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Being the daughter of a CEO and billionaire, who’s demise was being plotted by the Russian government. During one of your father’s evening parties, he is shot and killed. The CIA did not make it in time to save him, but they did manage to rescue you. An agent, Merkel, is assigned to be your main protector as they transport you to their safe house. Over time, you both grow rather fond of each other and end up falling in love.

The Lit Teacher

Summary: The story is set in the 1980′s and you try to cheer up your husband Bill before he goes off to work. 

Pairing: Reader x Bill

Don’t forget to request if you want anything. 

Words: 392 

“I cannot believe they elected a film star as president,” Bill groaned. You put a pillow over your face, seven in the morning was far too early to for complaints.

“ You’re going to hate Ronald Reagan because he’s been in a movie or two? Not the whole republican thing?” you were tired of this argument. He’s been talking about this every day since the election.

“ I hate Republicans,” he spat. He was putting a comb through his wet hair.

“ What will make it better?” you inquired. He shrugged and fixed his tie.

“ I think that he should get impeached or we can move to Sweden,” he said.

“ Bill, what about your job?”

“ I’d be paid better in Sweden. We appreciate teachers better over there,” he explained. You watched him put in his navy blazer and fix his tie once again.

“ Will a goodbye kiss suffice?” you asked.

“ It would,” he answered. He took his eyes off of the bathroom mirror and turned to you holding his arms out. You groaned you counted on him coming to embrace you.

You took off all your layers of warm bedding and ambled to the bathroom.

He wrapped his hands around your waist. At first, your kisses were sweet small pecks. Then your kisses became more intense and passionate. You were an absolute slut for the Ralph Lauren aftershave that you bought him for Christmas.

“ I think I married the right one,” he whispered as you pulled away.

“ That’s debatable,” you laughed. “ Have a great day teaching rich white kids about Hemingway”. You straightened his collar and kissed him on the cheek.

“ This unit’s dedicated to Fitzgerald,” he sighed.

“ Another white male,” you groaned.

“ And also, it’s 1981 right? People will definitely choose qualified politicians in the future,” you said.

“ I might think we need a job switch. I’d love to be the one taking pictures of hot supermodels,” he teased.

“ What do you say you stay home, we draw the blinds, and lay in bed and have sex all day?”

He shook his head,“ We have to start saving up for our move to Sweden.” You couldn’t contain your laughter.

He started for the door, “ All I think of ever is that I love you,” he called. You shuddered, you hated Fitzgerald.

stozier au where stan is sick
Richie’s a sweetheart when one of the others is ill, and Stan attributes it to spending too much time with Eddie. 

It’s not that Stan’s dying, or anything - he just has a particularly unpleasant cold and his nose is running so fervently that he’s made a fortress out of tissues, but Richie comes over anyway to tuck Stan into his chair under his blanket and make him hot cocoa and fetch the tub of ice cream out from the freezer for Stan’s scratchy throat. 

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summary: little one shot, modern!AU where Stan and Bill run into each other late one night at a little coffee shop that Losers frequently visit sometimes during the day. also Bev never moved, pennywise is nonexistant, Georgie is alive, and they’re all just a bunch of Good Friends.

warnings: none?? swearing, obviously.

pairing: stenbrough

sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes!!

The seven losers had found a place other than the Quarry to hang out - a local coffee shop, a place they all visited quite often ever since they started high school together. Freshman year was stressful for them, to say the least. The newly added pile of work and the pressure from both students and teachers alike made the seven of them just pitiful most days back then. Even spending time at the Quarry couldn’t cheer them all up. But then Stan suggested a small little cafe just a few blocks from their high school one day, and when they didn’t get kicked out for being too loud, the seven of them decided on going to the place more often.

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We All Did

Richie x Gender Neutral!Reader

Word count: 824

Requested: yeppity yep yep

“i love angst lol, could u maybe write an angsty fic with either bill or richie?? thanks !“

Summary: so richie starts to hang around the popular kids and then suddenly comes back to you like everything is fine and you get pissed. 

Side note: lmao if you’ve soon shark tale this basically that scene when angie gets pissed at oscar cos i had no idea what to write so here we go

Originally posted by wyattswolfs

You and Richie have been best friends ever since you were little. Together you were a whole, you were inseparable. But things changed as time went by.

