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finally you break me.

i tell you,
“you’re killing me, babe.”
i tell you,
“i can’t fight for this anymore.”

but as the words
out of my mouth
and spill
at my feet
into a pile,
i am frantic.

i am trying
to roll them back up
like silk ribbons
between my fingers.

i finally
collect them.

i get off my knees and
my spool of words
back behind
my lips
but as i look up
to smile
at you
i see you’ve already
walked away
from me.

—  “Silk Ribbons” - Ellory Nash

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okkk so do u take requests bc i got a charles xavier x reader 1 where they have a small fight over smth and since y/n didnt come from a great home(at all.)she gets geared up and ready for like 3+ hours of (unfair) arguing but when charles gives in almost right away and smiles @ them after(isnt passive aggressive or anything)shes like hold on.You're gonna use this against me later right and hes like no??and they eventually talk abt how bad her family was and stuff??if you write this ill marry you

I expect the ring delivered in the mail in two weeks

Warnings: mentions of abuse, self depreciation

“Charles look ou-!”

The brunette just barely managed to dodge out of the way as a chair smashed into the wall just in front of him, shards breaking off and impaling themselves into the plaster, a bright blue aura sparking and bubbling with energy around it. The vibrations caused the bookshelf close-by to waver, and you were left watching in horror as it came tumbling down.

No no! You flung out your hands out but only managed to stop the bookshelf from moving - the various pieces of fine china and glass statues were already pouring out.


You stared at the cracked and shattered remains of the precious figurines on the floor, slowly putting the bookshelf back down, your aura dissipating from around it.


“Oops?” Charles rose an eyebrow, crossing his arms.

Oh jeez.

“Yeah, oops,” You swallowed, laughing nervously. 

“May I know what in the world you were doing?”

You sighed, already feeling yourself become small. Charles was the nicest man you had ever met, but sometimes he had quite the strict side.

You mumbled something underneath your breath.

“Hmm? You’ll have to speak up.”

“I was just messing around with my power,” You repeated, louder, looking to the side defiantly. “Its not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” Charles pinched the bridge of his nose. “Y/N, you barely have a grasp on your powers, you can’t just expect to-”

“It was working-”

“-what if you had-”

“-listen to me-”

“-you need to understand-”

“I know!” You said, trying to make him understand. Your heart rate was already quickening, and you could see the tell tale signs of an argument picking up, triggering a fear deeply and subconsciously placed in your stomach. You had only met the man a couple of months before hand, and it just came to you that you had never really had an argument before. Sure, a couple of light disagreements, but never a full blown squabble. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to surprise you-”

“You have to be more careful next time,” He made his voice firmer so that the point would come across. Unbeknownst to him, his tone only made it worse, bringing up memories you thought you had locked away long ago.

“Charles, I-”

His mouth turned downwards. “You’re strong, but you can’t be reckless. You could hurt someone if you’re not cautious! Hurt someone seriously. We’ve talked about this.”

I know. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You felt your throat tighten, your hands shaking. Suddenly you weren’t yourself but a child again, and Charles was a hulking shadowy figure, shouting at you. You felt yourself cower, black creeping in on the edges of your vision. You readied yourself for the long, harsh talking to come, the argument that would last for another couple hours. I won’t do it again. I’ll be good, I promise. I’m sorry. Please don’t - just please don’t hurt me. I promise I’ll be perfect-

In the midst of your fear you heard it, a sigh.

“Anyway, come on, lets clean up,” He rolled his sleeves up, shaking his head out of it with a small huff. “It’ll take a while to get the small shards. Wouldn’t want to step on one.”

You could only blink at him.

He noticed your stare and blinked himself. “Y/N? Are you alright?” Rich, sky blue eyes roamed your figure as he narrowed them. “You’re not hurt are you? That burst of power might have drained you out.”

You didn’t understand.

“I’m fine. I just don’t…” You blinked again, hard, trying to regain your bearings. “That’s it?”

“What do you mean that’s it?” A confused wave passed over his handsome features, and he smiled softly to combat it. “Are you sure you’re doing well?”

He stepped closer and you instinctively took one back. Charles stopped, wary, the smile disappearing.

“Sorry,” you choked out, and it was all you could say. “I’m sorry. So sorry.”

“Hey, hold on,” He lifted his hands, taking another step towards you, this time hesitantly. You didn’t move, but perhaps it was because your legs had suddenly turned to jelly. “Its okay. It’s really not that serious, Y/N. I’m not mad.”

“You’re not…mad?” You let out a wavering breath. “That’s right, yeah. It was just an accident…normal people wouldn’t…”

Gentle yet calloused hands took hold of your arms, supporting you. (When had he gotten so close?) It was a good thing he had, because your legs almost immediately collapsed. His chest was the only thing stopping you from hitting the ground.

Pine, you thought. He smelled like pine. Pine and his cologne, and old library pages and a whiff of toothpaste, plus that odd yet pleasing aroma that was just him. 

“I think we need to talk,” His voice rumbled through you. You flushed, still trembling.

“I just,” You inhaled deeply to steady yourself, staring at his shirt in order to pretend that you didn’t feel those enigmatic eyes boring into you. “I didn’t have the best…past.” You struggled for words. “My parents were abusive I suppose, though of course I didn’t realize that when I was younger. And this was without them even knowing I was a mutant. I-It made me suppress my powers that much more because I was s-so scared, and I’m terrified I’ll never be able to use them properly now. That argument just brought back- I-”

You choked up again, embarrassed at your proximity to him, frustrated at your inability to communicate yourself, just angry at everything.

“Shh,” He brought you from out of his chest but you still looked every place but him. His fingers placed themselves so lightly underneath your chin you would have thought them not to be there until he slightly tilted your head up. 

You expected to see pity in his eyes but was surprised to see the overwhelming understanding, joined with sympathy and another emotion you couldn’t quite place. 

“If you can’t speak, then…” He visibly bit his lip in nervous thought, and you watched his teeth drag the flesh into his mouth with a fascination that burned your cheeks and flushed you to the tips of your fingers. “Can I…?”

You realized what he was asking when he shifted his hand from your chin. 

You wanted to tell him no. You wanted to tell him that you were too scarred, that you didn’t want him prying into your personal business, your memories, your entire past.

But just the fact that he had asked, and so respectfully at that, had your heart melting.

“Yeah,” You breathed.

He appeared surprised but smiled again, hand shifting upwards further. It paused to cup your cheek before his fingers were sliding along your temple. You watched his eyes flutter close and couldn’t help it when you felt your own do the same.

Relax, Y/N. His voice, unmistakable, spoke quietly in your mind. Just let yourself go back.

And so you did.

You went back through the screaming, the tension, the times you hid in your bedroom just to escape the nasty shouting. You went back through the derogatory comments, the instances when your own mother claimed you were a mistake, the days you went without dinner when you forgot to do a simple chore, the cold atmosphere forever in the house. The verbal abuse - never physical because otherwise people would notice the bruises - and the constant guard you had up. The nights you cried yourself to sleep, the nights you stared at your hands, wishing you were different, knowing that you actually were different as your fingers glowed blue at your will, but that that would just make things worse.

“Ugly.” “Spiteful.” “Lazy.”

