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(n) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: tons of fluff, some angst

length: 12k

summary: a new kid on the bus catches your interest, especially when he’s listening to your favourite song

a/n: y’all should listen to ‘lost’ by frank ocean while you read this. i wrote this before jimin talked about this exact song during an interview :”) </3

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What went down in Moana
  • Gramma Tala: imma terrify the s**t out of some little kids
  • Chief Tui: you're a very bad example for my daughter
  • Gramma Tala: ikr
  • Moana: *is cute and helpless, wanders to the ocean*
  • Sea turtle: *is cute and helpless, fails to wander to ocean*
  • Moana: holy s**t birds, don't eat the turtle
  • Birds: fine, whatevs
  • Ocean: thanks for the turtle Moana
  • Moana: no prob
  • Ocean: I am the last waterbender from the southern water tribe, and I—
  • Moana: skip the exposition please
  • Ocean: ok yeah, anyway you helped the turtle and so you're definitely worthy of this incredibly important and dangerous magical artifact
  • Moana: kk cool, imma drop it on the beach
  • Ocean: no come back you little s**t!
  • Gramma Tala: ooh, shiny!
  • Tamatoa: did somebody say shiny?
  • Gramma Tala: not yet Tamatoa, go away
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, wanna hear a song?
  • Moana: sure, as long as it's during a montage
  • Chief Tui: hey Moana, come and see this big stack of rocks that every chief put here
  • Moana: wait, so every chief we've ever had has placed a rock here?
  • Chief Tui: yeah
  • Moana: and what happens if a future plot point suggests that not every chief lived on this island?
  • Chief Tui: ok, go away now
  • Heihei: *eats an entire f**king rock*
  • Villagers: yo some serious s**t is happening to everything
  • Moana: this is definitely related to the one obscure legend my grandmother told me ten years ago
  • Chief Tui: Moana don't you f**king dare
  • Moana: *f**king dares and also wrecks her boat*
  • Gramma Tala: whatever just happened, blame it on the pig
  • Ocean: no, defs blame it on Moana
  • Moana: what are you doing, Gramma Tala?
  • Gramma Tala: I'm crazy, so go into this cave
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: hey Moana, we were voyagers
  • Moana: thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: no prob!
  • Moana: hey Gramma Tala, we were voyagers!
  • Gramma Tala: yeah, no s**t
  • Moana: hey Dad, we were voyagers!
  • Chief Tui: f**k you Moana
  • Moana: so how do you explain that stack of rocks
  • Chief Tui: I don't?
  • Gramma Tala: *conveniently dies*
  • Moana: welp, bye
  • Ocean: oh no, not you little s**t again
  • Moana: f**k you ocean
  • Ocean: here have a big f**king thunderstorm
  • Moana: *wrecks her boat, again*
  • Moana: fish pee in you, all day
  • Ocean: bacteria s**t in your mouth, all day
  • Maui: A boat!
  • Moana: holy s**t who are you?
  • Maui: I'm glad you asked because I wrote a song about that
  • Moana: I don't f**king care
  • Maui: well, I'm stealing your boat
  • Moana: does that boat even work? I wrecked it
  • Maui: idk, bye now
  • Ocean: *puts Moana on the boat*
  • Moana: you wanna come on my quest
  • Maui: no
  • Moana: please
  • Maui: ok fine
  • Kakamora: *attack*
  • Ocean: *smashes Kakamora boats together*
  • Moana: that was convenient
  • Ocean: ikr
  • Maui: you wanna get my fishhook
  • Moana: oh hell yes
  • Maui: here's a cliff, don't climb it
  • Moana: *climbs it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a thousand foot drop to the realm of monsters, don't jump off it
  • Moana: *jumps off it, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a giant carnivorous plant, don't jump in its mouth
  • Moana: *jumps in its mouth, doesn't die*
  • Maui: here's a terrifying sloth monster, don't antagonize it
  • Moana: *antagonizes it, doesn't die*
  • Tamatoa: HEY GUYS
  • Moana: do you wanna talk about yourself?
  • Tamatoa: ok let's begin with the fact that I'm a fabulous shiny shimmering cinnamon roll
  • Maui: you're really not all that great
  • Tamatoa: m*********er I sparkle with the light of a million stars
  • Maui: my bragging song is better than yours
  • Tamatoa: I don't care because I'm f**kin beautiful
  • Maui: Tamatoa x Reader fanfiction exists and it's terrifying
  • Tamatoa: HOLY S**T WHAT?!
  • Maui: ok he's distracted, imma stealin my hook
  • Moana: ok, we got out of there
  • Maui: you should have died at least twenty times in there
  • Moana: ikr
  • Maui: my hook's not working btw
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair a broken hook
  • Maui: nope, got it!
  • Moana: ok nevermind, wrong movie
  • Maui: so here's a lava monster, let's fight it
  • Te Kā: *throws fire, breaks Maui's hook*
  • Moana: only an act of true love can repair—
  • Maui: forget it, bye now
  • Gramma Tala: hey Moana, here's some important advice for you
  • Moana: thanks, I'm going to fight the lava monster now
  • Gramma Tala: wait, what? that's just stupid
  • Moana: and you shouldn't be giving me advice on how to stay alive if you can't even manage that yourself
  • Gramma Tala: bye now
  • Moana: *goes to fight Te Kā*
  • Maui: hey I'm still here
  • Moana: good 'cause imma die out here
  • Maui: go find Te Fiti
  • Moana: Te Fiti isn't here
  • Te Kā: YES I AM
  • Moana: oh hey that's convenient
  • Ocean: *moseses*
  • Moana: *does an epic walk*
  • Te Kā: *does a frantic monster crawl*
  • Moana: *keeps walking*
  • Te Kā: *doesn't kill Moana for some reason*
  • Moana: here's your heart back
  • *everything is magically fixed*
  • Maui: hey Te Fiti, sorry for f**king up all the s**t
  • Te Fiti: I could smite the ever-loving s**t out of you rn
  • Maui: please don't
  • Te Fiti: fine
  • Moana: imma go home now
  • Maui: so we're getting a sequel, right?
  • Moana: nope, they're making a second Frozen
1997 [6]

Previous parts

Characters: Dean Winchester, twin sister!reader, Sam Winchester, characters from 4x13, OC characters.

