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yesterday's kids
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yesterday's kids

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yesterday’s kids with their horrible lies

ok so i watched beauty and the beast w/ emily and now all i want to do is listen to the obc version with Susan Egan and Terrance Mann, like!!! i really wish the movie had incorporated the original musical songs instead of making new songs? like on their own they were really good but they didn’t really fit and felt redundant when we already have existing songs that serve the same purpose? like god i wanted to hear Home and If I Can’t Love Her so BAD,  I felt like the score was seriously lacking in a cohesive sound and those songs not being there were 100% the reason.  like, they’re the core motifs of the musical and when you hear the Home motif and reprise you literally die!!  come on!!! just do it, it would’ve been lovely T _ T 

npcs + saying ‘i love you’ (da:i)

abelas says it the way he says all things: plainly. it takes time for him to come to the point; abelas has spent countless of years without the right to love. (perhaps that’s for the best, he thinks, he would have failed any love just as he failed mythal, watching her temple be laid to waste and being unable to protect the well.) in many ways he doesn’t know how to vocally express just how strongly he feels. his deliverance of the words ar lath ma often makes them sound stiff, but his eyes soften and the lines on his face ease, his movements are tender and that, that speaks more than his words could possibly convey. although—him murmuring the inquisitor’s name in the quiet moments, calling them vhenan and touching his forehead to theirs, that comes close.

harding goes through phases with it. so maybe the first time she says it, she blushes so hard that her freckles disappear in the red. maybe it comes off as a little stammer. so what. with the passing of time comes a strengthened confidence and the ability to say it in a thousand different ways: earnest statements when she and the inquisitor have only each other’s company, secret grins when they pass each other, i love yous in inside jokes and i’ve got your backs out in the field. the most frequent comes in the form of letters written when they’re apart, neatly penned and signed: “always thinking of you. love, lace.”

krem clears his throat twice the first time he says it, tries to keep his voice even. flirting is the easy part, joking isn’t hard, but saying i love you is no simple feat, no matter how much he knows the words to be true. but he eases into it, saying it becomes as natural as laughing—although unlike laughs, he prefers to keep his statements of affection between him and his inquisitor only, away from prying ears. he’s only broken this rule once, because krem is brave and doesn’t back down from a challenge; when bull dares him to, krem outright declares that he loves the inquisitor to all the chargers and anyone in present company, privacy be damned.  

rylen has no qualms saying he loves the inquisitor, he’ll announce it to the entire army if they’d like him to. the world is ending before his eyes and while he and his beloved will do everything they can to stop it, there is no time like the present to be forthcoming with his feelings. so his words are direct and to the point, coated with a warmth and tenderness that both his eyes and smile reinforce. “i love you,” he says as a reminder when he can; “i love you,” he says when they make his job a little easier; “i love you,” he says simply because it is so. and oh, how lucky i am to be loved, he thinks when he sees them go, pride and affection swelling in his chest.



dennett only has two people in the world that he’ll say i love you to, and the inquisitor isn’t one of them. for all that he’s concerned, this inquisitor has whisked him from one place to another; he’s seen his life flash before his eyes at haven and seen himself weeping relief at skyhold, seen himself reborn, and he’s not sure if he can thank them for that. but he can say that there’s a growing warm spot in his old heart for the inquisitor. he’s seen them grow and seen them off every time they left, welcomed them back every time they’ve returned, and while they’re no blood child of his, maybe they’re a heart child instead.

harris isn’t one for words, or feelings, really, but he’s fond of the inquisitor as much as anyone—perhaps more than most, but he won’t admit it (not matter how much dagna heckles him). so while he doesn’t say it, he lets the thought simmer in the back of his mind when he forges the inquisitor’s weapons and crafts their armor. be safe is written into every hammer stroke, every stitch, and that’s an i love you enough from him.

leliana doesn’t have it in her to utter the words. acknowledging a love for the inquisitor, of all people, is the same as recognizing that her heart isn’t as brittle as she believes it to be, as steely as it should be. (josephine is the exception to that rule, she tells herself. hollow words.) but there’s no denying that the inquisitor makes her softer, makes her consider a brighter future, makes her believe that, despite the truths of their circumstance, perhaps the maker is still watching over her after all. so while the words will never slip off her tongue or spill from her pen, in the quiet hours she will think them instead.

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because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows... compassion.

Some animated villainesses whose motivations were unrelated to heartbreak by men, envy toward other woman, or vanity.


└ OMG~ The things these national idols are made to do~~ (^_^)

Cr: Aratsubo Preview 16.07.2016

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Hi Sandy! So I know you ship Baekyeol, they're your otp (and mine as well)! I was just wondering, because there are different levels to shipping, if you ship them for fun or truly believe there is something there and that they could be real, not just in our fantasies? (In my personal opinion I can see them being real..but people disagree with me because of the whole thing with Tae) I hope I am not disturbing you with this ask! Lots of love to you and your blog <3

hi and yayy you ship baekyeol!! hmm this is a really interesting qn and i’ve actually asked myself this several times too but i don’t really know! 

the thing is, the practical/logical side of me will always remind me that this is just something that we fans can enjoy and imagine (and i think this side of me is important to keep me in check and stop me from ever becoming some kind of crazy or stalker fan).. but at the same time, i feel that i’m in so deep lol.. and i can’t help but fall in love with their love every time they have such sweet interactions.. and just the way they look at each other gives me all these feels <3 

plus some of the things they do.. i mean, i don’t even do such things with my best friend lol~ 

so i guess if i really had to answer, then (and omg this will sound so cheesy) my heart will always believe that they’re real ehehe ♡♡♡ and i don’t think i’ve ever shipped them “for fun”; i mean, this is a lot of feels and pain right here /clenches heart/ HAHA c: i just kinda fell into it along the way and now i don’t think i can love a couple more than these two dorks <3


Q: Which member cares about you most?

Q: If you were a girl, which member of EXO would you date?