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Tell Me A Secret

They were still watching. They had been since they arrived at the townhouse three hours ago. The war had long ended, but its grip had barely loosened, and the only thing that could keep them from collapsing to their knees was seeing those faces slowly fill with the light that had almost been lost.

It was slow going.

Nesta, of course, had been staring at her sisters without blinking and she stood so still that Cassian had begun to worry. Because the one he’d been keeping his eye on was her. Of course it was her. It would always be her.

That silent hatred she’d radiated when they’d first met in the Archeron family manor had faded slowly over the months, but sometimes he remembered what it felt like. To loathe her almost as much as she did him, to despise the way he couldn’t pull away. Back then, he had hated how much he wanted her - how he sometimes dreamed of those icy eyes.

They still filled his sleep, but everything about it was entirely different now.

He recalled when they used to stare at each other across rooms, and how he used to taunt her. He remembered how he sometimes wished he were a daemati so he could slip into the unknown that was her mind. She was just so wraith-like, so there, and yet he could never tell what was going on behind those eyes.

She sighed suddenly.

“I thought your infatuation with me would someday lessen.”

Her tone said she was attempting at humor. But she did not smile.

“Never, sweetheart.”

“Don’t you get bored of using the same lines every day?”

“Don’t you get bored of hearing them?” His voice was a caress as he leaned over and nipped her jaw. 

Her low chuckle was not sweet or ladylike, but it made his heart beat faster all the same. This was Nesta. He didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m bored,” she murmured softly, but not gently. “Tell me a secret, Cassian.” It was a command, because she had always been their leader, had always been the one to steer. And he didn’t mind, in fact, he loved it that way. It was the least he could give her after all she’d been through.

“I love you.”

She huffed another exasperated laugh as she gripped his chin and lifted his head so they were eye to eye.

Maybe it was the mating bond, or maybe it was the endless happiness in her expression, but he thought that someone could put an ash arrow through his heart right then, and he would die a happy man.

“That’s not a secret, you idiot.”

'Love's The Word' // Klance

So, I wrote this sappy love scene between these two space dorks.
No spoilers.



Such a soft, delicate word, which held no meaning in Keith’s mind compared to the warmth he felt on his skin. The pressure of a hand. The smooth skin, cupping his face gently, meant so much more to Keith than a simple word.


A word that Keith never understood the meaning of, before he saw it plastered on the face before him. Once a taunting, toothy grin, is now a genuine ear to ear smile.


A color which Keith never witnessed without the sky above his head. A fleeting color. A deep, protruding color. His eyes.

What other things..

What other words did Keith have on his mind?

Caress, smile, blue

These words lingered on Keith’s tongue, begging to be set free.


The feeling Keith felt in this moment. The emptiness yet satiated feeling planted deep inside his stomach. He felt as if he could do anything, say anything at all-

So why couldn’t he say it?

Keith knew the word which held it’s ground in the back of his throat. A word he had never felt, a word in which he wasn’t sure was genuine.


He looked back at his smile. Wide and lop-sided.
At his hand cupping his face, still. The warmth infecting his entire body.
At his eyes. His treacherous, unforgiving eyes which sent Keith into a different dimension.

But it was in that moment, that Keith decided that he wouldn’t rather be in any dimension.

This dimension, this world, this moment in time and space,

was all he wanted.

Through all oblivion, he decided that he wanted him. Him, him, him, him.

“Lance,” Keith spoke suddenly.

Lance stared deeper in to Keith’s eyes, as did Keith for Lance, and Lance brushed his thumb across Keith’s cheek gently.

“Yeah?” Lance said barely under a whisper, but loud enough to make Keith’s confidence skyrocket.

Keith thought back to those words.
Caress, smile, blue, free

But he felt a word was missing. Four was an even number but Lance’s smile wasn’t symmetrical. It was sweet, and dorky, and dangerous, just like the word that finally rose out of Keith’s heart.

“Love,” Keith whispered.

The world was spinning, Lance’s smile faltered, and Keith suddenly felt cold against Lance’s hand.

Had he gone too far?

