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Writing Check-In: When the Moon, Ch 14

In a hopeful attempt to make my Christmas deadline, I’m going to aim for a Sunday check-in every week, even if it’s not very exciting or substantial, with a word count for the week if relevant and not too embarrassing.

Word count for this week’s work: 2414 (including the translation of “Alle meine Entchen,” since I did have to do some creative/sleuthing work to piece that together.) :D

“I thought you were going to save me for later, greedy gosling,” he chides breathlessly. “I need these fingers for your after-supper surprise.”

“There’s an after-supper surprise?” I chirp, tipping my head back to gaze up at him. “In addition to the cuddle-nest or in place of?”

He laughs heartily. “In addition, greedy thing, but you have to give me a story or a song to get the cuddle-nest. The surprise comes free of charge.”

I squeal with delight and dive into our plate with gusto. “What if I give you both?” I ask through a mouthful of tangy wild rice. “A story and a song – can I have an extra treat?”

He dips his face into the curve of my neck, leaving a damp and sticky kiss behind. “You can have whatever you want,” he replies, quite seriously. “Money, jewels, an extra dessert prepared on command, half my kingdom and a throne to rule it from…”

I grin, never mind he can’t see it, and think of songs and stories and wishes. Granny Ashpet’s father left us one additional song; another silly children’s piece, sung to his daughter from birth, the lyrics to which are particularly appropriate today, but to win a wish, the story needs to be exceptional, especially in light of the breathtaking hours-long tale Peeta spun for me last night, and I don’t dare attempt to return to this morning’s spur-of-the-moment “folktale” of the gander and vixen.

But I can’t quite resist a different tale that relates delicately to both of us and gives us a glorious ending together where, of course, none will ever be. “I have both,” I inform him triumphantly. “Let me know when you’d like me to remit each one and I’ll start working on my wish.”

He chuckles softly. “Well, eager thing, if you sing to me now we could move directly to the cuddle-nest as soon as supper is cleaned up and I lay out the coverlets,” he replies, and I drum my spoon against the plate edge for attention.

“I like this idea immensely,” I tell him, and set aside our nearly empty plate to take his hands in mine. This is, after all, a children’s song, which is best accompanied by merry clapping, and I tap out a soft steady rhythm with his big hands as I sing…

4 am confessions.

Min Yoongi; your overthinking boyfriend. 

Night air surrounded the early morning, light peeking from the curtains, shadows playing tricks on walls, white sheets mustered messily on the mattress, and two people so terribly engulfed in the shine of each other’s eyes.

The woman slept soundly, hugging a body pillow, bare naked, breathing evenly as her legs tangled possessively around the cotton. Her beautiful, smooth skin was painted with purple and blue, patches of rough love showing proudly as if they were her own trophies.

The man was sitting up, back facing her and his feet touching the cold wood, fingers cascading through his ruffled strands as his ribs rattled with shaky breaths. His face was contorted with thought, polished with a lovely pink and dark circles of sleep deprivation. Had he slept a wink, he did not know.

But he sat there with his lovely, pale skin, contemplating about something one would think silly to do so, but still he thought.

And then, he rubbed his face in utter frustration, slapping his cheeks as if to ready himself, and then faced you, hands lingering above your rising back. And he spoke quietly, carefully, but oh so lovingly.


His breath tingled your cheek, his raspy voice tainted with early morning haze automatically made you smile. You stirred from your slumber slowly, fingers readily reaching for his that were gently touching your skin. Your eyes cracked open when you mustered enough energy to do so, lazily staying still and breathing for a few seconds before rising, blanket covering your body strategically.

He waited in adoration as you closed your eyes again, sitting there with your head down and your hair splaying all over your face. You rubbed your face whilst sighing, curling your legs before moving your head side-to-side, the cracking sounds of your bones filling the air.

And then you faced him with a smile, momentarily adjusting your eyes to the sight of him sitting there in front of you, bare chested and smiling thinly, hands curled and expression taut.

You gave him a questioning look before reaching to unravel his fingers, slipping yours into his comfortably before your voice, a ringing fairy bell, pulled him back into earth, away from the clouds of his wandering mind.

“What’s wrong?”

Granted, it wasn’t perfect. Your voice was a bit raspy but Yoongi loved every pitch, tone, accent your throat had devoted itself to making. Because ultimately it was yours.

He trembled at your touch, trying to breathe as evenly as he could, staring at your knuckles and playing with your joints.

