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I just finished reading the newst update of Sin City, and I'm crying. You truly are amazing. The subtle hints you've been dropping since the beginning of the story are all fitting together so beautifully, and I'm in such awe at the quality of your writing. I look forward to your Sin City updates everytime, and I'm SO thankful for the hard work you put in to every chapter. I have never sent an ask before, but your writing has genuinely touched my heart, and I need you to know that. Thank you♥️

This was so nice of you! Thank you! I’m glad you feel like it all makes sense and that you got the hints throughout the story. Thank you for keeping up with the story and for telling me how you feel about it, it means a lot to me! :)

Who do you belong to?

Josh Dun

Requested: yes (by my one and only sin twin @panicatthetheater)

Warnings: dirty talk, lots of fucking sin, unprotected sex.

AU: I enjoyed writing this so enjoy it kiddos 😏 (I could have made it longer but I thought it would have been overkill and I kind of got stuck but atleast its somethin dudes) ((Also, I dunno why but the paragraphs wouldn’t seem to separate when I transferred it to here so sorry lmao)) Just as you finish getting ready, Josh walks into the room, seeing you in your long light blue dress, strappy nude heals, glowing diamond necklace that he had given you two years ago for your anniversary and your long brown hair down and wavy, a casual and simple look with some extra detailing. “Do we have to go?” You say tiredly, dreading to leave the house. “We’ll be back soon, we wont stay long if you don’t want to.” Josh says putting on his black snapback and walking towards you “you look amazing” he says smiling, admiring your efforts for tonight, looking at you like you’re perfection to him. “It’s going to be loud and I can already feel a headache coming on” you complain while looking down at your feet. “It’s Jennas birthday, we have to go, trust me I don’t feel like it either” Josh sighs putting his hand to your cheek and kissing your forehead. “Come on sugar” he says grabbing your hand and placing it in his, walking out of your bedroom and grabbing your last belongings before getting into the car heading towards the club downtown. Once Josh parks the car he gets out but you remain inside, he smirks and walks around to the passengers seat to open the door for you “come on” he whines grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the car, closing the door and putting his arm around your waist, walking into the club. Once you both enter you’re immediately greeted by Tyler and Jenna, Jenna being a bit tipsy but still sober enough to greet you and thank you for her gift, and Tyler being completely sober, politely greeting you and his best friend. You and Josh both start walking around the club saying hi to his friends, when he starts getting into conversation with them soon after, he begins not paying too much attention to you, so you decide to tell him you’re going to mingle with Jenna and her group of friends. You join Jenna and her friends around the bar and dance floor and begin to get into the spirit of the party, having a drink, talking over the loud music and dancing with the group of girls you have started to become familiar with. “Let’s go get another drink girls” Jenna cheers, as everyone follows her to the bar, everyone starts downing drinks left right and centre, Jenna limits herself and isn’t drinking as much just like you, admittedly getting tipsy at best. You throw a couple glances back at Josh from the dance floor, who has not been moved from his place from the minute you got there, he smiles at you seeing that you have warmed up to the environment and genuinely having a great time. You see Jenna walk towards the entrance and a group of people cheer and say hello to someone, a tall black haired man, fairly average looking but you can’t help to say he looks familiar. Once he gets through the crowds of hellos he walks past them and our eyes lock, he’s definitely familiar. He approaches you and smiles, shaking your hand and introducing himself as ‘Luke’ your high school best friend, it seems as just yesterday Luke and yourself were graduating, but that was 7 years ago and you haven’t seen each-other since. “How are you?” You yell over the loud music “I’m good, long time no see” he smiles looking at you up and down “You’re looking great” “Thanks” you say looking down and stroking your dress out “I’m gonna get a drink, want to come to the bar, you know, to catch up?” He says and you agree, walking over with him to the bar as he gets a drink and you sit next to him. “So how do you know Jenna?” You ask “We’ve been friends for ages, she’s a great girl. How do you know her?” He responds “I’m her good friend too, our partners are in a band together, twenty one pilots, ever heard of them?” You chuckle “Oh, so you do have a boyfriend?” He says slightly disappointed “Josh” you say turning in your seat to point to Josh, giving him a wave as he looks back at you and gives a small wave back, narrowing his eyes to Luke who is next to you. You turn around to face the bar and continue to talk to him. “THE Josh Dun?” He asks with emphasis on “the” You slightly laugh “yes, the Josh Dun” “So how long have you and the very lucky Josh Dun been together?” He asks while taking a sip of his drink “Just over four years” you say “Nice” he says taking another sip of his drink “Can I get you anything? I’ll shout you a drink” “No thanks Luke” you respond, thinking you’ve reached your limit for tonight, not wanting to wake up with a massive hangover tomorrow. “Come on, let’s dance” he says chugging the last bit of his drink and placing it down, getting up from his seat and pulling his black shirt down “Oh, um, no thanks” you hesitantly smile “Come on, let’s go back a couple years, see if you’ve still got it. Last time I saw you dance was senior prom” he says with a smirk, challenging you “Why not” you say smiling and getting up from your stool. Luke leads you to the dance floor where numerous other people are and starts to move his body slowly to the rhythm, he looks at you as if to ask you to join him