Words: 2600

A/N: Sorry about the huge delay on this part. It’s been so long, but I finally found some willpower to finish this series. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, sometimes they just slip through.

Music suggestion: Ivy - Frank Ocean [You know the drill, I look for the feeling in songs, not the lyrics lol. This was just something I listened to when I wrote this, so yeah.]

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First, Dean had called John.

”Hey Dad, it’s me, Dean. Well, I’m calling because — Well, the thing is that we think that there’s a job here, at school. A student’s dead, and yeah… it looks like it’s because of something that goes bump in the night, so… We kinda need your help.”

When your father then seemingly was unable to get back to you, you took matters into your own hands, and picked up the phone.

”Hey Dad, it’s (Y/N). We need you to get back here, and back us up. It’s a case and you have the weapons and the rest of the stuff. Remember that one time that you said that ’you always try to do your best’? Well, the least you can do is return this call.”

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When I watched the Eagles' documentary, they talked about how (I can't remember if it was Don Henley or Glenn Frey) was sitting in a bar and there was an older man trying to hit on a younger girl and one of them said "look at those lying eyes." And POOF they used that line and built a song around it. It can literally be that simple yet people keep making a big deal out of song meanings.

exactly, DNCE literally wrote the song ‘Cake By The Ocean’ cause they overheard someone mistakenly say that the cocktail ‘sex on the beach’ was ‘cake by the ocean’

The Yellow Notepad - Calum Hood Imagine

Today he stands across from you in a traditional black tuxedo, every wild curl neatly organized atop his head. A simple black tie affair to represent the simplicity of your relationship. Not all things were black and white in this world but marrying Calum was not something that belonged in the in-between. Your love was all consuming, absorbing every source of light and creating the appearance of a dimness without it, something represented by the color black. It only seemed fitting today to dress in such a classic and telling style. 

He swipes one hand through his hair before he nervously clears his throat.

“When I first met you I made a list of all the things I ever could have wanted to know about you, I wrote them down on this yellow notepad. Luckily for me, this is one of the few things I haven’t misplaced in our time together.” He reaches into his breast pocket inside the jacket and removes a faded and crumpled piece of yellow lined paper. “First I wanted to know your favorite color, then your favorite song. I wanted to know all of the surface level things because I thought that would help me understand you as a person. Eventually I learned your favorite color was that of the pacific ocean, a cool grey blue, contrasted with a darkening sky. Your favorite movie is Hercules, for which reason I’ll never know, and nothing makes you happier than jumping around a room swinging about your arms while you shout the lyrics, off pitch, I might add.” A cackle from the wedding guests disturbs the silence that had befallen them all. 

“Every so often I would add something random I wanted to know, like your favorite brand of syrup, and your favorite movie quote. Some days I got to cross things off, and today I just have one last question I need to have answered. Will you help me out?” He looks at you pleadingly, the light comes in through the window and brings out the cherry color of his brown eyes. Still searching for an answer you speak up and say “Of course.”

A sniffle in the groomsmen line turns Cal’s head momentarily beside him. Luke is giving Michael’s arm a squeeze, his own eyes seeming a bit glossier than usual. 

Cal straightens out his tie once more, hands shaking that well-worn little paper, and stands up straight. 

“The final thing I have to know is if you will stand by my side for the rest of our time together on this Earth? Will you say I Do?” 

Nothing more than a whisper escapes your throat, but it is more than enough. “Always” you say. The ring is handed to him and he is smiling from ear to ear, the crinkles in his eyes standing out. 

“I promise to love you for today, tomorrow, and all of the days that follow.” He adds before placing his lips upon the hand with the ring that he had clutched to his heart. 

“I do not ever wish to know another day where you are not by my side, as my best friend and wife. Always and forever.” 

OGOPOGO (pages 136-141)

    “The most euphonious name in the monster world comes fro a really silly little English ditty of the 1920s:

    I’m looking for the Ogopogo. The funny little Ogopogo.

    His mother was an earwig, his father was a snail.

    I’m going to put a little bit of salt on his tail.

    I want to find the Ogopogo while he’s playing on his old banjo.

    “For some unknown reason the song crossed the ocean and wound up in a service-club review in the town of Kelowna, British Columbia, on the shores of Okanogan Lake. Rotarian W. H. Brimblecombe decided the song might be given a local twist when he sang it. ‘At the time,’ he wrote, ‘there was considerable talk about the mysterious creature in Okanagan Lake, and the possibilities of making a little fun were recognized.’ So Brimblecombe wrote a parody of the original which he sang at a club luncheon in 1926.

    I’m looking for the Ogopogo,

    The bunny-hugging Ogopogo.

    His mother was a mutton, his father was a whale.

    I’m going to put a little bit of salt on his tail.

    I’m looking for the Ogopogo.

    “The reference to mutton is an allusion to the statement of several witnesses that the ‘mysterious creature’ has a head like a sheep.

