i would've made the other two but class is over and now its time to write a paper

College Nozonicoeli pt 5

Part 5: In which Nico expresses how much she hates college and NozoEli try to save the school and their relationship with Nico (still cr! Nozomi :> bc i love cr nozomi…)

NozoNicoEli struggling to finish their homework:

  • Nico is absolutely terrible at doing homework/studying, only because she gets distracted every five minutes gazing at her beautiful girlfriends. Hello late assignments, hello angry project mates (tho they tend to forgive her bc Nozoeli usually are her partners). She works hard when she is paired with others tho!! 
  • Eli is a workaholic. She feels uncomfortable if she doesn’t do anything. Ends up Eli finishes most parts of the projects by herself (Nozonico needs to protect Eli from the hoards of students trying to pair up with Eli). Never underestimate Eli’s popularity in class. Hello beautifully written essays, and hello kisses from Nozonico.
  • Nozomi is really lazy. She wants to help out most of the time but she just gets so so lazy and then procrastinates. Eli hates the fact that Nozomi cooks instead of doing her work because they’ll end up eating yakiniku for meals. Hello papers that smells like food, and hello cuddles from NicoEli.
  • They almost failed a project once because Eli got mad and took over everything so when its presentation time Nozonico were spectacularly speechless. Ever since then Nozonico works their hardest :> since they can’t get help for personal assignments anway and they need to pass.

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