i wouldn't call me OBSESSED


"Cas in Color"

A warm-up sketch actually that turned into more… I decided to finish it… enjoy while I work on commissions now… =P

DA: http://sempaiko.deviantart.com/art/Cas-in-Color-416619535
Merch here: http://society6.com/Sempaiko/Cas-in-Color_Print#1=45

So apparently my one roommate - the really skinny, literal size 0 roommate - only complains to me about (her) being fat, and not to our other roommate. (Only I get to hear about how fat she feels.)

I really don’t like this, particularly because I am technically the “fattest” roommate and I would hesitate to go so far as to call myself chubby. It’s a weird thing to hear someone talk about how unattractive they are because of the size of their dress when you are several sizes larger.