i would watch them sleep even

Only Cowards Run Away

This fanfiction is based on the song “Rio” by Mika. The lyrics are cursive.

Oh here I go again

Baz wakes up in the morning, earlier than Simon. He turns around to watch him sleep and his heart aches with love. He is aware that this doesn’t do any good and brings him nothing but pain. He should stop it, that would be for the best. For Simon’s sake and for his own.

Really, it would spare them both a whole lot of misery if he just stopped everything. Baz has never been good at respecting Simon’s privacy. It’s even worse now.

Who even is he now? Simon has done it. He has defeated the humdrum a few weeks ago after Christmas. The mage is dead. Really, there is no reason to fight anymore. The war has finally come to an end.

Baz should be happy about that. But he feels still empty, still like a doll, still broken on the inside. The only purpose he ever served is gone now. Because he knows that he was born to play the villain in Simon’s story. Now that it’s over, what is he supposed to do? He’s a nobody. Not even a real person. Who is he, if he isn’t Simon’s enemy?

School only lasts a few months now and that will be it. After that he will never see Simon again. Of course Baz is aware that all he is is pathetic. But he can’t help but feel like he was only ever a person in Simon’s world. Somebody to fear. An evil vampire. A plotting villain. What will be left of that when Simon is gone? How will he survive?

All Baz has ever done is keep his head above water. He needs these few hours he spends every day watching Simon and therefore torturing himself to stay alive. It’s tearing him apart from the inside. And that’s just another reason for his mother to be disappointed in him. A real Pitch isn’t that much of a mess. A real Pitch can be strong.

But why keep fighting when there is no war anymore? Why does Baz even exist? Is it only to be in pain? Is this some sort of punishment? But what for?

Every day, Baz looks in the mirror and eyes his own face. He’s so pale and so tired. If only he could find some rest, somewhere. He stares into his own grey eyes and he sees them lifeless and empty.

But that’s just the story of his existence. He doesn’t have a soul. He isn’t even human. And every day, the pain increases by some more, with every glance he shoots in Simon’s direction.

They’re not even enemies anymore. That means now he’s nothing to Simon. If he knew about Baz’ feelings, it would simply seem pathetic and like the bloody tragedy it is. Baz is scared of that. And he’s scared of losing him too.

Every morning he looks into his own empty eyes and all days are the same.

I wake up every morning to this Groundhog Day

Thinking about the list of things that I’ve done wrong
Can’t even count, it goes on too long

There are many things that Baz regrets. Could he have been anyone else to Simon Snow? Maybe even a friend? Who could he have been if his life hadn’t been such a misery? What if Baz had been more than his family’s puppet?

In a different universe, there wouldn’t be this cold barrier between him and Simon. In that universe, Simon wouldn’t frown as soon as Baz looked at him. They wouldn’t avoid each other at all cost. They wouldn’t only talk to each other in insults. They’d be friends. Baz would help him and support him instead of holding him back. In another universe, Baz would be happy and he would make sure that Simon was too.

There are so many things Baz would’ve done differently if he’d got the chance. Maybe, one fateful day, he’d even told Simon that he was beautiful and perhaps it would’ve even been okay.

Sometimes, Baz regrets every fight he ever started, every insult he ever threw Simon’s way. He also regrets all the things he hasn’t done, like talking Simon out of going off instead of provoking him.

Sometimes, Baz wishes he’d been a little braver. But in the end, he’s still himself and there’s no way he can escape his past. Or is there?

I try to change my way
I feel like I’m the villain in some crappy play
The book has long been written
But I’d rather be just about anyone else but me
I hope you see

And he’s trying. He really is. But what could he ever do to apologize? To make it even? He can never justify what he did, can he? Simon is never going to forgive him. So where is the point in carrying on? There’s so much he wants to tell Simon but he can’t because he still is Baz Pitch. And he wishes so badly he wasn’t.

Possibly, there’s another way to express himself. And the only chance to flee might be to go away. Could he just leave? Could he leave this whole mess behind and become someone new? Or would that just make everything worse?

One way or another, he takes a paper out of his drawer and retreats onto his bed. His fingers are shaking when he starts to write.

I’m sorry.”

At first, that’s all he writes. That’s what he wants to say the most. He is so, so sorry.

It doesn’t mean I’m not a fighter
It’s just that I wanna be a little lighter
Spent so long fixing things I’ve done
I’ve got holes in all my pockets
Even those holes, they’ve got pockets
Hiding things that’ll never see the sun

For everything. You can’t even believe how incredibly sorry I am, Simon Snow. I shudder just thinking about who I was to you. I just want you to know that I didn’t mean to do this to you. I know that you’ll never stop hating me and you’ll never be able to forgive me. That’s okay.

