i wouldnt say that she is like me or you but she is human being and that makes her so real

necrojade  asked:

On a happy note, what are some of your favorite things about Lance? :3

oh boy 

  • he loves mermaids
  • “i dont need pants. im a mermaid”
  • he’s an amazing sniper and, as an archer, i have a soft spot for long-distance weapons and characters using them
  • he has pretty pretty blue eyes and they’re so expressive
  • sound effects
  • flirts with aliens at any given time, at all, like, me too??????
  • “hasta la later, keith” *dances aggressively*
  • helped pidge find money so she could buy a game she was excited about and also turned into a dolphin-human hybrid to do so. he loves her so much i want to die 
  • related: he’s probably the best older brother i bet he took his younger siblings to the beach and stayed w them all day and played with them and made sand castles and sand mermaids with them
  • literally puts his life in danger regularly to save people ???  the explosion and air vacuum thingie scenes come to mind. god he’s so good
  • that being said he can be kinda selfish (literally manipulated hunk into leaving his lion and coming w him to investigate mermaids just bc he likes mermaids) and i love that about him, i love that he’s not a perfect good boy, i wish the fandom would stop ignoring this tbh tbh
  • the entire scene in s2 where he was talking abt their plan and like, did amazing imitations. shook his butt. dabbed. literally morphed into a strange galra-humanoid thing for the sake of The Drama™
  • “that’s the tagline from like six of my favourite movies” lance is a big nerd confirmed
  • his fucking pickup lines are so funny? they’re so bad they’re good. i’d fall for them lance. i’d fall for them
  • takes the time to explain stuff when keith doesnt understand, like, they could have easily just made him make fun of keith for not getting the “vol” “tron” thing but he instead explains it 
  • also good at diffusing situations and thinking things thru *insert that god i wish that were me meme*
  • *talks fondly about his team and then immediately shits on himself* relatable tbh (but i wish he wouldnt)
  • god, his insecurities are so real they’re palpable. i think a lot of people can see themselves in him bc of them and that’s really cool
  • “is…that a cow” “mmhmmm” 
  • arguably the only paladin with any semblance of fashion sense
  • AND ON THAT NOTE HE’S A MALE CHARACTER WHO’S SHOWN TO LOVE SKINCARE UNABASHEDLY and that’s not something you ever see in media and as a cosmetician IT’S REALLY COOL BECAUSE NOW LITTLE BOYS WILL WATCH THIS AND SAY “hey lance is cool and he takes care of his skin maybe i should too!!!” like YES LANCE THANK YOU FOR DESTROYING TOXIC MASCULINITY 
  • the scene w coran and keith outside his door, when he cuts keith off with the buhububbUHBUHUHGBUHG >A< !!!!!
  • his little “yup” after shiro says the sharpshooter thing
  • *beautifully emerges from a coma to shoot someone, smirks, falls back into a coma beautifully*
  • also flirts w allura to hide the fact that he’s genuinely concerned about their situation that’s a big mood
  • flirts the moment he emerges from a fucking coma
  • flirts. so much. he’s always flirting i love that boy
  • when he had a squid on his head and just rolled w it
  • “this castle has gone apples and bananas!”
  • this:

edit: i forgot where i snagged this pic from but it was from one of @planced‘s gifsets :)

i coudl go on but for your sake i will stop

royanteharper  asked:

i have been seeing your rants about arrow on twitter for a while. I agree with mostly everything what you say and my favorite character was laurel mainly because she reminded me of the actual roy from the comics. That said she never really was like dinah from the comics she had her heart but for me she is more like roy harper. So when dinah came in i was okey with it because she's more like dinah from the comcis, but the laurel fans are starting to become the olicity. So whatcha think

No offence, but I’m really wondering what renditions of both Roy and Dinah you’re referring to? Because aside from addiction Laurel and comic Roy arent alike?

I think the big problem with the whole Tuna Fake scenario (or Arrow in general) is that people have a bad habit of condensing complex characters down to one or two traits and then trying to say that’s all they are? Tuna is literally nothing like comic Black Canary. Aside from the meta human cry and the name Dinah (that they blatantly slapped onto another OC in an attempt to save face), she has nothing about her that is BC relevant? And to imply that anyone who has the canary cry is “just like BC” would be to imply that anyone who has super strength is Superman, anyone with a bow is Green Arrow etc.

A leading theme in DCs work is legacy and family. Tuna Fake has an apparent love for killing people, uses a gun and has shown next to no loyalty or compassion. She just showed up with a sonic scream and people just jumped at the chance to call her the “real” Black Canary in a bid to undermine Laurel when she’s had no development, has shown no heart, and has done absolutely nothing to earn that title. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that those people aren’t Black Canary fans at all. They just wanted a hot girl with the cry to fill the quota and they fell for Arrow’s shit.

Arrow spent literal months hammering home how unimportant Black Canary was, how they didn’t understand why they couldn’t kill her, how OF COURSE you can have Green Arrow without her. Then their ratings tanked. And in an attempt to save face they brought in ANOTHER OC because they couldn’t realistically go back on killing Laurel without making fools of themselves, but anyone with common sense can see that Tuna’s introduction was to make up for that dier mistake. Because why would they have spent so long digging their heels in and repeating “we dont need black canary” if they intended to bring in a new one anyway? They didn’t. Tuna was their Plan B because it blew up in their face.

Laurel was built up to be BC from the pilot. At the end of episode 1 we hear “Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world” and we know that this woman is a hero. She fights the good fight and defends the helpless with or without a mask. From day one Laurel has dedicated herself to helping the people of Star City in any way she could. She never needed a crucible to make her a hero, she always was one. In that sense, she was a hero before Oliver was. The same way that Black Canary and Green Arrow were both heroes before they met each other. Laurel also - very much like comic book Dinah - cleans up Oliver’s mess and takes responsibility for Oliver’s failings. Laurel took in Thea on multiple occasions and showed her endless support that Oliver - for whatever reasons - was unable to provide, which is the exact same thing that happened with Roy, Dinah and Oliver in the comics.

Thea Queen is an obvious combination of both Roy and Mia from the comics - she’s an uber Speedy. Laurel supported Thea through her drug addiction, she represented her in court, gave her a work placement position, took her in when Oliver abandoned her, threatened thugs to stay away from her. Laurel was there to catch Thea each and every time without fail, just the same as Dinah was for Roy in the comics. Laurel is loyal and compassionate and protective and steadfast and determined, she’s been shown to care for children in a way that shows her as almost maternal, all qualities that are taken from comic book Black Canary. She never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do something, she never backed down without a fight. She had a bit of a temper and called people out on their bullshit. She trained under both WildCat and the League (via Nyssa). Laurel is as close to being Dinah as the show could make her given the ramifications they’d set themselves.

Laurel was always a lot more like comic book Dinah than Oliver has ever been like comic book GA. So why is it that people always like to try and pull this “real BC” nonsense (when it’s completely fabricated)?

If they’d introduced Tina as some random OC and eventually named her something else (I’ve seen some fans suggest she’d be a great Lady BlackHawk) then people wouldn’t have a problem. But it’s the blatant damage-controlling that they’re trying to do by slapping BC’s name on her after all the shit they said about BC last year. So it’s not necessarily Tina’s inclusion that’s the problem, but rather the unfounded need to force this “new black canary” agenda when Tina is nothing like BC and doesnt deserve that mantle. They said they could kill Black Canary. They repeatedly said that they didn’t need Black Canary. If that were true, why did they immediately try to bring in another one when their ratings tanked? BECAUSE THEY WERE WRONG. And they also wrongly assumed that people wouldnt care who it was as long as they had someone to fill the canary quota. Except, people are pissed because female characters are not interchangebale and Laurel had some of the best character growth the show had ever seen, only to have it all thrown away and replaced by some rando who shows up out of nowhere and immediately starts getting the treatment and respect that Laurel never had. It’s bullshit.

