i would watch them sleep even

Trailer Breakdown

I rewatched the trailer again (okay, many times) and was able to piece a few things together based on clothing. I’ll be attempting to give a general timeline of sorts, which I’ll break up by “groups” for lack of a better term, but certain events within those groups may happen in a different order than presented since I don’t have enough information to figure everything out. Yes, I actually took the time to do this because somehow this goddamn show has given me straight up anxiety. 

Group One 

First, we have what seems like Dennis introducing the gang to his son. Note that Dennis is wearing a white crossed shirt, Mac the Salty Dog tee, Charlie a grey hoodie over a brown shirt, Frank a blue top, and I’m not too sure with Dee but it looks like a dark green or maybe black shirt. The baby momma is wearing a floral top and the baby a green and grey striped shirt. 

Now, I’m not sure if this would be the opening scene or not, but Dennis would have to introduce his new “family” before many of the other events seen in the trailer(s) could occur. It’s also possible the second screenshot is Dennis delivering the news that he has a kid, and the first occurs afterward when the baby momma and son arrive. Based on outfits, these are the following things that must happen within that same day:

More under the cut (this is long as hell, FYI):

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dragon age starters

feel most free to change pronouns ,  etc .

❝ it doesn’t matter that they won’t remember me. what matters is i helped. ❞
❝ bad things should happen to bad people. ❞
❝ i’m here to set things right. also ? to look dashing. that part’s less difficult. ❞
❝ planning has never been my strong suit . now, killing…killing & love-making. those i am better at. ❞
❝ oh ! we could get matching outfits ! ❞
❝ i’m not saying i should be your first pick for a dance partner at the ball , but in the deep roads , i’m your man / woman. ❞
❝ draw your weapon & say that again ! ❞
❝ we’re here to kill them all, yes ? for sport ? ❞
❝ you tend to get up to interesting things. you meet interesting people & then you kill them. ❞
❝ i never worry, darling. a leash can be pulled from either end. ❞
❝ it’s like you need permission to be alive. ❞
❝ has anyone told you what marvelous eyes you possess, my dear ? ❞
❝ have you ever licked a lamp post in winter ? ❞
❝ i’ll try not to hit anyone. ❞
❝ there you are. everyone’s been looking for you. ❞
❝ the last man standing gets final say on who is right or wrong. ❞
❝ i like my hair the way it is, thank you. ❞
❝ do you think about how to kill everyone you meet ? ❞
❝ are you… sassing me, ____? ❞
❝ yes, but she/you seems more… “ooh, pretty colors !” than “muahaha ! i am princess stabbity ! stab, kill, kill ! ❞
❝ congratulations ! you have found a wastebin . ❞
❝ what are you going to do with that sword ? ❞
❝ not listening ! la la-la la la ! ❞
❝ i saw you looking at the girl/boy in town earlier . ❞
❝ anyone wishing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try. ❞
❝ …did you cut your own hair ? ❞
❝ ”one by one they follow, drowning in the sea”. the rest of the poem is sad.. ❞
❝ you aren’t all stone, ____. there is a person inside of you. ❞
❝ we crush the heads of rude women when we feel like it. just so you know. ❞
❝ protect what matters with everything you have, or you’ll have nothing, and deserve it. ❞
❝ i want you to know that what we had was real. ❞
❝ in the end you are always alone with your actions. ❞
❝ somebody’s been drinking. ❞
❝ let’s show them our hearts, and then show them theirs.. ❞
❝ do you feel that ? my magic-sensing nose is tingling. ❞
❝ well, shit. ❞
❝ you worry me, you know that ? ❞
❝ i’m cold. & it’s indoors. this is so wrong. ❞
❝ i saw what you were doing back there. ❞
❝ we will never speak of this again. ❞
❝ you’re a big softie ! ❞ 
❝ i’ve got just the thing to cure that pout. ❞
❝ eight, nine, now you die. ❞
❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞
❝ i don’t need my pants, anyway. ❞
❝ smiles. we must be careful how we present ourselves. ❞
❝ be careful what you wish for. power is treacherous. i have seen many people–great leaders–consumed by it. ❞
❝ don’t touch me ! stay away ! ❞
❝ i think of him/you/her as much as he/you/she thinks at all. ❞
❝ i knew nothing of friendship before we met. ❞
❝ you can approve or not approve as you wish, but this is one thing you cannot influence and mold to your liking. ❞
❝ there you go, breaking my heart. ❞ 
❝ does anyone else feel the verge to vomit? ❞
❝ i…love you. just… wanted to tell you that. ❞
❝ let those who would destroy us step into the light. ❞
❝ it’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right. ❞
❝ if you love a character, you give them pain, ruin their lives, make them suffer. maybe even throw in a heroic death. ❞
❝ i do quite like watching you leave. ❞
❝ send him a fruit basket. everyone loves those. ❞
❝ did i stutter ? ❞
❝ are you kidding ? i’m surprised you didn’t kill anyone just coming over here. ❞
❝ the world may want my time, but you have my heart ❞
❝ have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’?  now would be the time to consider it. ❞
❝ that sounded much better in my head . ❞
❝ i have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. & good hair.  ❞
❝ the air hurts. i have to stop. ❞
❝ challenge someone to arm-wrestle me. ❞
❝ so, you’re not like a lot of other girls/boys. ❞
❝ not long ago this was impossible to imagine. you, the man i love, victory close at hand. ❞
❝ how do you do that ? make everything better with a smile ? ❞
❝ it gets no easier. your struggles have only just begun. ❞
❝ there comes a time when you must stop running, when you turn & face the tiger.  ❞
❝ it’s family, you protect. doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not. ❞
❝ perhaps we should carve our names into the giant tree ? ❞
❝ hey ! that’s mine ! ❞
❝ our mistakes make us who we are. ❞
❝ fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could. ❞
❝ don’t let anyone tell you when to move on. take their hand & say, “my choice". ❞
❝ words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find. ❞
❝ shitballs. fuck. shit. crap. ❞
❝ living a lie … it festers inside you, like poison. ❞