“So I’ve been thinking,”

You gave a little whisper of oh no, automatically making him chuckle and you quickly delivering a grin. “Go on.”

He cleared his throat, licking his lips tentatively before rushing up to face you.

“I love you.”

Your eyebrows knitted in confusion, silence stretching out longer than Yoongi had hoped for.

“That’s,” You started out slowly, still a little taken aback, “That’s great, Yoongi, but why tell me at… four in the morning?”

You wanted to laugh at the absurdity of this man, but you could tell he had spent time going over this in his head, again and again and again.

“No, no, no,” He rushed, shaking his head as his eyes widened, “I love you.”

He had gotten closer to you, stressing this fact, holding onto you with heightened strength. And you stared back, mouth slightly agape and eyes blinking in surprise before your lips cracked into a lovely smile. You slipped your hands slowly to shape his face, thumb rubbing over his cheeks with soft care, moving his fringe from his eyes that had watered down its intensity.

“What exactly were you thinking about, hm?” You hummed softly, moving to tap your forehead to his.

He breathed refreshingly, closing his eyes momentarily as you went to slide onto his lap, kissing the crown of his head as you stroked his noir strands.

“I was thinking about how,” He inhaled, fluttering his eyelashes against your skin, “How beautiful you are.”

You pulled back to give him an amused smile, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I thought about how, the expanse of your skin is the only place I find comfort in.” He said this before kissing your neck, a slow, adoring peck.

“I thought about how kind you are to me, how supportive and encouraging you’ve always been, even on the nights I don’t come home.” He whispered sadly, mindlessly messing with a strand of your hair.

“You’re understanding, and caring, and even though sometimes you throw a fit, you admit the wrongdoings you’ve done. You’re a good person, a lovely one, someone who has easily become such an important part of my life, I…can’t explain how much you truly mean to me.”

You sat there in silence, gazing at his lips that uttered poetry, before kissing him sweetly.

You didn’t understand why he was praising you so highly, but it didn’t hurt to hear once in a while. Your heart had done cartwheels and your mind exploded with fireworks. Yoongi was never one to openly express how he felt, so when he began with a love confession, even as you were filled with confusion, you fell in love with him all over again.

He returned the kiss softly, touching the small of your back to move you in closer before breaking it, the faint sound of your lips separating made his heart ache, because even then he had already missed it. You gave him an amorous smile, giggling before kissing his nose.

“Yoongi,” You began, raking your fingers through his tresses, “I love you too.”

He sighed, it being filled with so much pure ecstasy and infatuation, you couldn’t explain the amount.

Yoongi sat there regrettably as you kissed him again, arms wrapped around his pale body, that wasn’t shaking with anxiety, but with adoration and admiration.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your eyes resembled gems in the sky, twinkling always. How your skin was never cold, how your hair always smelled like morning dew, how the way you sang in the shower always reminded him of joyous children, how the way you loved was so sincere and affectionate he would never get tired of it.

He regretted not being able to tell you how your texts still give him butterflies, how your tears (though rare) always rained down on him with piles of guilt, because such an angel as you need not to cry, need not to feel sad.

But he can tell you all of this soon, and he will, but maybe next time, a ring will be hidden in a bouquet of roses along with the future of what’s to come.

autumnsunshine10  asked:

You're a terrific writer and I love all your work, but what's the inspiration behind "Beauty or Beast"? ❤

With a pen and paper

I sat down to write

something that could

ease my mind

So I decided upon

my favourite, alright

thought about  Autumn’s

lovely day and night

And thus, those colours

I choose, orange and yellow

Hoping to present 

a picture that’s mellow

But because of

my love for fantasies

I thought of turning it

into one, tho, without fairies

And so the eerie silence

and the eerie glow

That part sure took a few minutes

and it came out eventually slow

Plus why not, I thought, incorporate 

a lesson for all to learn

and hence the beast comes to play

before the story adjourns.

I guess this poem pretty much sums up the story behind Beauty or Beast.

I love fall and those lovely colours always make me happy. I had just started writing and this was my fourth poem and I really wished to write about Autumn. So I began but there’s this thing with me, my poems never really end the way I initially thought they would and so is the case with this one. I wanted to write about a beautiful Autumn day but then I didn’t know how to give it a proper ending and I continued with whatever this silly mind of mine led me into and this poem turned out something completely different than what I was hoping.This happens with me all the time.