The popular kids started to hang around him a lot. They found him bizarre, weird, different and they loved him for it. His humor was what they loved the most. Richie still spoke to you and the losers every now and then. 

Now he doesn’t at all. He still had little conversations with you. Then those conversations stopped. You would still receive a little smile or nod when you would walk past each other in the hallways. But now? Now it’s like you never existed in his life. 

He didn’t look at you, talk to you, didn’t connect with you in any way. You lost your best friend. The losers tried their best to not care but you could see how much it hurt them. But they knew it was much harder on you, they were very aware of the special bond that you and Richie had. They did all that they could to cheer you up. You appreciated it and loved them for trying, but in all honesty you just needed your best friend to come back to you. And everyone felt the same. 

The losers club wasn’t the same without him.

*Three months later*

Things have been pretty good. You had your friends and your friendship was getting stronger every day. Your grades were doing pretty good. You were still a bit upset about the whole Richie thing, but not as much as you were 3 months ago. He always said that he wanted something more anyway, which hurt like hell, but oh well. You were healing, slowly but surely. 

You were watching tv on your couch when a knock interrupted your show. You groaned getting up and making your way towards your door. You swung it open to reveal Richie standing there. You gasped at his appearance. What the fuck. Why is he here. 

“Hey Y/N,” he smiled giving you a hug then pushing past you into your house.

“Why the fuck,” you whispered to yourself.

“So how have things been,” he asked. 

“What are you doing here?” You said ignoring his question.

“Well we haven’t talked in ages. So yeah,” he said casually. 

“Well, thats because you forgot about my existence. But whatever, it’s cool,” you said bitterly. 

He scoffed shaking his head. “Whatever.” He was about to walk out the door when you stopped him. 

“No. You don’t speak to me, let alone look at me for three months, and then show up at my house like everything is fine and leave, then forget about me again? No, you don’t get to do that.” 

“Y/N, we could still talk to each other. You just never did,” he shrugged. 

“Thats because you forgot who I was and hang around your new friends more than your family!” Richie always referred to the losers as his family. It seemed like what you just said hit close to home, you could see it on his face. 

“Can you just stop, Y/N! You’re being ridiculous now,” he said. You felt your rage grow inside you but tried to stay calm. 

“Are you serious? I just wanna take your big dummy head and just-”, you cut yourself off with a grunt. 

“Come on, Y/N.”

“No, Richie. Why are you hanging out with those kind of people anyway. You know what they’re like,” you told him. He was silent. 

“And also, do you think they’d even be friends with you if they didn’t find you funny or insane? Are you that blind?” You felt tears start to well up in your eyes. It finally hit you that you were saying what you’ve been wanting to say for so long.

“At least they treat me like I’m somebody!”

“Would they loved you if you were a nobody!” You exclaimed. 

“Nobody loved me when I was a nobody!” He shouted. 

“I DID.” You finished. He was silent now. 

“We all did,” you whispered more quietly, tears were falling down your cheeks. “Before everything. At the beginning we all did, Richie. To us you were something. But now? Now you’re a whole different person. You joke.” Your voice cracked. 


“NO! Just forget it. Just go. I’m tired of hearing how everything in your life wasn’t good enough. Including me.”

Richie looked like someone just shot him. He was just now realising what he’s done.  

“Out.” You deadpanned. 

He opened his mouth to say something but held it back and left. When he closed the door you fell down to your knees letting your sobs out.

Richie stood outside on your porch taking in a deep breath. He quickly wiped away his tears but they kept falling anyway. He felt terrible. How could he be so blind? He lost everything important to him. He lost his best friend.

psylockethe2nd  asked:

Imagine The Losers Club as the most dysfunctional superhero team

ok but listen i Love this so much i could even write a fic for this au
have some headcanons about their abilities;

Bill: Telekinesis. Bill can move litterally anything he wants with his mind. at first it was little stuff like a pen or a paper sheet, but the more he grown up, the bigger his power became. he’ll soon discover his abilities are, in fact, related to his emotions, and the stronger the emotions he will feel will be, the bigger the objets he will be able to move will get, even people.
“no Stan, I won’t l-l-let you move. You’ll come with us and save this f-f-fucking city.”

Richie: Invisibility. Richie can render himself unseen by everyone and do whatever he wants without being seen. he keeps using his power on bad purposes like to annoy the other members of the team and scaring them all the time, or to steals stuff
”oooOOOOooh i’m the ghost of Eddie’s underpant, flying through the house!!!”

