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Beanies and Negotiations (Part 2)

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Part one here

Anon requests: Could you PLEASE do a second part for beanies and negotiations?! I loved it!!

Another part for beanies and negotiations! Puh-lease

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Archie observes Jughead and (Y/N)’s relationship, and realizes it’s not just his beanie that Jughead lets (Y/N) wear

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,033

A/N: ah you guys I’m so happy you’re enjoying my writing! I wasn’t planning on writing a second part for this piece, but since it was requested I wrote it for you guys. I was also gonna queue this and have it published later, but I’m so excited for you guys to read this! Enjoy!

Although he and Jughead had recently hit a rough patch in their relationship, Archie Andrews considered himself one of Jughead’s closest friends.  He also liked to believe that he knew his friend pretty well.  So when he saw (Y/N) roaming the halls wearing Jughead’s beanie, he was ecstatic.  He rushed through the school to find his friend.  In the lounge, Jughead stood with his arms crossed and raven hair exposed.

“Dude!” Archie exclaimed as he sauntered over to Jughead.  “Finally!”

“What are you talking about?” Jughead questioned, eyes narrowed.

“(Y/N), of course!” Archie answered.  “You asked her out, right?”  Jughead shifted and uncrossed his arms.

“No,” he scoffed, but his voice wavered a bit.  “Why would you think that?”

“Because she’s wearing your beanie,” Archie stated like it was obvious.  “The last time you took that thing off is when you proposed to her when we were six.”

“We were six,” Jughead emphasized, slightly leaning forward.

“But you like her,” Archie said.  Jughead opened his mouth to reply, but no smart remarks came out.  Instead, he closed his mouth and looked away from Archie, sighing.  “Ask her out, man.”  Pursing his lips, Jughead shook his head and walked away.  Archie sighed and turned around, spotting Veronica and Betty waving at him.

“Archie!” Veronica called, beckoning him over.  He moved to the couch they were sitting at and stood in front of the two girls.


“You’ve seen (Y/N) wearing Jughead’s hat, too, right?” she asked.  Archie nodded.

“I don’t get it though,” he said.  “He never takes that thing off.  I asked Jughead if he asked her out, but he said no.  I figured she’d be wearing it because of that, since last time she wore Jughead’s beanie-”

“He proposed to her,” Betty finished, and Archie nodded.  All three of them simultaneously sighed.

“God he looked so smitten yesterday,” Veronica groaned.  Archie sent her a questioning look.  “Betty and I were at Pop’s yesterday, and we saw Jughead and (Y/N) there.  She had stolen his beanie and he was trying to get it back, but he was enjoying it. I swear he could barely contain his smile.”

“Yeah,” Betty smiled in agreement.  “They’re both smitten.”

Archie, Betty, and Veronica thought that the beanie incident was a one-time thing.  However, they were proven wrong when they spotted (Y/N) sitting in Pop’s wearing Jughead’s jacket a week later.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Veronica greeted, sitting down next to her.  “Where’s Jughead?”

“Working at the drive-in tonight,” (Y/N) answered, smiling.  Betty and Archie slid into the booth seat across from them.  

“Is that Jughead’s jacket?” Archie bluntly asked.  (Y/N) looked down at what she was wearing.

“Oh crap!” she exclaimed. “I forgot to give this back to him!” Veronica smirked.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you holding onto it for a bit,” she laughed, causing (Y/N) to smile and nod.

“Why’d he give it to you in the first place?” Betty inquired.  (Y/N) bit her lip.

“We were walking home from school, and I had forgotten my jacket at home.  I was shivering, and Jug insisted that I took his,” she explained. Archie affectionately rolled his eyes, smirking.

“Smitten,” he mumbled under his breath.

The next incident was two weeks later at a football game.  (Y/N) had promised her friends that she would come to the game to support them, and she managed to drag Jughead along with her.  Archie smirked when he saw them sitting together in the stands, knowing that it probably wasn’t too hard for (Y/N) to convince Jughead to come.

After the game, (Y/N) and Jughead got off the bleachers and walked over to the field where Archie, Betty, and Veronica were standing.