You went back to the point where after everything, you had begun to believe all the things that were said to you.

You were brought back to your senses when you felt something wet slide down your cheek. Charles’ presence left your mind, and it was like the feeling of stripping dried glue from your palms as a kid - not unpleasant but odd and weirdly soothing. 

You were shaking but then you realized you weren’t, but Charles was. He was hugging you now, so tight you couldn’t move, and then you realized that the wetness you had felt on your cheek also wasn’t yours.

“Hey, don’t cry,” You said, voice just as rocky as you nudged his head that was pressed to yours. “I’m good now. I’m past it.”

“You are beautiful,” He said, and it was so sudden and out of context you didn’t understand.


“You are beautiful,” Charles repeated, inside your head then on his lips so that it was three times. Ugly

You tried to look away and brush it off, despite the warmth making your head spin. “Hah, you don’t have to-”

He cupped your cheeks. “You are so beautiful sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Your heart stuttered.


He continued, unperturbed. “You are also kind, and it is shown in your soul every time you speak.”


“You are the most hardworking person I have ever met. After suppressing your abilities for so long, you work day and night to improve yourself. It is amazing to watch.”

“You’re going to make me cry now,” You laughed, but it was a wet sound as you were already crying. 

“I’m just telling the truth,” He smiled softly, eyes twinkling, and you were drowning in them, drowning in blue.

You only let your head drop back onto his chest.

Thank you, you thought.

You weren’t sure whether he heard you or not, but his arms tightened around you and a thumb brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear with a feather’s touch. Ever so softly.

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from this prompt

stop yelling ‘parkour’ when you scale fences and run across the road that’s dangerous and an incredibly inefficient detour so gET BACK HERE

“Ethan!” Tyler yelled, running after his idiotic best friend as he hopped over another fence, yelling ‘PARKOUR!’

Tyler caught up to Ethan, seeing that shit-eating grin that he war. His hair was disheveled, a bright blue mess sitting on his head. Tyler sighed, grabbing Ethan’s arm and dragging him to the Starbucks, their original destination.

“Aw cmon dude, that was sick and you know it!” Ethan whined as he trailed behind Tyler. Tyler shook his head disapprovingly, looking back at the shorter boy. His eyes were wide and his had a sad look on his face. Tyler forced himself to turn around, although he’d love to spend hours staring at that face.

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I really wanna write about Robert full on breaking down because he can’t keep his positive attitude up anymore. Because he can’t pretend that he’s not ripped apart every second without Aaron there. Because he’s tried so hard to keep going for the others, because they’re breaking down and Aaron wouldn’t have let his own emotions get in the way of looking after Chas and Liv so he won’t either. I want to write him having a rough day with Liv when she screams at him about how he doesn’t care that Aaron’s gone, that he’s not sad, that he’s probably happy he’s not tied down. And Robert just loses it, he can’t stop the words tumbling out about how much it hurts, how he can’t stop doing what he’s doing because he can’t let himself think about the silence next to him. How every waking second hurts because he’s not there. I want to write about how he doesn’t even notice he’s started to cry, but it doesn’t stop. He can’t turn it off. He just breaks completely, sobbing until he has to sit because he’s weak, he’s tired and he can’t do this anymore. But then I think that’s sad and I shouldn’t.

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chosen name: adam

i. man - become myself until it hurts
ashamed, still, of the way my hips look in these jeans,
my voice sounds like the running of a stream,
ushering through bits of plastic and old photographs
i vomit when my body gets too heavy

ii. to be red - to be human, to be reminded of it waking up, to unfurl and to bind and to sweat and to push up and to climb and to alter,
harshly and all at once

iii. to make - these hands are tired, this body is tired

iv. earth - remember crawling from the soil -
i dream a garden, overflowing with the brightest sounds. this is where i come from, here to rub my hands against tree bark, here to sunburn, here to tumble down hill -
knees, boy-scraped
nose, boy-broke
body, boy-in-flight

I need to follow more blogs. When I’m actively checking all 20 that I follow to see if they’ve updated, clearly I’m not Tumbling right haha. Reblog or like this or shoot me a message if you post anything like

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Idk if ur taking requests rn but b4 I forget imagine you and jack frost are together but u try to keep it a secret cause how do u explain ur bf is invisible and ur bff tadashi notices ur acting wierd snd gets worried bc he has feelings for you

a/n- man i really want too see a riled up and jealous Jack lmao 

You gazed at Jack with rather large eyes as he lifted his staff off the ground before setting it down once again; a nervous habit he has had for the longest time. “You still can’t find it?” He asked and looked at you as you walked around the bed, eyes flickering between his cold body and the floor. He heard you growl under your breath, deciding to intervene with a small, and hopefully helpful, “You had it before I came in, I saw you texting.”

“I know.” You uttered and brushed your hair back, “That’s what’s so weird! I could have sworn I sat it down on the table next to the bed.” Jack laughed softly as you sat down next to him, “Ugh.” You gazed around your room and bit your cheek, not wanting to ask Jack for help, for you were determined to find your phone without him. “I’ll just wait until Tadashi texts back, or calls.” Jack stiffened up next to you and sat his staff on the bed behind him. 

“You’re still hanging out with him?” Jack asked, completely unsure of why his voice came out sounding so spiteful.

“Of course I am,” You replied and watched as Jack picked himself up and walked the scale of your room, “He’s… He’s been my best friend for years, Jack. You know that.”

And it was true, Jack did know. He just didn’t want to think and admit that you were hanging out with him. He didn’t have anything against Tadashi, much rather, he had something against you hanging out with him so much. Jack was nearly sure that Tadashi knew what he was doing, flirting and being so… So… Sensual around you. Jack cursed under his breath and shoved his hands into his pockets out of jealousy and slight rage. Jack also knew how Tadashi felt for you. Jack knew. He could see it in the way that Tadashi would sneak glances at you, bump into you while walking and make seemingly meaningless gestures like touching your shoulder, or patting your back, all things that made Jack want to snap and beat Tadashi’s head in with his staff. He didn’t have anything against Tadashi. He had everything against another man getting so close to you.

“I know…” He finally uttered coldly and let his cerulean eyes follow back to you, “And he means a lot to you. Which, I respect.”

“Not this again.” You uttered and brushed your hair back once again, “Jack, we’ve been over this time and time again… Nothing is going on! Tadashi is a friend!” 

“I know he is!” Jack snapped at you, his voice barking and echoing in the room, “But, (Name)! You don’t have to sit here and look at the way his eyes follow you! You don’t have to sit here and watch as another man gets closer and closer to the only thing that matters to me! What happens when he finally tells you he loves you?! What’s going to happen when you realize it’d be easier for you to be with someone everyone can see!?” You shut up, your mouth falling shut out of astonishment. Jack drew a sharp, frostbiting breath in and continued, unsure of why he was, “If he could see me…” He paused and swallowed, “If he could see me, I’d love to give him a piece of my mind!” Jack sat back down on the bed in a frustrated groan, horizontal to your still frozen body. 