I also think it’s a fucking joke to imply people who are rightfully pissed about Laurel’s treatment are the same as Oliciters. Laurel fans were grasping onto 5mins of screentime an episode (if that!) prior to her death. We got spat on at every turn. We witnessed Laurel’s ups and downs and followed her growth and watched her struggle and come into her own and embody a strong, complex character who made mistakes but grew from them, only to have all of that ripped away from us and used to prop up a ship. Black Canary is a 70year old legacy character and they treated her like she was replaceable. Meanwhile, Oliciters only care about their ship, they keep demanding ol*city sex scenes and babies and weddings and all this romcom bullshit that has no place on an action show, they attack and slander comic book writers and katie and stephen’s wife, and even that guy who played Felicity’s boyfriend for a few episodes said he got death threats. Yeah, there are some bad apples in the Laurel fandom, the same with anything else, but most of the time the Laurel fandom just call Marc on his bullshit because he contradicts most of what he says and actually private messages oliciters to give them spoilers while the rest of us sit around wondering why we give this show the time of day when there’s clearly nothing left here for us.


You’re a miracle,Jodie. Our miracle.

greek god binu au (or sth like that idk)

AN: heya there! basic idea to this is: person A opens up a flower shop named after a god/goddess of flowers and nature and a few days after the opening of the shop they walk in to the god/goddess (or one of their children should they be busy) they named the shop after sitting inside telling them they appreciate the new temple dedicated to them. the god/goddess/ther child hangs around for a while and they become friends/fall in love or sth. (this is a mess im sorry) (feel free to use this btw if anyone wants to!)

ok so greek god binu au. not quite but dongmins a goddess’ son so….

- now. dongmin is a son of chloris, a greek goddess of flowers

- so hes got some rather superhuman powers n stuff

- meanwhile bins very much a mortal human and just about to open up his flower shop, a small, cozy one at a street corner near where he lives

- its like a day before opening when he realises he doesnt have a clue what to name his shop

- he couldnt come up with one when he first actually decided to open a flower shop so hed pushed it to the back of his mind. and totally forgotten abt it

- after a short search online he finds the name chloris and he finds it quite fitting. so there you have it.

- he asks his pal mj to draw him a little sign to hang over the entrance, but for now hell do without it.

- at like 9pm hes finished decoratong and preparing for the grand opening tomorrow so he locks up and makes his way home.

- its been a few days and business has slowly picked up for bins flower shop

- and now his sign is finished as well!!

- mj brings it around and helps bin hang it up

- it looks pretty great and fits in with the general colour theme in the shop

- and when bin opens up the shop the next morning he sees this hella handsome fella sit on one of the tables he usually displays flowers on

- so hes like “?? the fuck mate? howd you even get in here??”

- and dongmin looks up and smiles and bins like

- well shit. hes gorgeous.

- dongmin: “Heya there! It sure has been a while since someone dedicated a temple to my mum.”

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I wrote this after I realized how hard it is for me to talk to normal people. It really hit me and all I knew was that I had to write down what I felt and you're gonna learn a lot about me. Not finished but enjoy my craziness.

Life is crazy. If you really take the time to think about it , everything that happens could be described as a miracle. Youre living right now and youre you right now, just think about that, there are infinite possibilities on who you could have become and you are who you are right now, but are you really being you? If you take a look at yourself right now do you like who are and how you act in the public eye? Everyone is trying to impress each other and it hasnt just become thius way and it isnt just in cleveland or ohio or america its the whole world, throughout history, forever. Its conformity, wanting to be in style is destroying the human race, limitimg us. Its sad that i cant even blame people for not wanting to be different because i know that theyre scared because people dont like different, humans are close minded and selfish and we have always hurt people for being different. And its crazy because the only reason im able to speak this way now is because ive never been good at conforming even when i tried and i ttruly did.
As far as i can remember i always felt out of place, even around family, especially around my family. I hate to say this but my family is made out of a bunch of truly dumb people and i dont mean that as an insult, i mean it truly and i hate to say this even more, my mother is the worst of them all. Everyday i realize this more and more and everday i thank whatever universal force there is that i am the way i am. My family does nothing but argue, i have no real connection with anyuone in my family and even when i was younger i realized this and so even the people that know me best know little to nothing about my family. Its sad but i think i had to learn a lot about the world on my own, I had no Father figure though i am named after him but mmaybe thats why ive been going by Hamilton lately, because he dosnt deserve me as a son. I am 19 years old now and the last time i seen him i was five and in a way i thank him for leaving because i wouldnt be me right now. I know nothing of my fathers side of the family and i have step siblings i have obly met once. Thinking about this makes me wonder how i got to this mindset even more.
My mothers side of the family consists of my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, my aunts son (my cousin), and my uncles two kids (other two cousins), and my sister of course, these are the only ones i have interacted with. My uncle is doin the best because he got away, he moved to Japan years ago and has started his own family and is a teacher there but even he was never able to fully gain a connection with me, i dont even know if i truly care about him or anyone in my family for that matter. My aunt has basically given herself to religion (which i will talk about later) and has even married a preacher, she like my uncle has basically abandoned the the sinking ship that is my family. Her son, my cousin, who as a kid i enjoyed so much went to jail when i was still young and didnt get out until it was already too late (hes back in jail again as i write this) to make a connection with me, he is maybe the only one who couldve been a figure for me.
Being close minded is the worst thing you could be. Thats what my mom and grandma are. They completely refuse to change any idea that have in their heads so thats why they are dumb and so it is impossible for me or anyone to really talk to them. They are lonely and i know it, but its too late to save them. I dont live a privileged life, i truly had to work for everything that i have. In this house we have gone months without heat and hot water during the winter and we have gone months in scorching summers without cool air. My mothers everything wasnt enough. Its because the way she was raised by my grandmother who is just insane and angry at the world. I dont know much about how my mother and her siblings were raised, i only here passing stories like the time she held a knife to my uncles throat. Whenever she argues with one of my family members now she says that she would kill them if they were around her and i believe her.
However everything that my family is, it all goes back to how they were raised, it made them who they are and unfortunately it looks like my sister is taking after them and letting them run her life (shes 11 months older than me). Then why am i different? Was i born to think like this and not be like my family? Ive known for a long time that ive wanted to help people but today i think ive realized how im supposed to help I cant save my family members but maybe i can save you and whoever else reads this by passing on my philosophy on how we as the human race should be living. I feel like ive become more and more enlightened recently and i feel like i was always meant to reach this point but first i want everyone to understand how i got here to who i am now because while i was born different it was a process to get to where i feel like ive woken up.
The first stage of going through this process is becoming extremely arrogant and i truly did think i was better than everyone for a long time in my life, all throughout middle school and for half my highschool experience. This arrogance always made me lazy and in school i was never one to care about grades and i didnt realize until recently that its because im not meant for school and there are probably many others who feel the same. Even now when i feel good about life and everything, i still have no motivation to try in my classes and if youre reading this and feel the same way trust me when i say that you shouldnt try to force it, at least not in college. I went to a private catholic school since 2nd grade and somehow ended up graduating from middle school and i even made friends who i know to this day but unfortunately my grades (and my mothers funds) were not enough to get me into a private high school and i ended up attending a public highschool, james ford rhodes.
This ended up being the peak of my arrogance, i looked around at all these kids who acted so differently from me, even more than what i was accustomed to and they all seemed so dumb to me and all the high school work seemed so easy which made me even more lazy and i ended up doing the bare minimum for the rest of highschool as well. I forgot to mention that as a kid i had the biggest morals, didnt even start cursing until 7th grade and that was only to get attention when my middle school “popularity” went down. I read too many books and i thought i was meant to be a hero and be truly the best person, so even in high school i looked down on those who drank or smoked anything. Looking back now i realize that in those first two years of high school i was lost, i realized i had no friends and this is when i truly tried to be like the rest of kids in my generation and it worked a little bit, although i became a shadow to the little people i knew at school, i was a background character and it sucked because i knew i wasnt being me and i was realizing more and more that i didnt belong.