    “The day after the luncheon, the Vancouver Daily Province declared Ogopogo to be the official name of the ‘Famous Okanagan Sea Serpent.’ It is a foolish and meaningless name, but it has stuck.

    “Long before Brimblecombe’s song, there had been tales of a creature in the lake, and it was known under a variety of difficult to pronounce Indian names, the most popular of which was Natiaka, which may be translated as ‘snake of the water,’ though the creature was regarded not only as a snake but as a water god and a lake demon.

    “Visitors to the Okanagan Valley will find the monster’s supposed image all over the place. In the town of Kelowna there is an ‘Ogopogo corner,’ which contains a snakelike statue painted green with a forked red tongue, pointed ears, and horns. A sign next to the statue reads:

    “’The story of Ogopogo is centuries old, going back before the days of the white man in the Okanagan. Originally called by the Indians “Natiaka” or “N’ha-a-atik” meaning “The Lake Monster” or “Lake Demon.” Since seen and described by scores of reliable witnesses.

    “’Descriptions vary but the length is said to be from thirty to seventy feet. The body is long and serpentlike, one to two feet in diameter, and the head is shaped like a horse’s head. [The statue, however, has a dragon’s head.] Ogopogo is able to move very rapidly. Protected by law. Watch for Ogopogo!

    “Yet for all the foolishness, boosterism, and tourist trapping, Okanagan Lake is, next to Loch Ness itself, the site of the most promising of freshwater monsters. Indeed, the comparisons between the British Columbian Lake ad Loch Ness are often striking. Both are long, deep, cold-water lakes formed by glaciers. Okanagan is seventy-nine miles long and about two and a half miles wide and 800 feet deep at its deepest point. That makes it longer, wider, and nearly as deep as Loch Ness. Lake Okanagan never freezes, but it never gets very warm either. The water temperature hovers around thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit, just a few degrees colder than Loch Ness, where the water temperature is forty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

    “There had been Indian water-demon legends attached to the lake, as there had been to most large lakes in Canada and elsewhere. And there were a fair number of rather vague stories of sightings by early white settlers in the area. But the Ogopogo stor really got going during the 1920s, with a long string of impressive sightings.

    “One of the best took place on July 19, 1926. John L. Logie, his wife, and their two grandchildren were driving along the west shore of the lake. It was about seven in the morning:

    “’The lake was perfectly calm at the time, and this brought our attention to the fact that something must be causing the undulations that we saw. My wife, Isabella, called my attention to it first.

    “’… what appeared to be causing the swell, we discovered was a rather strange looking animal. It created quite a trough in the water, was about twenty feet long with a head rising some eighteen inches above the body.

    “’We had to go faster to overtake the creature. Travelling along side it, we had every opportunity of observing the creature. What was our surprise to see that it resembled very much descriptions of the strange sea serpent (so called) that we heard so much about. We couldn’t tell whether it was covered with scales or hair. The back of its head looked like that of a bulldog without ears. The face resembled that of a sheep, with the pointed nose.

    “A little later the same year some local pranksters fashioned a monster model out of old automobile tires and other scrap material. They had the thing towed out at the start of the annual regatta at Kelowna. On the second day of the regatta some canoeists saw what they took to be the model–until the thing dived, and they realized that they had been gazing not at the model, but at the monster itself.

    “Throughout the rest of the summer and well into the fall, Ogopogo continued to be seen by visitors to the lake. A most unusual sighting took place in November 1926 when some fifty or sixty people attending a baptism on the lake shores were treated to a sight of the monster cavorting into the water.

    “The December 27, 1926, edition of the Vancouver Star headlined a story that Ogopogo had been found dead in the ice on the lake. In response the Kelowna Daily Courier wired the Star, ‘No ice on lake. Ogopogo invisible. Somebody should sober up–Christmas is over.’ The whole story it seems had been concocted as a joke on the Vancouver paper, and the paper swallowed it and was forced to print a retraction headlined ‘LAKE SERPENT STILL LIVING. Investigation fails to support theory of death.

    “Ogopogo sightings dropped off rather dramatically during the thirties and forties, but picked up again after World War !!, and now hardly a year goes by without one or more good sightings discussed in the area newspaper. In mid-December 1969 the publisher of the Kelowna Daily Courier himself saw the creature from the picture window of his living room, which faces the lake.

    “’The humps were silhouetted against the light and the body seemed to be as big around as a new automobile tire, twelve to fourteen inches across, but no scales were visible….

    “’Suddenly, the north end of the humps, which were parallel to the shore, seemed to rise out of the water again. I didn’t see a head.

    “Though local interest in Ogopogo has always been keen, the people of the Okanagan Lake region appear to take a fairly lighthearted view of their most famous resident. Unlike Loch Ness, which has been the object of repeated serious investigations, attempts to organize a thorough scientific search for Ogopogo have often been discussed but never successfully carried out. Photographs and films of the monster have also been disappointing. In August 1968, Arthur Folden, a sawmill worker from Case, British Columbia, took about one minute of motion-picture film of something that he thought was Ogopogo. For about a year and a half he showed the film only to friends because he feared ridicule. By the time he was persuaded to give a public showing, the film was in pretty bad shape. At best, the object in the film was indistinct. While some of those who saw it thought that it definitely showed the monster, others were openly skeptical. Folden, apparently stung by disbelief, simply disappeared with the film and could not be contacted again according to Mary Moon, author of Ogopogo, the best and most thorough account of the monster of Okanagan Lake.

    “There have been a number of reports of footprints of varying sizes and shapes, but as Dr. Roy Mackal comments, ‘The trouble with footprints is that anyone can fake them easily. Further, to assume that they were made by Natiaka [Mackal prefers the Indian name] is pure conjecture and supposition–certainly possible but without even a circumstantial link to the two cases cited of direct land sightings.