You looked back at him with tearful eyes, uncertain of what you wanted to say to him at the moment. Your mind was racing and scattered, eyes moving back forward as you sat up, legs a small bit wobbly. “Jack, I…”

Your phone began ringing, which tore your senses completely. Swallowing thickly, you reached forward and grasped at where you thought the sound was coming from, which was in the entanglement of your blanket. The screen was vibrant, shouting at you to answer, which you did, “Tadashi, I really can’t talk right no-”

Jack felt his jaw clench into place as he sat up and grabbed his staff, murmuring a small, “I’ll see you later.” Before heading to the door.”

“Jack, wait!”

“Who’s Jack?” Tadashi asked and tilted his head innocently, “Anyway, I’ll be at your house in about ten minutes, the movie is at 6-”

Grasping Jack’s jacket hood, you kept him in place as he turned and looked down at you with a sharp glare. “Tadashi, can we do it some other time?” Your voice was hasty, “I-I’m not feeling very well…”

“Are you okay?” He asked in a worried tone.

“Yeah, I think I-I just got a little cold,” You looked up at your lover with desperate eyes, knowing fully well he couldn’t resist, “Can you bring me some medicine?”

“Yeah, sure.” Tadashi said quietly, making a sharp turn to walk to the nearest drug store, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just a little cold.”

“Well… Okay. I’ll be there in a few.” And with that, Tadashi hung up. 

Silence reigned over your two slightly intertwined bodies, Jack’s right hand resting on his staff and the other now resting habitually on your hip. “What was that about?” He asked.

“Stay here.” You whispered quietly. “Just stay…”

“(Name), I really don’t-”

“You’re going to meet him, and you’re going to make him believe.” You whispered once again, your hands cupping his frosty blue jacket, “Please, for me, Jackson.” 

His ears perked up at the sound of his full name tumbling from his lips as a defeated sigh slipped from his semi-blue mouth, “I’ll stay. I’ll meet him. But, I can’t promise he’ll believe.”

“I can’t either,” You admitted, “But, it’s worth a try. You’re worth a try. You deserve to be seen…”

“I’m not staying for him.” Jack explained and kissed your forehead, “I’m staying and I’m going to try for you.”

First Tumblings :p

Hey guys,

This is is my first message to all of you’ll there. I’m glad to have joined Tumblr.

I’m going to be writing and sharing some really simple, from-the-heart stuff, which I am sure you all will connect with.

Much love to all there !

Armaan Malik :*

Old gods lurk on the curbs of street corners,
Kicking the concrete with worn out shoes
And tipping back cheap booze,
Eyes empty and hopeless as mortals hurry by, 
Wondering why they let this go so far

Fallen angels blow smoke rings
Huddled around bus stops with flickering florescent lights,
Gospel tearing through their throats 
And curling into the stiff night air- 
It whispers holy, holy, holy,
And then it is gone 

Prophets scratch at their skin, 
Mumbling to themselves absently,
Because the Voice of God waits for no one,
Especially not a cappuccino and a handful of change.

The bags under their eyes are almost as dark as the bruises on their throat- 
it is not easy holding the weight of Heaven in your ribcage-
And the delicate flesh will blossom into purple and black. 
It is scripture, they say. 
Holy words, sacred words, words that can not yet be spoken,
Words to fell empires,
Or raise kings. 

Sometimes, they will walk past a group of sullen looking youths, 
Perfect, angular, model-like, 
All pouty lips and narrow eyes,
Cigarettes poised like an accusation,
But full of terrible, burning rage.
Dipping their head low, they try to ignore the hisses, 
And glares that feel like the scorch of a fall from grace
Blame, blame, blame 
This is because of you. 

It becomes more and more difficult for prophets to decipher scripture from scarring. 
The words tumble from their lips,
Faster and faster,
Kneeling on a prayer mat made of old clothes and crisp packets,
Why me? Why? 

From the window, God bites His lip. 
If He had known, child. 
If he had only known. 

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I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ROAD TRIP FICS (but here’s some headcanons bc you’re so perfect, mari)

  • It’s the summer after the war, and Percy and Annabeth had originally planned the trip out to New Rome for just the two of them since they were starting college, but somehow everyone else seemed to find out about it (”Percy, I told you that Piper wasn’t coming with us” “Annabeth, how the hell am I supposed to practice skateboarding???” “How the hell are you going to skateboard while we’re in the car, anyway?” “See?? This is why I have to bring Piper. She believes in me”)
  • (Percy and Piper are totally best friends, fight me)
  • okay so when Percy invites Piper, Piper invites Jason, and even though they’re not as close as they were before the end of the war, Jason isn’t going on a road trip without Leo so all three of them show up on top of Half-Blood Hill with one bag each tossed over their shoulders
  • (Even though Annabeth and Percy were looking forward to some alone time on the road, they can’t help but grin at the sight of their friends looking so excited about hitting the road for two weeks)
  • Naturally, Frank and Hazel join them. After a quick Iris-message from Annabeth the day before, they shadow traveled over from Camp Jupiter to spend some time with their homies.
  • Percy and Piper toss their skateboard into the back of the van on top of everyone’s bags, and Annabeth and Jason throw their helmets in their too bc they always forget to wear them.
  • Percy slides behind the steering wheel first, cranking up the radio to the Fall Out Boy playlist that Piper made.
  • Annabeth calls shotgun, pulling out the road maps and a nail file and turning the radio down just a bit when she decides it’s too loud
  • Frank and Hazel are sitting on the first row of seats, talking quietly with each other and smiling softly. Hazel had a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, and Frank can’t stop thinking about how cute she looks like that.
  • But it’s a party in the back row: Piper, Jason, and Leo are all squished together in the seats, singing too loudly and too off key along with the music that’s coming through the speakers. Percy shouts along with them, and Annabeth yells for him to concentrate every few minutes when they get too wild
  • Their first stop is at a gas station right off of the interstate about two hours in when Leo starts shouting that he has to pee (“thank god, I thought all of you guys had bladders of steel or something” “what are you talking about, Percy?” “I’ve had to pee since we LEFT CAMP DAMMIT.”)
  • Annabeth times them when they do stop, and the look on the cashiers face is enough to break anyone down into hysterics when he sees these kids rushing into the station and grabbing some candy before hurrying to throw some cash at him
  • Jason almost misses the van (Frank was too scared that he would take too long so he didn’t even get out) but everyone is safe and sound when Annabeth pulls away from the gas station
  • They make it two miles down the interstate before they realize that Percy isn’t in the van
  • Annabeth jerks the steering wheel so hard that the van fishtails around, and everyone else is screaming as she cuts through the grass of the median and floors it to get back to the gas station.
  • Percy’s standing outside on the sidewalk with his hands tucked into his back pockets, casually chatting with an older man when the van comes to a screeching halt right in front of him.
  • The older man just laughs warmly when Annabeth rolls down the window and shouts for Percy Jackson to get his butt in the van right now and to never do that again, goddammit.
  • He slides into the passenger seat and leans over the console to press a kiss to her cheek before he grins and says, “Knew you’d come back for me, Wise Girl.”
  • Piper and Hazel don’t even try to smother the Awwwwwws that come out of their mouths. Jason, Leo, and Frank can’t stop laughing, and Annabeth grumbles to herself about stupid Seaweed Brain being sweet all the time as she pulls back out onto the highway with everyone this time.
  • They make it a lot farther this time before they have to stop. Annabeth’s eyes are drooping a bit when she pulls into a McDonald’s but everyone else is still asleep (except Frank, who’s sitting shotgun now, helping Annabeth find the turns they need to take) so they hit the Drive-thru for some caffeine bc the hotel where they’re going to stay the night is barely 60 miles away
  • Percy wakes up just as they pull into the hotel parking lot, claiming he has to pee. Annabeth laughs and helps him out of the van since he’s still half asleep so he can find a bathroom while she gets them checked in.
  • Frank hauls the rest of the crew out of the van, grabbing their bags under his arms while they stumble behind him, rubbing sleep out of their eyes and muttering at the sun (Frank leaves the skateboards though; he just doesn’t think they’re safe, okay?)
  • They have two adjoining rooms, leaving them four beds. Percy and Annabeth take one, Jason and Piper take another, and Leo crawls in between Frank and Hazel that night.
  • Annabeth is the first up the next morning, followed closely by Jason and Frank. The other four sleep in while the three of them go for a breakfast run, and Percy and Piper are the only ones still asleep when they get back. Annabeth dumps half of her water bottle on him to wake him up, but Jason presses kisses to Piper’s shoulder until she smiles up at him sleepily (”Why couldn’t you wake me up that way, Annabeth?” “Because you snored all night, Seaweed Brain. Now please eat your breakfast so we can go.”)
  • They hit the road soon after everyone is ready to go.
  • Jason, Annabeth, Frank, and Percy take turns driving every few hundred miles. The radio tends to be louder when Percy is driving, and Jason likes to drive when everyone else is asleep.
  • Piper, Leo, and Hazel are major fans of car games. They like to curl up in the extra blankets they have together in the back seat and play iSpy for hours while they cruise down the interstate.
  • Percy and Piper insist that they stop at a skatepark right outside of Denver.
  • Annabeth sighs loudly, but she’s fighting a smile as she pulls into the parking lot.
  • Jason and Frank tried to tell them not to, but after a few ridiculous stunts, Percy and Piper both have scraps on their knees and elbows. Annabeth and Hazel press kisses to their cheeks, and they’re both smiles for the rest of the day.
  • They make it a few more hundred miles over the next few days, stopping at different restaurants and hotels to stay the night.
  • (Hazel, Frank, and Leo don’t cuddle and watch movies.)
  • (Jason and Piper don’t tickle each other until they fall asleep.)
  • (Percy and Annabeth definitely don’t sneak away to the hot spring a few miles down the trail through the woods.)
  • They stop at a few different places over the next few days, just hanging out and looking around in a few popular cities.
  • Mostly having fun with each other.
  • The trip ends too soon for all of them, and when they pull into Camp Jupiter, Reyna is waiting on them with her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised, staring at them amused look on her face as they all tumble out of the van, moaning and groaning about being happy to finally be out of the car (but they’re all still smiling and holding on tight to each other).
  • (Reyna joins them on their next road trip a few months later.)