okay so now that we have more information on corruption, and there have been theories linking corruption to music, i wanted to discuss the link between music and gems; as well as what i believe gems to be. i dont know how long this will end up being, so bear with me - i may ramble (but its been bugging me so i need to write it out).

okay, so first i wanted to start out with the obvious. we know when the war for earth ended thousands of years ago, that there was something called ‘damage from the diamonds’, that was used to corrupt gems. whenever this is mentioned, its shown with a bright light with some sort of eerie musical tone. it’s even refereed to by steven as a ‘song’ in monster reunion.

More under the cut.

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Pretend For Me [1]

Pretend For Me is going to be a WadeWilson/Deadpool x Reader imagine series. The title was originally going to be a title by my friend @bovaria but I decided to put my own twist on it <3

Prompt: based off of the songs
Too Late For Lovers-Gin Wigmore
Real Life-The Weeknd
 Basically the reader and Wade hated each other in high school after they got in a fight and stopped being friends but she is in an emotional crisis and needs someone to bring to her mothers funeral.
 Warnings: Cuss words. Its deadpool. Angst
 Theme: College!Fem!Reader x Wade Wilson
 Word count: 2090

x x x x x x x x x  x x x x x x x x x  x x x x x x x x

It wasn’t like you to break down. You barely cried. Ever. If you did it was strange and unlike you. You had to have a good reason to cry.
 But tonight you did. You got a call that very gingerly explained how your mom had died in a car crash. A week ago. You had been pretty under the radar so the attorny explained hy it took so long to reach you.
 Sure your mom was Satan, but you still loved and needed her. With your dad gone and your siblings not knowing where you really went for college, you didn’t have anyone to call except for maybe a couple cousins. But they had a life. You didnt want to bother them.
 The only person you really had left was someone who you hated and who hated you. Well, they didn’t completely hate you, otherwise they would have killed you already.
 Wade Wilson. After becoming Deadpool, he needed you as a little distraction to one of his enemies and you dont know why you said yes, but he was glad to set you up for death.
 Well turns out, his enemy, Francis, never killed you. Deadpool killed him first. So now you were stuck with him. You shared an apartment with him and Al, who you enioyed. She was like a second grandmother to you. But of course way more vulgar and had less of a censor.

 You were not happy to think about coming home to Wade. Its not that he wasnt funny, or you completely hated his guts, but he wouldnt be a nice help. He would say some crack up, probably a your mom joke. You rolled your eyes at the thought.
 So now you were here, a refugee in the school library. It was quiet and no one bothered you. Much like Wade would if you came home.
 You both didnt have the… Best, history. It all started in high school when—
 The librarian finally had enough of your shit. “Ma'am, can you please go back to your dorm or go home? I need to lock up and I apologize for whatever is making you so sad but the place to cry about it is not here at ten at night.” She said, a tinge of annoyance piercing through her nice façade.
 You nodded, sniffling and gathering your things.
 The ride home wasn’t quiet. You turned the volume in the car up so loud you got a few complaints from drivers around you.
 You didnt care though. How could you? Everything was numb.
Pulling into the drive, you killed the engine and ran up to the apartment, slamming the door when you got inside.
 Aware some tears were still streaming down your face, you nonchalantly wiped them away.
 "Finally, I would have thought you died.“ You heard Wade walk into the kitchen behind you.
 "You wish I were dead.” You forced a laugh, your voice only a little bit shakey.
“Did you eat dinner?” You asked, not really caring. Despite your complete loathing for the man you worked with, you needed him alive for protection.
 "You know that I dont know how to cook shit, sweetcheeks.“ He said sarcastically. You rolled your eyes, turning to the mercernary. He was in his suit, as always around you.
 Since the accident, you hadnt seen him without his suit on. All he would tell you is he got burned, never pressing the subject more.
 "Fine, go sit on the couch. Is Al awake?” You asked while pulling out the frozen chimichangas out of the freezer. “Nah, she crashed an hour back. Y'know how old bitches ar—” He began to say, kicking back his feet.
 "Dont young people ever learn to be quiet?“ A voice shouted from the back room. You chuckled to yourself.
 "Old bitch.” He muttered to himself and distracted himself with some TV.
The silence made you think, which of course you hated. Flashbacks of your mom flooded your mind, allowing a tear to fall freely.
 Who was one to decide whether or not tradgedy strikes? Definitely not you. Humans should never play God. Your mom would say. You smiled to yourself, wiping a tear away and slipping the food into the oven.
 You walked past Wade, trying to get by him without him seeing you cry.
“Ill be back to get them out.” You said, voice breaking. Damn.
   “Are you… Crying?” He asked, standing up. You huffed out a breath in annoyance. “No.” You said before slamming your own door.
 Wade didnt care if you were crying or feeling bad or anything as such. Why would he?
 The words he had spoken revived some memories which only made your throat get tighter.
 “Are you crying?” The voice of your best friend asked. You chuckled at the irony of the moment.
 The high school bathroom stalls were empty, with the exception of you and Wade Wilson as of the moment.
 It was probably far past four and everyone had gone home, save the two of you.
 "No.“ You sniffled from one of the stalls. Outside, Wade glared, running a hand through his hair. He hated it when his best friend cried. When you cried. "Y/N, come on out. What happened?” He asked.
 "Nothing.“ You pouted, pushing the door open. He frowned a bit at your expression, eyes red from crying.
 You sniffed from the stuffy nose you now had. "Now, either you were just crying or you have some disease and need to see a doctor asap.” He joked and you smiled through your pain, immediately wincing.
 "What happened now?“ He asked. "The usual. I got shoved by Brock and Tyler. Melanie and Talia shoved me inside the stall about an hour back.” You sniffed, rolling your eyes. “One day I’m going to kick their asses.” You muttered as Wade pulled you into an embrace.
 "And I’m sure you will, tiger. Right after I get cancer.“ You shoved his arm, knowing that he meant it would never happen.

The impact of the punching bag on your knuckles snapped you out of your flashback.
 The cancer comment was supposed to be light hearted. Who knew it would be far from far fetched?
 You had cleaned up and came home that night, to an empty house of course. Your mom was at work. As always. It was okay though. She still loved you and the only reason she was out was to provide for you.

  The playlist you had on repeat blasted as you hit the punching bag over and over.
 Wade heard every grunt and cry above the music and felt a tinge of guilt.
 You should go and help her. One part of him battled. You know her. She has said ‘no’ when she means yes a thousand times before. See what’s wrong.

 Dont. Why would you? She was a stone cold bitch and could handle herself.

 Maybe a kiss would make her feel better, eh?

 Don’t listen to them, you should–
 His inner voices battled themselves but Wade snapped when the oven went off.
 "Y/N! 'Changas are ready!” He called.
 In all truth, Wade cared about you. Couldnt place why. You did risk your life for him.
 But he could never forgive you for the things you once said.