Was Keith getting the wrong signals from Lance?

Keith began to doubt everything he ever judged in the first place, as he tried to find a place to stare at, other than Lance’s eyes, face, lips…

His lips.

His smile.

His smile had returned, bigger than before.

Lance carefully took his finger, and used it to direct Keith’s chin back to his face. He stared into Keith’s eyes, desperate to claim his attention.

And when Keith finally looked back, scared and doubtful, Lance repeated his words.

“Yeah. Love.

Lance applied pressure to his finger, guiding Keith forwards, closer to his face.

Keith’s eyes fluttered shut, as did Lance’s, and their lips touched ever so delicately.

Lips, lips, lips…

These took place as another word in Keith’s mind, as he placed his hands on the back of Lance’s head, melting into his touch and soft hair.

Their kiss progressed, each touch getting stronger and more determined.

This wasn’t what Keith had thought his first kiss with Lance would be like.

He thought it would feel like a firework exploded in his stomach. Like the world had agreed to a truce in that moment. Like he had a home for once.

But Keith was wrong, so wrong.

It was so much better.

Rather than a firework, he felt a sonic boom shatter in his stomach, making his heart ring like a television from the 70s.
Instead of a world truce, he felt a bond grow tighter than could ever be established between two people.
And instead of feeling like he was home?

Keith felt like he belonged.

He had someone. For the first time in his life, he had someone.
Someone to hold.
To love.
To caress.

And as Lance was now twirling Keith’s hair between his fingers, holding him close in his arms, he realized;

He felt the same way.

They pulled apart for a moment, staring at each other, hair tangled and lips parted slightly.

“I am never letting you go, loverboy,” Lance declared as he pulled Keith back in for another kiss.

Keith smiled against Lance’s lips.

Then he muttered, “Good.”

As the sky slowly faded to its darkest hue, a certain young nekomata was found in her room doing her best effort in finishing some last minute homework. The little one reasoned that if she could finish before bedtime, she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her sleep and thus her master wouldn’t notice that she did what she isn’t supposed to be doing. It was a good thing that she told her master that she’s going to spend the night at Mayohiga to fix some things, otherwise she would be extremely paranoid of that sliding screen from being opened by a stern kitsune.

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Elain wasn’t sure how she felt about being a seer. She couldn’t say she didn’t like it. Sometimes it was really something, being in her sister’s magnificent garden one moment, flying with a familiar firebird in the sky above a lake the next. Sometimes she was sitting next to the human girl Feyre had saved in the war, Briar, staring at a merry fire as it crackled in a hearth. Sometimes she saw a familiar golden-haired High Lord staring at endless green hills, but never smiling. She supposed she should feel guilty that seeing him so miserable gave her a sense of satisfaction.

And yet, sometimes her vision tunneled into the past and stole her mind. She remembered the icy fist that clenched her bones as she was thrown into that cursed Cauldron. Again, she heard the snap of her father’s neck, the light in the Prince of Merchants’ eyes disappearing. Visions and flashbacks would tear through her chest and head, making her ache and shake with agony.

“I will take whatever people occupy your lands.”

She was already crying, already clutching at her chest with her small hands, already screaming and sobbing. She would always relive that day, how the remnants of her heart had shattered. She would always be there, not entirely human or Fae, but a creature with no name in a world that wasn’t her own.

“But not you. Never you.

She screamed and tore at her hair desperately, tears cascading down her cheeks. She couldn’t tell if they were just tears or sweat or even blood. Why, she cried. Why not me? Why not me?

She very nearly clawed out her own heart, but hands gripped her wrists.

Then she stilled.

Because she knew that presence, she always would, that cool aura of darkness and a song that would never be heard. That what she’d felt with Graysen wasn’t nearly as strong as what she was with Azriel.

And she breathed in, knowing that the High Lord’s shadowsinger was close enough to share breath.

“That’s good,” his voice whispered, and it was so smooth she wondered if his actual singing would be enough to soothe her frayed nerves. His shadows danced over her wet cheeks as she trembled, and even with her eyes closed, she could feel the pain radiating off him. “Keep breathing.”

