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Percival Graves is (probably) a good man

Another instalment of my headcanon series…

  • Percival was on a secret mission when he got captured and detained by Grindelwald, which is why no one noticed his absence
  • Plus Grindelwald only took his place for a few days
  • He is still enraged when he is freed and understands what happened
  • People get fired when he comes back. Some get hexed too

  • He insists that Tina is promoted a few weeks later
  • They have an open-heart discussion about what happened while he was “away” and they end up being quite good friends

  • When he learns about Credence’s “death”, he’s the one to get funerals set up and to make sure there’s a place to go to mourn him
  • He also takes his dispositions to make sure every one of the kids that were helped by Mary-Lou is safe and taken good care of

  • Tina eventually tells him that Credence is actually alive and well and away
  • But she also insists that they can’t meet as it would probably traumatise both of them
  • He doesn’t like the idea but gets convinced by the necessity of preserving both Credence and himself
  • He still asks her to tell Credence he would like to meet him if he ever wants to
  • She does tell him, two years later, when Credence asks about the real Mr.Graves
  • They eventually meet and it’s painful and awkward but also offers them both a sort of closure

  • His favourite colours are bright orange and light green
  • Percival has the worst fashion sense
  • He goes to work all pretty and dressed up because he knows how to follow a trend
  • But when he’s at home he wears the ugliest jumpers ever
  • They’d burn your eyes if you looked at them for too long

  • He was a bit concerned when his hair started greying but when no one made fun of him at work he just started forgetting about it
  • Except when his colleagues annoy him. Then he blames it on them
  • He doesn’t have lots of friends, but those he has go back to school and he would trust them with his life
  • There was a rumour he was secretly married to Seraphina Picquery. They never laughed so hard together before the day they learned about it
  • They’re not even actual friends, but they do have a lot of respect for each other
  • They both think the other’s job is incredibly difficult and they wouldn’t want to exchange their places

Other headcanons :

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1 word prompt - Ending

I would apologize, but you asked for it…


“Jack… you can’t go to Santa Fe..” It was Romeo who spoke out of all the silent boys,m who were staring at him after his big announcement. “You just can’t. You still gotta be our leader. We need you, Jack!”

“Nah, ain’t not a one of you needs me. Nobody needs me.” Jack countered back.

A small intake of breath was heard through the silence and then the sound of a crutch crossing the room was heard. Crutchie had to get out of the room before he burst into tears, which was extremely hard. Ignoring Jack when he softly called his name, Crutchie pulled the door shut behind him before letting out the emotions that had been building up inside him for who knows how long. His leg hurt real bad, the headline stunk lately so he hasn’t been eating well, and now, the best thing he had in his life was leaving him. He knew full well the boys could hear him, but at that point, he didn’t care. He just wanted Jack to say he was kidding and that he wasn’t really leaving across the country, most likely never to be heard from again.

“Yeah, Jack.” Race took a step forward, hearing the heartbroken cries coming from Crutchie. “Good to know that we’s all nobody’s. Especially, Crutchie. Jack, listen to him- He needs ya to breathe!”

Jack was only half listening to what Race was saying. He was watching the door that Crutchie went though, listening to the sons that he couldn’t believe were Crutchie’s. The kid never cried. So what was wrong? Jack racked his brain. It couldn’t be that Jack was leaving. Crutchie always knew he was going to, and Jack didn’t even mean that much to the kid, not enough to make him cry. Crutchie, everyone would be so much better off without him.

Quickly, Jack left the other boys, the only thing on his mind was to cheer up Crutchie and to figure out what was wrong, what was causing his brother to cry.

Crutchie was sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall, his head on his knees. The second Jack put his hand on his back, Crutchie began to cry even more, leaning into Jack.

“You can’t leave Jack! You can’t!” He wailed, making Jacks heart feel like it was tearing a little bit.

“Kid, I have to…” Jack whispered softly. “You knew I was gonna leave, I got nothin here for me but dead end roads.”

The cries seemed to lighten up a bit, much to Jacks relief, but as soon as jack started talking, Jack wished he would have went back to crying.You got me.“ Crutchie said after a while. “Don’t I matter to ya? I-i ain’t a dead end road… I… you think I am… don’t you? Well, of course you do, I’m just… I’m just a good for nothin crip ‘sall.” He pulled back from Jack, wiping his tears.