‘This is All I Know’: London’s Jay Prince Wants to Show You Something New

To see more of Jay’s photos, check out @loungeinparis on Instagram. For more music stories, head to Instagram @music.

Rapper Jay Prince (@loungeinparis) is East London through and through. He was raised here, has family here, got an education here. But his music is far from the grime-inflected tracks the city prides itself on. In truth, it’s more in tune with a stateside sound — his production and flow marked by a New York-heavy rhythm filled with soulful horns, electric pianos and a direct, syncopated flow.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I get that quite a lot,” says Jay, about being compared to US hip-hop. “I understand why — I have had a lot of American influences. I didn’t grow up on UK hip-hop heavily … I listened to grime when I was a kid, but I was like 50-50. I liked a lot of Lil Jon, Jay Z, Kanye, Common, Mos Def, some R&B and neo-soul.”

While his musical influences may be easily traceable, less so are his visual cues, which he shares in the way of portraits and city photos from his travels at home and abroad. Jay has spent time crafting a look and image through his photography — including the pictures he takes and the ones his friends take of him. Still, he admits to experimenting with his style, continually searching for one that fits.

“I am still trying to find it out myself,” he says. “Usually I am about a dark tone. It depends a lot on where I live. London is not always sunny, so you have to use the light that you have. Whereas when I went to Barcelona, it was so bright.”

Though music is Jay’s primary passion, photography plays an important role in his life as well. His goal is to combine both areas into a diverse, creative portfolio. That’s why he devotes time getting better at each — writing rhymes, making beats, investing in cameras. For the pictures, Jay began developing his skills while on tour in the States, where he connected with some photographers. They began to meet up in different cities to take each other’s portrait.

As for the music, Jay started rapping when he was 14. While East London has a rough-and-tumble reputation, he managed to side-step most of it by focusing on hip-hop. And though he wasn’t involved in drugs or gangs, he was certainly aware of what was going on.

“I had friends who were kind of involved and would have fights and stuff,” he says. “Growing up in East London, it was fun at first — you try to understand yourself a little more, you try to build friendships. As I got older, it was bad — people started getting hurt. I started questioning a lot of things. And you have to kind of look out for yourself and be careful. It was about watching your back.”

Instead of putting his energy into the streets, Jay would put it into his music. He had a voice and he wanted to use it. (As he says in his track “1993” off his EP, BeFor Our Time, “This is all I know.”) And it all came from the opportunity given to him by his parents, who immigrated to the UK from Africa before Jay was born.

“I remember my mom always taught me, ‘When we came here, we gave you an opportunity.’ And I never understood. Like, I was born here. I wasn’t born in Africa. What type of opportunity?” he says. “As I got older I started realizing and appreciating it. If it’s really true that there is an opportunity here, then I am going to test it. That’s when I got into music. And I was like, I love this. And I know I got that opportunity because of my parents. It was for me to build myself and have my own platform to build my own future and build my own career. And now I am a musician. I have worked and built my own world.”

—Instagram @music

Pink [Marinette]

Marinette falls in love with Adrien for being perfect, for modeling, for taking fencing and Chinese lessons, for being a gentleman, for being Perfect. Marinette doesn’t fall in love with Chat Noir because she was already in love with Adrien.

Falling in love with Adrien-who-is-Chat-Noir is an experience. Marinette starts seeing Chat Noir in Adrien’s smile and Adrien’s walk. Marinette-who-is-Ladybug starts seeing Adrien in Chat Noir’s fighting style and Chat Noir’s gestures.

Loving Adrien already makes it easier to fall in love with Chat Noir. Loving Chat Noir makes her love Adrien all the more.

But he doesn’t touch her.

He will take her by the waist on the way up his baton for his surveillance trick. He will hold her hand on dates. He will kiss her cheek chastely. He will not pull her into hugs, or snuggle with her, or kiss her passionately.

It worries her.

(She forgets, of course, that he was the one who asked for her love. She forgets how careful he is with her. She forgets how frightened he is to lose her. He takes what she gives and no more, and is glad.)

This is why, at the end of a long semester, after her final exam, Marinette decides to hug Adrien, to see what he does. He doesn’t pull away, of course, yet she is relieved, and when he puts aside his laptop and tilts his head, she hooks her chin over his shoulder carefully.

“Do I get to know why you’re hugging me?” he asks, after he presses a kiss to the side of her head.