“You guys were all great tonight!” (Y/N) complimented, beaming at her friends.  They all smiled in gratitude, when suddenly Archie furrowed his eyebrows.

“Is that-” he paused for a moment, contemplating how to phrase his question.  “Is that a new flannel?”  Betty and Veronica shot him confused looks, whereas Jughead and (Y/N)’s fidgeted as their cheeks grew red.

“Uh, nope,” (Y/N) awkwardly laughed.  “It’s Jughead’s actually.”

“What?” Betty and Veronica exclaimed at the same time.  Archie suppressed a smirk.

“It was raining before,” (Y/N) stated, and Archie noticed Jughead refusing to make eye contact with him, “and we got drenched because neither of us had an umbrella.  Jughead had a dry flannel and let me wear it.” She shrugged at the end of her explanation, playing with the sleeves of Jughead’s flannel.  Archie was tempted to ask (Y/N) why she didn’t just change into some of her own clothes, but he decided not to for her and Jughead’s sakes. Betty and Veronica shared a knowing glance.  Finally, Archie managed to catch Jughead’s eye.  He smirked and Jughead rolled his eyes, but the small smile on his face didn’t go unnoticed by Archie.

Archie would have completely missed the last incident if it wasn’t for Veronica.  Some weeks later they were sitting at lunch with (Y/N), waiting for Betty and Jughead to arrive at their table.

“(Y/N), that sweater is really big on you,” Veronica noted, critiquing her outfit.  “Please tell me you didn’t just buy that.”  (Y/N) smiled bashfully.

“No,” she responded, “I’ve had it lying in my room for a while.  Figured I should put it to use.”  Veronica scrunched up her nose.

“You shouldn’t have. Not to be rude, girl, but green is not your color.”

“Oh well,” (Y/N) laughed. “I’ll remember that next ti-”

“That’s Jughead’s, isn’t it?” Archie interrupted.  (Y/N) bit her lip and pulled the sweater sleeves over her hands.

“Maybe,” she mumbled, looking down into her lap.  Archie and Veronica smirked.

“You know what, (Y/N)?” Veronica said.  “Never mind what I just said.  That does suit you.”  (Y/N)’s cheeks grew bright red.

“Oh god, guys,” she moaned, but they could hear the smile in her face.  Jughead and Betty soon walked over to the table and joined the group.  During their lunch, Archie would occasionally glance over at Jughead and (Y/N).  He frequently saw one staring at the other.  Smiling at his friends, Archie couldn’t fathom how neither of them realize how smitten they were with each other.  

It all started with that damn beanie.

They portalled into the loft, bags laden in each hand, Magnus with a soft smile on his face whilst Alec gestured at the bag in Magnus’ hand. Or rather the teddy bear in one of the bags Magnus was currently holding. A teddy bear that was easily half their size and was definitely taller than their guest—rather, his guest, seeing that Alexander still hadn’t moved into the loft yet.

A guest Magnus had insisted on getting the teddy for.

“Seriously Magnus. Why would you get her something so big?”

Magnus ignored the words, his mind working fast at the spells he was planning on casting on said bear.

“Because it’s the perfect size Alexander.” He spun around and caught the half raised eyebrow that Alec leveled on him.

“Seriously? That thing probably weighs more than her.”

“And she will love it. Won’t you sweetheart,” Magnus crooned, causing Alec to turn around as the two of them met Madzie’s cautious eyes. She hung by the door, eyes dark and suspicious as she stared at the pristine white fluffy teddy that Magnus carried.

She looked so much like Alec had when he’d first spotted Magnus heading into the store to pick up the teddy bear, that Magnus found the corners of his mouth tilting up into a smile.

The suspicion still remained in her eyes, but she returned his smile, tentatively.

Magnus spun around and crowed. “See? She loves it.”

Alec snorted. “She’s smiling back at you Magnus.” He gestured at the teddy and smiled. “Not at your gift.”

Magnus rolled his eyes. “But that’s because the gift isn’t ready yet.”