Thank you so much for asking😊❤️️

a day in december: snowfall pt.2

on ao3
pt 1

ahahahahaha im going to be busting my ass to catch up holy crap

anyway i know i said this wouldn’t be a chapter thing but the idea of these days not being completely independent of each other made me like. suuuper uncomfortable so i’m not going to do that. and then the idea of not having 31 fics made me uncomfortable so technically i’ll be posting one for yesterday as well as this. but i’m already behind so—inspiration better hit me like lightning this weekend.

@itsnotyou-itsmimi​ on tumblr asked for adrien being in the snow for the first time in x amount of time and somehow i got to this fic i was just too slow to write it all in one day. i kind of completely failed on this prompt but i tried my best and also don’t own any cats/have seen any cats in the snow/know what i’m doing so if you ever give me another prompt mimi i promise i’ll try and do better <3 <3


Nathalie stops Adrien on the stairs. “Where are you going?”

Adrien tenses and gives her a nervous smile. “To school?”

She raises a single eyebrow, the rest of her face blank. “This early?”

“Um, yeah? Nino said it’s a thing him and Marinette do after the first snow.” They both glance to the window. The snow is falling lightly now, simply being more picturesque than actually accumulating much on the roads. “If…that’s okay?”

“It’s not,” she says sharply.

Adrien winces. He knew this was a possibility, he just ignored it. He does have a backup plan that involves him sneaking out his window in a very Chat Noir way. Just minus the enhanced agility and ability to fall long distances without getting injured. He’s lept from his climbing wall to the couch plenty of times, he’ll be fine.

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Forever pissed that c0ldfl*sh gets all the good slow burn fics

super angsty fic idea that i can’t write myself bc it should b super long and super sad and super heartbreaking and i have too much commitment issues for that and i also write too slow for such a fic so someone write it for me pls

ok so i wrote most of this to a friend at like 3 in the morning a few months ago (and some more stuff when i talked about this w @sirius-orion-lupin ) so here it is (and sorry this is a mess i honestly just copy and pasted our texts) 

Ok so what if throughout the entire series, Draco was in love with harry.

 He grew up listening to stories about The Boy Who Lived, all wizarding kids must’ve. And Draco tries to befriend Harry when they’re getting their robes fitted (Draco recognized that famous scar) and tries to impress harry like his dad would have; hes going on and on about how great and rich he is etc., but he just comes off as arrogant and dudley-like to harry and he rejects dracos hand in friendship. and it breaks him, but he has too much Malfoy pride to say sorry for being a prat and to start over

And so their infamous rivalry and hate arise, and Draco is trying to win Harry over (still friendship-wise at this point) by acting like that schoolboy that has a crush on that girl in class (calling her names, pulling her pigtails, etc), trying to make harry pay attention to him (which technically is canon)

He’s always observing and thinking about harry; trying to come up with The Plan that will make Harry Potter his friend (or just like him, really), and he notices small details and little quirks harry has

Like how harry likes his tea, his favorite dessert, etc

And Draco realizes at one point (prob around 3rd year) that oh shit. he’s actually in love with Harry Potter. It’s not just his looks or his reputation. He’s in love with the way Harry’s tongue sticks out a little when he’s concentrating, the way he walks (slouching a little, but big steps. Semi-confident, as if he’s trying to act like he’s confident, though he’s p insecure. Draco has no idea where he got that description), the way Harry laughs or grips his quill, and how harry hugs his friends.

He continues to try and get harry to like him, but now romantically, and is heartbroken every time when Harry spits insults at him and storms away after Draco pretends to be a dementor, climbs a tree to jump off to taunt harry, etc

And then 6th year rolls along and dracos so broken and stressed out that he doesn’t have the energy to do that to harry anymore, not to mention the sneers and insults he’s sure to get from harry, and Draco doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle living if those were added to his shoulders

And then 7th year, draco was cried when he was by himself after finding out that Harry wouldn’t be at school. the only comfort in the storm of his life wasnt there to keep him grounded. And whend he’s taken out of school, dracos dying with voldemort living in his house, and he thinks about harry whenever he feels like he’s gonna break, and when the trio is at the manor, his heart drops bc the guy he’s loved for the past 4+ years is here and his life depends on dracos words (and draco doesn’t identify him, obv)

And harry saves him from the fiendfyre, and Draco is thankful and so /hopeful/, maybe, finally, harry will want to start over

But his heart breaks again at his trials when Harry testifies for him, and finds out that he only saved draco bc he thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and bc they were both kids in the midst of a war they wanted no part of

