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Aaron and Zane's Side story. MC Diaries.
  • Aaron: * walking around in the afterlife* .....So this is what it is like to dead?..Hm?.. * hears the sounds of someone struggling* .......* runs towards the noise*
  • Zane: * has shackles around his wrists, struggling to hold something on the other end down* ....Y-You will never hurt anyone again!! I won't let you take control anymore!!
  • Aaron: Zane?
  • Zane: Go away Aaron!! I can't get distracted! I need to keep him from getting back!!
  • Aaron: I am here to help you! I-
  • Zane: No! I don't want your help! You can't help me!....*groans in pain* Y-You should leave..! hurry! I will hold him back!!
  • Aaron: I can help you! You need to let others help! you can't keep fighting your demon by yourself!
  • Zane: ........Y-You just don't understand the pain he put me through.....making me hurt others.....kill others.....betray others I cared about......I.....I just don't want help.....I can handle this.....alone.
  • Aaron: ......What if Aphmau wanted to help you?....
  • Zane: ........I wouldn't let her.....I wouldn't want her to waste her time on something like myself....you shouldn't waste your time neither.....
  • Zane: well she hates me now.....all because of the demon, no one cares about me anymore! I AM DEAD TO THEM! I ALWAYS HAVE BEEN! I LOST EVERYTHING! MY LIFE! MY FAMILY! MY FRIENDS!.......Someone who notcied I was there.....
  • Aaron: ......Zane. Please. let me help you. I know it wasn't your fault. I know what your father did to you. You didn't ask for this to happen and none of this is your fault. It's your father's.
  • Zane: ........*crying* ....Aaron.......Why can't you see you or anyone else cannot save me?....It is too late.......I am dead.....and this is my enternal punishment.......I had no choice.....I was corrupted......Everyone now knows me as a monster!.....and they see you as the hero who slayed the beast.....It's better this way.....so I can never hurt anyone again!!
  • Aaron: ..... * walks toward his friend* .....I don't see you as a beast. I see you as someone who is in alot of pain. someone who wanted to live a normal life. You are not a horrible man Zane. You are good. its this demon who contoled you who is the beast. not you. you are Zane Ro'Meave. Aphmau....she knew you could have changed and stopped this demon and I think she is blaming herself for not helping you when she could-
  • Zane: No.....She is upset because you are dead......Aphmau.....I let her down......I hurt her.....and.....I will never be able to live this down......thats why....I never told her what my father did to me while we had our time together.......I didn't want her to become scared of me and leave my side......and I didn't want this demon to hurt her.....thats why.....I...kept this secret to myself....to protect her from the truth.....
  • Aaron: ......She is your friend, isnt she? You care about her enough to die for her safety? You may even say you love Aphmau?
  • Zane: .........
  • Aaron: Zane, Aphmau did care for you. you were too afraid to let her help you since the monster inside you was getting worse....I understand you are upset and angry with him and yourself. I killed you to save you from your suffering and to save Aphmau from opening the Irene portal....she would have died....
  • Zane: Aaron.....It hurts......I wish I could go back.....and tell her to truth....but it's too late for words now...I was erased from the world......and no one remembers I am dead.....they all think I am bad........
  • Aaron: I know it hurts. You feel like no one understands, but I do. I wanna help you because I don't want you to hurt anymore. and Aphmau wouldn't want you to suffer any longer. We are your friends.
  • Zane: * looks at Aaron, tears coming down his face* ....
  • Aaron: What would you like to have? Me to help you? or suffer by fighting alone? *holds out his hand*
  • Zane: I...* puts his hand in Aaron's* .....I just want to be free.....
  • (this is for @aphmau <3)
  • Hussie has gone into elder mode
  • He is going to spend the rest of his life not doing anything new/interesting and show up for talks at colleges.
  • *kid in the audience raises hand*
  • Hussie: Please leave questions for the end, thank you.
  • Hussie: So you see, here, I made Homestuck a real multimedia comic. Using gifs, sound, flash, and morphing webpages.
  • Hussie: This engaged the reader in ways they wouldn't expect.
  • Audience member: But where did it go wrong?
  • Hussie: Please, questions for the end.
  • Hussie: Okay, so, multmedia. By the time people were reading it in 2016, some of the comic pages wouldn't load on their phones because they didn't have the flash plugin.
  • Hussie: This was a problem, the comic became outdated in its lifetime.
  • *Hussie pauses, reflects on his life. He thinks to himself, what was the last creative thing he has done. Man, it has been years. No, maybe even decades? Can't remember. Have I became outdated in my own lifetime? How? Where did I go wrong, did I stop caring, did I stop trying?*
  • *The audience looks on at Hussie, seeing him frozen in place. Minutes have passed.*
  • Audience Member: Is this the end? Can we ask questions now?
  • Hussie: I've been asking myself that for years now.
  • The End
I was at school with my boyfriend earlier. This girl out of nowhere wanted to fight me. She was ready to fight me and wouldn't stop staring until her friend pulled her away. My boyfriend got up and was pissed. He basicly asked wtf is she looking at. So fast forward, my bf just left (he let me know that she wanted to fight me and to be careful) and I'm ready to head over to my psychology class. Well the girl sees me, starts following along with her other friends. I didn't pay her any mind. Then when I go outside she comes too and walks around and stops me. She asked, "Why were you and your bf talking shit about me?" She was getting ready to start throwing down, and I told her the truth. I said,"No we weren't talking bad, I was saying how beautiful I think you're and how smooth your skin is. I always wanted darker smooth skin." She literally looked like she couldn't believe what I said, for a second she was speechless. I was being 100% honest, I always wanted darker skin like my mother. Sadly because I came out less browner and have a sharp nose, people assume I'm mixed and would even go as far to say I'm adopted. And honestly it's hurtful, that's why I wanted darker skin, and that chick had it. So honestly I was admiring her. After I told her what was what. She still seemed pissed, but said thanks. I think she still wanted to fight, but my mum pulled up and saved me. I know this won't be the last time she tries something, but all well. I wish us African American females would stop trying to fight each other,but instead start appreciating each other,and realize we are not competing with other women. Let's support each others melanin together .