“Do I need a reason?” Marinette asks, embarrassed.

Adrien chuckles, sounding so perfectly affectionate that Marinette feels her heart melting. “Nah,” he tells her. “I love you, my Lady.”

She can’t find the words to reply. Instead, she hides her warming face in the side of his neck.

“Sit beside me?” Adrien asks.

“Okay,” she mumbles into his skin, prompting slight giggles, and peels herself away to tumble over the side of the couch, curling up against Adrien’s side.

“Tired?” Adrien rests a hand on Marinette’s hand, fingers weaving into her hair.

“A bit,” she murmurs back. “I might have stayed up later than I should have.”

“Take a nap?”

“Can I?” Marinette twists enough to see his face.

“Of course. You don’t mind if I keep working on this essay?”

“Not at all,” Marinette replies softly, closing her eyes.

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Tell me the story of Obi-Wan after the war ended peacefully and order 66 never happened. And how maybe he got an apartment with a few clones on Coruscant.

Funny thing is I actually have this AU? Which one was it tho…. Oh that was one of the General Jinn ones. hm… not quite what your ask implies… ok so a variant

It wasn’t so much an apartment as it was an entire floor of one of the residential towers. Cody and Rex, Fives and Echo and Tup, Kix and Jesse, Waxer and Boil and Numa, had all claimed suites on one level, bought them out with gods only knew what money - certainly not their pensions. Anakin and Padmé weren’t saying a word. Though, since this was the 500 Republica, suites were going cheap these days. Many of the senators hadn’t survived the explosion in the Senate dome, and no one really wanted to live in the Chancellor’s old haunts. 

But with some help from Padmé, Aayla, Plo, and a few other Jedi, they’d certainly gone a far way to eradicating what remained of his presence. They’d selectively razed walls between suites, leaving the entire floor open in a maze-like flow of rooms that led into each other, yet still maintained privacy wherever it was needed. And every room was filled with plants - vines running along floors and shelves, trees stretching to the ceilings and windows, flowers peeking out from lush green leaves. 

After the final fight with Sidious, Obi-Wan had been comatose for weeks - a form of exhaustion, the Healers had said. It certainly helped them keep all their preparations a secret. Then, on the day they finally led him into the space, Cody’s General just stood still and stared around him. 

“What is this place?” he’d asked at last. 

Home, they told him. 

He blinked owlishly at them. His home had always been the Temple - before one of Sidious’s minions had planted thermal detonators and nearly blown the entire building sky-high. They’d been lucky a dozen times over then: that the créche had been mostly spared, that the sleemo paid to detonate the charges had been a complete dunderhead, that Fives and Rex had come tumbling in to report something about chips and orders and the Chancellor going kriffing insane and ordering them to kill him. 

But the one thing stranger than living in a garden was that ‘home’ didn’t seem to mean a place. it meant, ‘with us’. 

Attachment, Obi-Wan’s mind whispered. 

Oh stuff it, he suggested blithely, pulling Rex and Cody to him in a bone-crushing embrace. 

Act 3- Eggplant's Adventures
  • *at a business social with my grandmother, when suddenly she feels the need to point out I have a blog*
  • Grammie: Tell them them about your tumbling thing!
  • Eggplant: Oh Tumblr, um well, I write on it, and people seem to enjoy it soo...
  • Man: What do you write about?
  • Eggplant: *scratches neck* I write fanfiction... about a Korean band.
  • Woman: Oh! That's interesting. Do you have a following?
  • Eggplant: Yes, actually we are about to hit 4k after just five months so I'm very excited! *smiles and wishes this conversation could be over*
  • Man #2: *holds out business card* I'd love to read some of your stuff, if you have a following that large you must be doing something right.
  • Eggplant: *avoids topic* Oh *laughs awkwardly* I don't think you'd be interested in any of my blog posts, but I can send you some published poetry of mine *smiles*
  • Grammie: Yes, that's a brilliant idea! *continues to talk about it until I excuse myself to go to the bathroom since I can feel my face burning up*
  • ~Admin Eggplant

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OU OR HOW ABOUT its your first Christmas alone and Jack comes by hehehe.

Jack pressed his staff into the hard, iced ground and peeped in your window with curious cerulean eyes, his pupils dilating lovingly as he caught hold of your form, snuggled in bed with a book. There was something serene and almost unrealistic of how the night of Christmas Eve was drawing in, and how enticing the thought of his frigid fingers against your hot skin felt. The thought alone seemed to be a gift in his mind, Jack swallowing back a lump that he hadn’t known formed deep inside of his throat. Tipping his head back, a few white hairs displaced themselves as his eyes studied patches of the air above him that weren’t covered in clouds. Tonight, he told himself and craned his head back down to look through the now moisture condensed window.

He drew a deep breath in, snow now falling from the pinkish hued sky above. A sign of nerves, he thought to himself and gripped the base of his staff with a tight gesture. Lifting the familiar staff up, he felt the cervices and swirls of the wood fight against his calloused hands as he knocked the crook of it against the sheer glass of the window to inform you that he was there. He noticed you silently perk up, your eyes flickering to the sound and smiling widely. This is it, he thought to himself, his eyes now darker than they were before, you’re about to give the most amazing girl the best gift you could think of.

Jack tilted his head in a laugh as you tossed your book down, now disregarding where you were and what you last read, before the blankets on your body were soon tossed away as well. Crawling to the edge of your bed, he gave you a wicked smile, something that caught your heart and made it flutter excitedly. Almost flinging yourself to your window, you opened it with one fast and fluid motion, something that seemed to catch Jack off guard for he jolted back a small bit. A couple snowflakes fluttered and stuck to your lashes as a gust of cold air hit your sense, “Hi,” You whispered and watched Jack pick himself up enough to scoot into your bedroom. “I didn’t think you were going to come tonight, what with it being Christmas Eve…” 

Jack’s eyes glistened with love as he sat his staff down against your dresser and snapped the window shut after noticing goosebumps raising on your skin. His eyes lingered restlessly on your curved mouth as you drew your bottom lip in and then out once again, a habit he noticed from endless nights of talking and goofing off with one another. Mumbling a small thank you under your breath, Jack himself felt his bottom lip draw between his teeth before he mustered enough courage to speak without faltering terribly with nerves. “W-well, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He explained, “Your first Christmas by yourself, I didn’t want you to be lonely.” His voice came to a slow pause as he watched your face brighten up immensely. 

“That’s so thoughtful, Jack,” You said in a soft tone, tucking some of your hair behind your ear as he gazed upon your warm body with frozen eyes. “But, won’t North get mad for you skipping-”

“Eh,” Jack groaned and wrapped an arm around your waist, effectively tugging you closer as you didn’t want to fight against his frost bitten fingers any longer, the need to be close to him over throwing any rational thought. “I think he’ll understand if I told him I was here to give you your Christmas present.”

“Oh?” Your eyebrow raised up in curiosity, your hand now resting on the cotton fabric of his jacket, lined oh so delicately with spurts of artistically formed frost. “Would it be bad if I asked what this present was?”