I know you’ll be glad that I leave, that you’ll be without me from now on. But it will be a little weird too, won’t it? We’ve been room mates for so long. We’re not even enemies anymore, are we? What are we, then? To say the least, I don’t know who I am. Maybe I’ll find myself if I go away.

Don’t say I’m a coward for running in fact because in fact this is the first time I will be brave. I’m doing the right thing for, I don’t know, the first time in forever. I just want to lift this weight off my shoulders. Who knows who I’ll be when you aren’t around?”

I’m taking off
Going to Rio
I’m getting lost to find an alter ego
It could be Paris or Berlin
I don’t care what state I’m in
Gonna leave it all behind
Maybe I’ll be myself when I’m somebody else

I don’t know where I’ll be going but I hope I find who I’m looking for. I’m hoping I’ll be someone who can find the courage to face you without breaking into a sneer. It’s just a defense mechanism, you know? I never did it to hurt you, just to protect myself. I’ve been so afraid. Of you and of the person you thought I was. Maybe running away will save us both.

Imagine that, Simon Snow. I could be anyone. A mastermind. A dancer. A princess. A street magician. Hell, I don’t know, I might even turn into a good person.

Thank you for saving me when I was eleven years old. But I’m going to stop being “Simon Snow’s vicious room mate”. I’ll be my own person. Who knows who that will be.”

This is not an invitation
I’m going to Rio
This is not a conversation
Say good-bye to me, oh

Maybe in ten years time,
You’ll receive a letter from some random guy
You’ll like him so much better, but then you will see
He’s not a stranger it’s only me

Maybe we’ll meet again someday. That would be nice. Imagine if we could go back to zero. Imagine if we started from scratch one. I wonder whether you’d like me. Imagine, Simon, you’ll like me in ten years. Actually, I think that will keep me going. That one day I’ll see you again and I’ll be someone you’ll come to like.”

Baz is not a fool, of course. He knows that there won’t change so much in ten years, but he still can’t keep himself from imagining. That’s a whole different world. If only he closes his eyes, he can already dream of it.

He sees himself knocking on Simon Snow’s door. There will be a smile and a laughter and then they’ll hug as if they’re old friends. Simon will ask him in and Baz will be polite and everything will be nice. In Baz’ dreams, Baz will be a person that Simon will fall in love with. What a crazy thought. That, if he didn’t hate me, he’d love me.

Obviously, that’s not what’s going to happen. Probably Simon won’t even want to be friends. But Baz would much rather live in that dream than in reality.

I could only be myself
As somebody else

‘Cause you got sun, I got bad weather
Anything you can lose, I can lose better
Did my best with what life gave to me
I’ve got holes in all my pockets
Even those holes, they’ve got pockets
Hiding things that I sure want to leave

Perhaps it’s time to lose some of the lies I kept within my sorry soul. After all, we’ll never meet again. (If I didn’t lie to myself and accepted the truth – once I’m gone, I’ll never see you again.)

I’ll have you know that I am thoroughly aware of the darkness in my soul. Thing is, it was always a little bit lighter when you were around. You were the literal sun and I was crashing into you with all that I’d got. I’m sorry that you’re broken and for everything I contributed to that. I am broken too, so I guess we match. When I’m gone, I’ll heal myself and then I’ll come back and heal you. (I know that you don’t want that. Don’t worry. It’s just a stupid fantasy I have.)

Now, the truth. The truth is that you’re the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen, inside and out. The truth is that you’d be scared if you knew that the thought of you alone was enough to keep me alive. I think, now I’m ready to let you know.

I love you with all my heart and with my lost soul. I know that this will surprise you, but believe me, it’s true. I wish so badly it wasn’t. But you’re a mess and I am too.

We’re broken, wounded creatures that played roles in a ridiculous story we didn’t want to play.

Maybe you weren’t the chosen one after all. Maybe it turned out that you were the villain of this fairy tale. But you must know that you’ll always be the hero of my story.

Don’t try to find me. There’s no need to. I’ll be alright. I’m not off plotting or whatever you’re going to think. I’m off to become a better person.

I’m pleading you, stop crying every night when we go sleeping. I can hear it and it breaks my heart. Please go look for help when you’re hurting, and I know you are. (I know you better than anyone else, after all.)

- Baz”

Simon finds the letter on his bed, one day. He’s more than surprised. Who would leave him a note? Then he realizes that all of Baz’ stuff is gone and he feels himself shuddering. He wonders what’s wrong.