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you  (Part 1)

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Ok Guys @bonniebird might have told you , but i am continuing the ‘Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin ‘ imagines . The gif does not belong to me .written because original owner said they were sadly not going to continue and that was a hell no to me .So here is a different version of her imagines 

Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus (barely)

“There you are darling,” said Uncle Kol finding you alone in the living room. You turn your head away from your coloring book to face him. 

“Hi uncle Kol, “ you frown up at him , smirking he  comes down to your level .

“Why are you sad ?” He asks . You look down to the floor , and pointed toward the outside garden , where everyone was cooing and  fighting over Hope attention . Kol couldn’t but be angry at how easily you were forgotten you were by his brother and sister’s , Like he was when he was your age when he was young . 

“Hey why don’t we go to the Cauldron to visit Aunty Davina then later the batting cages ” He says , making  your pop your head up with a shining grin on your face . “Quickly go get dressed,” He watches as you run as fast as you can to your room .


It was late when Kol and You had returned from the Cauldron and the batting cages. Within the five minutes of the car drive home you were deep asleep snoring .The entire house didn’t move an inch as they saw Kol carry you in . But if it was Hope they would of yelled . 

“Aaahh their he is the daughter thief. Come to return to the crime , “ Kol huffs at Klaus’s words . “You know it’s not stealing since she wanted to come with me ,” Klaus was about to retort if Kol hadn’t vamp sped  you to bed. 

But not before changing you . “So you think my daughter prefers you over me ,” Klaus growls , as he slams Kol into a wall with his hand on the wall. 

“It’s not exactly a secret is it that she constantly feels left you. And you all  just push her away like she is nothing  because she is human. Yet you —” Everyone watched as Klaus snaps Kol’s neck leaving him dead on the floor. 

No one dared to touch Kol’s body as Klaus storms out of the house.


The entire house jumped out of their seat’s as Hope had woken up the next morning. While Klaus , Elijah , and Rebekah check on Hope. Hayley prepares her food downstairs. Not even thinking of you , leaving Kol to make sure your okay.

When he reached your room he found you on your floor reading. “Good Morning Darling ,” He smirks as you walk up to hug him. “Good Morning Uncle Kol. How are you ?” 