    “So what we are left with is the uncomfortable fact that there is not a shred of reliable tangible evidence that Ogopogo exists at all. Still, there are all those sightings, made over a long period of time, many by reliable people. This has been enough to produce a virtual orgy of speculation over what Ogopogo might be.

    “Probably the most mundane explanation, and one that was popular in the 1920s, is that Ogopogo is a monster sturgeon, or perhaps a group of perfectly ordinary sturgeon swimming in a line.

    “The oarfish, a large elongated fish with a flattened ribbonlike body, has sometimes been suggested as a possible source of sea-serpent sightings, and during the 1920s it was brought up as an explanation for Ogopogo; but it isn’t a very good explanation, for the oarfish is extremely rare and, besides, it’s a sea animal and Okanagan Lake is a freshwater lake. A manatee, a seal (long necked or otherwise), a school of porpoises, and the ever popular Plesiosaurus also have had their partisans.

    “The most recent challenger to enter the lists is zeuglodon, a long thin primitive form of whale. This is the theory currently supported by Dr. Roy Mackal, who concludes, ‘a better correspondence of characteristics could hardly be desired.’ Mackal notes that although whales are thought of as being exclusively sea animals, there is is no reason why there could not be freshwater forms of more primitive types for, ‘It seems probable that adaptation to life in he water (in aquatic mammals) proceeds through a freshwater phase.

    “It also seems probable that the investigation of the Okanagan Lake mystery will not advance much beyond the stage of collecting interesting, but inconclusive sightings until there is some serious scientific interest in the subject.”


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Name : Anya / Ana 

Gender : female

Star sign : capricornnn  ♑️

Height : 5′3′’ / 161.5cm

Middle name : I don’t really have one,

Put on iTunes Spotify shuffle and what are the first 6 songs : 
- It’s my birthday - will.i.am (I’m actually screamign what the fuck is this….my god)
- Pink and white - frank ocean
- Gang related - logic
- Water flow - klyne
- Drama - 9muses
- Falling for you - exo

Did I ever have a book or poem written about me : my friend wrote a poem for me as a gift for christmas 3-4 years ago

Last time I played a guitar : when i was like 12 

Any crushes : no

Sound I hate : forks scraping off the plate, i cant handle it- thinking about it is making me cringe 

Do I believe in ghosts or aliens : hELL YEAH

Last book I read : Paper Towns by John Green we had a free class and i was really bored so i tried reading it which was hard because that book sUCKS

Do I like the smell of gasoline : yeah

Last movie watched : not a movie but i watched stranger things season 2 

Any injuries : injuries that i have rn? i guess my shoulders are pretty sore for carrying my bag all day

Any obsessions : music

Do I hold grudges : yeah and im very passive aggressive and petty 

Relationship : lol no but one can wish

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Comments During NASA's Live Footage of Earth

(Comments I have found during this ridiculous chat)


give me earth or give Me DEATH

NASA is probably so disappointed in us

when will space worm return from war


so my question is…did the space worm eat the international space station

omg I see superman

where the space at tho


maybe if we chant enough it’ll come back


👏👏Space worm for president 2k16👏👏👏

Are you still arguing about a space worms sexuality




the space is sleeping



space worm wrote this song

The space core must’ve hit the camera

“Loss of signal”=aliens

Space worm is my daddy

Aliens have hijacked the space station

You filthy memers with your aliens



The ocean is blue…it’s obviously team mystic

*slides NASA $20* bring back space worm


I can see Brendan Urie’s forehead from here

If you hear dubstep then that means the aliens are coming

are we there yet

NASA is gonna read this chat and work twice as hard to leave the earth smh


eyy look you can see someone dabbing


need me a freak like space worm


Conor Oberst goes song-by-song through "Upside Down Mountain"

Time Forgot
It is a song about self-preservation on a fundamental level. I wrote it in east LA in a house with no furniture. Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. The two freeways sounded like the ocean so I pretended I was on the beach. My neighbor is some kind of science photographer and takes pictures with a special microscope camera. I had a look at his slides that day and was feeling particularly irrelevant.

Zigzagging Towards The Light
It’s a song about the ground shifting underneath you in unexpected/expected ways. Or maybe waking up with a new face. I love Jonathan Wilson’s guitar on the track. It bubbles and sparkles like the best shroom experience. It’s like riding that gondola with Farmer Dave in Telluride. It feels strange but right. All the way to the top of the mountain in the dark.

Hundreds Of Ways
It is a song of encouragement. Maybe for myself or someone else. The idea that you just have to keep going even when you are covered in mud and shit. Your options are limitless once you take the yoke off and believe you are free. And the truth is everyone you have ever looked up to was just making it up as they went along.

Artifact #1

It is a love song. Plain and simple. Some people leave their fingerprints all over the scene of the crime. Some just disappear to where even the six o’clock news can’t find them. But real love trumps all. Paper, rock or scissors don’t stand a chance. Crushes. Wins every time. Even through a gnarly delay pedal.

Lonely At The Top
Another love song. But also about the human condition. “I am a rock. I am an island” kinda thing. But mixed with the opposite of “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. When you love someone or something you have everything to lose. You are scared of your own shadow.

Enola Gay
It’s a character sketch. Can you imagine the kind of person whose nickname would be Enola Gay? Scary. I knew there was that famous 80s song called the same but I figured it was okay. Lambchop named a record of theirs Thriller after all. So I figure now anything is up for grabs.