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darling, I know you’ve been feeling down lately, so I wrote this really quick for you. I’m not sure what you had in mind, but I went to a 100 % unicorns place, so I hope this makes you smile a little.

A shadow falls across Stiles’ worksheet and he looks up to see Lydia, mouth pursed, staring down at him. She says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

“About as much as the average eleven year old boy,” he says, which is: not much. Horse-like, pointy horn, something to do with virgins.

Of course, he goes home and finds out everything he can about them immediately. Both because Lydia asked, and because now he can’t stop thinking about it.

Lydia has forgotten all about their conversation by the time he’s ready to dazzle her with his knowledge, so alas, his mad unicorn skillz lie dormant for years, until all the shit with the werewolves.


Stiles is cat-napping in a spill of sun when all his warmth is blocked—he makes an irritated sound and opens his eyes to find Derek looming over him, frowning.  Stiles kicks out a foot and rolls over onto his side in the grass.

Derek says, “What do you know about unicorns?”

Stiles yawns and says, “A surprising amount for a teenage boy.”

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Yes, Murphy disabled Raven. But HE DID NOT KNOW HE WAS SHOOTING AT RAVEN. He did not go, oh Raven his down there let’s shoot the bitch. Whoever he was shooting at (he thought it was Octavia) was just used to hurt Bellamy (I’m not saying this is okay). Murphy has never done anything to intentionally or directly hurt Raven.

And no I’m not excusing what he did. Suffering a minor psychotic breakdown and feeling betrayed is not an excuse. As a bad childhood isn’t an excuse for being an asshole (Raven is living proof that you can overcome that). And I fully support Raven not forgiving Murphy straight away because yeah, he is responsible and should not be let off the hook for it.

But saying that there is not a chance for even a Raven/Murphy friendship because he disabled her and it would be abusive ect. Is just bullshit. Murphy is trying to redeem him self. And you can tell that he is genuinely sorry and regrets hurting Raven. And if anyone is capable of becoming friends with the person who disabled them is Raven fucking Reyes.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t save you, I’m sorry if you never got to read the last poem that I wrote for you, do you still read with your feathery wings and watercolor halo? Do you still ask questions about life? I’m still lost. I’m so lost. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there. I’m sorry that I couldn’t hold your hands. I’m sorry that I’m just here and you’re just there. The dust will leave my heart some day, the fingertips will be shown. You were there.
—  You were always there

omg im freaking out the teacher in this class literally said “if u expect to get good grades all the time don’t be surprised if you get less than perfect on these first assignments” and i was like ok yeah of course he’s a tough grader i’m totally prepared for that whatever i don’t wanna ace this i just wanna pass and learn. and then i got a b- on my treatment and MY LIFE HAS NOT KNOWN PEACE 

(hi. this is the racing thoughts speaking. halfway through writing the above paragraph, i realized b- is actually not the worst grade, and some people, such as myself from high school, would consider current me a little bitch for complaining about a relatively harmless grade in the grand scheme of things. i’d just like to say that we are all irreplaceable human souls with our own understanding of what it means to suffer.)

Fic: The Family Representative(s)

Summary: “Miss Smoak declines to make any comments at this time.”

In which Oliver and Thea do not appreciate it when Susan tries to mask her reporter agenda with innocent conversation.

A/N: This is all rushed and not beta’d so please forgive any errors. I wanted to get this out before tonight’s ep aired, but I’m bad at writing on a one day deadline.

This is a little scene I kept thinking about and really wanted to see something like it on the show. Or maybe I just need my Felicity/Thea fix. Also, I am very inspired by Thea’s dislike of Susan.

Takes place at some point post 5x13 (and possibly 5x14 depending on how that episode goes) But no spoilers involved.


“Oh, I didn’t know you two were close.” Susan commented, her tone was casual but there was a hint of judgement to it.

“We are.” Thea stated, tightening her grip on Felicity’s arm. “Felicity’s my best friend. She’s practically my sister.”

