i would've said the same thing

I kind of wanted Cas to snap at dean saying “you wanna talk about cosmic consequences?? How about: the DARKNESS. And the fact that YOU KILLED DEATH, DEAN, I don’t think you get to say anything about what I did.”

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u are probably gonna yell at me, but about ricks reyna tweet: i liked it. it would have felt like a token lesbian to me if he suddenly would've written her as one. (but i hc reyna as aroace anyway, so the 'she is her own better half' thing is like a plus for that) ((please dont yell at me))

“it would have felt like a token lesbian to me if he suddenly would’ve written her as one“ this is literally what people said about Nico di Angelo when House of Hades came out. 

The same things people are yelling about Reyna “SHE LIKED PERCY! SHE LIKED JASON! SHE CAN’T BE GAY” is the same thing it was told about Nico “He had a crush on Annabeth! He can’t be gay!” And in case you didn’t know, Nico wasn’t intended to be a gay character, Rick had said it:

The longer Rick wrote Reyna the clearer it got for a lot of lesbians to see themselves in Reyna, Reyna wouldn’t have felt like a token lesbian just like Nico is not a token gay. And why Reyna should be a lesbian character? In his words:

Reyna was this character for a lot of his readers and he took this positive and healthy and relatable character from them.

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I never would've guessed that Stephanie and Chris went to the same High School -🐢

See I actually had my own private theory that they knew each other before Matt and Steph hired him!

During the truth or dare stream, Stephanie made a comment after Chris’s story about how he escaped a party and told his older sister about it, only for her to tell their parents. She said something along the lines of ‘I know your sister and she totally would have told your parents’ and I thought that was an odd thing to say about someone who Steph would have probably only met once or twice, if that. From there, I also remembered that Chris is also from North Carolina and since his sister is older, she would probably be about Stephanie’s age. So I drew the conclusion that Steph and Chris’s older sister probably knew each other from school!

And then of course, Stephanie commenting about Chris having gone to her high school pretty much confirmed it for me that she and his sister probably were in the same grade in high school and are friends, and that is how they met Chris!

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I don't buy that the thing Jen said of we were told what to say and what we couldn't say on SQ side of things. If she wasn't able to talk about that then the same rules would've had to apply to Lana and Lana has talked about it for yrs at the conventions since she started doing them. To me the what we can and can't say thing would go with certain spoilers in general but maybe that's just me.

I’m sorry but until I know where she supposedly said that I don’t believe it.  

She didn’t say it in her panels.  She didn’t say it in one of her two meet and greets and she didn’t say it in autos because she didn’t have time to have said it there.  

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So what's the general consensus then? Did they or didn't they have sex during the WW2? When I think about the amount of time they would've known each other during the war, I tend to lean more towards them having a very deep (but secret) relationship.

I can’t speak for everyone here of course. We all saw the same movies and what was left unseen (because of the limited screentime) is open to interpretation. Everyone has a different headcanon, even Hayley wasn’t really sure when she was asked about it.

If you think they were an item, go ahead. If you don’t, more power to you.

It’s like the question if Steve and Buck were a thing. The actors said they hadn’t played it with that intention but if fans liked to interpret it as such, they wouldn’t object.

If you asked me and only me, I’d say Steve and Peggy were not in a romantic/sexual relationship during WWII. They weren’t even actively courting. There just was lots of eye fucking involved and immense mutual pining. Steve carrying her picture around, without her knowledge mind you, like a schoolboy with his first crush, and his embarrassed reaction when he was found out underlined it. Peggy testing the waters at the bar, showing Steve that she had noticed his shy interest in her and that she returned that interest.

But they were in a very extreme situation - war! And she was his superior/liaison. As a woman in her position, she was fighting enough sexist prejudices, she didn’t need to encourage those by sleeping with THE Captain.

Also they never acted like they were in a relationship (especially awkward Steve), only like two people deeply in love and longing for each other but always separated by a rift. They kept their relationship professional and platonic while their eyes screamed for more. They danced around each other, never saying out loud what they felt which also lead to the “fondue faux pas”.

I think a good enough parallel would be courtly love, a knight and a lady during medieval times and their pure, desire-filled, yet platonic love for each other. Another example in modern fiction is the relationship between Elisa and Goliath in the Disney cartoon Gargoyles. They knew what the other felt, yet never really talked about it and kept their relationship platonic till the end (yes, the racial issue was part of it as well but that’s another story).

And the importance of The Dance is enough proof for me. We all know it wasn’t only about the simple act of dancing. No, The Dance was also a metaphor for a life after the war, for a future together, for FINALLY being able to actually BE together and start a relationship. The Dance stood for a life, for open love, for sex - and since they never got it (thanks, Steve, you dramatic asshole), they never had the chance to either get to know each other outside of an extreme situation, explore those feelings they had for each other or put those into action.

Now, looking at Steggy as a part of a movie, I think if there had been anything going on, we would know for sure! Johnston did a wonderful job when it came to Steggy scenes and I think he would have made sure to include a scene or even an unambiguous hint if they had been more than Captain and Agent.

It’s that bitter-sweetness of a lost chance never taken and what could have been what makes Steggy so lovely and sad in my opinion. They had put a blossoming love on hold, for the sake of others like both Steve and Peggy always do, with the intention of waiting until after the war - only to find out that there was no “after” for them. If they had a relationship, they would have already gotten what they had wanted and Steve’s death “only” ended it. As Tennyson wrote “‘Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all”… and Steggy didn’t get the chance to (openly) love and act on that love which makes their story the most tragic one in the MCU.

