i wouldn't mess with her

Kirby Inktober Day 22 – Favourite OST (Draw what comes to mind as you listen to it!)

beautiful, enchanting, and elegant, yet intimidating, cruel, and powerful… it’s those qualities that i love about queen sectonia, and her battle music (specifically, “moonstruck blossom”) conveys that feeling really well in my opinion

a ton of other songs could have made it into this position (because kirby games always have wonderful soundtracks!), but i felt like i had a strong ~~~vision~~~ or whatever for a drawing based on this song

…and i just wanted to draw queen sectonia lmao

“if worf hadn’t come along it would have been you”

NO I REJECT THIS AND I CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT jadzia and julian were friends!!!  he was a cocky tactless youth, she was serene and aloof– the fact that they became friends was important to their development!  that ship has sailed!!  it never even docked at the harbor!

okay okay okay *deep breath* I choose to believe this is Ezri feeling an attraction to Julian and passing it off as Jadzia’s– perhaps genuinely because she’s hella confused at this point, but hey maybe she’s got enough to handle right now.

YO it’s so crazy how some people find “the one” so young like wtf it’s good and all but scary like you can mess it up so quickly cause we’re young like idk life is weird man. If I find “the one” at my age then I hope I just play it cool and don’t fuck things up because nobody wants to lose a good thing in their life. And you may not see that person ever again.

Woman: OH PUPPY!!! HI PUPPY!!!!!

Me: Please don’t call to him.

Woman: Oh you want him to stay there? Okay I’ll go to him to pet him then.

Me: Please don’t pet him, please just leave him alone.

Woman: Oh okay. Is he in training still? I see you’ve got your vest on you cute little puppy

Me: He is a service dog. He’s working. Please don’t mess with him.

Woman: Well what’s his name?

Me: His name is Creed, but don’t call to him or talk to him or do anything to him, just pretend he’s not there.

Woman: Okay I won’t. Bye Creed, byyyyyye cute puppyyyyyyyy.

Me: =_=;;;;;;;;;;

Scandal is about Olivia Pope. So I’m not going to go into a debate about what character should or shouldn’t be on the show. Everyone is going to have their opinions. Anyway, with Jake’s life hanging in balance I’ve been reflecting on his time on the show and how his character being on the show is for Olivia Pope. You know the main character? So he’s there because he’s apart of her story. I would like for him to be a permanent part. I rarely write text post because I have so many thoughts in my head I can’t write them down coherently. So bare with me. I’ll put this under a read more because it’s a long post. It’s mostly just gifs and quotes to back up what I’m trying to say.

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