So she did. Because not once had Azriel failed her, and not once had he ever been the one to make her cry.

Soon, she could open her eyes without seeing the man who’d broken her heart. Azriel still stood over her, studying her with a wariness she’d never seen him shed.

“I wonder when you’ll dream of me instead of that prick,” he murmured, attempting to lift the tension that lingered in their bedroom. His scent was soothing as he lay down next to her, pulling her close. There was another scent intertwined with his. Two more, actually.

“I don’t need to dream of you. The real thing is much better.” She touched her lips to his, before laying her head on his chest. Her eyes caught on the potted orchid blooming on their windowsill. In the darkness, it looked as dark as his hair.

“I suppose you’re right,” he said, burying his face in her hair, breathing her in. “Besides, I don’t think you’ll have time to dream much when the little one comes along.”

With her gift to See, she knew he would be right. But she drifted back to sleep with a smile on her lips.



Presenting one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever spent three hours on: 

Fordese. Exactly as seen in Journal 3, but as a font. You too can confuse your work partner, twin brother, and dream demon arch-nemesis by simply typing on the keyboard as normal, no pen needed!

I must thank @picnokinesis and the fics they wrote in code for putting the random inspiration in my mind to do this, ahahah. XD 

The font includes all coded letters from A-Z, both in uppercase and lowercase. (They’re both the same, though- I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to double up.) It has a full set of numbers, and the most common punctuation. Some of the letters are annoyingly close to each other, but it couldn’t easily be helped. 

But hey, if anyone actually uses this and makes a post, please feel free to tag me in it so I can see! And if anyone tries this out and there’s any major issues with it, let me know and I can try to fix it! :D

You can find the font right here!


battle couple:

it didn’t take long, the blue glow of his blade and the burning red of magnus’s magic lighting up their faces and before alec knew it there was some semblance of silence, the two of them standing there panting. magic was still crackling in the air and alec had ichor on his hand, dripping down his blade. x

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version

continental drift

(#21 off the Super Sappy Prompts list: “I’m better when I’m with you.”)

It’s an experiment based on a hypothesis based on a coincidence. They’re sharing a room on a roadie, and Nursey has been stuck in a dry spell for a week and a half now. The words just haven’t been coming the way he wants them to, and he’s starting to feel dried out, like all the creative juices have been wrung out of him by school stress and lack of sleep. Maybe it’ll never come back. Maybe he’s just done. All washed up by the tender age of twenty.

He’s not even trying to write as he watches Dex from across the room, tracking his fidgets and expressions as he sits hunched over his laptop frowning at the screen. It’s been a while since he and Dex have been in the same room for an extended period of time – a fortnight, about. Dex has been on a project, and Nursey started isolating himself about when the drought hit. But it was nice to sit with him on the bus today, and it’s nice to dump his bag near the bed and just relax, hands behind his head, and drink in his presence. It feels like something he’s been missing for far too long.

Nursey’s not sure what it is that makes the words start coming back, but it’s like a cloudburst on a hot day – a few lines, scattered drops against a parched sidewalk, then all at once he’s drowning.

He writes for four hours that night. His poems are full of microchips and anger, all about the gray morality of man against the rigidity of binary code, and by one a.m., when he should really be getting his beauty rest for tomorrow’s game, he’s starting to formulate a theory.

The theory is that maybe being in Dex’s proximity jumpstarts his creativity. In a phrase, Dex inspires him.

So Nursey resolves to test it.

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my nayme is Sam
and wen I ryde
with bruthr Deen
rite by my side
i do not sass
nor him attacke

i take my chance
i lik him bak

[ oops there’s a dean version ]

just some facts about schizophrenia

1.  violence is not a symptom. people with schizophrenia are rarely violent towards other people

2. however, they are violent towards themselves as suicide is the number one cause of premature death among people with schizophrenia. 1 in 10 commits suicide, and 40% of people with schizophrenia has attempted suicide at least once

3. but it’s worth to keep fighting as 25% completely recover and 50% improves 

4. there is a lot of help and ways to cope with schizophrenia

5. people with schizophrenia have great minds and can live a normal and successful life

6. they are beautiful and don’t deserve all the stigma and fear towards them


I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b


2. We were dancing but all of a sudden it’s a slow song and we’re standing here awkwardly staring at each other

This Winter Screw is going much better than the last.