“What? No, of course not Kid! It’s just…”

“It’s just I can’t give you any fresh air or big moon or the sun… I can’t give you palominos to ride every day, I can’t- I
I can only give ya someone to constantly worry about… I’m only someone who troubles you and makes you almost get sent to the refuge because my legs messed up and I’m just to slow.”

Jack tried his best to stop Crutchie from talking, but the words seemed to get stuck in his throat.

“But out there,” Crutchie continued, not looking at Jack. “Out there in Santa Fe, you don’t gotta worry about no gimp leg… huh? You don’t gotta take care of me…”

“Crutch- No that’s not what I-”

“I’m sorry I’m a dead end for ya Jack…” Crutchie cut Jack off. “I’m sorry. So go to Santa Fe. Don’t let me keep ya here with all my dead ends.”

And yet despite everything that was said, Jack was still on a train to Santa Fe the next morning.

Crutchie didn’t cry. He knew that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t. “I hope he doesn’t got anymore dead ends where he’s goin’…” Crutchie said to no one in particular as he watched the train pull out of the station. “Cause Jack, I thought you was the one thing in my life that wasn’t a dead end. Guess I was wrong.”

Boning Wars

Another fic, another weird title. So called because @professor-riddikulus couldn’t think of anything punnier and I’m mean and horrible. Inspired by a text conversation with the aforementioned best friend.

Summary: James once accidentally walked in on Remus and Sirius in a very intimate moment. Sirius is determined to pay them back. All hell breaks loose.

Also here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12412593/1/Boning-Wars

It started in September of seventh year.

James walked into the Gryffindor common room, practically floating on air because I get to share a dorm with Lily oh my fucking god, and he just has to, immediately, tell Sirius about how amazing it is to be living in the same dorm she is. He knew Sirius wouldn’t care, knew that listening to James talk about the smell of Lily’s perfume or the way the sun shines off her red hair in the morning or how much he just loves her laugh is exhausting, that Sirius could not give anything even resembling a fuck, but James didn’t care. He gets to live, live, with Lily bloody Evans and he needed to talk to someone about it.

Peter was sitting on the couch when James walked by, and he tried to stop him, really, he did. Peter shouted, “Prongs, you don’t want to go up there!” as soon as he saw James’ messy black hair over the crowd in the common room, but James, being James, just grinned, “It’s fine, Wormtail, I just have to tell Pads something.”

“Seriously, James, don’t -”

But James was already taking the stairs two at a time and it’s too late. Peter could have gotten up off the couch to stop him, but he didn’t.

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Pokespe week, Day 6: Friendship or Relationship

This is the only thing I can think of for the 6th day of Pokespe week. It’s actually a part of my drabble collection at my FFN account. I want this as my representation for Pokespe week, day 6. I just love Ruby and Sapphire as their own character and their relationship. It really doesn’t matter whether that relationship involves romance or not. It’s just amazing how these two changed for each other… They lost each other, and their current relationship with their respective fathers, after that Salamence attacked them.

I could go on at how much these two mean a lot to me, but I guess the seventeen fanfics I’ve written about them will completely explain why but that’s just me xD .

*still embarrassed that I managed to publish another one of my works I don’t know what’s wrong with me*

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

“Ruby, I told ya to not leave yer bed. I’ll take care of everythin’ for ya.”

Ruby let out a whiny grumble, letting his girlfriend place her right palm on his chest as she gently pushes him to lie down on his bed with her left hand placed at the back of his head, supporting it on the way.

It’s not that he’s complaining, really.

Guilt just couldn’t stop flooding into his heart, for he’s letting his amazing girlfriend do all his work and take care of him at once.

He blames his severe fever and sore throat.

He is the man in their relationship, and he should be the one who’s taking care of her, being more than just a simple gentleman, being more than just her boyfriend who makes her happy and contented at what she has. After all, they are not just in a romantic relationship.

He’s also her lifetime companion.

Their strong, romantic mutual feelings are just the tip of the iceberg. It sort of act likes the gravity, a force, even, that makes their relationship stay strong and exceed from their friendship boundary.

She is the reason why he was able to get through every challenges life throws at him.

She is his major source of inspiration and motivation.

Her smile keeps him determined and often completes his day despite how stressful it is.

Protectively hugging her makes him contented under any circumstances. She is just too important to him.

She means a lot to him.

Ruby can feel her warm yet comforting palm on his already steaming forehead. He watches her release a heavy sigh in relief as she slowly links their fingers together. Despite her sweaty hand, it made him feel a bit better. He can feel like his fever can leave any second.