“Perfectly fine darling , but how long have you been awake ,” He says as you two walk to your bed. “Oh about an hour ,” He wanted to question more about it , when Elijah called him for some important matters. 

By the time he came back to your room you weren’t there. He wen’t down stairs to ask him family only to see their only attention is on Hope not even noticing how you aren’t in the house.

After two searches around the house he decides to look around the  French Quarter , when he couldn’t find you their he went to Cauldron , then soon after all off New Orleans. 

Once he returned home he still saw every one was cooing over Hope . “ENOUGH I AM DONE KEEPING QUIET,” screams kol while throwing a vase, making every one look at him as Hope whimpers and curls up to Hayley making everyone angry.

“OH NOW I AM THE BAD GUY, FOR MAKING POOR HOPE WHIMPER. THEN WHAT ABOUT YOU LOT WHO HAVE  HAVE YET TO SEEM TO NOTICE THAT (Y/N) IS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN ,”He yells , as Klaus vamp speeds in front of him , making Hayley and Hope Leave the room.



“Do not dare you think i do not care for my daughter’s ,when you can’t even have one , And as for (Y/N) she is –”

“Not Here,” said Elijah .


Tears stained your face as the blood stained knife comes closer to your face. “No! No! Please stop,” you scream as the man walks closer to you . he was about to stab you when his heart and head is ripped off.

You never been so happy to him in your life, than at this moment . Thou you two have always seen each other you , Never would of thought he would be able to make . You limp into your Uncle’s open embrace . As Klaus enters the room with Haley right behind him. 

“It’s okay now Love  , it’s all over now “ he says “I am sorry  I couldn’t have gotten here sooner , “ he continues on trying to calm your tears and hiccups to the point where your just sniffling . He picks you up and tries to give you to Hayley , but you scream and cry  , making Kol back away with you in hand , but when he tries Klaus Scream to the point where Kol can here his ears ringing. 

He knew it was pointless on trying to convince you to go to your parent’s to he just carried you out , since during your captivity your left leg was messed up . No one said  anything on the way home . 


“She didn’t even want to come close to us ,”Hayley said , as tears threatened to come out of her eyes while plopping down onto the couch. “She didn’t want to come near her mother ,” tears ran down her cheeks. 

“And I didn’t even notice my child was gone until someone else told me . It  wasn’t even like she was gone for a few minutes she was gone for over six hours. “ by now she was sobbing into Elijah , as Klaus over hears the conversation from his room.

“Was I such a horrible father  to them, both “ Klaus watches as his one night stand and brother try to comfort each other, while he watches Hope sleep. ” She hates me .“ he whispers to no one in particular, but hears his words .

"She doesn’t hate you Nik she–”“

"Just doesn’t want me to near her in her time of need , but hope would of ran straight into my arms. "He says, while running his fingers through her hair as Kol walks into the room . "That’s the problem brother you keep complaining that (Y/N) isn’t like Hope , and you keep pushing her away . eventually she will not want to think about that ,” Kol says then left Klaus so he can be alone 

COLD SHOULDER | Seb x Reader (Request)

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@lelewright1234 asked “can you do me a request It’s when Sebastian cheat on the reader and she finds out so she gives him the silence treatment to teach him a lesson. So he then treat her like a princess until he is forgiven from her. Thank you”

I tweaked it a little but I hope you still enjoy!

You danced around in your trailer to music playing. The sound of bacon sizzling in the pan next to you was intoxicating as you felt the hunger in your stomach bubble. You checked on the eggs, making sure not to cook them too long. Three raps on your door startled you. “Come in,” you shouted from your position in the kitchen.

“Good morning beautiful,” you heard your cast mate behind you. “What are you cooking me for breakfast?” He snuck up behind you, putting a hand on your lower back. You rolled your eyes, sliding your breakfast onto the plate in front of you.

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Sweet dreams...
( darkiplier )
Sweet dreams...

@arlinabloodgrave20 submitted a script for Darkiplier regarding a sleeping listener. Enjoy!