Stan: Telepathy. Stan can read people’s mind, but also affect their minds/thoughts. It started with terrible headaches, then he started hearing voices that werent his (the poor boy was terrified).
Now he has learn how to control his power and can choose to hear only one person’s thoughts at once
”….I wish I didn’t hear what you were thinking about, Richie. You’re so gross…..”

Eddie: Healing factor. Just by touching someone’s injury, Eddie can heal it and take all of their pain. Unfortunately, it’s only working on other people, but not on himself. He discovered his powers by touching a bird which couldn’t fly, and flew away as soon as his hand touched it.
”Could you stop hurting yourself on purpose all the fucking time to see if my power still works?? Of course it still works!!”

Mike: Fire Manipulation. Mike can create, shape and manipulate fire with his hands. Like the other members of his team, he couldn’t control his power, and everytime he would have a strong (negative) emotion, he would create fire. Unfortunately, his power was also the cause of many incendies, inclunding his own house…
”If you tell me one more time “hot damn” I swear to god…”

Ben: Enhanced Strength. Ben can lift approximately 10 tons with his hands,  he can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight without hurting himself. Like most members of the team, Ben’s abilities gets stronger when he gets a negative feeling, especially anger or sadness. Scared to hurt people, Ben can’t touch anyone until he will be able to have a better control of his own strenght
”I’ve already told you; I won’t carry all your bikes in my arms because you guys don’t want to ride them home…”

Beverly: Plants manipulation.  Beverly can create, shape and manipulate plants, including trees, vines, flowers, but also part of the plants (leaves/fruits). She can also revive withered or dead plants just by touching them with her hands, make them grown flowers, fruits.  yea… kinda like Poison Ivy!
The other members of the team love her power, she’s also the one who made them their “secret base” as they’re calling it; a cabin on a tree

anonymous asked:

can we get some hcs for soft boy richie??


(thank you @eddiesbadbreak and @stanleyuriis for some of the HCs ily)

- God, Richie is such a hopeless romantic underneath all the bullshit he spews.

- Richie is starved for attention and affection at home, which often makes him question whether he deserves that at all. So he craves attention so much, especially from Eddie.

- When they’re not bickering or joking around, Richie is so sweet with Eddie. But he definitely has to be in that mood. When Eddie is affectionate with him, calls him pet names or says that he loves Richie, Richie pretty much crumbles.

- Tbh the first time Eddie says “I love you”, Richie almost tears up because like… no one says that to him. It means more than anything because someone actually loves him and he loves them back and it’s all so amazing.

- He’s pretty sensitive, especially when it comes to his insecurities and his family situation. He totally does not show it often though, and the only people that know the true extent of how he’s feeling inside are Eddie and Bev.

- Richie is SUCH a cuddler, and often likes to be the one cuddled. He loves being the little spoon or being the one to rest his head on Eddie’s chest instead of the other way around. He loves laying with his head on Eddie’s lap when they’re with the other Losers.

- If Eddie runs his fingers through his hair, he melts instantly. He loves that shit.

- In general, he loves being taken care of by Eddie. He’s never had anyone take care of him before, so if Eddie ever acts that way it makes Richie so happy. It makes Eddie happy too because he’s always the one being babied, so he loves being on the other side especially because he just… cares so much and has so much love to give to Richie?

- Like one time Eddie packs Richie lunch for school and Richie’s like !!! This is what true bliss is. He’s smiling all day from this small gesture.

- It’s so canon that Richie keeps a spare inhaler for Eddie.

- Any time anyone laughs at his jokes it makes him SO happy. He feels awesome if people actually think he’s funny.

- Also if anyone compliments him, he’ll brush it off or make a joke out of it but everyone can always see how happy and mushy that makes him as well. He feels so valid when he feels like the people he loves love him back.

- Secretly when no one’s there, Richie and Eddie are SO fucking cheesy with each other omg. They call each other pet names. Besides the typical “Eds” or “Eddie Spaghetti” that Richie calls Eddie, he also very often calls him “babe” (which Eddie loves), or he’ll get real creative and call him absurd things like “Snicker Doodle” or “Cuddle Muffin” (which Eddie hates)

- Eddie will often call Richie “Rich”, “Red” or “Sweetie” and Richie dies every time he always gets butterflies in his stomach

- They go on cheesy dates a lot of the time: Stargazing, Rollerblading, even sharing a milkshake with two straws. A lot of the time though, the two like spending the whole day being lazy and staying in bed and eating junk food.