Double Life
This is the first song I wrote after I got married. It is a about transitions and fear. Everything worth doing in life involves some kind of leap of faith. No one can guarantee anything in this world. You have to take your best guess and trust your instincts and just get on with it. Follow your nose all the way home if you can.

This song is total projection. I imagined what this person’s life might be like based off a few minutes I spent with her in a crowded bar and some scattered tabloid journalism. It is almost certainly and completely inaccurate on every level but, hey, it’s a catchy tune. And considering what her family has been through its surely not the worst thing ever uttered about them. Mad empathy is what I was going for. All apologies.

Night At Lake Unknown
I still don’t have an iPhone, but my wife gave me her old one. It doesn’t do anything except hold some music and has a nature sound sleep app. Since I am a terrible insomniac and I am scared of silence I rely on that almost every night. My favorite preset is called Night At Lake Unknown hence the title. Maybe it’s about C-list fame and staring at ceiling fans, I don’t know.

You Are Your Mother’s Child
I almost didn’t put this one on the record cause it was so much more sentimental and down the middle than the other songs but eventually I came around to it. I think it fits in its own way. It is a little darker than it sounds though. It is a father singing to his son but he hasn’t been the best dad. He is saying his son is good because of his mother’s influence not his.

Governor’s Ball
This is about a group of kids going to a big corporate music festival and one gets lost. Just a little vignette/story song. I like the horns that Nate Walcott arranged.

Desert Island Questionnaire
This is a song about modernity and the good vs evil tug o’ war of the universe. It asks some age old questions and doesn’t answer them, which I hate. I think despite all our technological advances in communication humans are the loneliest they have ever been. I fear for the future. I fear for you. I fear for myself.

Common Knowledge
This is the last song on the record. It ends with a suicide as most great things do. Everybody knows. Everybody cares. Everybody understands.

I always have a mighty need to draw my favorite characters happy about little things like their hobbies, board games, cooking, or video games…

I know that Prock wrote the AWESOME’s theme song and that everyone in the show thinks it’s dorky, but I think it’s really adorable to have him sit down and hum it out with a root beer float, dreaming about being ‘cool’ one day like his dad.  Plus I love his hair… its so fluffy and has ocean wave bangs.

Can we stop hating on brown eyes? You’re not ugly or less appealing because your eyes don’t “stand out” to others. People with brown eyes don’t get to see that their eyes turn a light caramel color and glisten in the bright sun or how they turn to fire when they look out into the sunset. How sexy they appear when they have a mischievous look in them. How deep they get when the ocean plays upon them or how they stand out when you’re laughing. Van Morrison wrote an entire song based off a girl with brown eyes. Brown eyes are sexy and beautiful and someone will describe them to their friends with such detail and they’ll go on about you. How wonderful you are. Because believe it or not, it isn’t your eye color that makes people like you.

Things I've Done as Check Please Characters

Yeah I’m like 3 months late but here ya go

Jack: spent two hours at work intensely researching squirrels because I got bored

Bitty: stayed up till 1 am baking with a cute girl (this has happened multiple times with multiple cute girls)

Shitty: joined a church (somewhat cult-like) for the free food

Ransom: wrote a 10 page paper on Syria in like 8 hours, never edited it, got an A

Holster: watched 18 episodes of Supernatural in 24 hours

Dex: went on a 20-minute rant on my radio show about how bikes shouldn’t go on the sidewalk

Nursey: fell down a mountain

Chowder: got so excited I waved my arms around and hit myself in the face

Tater: didn’t know what the bay was called so I referred to it as ‘the small ocean’

Kent: wrote over 30 songs about one person

Lardo: calculated the exact 10-minute period there’s no one in the student union so I don’t have to wait in line

Lapis Lazuli
Kiefer Irvine
Lapis Lazuli

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re my prisoner, and I’m never letting you go!

I wrote this song about Lapis Lazuli atop her ocean tower, reaching out into space, towards home. She’s a really interesting character, and I’ve been wanting to write one about her for awhile.

Haunting songs: 1000 Oceans - Tokio Hotel

I wish I was better in words to describe how this song is mean to me. In a letter I wrote to “this person”, I said, “Music is my own Holy Bible,” like, I have this playlist as the original songs of my life and I believe in them, I believe in music. Maybe it’s not about, keep dreaming of becoming a musician one day or so, maybe it’s about the rhythm, the melody, the lyrics, the stories behind every song or the reason why they were written.

“Every time I open this song, from the part when he sings "Just trust me,” I can cry my eyes out. I’m not sure if it’s because of his soft voice or the words I need to listen that make me cry.“

This song is one of those that can make me cry easier after such a hard time struggling with the days. I literally don’t have friends, so I’m thankful I know this song and think about it as a embracement from music.

I’ve been living my life since I was supposed to grow up when I was 18 wondering what I was doing for. And I haven’t found my answer, haven’t found my right path yet. But I know someone out there is wondering the same thing and they maybe lost as I am right now. And if they actually can be, like, fixed and saved by the music and of course the quotes, the messages I’ve been "drawing” to spread in this blog, which is half not my own messages, I’m happy keep doing more of this “waste of time” thing.

Brunch with Lay! ~

I watched Brunch with Lay at 2AM in the morning as soon as I got home from work. Lay was my first bias in EXO and honestly he is so adorable. Watching him interact with fans and take notice of international fans touched my heart! Interact as in he actually read the comments and responded. One of the fans asked about where he bought his slippers and his reaction was adorable, he was so shocked and asked the camera person if they could see his feet. 