“I’m glad yer fever has gone down. Staying in yer bed all day definitely helped.” She says, relief present in her tone, as her anxious gaze met his confused one.

“Still,” Ruby adjusted a bit to his left, lifting his shoulders a bit. A pained groan escapes from his lips, making Sapphire’s heartbeat increase its pace.

“Ruby, ya can tell me if ya wanna adjust your position.” Anxiety consumed her tone and her eyes. She reached for his shoulder blade, placing her right hand on it. She looks at him with anxiety present in every fiber of her being. “Don’t force yerself, please.”

He released a long, and heavy sigh. He grabbed her right hand and placed it on his lips, pressing his soft, warm lips against her fingers. She couldn’t help but to let her cheeks increase its temperature. “I’m… supposed to be…” He let out a light cough.

It increased her anxiety for him, making her remove her left hand on his to grab the bottle of water placed on the nightstand.

“Ruby, you should drink some water. I’ll help ya get up.”

He can only nod at her words, for he’s too weak to sit up in his bed on his own. Guilt floods his heart again as he watches her place one hand on his back and her other hand wrapped around his own. He let her open the bottle of water, and later place it in his right hand. He lets her guide his arm to his lips just so he can peacefully drink some water.

It made him somehow feel better.

“Ya wanna lie down now, or—”

His sudden strength surprised her greatly. Her eyes widened in shock for literally a second at the moment her soft lips made contact on his. Ruby pulled her closer, deepening their kiss as she slowly closes her eyes, placing the water bottle on the nightstand, and wraps her arms around him. She returned the kiss with the same enthusiasm building between them.

Ruby slowly pull apart to gasp for air. A smile plastered across his lips at her cute reaction. A slight blush is painted across her cheeks and her fangs are sticking out from her top lip. Frankly, it made him feel better. “Sapph…” He mentions her name, intense passion still forming into his tone.

“W-What is it?” Sapphire asked, now gently pushing him to lie down on his bed.

“Could you…” Ruby swallowed hard. The blush creeping onto his face is definitely the result of him imagining the consequences of his favor. “Can you… sleep with me…? Just… Just for tonight. I-I won’t do anything. I promise.”

Sapphire released a sigh, the blush on her cheeks increased its temperature at his words.

It’s strange though.

They have spent many nights and days together, so it’s quite expected she’s used to it. However, the thought of literally sleeping beside him is often new to her. After all, she’s not allowed to share a bed or a room with a guy. Ruby is one of them, however, he is no ordinary guy. He is her only, and obviously her last boyfriend. They are engaged for five months now, of course.

“I-I know you won’t be doing anythin’ stupid, don’t worry. It is… quite legal fer us to do so anyway.” She says, now lying beside him, and turns to her right. The blush on her cheeks deepens at their proximity. How did he manage to get enough energy to close the gap between their bodies?

Ruby released a contented sigh, a smile now forming its way onto his lips. He gently and protectively wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her closer for a hug. “I’m feeling better already.”

His contented gaze met her flustered one. His smile widened at the emotions in her eyes. Thank goodness anxiety is no longer consuming her. It does make him feel worse whenever anxiety is consuming his future wife.

“I’m glad I’m helping ya feel better.” Sapphire mumbled softly, her left hand placed on his cheek, affectionately caressing it. Slowly, she kissed the tip of his nose.

They stayed in each other’s arms, listening to each other’s respective heartbeats and breathings. Several moments passed, they slowly fell into slumber. Ruby’s arms are still wrapped around her in a protective hug while Sapphire’s arms are placed around the back of his neck.

Sapphire closed her eyes, pressing the handkerchief onto her nose and let out a sneeze that Ruby thinks it’s the cutest thing he has seen all day. Although he wished her sneeze was not the cause of her cold.

“I have a cold, Ruby.” Sapphire says, grabbing the bottle of water on the nightstand. Her voice is a bit sore and lower than the usual. “Unlike yer fever last month, I can’t let ya sleep beside me. It’s contagious.”

Ruby released a sigh in defeat, frowning.

It’s true though.

He can’t sleep beside her because of her cold despite how he badly wants to. Oh how he wished for her speedy recovery already. “If I can’t, then, I’ll just have to stay in your house for the night.”


Ruby pressed his soft lips on her forehead. His hands travel around her waist, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss. “It’s time for me to make sure my future wife will go into full recovery.”

