i wouldnt be so sure

anyway not to be bitter but how come louis was like a little speck on the screen (literally didnt even see him, thought he was backstage) and 2 chainz and whoever that guy was had almost just as much time on screen as steve like just wondering :)


All Kala and Wolfgang scenes


sprites so far!

I’ve been working really hard on these for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a lot of fun!! I’m pretty much done with all of the housing and town assets, and next is the dungeons and misc stuff. I’m so happy that I decided to downsize the sprites cuz for what I had done I’ve been able to redo better and faster than my previous ones.


i have the best idea for john’s life post parable ever (this might not happen in ship aus though, ie in the marjohn au, i imagine that he’ll follow a more artistic path like marly)


once john gets back on his feet, reunites with his sister, gets some therapy for his ptsd, etc, he’ll become a foster parent

his sister, (who has a little kid and had a fiance, that died in a car accident though) might give up her apartment in the city and join him and they’ll have a big house in the outskirts of town with a huge garden right by the forest, where they’ll have flowers and herbs and fruits, along with five dogs and three cats while they raise their foster children 

john would probably teach them how to bake and sew their own clothes and deal with adult things like paperwork and taxes, while camille teaches them how to repair things around the house and cut firewood and drive a car

im sure ezra would visit them often and tell them of his new theater plays, while stanley sends every single kid hand knitted sweaters from 207x