 You rolled your eyes, putting the music on pause. You plugged in your earphones, wiping off your ears first seeing as you were already sweaty.
 Listening to the music, keeping you pumped and distracted, you headed into the kitchen and pulled them out.
 "Let them cool! I know you heal but these are hot as fuck.“ You warned before making him a plate.
 Wade made his way to you, a bit of concern making its way into his head when you wouldnt make eye contact with him.
 You didnt want to, afraid that if you did, you would start crying. Not that you could even see his eyes. So you didnt.
 He took the plate and sat back down on the couch.
 You leaned on the counter, watching as the oblivious asshole ate his food, mask only halfway pulled up.
 The charred craters of his skin were only visible a little and it looked like it hurt.
 His entire appearance now was a mystery. Before your mind could delve into wondering what could be hiding under the red and black, your phone buzzed quite violently.
 You picked up, not recognizing the number. "Hello?” You asked, Wade looked to you, mouth full of chimichanga.
 You hadnt noticed his staring but he was quite confused. He didnt think you knew any other people besides him and Al and your mom. And you never answered the phone like that when it was your mom.
 Suspiciously, he chewed slower.
 On your end, “Y/N! Its Grace. Im sure you heard about the news.” Your cousin spoke softly and your breath hitched.
 Shakily, you pulled up a chair. Wade could tell immediately something was wrong. After all he knew you better than anyone.
 "There is going to be a funeral. This weekend.“ She said, understandinf your silence. "Please dont come alone. I want you and some of your friends to meet my new husband!” She said cheerily and it gave you whiplash.
 "That was quick. When did you get married?“ You asked, at first referring to the funeral, trying to not sound broken.
 "A month ago. Would have invited you but I know you didnt have anyone to bring. Rude accusation. Which is why I’m inviting you now. That is of course if you have someone to bring.” She said and your eyes shot to Wade who was seemingly not paying attention.
 Last time you saw Grace and her brother was two years ago. You were an emotional mess and you looked terrible. Since then, you got your game together. That is, except for having a boyfriend. You were not going to be a disappointment.
 "Oh no,“ You smiled, understanding the weight of your plan. "I have someone.” You grinned.
 "Great! See you in four days! Sending the invitation to you know.“ Grace said and hung up.
 "Who was that?” Wade called as your phone alerted you with a text message. The funeraln invitation as promised.
“Just my cousin.” You said, feeling so numb, no emotion for the tragedy that struck flowed through. Which was good. You would not let your enemy see you cry.
 "Come with me to a funeral? Im expected to show with someone but I have no one to show with other than the biggest asshat in the world. A-k-a, you. You only have to pretend to like me for four days and its over.“ You said quickly, Wade nearly spit out his food.
 "You want me to go to a funeral? Who do you think I am? A Huxtable? Im no family man. Im a dick who kills bigger dicks. I am not someone to attend an event like that, Y/N.” He protested.
 "Ill pay you.“ You said desperately.
 "If it’s not in blow jobs, I’m not interested.” He said and finished his food. You crossed your arms.
 "Wade. Three hundred. A day.“ You negotiated. "What about nights?” He smirked. You glared even more. Even though you couldnt see his face, you were sure he rolled his eyes.
 "Fine.“ He groaned and you smiled. "We leave in two days. The funeral is in four.” You informed him and walked back to your room.
  You didnt want to have to do anything with Wade. In fact you were sure the next few days would be hell. But it didnt matter. You took a quick shower before heading to bed.
 The thing you would be looking forward to is what Wade was dreading.
 He lay in his bed much like yourself, thinking about how he will have to take off his mask. He was scared you would run away screaming, while you were excited to solve a mystery.

nbalec-moved  asked:

✿ Clizzy au where Izzy is a lesbian Mermaid and Clary is a Lesbian Beach goer that Belives

ur lucky i love u or else i wouldnt have done both. also the blogrates are at the very end whoops. also i love :) how :) you :) haven’t :) blocked :) me :) yet :)

