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sterek week (2016 edition) ▷ day 7: lyrics and quotes 

This is a formal goodbye
to all our could have beens

if you stayed a little longer
(but you didn’t)

If you loved me a little harder
(but you didn’t)

If I held you a little tighter
(but I didn’t)

If you asked me to leave with you
(but you didn’t)

Now we are both missing a piece,
our hearts never quite broken
yet never quite fixed.

                              I never knew how much I loved you until you left. // c.h.

Okay I’m amazed that there are people are actually denying the fact that Rebecca Sugar has a blatant giantess fetish like, that’s not even necessarily a bad thing.

But this is the person who wrote the lyrics “All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman. But if it were me, I’d really wanna be a giant woman.” like she isn’t exactly subtle about it.

[TRANS] 170103 V Live - Namjoon talking about “Always”

Recently I released a song called “Always”. The reason I released it is because I’m not in that state anymore, so I can release it. I’m no longer in that state like in the lyrics. Originally when I wrote that song, I didn’t plan to release it, I thought “Would this state continue to last? Would blaming the world make me get better?”, so I intended not to release it. But I released it now as I’m no longer in that state written in the lyrics. That song is a good-bye to the sorrowful me of that time. 

Why? It’s because after the not so pretty incident, I had been thinking a lot. When someone said not so nice things to me, or not so nice feedbacks, criticism, accusation, I was like that at first. “Why? Why?” I didn’t think I could cause somebody inconvenience, or make somebody uncomfortable. Since I was young, I have been studying hard, making music diligently on my own, performing, playing games, my life only revolved around those things. At school, I was well-behaved and good at study too, so my teachers always liked me, and I had never had a big fight with my friends. I have never once thought my music, my words could hurt someone, or make them uncomfortable. But I had that thought for the first time in 2016. “Oh, so the words I say, the actions I do, no matter what my intentions are, could hurt someone or cause them inconvenience. I have to take responsibility for that. Once I did something there’s no going back.” 

It was hard and took a long time to accept that I can hurt someone. I hated having to accept that I was wrong. Rather than I was wrong, it was harder to accept that I could cause that to someone. I was tired, since I had never been through such thing. 

If at first, when hearing those things, I would think “Why? I did like this with this purpose,” but now, my mind and my state have gotten much better. Now when I hear things, or even if I receive accusation and criticism, I would think about why that person thought like that, at which part I was wrong, which part made people uncomfortable, which part received criticism. I can’t go into all details, but I thought that if I want to become a better person, I have to take responsibility for what I do, I have to change my way of thinking. I learned how to listen to opinions from many people. When I do something, I would think “People may think like this.”

trans © ktaebwi


Merry Christmas!

This is one of the journal pages I dedicated to Christmas 🎄
I just wrote down one of my favorite Christmas song lyrics on black paper, decorated it and stuck it on my journal
True Love by Ariana Grande ♡

i was checking the tags of this post bc i needed The Validation today and ssssome people!! telling me Nico wouldnt listen to twenty one pilots like??? you are so wrong?? so wrong?? nico blasting tøp and singing at the top of his lungs like “no you dont get it, they understand me” is 100% canon liKE. PLEASE.

[160725] Namjoon in 힙합하다

How Namjoon got his parents’ permission to become a trainee

It didn’t seem like they believed in me. At this time - since I had to study too - I wrote lyrics by slipping a piece of paper into my study book and secretly writing, and got scolded when I was caught. My mother saw that displeased look often, and when I think about it now, the words I said to my mother were really cheesy. I said that my grades were 5000th in the nation, but that this company says I have a lot of talent, and no matter how well I study, I’ll always be 5000th, but that this person of repute says I could be #1 through rap. I asked, “Mom, would you rather have a son who’s 1st, or a son who’s 5000th?” and she gave her permission.
- Namjoon

trans cr.

Sugar Pt. 3 (Luke)



“I wrote the lyrics in Chicago. I was with my dad, and we were listening to the old music where they’d always say ‘sugar’ and ‘honey’ - stuff like that. I was like, ‘Why doesn’t anyone do that anymore?’ - Pete Wentz


“Smells delightful, sugar.”