- Richie is super gentle with Eddie, but Eddie is also super gentle with Richie? Especially if Richie is upset, Eddie is so patient with him and will stay up comforting him all night if that’s what he wants. They’re just really careful with each other.

- Bev sometimes paints his nails and Richie really likes the way they look. He usually only lets her do one hand, though.

- Richie also loves when Bev puts hair clips in his hair to push his bangs back. She did it for the first time when making Richie do a face mask with her, but after Richie said he thought it looked really cute she continued.

- He even started doing it to keep his bangs out of his eyes when he was doing work at home. Eddie thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. Richie also loves headbands.


- In general, Richie is actually so caring with his friends? I mean of course, he’ll roast and make fun of them to the moon and back but in reality they’re the most important people in his life and he would die for any one of them any day.

- No one would expect it, but he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries. He writes such long cards for all the Losers whenever it’s their birthday, talking about why he thinks each of them individually is awesome and making long lists of all the inside jokes they have together.

- He also is the best gift giver. His gifts are so thoughtful even if they’re small. He remembers what people told him they wanted months ago, or he gives them gifts that have to do with inside jokes. Things that only he could gift.

- Richie always stands up for any of the Losers without even a second thought. After Henry and his gang are gone, it’s rare for them to get bullied, especially in High School. If they ever do, it’s all verbal. They don’t really get beat up anymore. But if anyone is being a dick to any of his friends, he ALWAYS stands up to them and isn’t afraid to cuss them out, even if it means him getting detention.

- He also comforts them after they get picked on. Even underclassmen he doesn’t know. If he sees a freshman getting picked on, he’ll tell the bully to fuck off and smile so wide at the kid, telling them they’re okay!

- Tbh everyone in High School LOVES him. They think he can be kinda annoying sometimes, but he’s a genuinely good guy and he’s super funny.

- Richie is that cheesy boyfriend that picks flowers to give to Eddie. They also put flowers in each other’s long hair and Richie takes a million pictures.

- Richie saves and pressed into a book the flowers that Eddie got him after the opening night of the school musical he was starring in. His heart skipped a beat when Eddie brought him flowers and told him how amazing he was.

- As adults, Richie is so caring about Eddie especially after dealing with losing his arm. He’s so accommodating and supporting and just loves Eddie so much. After he knows Eddie is okay, all he wants is to have a happy life with him.

- As an adult, Eddie also calls Richie “Reggie” because of one time where another radio host introduced him as “Reggie Tozier.” Like you don’t even know how funny this was to Eddie. It made him tear up from laughter for like a full week after it happened, so to tease him sometimes Eddie will call him that. Richie acts like it pisses him off but he thinks it’s pretty funny himself.

- Richie’s the type of husband that comes home with flowers and is like “BAAAABE I GOT YOU FLOWERS AREN’T I THE BEST HUSBAND EVER”

- Holy shit Richie is SUCH a softie when it comes to him marrying Eddie and later when they adopt/surrogate children. Richie cries for half the wedding and then after they get their kids he tears up like EVERY damn day about it.

- He’s just so happy to actually have a family? For once in his life? Like HE built this. It’s HIS family. He gets to come home every day to such happiness it’s like unreal to him it makes him get choked up.




- Even as adults Richie and Eddie always go on such nice dates. They never get sick of being together, especially since they feel like they have to make up for so much lost time. When they’re back together as adults it feels like falling in love all over again except this time they can actually be together and it makes Richie thank God for real.

- It’s so fucking important for Richie to be a good dad since he knows what it’s like to have horrible parents. He just wants to do what’s right.

- Overall Richie is such a sweetheart under all those dick jokes. He’s so fucking soft and good. That’s all.

Fever Pitch

Anonymous request: Bill and his co-star are doing a “simulated” sex scene, they get aroused, are covered by blankets and decide to do it for real. *So this is pretty long! But if you read until the end, you will not be disappointed! Hope you all enjoy!*

Warnings: s m u t, nsfw, swearing, etc. 