Then he reads the letter and he realizes three things.

  1. Baz Pitch was so broken that he had to flee.
  2. Baz Pitch is in love with me.
  3. I am in love with Baz Pitch.

These truths don’t shock him as much as they should. What does shock him is the pain in his chest and the tears running over his cheeks. He’s just standing there and his heart is bleeding.

“You didn’t give me any chance,” he whispers, “to fix things. To answer. To try and understand.”

Suddenly the door breaks open and Baz steps through.

As soon as he spots Simon with the letter in his hand, he looks utterly mortified. He wants to back away and hide. Or he’s changed his mind and he wants to run.

But Simon can’t let that happen. He rushes towards Baz and holds him against the closed door.

“You selfish prat,” Simon cries and Baz glares at him ruefully.

Maybe I’ll be myself when I’m somebody else

“I’m sorry, Simon,” Baz whispers, “but this is who I am. I don’t want to be me, but I am.”

“Why did you come back?”
“'Cause it won’t change anything,” Baz says and looks away. “I’ve just been kidding myself. I wouldn’t turn into somebody else – it would take a miracle for that to happen. It just isn’t as easy as I want it to be. All that would happen is that I’d miss you.”
Simon stares at him and something in Baz’ stomach churns.

“I’ve just had this dream that all my nightmares would go away if I left – but the truth is that they’d come with me.”

“Baz,” Simon mutters and then he kisses him. It’s the only thing he can think of doing. And maybe this is their way to escape. Their way to become something else, together.

Baz glances at him insecurely. It will take some time to heal their broken souls. But they will manage.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Baz whispers.

Simon smiles at him.

“There’s never been anything I’ve been more sure about.”

Running might not be the solution. But that doesn’t mean there’s no solution at all.

Baz takes Simon’s fingers in his own and they smile at each other.

Maybe that’s all it ever took for their souls to break free.

Anthony Ramos X Reader

I literally written at 11pm from my Phone. I’m running on a total of like 5 hours of sleep this week but hey whatever!

“Oops Still married!” Lin said for the eight time in two weeks running backwards in costume to pass someone, anyone, his wedding ring before running on stage no longer as Married Old Man Miranda but as Wild and rowdy Alexander Hamilton. Everyone else was already on stage halfway through the opening song and the title character is…not even in character yet. You would never tire of watching all of them transition from themselves into someone else entirely. It’s fascinating seeing someone becomesomeone else, adopting their thoughts, their habits, their posture, their fears, their interests, their accents. Fascinating.

You watched various members of the named cast and of the under acknowledged ensemble ducking in and out of the wings and heard them work their way through the song. You listened carefully just like every time. Ready to spring into action the moment anything unexpected happened. There had only been a few surprises, but from what you could tell they had played it off perfectly.

“We fought with him” Lin was a genius with the character plays with these lines.

“Me I died for him.” You swallowed at that, saying the first line in character is like the final step. You knew you wouldn’t see Anthony again for almost three hours even though he spends a fourth of the show in the wings or totally backstage.

(Y/N), you heard someone call hoarsely. You jerked your head up to see Jaz walking towards you-no, not walking-no. She was hobbling

“What happened?” You asked frantically, trying to figure out what to do. She was due on in less than 10 minutes. You ushered her to a chair quickly pulling her shoe off disregarding the break in the small heel. Then you saw how swollen it was.

“It wasn’t like this before the show started!” You asked and she shook her head and with tears in her eyes told you she had tripped on her way off of the landing she stood on as Maria. She wouldn’t be able to walk on it, much less dance. “C'mon we gotta get changed.” You told her reluctantly. You could tell by her eyes how much she hated doing this but there was no way for her to perform at her best ability. You had only had to step in for her twice and she only had two more weeks. You pulled on the crinolines and hoop that you needed to wear while she slipped out of the dress. You were both fully re-dressed and you up in the wings (with a different pair of shoes) in record time. You had had your entire conversation, found ice and and gotten someone else to help Jasmine and gotten into the corset and entire costume just at the end of Aaron Burr, Sir.Slower than you would usually have taken but Jasmine’s ankle was probably broken, meaning you would be Maria/Peggy for a while.

You watched the guys as drunken fools and tried to get in your other mindset as you listened to Anthony’s angelic voice during SOT. You realized that you would probably surprise almost everyone when you came out as Peggy

Luckily the other Schuyler sisters had seen the fall and nodded at you quickly in confirmation before pulling out their smiles and the three of you moved in formation leaving (Y/N)behind and becoming Peggy.