There was an awkward pause among the group. Felicity looked away, avoiding any eye contact with Susan while Oliver sent a warning look to his sister’s direction . Thea didn’t deter, though, she kept her gaze steady on Susan. The two looked like they were having a staring battle.

“That’s sweet.” Susan responded. Her attention then turned to Felicity, a sly smile on her lips. “It’s nice to see you out, though. I’m sure things have been difficult for you ever since Detective Malone’s disappearance.”

Everyone tensed at the mention of his name. Felicity was still unable to look at them, though this time it was with the hollow memory of Billy that kept her from paying attention . Oliver had his attention turn to Susan, sending her a warning look. Thea, herself, glared at the women.

Susan didn’t seem to take notice in the Queen sibling’s looks as she continued to pay attention to Felicity .

“It must be hard, you guys looked pretty serious back at the Christmas party.” She continued as she analyzed Felicity’s reaction. “He’s been gone for about a month now and the ACU isn’t confident that he’s still alive. How do you feel about that?”

A threatening look crossed Oliver’s face at her intrusive question. He was about to make a comment when Thea beat him to it.

“Miss Smoak declines to make any comments regarding Detective Malone.” Thea said in a professional tone, though the warning behind it was clear.

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Ok, so I see a lot of stuff about the fae but I'm still not sure what it means. Is it shorthand for fairy? 'Cause it's usually somewhat malicious whenever I read something about it. But it sounds SUPER COOL and I LOVE writing fantasy stuff! But I like to have my facts in order before. Do you have a good definition of the fae? (Oh, and I'm the one that sent in that recent dialogue prompt that you wrote that alien story about - that was great! I'm glad you liked it 😁😁😁)

Well, for me it’s how I grew up learning about them! “The fae are from Faerie.” Also as the daoine maithe– the good folk.

Some people say they’re interchangeable, but this article (X) has a pretty good explanation for why it usually isn’t!

The way I understand it, “fairy” refers to the pleasant, bright creatures from Disney stories like Pinocchio (the blue fairy). It’s used to describe a being that uses their powers for the good of humans!

Fae is usually used to let the reader know that this isn’t going to be a happy story–it’s going to be a complicated one. Lots of grey and dark morality, for sure, and their own agenda! A more malicious story as you said!

Though it’s also worth noting that most stories where the term Faerie is used (underhill, the Seelie/unseelie court, etc) also contain warnings not to call the fae anything but the “good” or “gentle” folk. It’s believed that erring on the side of overly polite is just good self preservation. Funnily enough, this has been my experience in real life–regardless of your beliefs, do try not to give the scary things names.

(And thank you for the dialogue prompt! It was fun to write and I might continue it juuuuust a touch more!)

skye07  asked:

Ohhh!!! you wrote the knitting Tony story!!!! I've been hunting that story for a long time!!! (was on a reading spree on your Tony tag, I'm having a swell of a time) So HOW ABOUT!! Someone finding or just ended up in Tony's stash room (it might be a floor if we are being honest, I would with his resources). I am salivating just imaginging the AMOUNT of yarn Tony must have collected, of all colours and types. Just, please. I would love you even more if you decide this prompt worthy~~

You mean that story I sent to bloody-bee-tea about Tony knitting? I’m surprised I haven’t written more Tony knitting, tbh. Hope you like it! Look out for under the cut!

Natasha had been investigating her new home when she stumbled into it. The room was gigantic, cube shelves covering the walls. Every single shelf had balls of yarn in it, starting with red in one corner and spreading in a circular rainbow of yarns, except for the few columns of shelves that were filled with needles, hooks, counters of some sort?

Natasha felt nervous for a reason she couldn’t explain. Perhaps because this room felt deeply personal? That the person who had set it up had taken time to organize it just right?

She stayed just long enough to tuck a gun under some soft yarn before she left. Each room needed at least one weapon hidden in it.

“Why would you ever need this in my stash?” Tony complained, shoving the gun into her hands. “You can use literally anything in there as a weapon. The straight needles can be used to stab people and the circular needles can be used as garrotes. My double-pointed needles can be used in close combat. And if your attacker is allergic to wool, he’s gonna be in for a bad time.”

