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lucaya appreciation week | day three: favorite scene

All I’ve wanted to do lately is draw cute Vegetas.

  • Joker:So Harley and I broke up idgaf. Whatever.
  • Joker:What do you MEAN you did gOoD deEDs while I was gone?? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU KNOW THERE'S NOTHING I HATE MORE
  • Joker:You wrote erotic fanfiction about YOU and BATBRAIN?? THAT IS THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE TO ME EVER
  • Joker:Idc if you've got a new guy YOU CAN HAVE HER why would I care I could have like 5 of her if I wanted but MHMMMMMM that skin and-- NO
  • Joker:Wtf Harley has been ignoring me for weeks I'M GOING TO MARRY HER
  • Joker:Hey boy I noticed you had the hots for my girlfriend HAHA I KNOW FUNNY RIGHT anyway here could you just hold that dynamite for me k thx
  • Joker:... I ... suppose you COULD come back. I mean whatever.

iris in every episode 
1.01: city of heroes

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

And like Bitty looked like he was going to tell him, he really did! But then he probably reminded himself “No- no. Jack is straight, and telling him won’t change that. Even if he wasn’t, what then? He’s leaving, and he’s not going far but it’s far enough to make a difference. And what about coming out? He can’t do that- it’d change everything for Jack, so they’d have to keep it a secret, and that’d be hard and-” and it’d all add up to one conclusion: that Bitty can’t tell him. So he backs out and stammers something about seeing him on TV even though his heart is breaking and he probably thinks it’s for the best and UGH, MY HEART IS BREAKING

People who side with health insurance companies in thinking that profits are more important than sick people getting treatment make me fucking ill.  I don’t give a damn if treating sick people loses billions of dollars a year.  It should still be done.  Why?  Because people are more important than money.

Aphrodite is basically the YA author of the gods.

- Oh, there’s a war going on? Lets make Annabeth jealous!

- Oh, they’re kids who just fought and won a war ? KISS TIME!

- Hmm? What Hera? You have a plan? It involves separating them for eight months? PERFECT! Lets give them a big sweet reunion and then make them fight to stay alive together again!

- Oh, they’ve been happy for a while… you know what would add drama? FaLLiNg iNtO TARTARUS! Nothing says romance like trying to survive hell together!!

“Autism will not define you! I am your voice!” (actual words from the blog of an autistic boy’s mother)

Petition to fucking stop parents who say things like this to/about their autistic kids.

“Autism will not define you!” = “I just really wish you could be normal.”

“I am your voice!” = “I don’t care to even acknowledge that there are other ways in which you can communicate. Just shut up and let Mommy run your life.”


Abigail Hobbs expressing concern/general angst over Will Graham

#i mainly made this to show the subtle ways abigail expresses concern for will #because i don’t think she hates him like so many strongly believe #in 1x9 she showed instances of almost wanting him present #because at the time she thought he was the only one who could understand what she was going through #and in the original script #she was very sassy with him for not having visited earlier #will thought she wanted a father #but in actuality she wanted a friend/someone who could understand #and was abigail resentful of will? #absolutely. he killed her dad/robbed her of the chance to avenge herself and those girls #was she afraid of him? absolutely. she thought he killed marissa #but did she hate him? no #i think that in 2x13 we finally see abigail more openly expressing her concern #because at this point she knows who and what he is #and that he wasn’t who she thought he was #and i love the instance where she lunges as if she might try and help him #but ultimately hangs back because she’s scared of hannibal #in that moment it’s like the dynamics have flipped #because in s1 she was afraid of will and in s2 she was afraid of hannibal #at RDC kacey said quite a few things suggesting that abigail cared for will #she even went as far as to say she loves him (though i wouldn’t quite go that far) #so i felt pretty justified hearing her spin on things #it’s just a shame that the writers didn’t develop them more b/c they had so many parallels and a lot of potential #because we probably would’ve seen more instances of her expressing concern for his well-being/a yearning for friendship

today a guy in our Spanish class asked rachel what her “birds don’t even have eyebrows” phone case was about and she had to look him straight into the eyes and explain (as a respectable adult to another respectable adult) that it’s a quote about Harry and Louis, the members of one direction, confessing their undying and secretive, closeted love for each other through the eyebrows of a bird tattoo and if that isn’t a dark larrie i’m not sure what it is darklarries

remember that when you are appreciating what a great character scott mccall is because of the way he treats and protects his friends, the way he treats women while believing they are capable of protecting themselves, and the way he respects his mother, you are also appreciating a product of jeff davis’ writing (◡‿◡✿)

Iwaizumi would totally get a dog and Oikawa would just be the teensiest bit jealous because wow Iwa-chan, you’re supposed to be taking care of me and not some dog, he’s not even that cute?? ? And so in retaliation Oikawa gets a dog like ha Iwa-chan let’s see how you like being ignored, but his plan completely backfires because like owner like dog, his dog is completely infatuated with Iwaizumi. And man Iwaizumi loves dogs and he just gives in to Oikawa’s sad puppy eyes and now he has to take care of three puppies bless his soul


They told me there was no need to be wearing green and purple for the Amedot selfie day so I did it anyway :D

(Also I’m wearing my jasper pendant so at least there is something remotely SU-related in this photo)

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Do you think that Louelle is finally over?

Probably not. I think the trade off has always been more promo for her so I personally would be surprised if it just fizzles out without a bang or some sort of job announcement or something for her. Plus they’ve made appearances together at the girlband related stuff, so while they haven’t been spotted together in a month, I still feel like there could be either another appearance or some sort of douis headlines around the time the girlband launches or something bg related again. I could be wrong about that, but I think she’ll get more headlines before it’s over. Although, that said, maybe the next headlines could be related to the ending if she has something else to go work on? We’ll see.

I’m seeing some tension goin’ around towards the Hanna fandom and it makes me sad :( I was going to save this for after Hanna week, but I’m posting this to bring some cheer, hopefully! Let’s make friendships not war u_u Everyone is free to like what they like, and dislike what they dislike.  So this sketch I’m dedicating to all the wonderful people in the Hanna community. We’re a strong bunch, an accepting bunch. We can stick together. *sending big, warm hugs*



What Anna should have said to Hans:

“Oh, I’M the desperate one, AM I? When YOU asked me to marry you just like that!”

Love is a backhanded comment…

I swear, they’re so perfect for each other it hurts…

Hans you adorable jackwagon. You’d make Anna a great husband/king as long as you get that crazy in check.

I know I said I’d do this thing but my art is nowhere near good enough to be showing people on a regular basis do you see the dilemma here 

I’m listening to the first episode of Welcome to Night Vale and all I can think is

Strong jaw + coat + scientist who studies anomalies + perfect hair;

Carlos is Ford

I don’t care what you say

I don’t care they’re separate stories

It’s Ford

It’s Ford

It is

Nothing can convince me otherwise so don’t even try

…I’ve only heard the first episode, and I already headcanon that Night Vale is Gravity Falls if the weirdness from Weirdmaggedon only got worse after defeating Bill.

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I don't get why your mom and vodka aunt have such an issue with you dating Wheeljack. You kind of hit the jackpot (no pun intended) as far as boyfriends go. I don't think we've ever seen you this happy before.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been this happy before.

Virgo’s one thing. I don’t care what Virgo thinks. But if Ratchet’s so against it that he won’t even talk to me, won’t even answer my comms

Then I don’t know.