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Can you elaborate on the whole"Korra suffers because she is a queer WoC concept"? Or hoe you yourself said "there's a lot of criticism to be had for two straight men telling this story through a queer WoC" (in your most recent Book 4 post). In the Avatar world, nobody is white , everyone is Asian or Inuint based, and therefore everyone is a PoC , in a way, light skin DNE white.

Right, but media isn’t produced in a cultural vacuum. And colorism is a thing in our world (where Bryke live too), whether or not it’s something that exists in-verse. So depending on your intersection, it’s absolutely offensive to see the way a queer woc got brutalized over and over again. Or how we saw her say the words, “But I finally understand why I had to go through all that. I needed to understand what true suffering was so I could be more compassionate to others, even to people like Kuvira.Especially knowing that Korra was chiefly penned by two straight, white men.

Like, their intent in writing that line in the finale has been made incredibly clear, and for many who have suffered or deal with mental illness, it’s a validating message. Fuck it’s a validating message just for people who are growing and searching for their own identity.

But intent or no, it’s not to say the result doesn’t matter. It’s not a result I personally find offensive, but I’m speaking from a place of white privilege. That’s why I say time and time again that there’s a very valid criticism to be had about it, and we really shouldn’t talk over the people who find it offensive. Just like we shouldn’t talk over the people who found Korra’s conversation with Tenzin personally validating and telling them that their relation to the narrative is bad and, idk, equating them to Ozai or something.

For example, when I wrote Korrasami is GREAT Writing, that was me sharing the way in which I felt the narrative validated me and why that mattered. So the fact that there were certain bloggers who “took it to task” and said that I was wrong for feeling that the representation was good or worthwhile…it’s just like, fuck you. Fuck you for telling me what my experience should have been, especially given the barriers and difference I face as a queer woman.

So by that same token, fuck anyone who tries to tell people they can’t be offended by this narrative (which btw, I’m NOT accusing you of doing at all; I’m just saying in general). Look, how we consume media is really complicated. It’s possible to find something simultaneously offensive and validating. It’s possible for your experience to be really positive, while others are incredibly hurt, and vice versa. That’s all fine. Recognizing that is the key.

Now, ALL this being said, I do raise an incredibly strong eyebrow at anyone who only began to take issue with the story during Book 4 or during the finale, especially given the fact that the Book 1 narrative was basically Korra getting slapped around and brutalized to teach her humility, and then completely glossing over the consequences of that message (while actually endorsing some incredibly problematic behavior). So, if it’s just the end of the series where someone takes issue, chances are it isn’t about Korra’s suffering at the hands of Bryke.