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madhardy replied to your postDo you ever think about how lucky we have been to…

honestly how easy would it have been for them to utterly ruin this show? turn it into some machismo obsessed pirate version of game of thrones??? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO EASY AND INSTEAD WE HAVE SOMETHING NUANCED AND HUMAN AND BEAUTIFUL

it would have been………UNBELIEVABLY easy fsdjklfskdjlf. you’re so right. which is part of why I think that’s what most people expect from this show before watching. I’VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY TO BE PROVED WRONG :’’)

and tbh, it’s really easy to sit back and point out the flaws in something that’s finished, and much much harder to create that thing from scratch. every time I remember that and then remember all the things this show got so right, I’m just like………….that is miraculous. I never would’ve been able to do it. it’s just beyond me. they have done some really spectacular stuff 👏🏼

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Hi! I just remember you once wrote you are also bullet journaling. Would you mind showing some pictures of your bullet journal? Sorry, I'm just so curious since your handwriting is absolutely gorgeous. ♡

Hi! And of course! My bullet journal has gone through a lot of phases, currently I’m doing sort of a hybrid bullet journal in my Hobonichi Techo Cousin. I don’t have any recent pictures, but here are a couple I originally took for a January prompt that show off my general layout. 

I have tasks at the top right, my record of things I did throughout the day in the timeline, and my good things for the day right beneath that. My “bullets” go in the main space and then I use the leftover space for a daily quotation or watercolor. 

I have a separate notebook for collections that I tuck into one of the pockets of my case. That notebook is currently under renovations and I’m actually making a new case for my Hobonichi, but my daily layout will be staying the same. Hope this helps!

after you read your own writing like a million times you begin to be unable to look at it critically lol
like its hard to tell if you think it sucks because it actually does suck, or because you’re a self depreciating perfectionist with low self esteem

review on the short RTC bit with Loki and Pietro

Mmm. Interactions with Pietro are not my thing. I never liked Marvel’s Pietro. I considered him a two dimensional boring character, and when Fox showed us their Pietro, that feeling grew. Sorry. I just don’t like him :/

okay good for you????

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You really have to give it to Celestino, the way he went about the whole thing so professionally in trying to protect Yuuri. By the end of the chapter it felt like he was the only one with his head glued on straight. I love how supportive and good for Yuuri you wrote him as being over the whole story! (That said he must be really glad for Phichit because coaching Yuuri must be giving him hair nightmares. #prayforcelestinoshair2kforever)

Celestino has a significant number of grey hairs and he blames Yuuri for all of them

Hey dudes I wrote some angst

Sitting in the astronomy tower for hours on end probably isn’t the most productive use of one’s evenings, but it was a source of comfort and serenity after the wreck of the war. Something about the cool breeze of night was just so peaceful.

Hogwarts had been restored to its former glory, once more beautiful and pure. It was strange to think about how many innocent lives had been lost, how much blood had been spilled, and how the war had ruined so many lives. Someone you love could be alive one minute, gone the next, and you wouldn’t even get to say goodbye.

Draco had never felt the warmth of community and family the way others had, the feeling of love and protection that most people do. All he felt was anxiety and hatred. Family life was nothing more than Death Eater business, and Draco had to participate without objection. He had no other choice.

Of course he had considered suicide, why else would he spend so much time in the boys bathroom alone? Wondering if he should just end it, surely one less Malfoy to worry about would do the world a favour? He had even purposely left a trail of clues in sixth year, hoping that someone, anyone, would catch on and try to stop him- permanently. The closest he got to this was the duel with Potter. If only he could’ve bled out on the floor, why did they have to save him? Couldn’t they just let him die?

The Dark Mark had mostly faded, but the outline remained, a constant reminder of everything he had been forced to do. Why him? Was it selfish to wonder why he had been chosen? Innocent lives had been tainted and torn forever, and Draco was far from innocent, so why did he feel sad? It could have been so much worse.

