i wrote it as messy as i could lol

I wrote this fluffly drabble for Kari ( casincharge ) because she’s feeling sick. So here, have cute human Cas with the flu, and Dean taking care of him. Feel better soon. <3

You’re lucky I wrote this for you even after you threw up all over my blog, I am such a good friend, lol.

Dean cautiously shuffled into the room of the bunker that had belonged to Castiel ever since the angel had become human. Both of Dean’s hands were full; one carried a bowl of chicken soup, whereas the other was holding a large glass of fresh orange juice.

Only Cas’ watery blue eyes and the messy dark strands of hair on top of his head could be seen from where Castiel was hiding in his nest of blankets.

“Hello, Dean.” He croaked out in a raspy voice.

“Hey, buddy. How are you feeling?” Dean asked, carefully placing the soup and juice on the nightstand.

Castiel was suffering from the flu, and seeing as it was the first time that the former angel had to deal with any kind of human illness, Cas wasn’t taking it all that well.

“I feel horrible.” Castiel said matter-of-factly, not sugarcoating it in the slightest.

Dean nodded as he sat down on the edge of Castiel’s bed. “I know, Cas… I made you some chicken soup though, they say it helps.”

Castiel’s brow furrowed, his eyes skeptically peeking at Dean. “Humans honestly believe that chicken soup is a proper medicine to cure influenza?”

Dean rolled his eyes at Cas’ smartass comment. “It’s just a human thing, Cas. I suppose it’s between the ears, man. People believe that chicken soup makes them feel better. Just like they believe that something stops hurting when you put a kiss on it, and all that sort of crap.”

“Really? Humans believe that a kiss makes pain go away?” Castiel asked as he tried to sit a little straighter, his interest piqued all of the sudden. “Does it?”

“I don’t know, I never tried.” Dean replied, holding in a chuckle of amusement. “But I’m guessing it’s a giant load of bullshit.”

“But you never tried, so you can’t know for sure if it works or not.” Cas remarked.

“No, Cas, I don’t know for sure.” Dean answered, trying not to laugh at the angel’s innocent face.

There was a brief staring contest, during which neither of them said anything. Castiel was the first to break the silence.

“My lips hurt, Dean.” He stated bluntly, puffy red eyes looking up at Dean from under long lashes.

Dean narrowed his eyes at Castiel. Ah, not so innocent after all then.

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