(Sees a listener sleeping) 

“Well…would you look at this. Humans are so fragile even when they sleep. Their life can be taken away and they wouldn’t know it. And yet…humans look like they’re at peace. Strange how it’s possible for this to happen. Perhaps they’re not afraid of what will happen to them if they sleep. This is perfect. I could just “protect them” as they sleep.”

(Listener slowly wakes up) 

“Oh! You’re awake! Did I wake you? ….No? Good. I was just merely watching over you as you sleep. What’s that? Of course I’ll stay with you as you sleep. Just rest.”

(Listener eventually falls asleep)

“Perfect. Now I can get to work. Sweet dreams.”


BUT TYLER’S DARKER HALF. I AM NOT OKAY. He would be called Apocalypse or A for short. He’d look like normal Tyler, but he’d have black veins, that you could see. His eyes would be dark brown. He’d speak in a growling tone and unlike the other guy’s demeanors he’d have no chill. He doesn’t like to be touched or looked in the eye. He takes sudden movement as a threat and will literally harm you if you set him off. If he ever found love he’d be 10000% obsessed. No one would be allowed to touch them, much-less look at them. He’d cling to them and would need constant reassurance that he’s wanted, even if he doesn’t voice it. He’d never say “I Love You” but he would show it in weird ways. Such as beating Dark or Anti if the pranked them, or by constantly trying to protect them. He would almost have the Joker’s personality???? But without the abuse of his partner? Like he would probably cuddle if they asked or when they had a nightmare. I don’t think A would sleep either, like he’d just watch and wait for something, anything to harm anyone he cares for. Whenever A got into fights, if he bled, it would be black? And that’s how Tyler would convert to A. If Tyler is in a relationship and someone is flirting with them then his veins would pulse black and he would be A, but the process would probably be painful. Because the darkness has to corrupt Tyler’s heart. And if Tyler got mad in anyway, because he is a saint, A would come out because he isn’t a saint. And though A wont admit it, he’d be very fond of TEAMIPLIER.

Thank you, @sinsepticplier for letting me post it lol.

Also, @justwritingscibbles THIS

Since the fostering of Elrond and Elros, Maglor has made it habit of standing beside the sea shore when the twins are either napping, or kept to themselves in their rooms. He baits seagulls to his feet with his voice, singing beautifully in order to get their attention. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Though getting them to stay beside him is not his main objective. Collecting their feathers, however, is.

He has heard the twins speak about their mother, heard them cry at their abandonment, and wonder aloud when she would return to them. It physically hurts Maglor. While the minstrel has never been abandoned by his parents, he can understand their sorrow  to some extent. When the Valar turned their backs on the Noldor, Maglor was crushed.

He cannot begin to imagine how such an insult fairs with the children— especially when the main culprit is there mother.

So he does what he can to help, starting with a bag full of seagull feathers.

As the twins sleep, he places them beside their beds, under their pillows, and on the floors.

In the morning, he can’t contain his smile when they run to him with white feathers in their hands

“She visited us, see!” They cry with joy, “She hasn’t forgotten about us! She’ll come for us soon!”

Other nights, Maglor will arrange the feathers into a trail towards the sea, so that Elrond and Elros will follow it to the shore come morning. There they are met with toys and trinkets, some from Sirion (or as close as Maglor could buy), and others of Noldor design—courtesy of  their father in the sky (though really, it’s all Maglor).

“Always follow the trail young ones! And one day, your mother will come to you as a gull, and she will take you to your father in the sky,” he says it, almost certain at the time. And why wouldn’t she come, they are her children after all.

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(i was writing a headcanon for a request @cattymai (I believe) about scaredy cat MC that likes horror movies but those scare them, but I clicked somewhere and tumblr just. flat out deleted the request?? so if you requested that, sorry! I’ll be putting the hc here, sorry the ask itself isn’t present Q-Q)


