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Random thought that might not make any sense (pardon any wrong things here):

You know how Matt was rescued by a rebel group? What if he was also trained to fight to the point where he could fight as well as the people from the Blade of Marmora? Imagine when Pidge ‘rescues’ him (or at least if Voltron forms an alliance with their group) all the sparring sessions - he’d be able to beat Keith, who’s basically the team’s best swordsman. (Pidge and Shiro’s mind would be totally blown because this is not who they knew, yet it’s still Matt.)

Or it could be that the rebel group forms an alliance with Voltron before Pidge or Shiro knew that Matt was in there. And since Matt is probably really smart (as smart or more so than Pidge probably) he’d probably get a high position in the group, like a tactician or one of the commanders. And then, what if the mission both groups are carrying out goes south. What if just then Matt from the command center realizes something wrong after staying quiet and just yells, “Something is wrong, you need to get out of there immediately!” And Pidge is taken by surprise and manages to gasp out “Matt?”

Katie? What are you–

“Matt, this is where you’ve been all this time–”

A voice full of awe. “Katie. You’re a paladin of Voltron. You’re… you’re crossing galaxies beyond what Earth would have even imagined, and you’re… you’re… actually making change.”

“Matt, please tell me where you are right now–”

An explosion. “Katie– Team Voltron, you need to get out immediately

“Matt, Matt, please–”

Find Dad, Katie. For both of us.” A soft smile. “Tell Mom I love her.”


A whisper. “I love you.”

They don’t even get to meet because they’ve been communicating through an intercom. The signal goes flat.

Pidge stays silent for the rest of the mission. She doesn’t hear from Matt again.

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you should... send mayuo to jail [slips detective len $20 bucks] -askmayuo mod

-mumble- Or if he does something at this gala, If I shed light on it… other than that he is a innocent guy. –Hey, I can’t accept this money! I haven’t done anything for it!

enneagram 3 gothic

-you are in a fancy restaurant, eating a steak. you look up. everyone is staring at you. they are smiling. you continue eating. they smile. you get desert. as you eat, they applaud. you smile. later that night you realize you were using the wrong knife the whole time. you dont sleep that night.

-you are trying on a new outfit, looking in the mirror and wondering if it makes you look good. the mirror says it does. you accept its praise as perfectly natural. 

-you have reached the top of the corporate ladder. everyone respects you. but looking back, you wonder what happened to all the people you crushed on the way up. you realize their dreams had been crushed by you. you shrug. at least you looked good doing it. you have trouble sleeping.

-you have to do a new thing today. you dont know what you are doing. someone notices. they walk over, smile, and offer their help. you smile and thank them for their help. you never ask for help again. you occasionally think of that moment right when you are about to go to sleep. you can no longer sleep.

-as you lay in the hospital, minutes away from death, you remember all the mistakes you made. you smile. it was worth it. you can finally sleep.

i went out to town today and there was a guy just hanging around n my mum confirmed that he was my sister’s friend’s brother i knew when i was like. 6 ?? he has a full fuckin beard!!!!!

hello everyone and welcome to poetry hour. i wrote a haiku after seeing someone apologize for changing fandoms so much and fearing that peeps will unfollow them for not “sticking to their Brand” -                          

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send me  💛  for my honest opinion of you

honestly, im glad you messaged me first as i wouldnt have any courage to start a conversation. your blog is amazing and so are you and i am so confused as to why you started following me


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