“I…” Sapphire bit her lip. What else can she say, really? Nothing can ever make him change his mind. Well, she was quite stubborn when he was sick. She guessed he is somehow returning the favor, or better: doing this because he loves her and want her safe and healthy, just like she was to him when he was sick.

She released a contented sigh, her soft lips pressed against his neck. He is definitely her ideal guy.

The contact of her warm lips on his made shivers run through his spine. It felt amazing. He should let her kiss his neck more often, if she’s comfortable to do so of course.

case of leaves au

Newt’s suitcase is already bigger on the inside than out - we know that, but what if one day he starts noticing that there’s one area that all of his creatures take special pains to avoid, and when he goes to look he finds a door he didn’t put there, leading to habitat he didn’t put there either. (a dark forest, or a desert or a lake/river) with seemingly no end. 

Of course, they go exploring. And of course terrible brain-breaky things ensue. 

maybe they find original!graves trapped in there idk  

I envy the writers who can write good quality fanfics in one sitting and get it out the day they started writing it. I envy the writers who can give their followers new fics every fucking day. I envy writers who can easily get ideas and build from them without having to drive them self up the wall. I envy writers who don’t have to ask their friend for fanfic ideas or prompts because they don’t fucking have a single creative fucking bone in their motherfucking body. I envy writers who don’t have to spend days trying to put their thoughts into words and even when they do they can only manage to do two fucking paragraphs because they’re that fucking useless at what they love. I envy writers who find writing easy and simple and can do it without a fucking second thought. I envy writers that don’t need constant fucking validation to feel good enough because they’re that fucking paTHETIC. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT DONT FUCKIG HATE THEIR WORK THE MINUTE THEY START WRITING. I ENVY WRITERS THAT CAN PUT OUT WORK WITHOUT FUCKING SHAKINGN WITH FEAR OF IT BOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH. I FUCKING ENVY WRITERS THAT ARE CONFUDENT WITH THEMSELVES AND THEIR WRITING. I FUCKING ENVY MOTHERFUCKJNG WRITERS WHO DONT FUCKIGN THINK EVERY THING THEY DO IS ABSOLUTE SHIT

Hoodie - Post 7x24 NCIS LA Fic

“You’re disgusting.”

“You love me though.” Kensi smiled, looking at her slightly disgruntled boyfriend.

“You’ve got me there. You ready to go?”

“Mmm.” Kensi canted into Deeks, mindful of where she had just snotted him. “I should probably go find Porter, get my tactical gear back.”

“Yeah, I’m not one for the school girl look.” Deeks scrunched his noes but grinned widely.

“What? No fantasies of getting a military school girl to wander astray?”

“Hmmm, well you said you went to public school so…”

Kensi laughed, tilting her head up to kiss his jaw.

“Porter said she was heading back to the rest of the cadets in the gym.” Deeks said, turning his own face down to gently brush the top of her cheek.

“Hold this for me?” Kensi pulled back and handed her partner the assault rifle. “I’ll be right back.”

She found him again behind one of the black SUV’s Hetty had arranged for them. Apparently a private jet and helicopters were expensive so they’d be driving back to save company dollars.

“They brought our go bags from the jet.” Deeks informed her as she came to his side. He was securing their weapons in the back of the SUV and nodded towards the black bags in the opposite corner.

“Great.” Kensi reached out to grab one of the bags.

“Ah Kens, I think that’s mine, your’s is…”

Kensi paid him no mind, not even hesitating as she unzipped his bag and dug around inside.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes.” She triumphantly pulled the black hoodie from the bag, grinning.

“What are you…?” Deeks’ was left momentarily lost for words as she dumped the vest in the back of the car and pulled the long sleeved tactical shirt from her body. Clad in only a bra, she quickly covered herself with his hoodie, pushing her arms through the too-long sleeves and zipping it up to her clavicle.

“Mmm, perfect.” Kensi rolled her shoulders, letting the sleeves fall past her hands as she snuggled into the warm fabric.

“Not that I didn’t enjoy the show, but don’t you have your own clothes?”

“This is better. Smells like you.” She inhaled deeply to further her point.

“And if I wanted to wear my hoodie?”

“Too bad.” She shrugged, biting her lip in a mischeivous smile.

“But what if I get cold?” He took a step towards her, hands reaching out to palm her hips.