The soulful scent of fresh herbs wafts through your kitchen, slices of potatoes marinating in a sizzling pan. Warm pieces of bread are sandwiched in their slots on the counter, the slow timer ticking its soft metronome. The early morning  earthly smell of coffee follow its course through a dilapidated kitchen window , its weary hinges rusty with age. You smile when you realise its none of these scents he’s referring to, his nose buried deep in the skin of your exposed neck.

“Luke…” You warn, feeling his mouth leave wet kisses in a string to your collarbone, the soft press of his hands lifting up his knee-length shirt you’d grown so accustomed to wearing in bed.

Luke merely hums in response, licking his way back up to your waiting mouth, your head tilted at an odd angle to meet his eager lips.

“Luke…” You warn again as his tongue pushes past and bumps sloppily with your own, his sporadic moans as sweet and filling as spoonfuls of honey. His hands inch higher this time, nimble fingers prancing excitedly along the lace of your underwear, your thighs pricked with bumps from the cold feel of his palms. “Isabelle is bound to walk in.”

“Nonsense.” He purrs, slipping a finger inside and running it teasingly over the length of your folds. His voice is nothing but rushes of air, silent whispers of lust against your skin. “No offence sweetheart, but based from what I’m feeling, I don’t think you seem to care.”

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  • Yoongi: Hey Jimin, come listen to this song I made. I wrote the lyrics thinking about you.
  • Jimin: Really? Hyung that's so sweet! *Blushes and puts on the headphones*
  • Yoongi: *Rapping* Coffee table, kids chairs, mini fridges, arm rests, small dog breeds-
  • Jimin: *Takes headphones off* I don't get it you're just listing a bunch of short thin- I hate you.
don't fall in love with me
  • don't fall in love with me

so, i wrote this poem less than a week ago. it was a hit with many of you, becoming my most popular poem to date.

today, @princess-peniscake asked for my permission to record it as a song. i’m very pleased with the result, to say the least.

give it a listen, it makes me smile.
i hope it does the same for you!

and please feel free to share, if you enjoy it.


“don’t fall in love with me

i’ll turn you into poetry
and sing out of key

i’ll wake you every morning
to see: coffee-colored eyes
and i’ll sip from you slowly
as i kiss you goodbye

don’t fall in love with me

i’ll map your constellations
and make myself at home

i’ll laugh and get nervous
when i tell awful jokes

so i’ll smile and kiss you
on the tip of your nose
don’t fall in love with me
don’t get too close

one day, you’ll need me
until one day, you won’t

and i’ll write poetry
to heal what you broke
i’ll try not to miss you
until one day, i don’t

don’t fall in love with me
don’t give me hope”

[22/11/16] SHINee @ BNR

                     Compiled from Minhole, Zoeyyy, 2505S5INee

                                              (Very Long Post)

J: Why’s everyone so tired?
O: I filmed a variety show before this..
Taemin said he did one today and another yday and didn’t sleep well.
Minho had schedules since 4am and was busy the whole day.
Key had a gathering with his staff from Drinking solo since they didn’t get a chance to and he was still feeling drunk.

The choreo was made such that they could use a hand mic when they usually use head mic.  

Taemin participated in making the choreo
T: I tried to include emotional movements.
J: member who gives that feeling best?
T: .kibum?
T:i think its me..?

Onew wrote “Beautiful Life” lyrics before “So Amazing”.  

J: Logo song from Coffee boy
M: I thought that was Onew hyung
O: Oh, I don’t even remember I recorded the logo song?  

Minho fire car scene
T: it feels like i’m killing Minho hyung
M: why did you kill me?
T: I felt bad as i was running towards i don’t know whether to feel bad or happy. 

Roles in MV
K: Driver.
O: loner.  

(Kibum asking Minho to buy him another car)
Minho: I’ll buy you a car but I’ll take a house from you
Taemin: I’ll take both Minho and Key  

Before playing “Rescue”
J: there’s a “Ah” in the song, whose voice is it? We shall talk about it after playing the song.
*all start guessing*
J: all of us recorded the “Ah” part, so, we might have to contact the sound engineer to check. So, we can’t give the answer right away.   

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