  • anyways so as we have established both clary and izzy are lesbians and izzy is a mermaid and clary is a beacher (shut up its gonna catch on)
  • anyways bc i can we’re gonna pretend like its a monarchy like in the little mermaid ( @warlockboner​ can tell you all about being a mermaid princess right ariel :)))) )
  • and the lightwoods are a royal family and have wealth and shit
  • or you know whatever counts as wealth underwater (again,,,,ask ariel :)) she knows more)
  • anyways izzy is A Curious Rebel and is also really curious about humans bc theyre so strange?? and weird?? tell me more??
  • anyways so the frays + lewis’s always go to the beach for the summer bc why not
  • actually interestingly enough simon and clary met on that beach and then realized they live in the same area and #bonding
  • also for this au luke, joce and alaric are already married and are disgustingly domestic it makes me cry thinking about it
  • anyways so simon and clary met on the beach looking for mermaids
  • okay well. to be fair clary was looking for this rare fish and simon was searching for mermaid
  • and then he got her hooked on mermaids okay
  • anyways back to the topic. so they go to the beach every summer and its great and the beach is called Pandemoniom (or whatever the name is yall know what i mean)
  • now clary never really went too deep into the ocean bc like her mom was paranoid when she was younger but now shes like 17 shes allowed to swim in
  • and so she does. simon is on the boat bc last summer a whale nearly killed him
  • “it wasnt a whale simon.” “oh yeah then what was it?” “your imagination” “shut up i’m not going in that thing”
  • okay so simon is chilling on the boat doing whatever it is simons do on boats. and clary is swimming around and like her mind starts wandering right?
  • and so she isnt really thinking straight like shes distracted
  • and so she doesnt realize that she might have swam off to a different area AND HOLYSHIT SHE HAS NO FUCKING CLUE HOW TO GET BACK OH MYGOD
  • cue izzy. who is swimming around ignoring her mom and looking for meliorn another mermaid w. powers (really rare mermaids. magnus is another one and uh…lets just say that alec is very interested in these,,,,rare abilities that few mermaids posses)
  • (ofc hes only interested to strengthen the kingdoms powers,,,,ofc,,,,no other reason,,,,did you know that magnus’s eyes get this light in them when he talks about healing others)
  • and back on topic. izzy then just hears a girl floating talking to herself like ‘chill clar. it’ll be okay. someone will find you, mom, or dads they’ll find you its okay’
  • and izzy is really interested in her
  • not by the talking no shes used to hearing humans talk to themselves when they think no one is there
  • but by the hair
  • shes never seen anyone with red hair before and she honestly thinks its magic
  • so she very quietly swims over and looks at this girl who has reallyreally pretty eyes too
  • and it stays like that for a while but the thing is izzy cant really help herself?? so she comes out of the shadows 
  • like a fucking nerd whos seen too many superhero movies and is trying to be ~mysterious~
  • and is like ‘hi. i’m isabelle’ and clary does what shes been taught by alaric if someone strange sneaks up on you.
  • she punches. hard
  • and poor izzy is just swimming, being gay helpful and the girl punches her and literally the only thing that comes to mind is ‘ow’
  • and clary blinks because wth is another person doing here??? wat??
  • and izzy tries again and shes like ‘hey. i’m isabelle don’t punch me’
  • and clary asks wth shes doing in the water in the middle of no where
  • and izzy grins and comes in closer (izzy is also wearing the bare minimum,,,and its wet,,,,,,and clary is just,,,,shes feeling a lot of things,,,,)
  • and she whispers (her breath smells really good. and clean) ‘do you believe in mermaids’
  • clary nods bc she cant really say anything poor girl
  • and izzy laughs (its such a pretty sound clary thinks) and claps her hand like shes a child
  • and she does a flip showing off her tail
  • and the thing is about royal mermaids,,,,they have gorgeous tails
  • who knows if its a genetic thing or what but god they have really pretty tails? and izzy takes care of herself and her tail is beautiful. for lack of a better word is stunning, exquisite
  • like its shades of pink and some purple at the end and its all mixed really well not like in stripes or spots its just blended so well
  • also on the topic of blending and mermaids do you think mermaids have makeup?? were they the first to come up w. waterproof makeup? these are the real question guys.
  • okay so back to this au i’m starting to get into it
  • clary is a m a z e d and izzy is so happy
  • like her whole life humans have been insulted for being mundane and boring and they wouldn’t understand mermaid life
  • but this girl, she likes it (that much izzy knows)
  • and so clary also just bursts out saying ‘holyeverlivingfuck thats so cool. but also i’m kinda cold could you like help me get to shore?’
  • and izzy knows the area by heart and she guides clary back to shore
  • but the thing is, its a very long trip
  • and so izzy talks the entire time bc clary needs to save her strength
  • and izzy tells her about her life, and her home, and her brothers and how much she loves them. and she tells clary about what shes found out about humans
  • and some of it is really silly. like fans as plates and clary tells her the proper function and name for all of them
  • eventually they reach shore and its dark by then and also they’re miles from where clarys folks are so clary just sighs and lies on the beach
  • izzy is near the ocean still, like her tail is in so she doesn’t you know. die. and clary lies next to her and they watch the sky
  • and naturally clary starts talking and its her turn to talk and thats what they do except for that little times when izzy has to go back in the water and redrink or whatever it is mermaids have to do to not die
  • and clary tells her about her family, and her friends and school and her two dads and izzy is so interested in poly like thats a real thing? tell me more?
  • and they just spend the night talking and its about everything about space and they get so deep and gay and philosophical and exchange beliefs
  • and then the sun starts coming out. and clary realizes she needs to get back they must all be worried sick
  • so they say goodbye for the time being and clary finds her way back and tells her parents that she was out with some other friends sorry
  • and its selfish of her but she doesn’t tell simon about izzy. its selfish, they’re best friends but something in her just wants to keep izzy for herself
  • so anyways that spot becomes their regular meetup and ofc people would notice a mermaid and human talking
  • so clary swims out and they talk for hours before swimming back at around sunset
  • and their first kiss. boi lemme tell you their first kiss is so good and cheesy i cry
  • like its in the water and its perfect. the sun is dipping low into the sky, some stars are already coming out, its in that evening point where the moon is also visible and shades of pink and orange are coming out and isabelle’s tail just flows perfectly, the water is still except for the ripples around them, their hair is a little messed up, both of them have a sudden shortness of breath and then it all happens so very fast they just lunge for each other at the same time and clary wraps her leg around izzy’s torso (upper tail?) and isabelle grabs a hold of clarys face and is minimizing the distance between them and her tail is flapping? in the water and its messy and wet and completely them and fingers are caught in hair and its so fucking good let me tell you
  • and it becomes a thing with them, kissing as they see each other, and as clary leaves
  • luke knows somethings up with his daughter so he crashes on her bed and they talk and clary doesnt say that its a mermaid but that theres this girl and shes really pretty
  • and luke’s the first person clary has come out too and it takes her a few nights but then she can finally say the word and its. its terrifying to say it.
  • like the word feels like home, it feels like belonging, something she knows is hers. and its just. its comforting and she didnt know it was possible for a word to be comfort but it is and fuckfuckfuck what does this mean??
  • luke calms her down, tells her there’s nothing wrong with being that way. they bond more on being gay.
  • and then alas, summer must come to an end. and its such a bittersweet thing like they spend so much time and clary even stays with her all night (after calling her mom) and they try not to talk about it but they know shes leaving in the morning
  • and they have one last kiss, and its full of broken promises, and tears and it feels wrong. nothing like before, like heartbreak and years of pain came crashing in between
  • and they leave. clary tries not to think about her and izzy can’t stop.
  • eventually izzy becomes so lonely she strays out and there are other people who come to the beach
  • mean people with nets and terrifying thoughts in their mind
  • and they’ve heard rumors
  • and all of a sudden a net goes flying and isabelle is too weak, or maybe too tired to fight and shes in the net
  • and they say that she loved so fiercely, and they tell this story to ever mermaid who listens to warn them never to go near humans. or else sever consequences follow
  • (they don’t tell the part about how clary came back to try and find her. and she left, tears falling from her eyes when she couldn’t and the sky never painted itself in the same way, it was as if nature itself was crying over the loss of two stars)

wow that was a great story and ur welcome alec for not making it too angsty. under the cut is your blograte

              [want one?]

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i am a mentally ill teen with trauma, please help me save up towards leaving a toxic environment

hello my name is ns and i am 17 years old and genderqueer; i have various mental health issues (ask if you want details i guess), i had a nervous breakdown when i was 12 that forced me to leave school, i was neglected and emotionally abused as a child, and i need a place to recover from these things and begin to move on. the place i currently am is 100% not it. explicit (somewhat long-winded) details are at the end of the post but uh first things first

i cant have a paypal of my own but my boyfriend julian has very kindly given me use of his for this, it is breath.less@live.com and all he asks is that any money sent to it is noted as being for me (or i know how much it is exactly) so that he knows not to do anything with it. in case anyone wants to know: apart from being kind of poor there are reasons i wouldnt be able to save up money of my own right now long-term even if i had it, reasons included under the readmore, plus i really fucking resent asking for money for nothing but being in this environment that i am kills my drive for more or less everything and even if im not a bad writer commissions are honestly out of the question right now

sorry if this isnt written very well by the way i havent really done a post like this before and im winging it a little. but here we go

warning for #money, #gaslighting, #transphobia, #suicide, #alcohol, #unsanitary, #self-harm, #abandonment, #animal abuse, #trans fetishism, #abuse, #rape (has not happened to me, just discussion of it), #disordered eating + #weight talk, #school

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fireflymachine  asked:

hello friend! i recently got my first ferret and was wondering if you had any advice on ferret proofing, litter box training and general behavior? she's only about 3 months old

oh boy. good luck! my first few months of ferret ownership were chaos, not helped by the fact that ferret owners are rare where i live so i had no one to ask for advice

they’re illogical chaos beasts, but they have some sense of order to them. you’ll see them trundle off to a corner, turn about and reverse while sticking their tails up. i never did much in the way of real ‘training’, just stuck stuff in the corners they naturally wanted to use. i initially used trays with paper pellet litter, but found that they also liked to poop outside the tray because the edge of the tray up against the wall ALSO formed a corner, and was therefore totally cool to poop in. that and they liked to dig in the pellets and fling them everywhere. i now put down newspaper in the corners of my bedroom and change it regularly. my two at least are vaguely clean, they dont like to stand in their own poop which means if you dont clean out their poop-receptacle they’ll start pooping further out from their corner of choice and makin messes where you dont want em, so clean regularly! 