But that’s just my interpretation.


“The all-American kid from Vancouver.”

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I don't agree with diagnosing strangers over the internet, so I think saying "You probably have X disorder" is a little invasive, but "go fuck yourself with a bat" is nothing compared to what I would've said if someone gleefully wished choking/death upon my loved ones. "you made sexually charged comments at a minor" is nonsense, it was an insult not a flirt, and a warranted one, that teenager said something horrific and they are old enough to know better and to be accountable for their actions.

It’s just, randomly wishing someone’s parents death is a thing of the same field as torturing a pet of a person you hate. I don’t know what’s wrong with that person. That’s why I said they need to be observed by a doctor. I hope their own parents don’t neglect them and notice that something bad is happening.

And generally, a stay in the anti community is very unhealthy. There already was a 11 yo abuse victim who was lured into leading an anti map blog and even doxxing people. Now there’s this.

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Jimin going back to the same place yoonmin took that photo 2 years ago gave me the fuzzy feels!!! Like it would have been perfect if yoongi was there too but seeing jimin so happy in that pic is so cute!! That's literally like a boyfriend going back to their favorite place and sending it to their lover like "remember this place??" :'))) and the fact that jimin had that yoonmin pic as his wallpaper for the longest time like ughh BOYFRIENDS

i didn’t know that thing about his wallpaper ;; mAH HEART

and yeah it was so cute they’re so cute 

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Another dog at the park kept crowding my dog despite her signals. I picked her up... the other owner said doing so will make her be more scared. Is this part of the "let dogs sort it out themselves" nonsense? Or, what should I do instead? I was told to "send away" the other dog, but that might not be possible or safe for me. I would've dismissed it if my vet (while treating a small abrasion she got at this same park) hadn't also agreed. Is this 'don't pick up your dog' a legit thing or nah?

Both sides have some truth to them, and it’s really going to depend on your dog - is she going to tolerate the dog indefinitely and be miserable, or is she going to tell him off by barking/snapping/growling? If it’s the former, rescue your dog. For the latter, I would say monitor it but don’t intervene.

I know, it’s super weird to see me advocating for ‘bad behavior’ aka barking or snapping. But the thing is, dogs need to learn to set boundaries with each other for social interactions and we’ve gotten so over-protective as pet parents that often we don’t even give them a chance. Lots of really pushy dogs end up that way because they never get told off by the other dogs they bother - we always swoop in and end playtime when puppies get too rough. If we didn’t, the bullied puppy would eventually get fed up and let the bully know, which teaches the bullied puppy that it can stand up for itself and other dogs will listen and teaches bullies they have to pay attention to the boundaries of other dogs or lose their playmates. 

So, when your dog is getting pushed around, I am always an advocate of giving them the chance to stand up for themselves and set their own boundaries. If they’re being harassed too much or the other dog doesn’t listen when they do, then definitely help your dog out. If you pick her up every time there’s an asshole dog around, you’re not helping her learn skills to resolve the situations and making her dependent on you for rescue. 

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What do you think would've happened in GMNY if Farkle didn't say anything? Do you think Lucas and Maya would've been/still be together? Do you think Riley would've said something by now?

I think Lucas and Maya would have gotten together at some point between New Years and the start of high school, for sure. They were on the brink of something that night on the roof. Yes, they both clearly had some other things going on (campfire v. library and loving 2 people at the same time), but I think that if their behavior between Texas and New Years is anything to go on, they would have gotten together eventually. Why? Because they kept trying. Despite all the obstacles, they kept trying, taking baby steps towards being something legit. Unlike rilucas, who broke up and explicitly decided to be friends after their dates in New World, Lucaya kept trying, romantically speaking. Now, granted they weren’t actually a “thing” with a label like Riley and Lucas were and that does add a complicated layer of pressure to the whole thing, but the point is, Lucaya continued to take steps forward, where Rilucas more or less stalled in this nebulous thing.

Lucaya’s talk on the roof was a pretty giant leap for them, with Maya confirming her feelings and Lucas doing the same via subtext. Maya’s “It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here”, was basically, “I like you and I want you next to me romantically this year”. And Lucas’, “Well, that kind of makes up for everything”, was pretty much him saying, “I like you too and I like that you want me next too you romantically in the coming year. I’d like that too.” They were on the brink of something that night, no question. Not saying they would have gotten together that night or anything, but I think it would have happened naturally at some point.

Do I think Riley would have said something eventually? Yes. She might not have even needed to say anything at all because her actions would have spoken pretty loudly for her after a while. Riley tried to step back like Maya had and it worked for a bit, but girl was already cracking by Texas 3 and she had like, minimum chill by New Years. The way she walked over to the grown up bay window and sat next to Lucas and Maya when it was clear they were having a moment…Riley’s armor was cracking and eventually it would have shattered. Her and Lucas are unfinished business and until they’re finished, Lucas and Maya will not be able to have a legitimate relationship. Rilucas needs to sort their own shit before Lucas can have anything with Maya and I think we would have learned that the hard way if Lucas and Maya had gotten together and Farkle had never blabbed.