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irl babes that i kiss and hug everyday (not really) (hover):

raaaanweeeaslaaaay heartachecraic magickmer khaleesiblair

the loves of my life (ie people i talk to and annoy a whole fucking lot like everyday all the time) (hover):

ughjackmans peterqvilll weepingangelcas mjrsholto snuggydestiel drachula barvns youdeserveher  

babes that i love a lot (ie people i talk to and consider bffs whether u want to or not):

slutmalfoy vodkadean orgycastiel havvkeyes sebastiel tommydavidsupernaturallyartistic benjaminlafitte provocativecas watchingpornwithcas snuggycas satincas destielsfalling drwtsn bunkerbound onesassydemon damnitmanimadr starlordoflaherty dortlich bootyliciousdean raisedcas sextiment ourlastvows steverogr iprayedtoyoucastiel

more amazing blogs:


aappledore ackermanlevi ahragorn analturing anderscn barhnes benedlct bennylafitted biliusronald bunbatch bvrnes charlesmagnussen charlesxaveirs chlouds contrcl cptnbrnes dandelionwhiskey darrencviss deduxi felixfilicis fhitzgerald fucklestrade jhswatson jimmynovok karasuya kncwhere leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas lightofmoony lvnaloveqood malfcy malfoypure


negatllve ofcrime ofdrax ohcaptainrurn ohmaglor okaey okmalfoy oprost oriddle patrouclus paynemccall piehtro pronqs queerseamus quibblrs quicksilvehr rcsonance remluqin romqnov royyed sarahmanniq sexsteve sittything slvghorn slyitherin slythrehn snuggydeamon starlrds stubbledean sxriusblack timetravl wesanclerson whykhan 



i'm positive i missed like 32436457 people but a lot of url changes have been happening and i’m incredibly forgetful but i love everyone i follow so if i did forget you, let me know and i’ll fix this post. <3