i wouldn't even be posting this if i weren't because i worked on it for so long

EXO as husbands
  • Requested by @yehet88exo
  • Xiumin: The cuddly husband. No matter how long you guys have been married for, he still wouldn't be able to keep his hands off you. After a long day of work, he'd love to curl up with you on the couch and watch a movie together. He would always tell you about how lucky he is to have you. I don't think he'd be that talkative, but sometimes all you need is a few words to say how you feel about someone. Xiumin would also be a really comforting person, and would listen to you talk about anything. He wouldn't judge you at all, he would just listen. He'd be such a caring and loyal husband, and he would always make you feel loved.
  • Luhan: The loyal/trustworthy husband. Luhan would be so loyal to you, that you wouldn't have to worry about anything, if say he was away filming a movie or something. I think he would be a really committed person. You could tell him anything, and he wouldn't tell a soul. He would be so good at comforting you when you feel down, and he'd always know what to say to make you feel better. He would be so proud and happy to call you his s/o, because to him you're the most precious thing in the world. I also think that he'd be really dorky at times too. He'd make bad jokes, or do something really cheesy, but it would be kinda cute tbh.
  • Kris: The emotional/dorky husband. Not really what you would expect from him, but I think he would be a very emotional person. He would always come to you to talk and seek advice. He would be 100% honest with you about how he's feeling and would let you know everything that's been going on. I think it would take a while for him to trust you this much, but once he trusts you he, trusts you. He would love to surprise you too. Sometimes he'd make you breakfast or buy you flowers on his way home from work. He'd be a really cuddly person too. He would love to hold you close, or sometimes just something simple like holding your hand. Alongside that he's also a huge dork, and would constantly make bad jokes/puns. Sometimes he'd try to be really romantic, but half of the time I think something would end up going wrong or he'd accidentally mess something up. Tbh though, I think that it would be sorta cute when he messes up, which would make up for all of it. Being married to him would never be boring, to say the least.
  • Suho: The sentimental husband. I think that Suho would be the kind of husband who wants to remember every moment with you. He would remember all your anniversaries, and would always know just what to get you. He would be a great listener, and would always know just what kind of advice to tell you. I think that he would be the husband who, maybe 20 years down the road, would propose to you again just to remember how amazing the day he got married to you was, making him fall for you all over again. Along with this would probably come the fact that sometimes he'd be painfully cheesy, and sometimes it'd be cringe worthy. But, at the end of the day you fell for him. His smile, his intelligence, even his cringe worthy jokes.
  • Lay: The romantic husband. He would be so romantic, like girl. He'd be the kind of husband to pick you up flowers from work on his way home for no reason, or leave you a little note before he went to work telling you how beautiful you are. He would know everything there is to know about you, and vice-versa. No matter how young or old you guys are, the romance would still be as strong as ever with him.
  • Baekhyun: The cheeky husband. Baekhyun would honestly tease the shit out of you. The type of teasing he does would really depend on his mood. Sometimes it would be lighthearted and funny, like when you guys are lying on the couch together watching your favourite show and he makes a joke. Other times it would be cheeky, like he would run his hand up your thigh in public and whisper the things he'd want to do to you later. No matter how long you guys had been married, I think he'd love to see you flustered. I also think that he would tell you that he loves you, like a lot. And of course, there's nothing wrong with that.
  • Chen: The fun husband. There would never be a dull moment being married to Chen. He'd love to take you out, sometimes something simple like bowling, other times maybe on a trip with just the two of you. You guys would always be laughing, usually at each other. He would love to joke around with you, and he'd tease you constantly. I also think he would love to do something cute, like recreate your first together.
  • Chanyeol: The protective husband. Even though he jokes around a lot and is just be a genuinely fun guy to be around, the second someone lays a hand on you or hurts you that would totally change. He would protect you at all costs, and if someone dare lay a hand on his s/o that would change his 'sunshine' personality. It wouldn't necessarily be jealousy, because he doesn't really seem like a jealous person. It's more when/if someone hurts his s/o that he'd be protective, if that makes sense? I also think that he'd be a really fun guy to be around, and would love to see you happy and smiling. (of course)
  • Kyungsoo: The serious husband. I don't really know how to explain this, but I just think he'd be a really serious husband. I think it would be hard for him to talk about his problems with you, no matter how long you've know each other. It's not that he doesn't trust you, I just think he wouldn't want to worry you. He would put you before himself, and you'd be his #1 priority. I think that he would let lose a lot though, and of course he wouldn't be serious 24/7. He would love to take you out and do fun things, especially going out places that you did when you first started dating. He wouldn't be big on pda or anything though, and I just don't see him as a cuddly person. Nonetheless he would still come up with endless amounts of excuses to steal a kiss from you.
  • Tao: The clingy husband. He would cling to your side, and would love being with you, but he wouldn't really understand that you need sometime to yourself in the beginning of your marriage. He would love to take you out places, and see the smile on your face. Tao would love to take you out to something simple, like maybe the movies or something. It would remind him of when you guys first started dating, and he would fall in love all over again. I think he would also be a great listener, and would always try his best to give good advice to you.
  • Kai: The thoughtful husband. Kai would see you as the most beautiful, amazing person alive, and he would like to tell/show you that. He would plan really thought out and romantic dates after not seeing each other for a while (ie. he was on tour) and would always know what to say to you after you've had a long day. Of course, he wouldn't always be so serious. He would love joking around with you and going out on simple dates, etc. I think he would love going for walks in the park with you, sometimes with his dogs, and just enjoying the nature and being with you. I also think he'd be the kind of guy to take pictures of you when you weren't looking and set them as his phone background or post them on social media.
  • Sehun: The caring husband. Although Sehun may joke around or tease you a lot, he really does care about you. Sometimes it would be harder for him to show it than others, but he would really put a lot of thought into everything he does with you. He would put so much thought into something like a birthday or anniversary gift that it would make up for all the times he messed up. I also think he would be really clingy, especially at home. He would be holding onto you almost 24/7. I think that even though he may not act/show it all the time, you would really be the most important person in the world to him, and he would constantly wonder how he ended up with someone so amazing.