“Eliizaaa” you shoved your way between the two and smiled proud of yourself

“And Peggy!” You looked at both of them grinning. Perfect. You went through the song whining and being dragged along spinning and watching the ‘minds at work.’ You fluttered your eyelashes and flirted with Laurens who raised an eyebrow at you and you just frowned at him with an oh-so-slight jerk of your head and shrugged your shoulders. To the audience it would look like Peggy was walking away after an unpleasant end to the conversation but he knew what you meant. You then stuck to the script, or relatively close anyway. You hurried across stage to be in place for the famous “werk” pose and then slipped off stage again waiting.

The rest of Act 1 went without a hitch, helpless and satisfied were so fun to do especially when you were being swept off your feet and spun in the air. You watched from the wings the heartbreaking scene of the Laurens Interlude. It brought you to tears every time. It wasn’t professional but you couldn’t help it with the raw emotion in Anthony’s voice. Nonstop was crazy and fun, and a much needed change of piece. Suddenly it was intermission and almost everyone was asking Jasmine about her ankle and how long you would be playing her. You began mentally transforming into Maria placing yourself in her shoes when Anthony knocked and walked in.

“Hey,” he greeted you and you smiled.

“Hi.” You said trying to apply another coat of the harlot red lipstick. You tossed lines back and forth and gave the note a test and your heat skipped a beat when he smiled at you. He practiced his ‘young Phillip’ voice cracking terrible jokes that you laughed until someone called out time. He gave you a kiss before heading back out.

“Show time” he told you smirking.

“Break a leg babe!” You told him as he walked back towards the stage and he winked at you. You didn’t need to be on for a while, just a back up voice. You heard Eliza and Angelica sing the last few harmonies of Take a Break and got ready to walk on. It took focus not to smile while you walked on the turntable, that was so much fun. You played your part perfectly and were proud of your voice when you cried in the second half of the song and even got real tears flowing out when you whimpered as James whistled to you like a dog at the end of the song. It was only a matter of time before you were needed to hand Lin the pen that destroyed Alexanders life. You waited anxiously with your knee bouncing. Jaz had left at some point and it was just you and various tech, cosmetic and design people going back and forth quietly. You changed into the tan dress that matched everyone else and went back to listening. You breathed out shakily when you heard Phillipa wail at the end of stay alive reprise. You watched Phillips lifeless body come towards you on the turntable and you helped him up.

“Killed it again.” You told him still breathing deep as you helped him stand back up. Watching him go completely limp killed you every time. You both hurried back out of the way to wait until Who lives who dies. You wanted to talk but before you had the chance you both were needed on opposite ends.

Then it was time for the hardest part of the whole show. Lifts and spins and speed walks were nothing next to staying dry eyed during the finale.

“I rely on Angelica. While she’s alive we tell your story she is buried in trinity church near you when I needed her most she was right on time.” You spoke with the ensemble working to keep your voice from cracking. “The orphanage.” Still focusing on keeping your threat clear, “Who lives who dies who tells your story. Who lives who dies who tells your story.” You watched her walk forward and then stagger slightly and gasp. You had originally wanted to be Eliza, but you were glad you got cast as Peggy, you doubted you would ever be able to make it through Act 2 as Eliza. You grabbed the hand closest to you, which was unsurprisingly Anthony’s, and flooded out with everyone to take your bow.

“Well, well, well, Miss Maria,” a low voice said around the corner after you had spent almost an hour with the fans making you jump slightly in surprise. Anthony scooped you up into a twirling hug and you giggled even though he did this after every performance even when you were only seen by the people who paid attention the girl that caught Burr’s fatal Bullet. “You killed it.” He whispered in your ear.

“You killed me you said back to him. “What’s it like to die twice on your birthday?” You asked him letting him know you hadn’t forgotten, you hadn’t had a chance to say anything earlier. He laughed a little. “I had gotten you a cupcake but I ended up giving it to Jaz.” He made a goofy face at you and you had to laugh. “You too tired for dinner?” You asked him. Sometimes after a show he just wanted to crash, but this was the first one this week so hopefully a date night would be doable. He agreed that dinner would be great. “alright, just let me get out of this dress and this corset ugh.” He laughed at you. You had complained about the crushing feeling of the corset more times than either of you could count.

“Wait, one quick thing.” He said pulling you back towards him, you looked at him in surprise before he suddenly kissed you. It knocked the air out of your lungs as he slowly ran his tongue over your lips before pulling away. “Good.” He said and you raised an eye brow what was goodsupposed to mean? “I was afraid you would have Lin’s chapstick all over you face.” He told you and you laughed together.

