i wouldn't cry

“You failed.”
“You slept for 100 years.”
“Save Zelda.”
“Save Hyrule.”
“Avenge us!”
“You let us down!”
“You don’t even remember me?”

Link sure is strong. 


I finished the set of V emoji’s I wanted to do!!! The one of V crying is just because I like to see my favs in pain.


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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Angst

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, brain-washing and mature themes

Word count: 4.6k

Synopsis: The government hired you to cure Kim Taehyung from his madness, yet every time you see him in that damn white room you lose sanity and yourself a bit more.

Author’s note: I should really really thank my lil Rosie and the sweet Mari for supporting me so much! This is dedicated to both of them

part 1 // part 2 // drabble

Twenty-eighth session

A dream you don’t remember you had still haunts your days.

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Are We Watching the Same Show?
  • I keep seeing posts complaining that Lance and Hunk never get any focus, and referring to Keith and Shiro as 'the main characters' and 'the only characters the writers care about'. Are we watching the same show? Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast, which means that instead of one main character, the story has several. So let's take a closer look at the amount of focus given to each character in each season and see just how accurate these claims are.
  • VLD Season One: Pidge's arc spans the first five episodes, and culminates in her trusting the rest of the team enough to reveal her secret to them. It also shows her resourcefulness when she alone can defend the castle. Hunk's arc spans four episodes, with him aiming to get back to the Balmera as quickly as possible so that he can help the people there. It shows that he's kind and loyal, but also very single-minded as Shay, who he knew, came before what could've been a genuine distress call. Said distress call also proves how good his instincts are. Shiro gets some character focus during Pidge's arc, and again towards the end. Lance is placed as the focal character in the first episode, and gets some focus in episodes four and six. In comparison to the other characters, Keith gets very little focus until the final two episodes. Allura's major character focus comes in episode nine, but she is also important in episodes two, eight, and ten. Coran plays off Allura in episode two, being the nicer of the two of them when it comes to training the paladins, and gets some character focus when he's helping Lance with his homesickness in episode four too. Overall, all of the main seven get their moments in the spotlight, but the major character arcs go to Pidge and Hunk.
  • VLD Season Two: Massive focus on Keith. His character arc plays a major role in episodes three, six, and eight, and he also gets significant focus in episodes one, nine, and twelve. Shiro also gets a lot of focus in this season, playing an important role in Keith's arc as well as having his own arc playing Black Lion tug-of-war with Zarkon. Allura's arc tied into Keith's as of episode six, but actually started earlier. With Ulaz. Episode four is undeniably Pidge's episode, and she also has a major breakthrough in her own personal mission later in the season. Contrary to popular opinion, Hunk and Lance DID recieve some character focus this season. Arguably more than Keith did last season. They were the only main characters who appeared in episode two, in which Lance was the focus. Hunk also recieved varying amounts of focus in episodes five, six, and nine. Lance definitely recieved the least amount of character focus this season, but he played a major role in episode ten, and the insecurities touched upon in that episode are clearly going to be important next season. Coran had a good portion of episodes five and seven dedicated to him. Again, the main seven characters all had their moments. The major arcs this season just happened to go to Keith, Shiro, and Allura, none of whom had a major arc in the previous season.
  • In conclusion, Voltron Legendary Defender has an ENSEMBLE cast. Not everybody can be the main focus every season, but I personally think the writers do a damn good job at giving everyone a decent amount of focus. Keith had little focus in season one, but lots in season two. Hunk had his own arc in season one, and less focus in season two. It. All. Balances. Out.

“ You amaze me, Rory Gilmore. Everyday, everything that you do, everything that you are. “

Whatever happens, I don’t want sana and isak to go through a friendship split :( like isak is obviously concerned and kinda fidgety about the fact that mikael is back (sana couldn’t really care about him, but mikael is connected to yousef so…) and he probably thinks sana is focused on even’s ex buddy (bc I doubt he really knows who yousef is) I’m worried we’re gonna see the affects of bakka on not only evak’s relationship, yousef and sana’s relationship, but isak and sana’s friendship too :((


But everything he did, Skye, he did because he loved you.


dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite romantic relationship: 
Westallen ( The Flash )

” It doesn’t matter to me if you’re The Flash or not. You Barry that’s who I want to see if I have a future with. “