And after the trials, Draco asks why harry testified for him, and harry says to repay the life debt that he owed draco for not identifying him in the manor and also bc he thought draco deserved a second chance

Draco doesn’t have enough nerves or guts to ask if he could have a second chance with harry. hes too scared of being actually rejected. hes too scared of his nightmares becoming a reality

They don’t speak after the trials, only keeping up with each other’s lives through common acquaintances and the Prophet

(Fuxk i forgot this) Draco’s boggart turned into harry telling him ‘I should have left you in that fire’ (post creds to @drarry-ponderings)

Anyway, it’s a stab in the gut for draco whenever he sees an article abt harry in the Prophet (which is often, to nobody’s surprise) about potter and the weaslette dating and getting married, the birth of their children, and seeing harrys happy smiles in every article makes draco cry while he holds the papers tight in his arms, because harry is so happy without draco, while he’s depressed out of his wits

And Lucius can’t handle this anymorw, and arranges a marriage, and Draco ends up marrying a pure blood girl to continue the Malfoy line

And when they finally meet at Platform 9 and ¾ after /years/, Draco is so heartbroken at the sight of Harry and his weaslette (shes potter now, but draco cant face that truth) wife sending their kids off to hogwarts. Even more so when after all these years, all draco gets from harry is just a polite nod

Switching pov - harry

Harry never saw draco romantically, and treated and thought of draco the same way as in the books

Hated him down to his bones

And was genuinely happy and in love with ginny

And never sought out a friendship with draco malfoy after he rejected his hand back in first year

And the final stab: draco knows all of this. He knows that harry hates him, and that he probably never will. But he still cries when he thinks of how much he is in love with harry and how he’ll never know Dracos feeling for him, and that he’ll never feel the same way – ever.


Scorpius writes often to draco, and draco finds or that his son has become best friends with albus potter

Every letter, Draco is rly happy to hear from his son, but his vision blurs and his heart wrenches when scorpius writes about albus and how hogwarts is so fun with him,  because it always reminds him of what he could have had with harry

(pls read more under the cut.. i cut it off bc i felt bad it was kinda long but i promise its good)

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Java Jace or how to woo a guy

Based on the wonderful coffeeshop AU gifset by @nerjaveika and after restless prodding from my lovely @witchunters here is my second descend into the Jalec trashcan

Also for @thesupernovatothedarkstar because their Jace is perfect 

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be

Right in front of me

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anonymous asked:

fluff with akaashi and his s/o? i need more fluff in my life omg

One very long order of fluff coming right up! Fluff is an essential. Kind of a first-date-at-the-amusement-park scenario!

7:59. Akaashi woke up before his alarm went off–precisely one minute beforehand. He hadn’t been able to sleep soundly the night before, waking up every few hours and having twenty different dreams in between.

9:00. He was out of the house, dressed in casual clothes and a hastily inhaled breakfast jostling around in his stomach. He tried keeping his pace relaxed and nonchalant, and yet for some reason by the time he reached the bus station, he was a little out of breath. Just a little.

9:30. Akaashi saw them before they called out his name.

It took a lot to get Akaashi excited or flustered, but somehow that all flew out the window when it came to his partner. They walked toward him, their hand raised in a wave.

“Good morning, Akaashi,” they said happily.

He nodded. “Good morning.”

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too slow

well, here’s that shitty klance angst drabble you guys wanted to read so much

it’s nothing serious, well, in terms of my writing, the tense is all over the place, just a general idea, i wrote it like how i saw it in my head in like 10 minutes

i feel like i should put an actual warning before you read it, oh well, proceed with caution

[under the cut because i’d be even more embarrassed putting it out in the open]

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in case y’all didn’t know, today is fanfiction writers appreciation day! so here are some of my all time favourite writers who make me ugly cry with pretty much everything they write.

(this is both jily and bellarke btw, so it’s kind of long hence the cut)

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In Dreams You Will Lose Your Heartaches (Part 1)

So this is the Cinderella!au I’ve been thinking about. It’s a mix of the movie and some of the original writings. It’s not the best and there are probably numerous mistakes which I apologize for. 

I decided to break it up into parts so hopefully I can work on the other parts soon and get those up. 

So I hope you like it and that it’s not too bad. 

Once, there was a small boy with a loving family. Hester’s father and mother adored him, teaching him to be kind and only to love. The boy was close with his parents, but sadly there had been an accident and his father had died. Hester had lost his left foot. His mother was heartbroken and with little money after the funeral, was forced into a marriage with an older man. Pitch Black was a tall, gray-faced man with two daughters—twins—Heather and Holly. They were mean-spirited and treated Hester badly behind his mother’s back. Unfortunately, his mother’s health began to decline and she was bedridden.