which you do, you also start to sway your hips to the beat and start warming up to the environment. As you dance through the song with Luke you can’t help but smile, amazingly after not seeing him for years it’s just like no time had gone by and you were both still close. The song ends and you turn around to face Luke, you smile and an idea pops into your head. “Come on” you say grabbing his arm and leading him towards Josh. “Josh, this is Luke, one of my highschool friends” you say introducing your friend “Nice to meet you Josh” Luke says holding his hand out to shake but Josh declines, leaving Luke awkwardly standing there “You too” Josh says with a small fake smile, you can tell something is wrong. “Okay, well-” “I think it’s time we go” Josh says looking at you and then back at Luke “Oh okay, um, nice to see you again Luke, I had a good night” you say politely hugging Luke and you exchange goodbyes. You say goodbye to Jenna and Tyler and then walk outside with Josh. He immediately grabs your wrist and pulls you faster to walk at the pace he is, not looking at you but just straight ahead. “Ow ow, Josh not so f-” “Quiet” he snaps, which takes you by surprise “What? Wh-” you stutter “God, I told you be quiet” he says but a bit louder this time. You choose to remain silent until you reach the car, you climb in the passengers seat and Josh in the drivers. Before he puts the keys in he looks at you and scoffs “Unbelievable” “Josh, what the fuck, why were you so rude!” You snap, not understanding why he is in such a shitty mood “He was trying to get with you, how stupid do I look? I know what you were doing” he says but not looking at you. “Are you serious? He’s one of my friends! How dare y-” once again, you get cut off. “I was watching you, the way you were practically all over him” Josh says, exadurated, which was not the situation at all. “Josh, I didn’t touch him, what the fuck is wrong with you?” This time, you snap, unable to deal with this anymore. “It seemed like you were having a great time with your little friend out there” he scoffs, turning the car on. “Don’t you even think about talking or God help you I will punish you even more” Josh says glancing over at you and that’s when it all clicked. Jealousy. You can’t help but to chuckle at how ridiculous he’s being. “So, how wet did your little friend over there get you huh?” Josh says but your giggly undertone goes away immediately “W-what?” You ask Josh doesn’t respond but just abruptly attacks your dress, violently pulling it up and slipping his fingers in your panties. “Don’t make a fucking noise, once we get home I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll forget his name” He keeps driving but his hand still remains in your panties, finding it hard to keep quiet your breath shudders, wanting to moan loudly. Once You both pull up at home soon after, he pays no attention to you but gets out the car himself, slamming the door behind him and opens the front door as you follow. Placing your bag down at the table near the door Josh is staring at you up and down, just inches away from you “You’re un fucking believable” he spits You give in to his act, knowing how unbelievably hot it is when he is all worked up. He once again grabs your wrist but with a lot more force and drags you into the bedroom. “Mm, what have I done?” “You were being a little slut back at the club weren’t you?” He says, but doesn’t give you time to respond, he slaps your ass hard and you yelp in response, he pushes you on the bed and climbs on top of you. “Don’t make a fucking noise” Josh says moving his hands to the hem of your dress, ripping it off of you and you kick off your shoes, while he’s at it he pulls his shirt off too. He unclasps your bra and throws it behind him, he takes off his jeans, leaving you both in just underwear. He moves his hands down quickly to your panties and rips them off, slipping his fingers inside of you. “So tight” he whispers in your ear while moving his fingers in and out of you rapidly. You can’t take it anymore so you moan loudly, feeling your orgasm getting closer but he immediately stops, pulling his fingers out and giving you a hard slap to your inner thigh. “I told you not to make a noise you stupid little slut” he growls “Suck” Josh commands, pulling down his boxers, you get onto the floor and start to bopping your head up and down around his erect cock while hearing Josh messily groan. “Faster” he says grabbing your hair and guiding you, pushing you faster and taking him deeper down your throat. “Fucking whore” Josh breathes, pushing you back and slamming you on the bed. “You belong to me” Josh growls, grabbing his cock and slamming into you without notice causing you to take in a huge breath “You never learn do you?” Josh smirks, taking one hand and pinning both of your arms above your head and one around your throat, putting a small amount of pressure but not enough to hurt you. He keeps thrusting faster inside of you and you can feel your orgasm coming “Fuck, come on J, I’m close” you cry out which causes Josh to slow down and you to groan “You’re not going to cum until I say, because you’re acting like a dirty little whore” Josh warns, starting to go painfully slow, while he’s at it he moves his hand from your throat and starts to rub your clit, causing an emance amount of pleasure to built up, you become restless and your orgasm on the edge. “P-please let me cum” you whine, Josh smirks and starts to pick up the pace, soon slamming into you once again making your whole body shake, you moan loudly and cum around him but he continues to slam in and out of you causing an amazing sensation to run through your whole body. You feel Josh’s cock twitch inside of you, he finally releases inside of you but then moves down to your pussy, licking your juices up slowly, toying your clit eating you at an agonisingly slow pace. Once he comes back up he places a long hard kiss on your lips, tasting yourself on his mouth. Your body is still in shock from what happened, mouth hanging open and body twitching underneath him. “Who do you belong to sugar?” “Y-you”“ you shudder quietly “That’s right baby girl and don’t you ever fucking forget it”

