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Hi! New Yoonkook shipper here! I spent the last few weeks going through the ao3 tag and I noticed there's a pretty big amount of rated fics with top yoongi but very little with top jk. Do you happen to have any good possibly long/chaptered one to recommend? What about fics where they switch? It's such a pity that bottom yoongi is so underappreciated. As much as I love bottom jk, which is A LOT, I wouldn't mind some variety. OTL

just want you up against (the wall, the floor, me) by sundaytimes (2/4 | E | 1,938)

“Hyungnim,” Jungkook says again, leaning right down to talk into Yoongi’s ear. “Pretty please, will you tighten up on my dick.”

Hope Dangles On A String by teenuviel1227 (7/8 | E | 26,876)

Boy genius Jeon Jungkook has a couple of secrets that he’s been nursing for a while: the first has to do with a radioactive spider, the second has to do with boy-next-door Min Yoongi.

Or, the YoonKook Spiderman!AU to feed all of us hungry (hangry) rarepair shippers. Happy rarepair month, my loves.

A&E by thelinguafranca (12/12 | M | 59,132)

Where Min Yoongi is a second year resident at the Seoul National University Hospital working in the A&E and has absolutely no time or heart to tend to the rich and pompous but is forced to re-evaluate a lot of his life choices when he meets Jeon Jungkook.

Redolent by wickedqriosity (41/41 | E | 84,648)

redolent adj 1 exuding fragrance, aromatic. 2a full of a specified fragrance, scented. b evocative, suggestive.

Yoongi returns home to Orange County after two years at Seoul University and moves into a shared apartment with his younger brother, Taehyung.

A memento discovered during the move triggers flashbacks of an intense, illicit affair with the 16 year-old “neighbor kid” in the weeks before Yoongi left for Grad school.

As if his brother was not already chaotic enough, Yoongi is soon pulled into the bizarre microcosm of the building’s inhabitants and forced to re-examine his ideas of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

And the “neighbor kid” is now his roommate.

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