Hester was at her side every day, holding her warm hand in his as she regaled him with stories of wishes coming true. Pitch Black did nothing to save his ailing wife and soon she passed away, hand still clutched tightly by her son. The funeral was quick and Hester was forced into being a servant for his stepfather and stepsisters. They called him Hiccup because he was a mistake in their lives. Hiccup had forgotten his old name as the years went by.

But no matter how harshly they treated him, Hiccup grew into a lovely young man with large green eyes and freckled skin. His companions were the mice that littered the mansion, each one having their own personality. The large greyhound, Toothless, also kept Hiccup company in his tower. Almost all the animals within the mansion were friends with Hiccup, all but Pitch’s cat, Drago. He was an old cat with scars and gnarled teeth. He liked to chase the mice around for fun, watching them cower in fear while he licked his lips. Hiccup tried to treat him kindly, but the old cat didn’t seem to care for friendship.

And so Hiccup went about his younger years working for his stepfather. He never knew life outside the mansion, but it didn’t stop him from dreaming of a day where he could be free to wander out into the world.

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i have always moved too slow,
i can never get out of bed 
when i am supposed to
i always forget everything i learned
the day before in school
when I had done so well in class
i uninvite myself from parties
before the person
even gets the chance to ask
but it is unlikely that
they would have anyways
i bite my tongue too much
and the words take too long
to leave my mouth
that even when one asks me
how i am doing
i stutter and clench my teeth
i put too much sugar in my coffee
but it doesn’t keep me awake
i reply too late to the messages
on my phone
and i often leave them unread
but i swear i don’t have any grudges
against those who have sent them
so please, forgive me
because i have always moved too slow
for my legs are long
but my body is heavy.

Yet I have alway moved too fast,
at folding myself into quarter-halves
I fold my black wings like pocket-knives
when entering a bright room
or even a dark one
I surrender
at the smallest command
I analyze a situation
like the codes of a computer
before I even know the full story
I claw at my palms
when the one I love looks at me
because he is too pretty
and I am feign
I apologize like a broken record
for faults that aren’t mine
and for fools who are not kind
I write poetry at two in the morning
and when I hear a drunk pass by
I write about the cause of his high
I try to grab on to things
when they are thousands of miles apart
But I swear I wouldn’t if I couldn’t
and if I had learned to accept
so please, forgive me
because I have always thought too fast
for my mind is big
but my heart is heavy.

—  How is your stamina as a paradox?
YouTuber Love

Characters: Suga/Yoongi, and Reader (you)

Genre: Fluff

A/N: My blog deleted because I am just ??? So I am re-uploading my scenario. I will be making YouTuber AU’s for the rest of the members too. I’m just kinda slow at writing.. Enjoy!

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“What’s up, guys? It’s me, Y/n!” I exclaimed, doing my signature hand motion. Yoongi snickered from his spot out of camera range. “Shut up.” I laughed.

I turned my attention back the the camera in front of me. “I thought that maybe I should do a Tumblr-tag video..but then I got thinking. Why would you guys want to watch me scroll through Tumblr and see what you weirdos do like I usually do?” I asked, raising an eyebrow to the camera, “So I thought, why not bring a Tumblr noob in here and scroll through their tag to see if I break them! So here is the guest I’m gonna corrupt!” I waved Yoongi over and he used his wheeled office chair to roll into the camera range.

“Hey, Lets pour some suga on it, huh?” Yoongi said his intro with his ‘classic’ handguns towards the camera.

“Lame.” I coughed and he shot me a glare, “Yes, guys! It’s Yoongi from ‘Letspoursomesugaonit’!”

“Y/n said she’s going to take me on a tour of…tumble-er?” Yoongi stated, voice raising at the end like a question, “Can you explain what it is to me?” He turned his head towards me.

I smirked. “Tumblr is a blogging website where people go to share feelings, pictures, fandoms and such to each other.” I explained, “It’s a dark and dangerous journey. Once you go in, you don’t come out the same. Lets get started, yeah?”

“Ah..I’ve heard there’s lots of strange stuff on this website. Should I be worried?” He asked, looking between the camera and I.

I only smirked a little bit while typing his channel name into the search bar of Tumblr. “Ready?” I asked, finger ready to press the ‘return’ key.

“As ready as I’ll ever be..”

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