You cup a hand over your right ear in an attempt to hear the person on the other line better, but it’s of no real use. You’re going to have to leave this party to speak to him. “Hold on a second Bill, I can’t hear you.” You inform the man on the other end and snake your way through the mass of gyrating bodies to the outside patio. When you can confirm that you’re actually alone, you continue talking.

 “I need a ride back to my trailer.” You bring the end of a menthol cigarette to your mouth, inhaling deeply.

 The silence is punctuated by an all too audible sigh out of Bill. “It’s fucking 2:47 in the morning on the morning of our final scene together and you need a ride back to your trailer? Where are you?”

 You drop the butt of the cigarette to the concrete floor beneath you and stamp the heel of your buckled boot over it. “Got invited to a crew party about a half an hour outside of the city.” You wait patiently for the expletive that inevitably falls from his mouth.

 “Fuck Y/N,” Bill hisses. “I’ll see you in forty five minutes.”

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Imagine Bill talking about how nervous he was during your first meeting and letting it slip he has a crush on you during an interview.

Originally posted by karlmordo

“So I- I didn’t ask you at first and don’t think anybody has let it go-” Jimmy said with a chuckle and Bill grinned to himself, nodding his head “But uh you said you met (Y/n) almost eight years ago? That’s- that’s a very long time you know.”

“Uh yeah” Bill rubbed the back of his neck a little nervously “My father had uhm he had invited me actually on set, to bemore specific, and I could never miss a chance like that. And- and that’s where I met her.”

“Hmh” Jimmy nodded his head “On the- on the set of Thor, right? Her character, and her as a person, has many fans that love her and is quite famous and so are you. Yet nobody has noticed a thing for all this time, it’s quite remarkable how you kept so low you know?”

“Oh uh” he chuckled “Well, it wasn’t that easy I will tell you. But we uhm had a friendship that we really wanted to last and for us to enjoy it we- we made the decision to be as subtle about it as possible. Our families knew of course, and so did our- our friends but uhm-” he cleared his throat, trying not to get off topic and let something slip of the two of you being more than just friends “It was all sort of- sort of us… living the moment every time, trying to make it just about… us?” he tried to explain with hand motions, hoping it didn’t come out so much as it being more than a friendship.

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description practice for the losers club’s hands. thank you to @kasprak for helping to write and @stanleybby for proofreading ! <3

Bill’s fingers are long, thin, and pale. Richie says he has ‘musical’ fingers and insists that if Bill played an instrument, he’d be amazing at it. Stan is always there to argue that Bill’s fingers are that of an artist - something that was already common knowledge - and that he was already amazing at art. His hands were almost always littered with specks of paint or shiny black graphite dust that had transferred from his artwork to the side of his hand that leaned on the paper. If he was simply bored or couldn’t muster the effort to paint something big, he’d paint tiny pictures from the tips of his fingers down to his wrist.

Ben’s hands are soft and warm, Beverly might compare them to baby’s hands before laughing and pressing to her cheeks. They are small and chubby, but anyone who has held Ben’s hand knows the feeling of safety and comfort that inevitably comes with it. His hands are almost always filled with books, and if not, Beverly would fill the space with her own hands. He wears scented hand lotion a lot, and must have hundreds. His friends will frequently get a waft of smell and wonder aloud “Why do I smell coconut and mango?” and the answer will almost always be Ben, having bought a new hand lotion. His favorite by far is his cherry blossom lotion.

Mike’s hands are calloused from extensive work on the farm. He constantly has a layer of dirt under his nails which he’s given up on washing out. One time while he was hanging out with Bev, she wordlessly fished out a tiny metal tool from her pocket, picked up his hand, and started gently digging the dirt out from under his nails. She turned the tiny piece of metal on it’s side and filed off the split ends of his nails. Neither of them spoke for those ten minutes, until she finally put away her tool and beamed from ear to ear while he mused about how clean and how different they looked. Now they regularly meet for manicures. Sometimes, she even paints his nails with his color of choice (which he proudly wears and shows off to the rest of the losers. They love it.)