oh ferret proofing. what joy. anything they can fit their head into they can fit their entire being into given enough determination, and they love to do so. you’re going to have to learn this by trial and error, because no matter how well you think you’ve proofed a room, they will eventually find new ways to get into places they shouldnt be. sometimes this can pose a safety risk to them, sometimes theyll fall asleep in somewhere really frickin weird and you wont be able to find them and have panic search fun times. often there are good videos and stuff if you look up specific things, like ferret proofing couches or fridges or whatever. making sure their environment is free of stuff they can eat or steal is a good idea, and keep stuff you want them to leave alone up high such as anything you value and their food containers or w/e (although they may eventually find ways to climb up to your hiding spots. or maybe they fly? who knows)

you may want to consider a companion for your slinky tube of pure evil! they are active, curious little creatures that require a lot of stimulation, and it can be hard to provide enough interest on your own. plus they play together and have little fightybites and run around and interact in ways that you wouldnt see if you just have a lone ferret, and it’d be a shame to miss out on their interactions. i dont have experience with wuzzles as young as yours, i got mine at about 6months-1year old. it may even be nice for your youngster to see if you can adopt an nice tempered adult, a role model could be a good thing to have!

they like to bite!! nip training was the hardest part of new ferret ownership for me, i tried gross tasting sprays and telling them off and my girl in particular kept biting me, hard, for ages. the eventual solution was sending her to jail- ferrets, when awake, want to go go go do things constantly so being bored is hell for them, id chuck her into a cat carrier for about a minute each time she bit and say no and all that. you really dont need long time outs, any period of boredom is hell for the tiny destruction slinkies. biting is a natural part of their play with each other and a way to investigate stuff as they have poor eyesight, and they very likely dont mean it in a malicious way but it can be difficult to get them to learn that you are soft and generally probably dont like to be gnawed on. mine have learned my limits and i can now play bitey games with them and they mouth my fingers gently, but they definitely didnt arrive understanding that.

spend lots of time with your little bub, especially while she’s young! mine are not particularly cuddly or ‘friendly’, largely i think because they spent the first 6-12 months of their life with little human interaction. lots of out of cage time, lots of handling, and even see if they might take naps with you. might often sleep in my bed, though it seems to be more about stealing warmth rather than any great affection for me (little sods). though you may want to be careful to sleep around a new ferret, ears/eyebrows/eyelids can be extra hilarious to bite. pixel (my boy) used to like waking me up at awful times of the morning my doing that.

the-raw-ferret is a great resource for info and is happy to take questions, and feel free to send me more if you have specific inquiries. good luck with everything!!


Note: I am pointing out someone who needs it, this is just a suspison, but I have a feeling this is the person who’s been insulting Ciro and Brandon, you can read more about that, but this is just a feeling, no I am not accusing anyone.

Please go here before continuing to get the full story: here and here

If you do not like this, feel free to leave and ignore.

Lets start with this first comment. Yes Im breaking this down FOR ME! NOT TO BE MEAN. So please, feel free to leave, as I said up above.

  • “Because we obviously know nothing about her. Raph knows nothing about Mona or her personality. He only knows that she can fight. He likes her look. That’s not love. That’s lust.”

Well considering they are both reptiles, and not all human, these two acted on animal instincts, and in the animal kingdom, its kind of run on instincts. 

Now we know shes a high strong, shes blunt and to the point, which is why he likes her, she doesnt like taking other peoples crap, which is another quality he would like about her. So there are two quailities I just listed of her personailty. Lets also add in that, she is honorable, that is a quality they both share. Also, who cares if its lust or love, these two have been canon since 1980, since Raphael Meets His Match aired. Just letting you know on that infomation.

  • “it’s pretty sad that this show teaches kids that beauty matters the most. Most of the female characters are there only for the franchise and only to be love interests.”

Really? Cause, from what it taught me that girls can kick ass. Looks shouldnt matter the most, I think thats what you took from this show. Mona is a lizard, yes she can be pretty in the eyes of the beholder, but to others, these girls can be ugly as hell and still be amazing. THEY ARE NOT JUST LOVE INTERESTS.

Im so sick of people using that as a reason, no, These girls are surely NOT JUST THAT. If that was the case, they wouldnt get so much love that they do, they get more love then hate, why? because they have likable personalities.

Lets take a look at these girls, shall we?

  • Karai: Complex story, rebel, smart mouthed female ninja who’s quick on her toes, and was reunited with her father, only to have it taken away from her, again. Her mother was killed by the man who kidnapped her and made false stories up about her REAL father, just so he could keep her.
  • April: A half human/half kraang. Psychic powers. High strong, stubborn and a firey red head. Was a normal girl until the Kraang kidnapped her dad, after reuniting with him, it didnt last long when he got mutated. twice. Puts up with ALOT of stuff in her life. Her mother lost, her father always gone, the only friends she has are guys, her best friend turned out to be Kraang Prime. Oh lets not forget that this season her powers are growing, and getting better as this series progress.
  • Renet: Saved time itsself from being destroyed by Salvanti. ((Forgive me for misspelling his name)) spent six months looking for the turtles, saved them once again. Shes clumsy, a dork, a legit fan of the turtles. She kicked ass when it was much needed, quick thinker, and a total sweetheart.
  • Mona: Shes a second in commant, a lutinent. An honorable warrior. Head strong, at first she was quick to judge, but soon came to realize that the others may not be so bad. She teamed up with the turtles, and fought side by side, both times now. 

We still dont know much about Mona, but that doesnt mean we wont know anymore. Also, these personalities and qualities dont matter huh, since I guess they’re just love interests. or just here to please the franchise. No you know what, April 2012 has more of a personality then the 1980s April. So please dont start that bullsh*t with me, because thats just it, bullsh*t.

  • “Girls aren’t useless, you know. Mona’s character is pretty good. She’s badass and I don’t hate it.”

But wait, didnt you say that these girls are just to be love interests? Oh wait, MOST. Whoops. 

  • “I hate their rushed and forced relationship.” 

Okay, I am not trying to change your opinion or whatever, but Im gonna let you in on a secret…..THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS NEVER FORCED. you wanna see forced? Leorai, Miket, hell even freaking Apriltello is forced. Why, because unlike the other 3 pairings, we’ve seen Raph and Mona together, before in the 80s series. Which is why it feels natural, just in a different version. 

The relationship rushed? now see thats where it depends, Raphael didnt just like her off the bat, vice versa. They both were trying to kick each others ass. And then, it hit him…..literally. Relationships are different in many ways. For example… Apriltello, one sided love, Donnie has been infatuated with this girl since season one. It took 3 seasons for these two to kiss, and they are still not together. The difference is, April and Donnie like to beat around the bush, while Mona and Raph are very blunt and up front characters. He told her, she told him, they both grew fond of each other. Lets not forget that we gotta think about how long they have not seen each other. Raphael even said that he didnt even think he’d ever see her again, so yes they reunite with a few kisses.

  • “And this joke has gone too far. We all know it’s a joke. It’s not funny anymore. It’s sick. Joke about teen pregnancy? AND about Raph giving birth or something like that? That it not funny.”

See this is why Ciro and Brandon troll you, because you take EVERYTHING seriously, like wtf bruh. Raph giving birth? Really?

  • Go ahead and block me, post my comment or whatever. No matter what, this show is not TMNT anymore. 

Last time I checked, the logo said “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and it was about 4 turtles. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo….Unless the names and logo changed….

  • “Kids aren’t interested to see turtles and aliens kissing.”

I maybe 21, but mentally im 15, and deep in my heart Im 10. Hell even when I was that age I wanted to see people kissing. Your just to immature to handle that bull, or you…just need something else to enjoy in your life….

  • “Please don’t start any more wars and try to improve the show. That’s your job, isn’t it?”

Bruh, he can do whatever the hell he wants. He does this sh*t because people like you in this fandom make it to easy and fun to troll.

  • “Ps. I do appreciate your work on the show. And I still want to watch it. But I can’t anymore. And I’m not the only one. That’s disappointing” 

Im positive your the only one bruh….wait…nevermind, there will always be crazy rabid fangirls like you in every fandom you see. You appreciate his work so much that this is the second time you complain about either the girls or a shipping. Hell it had to do with the show. That I remember…wait, i have a screen shot of it.. 

