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tbh i don't see how it's not obvious to anyone that if sns were het, people would be all over it and it undoubtedly would've been canon. nobody would've disputed it. sometimes i think it would've been one of the most popular het ships ever. i see some people say that it still wouldn't have become canon if it were het, because the basis of their relationship is friendship, but it's easy for them to say that now because it's not het. sasuke and naruto are guys. but i can guarantee that if [1/?]

sasuke or naruto had been a girl, those same people would be all over sns because of how fleshed out the relationship is and how deep their bond goes. hell, even if sns had been het and written purely as friends, it still wouldn’t stop those same people from shipping it because they’d see them interacting and interpret their behavior towards each other as romantic, even if it wasn’t romantic. it’s just kind of funny to me that they try so hard to deny it would be canon and deny that it’s [2/3]

heteronormativity that s/s and n/h even happened and would mean sns being canon if it were het, because it’s just. it’s undeniable. make one a girl, and suddenly everyone can see it as romantic. there’s just no denying it. [3/3]

Yes, people mainly deny SNS because of gender. I always see people saying: “They’re not gay” or something like that. They never look at the bond, the development, the meaning behind their words. They overlook all these important elements needed in a relationship simply because they are two guys.

People who say that Sasuke and Naruto can’t have romantic feelings for each other just because they are friends really makes me laugh. What is the basis for a good and healthy relationship? I’m sure it isn’t one-sided crushes. Love is what blooms from friendship. 

There is a reason why so many N/H moments were copied from SNS. You can check out this post which talks about recycled SNS moments. The Last is a prime example of copied SNS moments but I’m sure you know about those already.

I think one of the more important scenes is Hinata “protecting” Naruto from Pain. To be honest, there is nothing romantic about that scene. From Hinata’s point of view maybe. But overall, that scene was pretty plain and a cheap rip-off of Sasuke protecting Naruto from Haku. Like, c’mon, that scene had 10x more emotions and impact.

No one will ever convince me that this isn’t meant to be romantic and that Hinata getting thrown in the air like a ragdoll for some reason is.

Oh and also

Seems familiar, right?

Needless to say, these forced canon pairings actually prove that Sasuke and Naruto could have been canon if only one was a girl :)


fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x08: The Well

“I had no clue. Did you? Hidden in plain sight an actual Asgardian. Brilliant. How long do you suppose he’s been on our planet?”
“A thousand years. Maybe more. If we could just cut him open a little bit, get some tissue samples, maybe some bodily fluids, we could find out-”
“-Or we could just ask him, weirdo.” 

  • People: How are you feeling?
  • Me: Fine, thanks.
  • Me, internally: I just don't understand why Joss Whedon had to go and fuck up as beautiful a relationship as Clint and Natasha and pair her up with the Hulk. Clearly this is only happening because he wanted to do one of those stupid love stories where the man felt like a monster and he didn't wanna mess up his love and Natasha is like the only girl in the series that gets enough screen time, so she got to be the love interest. But there literally wasn't anything in the whole series that hinted towards Bruce and Natasha being a thing! Literally it would've made more sense for Bruce to fall in love with Tony!!! Like they could've gone with the Natasha and Bucky and I would've been okay with that because at least they have a history in the comics, or even Natasha and Steve even though their chemistry was really friendship-based anyway, but the Bruce Banner makes no sense? And what happened to his love interest in his last solo film?! And Clintasha is so beautiful! What about the arrow necklace that Natasha wore in Cap. 2??? What about all of their sexual tension??? And the actors have such good chemistry! Why can't we just have a movie about how they became partners and eventually lovers??? Budapest, anyone???