Jack chuckled deeply in his chest, it rumbling against the palm of your hand. He held his fingers up and reached into the pocket of his frosted blue jacket with his other hand and tugged out a carefully made blue and white tipped bow. You felt a small laugh bubbling in your throat as your love sat the bow atop his cascade of white locks, letting his hand drop back down to rest on your hip, “I know I’m not the perfect prese-”

“You’re perfect,” You assured him quickly, pressing your hot, pink mouth against his cold, blue ones with haste, “you’re perfect…” You whispered again, a small rush running through your mind at the sudden kiss you bestowed upon Jack. “You’re the best present I could e-ever…”

He smiled softly, pressing his lips to yours once again, only this time, he let his hands lift up so they could nestle into your hair, keeping you securely in place as he moved against the kiss, head tilting to the side and the small bow now tumbling to the ground with a small ‘blewp’. “Merry Christmas, (Name).” Jack murmured against your mouth and grinned bashfully, his hands now massaging your scalp lovingly.

“Merry Christmas, Jack.”

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Angst prompt where little Morgan is playing in the woods when he's cornered by a wolf, but ever vigilant papa Fred saves the day. Yes Frederick, revisit the nightmare of your youth. (Evil laughter)

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

It was a slow day at the castle, not that you minded. You were up in your shared quarters with Frederick, who was working at his desk that had been moved into the bedroom. You were sitting in the chair by the window he had bought for you shortly after marriage, reading the morning away.

Morgan was off playing with little Owain, Laurent and Cynthia, the four becoming the biggest troublemakers in the halidom. But letting them run off and play gave you a peaceful moment with your husband, which were few and far between.

“Say, Frederick.” You glanced up from your novel, looking over at the man. He grunted, unable to look away from the papers he was currently slaving over. A small smile crossed your lips; If it’s not one thing it’s another when it came to Frederick’s work.

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"Why Vriska and (Vriska) both have hella issues", or "Why I Still Like My Sunken Ship"

I was actually about to write this before reading this latest upd8 (7/1/15, for anyone reading this in the future). So let’s start with Not Really Choose Your Character. We bring our focus back to Les8ifins 2.0. (Vriska) starts yammering about horses, the past, and tries to convince Meenah to do stuff. And it is astoundingly clear that Meenah just doesn’t have her heart in it. (Vriska) basically talks over it though. She doesn’t pick up on Meenah’s…general disinterest. This is a major shift from last we saw them, which was literally 13 pages of laughing and tumbling down a hill, followed by making out. What’s different? Its not the impending doom as caused by LE, before that point they were talking about it and Meenah basically asserts that she’s pretty cool with it.

Well, (Vriska) finally catches on when Meenah basically spells it out. She’s bored. She sees their options as “explore the same old dream bubbles” or “sit around in this one”. And not even in the enjoying time with (Vriska) kind of way. They’re just sitting there, with absolutely none of Meenah’s previous energy. (Vriska) gets closer in an obviously affectionate way and she doesn’t react. And she gets to explaining that dreams aren’t interesting. They’re a distraction from getting stuff done.

Now, even from the start Les8ifins 2.0 rubbed me the wrong way. It took me a bit, but I figured out why. Its an unhealthy relationship for (Vriska), in much the same way that most of her prior relationships were. “But they’re so cute together, and she’s happy!” I agree that yeah, they were kinda adorable for a bit. But that’s part of the problem. Vriska basically tunnel-visioned on “hey look meenah makes me happy meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah meenah”. In order to keep meenah around, then, what does (Vriska) do? She does a complete shift of self. She tries to be what she thinks will keep Meenah around, without ever really understanding who Meenah is. She does a number of superficial changes (that whole makeover), and given that every other time she was interested in someone it failed, in part due to her to “fix” the target of her affection, she instead tries to do the opposite. She goes full-on submissive. Let them take command, waive her own desires, and just bask in the happy. I mean, look at them in the carnival. When (Vriska)’s opinion is requested, she changes her opinion to be in line with Meenah’s. She still maintained some of the Serket Sass in doing it though, which helped to disguise what she’s doing.

Meenah, on the other hand, obviously saw something in (Vriska). What was it? I think it was partly Vriska’s drive. They met as competitors, and ended up working together. They sailed across paradox space on a quest to get shit done. And they did! They were succeeding, up until Aranea did her thing. And that’s where things start falling apart. This is where (Vriska) starts falling apart. She starts doubting herself and her decisions, and ultimately makes the decision to “give up”. This starts their bubble-roaming. And while (Vriska) is happy with this, Meenah never seems terribly into it. She’s still happy to be with (Vriska), but her surroundings never interest her. Rides in the amusement park? Nope. Tattoos? Nope. The only time she seems interested is while watching LE blow up the bubbles, or when she’s talking to Vriska, who she sees as an equal. Where (Vriska) is content, to Meenah its more of a break. And when (Vriska) doesn’t want to move on? That’s when she starts slowly losing interest. (Vriska) has stopped being engaging in ways that matter to her. That’s where (Vriska)’s failure in Les8ifins 2.0 was. She obsessed on the parts she saw as working without trying to actually know and understand her partner. And this ultimately seems to be supported by the end of the upd8.

Upd8 time left us with Vriska bitching out (Vriska). And damn was it harsh. In characteristic fashion, Vriska tears down someone else’s happiness in the guise of trying to improve them. And yknow what? She does have a point. (Vriska) IS being selfish, to an extent. What she does with Meenah is self-serving, an attempt to maintain what she has and likes without even considering what Meenah wants. Now, does that mean Vriska was right to say what she did? Hell no. She went way beyond okay. But lets face it. Its Vriska. One of her many flaws is how absolutely brutal she can be. And she is. The flaw is that she’s falling back on that same failing that (Vriska) was trying to avoid. She IS a narcisist. She loves herself. So seeing what (Vriska) has done makes her want to -fix the person she cares about-. And she does it in the one way she’s always tried: Beating the crap out of them to try and get them to become “stronger”. The problem is that as with her failures in that regard before, she doesn’t explain what the “weakness” is. She says (Vriska) is selfish, but she never explains -why-, just that she isn’t contributing to the “greater good”. She doesn’t call out why (Vriska)’s happiness is flawed, she doesn’t point out what (Vriska) could do better, just that she isn’t doing what she should be. And (Vriska)’s selfishness climbs up again. She speaks for Meenah, claiming what Meenah wants without paying attention to Meenah’s actual desires. And we’re left with Meenah uneasily starting to say something. It seems pretty likely to me that Meenah is going to walk away from (Vriska) here. That she’s going to actually say what she wants. She’s obviously more concerned about (Vriska)’s feelings than Vriska is, but she’s not gonna let herself get dragged from who she is.

Vriska claims that she’s “grown” due to having not gone to fight Jack. I’ve seen at least one post that says she says she didn’t fight him like she made the decision, like it was her wisdom that made her change her mind. That’s not what I see though. She says that “different shit happened”, and then after that point she made better choices. But again, that’s her narcisissm speaking. The thing is, they both grew, but in divergent ways. Vriska DID grow, but part of it was growing harsher. Her time on the meteor reinforced her old methods of tough love on the people around her, refusing to put up with their shit. And on the Meteor, that works, that’s what was needed. They can’t get away from each other, so it forces a change. She’s a jerk, but she fills a needed role. (Vriska) grew in that she saw that she didn’t need to be all-important. She didn’t need to be the one to solve the problem, didn’t need to destroy the bad guy. Most importantly, she didn’t need to be harsh. That lead to her loss of her identity, though, which was so intrisnically tied to her strong view of self that it left her in a very real sense hollow. Filled not by her own sense of self but by others. But what is the source of the divergence? What was the thing which caused that split to occur?