He also had some pretty interesting stories to tell like how he lost a USB with 99 of his own original songs! He also shared some of his music with all of us, one from almost ever genre he’s worked on. I don’t know if you guys realize this but it’s actually a very intimate experience for an artist to share his personal music with you. I felt so touched that he was showing us his music. He also shared about how he wrote a song about the ocean because he wanted to visit the ocean. There was also loads of funny moments like when everyone kept telling Yixing to dance to shy, shy, shy and act cute but I enjoyed that episode to the max and honestly I do not regret staying up to watch it. 

You never know what life might throw at you.


They say that there are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think that when you lose something or someone you never expected to lose, the same 5 stages hit you – gradually at first, then all at once. Break-ups, no matter how long you’ve been together, take time to overcome.

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Broken Pieces- Luke/Calum (Part 4)

A/N: honestly i’m very proud of this … cept its unedited 

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Part 3

“What’s that sound?” she asked as she continued to follow Calum down the path.

“Just wait,” he insisted, “We’re almost there.”

She could finally see the path open up ahead of them. Calum looked back over his shoulder and smiled at her widely.

“No fucking way” she breathed as they emerged from the trail that lead to a grassy cliff high above the ocean. What she was hearing was waves crashing up against the rocks below.

“Pretty cool, right?” he asked raising an eyebrow before looking down at his feet shyly.

She turned to face him excitedly for a split second, “I’ve never seen anything like this, its incredible, how does no one know about this?”

He chuckled a little, coming up beside her, “It’s private property, were kind of trespassing.”

“Oh,” she smiled laughing a little with him.

He took a seat on the ground next to her, boldly reaching for her hand and pulling her down to sit between his legs in front of him. She leaned her body back against his chest, closing her eyes to listen to the sound of the waves in front of her and the trees behind.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” she told him, “I know you guys can be weird sometimes about the places you go to write.”

“Its peaceful, aint it?” she could tell he was nodding his head behind her. She glanced at his hand that was resting on his knee, before slowly lifting it and guiding him to wrap his arm around her.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to write here again,” he mumbled softly.

“Why is that? You suddenly scared of getting arrested?” she giggled.

He shook his head, “Nah, I just don’t think I’ll be able to stop thinking about you next time I’m here.”

She could literally feel her heart skip a beat; she smiled, biting her bottom lip. “So, you probably shouldn’t be writing any songs with me in mind?”  She asked.

“It wouldn’t be the first one,” he shrugged and she looked back at him over her shoulder a bit surprised.

“I mean…” he paused, he didn’t really know why he said what he did next but it just came out, he just wasn’t sure if it was okay to tell her that he liked her, that he was starting to see her as more than just a friend. He was shy, he’d never felt like this about someone before, it was all new to him, and he still just didn’t know if it was okay to have feelings for her.

What if she didn’t feel the same? What if she thought he was a bad dude for wanting to kiss the girl his best mate was devastated about? He was just really unsure of all of this, and he didn’t want to complicate things for her. “Luke was really torn up about you for months,” he continued, “Every song he wrote was somehow about you, and most of them were so sad we couldn’t even use them.”

“Oh,” she said sounding a bit disappointed. She shook her head, “I don’t want to be a sad song.” She leaned forwards, away from him.

“I shouldn’t have brought Luke up,” he apologized, kicking himself for even mentioning him to her.

“Its okay,” she told him, looking back at him again, “I just… I thought you were going to say something else.”

Fuck, should he have just told her? He remained silent, continuing to look out at the ocean. “So why didn’t you want Mikey to come?” she asked changing the subject.

He laughed, “You think we would have been able to keep him away from the edge of that cliff? He’s a liability.”

“Oh my god,” she laughed, “Just thinking about that makes me anxious.”

“Lets walk some,” he suggested, “Maybe we’ll be able to see some sail boats.”

“Okay,” she agreed and he helped her to stand up before standing up himself then beginning to walk. 

“Calum, wait” she said softly reaching out for his hand. He stopped and turned around to face her, looking down into her eyes.

“What’s up?” he asked a bit awkwardly.

“Its just… I…” she stumbled over her words, “I just feel like sometimes, when you look at me, like the way you’re looking at me right now,” she looked up at him, eyes soft, “I feel like there something you want to tell me.”

He swallowed, nodding his head slightly. He couldn’t help but glance down at her lips, then back into her eyes. “Tell me,” she whispered.

“HEY YOU,” They heard a man’s voice yell and both jumped, startled by their company, “THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, GET OVER HERE! NOW!”

Both of their eyes widened and his jaw dropped open, she could see the man in a security uniform heading towards them accompanied by a German Shepard, Calum slowly looked over his shoulder.

“Should we run?” she asked quietly.

“You’re fast,” he said looking back down at her, “But I don’t think either of us can outrun that dog.”

“Yea, you’re right,” she said nervously.

They turned slowly approaching the security guard, still hand in hand. “I hate to ruin the moment,” he said sarcastically, “But you kids, can’ t be out here” he said sternly, eyeing Calum.

“We didn’t know,” she chimed in sweetly, “honestly.”

“There are signs everywhere,” the guard grunted, “You can’t miss them.” 

She bit her lip, shutting up immediately, even though she really hadn’t seen any signs. “I need to contact the property owner to see if he will be pressing charges.”

“Pressing charges?” Calum asked sounding shocked, “What are you going to have us arrested?”

“If he wants the cops called, he can” he continued eying Calum, “Do I know you kid?” he asked suddenly.

“Uh, no I don’t think so,” he answered reaching his free hand nervously for the back of his neck.

“What’s that accent you’ve got?” the security guard asked him.

“I’m from outside of Sydney, Sir” he answered, “Australia.” The guard continued to stare at Calum, examining him carefully.

