i wouldnt be so sure


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

hence nothing remains except for our regrets…

So here’s the thing I wanna scream at fandom: Let men love women. Let those male characters love female characters. Let those female characters love those male ones. Female characters (and women!) are worthy and deserving of male love and affection. Connect with female characters god dammit and then maybe you’ll find that m/f dynamic more engaging 

Songs I’d LOVE for Harry to cover:

  • Can’t help falling in love, because WELL
  • Good guys (video dance included, thank you), because WELL
  • No control, BECAUSE WELL

Random thought that might not make any sense (pardon any wrong things here):

You know how Matt was rescued by a rebel group? What if he was also trained to fight to the point where he could fight as well as the people from the Blade of Marmora? Imagine when Pidge ‘rescues’ him (or at least if Voltron forms an alliance with their group) all the sparring sessions - he’d be able to beat Keith, who’s basically the team’s best swordsman. (Pidge and Shiro’s mind would be totally blown because this is not who they knew, yet it’s still Matt.)

Or it could be that the rebel group forms an alliance with Voltron before Pidge or Shiro knew that Matt was in there. And since Matt is probably really smart (as smart or more so than Pidge probably) he’d probably get a high position in the group, like a tactician or one of the commanders. And then, what if the mission both groups are carrying out goes south. What if just then Matt from the command center realizes something wrong after staying quiet and just yells, “Something is wrong, you need to get out of there immediately!” And Pidge is taken by surprise and manages to gasp out “Matt?”

Katie? What are you–

“Matt, this is where you’ve been all this time–”

A voice full of awe. “Katie. You’re a paladin of Voltron. You’re… you’re crossing galaxies beyond what Earth would have even imagined, and you’re… you’re… actually making change.”

“Matt, please tell me where you are right now–”

An explosion. “Katie– Team Voltron, you need to get out immediately

“Matt, Matt, please–”

Find Dad, Katie. For both of us.” A soft smile. “Tell Mom I love her.”


A whisper. “I love you.”

They don’t even get to meet because they’ve been communicating through an intercom. The signal goes flat.

Pidge stays silent for the rest of the mission. She doesn’t hear from Matt again.

@thebiscuiteternal Not-hiding-scars Coran tending to the mechanics of Shiro’s arm and Shiro just enjoying being the one taken care of for a change

enneagram 3 gothic

-you are in a fancy restaurant, eating a steak. you look up. everyone is staring at you. they are smiling. you continue eating. they smile. you get desert. as you eat, they applaud. you smile. later that night you realize you were using the wrong knife the whole time. you dont sleep that night.

-you are trying on a new outfit, looking in the mirror and wondering if it makes you look good. the mirror says it does. you accept its praise as perfectly natural. 

-you have reached the top of the corporate ladder. everyone respects you. but looking back, you wonder what happened to all the people you crushed on the way up. you realize their dreams had been crushed by you. you shrug. at least you looked good doing it. you have trouble sleeping.

-you have to do a new thing today. you dont know what you are doing. someone notices. they walk over, smile, and offer their help. you smile and thank them for their help. you never ask for help again. you occasionally think of that moment right when you are about to go to sleep. you can no longer sleep.

-as you lay in the hospital, minutes away from death, you remember all the mistakes you made. you smile. it was worth it. you can finally sleep.

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The question that drives me crazy: do you just have a million portraits of your avatar on hand at all times or are you drawing a new one every ask? Because wow, I don't think I've ever seen the same one twice

                    Million dollar question!~ 
Depends on my mood, I draw my avatar a lot on my own time to start and there’s a bunch of doodles of her sitting around, so I tend to crop those as I see fit and use them where I can apply them! Certain asks sometimes need a new icon for a new face expression, a lot of the time I just have so many doodles on hand, I’ll grab those! 

  • jay: *passed out on the kitchen table at 7 am with 5 bottles of empty milk, 5 empty bowls of cereal and 3 milk cartons next to him*
  • kai: *comes downstairs* what
  • jay: *wakes up*
  • kai: what the fuck is this
  • jay: last night cole said i was weird and i overheard him saying he wanted cereal for breakfast so i made sure that wouldnt happen

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Can you do the ideal type for Minhyun? Thank you!!!!