“If you want to get to dinner before everywhere decent to eat is closed, you’ll let me change.” You told him. You hurried into your room to change out of that dress and put on instead a simple long sleeved silver T with a scarf and jeans. You tried to think of the last time you had had a boyfriend, or even just known a guy, who wouldn’t have made a crass joke about taking off your dress before you had been adopted by the Hamilcast.

You knew Anthony would have gone up to the roof to watch city and slipped up to join him. He was standing with his arms crossed staring off into the distance. You quietly crept behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“You okay?” You asked him. Something about his posture and essence overall was just off

“Did you know that this was my first birthday that I haven’t been at my mom’s dinner table?” You shook your head even though you knew he couldn’t see you as you were still behind him but he probably had felt the movement against his back. “I don’t think any of them were even here tonight.” He said and you instantly understood his mood. His family meant everything to him, they had supported him through everything. “It’s funny, when I was a kid my mom would let us pick out whatever we wanted for dinner regardless of the price three days a year: Christmas, Easter, and our birthdays. I always wanted her baked Mac and cheese.” He was lost reminiscing while you pondered how to help him.

“Lets go back to my place, I’ve got a box of stoffers five cheese baked macaroni in the freezer. It’ll take forever to cook and it’s not the same but…” you trailed off quietly while you hoped that it would help somehow. He turned his head and gave a small smile and agreed.

You took a cab together back to your place, it was a small apartment, but hey, it kept the rain out and the heat in. You got right to work on the frozen Mac and cheese. It was going to be a long night if it actually took as long as it said. You turned around to see him looking at all of the pictures on every flat surface and empty wall. He hadn’t seen the way you live since you had moved a few months ago and you had switched out many of the pictures meaning most of them were new to him.

“what you said to me a few days ago that thing when I didn’t answer you.” he asked and knew exactly what was talking about held your breath afraid of way thought would say next. think slowly as if deeply considering his next words. “I love too.” Your face broke into smile so wide it hurt flew across the room kiss him. He smiled at reaction. You lived for that smile. “Happy birthday…my love.” You broke away for quick moment to whisper.

Weird fact: Martha Washington outlived her first husband and several of her children and still said the day she met Thomas Jefferson was the worst (omg I just realized that “worst” has said “eldest” for almost a month) day of her life

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Imagine having Shawn's kid... (I don't mean the pregnancy shit like gaining weight & eating cucumbers w/ whipped cream & forgetting what your toes even look like bc you haven't seen them in weeks...) but like having a son who takes just after his dad so you'd basically have a mini Shawn running around your house & it would be like watching him growing up all over again 😭😍 I'm not actively considering having children BUT THIS GIVES ME THE FEELS SO HARD AWWW

I know the giving birth part and the post birth bleeding is just such a huge nope for me🙈

Can I just say that having a grown Shawn and a mini Shawn means you will not sleep anymore 😂

“No mini Shawn don’t eat the bug… please don’t! Eat! The! Bug!”
*mini Shawn is cheerfully eating the bug*
“So? What does it taste like mini Shawn?”
“But I’m curious!!!”
“I am so fucking done with this…”
“Darling. Don’t go! I love you!”
“How the hell did he get up there??”

The types as thoughts I often have at 3:00 in the morning
  • ENFP: LOL1!!1!1! THiS iS A ReALLy fUNnY VIdEO!
  • ISTP: I should go get food.
  • ISFP: But my bed is so comfy... I'm too lazy to do that! So I won't.
  • ISTJ: This fanfiction is amazing!
  • ESTJ: Why the heck am I still awake? It's 3 A.M!
  • INFP: *crying hysterically over the 10000th episode of some cheesy TV series that I started watching tonight*
  • INTP: Hmm, I wonder what would happen if someone put a goldfish into a fish tank full of Coke and left it there for a month...
  • INFJ: *existential crisis*
  • ISFJ: I need more blankets! It's cold! *gets eleven blankets and wraps self up inside them*
  • ESFJ: I should text every single one of my friends even though they're all asleep!
  • ENTJ: This is pretty much the worst way in the world for me to waste my time. Fortunately, I no longer have anything to live for.
  • ENFJ: It's so dark and lonely... :(
  • ESTP: LOL! My friends are going to be so impressed that I'm still awake! I'm a #CoolKid!
  • ESFP: My late-night thoughts are so ridiculous that if I made an MBTI-related shitpost about them, everyone would love it! (HINT HINT)
Party Games 4


How to fall for your enemy—A Dummies Guide

[1. Set the game] [2. Play like you mean it] [3. Keep playing and don’t ask] [4. Poker Face] [5. Play dirty] [6. Show him what you’ve got] [7. Don’t fall in the trap] [8. Cards on the table] [9. Play the game of love]

Summary: Playing games is an innocent and harmless thing to do. Except when it’s not. You get so caught up in the game that don’t know if you are playing or not anymore, and then… Well. Then you burn.