For one thing, Bittle’s date isn’t throwing up on his shoes, which Jack understood happened last year. And right now Bittle appears to be dancing with his date, or something like it. Jack, having seen the way Bittle can dance at parties, knows he’s toning it way down. Even so, Bittle is fun to watch on the dance floor, how the light catches his hair and how his smile widens as he jerks his hips from side to side with a laugh. He just always looks like he’s having a great time.

It strikes Jack kind of funny that he’s decided this Screw is going well based entirely on how good of a time Bittle’s having. God knows it has nothing to do with himself and his own date. Camilla and Jack have a quiet understanding; she’s with her friends, he’s … here, watching his pal on the dance floor, with an already-drained clear plastic cup of water and strangely itchy fingers.

But Jack’s not the kind of guy who has an actively good time at these things – they’re okay, he’s okay. It’s guys like Bittle, who are capable of having amazing times or miserable ones, that Jack has to calibrate his experience by.

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25 years in the future Dip’s kid stumbles upon this really weird statue in the forest… 

a magnet

(#4: We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair)

Jack blinks his slow way out of sleep. He’s warm, despite the lack of comforter. Warm, though he’s only wearing shorts. There’s light glinting at him, sunshine through the window, and Jack blinks against it, still trying to make sense of the strange warmth. Strange warmth, and strange sound, too. Another person’s breathing. Another person’s body. Next to his. Jack eases up onto his elbow.

Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Bittle’s here. Bittle’s in his bed.

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2016 fic list

hey hey hey, so I decided to compile all the fics I wrote in 2016 here, since it seemed like a cool idea after seeing other people do it lol (it’s not much tho, just some knb and mostly bnha)

boku no hero academia

nerves of ice (4k words) - tododeku, fluff, sick fic 

improve and approve (4.4k words) - gen (pre-tododeku), kids with cool gadgets and little supervision

like i’m gonna lose you (1.1k words) - tododeku, fluff and light angst, future fic

a little love never hurts (until it’s no longer a little) (4.5k words) - tododeku, pining, recounting canon events w/ slight divergence

guiding light (3k words) - tododeku, childhood friend au, fluff and angst

it’s always darkest, when you’re not by my side (1.3k words) - tododeku, nightmares, hurt/comfort

off to a good start (2.2k words) - tododeku, third years, fluff

sunshine, trapped in our hearts (4.1k words) - tododeku, sequel to guiding light, friends to lovers, canon divergence

caught (500 words) - tododeku, crack, hsm references that’s it

taking the lead (1.2k words) - tododeku, light fluff and angst

starry skies, starry eyes (2.7k words) - tododeku, college au, birthday fic, i love writing about space

what… is that? (600 words) - tododeku, crack

the bonds that hold us together (9k words) - gen, de-aged au, fluff and angst

a not so picture perfect family (2.7k words) - tododeku, fluff

coming to terms (5.7k words) - bakukami, pining, friends to lovers

keep your head up, above the water (3.9k words) - bakukami, light angst and fluff

volume eighty-one (2.5k words) - todomomo, fluff

affliction (6.7k words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff and angst

liberosis (800 words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff

one string, fit for a bow (4.8k words) - tododeku, soulmate au, pining

the picture speaks for itself (3.3k words) - bakukami, fluff

game (1.5k words) - bakukami, fluff

flowery language (5.5k words) - tododeku, modern au, businessman!shouto and poet!izuku

cuddle week (6.3k words) - bakukami, tododeku, cuddle prompts, fluff and angst

kuroko no basket

of flames and smoke: dragons (5.9k words) - kagakuro, medieval au, incomplete

then, it’s a date (2.6k words) - akafuri, fluff

gravity (300 words) - aokaga, college au

the problem with hangovers (6.4k words) - morizuki, soulmates au

[ other unposted fics can be found here ]