melissa is A. She is really mysterious and she surely have something to hide but I don’t think she’s A, in fact I believe her when she says that she’s trying to protect Spencer and maybe she drugged Aria and cleared the RIA of her name to only leave the A so she can leave a clue for spencer because Aria is the one who is harming spencer. Maybe all this team wwho is trying to protect Spencer and expose A have no proof that Aria is actually A and that’s why they can’t talk. 

PS: Sorry for the Aria is A haters, just don’t read :)