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If Only

Fandom - Supernatural

Characters - Dean, Cas, Sam, Jo, John, Gabriel

Summary - Dean’s fallen in love. Hopelessly. But what happens when he’s forced to choose between Castiel and Sam?

(A/N) - This is my longest fic yet! I worked on this for quite a while, so I hope you guys like it!

Words - 8.7k

“You have way too much energy considering it’s barely 6am,” Dean mutters, pulling the covers over his head and attempting to tune out his best friend’s perky humming. “Nothing and no one should make any noise before at least 10.”

“There’s no such thing as too much energy,” Charlie says folding her arms with an unimpressed look at her roommate; or, rather, a look at the mound of covers that he’s hidden beneath. “Besides, I want to go get coffee.”


“Yes, Dean. Coffee. That drink that people like to consume in the mornings? Or the afternoons? Or at any time, really, because it’s coffee. Now get up, would you?”

“Are you going to wear your Harry Potter shirt?”

“Which one?”

“Any of them.”

“I’m already wearing one.”

Dean groans, weaving his arms under his pillow and hugging it tighter to his body. He could go get coffee with Charlie, which would give him extra energy for his very first photography class… or he could bury himself in the warmth and sanctuary of his bed and forget about the rest of the world for the next 3 hours. Just as he’s contemplating which option would better prepare him for class, he hears a rustling sound, and peeks out from under the covers to see Charlie grabbing fistfuls of his bedsheet.

“Wait, no-”

“Too late,” Charlie smiles gleefully, whisking the covers away from Dean and throwing them onto the floor.

“Dammit, Charlie,” Dean groans, tucking his legs and arms close to his body. “It’s frigging cold.”

“You know what’ll be warm? Coffee. If you’re not up and dressed in the next ten minutes, I’ll start resorting to interesting methods to get you out of bed,” Charlie threatens, pointing a warning finger at Dean. “You do not want to know what I’ll come up with, trust me.”

“Ten minutes?”

“Don’t make me change it to five,” Charlie says, spinning round and reaching the door. “Get dressed.”

“Here,” Dean slides Charlie’s coffee across the table, taking a seat opposite her. “You just had to wear Star Wars and Harry Potter clothes, didn’t you?”

Charlie glares at him, shaking her Star Wars jacket from her shoulders, revealing her Deathly Hallows shirt. “I’ll have you know that while you were ordering our coffees, I got a compliment on my jacket.”


“No. I should have, though. No one appreciates my brilliant fashion sense.”

“Sam would like you,” Dean snorts, taking a sip of his coffee. “He’d probably ask to see your entire collection of Harry Potter wands.”

“Which is why Sam is the superior Winchester. You suck.”

“Thanks, Charlie. Feeling the love.”

Charlie just smiles and winks.

“We’re late, we’re late, we’re late,” Charlie groans, skidding to a halt outside the classroom door. “We’re late!”

“Hey, Charlie, do you think we might be late?” Dean asks sarcastically. Charlie glares at him. “We still have about a minute to walk into the room,” Dean points out. 

“I wanted to get here early.”


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Killua needs more hugs!!


Day 5: Last Match

This week would not be complete without some angst~ ( u w u ) Takes place after Fukurodani loses their final game of the season.

(Disclaimer: I have not read / am not currently reading the manga.)

ok but consider: cheerleader Neil Josten


- so we all know neil’s mom said he couldn’t play exy

- you know what the next best thing to playing exy is

- obsessively watching exy and cheering for it

- his mom didn’t really mind (well, he did at first, but neil somehow convinced her it wasn’t terrible) as long as he didn’t get attached to a squad and shit

- boy picked up so much skill from local cheer gyms everywhere

- he trained sO HARD (like half because if he was better they put him closer to the game so he had a better view)

- his tumbling passes were legendary. with his speed he could do the craziest shit like so many back handsprings. a back tuck. crazy twists and everything.

- even though he’s a guy he’s still soooo short

- at one point his coach decided to make him a f l y e r - like this little 5"3 muscular ass boy getting tossed like 20 feet in the air by these peppy girls in short skirts - just imagine

- he kept going until sometime before his mom died, when he realized he might have put a bit too much effort into the sport. people don’t see boy flyers and pass it off, and one of his teams almost made it big. almost- neil’s mom made him mess up their last routine and they left shortly after crippling the squad’s chances at nationals

- neil never really cheered again after his mom died, but he sometimes watched the vixens’ routines, mentally noting their strengths and weaknesses and what they could do with them, but he never said anything because he only knew katelyn and… it’s katelyn

- no one knows about his cheer days. not even andrew. uNTIL

- one day neil is out running and hey look up ahead near the exy stadium it’s the vixens holding practice

- he’s totally just gonna go right by them because exy but then he hears some shouting

- as he gets closer he sees some guys trying to talk to the vixens. from the look of their body language and the girls’ tense stances, it’s not going well

- neil gets closer and hears some very rude and derogatory things being said

- he promptly tells them to fuck off, may have added a threat or two. the guys bail.

- the vixens tell him they had it covered but thanks anyway, and one is like “hey, you wanna have a real practice today?” like totally joking

- neil’s brain is like fuck it

-  “yeah sure can you guys fly me in a basket double twist”

- who are you and what have you done with our starting striker

- neil just basically joins their practice

- katelyn’s reaction was priceless

- not as priceless as andrew’s expression when he sees his boyfriend being thrown into the air by a bunch of cheerleaders on the way to practice


high school !!!!!

summer hinoka and takumi doodle~

  • Hwasa: Tell me your fantasies babe
  • Wheein: I wish I was a dragon
  • Hwasa: No I mean -
  • Wheein: But instead of fire I breathe jelly beans

A graduation trip to outer space with your friend? What could be better?
Okay, okay I did promise I’d hear you out

I was suppose to do one for the civil war arc but asdfghjkl I couldn’t resist drawing this scene because s p a c e   d a t e

(Caption-less gifs and Phone Backgrounds undercut)

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All of you are so strong, you are.
I suppose I ought to work a tad harder if I’m going to keep up now.