“I’ll jut have to warm you up.” Her own arms reached around his neck and she let her body slump into Deeks. The exhaustion of the past few hours starting to set in.

Deeks intertwined his arms at the small of her back, tugging her closer and taking on more of her weight. They rested like that for a few minutes before Callen interrupted.

“Okay, enough of that you two. It’s been a long night. Hetty’s organised some motel rooms so we can get a few hours shut-eye. We’ll be heading back to Los Angeles this afternoon.”

“Where’s Sam?” Kensi pulled her head from where it rested on Deeks’s shoulder but didn’t step out of the embrace.

“He’s with Aiden. Michelle and Kam are coming up. We’re leaving at three so if we head to the motel now we might get six or seven hours sleep. Eric’s sent the motel address to your phones. I’ll see you there.” Callen turned and walked towards the other SUV and climbed in.

“Mmm, sleep sounds good.” Kensi let her weight fall against Deeks again, closing her eyes.

“Let’s go. Maybe once we get into the motel room I can steal my clothing back from you.” Deeks placed a kiss against her forehead and untangled himself from her.

“Not likely.” Kensi muttered under her breath. She had taken two steps towards the passenger side of the car when she sneezed loudly, bringing her sleeve-covered hands up to cover her mouth and nose.

“You know what? On second thoughts, you can keep the hoodie.”

Dirty Laundry

Right now I am beyond sick and disgusted with the Voltron fandom specifically those who have read/are reading Dirty Laundry. Many people where supportive of the the author but to the assholes who turned this fic into a witch hunt are sick and vile excuses for human beings. 

What is wrong with you? What possessed you to think it was okay to send so much hate to someone that made them basically go into hiding and hate writing fanfic? Like what the actual fuck? This is a minor who wrote a cute fanfic for a fandom they loved. You tormented another human being simply because they wrote something you decided was offensive while ignoring people who said it wasn’t. People like you ruin fandoms and you’ve done it again. 

The Voltron fandom used to be wonderful and fun and dramaless until people like the one’s who tortured the author came alone and decided to ruin it for everyone. @gibslythe will be in my constant thoughts and prayers because they do not deserve the stress and pain this fandom has given them. 

I’m heartbroken to see such a beautiful piece of art get destroyed like this over some idiots who thought they knew better. I am pissed that they took it even further and harassed a minor. I may get hate mail for saying this but right now I honestly don’t give a fuck because the people that sent hate to the author are absolute trash as far as I’m concerned because no one, ESPECIALLY SOMEONE AS APOLOGETIC AS THE AUTHOR, deserves the hate and anger they have received. They apologized, they tried to make it right AND STILL YOU FELT THE NEED TO CONTINUE TO HARASS AND BULLY THEM. Their is no excuse for that NONE I don’t care how offended you where, you could have stopped reading, you could have gave one piece of CONSTRUCTIVE criticism but you didn’t. You have lost any credibility in my eyes now. Right now I am disgusted to be a part of the Voltron or Klance fandom because of this. 

hey guys~~~

so i’m going to be writing/posting a fanfic within the next few days!! i’m not sure on the best venue/website for posting such a thing (it will probably end up being a continuous story with chapters) so any recommendations will be great!! i’ll obviously post links on here once that’s all set up :) additionally if people send me prompts here i’m more than willing to write mini fanfic scenes as well! this is more of a stardew art-sharing blog than anything else but i’m trying to expand my horizons a bit!


fandom: girl meets world
pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 1,462 words 
summary: in which texan loner lucas friar contemplates strange duck riley matthews. // or lucas’ thoughts during world of terror 3 and the conversation that occurs when they’re alone in the school hallway.

read on ao3 

As Lucas stalked through the back hallway of Abigail Adams High School, he had to briefly consider to himself why he even cared that much. He and Riley Matthews had only spoken a handful of words to each other, before yesterday’s conversation between them at the cafe, in the two years that he had lived in New York. He really had no idea why he cared so much about what happened to her, or why he had almost opened up to her during their conversation yesterday.

There was just something about her that seemed, familiar to him, almost. He really didn’t know how to describe and honestly, he was trying his hardest to ignore it, he didn’t want to care about anyone. He had spent two years all by himself, and he had been doing just fine. The last thing he needed was to care too much about someone and have a repeat of what happened back in Texas.

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Flatmates - 10

The final chapter! Aaah. It’s been fun, hasn’t it? So much fun. I am planning to write more in this AU, but then let’s be honest I plan to do a lot of things

Enjoy it though! Rated T for one use of bad language.