What was it that got (Vriska) to jump in that flaming pit for the treasure after making a grandoise speech, which ultimately was revealed to be Vriska just trying to fake it as she begins to doubt her own judgement? It was John’s appearance and refusal to let her have the Ring of Life, becasue she’s “Dangerous”. Why didn’t she go fight Jack? John clocked her in the face, buying Terezi time to step in non-lethally. And that isn’t terribly surprising, either. If you haven’t guessed, I ship the everliving crap out of Spider8reath. And that’s because of the dynamic the two had while they were talking. Vriska pushed john, she drove him to do better in an attempt to drive the session forward, but without ever directly challenging her John retained his own personal strength. It was never that he was trampled by her, like Tavros was. Rather, he made it into a partnership. And through his being a colossal, unapollogetic goober, she struck a balance. They both retained their sense of self while pushing the other. Vriska never needed to get stronger, she needed to get less self-centered. And damn if John didn’t do that. Rather than just being a pawn, someone to use for her own gain or entertainment, she began to see him as an equal as well. She doesn’t just knock him out on his quest bed, she waits for his decision. And she starts trying to understand him. It stops being “8ooooooooring” to listen to John talk about his thoughts, culture, etc. She starts respecting that they have different cultures without just dismissing it out of hand. She is legit concerned that he would be mad about getting him killed, something that I don’t think ever came across in her stuff with Tavros, and which overpowered her situation with Meenah. And even if John isn’t mad about what she did, he still explains why. Unlike Meenah, who just straight up forgives everything Vriska does, John holds her accountable without just outright trashing her. He tries to understand where she’s coming from, but never goes so far as to say that what she did was acceptable. He tries, but ultimatley maintains that there is something wrong with what she did. And where does it leave Vriska before she dies? She wants to try being less horrible. John gave her a chance to see an alternative, however brief it was. Of everybody Vriska was with, John balanced her out the best. That’s part of why his words on the dreamfleet cut her so much. In calling her “dangerous”, in reaffirming that negative part -without- his previous acceptance, (Vriska)’s self-worth erroded. Similarly, because John clocked her in the face, Vriska reaffirmed that her methods were sound. That even if she screwed up on the detail of fighting Jack, she made John strong, that the troll way got RESULTS. That, coupled with the positive reinforcement of Terezi, meant that she didn’t learn restraint, just how to not jump straight into murder as the first solution. Instead of taking their life, she destroys their spirit.

Ultimately I find it interesting. Both Vriska and (Vriska) are screwed up due to their distance from each other’s personalities. If they could balance each other out, ultimately bringing her back to where she was when she died, around Cascade, she would be a lot healthier overall. But man, without that? (Vriska) is unstable, unable to find value in herself and unable to fix it, instead hiding behind her “happiness” with Meenah. Its almost like even Tavros had a stronger sense of self-worth than (Vriska) does. Vriska on the other hand is back to being her old heinous bitch self, with basically nothing to keep her in check. Terezi keeps the murder at bay, but I feel like so much of her growing beyond the fucked up Alternian values happens in the pre-retcon timeline that she can’t really do more than that. She keeps people alive, but she can’t improve Vriska, at least not in the way she needed.

As a semi-related addendum, compare how our Callie and Doomed Callie were with each other to how Vriska and (Vriska) were. Its an interesting parallel. Both Doomed!Callie and Vriska assert the lack of importance of Callie and (Vriska). But where Vriska is harsh, unwilling to accept the role (Vriska) played, and cruel beyond reason, Doomed!Callie crushes Callie unintentionally. She asserts that Callie is unimportant and irrelevant in a cold manner, a back-handed insult which comes from Callie getting the chance to reap the rewards that Doomed!Callie won’t get to. Doomed!Callie holds less malice, but the actual content of her words is almost worse. Vriska, for all of her overstepping her bounds, still at least opens up the idea that (Vriska) could have been different, that there was something, and in theory could still be something if she would stop “being a loser”. Doomed!Callie treats Callie as if she’s fated to irrelevance, that she is already done, something which could disappear and from that point on not have any impact on the universe. Not trying to excuse the outright abuse Vriska heaped on, just that she doesn’t write (Vriska) off on such an absolute level. Cruelty with intent to cause growth, which still inexcusable, still feels less crushing imo than the flat, definitive “you are done and have nothing left to do. Go.” that Callie got. Idunno. Much as I hate Vriska’s actions I guess I don’t think it makes her irredeemable.

Liam: Video Game Date

This one has been half done for so long. But it just wasn’t working, so I shuffled the paragraphs etc and I was suddenly super into it. Basically, this past three days I’ve been super busy doing nothing. I tried to write some Scott stuff but it’s so hard and I wasn’t letting myself write anything else and yeah. 

“Mason!” You whined, dragging his name out and making him wince. You hid the devious smile that wanted to run across your face at the reaction and instead held his hand in both of yours. “We need to do this. For the greater good. For all kind, man, woman, natural and supernatural.”

“Your argument is so weak; I don’t understand how you think it’s going to work.” He sighed and you could see his walls tumbling, you almost had him.

“Just… Imagine with me. Imagine your utopia, and this is a part of it. It’s there, isn’t it?” Mason rolled his eyes and you grinned triumphantly. “It is there. And we can make that happen, it’s like the first step to a better earth. An earth for our children.”

“You’re making this a lot bigger than it is.” He groaned but he was already nodding so you chose to ignore the comment.

“Alright, are you ready?”

You looked down at the object in your hands dubiously but nodded all the same, glancing at Mason for but a moment before the noise started and your heart rate increased.

You struck out, knife scraping against flesh as you grunted. Then your opponent hit back and you yelped, the hits suddenly raining down. Within seconds, you were gasping irregularly, you could practically see the life draining out of you, red tinting your vision.

Then you died.

“What the hell! Why is this so difficult!” You snapped, wanting to throw the controller but also not wanting to be unreasonable because Mason had that effect on you. The be reasonable, it can’t be that bad effect. It was probably a side effect of his charming nature and the fact that out of all the pack members, you and he were the most similar. Human and delighted by Bretts everything.

“You just need to practice, and I mean… If you can’t beat me, you’ll never beat Liam.” He smirked and you growled, hitting the replay button with more force than necessary.

“This time, less frantic. You know where the buttons are and you know which ones work which way. You can still press them wildly but have a little finesse with the order.” He coached and you inhaled, nodding seriously. No way would you knock the Mr Miyagi persona if it got you what you wanted.

Your brow furrowed as your thumb jabbed down on the buttons, roughly recreating combos you remembered doing accidentally before. You watched Masons character swing their broadsword out, just as your own sword swung down, the magic whatevers on it helping the weapon slice, cutting him in half from shoulder to hip.