Could you use the killing curse on yourself? Draco had wondered this for a while. He had never been able to successfully be able to cast one of the unforgivable curses on others, but could he try it on hisself? Someone who he knew wasn’t innocent? Someone who he knew he wanted dead? Or perhaps he could use ‘sectumsempra’ to sever an artery? Why couldn’t he do it? What was stopping him?


Harry hadn’t been the same since the end of the war, everyone had noticed it. The usual charisma and perpetual optimism had worn off, and everyone could see through the materialised happiness. They all knew he was hurting, but would never admit it because 'so many had had it worse’. It was a well known fact that Harry blamed himself for what happened, for the fates of those who died fighting for the boy who lived. His parents, Sirius, Fred, Remus, and many more, had all died trying to let him live. All the lives lost to save one. How was it fair?

That’s right, it wasn’t. Not to him, anyway.

Often Harry would find himself wandering the halls of Hogwarts, retracing the footsteps of his younger self, usually, remembering the innocence he had been forced to loose so young. Sometimes he would find himself visiting the spots where loved ones had died fighting. The wall blown down had been patched back up, but with a plaque for Fred. 'Brother, son, friend. Loved by so many, taken too soon. Fred brightened up the lives of those around him, and will be missed. Mischief Managed.’

The astronomy tower was shut off to the students of Hogwarts as it was in need of repair, which never came. None of the staff could bare it up there, something just felt… off. Malfoy was the last person Harry would expect to see up there.

The blonde seemed to be huddled over by the balcony… crying? Harry edged closer, cautious not to make a sound. He had to know what Malfoy was up to.

His wand was pointed directly into his left forearm, where Harry knew the mark would have been.
“Sectum- sect-sempra-”
It took a few seconds for Harry to notice what Malfoy was trying to do, but he soon realised.


Malfoy’s wand was shot from his hand, and over the balcony, before further harm could be done.

Malfoy spun around, eyes blazing with fury, and shoved Potter. Hard. “Potter! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

Despite being slightly winded, Harry managed to pull himself up. “I should ask, you the same, thing, Malfoy.” He spluttered between wheezes.

“If you had time to disarm me, surely you could tell me why? Or was Saint Potter just looking for an excuse to use his favourite spell again?” Malfoy attempted to push past Potter, but was pulled back.

“Call me crazy, but it looked to me like you were trying to slice off your arm.”

“Close, but-”

“Or you were using sectumsempra to try and cut away your dark mark?” Harry made an attempt to pull Draco’s arm, but was again, pushed away.

“You don’t need to pretend to be a hero around me, Potter. The attempt to try and help me is cute, really, but I don’t need your help, or anyone’s help.”

And with that, Malfoy left. Harry didn’t stop him this time.


'To whoever reads this, I would like to take this moment to apologise and explain myself.

To mother, I’m so sorry that you’re going to have to loose me, but I can’t live with myself knowing everything that I’ve put you through. Thank you for everything, you were the only person in my life who has shown me compassion.

To those who grieve lost loved ones, I truly am sorry. Sorry that you had to have them torn from you, sorry I didn’t do anything to help, sorry that all I was to you is another Death Eater. I wanted to change, to help, but I didn’t want my family to die.

And to Potter, because I know your prying eyes will find this letter, I want you to know that you’re the only person I’ve ever loved. I appreciate what you tried to do last night, but I’m beyond saving, the world is better off without me. I know you blame yourself for what happened, but you don’t need to. You were the hero, so chin up, smile, and know that you are loved, loved by so many, don’t ever forget that.


And with that, he jumped. Free at last. Away from the pain of life, finally able to board the train. He knew not what awaited him, but knew that anything was better than the world he lived in. Draco was finally at peace.

Harry found Draco’s note, next to his wand, in the astronomy tower. His hands were shaking as he read it, tears streaming down his face uncontrollably. He should’ve been there for Malfoy after the war, he could’ve helped him; instead, he had let him die. Malfoy loved him, and he let him down. He let him go.

spritespirits  asked:

Tom having a sleep over with Marco and they both end up playing truth or dare, and Marco being bold dares Tom to kiss him

Ahhhhhhh! This is such a cute idea I loved reading this! It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if this was just an idea or you wanted a fic, so I wrote a fic anyway because the ide was just so cute!! I hope you love it! Sorry it’s a little short, enjoy!


“Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom laughed a bit and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you think this game is kind of childish?” Tom asked, leaning against the couch. Marco laughed and nudged him, causing the demon to blush.

“Oh lighten up!” Marco teased. He then scooted closer. Tom blushed deeper, Marco was rarely this forward, but it seemed like he was really pushing this silly game. Tom rubbed his neck and Marco poked him playfully. “Truth or dare?” He asked again.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tom agreed. “Truth.” He answered. Marco giggled, hoping he would pick that one.

“Do you have a crush on anybody?” Marco asked. Tom burst out laughing.

“What are you a middle school girl?” he asked. “Do I have a crush on anybody? This is the type of question they ask in teen romance movies.” He teased Marco mercilessly and Marco laughed, pushing him over playfully.

“Answer the question!” Marco demanded. Tom giggled and sat up, he was blushing again.

“Okay… yes I do.” he admitted, his blush was deepening. Marco grinned very big and scooted even closer. Tom blushed deeper when Marco sat so near.

“Truth or dare?” Marco asked again. Tom tilted his head.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask you now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head and scooted closer still, eager for the answer. “Truth.” Tom said again, blushing deeper. He now understood Marco’s game and why he was acting so bold. Marco grinned.

“Who do you have a crush on?” Marco asked. Tom’s face was burning red and Marco was practically on top of the poor demon. Tom was so flustered he felt like he was going to burn the house down. “You have to answer.” Marco added.

“I-I um…” Tom trialed off. “I think you know…” He mumbled. Marco giggled and moved closer, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.” Tom said, looking away. He was becoming so embarrassed! How did Marco know? Marco smiled and pulled Tom in a little bit.

“One more.” Marco begged. Tom bit his lip, but nodded. “Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, hoping this would be what he was hoping for.

“D-dare.” Tom responded. Marco smiled very big and pulled Tom in a little bit more so they were only inches away. Tom was flaring up and praying that he didn’t burn Marco and ruin this moment, but he was lucky enough that he didn’t for now.

“Do you know what I’m going to dare you to do?” Marco asked. Tom gulped and nodded a little bit, unable to form words.

“I-I think I h-have a f-feeling.” Tom stuttered. He then smiled a tiny bit. “But you have to say it or the dare doesn’t count.” He made the rule up, this made Marco giggle a little bit and lean closer still. Tom blushed even more, but giggled.

“Okay then.” Marco smiled. “I dare you to kiss me.” Marco beamed. He leaned in and Tom smiled, meeting him halfway. The boys closed their eyes and Tom kissed Marco very gently on the lips. The two of them thought they’d both be too nervous and pull away fast, but they stayed. It was a light kiss, but it was deep and kind.

Tom pulled away and saw Marco looking at him with stars in his eyes. Tom smiled and giggled yet again, he just felt so giddy. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling whenever he saw Marco looking at him. Marco grinned as well and had the same reaction as the demon. He leaned in again and Tom wrapped his arms around the human, pulling him close to be able to cuddle with him by the couch.

“Truth or dare?” Tom asked. Marco laughed lightly at how Tom turned the tables on him and changed up his little game. He smiled and thought about it for a moment, playing with Tom’s hair.

“Both.” He smiled. Tom pressed his head against Marco’s and thought for a moment.

“Did you start this game just so you could get a kiss out of me?” Tom asked in a very teasing tone. Marco giggled and nuzzled closer to Tom.

“Maybe.” He snickered. Marco the burried his face in Tom’s shirt and whispered. “Yes.” Tom smiled and hugged him again.

“And for your dare… I dare you to give me a kiss.” Tom said, matching Marco’s earlier tone. Marco smiled and gushed at the cute demon. He moved in and cupped his face, giving him a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled at Tom’s blushing face. Marco giggled and gave the demon another kiss on the nose. He didn’t want this to end, so he looked at the demon and smiled cutely.

“Truth or dare?”