what admin cock looks like when they write sin

everytime i look over their grin gets bigger somehow and now they look like an off antagonist

– Admin Croc

everyone needs to know this

Panic! At The Disco music videos, a summary:

I Write Sins: The circus invades a wedding.

Ballad of Mona Lisa: Steampunk vampires, plus a murder conspiracy.

Nine In The Afternoon: Drugs ft. a marching band

That Green Gentleman: Drugs ft. Russian nesting dolls.

Miss Jackson: Brendon killed a hooker, some tires got set on fire and also there was this magic lady who gave her soul up or something. It was a bad day for everyone.

But It’s Better If You Do: Brendon secretly goes to a secret illegal strip club, keeping it a secret from his wife who just so happens to secretly work there. Good times.

Lying Is The Most Fun: People with fish tank heads which is apparently a metaphor for having sex??

Nicotine: Brendon clones himself to deal with the loss of his girlfriend.

This Is Gospel: Murderous doctors.

Ready To Go: Brendon accidentally travels to a different time/dimension, dances with some emo swiffers, gets shot out of a canon, is transported to Toonville, and then everybody decided to go all Singing In The Rain. In conclusion: what the fuck.

Build God, Then We’ll Talk: Mime porn.

Girls/Girls/Boys: To raise awareness of bisexuality, Brendon Urie goes naked.

Northern Downpour: Why are there words on everything.

Let’s Kill Tonight: Shockingly normal, considering the title and the lyrics of the song.

Hallelujah: Illusions, illusions everywhere.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Despite the amount of religiously themed songs, Brendon decides that Hell is the place for him.


The Overture: Wut.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies but instead of a competent mix engineer you have me

okay so this probably isn’t what you wanted but I’m working on an experimental type of mashup and I decided to fuse I Write Sins Not Tragedies with Uprising by Muse

it’s not as funny as the Boulevard of Broken Dreams post but it’s unlike anything you’ve probably heard before. at least, I hope you’ve never had to hear anything like this

suggestions for better (or worse) matched mashups are welcome