i wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't already pretty

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Honestly I think that Lucas was smart not to act on his feelings and kiss maya by the campfire and I'm a hardcore lucaya shipper. If he had kissed her that wouldn't be fair to Maya or Riley or him seeing as how messy the whole situation is. and do you really want Lucaya's first kiss to be in the shadow of a fading rucas, or when they have already clearly chosen each other and rucas has closure? it just wasn't the right time. I liked how they didn't kiss, it makes #spotthedifference even easier

I agree. And the thing about a near kiss in a fictional universe? It pretty much always means that there’s a real kiss on deck. Maybe not until S3, but it’s gonna happen. There’s a reason Lucas keeps sitting next to Maya, and there’s a reason he grinned like an idiot and forgave all the teasing when she finally opened up to him again.

And yeah, even without a kiss…#spot the difference. There’s a REASON Lucas has never tried to initiate a kiss with Riley. Hell, there’s a reason she hasn’t tried to kiss HIM again for all these months. They just aren’t really into each other like that anymore, although they’ve never properly finished that chapter of their friendship. Hopefully they get it sorted in Legacy, but if not…it’ll probably happen before the 3x07 plot twist, I’d guess.