“Excuse me sir,” she spoke up, “Do you happen to have any kids?” she asked carefully, “Maybe a teenaged daughter?” 

He eyed her now, “15” he said sternly, “How did you know that?”

Calum looked at her now, a smile spread across his face, maybe they could get out of this. “I, uhh, I’m in a band sir, maybe that’s how you recognize me?”

He continued staring at Calum and then it finally clicked, “You’re shitting me right? My daughter’s got a poster of you hanging next to her bed. Christ if I have to hear that song one more time I might lose it.”

She couldn’t help but laugh, even Calum laughed a little. “Which one?” he asked the guard.

“Da da da da da da da da amnesia, da da da da da da da da da da daaaaaaaaa” he sang somewhat to the tune of amnesia.

She and Calum both burst out laughing, “Yea, that’s my band.” Calum told him.

The guard looked back and forth between the two of them, “Maybe we can work something out here,” he said. They both stared at the security guard not sure what he was going to say.

“If you give my daughter a call, maybe write her an autograph, I’ll let you off the hook.”

“Deal,” Calum told him instantly, “I’ll even have someone send her some tickets to our next show.” 

The guard’s face lit up as he reached into his uniform pockets for his cellphone. “Should we call local PD?” a voice came through the radio attached to his shoulder, “No, the situation has been taken care of,” he radioed back.

“Can I pet your dog?” she asked kneeling down in front of the animal as the guard handed Calum his cellphone. 

“Sure!” the office said kindly, a 360 from his previous demeanor, “her name’s Baily!”

The phone rang on speaker and a voice came through from the other end of the light, “What dad?” a young girl spoke.

“Her name is Cara,” the guard whispered to Calum.

“Uhh, Cara?” he said, “This is Calum Hood, I play bass for the band five seconds of summer, I’m here with your dad.” 

“No really,” she said sharply, “Who is this? I’m busy.”

Calum couldn’t help but laugh, “Uhhh, really,” he said, “It’s Calum, your dad just almost had me arrested but recognized me from the poster on the wall in your room.”

The next thing they all heard was screaming from the phone, and maybe even a bit of crying. “Can you prove it?” the girl asked.

“uhh yea, I guess,” Calum said unenthused 

“Sing me something,” the girl insisted.

“I’m resting my vocals,” he lied, “how bout I just take a picture with your old man.”

“Okay!” She said excitedly, “I can’t believe he almost had you arrested! What were you doing?”

“Uhhh, trespassing,” he chuckled a bit, “Well I have to get out of here, but it was nice talking to you,” Calum said before handing the guard back the phone. 

She snapped a picture of Calum with the security guard for his daughter and then they made their way back to the Maserati.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” she told him as they got back into the car and began driving back down the dirt road. 

“I know,” Calum laughed, “That’s one of the first times being recognized by someone has worked in my favor.”

“It worked in our favor honestly, how bad would it have sucked if we got arrested?” she said.


He sat next to his girlfriend in the VIP section of the club, shaking around the ice cubes at the bottom of his empty drink. He glanced around and wondered when she would be getting there. He had been thinking about her all day. Their short conversation that morning wasn’t enough for him, he wanted more, he just couldn’t get her off his brain.

“Bry and her roommate just got y/n,” Ashton said looking up from his phone, answering Luke’s question. “They’re on their way.”

She would never show up somewhere with them and she would never leave with them, even though they were all usually going to the same place. It was one of the things that used to drive him crazy. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be seen with them, she just tried to avoid it to minimize any chance of drama.

He couldn’t help but notice Calum perk up at the sound of her name. It made his stomach turn, what the fuck was Calum trying to do? In what would he ever think that it was okay to try anything with her? Girlfriend or not, Calum knew their history.

Not too long after Bryanna and her roommate walked into the area where they were all hanging out. He noticed she wasn’t with them. He wanted to ask where she was, but he knew he couldn’t, not with his girlfriend breathing down his neck. He knew it was wrong, to be with someone when he couldn’t stop thinking about someone else, the situation was fucked.

“Where’s y/n?” Calum asked Bryanna sitting up straight when he saw she wasn’t with them.

“She’s down at the lower bar, you aren’t going to believe who asked to buy her a drink when we walked in.”

“Who?” His girlfriend asked, raising a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

“This is totally so random, but Matty Healy from The 1975, crazy? Right?” Bryanna answered, “He walked right up to her and told her he’d never seen such a pretty girl in a bar empty handed and insisted on buying her a drink.”

“Damn,” Michael laughed, “Only that guy could get away with a line like that.”

 “Yea seriously,” Ashton laughed, “real smooth.”

She loves The 1975 Luke thought, leaning forwards pouring himself another drink from one of the bottles on the table in front of him. He noticed Calum do the same. “He’s too old for her,” Calum said with a less than happy expression on his face. 

“Yea, seriously” Luke agreed without thinking.

His girlfriend shot him a look, “What do you care?” she asked sharply, pressing her lips together, “She’s single right? She can fuck whoever she wants.” He tightened his grip on his glass trying to ignore her.

It must have been another half hour before she finally came up to where they were. His eyes went right to her as soon as she walked in. She met his gaze and smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear before walking over to where Calum and Michael were standing. 

“What the fuck was that about?” his girlfriend asked pulling him closer to where he was standing.

“You plan on stopping with the attitude anytime tonight?” he asked looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She snapped before stomping off.


He had his eyes on the entrance to the private room they were in most of the night before she finally showed up. He smiled when he saw her, but he couldn’t help notice that the first person she saw was Luke. She gave Luke a small smile before walking over to where he was standing with Mikey. His heart sank momentarily.