Chapter word count: ~1.1k

Rating: M

Tags: Watford, eighth year AU, alcohol, enemies to lovers, enemies with benefits, NSFW, smut, mutual pining, fluff, alternating POV first person

Also on AO3

4. Poker Face


Simon Snow is sleeping in my bed. I can see his chest rising and falling, even in the darkness. I change into my pyjamas and lie on the bed beside him, trying not to touch him. (That would be terrible.) (I just got fed.)

He’s wearing his watford pyjamas, but I can see some of the moles below his neck. I wish I could trace them with my lips.

I watch him until I fall asleep, too.

I wake up in the middle of the night feeling something hot on my skin. Fingers. Snow’s fingers. Snow’s fingers on my skin. Under my pyjamas. I don’t dare to open my eyes in case this is a dream.

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How would Joshua, Daniel, Follows-Chalk, and Waking Cloud raise a baby? (Not like all of them raising one baby. A different baby for each of them. I hope this isn't confusing.)

Joshua’s a mentor, he guides them. He watches over them while they sleep as a baby and even into their teens. As a teenager, they come to him with problems and he tries to help them, giving them advice, wiping away their tears if they’re sad. He’d be a wonderful parent.

Daniel would also be a good parent, but he’d really shelter the kid. He doesn’t want them to become tainted by the evils of the wasteland. He’d be so afraid if they were hurt out there or worse. Terrible fears sprout in his mind when they go to get water or food farther in the park.

Follows-Chalk would be so loving and generous. He’d use Joshua as a guide, as he always has. Chalk would get them to smile when they were sad by cracking jokes. I don’t really see him as a father figure though, more of a child, if anything.

Waking Cloud is already a mother of three (I believe) so she knows how to raise a child. She’s a great mother, teaching the kid how to hunt and even sending them out to get their own yao guai paw after much preparation. She wants them to be the best they can be.


IKON REACTION: When you sleep with them after fighting and they heard you crying

B.I.: He’d sit on the bed and watch you for a while, would be wondering if he should talk to you or let you quiet and when finally had made a decision you’d be asleep.

Jinhwan: It can leave him even more upset than he was, he’d let you quiet and when you were sleeping Jinhwan would caress your face and whisper he was sorry.

Yunhyeong: He, like Hanbin, would be sitting next to you but caress your arm and wouldn’t say anything until you both went to sleep.

Bobby: he’d take a while to realize that you were crying and would face his pride when pull you for a hug.

“it’s everything okay jagi, fights always happen”

Donghyuk: Dongdong would be so upset for made you cry, he sure would spend the night out of bed and the next day would try to make you feel better.

June: He doesn’t know exactly what to do and for that reason would talk stuff like “why are you crying? … you don’t have to cry” and would remain until you were better.

Chanwoo: He could be a little lost, maybe go out of bed and call one of his hyungs to know what to do.

It was kind of hard for me to do this, I don’t know why

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Headcanon Couple Songs

Admin Rina and I are about to go to sleep so I decided that in order to say goodnight to everyone, I’ll upload a headcanon post about couple songs! I’m always a slut for couple songs. If you guys have any suggestions, let us know!!

If your ask hasn’t been answered yet, we’re still working on them and we’ll answer them tomorrow! ^^

~Admin MP

Yoosung: Step with Me by Mika
Do I even need to explain this? This song perfectly fits that cutie Yoosung. He would totally be so into MC and just wants them to step with him. And he for sure thinks about the future and gets a little ahead of himself because he’s just so excited.

Seven: The End of All Things by Panic! at the Disco
Listen to me. Look me in the eyes while listening to this song and tell me that is is NOT Saeyoung. The tone, the words…this is something he would totally play while he’s feeling melancholy about being so mean to MC and that he’s not good enough for them. But he just loves them so much. I’m in p A i n

Jumin: I Walk the Line by Halsey
Honestly. This song is totally Jumin. Keeping a close watch on his heart? Being a fool for MC? Turning the tide for MC? And the tone, the way the music flows… It’s very sensual, just like Jumin. This song just makes me think of him every single time.