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Author’s note: this one’s a twofer for the “I wish you’d write a fic…” prompts: Connor being in love with his coworker & Coliver getting married. 

Connor wakes and he’s warm.

His head hurts and the light’s too bright but he tries not to dwell on that because he’s warm. He’s warm and, if he just keeps his eyes closed to block out most of the light, he’s comfy too.

God. This bed is so nice. Normally, Connor sleeps like crap in hotel beds but this one is perfect. The mattress is perfect. The comforter is perfect. The pillows are—

Connor pauses snuggling into the pillow he’s holding close to his chest. It doesn’t feel like cotton he’s burrowing into, it feels…it feels like skin.

Freezing, Connor cracks one eye open and then the other. That’s definitely a chest he’s looking at. And that’s not another pillow under his head, supporting his neck; it’s an arm. And the comforter isn’t the only thing keeping him warm, the arm around his waist and the leg thrown over his hip are helping out.


Dread chilling the blood in his veins, Connor inches his head back to get a look at the man he apparently slept with (or at the very least next to) last night and—

Oh dear lord above, its Oliver Hampton.

Oliver Hampton. The head of IT. His co-worker. His colleague. A fellow business professional. And, not to mention, the man whom Connor’s secretly been crushing on for… for a very long time.

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Title: This Ain’t No Bend and Snap
Author: holysmoaksoliver
Word Count: 3243
Summary: For the Arrow Movie AU Challenge- week 3- Comedy.  Based on Legally Blonde.  Genderbent AU.  Oliver is a charmer whose life has always been easy.  But when his girlfriend, Laurel, breaks up with him the night he’s set to propose, Oliver realizes that his life may be due for a change if he wants to win her back.

A/N:  So, this got super bromancy for a first meeting for Oliver and Diggle.  But I don’t even care. Because I love them, and I love this little piece.  So, hopefully you are able to suspend reality for a moment and just enjoy some Oliggle bro time.

No one in Oliver’s life had ever taken him seriously.  Not his parents, not his teachers, not his friends.  Not even his amazing girlfriend Laurel– who he’d been dating for the last eight months of their senior year at CULA– although she’d probably taken him more seriously than anyone else in his life.

At least until Laurel dumped him the night Oliver was set to propose.

He still remembered the burn of the ring in his pocket when she’d called him “Pooh Bear” and walked out.  She’d told him that if she was going to make partner at a law firm by the time she was 30, she needed a “Vanderbilt, not a Nessman.”  And Oliver would be lying if he didn’t say he had to Google what a “Nessman” was.  Although flattered at being compared to a male model, it didn’t change the fact that Oliver was Vanderbilt material; he knew he was, even if no one else did.  He had the wealth and the connections.  But more than that- he had the smarts.  Just because he graduated with a degree in Sports Sciences didn’t mean that he hadn’t worked for his 4.0 GPA.

It wasn’t until Oliver saw a photo of Laurel with her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé– a third year law student at Yale– that Oliver knew what he had to do.

He had to go to law school.

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A mark it’s just a mark (1/?) | Highschool Soulmate AU

AKA that Keenler highschool soulmate AU with Ressler in denial that nobody wants but that I’m probably going to write anyway.

He knows before even seen it.

There is an annoying tingling feeling between his shoulder blades, something he hasn’t feel before, and he just knows.

It makes him mad.

“Elizabeth Scott?” He asks to the brown haired girl waiting in the hall right outside the principal’s office. He doesn’t even let her say a word before he keeps talking. “Donald Ressler, school council. Come with me.”

She collects her bag from the floor and follows him.

“I was supposed to meet principal Cooper now,” she says confused, trying to keep at his pace.

“Change of plans. Mr. Red sent me to pick you up, his class is about to start.”

He hates Mr. Red, there is no other way to put it. He’s in the school council, yes, but that doesn’t mean he has to be Mr. Red errand boy. And who is this girl anyway? They’re in the middle of February and the school doesn’t usually accept new students so far into the year.

“Mr. Red?”

“The literature teacher,” he answers, stopping in front of the class door. “This is it.”

She adjusts the bag on her shoulder and sends him a bright smile.

“Thank you,” she says, and then she stretches out her arm, her right hand waiting for his. “And yes, I’m Liz Scott, nice to meet you.”