“Hey!” she said as she approached them, sliding out of her black leather jacket and tossing it into one of the couches.

“How’s Matty Healy doing?” Michael asked immediately, smirking at her. She glared at him before looking at Calum.

“Honestly?” she laughed, “You know how a lot of his songs are upbeat with kind of depressing lyrics? That’s very similar to his personality.”

He almost spit out his drink from laughing. “No, seriously,” she continued, “plus I asked for a beer and he ordered me bourbon… lets just say it was all very strange.”

He was relieved she wasn’t into that dude, that would have sucked. “Let’s get you something you actually want to drink.” He suggested.

She looked back and forth between him and Michael, “I feel like I need to catch up,” she said smirking, “lets get tequila.”


Before she knew it she was pretty wasted sitting on Calum’s lap with an arm around his neck, and a shot of tequila in her free hand, raising it up into the air. The table was covered with both empty and full shot glasses of tequila, wedges of lime and sprinkles of salt all over the place.

“It’s my turn!” Bryanna said reaching over and pushing her arm down, both laughing hysterically, “This one is a toast to being reunited,” she smiled, “This bitch couldn’t stay away from us!”

They all clinked their glasses together and threw back yet another shot. She hadn’t noticed Luke wasn’t in the room until his girlfriend came barreling in with him close behind.

He had been avoiding her all night, but she was kind of doing the same. She just didn’t know what to say to him, or how to act around him. She hated the idea of pretending like everything was normal between them, like he was just one of her friends like everyone else. He wasn’t, he had broken her heart.

“I’m leaving,” his girlfriend announced walking over to the table they were all around. Luke stood behind her making faces as she continued to talk, “He’s shitfaced and I’m not dealing with it.” She turned and looked at him, “I’ll call you tomorrow don’t do anything stupid.” She said before walking off.

“Luke, man, take a seat.” Michael said sliding over. He sat down across the table and looked up at her. She hadn’t thought anything about the fact that she was on Calum’s lap all night, but now that Luke was there, despite the alcohol, she still couldn’t help feeling a pang of guilt. The look on his face made her chest tight.

“I’ll take one of these,” he said incoherently, reaching for one of the shots on the table.

“You sure you need that, mate?” Ashton asked him, acknowledging his drunken state. He could barely sit up straight.

He took the shot, looking like he had to swallow it twice. “I think you’ve had enough dude,” Calum said, chuckling a bit.

“Fuck off.” He snapped, anger in his voice.

“Hey, I’m just trying to look out for you.” Calum said defensively.

“Yea I bet that’s what you’re trying to do.” Luke mumbled.

“So maybe we’ve all had enough tequila for tonight,” Michael said trying to change the subject, “Who needs a beer?”

Calum shuffled around sliding his phone out of his pocket and opening up a notes page. He held it out in front of them so she could read as her typed. ‘You remember what happened last time he got like this,’ he wrote, ‘He needs to go home.’ 

She looked down at Calum nodding to agree and he continued to type, ‘I don’t want that to happen again… he won’t listen to us though.’

She had a feeling she knew what he was going to write next, ‘you can convince him.’


He didn’t want her to leave, but he knew it was for the best. It may not seem to make sense, asking her to take home his best mate who may or may not be over her, but the thing was right now being a good friend was more important then worrying about her being in the house alone with a very drunk Luke. Ashton and Michael both had the same expression on their faces; they knew it was time for him to go.


She took one last sip of her beer and stood up, grabbing her jacket off of the back of the couch before walking over and kneeling next to Luke, whose eyes were barely open.

“Luke,” she whispered, gently placing her hand on his thigh. He opened his eyes and looked down at he, “Will you take me home?” she asked.

He rubbed his eyes, drunk and confused. “Yea, of course” he slid his hand into hers and her breath hitched. She didn’t know if he was so drunk he thought she was his girlfriend or if he knew who she was, either way she hadn’t felt his touch in over a year. They stood up and she gave Calum a half smile before security led them out of the back exit and into a black SUV. He leaned his head on her shoulder and held onto her hand the whole ride home. She knew he was just really messed up, but her heart was still pounding.

They got out of the SUV and she guided him into the house through the front door and up the stairs to his bedroom. He leaned on her as she pushed the door open. Her heart fell, his room was full of memories and now, it was full of another girls stuff. She hesitated before finally walking him in.

“I feel like shit,” he mumbled making a beeline for his bathroom.

She followed after him, stopping in the doorway as he kneeled over the toilet bowl and began throwing up. She walked back into his room grabbing a water bottle off his dresser and doing her best not to look around, she wasn’t sure her heart could take that.

She walked back into the bathroom and handed him the water bottle before sitting down next to him. She leaned her head against the wall and gently rubbed small circles on his back. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

When he was finally done puking he sat up straight, taking a long chug of water before leaning against the wall next to her, turning she he could look into her eyes.

“Fuck Matty Healy,” he mumbled and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“You heard about that?” she asked and he nodded his head.

“I’m better than him.” He told her, and she wasn’t sure she heard him right.

He was still clearly very intoxicated, and she wasn’t exactly sober. Looking at him made her heart race and being this close to him made her miss him more than anything. She felt him put his hand down on top of hers and she looked up at him.

“I love you, you know?” he whispered to her.

She felt like her heart literally stopped beating, and thought maybe she was going to be sick now too. “Don’t say that, Luke” she forced out.

“It’s true,” he insisted, “I loved you then and I love you just as much now.”

Her chest felt tight and she swallowed back tears, “Don’t you dare tell me you love me when you’re piss drunk and can hardly even speak.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled inaudibly, “please, stay with me tonight?”

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