i wouldn't last a minute

  • Draco: My father and I have a bet, you see? I don't think you're going to last ten minutes in the tournament.
  • Draco: He disagrees...he thinks you won't last five!
  • Harry: I don't give a da--
  • Draco: Did you hear me, Potter? He said you wouldn't last five minutes but I said you would last ten! I was telling him you will last longer than he expects! You can get through this!! I believe in you! I love you, Potter!
  • Harry: What
  • Draco: What

Imagine Woozi making sure to take some time out of his busy schedule to have video calls with you whenever he’s away for work.

I was in the mood to Kill a Man today so ofc I drew my fave, Lila Killed-Like-17-Men (Before Lunch) Bard

Look at the sneaky protags trying to go through each other’s door

Deja vu
I’ve been having it all day.
But i feel like this is the third time this has all happened.
Damian decided to keep me here at my house till early july instead of me moving in today so he left this morning. (He drove 5 hours straight to lecture me at my own house cuz skype wasn’t enough. And he didn’t want anyone else to drive me.)

First time me moving has ever happened.
But it feels like a third.
One with him still being here lecturing me.
And another with me having my hair brushed instead of unbrushed.

Maybe i’m just tired or all my fasting for Ramadan is getting to my head tbh.
Major deja vu.

I’ll get back to drawing normally here. Now that everything has been pushed forward for a couple more weeks i can now draw again.

Yet this all feels the same. Like i’ve done this all before. I’ll get back to drawing now. Maybe i’ll do something different today so things stop feeling the same.

  • me: can we please go home?
  • mom: why are you in such a rush?
  • me: mom, the game just started!
  • mom: well, aren't you recording it?
  • me: obviously you don't understand the importance of watching the game live & updating my Tumblr at the same time
  • mom: get in the car

if i ever went to japan and something happened to me i would think to myself its time to put all thoses years of anime to good use

and i’d end up saying the following in japenese

what, hello good morning, cute, teacher, classmate, hello, idiot, friend

me seeing everyone tweet about getting tickets for troye’s tour

anonymous asked:

I work on Christmas Eve and can't say I'm looking forward to all the "Aw such a shame you have to work on Christmas" comments. If you didn't wait till the last minute to do your shopping, I wouldn't have to!!!