Not joking, her second time. Which is why I have a feeling… Well at least she was a bit more mature this time…((And yeah, I just did that sh*t))

No someone bullying a writer and a creator of a show is disappointing. Along with fans like you who take this kinda crap way to seriously. Like bruh, take a pill, drink some ice water, and chill.

This is literally sad. Brandon cant even joke about this kinda crap without one of you fans making this into a sensitive sob fest, let alone stand up for himself without being gained up on without others knowing the FULL story, 


 I take bullying very seriously and hearing that Ciro and Brandon are being bullied, over this Ramona bullsh*t? Really? Its not their fault you dont like it! So why even bother? Do you not have a life outside of the internet? Im just wondering. Sometime this fandom, just…really amazes me sometimes, and not the good kind…

 I love you guys, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. But the actions you guys do sometimes, it just breaks my heart…

Welcome to the horrid Internet Miki. 

Well this can go badly for me, or positively for me…whelp nice knowing ya Miki!


Discussion: Here

Hate: Here

As usual


so i bought this bad boy like a week ago and i thought i might take y'all through my experience of reading this and my favourite parts

strap yourself in for a disorganized ride where all your otps are canon as fuck, ashton ruins my heart, and everything is dumb and endearing

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Notice me. See me. Love me.

Requested: a stiles imagine where you are lydias twin sister but there are a few differences (your hair is shorter, you have blue eyes, you wear glasses) and youre best friends with scott and stiles but have a huge crush on stiles and get really annoyed whenever he talks about Lydia & scott notices so he talks to stiles and it gets really fluffy at the end.

Word count: 1013

Smut: No.

I changed the story line a bit but its all still the same, ish.

It has always been you, Scott and Stiles, the three of you always together but even though you were Lydia’s sister. With everything that has been happening for the past year, you could say that you were forgotten a bit, stayed home while Lydia and the others went off to fight some supernatural being.

To say the least you missed everyone, and you were a bit jealous of Manila and Lydia they got to spend time with Stiles. Lets face it, you love Stiles, even now where now you were just a stranger to him, but you knew you could never have him, he has a girlfriend and you could still see that he still likes Lydia, oh how your life is like a bad teen movie. They gave you the excuse that they dont want you to get hurt, that its for their protection.

you could see where they are coming from but since you were Lydia’s sister what makes them think that you are just human, what they didnt know was that you were something, you wanted to tell your sister but she was always to busy, so you started looking for yourself, and thats where you met him.


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Why Delena should be ENDGAME

Hey, guys! New post. So, I found a page that shows some reasons why Delena should be endgame. Credits go to the-salvat0re-diaries, I just change/add some things.

  • Delena have a relationship built on something solid – friendship and honesty

I am so tired of all these ‘love at first site/soulmate/epic’ stories/movies/TV shows. It is so unrealistic, and I don’t find it romantic in the least bit. With Twilight, Bella and Edward fell in love almost instantly with no explanation besides he was drawn to her blood and she was drawn to his looks. True Blood followed suit with Sookie falling for Bill with barely knowing him. And now The Vampire Diaries had Stefan and Elena a couple after, what, talking to each other for a night? I prefer a love first based on friendship, slowly getting to know each other and falling for each other a little more each day. You should love someone because of their personality, their quirks, their thoughts, their mind; not ‘just because’ you were drawn to each other by fate or destiny or whatever. I prefer a slow-burning love, aka DELENA. Love based on knowing each other inside and out is real; love based on first impressions islust. All these stories/movies/TV shows keep shoving it down our throats that ‘true, soul mate love’ conquers ‘love based on friendship and getting to know the person first’ – example: Bella choose Edward instead of Jacob. I think that’s a terrible message to send because they are setting everyone up for heartbreak because – let’s face it – ‘true, soul mate love’ is just not realistic. Not to mention that Stefan and Elena’s relationship was based on a bunch of lies – she didn’t know he was a vampire, didn’t know she looked exactly like Katherine, etc. Elena fell for Stefan not even knowing what he really is or any of his background history; she fell for Damon despite knowing all of that. Knowing her personality, who he really was. Like I love to say: “From hate, to love”.

  • Elena brings out Damon’s humanity

We all know this… No one can deny it. Elena brings out a side of Damon that no one else can. Simply put, she makes him a better person. Not because she demands it of him, but because he loves her, and his love for her makes him want to be a better person.

  • … and Damon brings out Elena’s fun side.

One thing people fail to mention is that Damon makes Elena a better person as well. He brings out her fun loving, carefree side that seemed to have gotten lost since her parents died. I’ve never seen her laugh and have fun with Stefan like I’ve seen her with Damon. Need proof? Take Episode 11 of Season 1 for example, the first infamous Delena roadtrip, where she’s taking shots and playing pool and being a normal teenager despite the fact she’s with a vampire. Or episode 4 of Season 3 when they are making chili together and bumping into each other and flirting. This goes along with my next reason for why Delena should be endgame.

  • Damon makes Elena smile and laugh even in the most dire times

As mentioned in my last reason, Damon brings out Elena’s fun side, which he often does even when things are falling apart around her. The roadtrip from 1x11? She was devastated by the fact that she looked like Katherine, yet Damon’s getting her to laugh and drink and have fun. When they are making chili in 3x04? She’s laughing and enjoying herself despite the fact that she’s heartbroken over ‘Ripper’ Stefan. Elena tends to worry and freak out, and Damon calms her down with his sarcasm, witty remarks, and humor. You can see the direct contrast between Stelena and Delena in this regard in episode 18 of season 2, the 60’s decade dance. Stefan and Elena are dancing, both with smiles that don’t completely reach their eyes because they are both too busy worrying/talking about Klaus (one of my arguments about how they are too similar and hence why I think Delena should be endgame is explained a bit later). But then Damon comes along and instantly Elena’s face lights up. Suddenly she’s laughing, despite the situation with Klaus looming overhead. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

  •  Damon talks Elena out of making stupid decisions

Not only does he talk her out of her slumps, but he makes her see reason when she’s freaking out. I respect that Stefan lets her make her own decisions but sometimes Elena tends to be a bit rash and needs to be talked out of things. Once she is presented with a logical argument, she tends to calm down, think rationally, and change her mind. Damon does this for her; he talks her out doing something stupid. Stefan doesn’t do this because he’s too concerned about letting her make her ‘own decisions’, even if they are the ‘wrong’ ones. Stefan could still let her make her own decisions but also try to present her with logical arguments to change her mind; in this way he’d still be respecting her free will.

  • They both acknowledge each other’s faults/imperfections but still love each other nonetheless.

This is especially true for Elena loving Damon. She’s seen the worst of him – she’s seen him at his most vicious, his most cruel. And yet she still loves him. That’s saying something. Yes, that part of him scares her, and she hasn’t fully accepted it yet, but she can’t help but love him despite that. With Stefan, she fell in love with him only knowing one side of him – the good side. With Damon, she’s fallen in love with him knowing both of his sides, the good and the terribly bad. The fact that she still loves Damon even after he turned Vicki, killed her brother, etc speaks volumes. And Damon loves Elena despite the fact that she can be a martyr, a bit self righteous, and a tad bit controlling (even if these are all born out of the best of intentions).

  • If you love two people at the same time choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldnt have fallen for the second.

Thank you Johnny Depp for this amazing quote that sums up exactly how I feel about Delena. Enough said.