Stan’s hands are beautiful and organic. His knuckles are knobby, and the back of his hands were strung with indigo and violet. When he’s angry, his fingers twitch and clench, and his veins seem to dance. He bruises easily, specifically on his hands. Even the slightest contact presents itself in tiny, painless welts that form in almost every colour. Most people who get the opportunity to touch Stan’s hands might comment on how cold they feel. His hands don’t feel cold to him, but he likes that everyone else’s hands feel warm against his. He only has to mention that his hands are cold, and before he’s even finished his sentence, Bill has jumped to take both of his hands into his. Of course, Stan’s hands feel perfectly fine, but he likes holding Bill’s.

Beverly’s hands were pretty, but not dainty. Every part of her embodied ‘strength’, not excluding her hands. She almost always has her nails painted, with a new color every week. She likes to coordinate the colors with current events, like on Christmas she paints her nails red and green, on school fairs, she paints them the school colors, and when Eddie comes out as gay, she paints her nails rainbow and insists on painting his too. Her hands are always covered in scribbles of poems, notes, quotes that she finds, or daily reminders. If she doesn’t have anything to write, she’ll write the names of all her friends. She claims it’s because her hands feel empty without ink, but it’s more like one of her daily reminders that she feels empty without her friends. Her hands also smell faintly of cherry blossoms.

Richie considers his hands to be ‘regular’, or just something he doesn’t bother too long and hard about. Eddie might say that his hands are bigger than most. His fingertips are calloused from his recent endeavors in learning to play guitar. The strings have left irremovable imprints that serve as evidence to his hours of dedication. Nobody remembers when he started, but he picked up a habit of painting his pinky nail on his left hand black. He never gives a solid answer when people ask why, but he thinks it makes him ‘cool’. Anyone who pays close enough attention might notice that in the slightest of uncomfortable situations, his hands twitch and shake, and his palms get slightly sweaty. He gets nervous a lot more than he lets on.

Eddie’s hands are always impeccably clean and cold from how regularly he washes them. Like Ben’s, they are also exceptionally soft. Richie might retaliate that Eddie had tiny, delicate hands, but they both knew he loved that he could engulf Eddie’s whole hands in his own. Despite the paper thin-seeming layer of skin atop his brittle-looking hands, they were anything but weak. The grip of an angry Eddie Kaspbrak was something nobody wanted to be caught in. He was almost always anxious about something, and as a result was almost always fidgeting with anything he could get his hands on. Scrunching fists around the fabric of his clothes, tearing bits off of paper, quietly clicking his fingers. At times when he gets really distracted, he scratches at his arms and hands. When Richie notices, he starts holding Eddie’s hands more often so that he can’t.

Richie Tozier: Richie’s girl

Request  “ can you do one where reader used to be a trashmouth like richie but then she got bullied really bad so she stopped talking and now she’s quiet (almost mute) but then she becomes friends w/ the losers club and gets really comfy with richie but they dont know why bc she seems shy and stuff and richies super loud and flirty w/ her and one day when they’re alone she talks for the first time with richie and they’re cute and fluffy and she opens up about how she likes him and maybe sweet kisses ahh ily ?”

A/N i feel like i paced this weird fjndfjsn, i hope i got in everything u wnted also, of course; ily2.

Pairing → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  →me putting detail into things that didn’t need that much detail again smh

You smiled wide at whatever crude thing just came out of Richie’s mouth. You and the Losers sat around a small mossy clearing not far into the woods. You were lying on the grass, your legs propped up on a log, Stan and Eddie were doing their homework in the shade, Bill had brought Georgie along, and was keeping him entertained, and Richie was trying to start a fire, by twisting a twig between the palms of his hands.

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red was the color of stanley’s cheeks when he first asked bill out.

red was the color of the licorice that stanley bought for bill on their first date at the movies.

bill never really liked licorice

red was the color of the watch that bill was wearing when they first held hands.

bill never really liked holding hands.

red was the color of the ink that stanley used to write bill a poem as a gift for their one month anniversary.

bill never really liked poetry.

red was the color of the first milkshake they ever shared.

bill never really liked milkshakes.

red was the color of stanley’s lips when he first told bill “i love you”

bill never responded.

red was the color of the hickeys that were scattered all over bill’s neck to his collar bones.

but here’s the thing, stanley had never given bill a hickey before.

red was the color of the blood that trickled down richie’s nose after stanley had punched him for hooking up with his boyfriend of six months.

well, ex-boyfriend.

red was the color of the wine that stanley stole from his mother to help him get the heartbreak off of his mind.

bill never really liked the color red.

bill never really loved stanley.