Jaehee: Pretty Girl by Hayley Kiyoko
I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory…But I just love this song for Jaehee and MC. It definitely fits with the sort of “friendzone” vibe in Jaehee’s route (I still think it’s romantic DAMMIT) but I love how the entire song is about one girl trying to tell the other how pretty they are and how they want to get to know them… 
Have I ever mentioned I’m gay for Jaehee?
Anyways, give this song a listen and try NOT to imagine Jaehee and MC. <3

Zen: Into You by Ariane Grande
I linked the acapella version but I honestly feel both versions for Zen. He has his more passionate moments with his love (the faster) and the slower, more gentle version (the one I linked.)
But literally the lyrics make me think of Zen so much. He would just be so ‘into’ MC and but he still wants MC to make a move before he does because he respects them so much. But he also is still super into MC, physically.

V: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
Hear me out. I know. But listen. V is always a person that’s into souls. He feels like he can know someone’s soul, he always mentions that. And he would definitely know that MC has a beautiful soul. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but I feel like V is allowed to be cheesy with MC.

Saeran: Life Vest by the Material
Honestly, I feel like a lot of shit has happened to this poor child. He just needs a rest and for MC to hold him close and protect him. Everyone needs a ride or die person. And this song is basically saying that for him and MC.

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Whenever I see the other wrestlers hitting Haruppi, i cringe. I mean, they probs had good coaches that would give them pointers not to hurt their oppnents but idk it just hurts to watch because Haruppi is really good at acting pained. I feel like a mother duckling trying to protect her baby and its so weird because she's 2 years older than me but I just want to wrap her up in a blanket and put her to sleep and hug her and feed her food and just let her rest and remve her frm bad stuff

I mean, I think they barely even really touch each others on that stage. Even when they smash each other’s faces to the ground, I’m pretty sure they’ve got very huge, very soft things under them to prevent them from getting hurt. Also↓

This is baby laughing while someone (I think it’s Yamada from NGT?) is “””hitting her””” with a chair (yes she’s also sitting on Sakura’s lapsahhahahHAAHAHHAHAHAHAOHMY FUCKING GOD I JUST NOW NOTICED IT I SWEAR TO GODdjhfhjHah). I mean, I 100% get your feeling and I’m super-duper happy to read such a wonderful and nice comment from you. But she’s fine, she’s not really in pain. She’s having fun while shooting this new drama, and I think that’s the most important thing. And I know, I wanna protect her from the world too. She’s just so important. 


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“Morning.” Natalia peeked over her shoulders to the various agent recruits that followed, a few of them looking up to the now sweet talking trainer. 

“Did you get our sweet little girl up for the day? I left some breakfast in the fridge so you didn’t have to hassle. I know how you get in the mornings.” She hated that she couldn’t be there with her family, but work was now taking up more time. They still had to teach the hand to hand combat, which would take at least another day before she could return home. 

“I’m running on four hours of sleep…the recruits didn’t set up a watch. More than half were pelted with the red bullets, and three of them started crying. We aren’t even on day finished.”

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  • insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible: RILEY!!!!
  • likes to watch reality tv: i feel like neither of them would
  • refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone: neither??
  • is the jealous / protective one: lucas ofc
  • goes all out on the holidays: both bc they’re nerds
  • cries over books: riley sometimes bc she has a lot of feels
  • is terrible with kids: none of them
  • drinks too much caffeine: riley but only when she has to study a Lot
  • could sleep for twenty-four hours straight: riley
  • never wears matching socks: neither. riley always always makes sure her socks match and that they match w her outfit as well
  • punches a tree when they’re angry: lucas
  • gets scared by the toaster: riley. always.

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When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy, then send this to the first five people in your notifications.

I didn’t know if this was Ic or oocly but I answered the best I could.

1. Hanging out with Seph and my Friends. They always make me feel blessed.

2. Family, I know if weird to think but when you don’t see them you miss them and any time you get to talk or see them it make me so happy.

3. Clouds, I love clouds. Their white a fluffy and If I could sit in a field while the wind blew softly watching clouds. That would be amazing.

4. Helping others. When I can kill a rare or give a item that a friend or someone needs to them. I feel so happy.

5. Cuddling. I love to cuddle and if I can do that with someone i care for. It makes it so much better. Even if it s just my lil sister falling a sleep on my arm to full blown cuddling a friend to make then feel better . It make  me happy.