  • Okay so first of
  • this guy is a literal angel sent from heaven to rescue us all with his sweet voice
  • there are so many examples to prove that, but my favorite has to be:
  • when nu’est was asked about their ideal type and Minhyuns answer (i think this was about his ideal girls hair) kind of made some fans kind of dissapointed because they did not fit that.. Minhyun changed the answer like 2-3 times if I remember correctly just to make sure the fans wouldnt be dissapointed 
  • so my point with that is I feel like he would like it if the girl is just as sweet
  • she would also have to be clean (sorry jaehwan you’re out), maybe not to the same extent as minhyun (like dude who tf goes into a kitchen for the first time and think about cleaning dishes)
  • I think he would like it if she is really caring too
  • Someone that kind of put others before herself, but still remembers to take care of herself
  • Seeing as he would like someone down to earth and artsy
  • it would not be weird to see him liking a singer-songwriter, an author/writer or an artist
  • her humor would have to kind of hidden ??
  • like sometimes she just says a joke out of nowhere and it will be extremely funny
  • or her response to something would just be so random
  • she would give off some kind of mature vibe
  • but in reality, she is cutely clumsy

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NSFW for fucking Casper


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How are u able to go to Japan and Korea that is AMAZING do u have any travel planning tips??

my mom has to travel on business a lot so i actually just join her on her trips!! and i get to take advantage of the free hotel and breakfast since her company pays for it lolol. i have to pay for my airfare and any shopping etc tho 

travel planning tips!!! 

  • i discovered the ‘5 4 3 2 1′ packing guide last year n i love it
  • i think this tip only works for urban/metropolitan cities but research the different “districts” of the city you’re visiting and what they’re known for (ginza is fancy $$$, shimokitazawa is hipster, etc.) and then look up which district your hotel is in + the districts nearby!! make a rough list of places you wanna hit up in each district 
    • im honestly not too big on the whole touristy landmark thing and i always just look up shopping and food places. omg. so many food places. i love food. 
    • look for lists that are recommended by locals!!! BLOGGERS ARE UR FRIENDS. omg there are hella travel blogs out there that recommend places and also review their experience so it can help you decide where you wanna go 
    • talking to the concierge of your hotel is also good because they def know the area well and could give you hella tips!!! 
  • planning out where to go and when: ok so personally i don’t like having everything planned out to a T (i used to but that always stressed me out) so now i’m much more lax about things. it depends on how big the city is but when i was in tokyo i planned to hit up like 2-3 districts a day. i would only decide which districts on the day of!! since i already researched each district and had a rough list of places i wanted to check out, i’d just wake up and see where i felt like going and then i’d be on my way. 
    • i’ve found my pattern is usually:
      • beginning of trip: check out immediate/nearby district 
      • middle: check out the ones that are farther away 
      • end of trip: work your way back to your own district 
    • idk if there’s any benefit to this but i got to know my surrounding area pretty well and i liked it!!!
  • travel apps!!! every city usually has their own metro/subway schedule app. learn how to use it and it is ur bfffffff
    • usually if you go on the app store and search “[CITY NAME] travel” it will yield lots of cool/useful stuff!!! when i was in tokyo there was one that would tell me nearby food places and i also set it to ping me whenever a good ramen place was nearby lolol
    • you could also check out if there are “listening tour guides” so that while you’re walking around the city there’s someone telling you about the history behind where you are and if there are nearby landmarks or otherwise infamous places you should check out!!
    • this is our main objective when we travel right?? ok here’s what u do:
    • go on instagram. search up the location of where you’re going. browse through the results feed and look out for any super photogenic pictures. put that location on your list!!! and then check out that place yourself and get an even prettier pic lmao boom rake in those likes hunni
    • tip: for waterside places you should plan to go during golden hour/sunset and you’ll get way prettier pics
    • also make sure to check the weather!!!! so u can plan around that just in case things are, you know, a-brewin’
  • MONEY. make sure you are acquainted with how the currency works where you’re going. so that u are not always A Mess™ when you’re paying for shit. it should take you only like maximum 15min in your hotel room memorizing how every bill and coin looks like if you’re really focused. 
    • also look up what the “common” bills are. i was in shimokitazawa and this guy wouldnt take my Y10000 and i was so emo 
    • before you leave make sure you look up conversion rates and see if it’s more beneficial to convert at home or at your destination!! try not to go through the atm at your hotel cuz they be tryna milk u and rip u off 
  • look up the etiquette/customs of your area so that you’re respectful of the people you meet along the way and so that you don’t accidentally offend anyone!! 

i hope these help!! as always, people are free to add on and share their own tips ♡