  • Damon and Elena have passion and chemistry

Have you seen the way they look at each other? It literally gives me shivers. While Stelena is cute and adorable, Delena is raw and passionate. I just don’t see the same chemistry between Stefan and Elena that I do Elena and Damon.

  • Damon deserves happiness

Okay, Elena deserves happiness too. But Damon… Can we just talk about Damon for a second? He never gets a break. His entire life he has been chosen second; by his father, by Katherine (his first love), and by Elena. He has never been loved as much as he loves. And people wonder why he is so cruel/damaged? I’m hoping that Elena will be the one to break this pattern and will love him the way he deserves to be loved. She has the power to heal him, to be the balm to his deep wounds. I honestly don’t think Damon can handle much more hurt before he shatters beyond repair.

  • Damon would never leave Elena behind, and vice versa.

Stefan left Elena. I know he did it to save his brother, but as the season went on and the compulsion faded, he still didn’t come back to Elena. Hell, he fucking BROKE the compulsion and he still didn’t come right back to Elena. He chose revenge over Elena, as simple as that. All of the times Elena has rejected Damon, all of the times Damon has hurt Elena by his reckless behavior (i.e killing Jeremy), they STILL come back to each other. They can’t stay away. They always put each other first, where as Stefan put his guilt and revenge before his love for Elena.

How to Fix Felicity Smoak / Why clock king sucked

Ok i admit it. I love Felicity Smoak. She was my favorite Character in Season 1 and so much fun. Just so you know i´m not one of those “ugh felicity sucks and laurel is perfect” guys.I´m really not. My “how to fix Laurel Lance” article should proof that. And yes, i dreaded writing this. Mainly because the Olicity fandom has some serious Psychopaths.Not all of them mind you!But many! Last time i did something like this i got death threats. 

But i still wanna write it because Felicity basically got butchered in Season 2. She was Reduced from a great Character to nothing.but “The Girl”. She went from “oh shes adorable” to being Bella Swan.A blank Sheet. And to counter that i present to you today:

How to fix Felicity Smoak

1. Tune down Olicity a bit: And here comes the hate! Ok pls hear me out before you post something like “FUCK YOU! YOU FUCKING FUCK!” on my wall ok?

I ship them myself.Or well i would if it wouldnt be forced down our throats. Just admit it guys: Many, many Olicity Scenes are kinda forced in. They dont have any relevance on the plot or the Characters. Sometimes its just the same Scene almost word for word, copied into another episode (take the last 2 Episodes of S2 for example: Felicity basically gives the exact same speech twice.Why?!)

I dont think i´m the only one who prefers Quality over Quantity. Lets have Less scenes, but better ones. Relevant ones. Scenes that come Organic.If you try too hard to please a ship it just comes off as rude to others AND as kinda dumb.Which is exactly whats happening here. And i dont go into the whole “Its the only true ship blablabla” bullcrap here. 

Even from a non shipping view its kinda annoying..You have a great emotional scene for one of the characters aaaaand its Olicity again.

I dont say Stop having those scenes i just say make less..but better ones.. A set up for this can be my next 2 Points.

2. More Scenes outside the ArrowCave / Team Arrow:

This is a big one and can be applied to every goddamn Character in the show. Felicity has a big problem: You cant explain her Character without mentioning:

1. Oliver Queen

2. Team Arrow

3.The Arrow Cave

You end up with: Blonde,Shy,Computer,Daddy gone.And jewish if you really paid attention. (Yup guess you didnt know that?It was mentioned  in 2 Lines. IN THE ENTIRE SECOND SEASON)

And i dont mean “backstory” i mean “character”. What does she like?What does she hate? Whats her favorite dish?Does she have a favorite Movie? Friends?

Diggle actually suffers the same problem.But Felicity is far worse: She is one of the Characters with the most Screen time..But we know nothing about her. I went to the arrow Wikia and i gotta admit..There was more then i thought i would find.But its basicly the Equivalent of a résumé.

“oh and then i lived with my mom in vegas..But yeah nothing ever interesting happend. I just kinda..existed you know?”

Thats why we need more scenes without the guys. Show us her home.Does she collect little unicorns? Whats her favorite Movie?Does she Like Chocolate? Hell you dont really have to do it “outside” TeamArrow you can do it with them! 

You may say those things dont matter.But really: Its the small things that make a Character believable. That make them look real. Showing them as not just “Heroes” or “Characters” but humans sometimes, is something all the Characters would profit from.

We had that in Season 1 With the Big Belly burger.When they just sat down and talked:

“Dude chicks are cracy..I cant figure laurel out !" 

"Word dude. Have a coke”

That was great! I was realistic! They cant be superheroes all day!

Let them be humans!

3.Learn to Kick some Ass:

This was Touched on in the Clock King Episode, but for some reason just kinda dropped.

Felicity receiving Martial Arts Training.

I know many people will say she doesnt need it because shes the Hacker. Many people will say that shes only sitting around in the Arrow cave and thus is safe.

Many People are wrong.

If you are part of a Superhero team, Sidecharacter or not, sooner or later you find yourself in a risky,dangerous situation.It just comes with the Job. An, at least basic, Martial Arts training is absolutely necessary to survive.

Also remember: Felicity has played the role of the Bait before, in the excellent (and in my eyes best) Episode “The DollMaker”.

Or remember when Slade Wilson invaded the Arrowcave! Granted Felicity will never able to take Slade, but beeing able to fight would at least helped her a bit mentally. Remember when she was just standing at the stairs,shitting her pants, while the others were fighting?

It would also make for some great Scenes between her and the Other characters: 

Talking with Diggle about how it is to be part of this team, how it affects their life and relationships and how their Life´s changed.

Talking with Sara/Laurel how it is to be the only Girls around, probably even have “Girl Talk” about Oliver or other guys.

Roy: Roy can really take the lead her, comfort and support Felicity . Hes Oliver´s apprentice, and even though hes not that skilled yet (btw how the fuck did he manage to get a good archer?!) he can still take the mentor Role for Felicity. Just in case you want a “Shes doing it behind the backs of everybody else route”

4. Give her a good Standalone Episode:

And here is why “Clock King” sucked so hard. Instead of being an Episode where Felicity takes charge of the group, letting her skills as “The Brain” really shine…it boiled down to her wanting to be “olivers girl”.

At first i really thought it would become this Episode where she is countering every single hack the “Clock King” does. Redirecting Trains,Bringing the traffic lights back to normal, stopping him from shutting down Power Plants and so on. Really having a battle where Felicity is the main fighter and the others have to follow, saving civilians, defusing bombs whatever. But nope..“i want to be your girl”…AAAAAH DX!!!

And that basically explains what Felicity needs. An episode focusing on her mind, her role as the Smart one, a Villain who doesnt target Arrow, but the Genius behind him. An Episode that is really a battle of 2 powerful Minds.That my friends is what Felicity Smoak needs.

Not Oliver´s Penis.

5. Let her be in Charge of equipment:

This is my last point because its a Minor one. I would like to see Felicity´s Role a bit more Expanded and streamlined. We already established: Shes not that much of a fighter. Her strength is her Intelligence. So why not put her in Charge of the Equipment? She already got a new Bow for Oliver, why not expand that? Coming up with new gadgets for the team, helping to design their costumes, Learning how to repair and build those devices! She could be the “Q” of the group (Look up James bond Kids)

Well thats my little fix..I know i will get hate for it, specially for putting it in the Olicity and Felicity tags. I also know that people will crawl out going “Fuck you, you are Nolicity!” or “Yeah you are Nolicity!”. I´m not.I care about Felicity, and thats why i want to see her get fixed.

Thanks for Reading