  • lil yoosung here us also, a scaredy cat
  • he knows horror movies won’t let him sleep at all
  • but when his friends tease him about it he tries to act though and watch them
  • which ends up with him calling MC mid-movie so they can join in because this is too scary
  • which then causes him and MC to cuddle up in fear on the end of the couch with half-covered eyes and shaking
  • when the movie is over, Yoosung and MC are shaking and super afraid
  • going back home everyone looks super suspicious and MC is sure someone is following them
  •  (spoilers: nobody was following them)
  • Yoosung is equally as tense. he makes sure the door is locked three times and digs into his drawers to find an old nightlight
  • the night is spent sat in bed, eyes peeled open and screaming when one of them hears a creak or the wind howling
  • Yoosung promises to never watch a horror movie again, but MC knows that’s probably not going to be accomplished- not when MC just downloaded a new horror movie into their phone for tomorrow


  • she tries to take a more logical approach to the situation
  • she doesn’t get it. if MC is sacred easily why are they watching horror movies at eleven pm?
  • she always tries to disuade MC, but they always insist they’ll be fine don’t worry 
  • MC was Wrong
  • the movie ends, and Jaehee is already in bed reading a book, when MC rushes in and slams the door closed, then zooms into the covers and bundles up
  • ???
  • MC is dead scared. hugging her.
  • Jaehee usually sleeps with very little lights (usually only a small nightlight for MC or something), but agrees to leave her bedside lamp on for MC’s curent fears
  • MC doesn’t sleep and Jaehee can tell
  • she has a bit of trouble sleeping too because MC randomly tenses up and yelps through the night when they hear a noise
  • she’s really got to convince MC to stop watching those movies, somehow…


  • he doesn’t mean to be a meanie but…. scared MC is so cute…
  • when they moved in with him, he made sure to have a small source of light because they’d mentioned they were a bit…. wary of the dark
  • so when he sits down to watch a horror movie, he tells MC they don’t need to stay
  • they can go sleep, it’s late anyways, he doesn’t want to force the to watch it
  • but MC laughs it off and stays
  • … regret
  • Zen can’t help but find it adorable how MC screeches and then clings to him for dear life every time the movie jumpscares them
  • it’s…. so…. cute….
  • of course he promises MC that he’ll protect them!!
  • he decides to leave the lights on all night so MC has an easier time
  • he sleeps hugging MC. even if MC can’t sleep he’ll make sure they feel protected at least


  • as with Jaehee, he can’t fathom a reason why 
  •  why MC would watch movies that would leave them unable to sleep
  • he walks in on MC watching a Japanese horror movie on the large screen, huddled in blankets, and shaking
  • he turns of the TV
    • “Hey! I was watching that, Jumin!”
  • he raises an eyebrow because MC’s voice is trembling from the movie and also their hand is shaking as they point to him
    • “It’s not good to put your body through unnecessary stress, MC.”
  • MC then says they didn’t mean to do anything bad to themselves
  • it’s just
  • horror movies are so fun?
  • Jumin shrugs
    • “The horror movie industry has found a way to get money from people who wish to feel more excitement in their lives, getting them hooked on the feeling of helplessness and,”
  • he starts talking about that and MC realizes he’ll be talking for a long time
  • still, he does reassure MC
  • nothing can harm them in the penthouse
  • seriously, an assassin wouldn’t even make it past the front door in the first floor, don’t sweat it


  • both him and MC are watching a scary movie
  • MC is, of course, horrified by the end
  • Seven knows it’d be mean but…..
  • ….. he can’t resist teasing MC.
  • he adds in to the movie’s story with one of his weird, totally not made up stories
  • MC is Not Ok. this is creepy
  • in the end he does apologise and tells MC about all the special effects in the movie and how unlikely everything is
  • … monsters in movies are less scary when he shows a picture of the 3D model before it was properly shaded and textured
  • also, nothing could get past him! he’s defender of justice 707! 
  • since he knows very well MC is not going to sleep without nightmares, he offers a marathon of MC’s favourite (preferably non-horror) series to pass the night

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How would bts react to their s/o being a famous olympic figure skater?? thank you!!

A/N: You got it! Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your request!  ♡

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

How Bts Would React To You Being An Olympic Figure Skater

Jungkook: He’d come to watch one of your performances. This wasn’t the first time he’s come to support you. He does his best to come to as many of your performances as he can. If his schedule didn’t allow it, he’d watch it on TV and call you right after. You’d make your way onto the ice, slightly nervous, but confident in yourself that you will do well. You begin your performance, and Jungkook immediately stands, smiling and clapping at every wave of your hand or bend of your leg. When you’re performance is finished, you look up into the crowd to see Jungkook. You smile at him as he smiles back, cheering the loudest among the large crowd.

