i wouldn't actually say that

so i was reading this magnificent fic named “quid pro quo” by anon8043 (pls read if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing trust me) and there’s this scene towards the end… i couldn’t get it out of my head okay.

Look what came in the mail this week! And just in time for my birthday too! More than happy to be supporting this amazing tv show and donating to Camp X at the same time.

Happy birthday to me!


Source: 【OVERLORD】  LOG.1 by 惡道GAZARI
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heyo! I’m hoopa! got any questions for me and my friends?

On Yuri's Height

Alright so there are a few arguments that can made here. Let’s start with what we know. Yuri is about 16 years old and he’s 5'4" which is below average for boys his age.

First we’ll say he’s cisgender, there are two possibilities here, either he gets really tall or he doesn’t:
Let’s say that he doesn’t get really tall:
•based on growth expectations and knowing his height and age if we assume that his parents were both around average height it’s estimated that he will grow to be about 5'7"
•growth spurts in boys most often happen from 11 to 13-14 and then plateau to less pronounced growth after that, so statistically speaking Yuri has already experienced his period of most rapid growth
•also a lot of strenuous exercise from a young age can cause a reduction of growth potential that is more prominent in men than in women which would make it less likely that Yuri will grow to be extremely tall especially since we know he didn’t take the care he should have in his practice
•so with this in consideration it’s very likely that Yuri will only grow to be maybe 5'8" at the most

Now if he does grow to be tall:
•his family could have a history of delayed growth which would cause him to not hit his growth spurt until he was about 16 which is likely especially with his line about how his body will be changing soon
•strenuous exercise also has the potential to cause delayed growth so that could factor in as well
•if this is the case then he will likely grow to be around 5'10-11" but probably not much taller than that

If he’s trans:
•assuming he’s not on hormones then he’s pretty much done growing since afab people usually stop growth between 16 and 18
•he will likely only grow maybe another inch or two at most and would probably end up around 5'5" when he’s done growing

Personally I think that he won’t get much taller than 5'8" at the most and will probably level out around 5'7.5"ish but I think the creators will probably go with the direction of having him grow a lot. Either way he would still have to relearn his body proportions and with that all his jumps so it still would give that narrative whether he grows three inches or six

But since trans Yuri is my ultimate headcanon then I have to go with him only growing about one or two more inches which would be best for having to relearn jumps but he would be a small angry kitten who didn’t even outgrow his friend

my uncle has a friend that looks a lot like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and when we were at a football tournament for kids (like maybe age 7-12? Idk) he came as well and the kids legit started lining up in front of him, asking for autographs and pictures and it was the most hilarious thing ever

Writing Problem # 674997628376829-A

When you’re writing something you have a deadline for, then randomly get an idea for something completely different WHILE writing the first thing. So, you stop writing the time-sensitive piece and write the other… taking up the rest of the morning.

Did that make sense? I don’t think that made sense…

EXAMPLE A– I was finishing up Swept Off My Feet Part 6, but I got a VERY VIVID idea for a super fluffy, super smutty Cas x Reader fic. So, me being me, I dropped Part 6 for a while and wrote the other fic. Both should be up today…

Be warned, the smut storm is coming…


I should be doing other things but then I found this in my old notebook and realised I haven’t actually showed this before. These are the notes for my first ever fanfic The Thunder Moon Chronicles. For those of you who haven’t followed me from the start, that’s a 292 000 word Teen Wolf fanfic from 2012-2013 divided into three main parts and eight one shots plus a small bonus ficlet. 

Because I’m insane and don’t know how to do things by halves.

I still can’t quite remember what I was thinking when I set out to create this fanfic — other than “I want to write one fanfic before I die” — but I was wise enough to actually jot down the outline. That habit didn’t stick with me for very long, mainly because I kept going off track, as can be seen on the many blacked out parts and scribbles in the margins. I know that the entire third part of the fanfic is way different from the bullet points in these notes because I grew tired of changing them and just wrote from my head instead. Which is basically what I do now, even with monster fics like Autonomy. It is, weirdly enough, easier than to write things down on beforehand.

Point being, anyway, that I get incredibly nostalgic when I see this. These pages were where it all started! I remember that I wrote a lot of it on the bus (which is why my handwriting is even worse than usual). And yes, the orange highlighter was for me as I was writing, ticking off the bullet points as I wrote them into the fic. In some places, one bullet point was a whole chapter.

This isn’t how I write anymore, but I figured it might be fun to share anyway. If nothing else, it’s pretty interesting to see that a 292k fic can fit onto twelve A4 pages, as long as the writer is as weird as I am.

Also, speaking of my writing career, October will be my fifth anniversary as a fanfic writer! I have come a long way since then, which is pretty uplifting! Yay me! :D

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

selenaestella  asked:

i live right next to said national park (bushy park) in that video and there are signs on every gate saying 'the deer are wild animals, do not feed them'. also i have only once encountered a deer that actually approached humans, i wouldn't say it's common. most run away, some just ignore us, but every year there's at least 1 report of someone being chased or attacked during rutting season so it's pretty dangerous to get that close! they are not at all tame.

Yeah, and that’s the problem - word of mouth is often stronger than wisdom, so people think it’s okay even when there’s obvious evidence to the contrary. 

i’m amazed that ya’ll can like… contain ur gayness bc ur not out. i’m not out to my parents either but i accidentally outed myself to my brother while watching fucking tv bc i have no filter.

seein garnet draw herself was cute but im not diggin the way they dumbed her down LOL

like idk the scene was cute but it felt quite OOC ? i just miss garnet being a character <:’I

I really need some type of evidence of some of the things y'all are accusing the balloon squad actors of because as a brown person I’m sorry but it’s my first instinct to jump to their defense when they’re being smeared on here. I don’t want to defend them if they’re actually being problematic, but I’ve also seen this fandom villainize those boys from the moment we knew they were gonna be on the show and so I really struggle with believing any of the shit y'all claim they do in videos when y'all can find private ass photos of tarjei at school but you can’t come up with any receipts for simo and adam’s alleged racism and homophobia.

Imagine Joshua and The8 wearing matching neck chokers.