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Can u write confessing scene coming from Nishiki? In summary, He's confessing his romantic feelings towards touka to someone in his own style. It could be Yomo, since he would've intuit it


“Is she feeling better?” Yomo asked about Touka. He had stopped by Nishiki’s flat to check on her since he would be heading out to find Ayato and Hinami.

Nishiki nodded. “Yeah, she’s doing better. She’s still sleeping. She needs it.”

Nishiki headed into the kitchen and grabbed himself a can of he usual poison. He popped it open and took a long gulp of it. 

Yomo crossed his arms, looking down the small hallway at Nishiki’s bedroom door and wondering if Touka would pop out. “I trust you will keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t do anything…”

Nishiki arched a brow. “Stupid?” 

“Reckless.” Yomo said, eyeing him sternly.

“Don’t worry. She’s not going anywhere.” Nishiki took another gulp of his coffee. 

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