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BTS reaction to them when after watching a scary movie,lights turn off

*BTS reaction when you’re scared after watching a scary movie*

Anon said:  Can you do a BTS reaction when you watch a scary movie with them and when you go to bed to sleep with them lights turn off by themselves? Btw i love your blog and I have birthday today so I wish you will do this for me! <3

- Happy birthday! :D <3 Hope you have a wonderful day and than you I love you!  I had soo much fun making this reaction lol

Jimin: When you guys are laying in bed,talking about the movie and the lights turnn of in the hall..Jimin would be so scared,even more scared when you scream a little noticing that too
“Mooooooooooom” *shouts* 

Jungkook: *notices lights turn off*
“Jagi..I think..We,should not watch scary movies anymore” *scared* 

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J-Hope: “What was that jagii?” *gif*

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Rap Monster: *lights turn off*
“Run for your lifeee jagii!” shouts and runs out of the room *trying to scare you even more*

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Suga: *doesn’t care,falls asleep*

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V: “Go check” you say *gif*
“No you check” laughs at you

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Jin: You guys ar eating in the bed after watching a ascary movie,lights turn off..
“Did you see that?” he asks eating his food *little bit scared*

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Keyshipping, 25, 30, 34?

25. Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)? 

Probably Yuma by virtue of the fact that Astral doesn’t even wear clothes xD

30. Who cooks at 2 in the morning? 

Yuma can’t cook(but he would def snack at 2 am). Human!Astral might though, to make a snack for his late night tv watching(especially if he learns to cook)

34. Who points at a dog when they see it?

Astral. After his last encounter with dogs, I’m not sure Yuma would be overly keen on them.

Bucky Barnes Imagine- Saved You

I was horribly out numbered and it wasn’t fair. They were taking over the place and I couldn’t even begin to keep up. I couldn’t believe that I had agreed to watch all three of Clint’s children while and he Laura went out on a date. It was three on one and it wasn’t even close to fair. Cooper and Lila had the living room covered in crafts and Nathaniel was being fussy. Clint would be lucky if I didn’t kill him when he came home.

I had just gotten Nathaniel to sleep when suddenly bullets started to come through the house.

“Go to the panic room!” I shouted to Lila and Cooper. I grabbed Nathaniel and we all ran to the panic room. I locked them in there and crept down the hall towards the living room. Hydra agents were all over the place. Just as I was putting my hand on my gun arms wrapped around my waist.

“Stay here baby girl,” a voice said. Bucky? What was he doing here? I turned in his arms to look at him.

“You seriously think I’m going to stay here?” I asked him.

“Yeah I do. Now let me handle it.”

“Have you seen how may there are? You are going to need me.”

“I was an assassin, I think I can handle it.”

“Like hell you can.”

“Fine, be that way baby girl.”

Why did I get butterflies in my belly whenever he called me that? I should be scared for my life, not acting like a school girl with a crush.

“Let’s go Bucky.”

We came out with our guns blazing and took out quite a few of the agents. Bucky and I watched each other’s backs the whole time we fought. I would occasionally get distracted by Bucky and had to get my head back in the game. Once we head dealt with the majority of the agents, the others were falling back and dragging their fallen comrades with them.

“So, do you come here often?” Bucky flirted with me once we were alone.

“Seriously? We just took down some Hydra agents and you’re flirting withe me?”

“No time like the present.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“You’re flirting game is weak.”

“Is not!”

“Oh it is. I could do better in my sleep.”

“I would love to see that.”

“Who says I’m not flirting with you by teasing you right now Bucky?” Bucky’s jaw dropped as he thought about it. “Like I said Bucky, I could do way better in my sleep.”

I quickly ran to the panic room where I opened the door to find frightened children and a baby. Cooper and Lila held me tight after they gave me Nathaniel. I took them back to the living room where Bucky was. We all sat on the couch and calmed down the scared kids.

“What were you doing here?” I asked him when the kids had all fallen asleep.

“Checking on you.”

“Why me?”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


“I like you alright? I also thought if I saved you one day then you might want to go on date with me sometime.”

“I would love to.”


“I don’t know if it was your awful flirting that made me like you, but I will go on a date with you Bucky.”

“So a date then?”

“Yes. Let’s just not have to fight for our lives,” I laughed.

“No promises,” he joked.

Imagine being a skin-changer and can turn into a cat, the dwarves always argue about who will be on watch because they like to pet you as you sleep

For for-durins-sake :) i didn’t include everything i’m sorry 😁 i hope you still like it!


You were lying on a boulder near the fire in your skin-changer form, a cat. You always enjoyed being a cat in the evening sitting by the fire, not only because of your fur coat keeping you warm and it was easier to listen out for danger with your heightened senses but because you liked to fall asleep on whoever was on watch as they stroked you and scratched behind your ears. Unfortunately there was nearly always an argument about who would be on watch because they all enjoyed having you sleep on them.

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