i wouldn't mind the pics

because the ladies need captain time too

not shown: usopp making better formulas for nail polish so they don’t chip during battle

sanji making snacks that won’t mess up their drying polish

and zoro who is sleeping yet also expecting luffy to jump on him and show off his nails

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“Ehh..just like that? You don’t want to go shopping tagether? Come on..ya need ta help me get some clothes or somethin’ so I blend in better. “ she gave a short pause, as if to get her breath before continuing. “Ppppplleeassee” she pleaded a bit, smiling wide at him and hoping he would give in eventually.

Shopping?” It’s not like he had a lot of free time; this was his time to sleep before his night patrols. “You need to blend in? Just how long do you think you’ll be here?” He wasn’t trying to be rude about it, but she seemed to linger more to staying in the forest. She was rather… different looking than the humans of the town were used to.

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hey bailey! love your blog! i was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your fave nonwhitewashed pics of tae?? ahh i just love seeing his beautiful bronze skin so much!

awwwww thank you so much!!!! and omg i feel you ^_^ here are some wonderful non-whitewashed (i think, don’t sue me if they’re a little whitewashed or something, i’m not the best at telling T_T) of beautiful taehyung <33

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You love Gong Yoo too?! So do I. I don't know many people who do. This makes me giddy. He's so handsome and a great actor. Ok, bye now. 💋

I am in love with him. Like literally head over heels. I fell so hard when I watch Coffee Prince and then it just… happened. I find him incredibly interesting, handsome and a really really good actor. His acting never disappoints. Silenced was heartbreaking, and the fact that he was the one who came up with the idea of portraying that story… just. adds. so. many. points.

I am sorry In advance… but I had to take the chance to talk about my beloved Gong Yoo.

Look at his little whiskers hahaha He is 37 okay?? Is he allowed to be this cute?

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And just i get this vibe that he is truly kind, and dorky and fun.

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And. Never. Forget. This. Pictorial.

Oh and this one. Because I really love the way facial hair suits him. It just makes him hotter and hotter and hotter


I definitely do not own a folder with a bunch of sexy pics of Gong Yoo

People, this person right here… is totally my type. There’s Yoongi… and then there’s Gong Yoo. They are different, but you gotta love them.