“Oh. My. Good Lord.” You breathed, exultation filling you, your expression likely wild. You turned your head to Mason slowly, the rest of your body facing the screen, and grinned. “I just killed you.”

You doubted the reality, but in your head, it felt like a very paranormal horror movie moment.

He only rolled his eyes, stating “You’ve only done it once. You’re still not good enough yet.”

But you weren’t listening. You were looking at screen as your Troll Guy danced around.

“I cut you in half!” You laughed, clicking the rematch button gleefully, confidence flooding your veins.

It was hours later when the pair of you finally finished. You had a raging headache, a crick in your neck and your eyes were on fire. Mason led you to the front door, slumping against the frame as he gave you a weak smile.

“Alright. You should be able to beat him at least once.” Mason sighed, rubbing his eyes tiredly and you nodded.

“Thank you, my dearest, I shall retire now.” You mumbled, giving him a lordly nod before turning and stumbling down his porch stairs.

“See you tomorrow!” He called after you and you raised a hand, your eyes already half closed as you autopilot walked the few streets home.

Liams lips pressed against yours, arms closing you in, your back bounded by the cold metal of the lockers. Your hands curl into his fluffly hair, fingers sifting the duckling soft strands.

“Oh god! It’s like watching Dora and Diego make out, please, stop!” Stiles complains, hands flinging out in your general direction.

Following the orders, you slid out from between Liam and the lockers, pressing a hand against his chest when he tried to pull you back.

“Bosses orders buddy, sorry.” You grinned, leaning against his shoulder companionably, fingers entwining.

“He’s trying to destroy all the fun, like making out against lockers so that no one flirts with you anymore.” He said sullenly and you whacked him on the chest with the back of your hand.

“He sort of has a point. I mean, I would’ve been super cut if I saw you making out with someone back when I had a crush on you.” You laugh, and Liam’s chest puffs out slightly. Leaning back slightly, he gave you a goofy look.

“Aw babe, you had a crush on me? That’s embarrassing.” He grinned and you gasped before bursting out laughing.

“We’re dating.” You grinned back and he laughed.

“Still.” Your head turned to Stiles’ joyfully.

“He’s learning.” You whispered and Stiles made a gagging sound but you ignored him, still caught up in the moment.

“You guys are disgusting.” Stiles muttered, noticing that neither of you were going to say anything, before turning and heading down the hallway, his hand rising and falling in his laziest follow me gesture yet.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” You called at his retreating back before picking up the pace and pulling Liam along after you.

“You’re not going to study again tonight, are you?” He groaned, coming even with you and nudging your hip with his, almost making you trip.

“You guys are so gross; I can’t even look at you.” Mason muttered, stepping up next to Stiles as the group of you headed out into the sunshine. Way to take all the fun out of it.

“We aren’t studying again.” You announced, taking his hands and pulling him into a jerky dance that he tried to resist, instead walking backwards and leading you after Mason and Stiles. You kept the moves up, making him flush slightly and grin, coming to a stop at the lunch tables where the group waited.

“You two need to stop!” Stiles complained from the seat he’d just taken by Lydia, who was watching you and Liam like an old person who’s remembering their younger days with fondness and you groaned.

“We are enjoying our youth in the middle of a crisis, Stiles!” You growled back, kicking a foot high and wild in his general direction to the amusement of the others. Saying no more as you pulled Liam into the seats beside Isaac.

“Enjoying your youth or embarrassing all of us, except Liam, who has no shame when it comes to you.” Stiles grouched and you rolled your eyes.

“Get your own relationship, party pooper.” You grouched back, giving him a sly look that he returned gleefully.

“Okay, let’s move on.” Scott muttered, definitely tired of the honeymoon phase you and Liam somehow couldn’t escape. You leant against the blue eyed boys warmth, giving Isaac a dopey smile that he shook his head at.

“You bring dishonour on the family.” He mouthed at you and you grinned happily.

“I can live with dishonour.” You mouthed back with a smirk and he gave you an affectionate smile.

“What if…” You began, sitting up slightly and pushing Liam flat so you could climb aboard and assert the moment. When you didn’t immediately talk, caught up in just looking at him, he squeezed your thigh.


“What if we played your games tonight?” You mumbled, gesturing to the stack of disc cases by the TV vaguely. Not that you were feeling vague, you knew exactly which two you could win at. Two in case he said pick between these three and only one was in the group.

“You really want to?” He said curiously, but you could see the spark. He was very interested. Maybe he was even going to do the whole “teach her how to do it while our bodies touch all over”.

“I mean, yeah why not?” You gave him a small smile and he sat up so that you were face to face.

“You’re fantastic.” He mumbled, eyes earnest and content on yours as he gave you a slow and tender kiss. It didn’t last long though, him pulling away and giving you a wide mischievous grin. “No more kissing. Prepare to meet your doom!”

You giggled as he wriggled out from under you, half diving onto the carpet before the TV and grabbing at the cases then hesitating. He gave you a soft look over his shoulder and you grinned upside down at him.

“Do you want to pick?” He smiled and you rolled over, crawling until you’d plopped down next to him and scanned the titles.

“This one.” You said definitely, pulling out the one that of the two you were best at and handing it over. He didn’t hesitate, barely looking at the cover before sliding the disk into the console and settling against the bed.

You grabbed your controller, knee walking until you were right next to him and collapsing against his side, making him grunt an oof. Not that it stopped him from leaning into you just as much.

“Say it!” You commanded at your prone and blinking boyfriend from where you knelt beside him. “You have to say it!”

“Y/N is more powerful than anything ever, including the supernatural, the British army back in the day and small pox crossed with the black plague.” He groaned out and you cackled evilly, hands rising from where you’d been poking and tickling him. “How did you beat me?” His voice came out awe filled and a little afraid.

You gave him a secretive smile and he rolled his eyes, pulling you down so you landed half on him, half on the carpet.

“I’d say I love you, but I’ve loved you for ages, half the time as a friend. I’m in love with you, Y/N.” He murmured against your cheek and you sighed contentedly.

“Same.” You said softly, trying to hide a grin and he pulled back, giving you a disturbed and wounded look before catching on your expression. For a moment, things seemed to slow down. You watched the emotions combine onto his face to coalesce into the look of a cat about to pounce. Less than a second later he rolled onto you, his head burying itself in the crook of your neck, his mouth opening and his teeth biting and gnawing onto you playfully and you shrieked a laugh.

“Noooo!” You howled, as Liam pulled back laughing and grinning, his eyes practically hearts as they looked at you. “I’ve been cursed! Oh what heartbreak, for I am forever bound to the whims of the moon, forced to turn beastly at it’s filled peak! Oh lycanthropy, my new friend, shall we never part?”

Liam watched you, snorting at your finish and you gave him a goofy look.

“I’m in love with you too, Dog Boy.” You said softly, the words heavily weighted as he leant down and kissed you gently, both of you wearing smiles you couldn’t hide.

Yay! Gooey and goofy and gross. I’m really going to try and do another Scott one, because Scotts numbers on the list are so low but it’s mega hard. Also, this and the Derek one coming took/are taking a while because I need to get the lay out of their houses/rooms/lofts right. Willy nilly is not my thing, also where is his bathroom/kitchen/everything other than a bed and single couch??? Don’t answer that, I’m working on it.