He looks at her hand and then he sees it, there on the inner part of her wrist, the same mark he has on his back between his shoulders.


Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

“Ressler,” he says holding her hand (not because he wants to but because it would be rude not to do it). She seems a little taken aback by that and he clears his throat. He knows he shouldn’t be so harsh with her because it isn’t her fault, but he can’t help it. “Everybody just calls me Ressler.”

She nods and sends him another smile, and Ressler feels like the worse person in the world. Liz seems nice, really nice, but he hates her. Her and her bright hair, perfect smile and beautiful blue eyes like a clouded sky before a storm.

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i won’t say i love you (even though i want to); a deancas au

In this follow up to ‘Come and Get Your Love,’ Dean is struggling to tell Cas three very important words after a year of dating. However, talking about feeling was never Dean’s forte, and he’ll need a little help to get the words out.

 Requested by the lovely dean-on-a-plane.

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It should be easy. Three words strung together in a phrase that would take seconds to speak into existence, that’s all it is. But for Dean, this is a lot more than just a few words. To him, it is a declaration, one that will finally reveal his true feelings for a certain punk-esque boy with raven hair and cerulean eyes. It is the pinnacle of a year’s worth of endless dates, chaste kisses, and passionate embraces. It is everything to Dean, and he doesn’t want to screw it up.

However, he knows Cas is getting impatient. The first time Cas told Dean he loved him, it was after their first time together. Their bodies were worn out and sated from the intense lovemaking, and Cas was curled up around Dean’s tired form. Just as Dean’s eyes were ready to flutter shut for a well deserved round of sleep, Cas nudged his lips up to Dean’s ear and whispered the three words into his ear.

“I love you.”

It had been easy for Cas, like breathing. The boy didn’t even hesitate or falter; he just said it like he was discussing the weather or an equation. He treated it like it was a simple fact that can’t be altered or argued against, and it warmed Dean’s heart to know that his feelings were requited.

He distinctly remembered opening his mouth, willing to words into existence. He also remembered feeling like his tongue was bitten off, and the feeling of panic that filled his being when he just couldn’t get his lips to cooperate with his brain. The pause that rang out between them was like a ticking time bomb, and Dean laid still in Cas’s arms as the minutes went by with no retort.

Finally, after what felt like a thousand years of silence, Cas spoke again. “You don’t have to say it back, you know. I know..this is a big thing for both of us.”

“I-,” Dean tried again, but his voice vanished in that second, leaving him floundering for any coherent thought.

Cas laughed next to him. “It’s okay, Dean. Go to sleep.”

That was that…until the next time. And the time after that…and the time after that. Every single time Cas told Dean he loved him, Dean tried to say it back but the words never could escape, getting lost on a rabbit trail somewhere between his brain and mouth. He’d try to get it out, but then he’d pause, waiting for his vocal chords to catch up with the blaring declaration in his head. It never did, and Cas always kissed away the lost look on Dean’s face anytime he couldn’t say it.

It became a routine for awhile, but it was not one that could last. Cas would tell Dean that he loved him, and Dean tried to show it back in different ways. He’d kiss him long and languid after the words were said, trying to show Cas that yes, he loved him too. He’d hold Cas’s hand as they walked the beach off their tiny, California college town, letting everyone know that this beautiful boy was spoken for. He’d practically worship Cas’s body as they tangoed between the sheets at night, his ‘I love you’ shown through touches and flicks of a wrist. It was what they did, Cas’s verbal declarations fitting in nicely with Dean’s physical ones. But physical acts of love could only get one so far, and it looked like Dean’s quota was about to run out.

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Truth from a Crossbow pt 1

Fanfic commission from the lovely and creative @lawchan89. I heard there was some drama going down about g4g so maybe I should just keep this one off the radar until things calm down…

BUT THAT’S NOT HOW I ROLL! I will have my cake and eat it too!

Summary: In a heated argument with his brother, Stan is forced to reveal his most well-kept secret to the rest of the family, leading to many unexpected consequences, including a very hurt Soos. Grunkle4Grandpa centric. If you don’t like it, move along and find another fic to read. 

Part 2

Stan was used to bad starts. He could make the argument that his entire life was one continuous string of bad starts from his birth of fifteen minutes behind his twin to the long string of crimes that followed him from New Jersey to Oregon. 

But of all his bad starts, getting hit in the arm by an arrow from Mabel’s crossbow before he even had his first cup of coffee definitely took the cake. 

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