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Hi! I'm the anon with the dad who wouldn't believe in the baby after watching GMA. Today, I mentioned that Louis had put up a ball for sick kids and had donated 2,000,000 pounds. He didn't really care at first, and then he asked, "Wait, did the woman with the fictitious baby go to the ball?" And I said no and told him about the passport thing. And he scoffed and said, "Oh, so am I supposed to believe that the accidentally pregnant woman decided to show herself off in front of the paparazzi? 1/2

If the baby was real, they’d be hiding her in the middle of nowhere.“ So I told him about the grandma showing the pic of Louis and BJ in the club, and he laughed so hard. "Okay, but why would the GRANDMA have the picture?? Was she in the club with them?? Was it senior citizen night??” Then, I told him about the Z-100 interview and the RS article, and how people were thinking that H/L were out already, and I swear he’s never been happier or more entertained by 1D. He’s 50 and a huge music fan. :)

“The women with the fictitious baby” is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while, thank you dad!

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Got plastic bags banned in my state, for the most part people don't care but I've had a few get mad about it. One old lady bought a laser pointer, nothing else, then after I finished ringing her up asked for a bag. I told her we didn't have any, she got pissed and said she wouldn't be coming back. 1) It ain't my fault. 2) You could have put it in your purse or your pocket. Go buy a cloth bag you cunt.

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I thought Lucas did show he cared about Riley's bad grade. Doesn't he ask her how she feels? I don't remember the specifics but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't show he cared.

Yeah, he basically asked her how she felt about being a loser so it’s not like he was 100% apathetic.

But compared to Farkle, who got the big “reassure and inspire Riley to work harder” scene it’s very…meh for the alleged “love of her life.” And that pissy face/slight eye roll when she gets all Smiley Riley about it after Lucas asks, yikes.

For reference: http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/146081604661/riley-doesnt-seem-to-care-at-all-that-lucas-does

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You're actually getting asks about Felicity not having romantic feelings for Oliver. I mean- they watched 2x23 and 3x01 (not to mention the rest of the show), right? If she didn't care about him that way, she wouldn't have brought up the ILY at the end of 2x23. She certaintly wouldn't have reacted to going on date with in in 3x01 that way, and the googly eyes she was making at him during the date? Not the "if you walk away" speech at the end of 3x01. There is a good chance she is [part 1]

Actually, I’m not getting asks, but thethornyrant was.  I’m not getting ANY asks actually (well apart from yours just now.)  I haven’t peeked in the tags but I’m willing to bet there’s kvetching there too. Oh fandom, always predictable. 

I honestly think these people are just insecure.  They have little faith and are perhaps not used to ships where there’s a great deal of angst suffered.  Sometimes, there IS no happy ending for these ships.  I shipped Doctor/Rose pretty damn hard before I came to Olicity.  Wanna bet how that turned out?  NOT SO HAPPY.  

But I think a lot of these people probably have very limited views on what it is to love someone and unless the relationship follows this set course they’ve got in their minds, then its not going right and they don’t actually love each other.  OR they’re not sure and just looking for someone to pat their hand and tell them its going to be okay.  Either way, they have no faith.  

As for the rest of your ask, I agree. I think Felicity has been burnt BAD in the past by the men in her life.  When Oliver is back and safe, I think she will be very unwilling to risk losing herself again, regardless of how she actually feels.  She will try to run from it (spoiler: she won’t be able to, not forever at least).  

And oh yeah.  She loves him.  These two are stupid for each other.  

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I saw that anon's ask, where they said they were afraid to admit they're not a GerIta shipper off anon. I'm a GerIta shipper, but honestly, I wouldn't even care if anyone didn't ship my OTP but srsly are GerIta shippers that bad? Scaring others away?

no of course not. but when you have a large group of people there will always be a few bad apples. it’s not really about Gerita shippers. this can be said of any fandom or any ship really.