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Jimin: Similar to Jungkook, however, he’d take it one step further. Jimin would bring posters with your name on it, air horns, maybe even a megaphone to yell from the stands how much he loves you. You’d tell him that he was embarrassing you, but you two both know you secretly love his over the top support, and cherish each gesture with all your heart.

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Taehyung: He’d be interested in every detail of your hobby. He’d want to know everything about it. You’d be sitting in the living room with him, snacking on popcorn while watching a movie when he suddenly pauses the movie to ask you more questions. “Why are you asking all these questions, Tae?” You ask out of curiosity. “Because you love it, and I love everything about you.”

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Hoseok: He’d LOVE watching reruns of your shows. He has every single one on cd, plus a highlights reel. You swear that’s the only thing he watches these days, and he’d agree. “Hobi, we’re eating dinner. Wouldn’t you want to watch a movie instead?” He turns to you, “But this one’s my favorite!” You would sometimes even catch him watching them on his laptop while you two were supposed to be sleeping. “Hobi, shouldn’t you be asleep?” You say groggily. “Oh, sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to wake you. But this was when you got that gold medal!” You’d always smile to yourself, knowing exactly who you’re number one fan is.

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Namjoon: This man would be completely mesmerized by your craft. He’d be sitting in the stands, jaw wide open, not even blinking as he’s staring at you. The first competition he attended, you thought he didn’t like your performance because he wasn’t clapping. “Did you not like the show, Nam?” He scrunches his eyebrows at you, “I loved it, what are you talking about?” “You weren’t clapping or anything, though.” He chuckles and wraps his arms around you, “You took my breath away, that’s all.”

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be the proudest boyfriend in the world. He’d always be bragging about you to the boys, or to anyone really. He’d be at practice with the rest of bangtan and they would be having a water break, when Yoongi would turn to them and say with a giant grin, “Guys, (Y/N) just placed second at her competition last Saturday.” They’d all nod. “Hey, be more enthusiastic!” You’d come back from practice and tell him how you finally nailed that new trick, and he’d have this smug grin on his face, “That’s my girl. I’m so proud!” He says, bear hugging you.

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Seokjin: Jin’s way of supporting you is always making sure you’re taken care of. He’d pack you snacks for practice, “Don’t forget your lunch! I put extra this time because I know you’re practice was extended!” He’d buy you braces for injuries you didn’t even have, “Here, darling.” “Jin, why are you giving me a knee brace, my knee is perfectly fine?” “Just incase! Put it in your bag!” And when you come home late from a competition, he’s ready to greet you with your favorite meal and foot massage. “Aww, my poor baby! Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you!” You never have to worry with Jin by your side.

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and that is all in life i ever do

Summary: “I was wondering if we might talk to Auvergne about the trade routes,” she says, “and I was also wondering if perhaps you would like to get married.”

There is a small pause. The candlelight flickers.

“Tomorrow?” says Aramis, and Anne turns back to look at him right as he fully understands what she just said, which is either blessed or unfortunate, Anne’s not sure, because his eyes widen to an even more comical degree than they did before and he seems to have difficulty closing his mouth after the “tomorrow”, which had a crack at the end.

WOW I AM TRULY SOMETHING i just. i really feel like i cope with final exams by writing fic. anyways, the title of this document was “ana maria i thought ud never ask”, all in caps, which is copyrite @emilybrontay and this fic is completely For Her. the meme [amy santiago voice] “come on, anne” is a recurring theme in this fic. also, the title is from the END CREDITS ZORRO SONG which is truly an Icon in itself and very very annamisTM. takes place in between athos leaving and anne and aramis kissing in those gardens!!!! wow!!! i love happy endings.

Anne has always liked the candlelight.

It is yellow, and buttery, and warm in so many ways, and perhaps there has always been a part of her that has gravitated towards warmth. Even as a child, she would watch in fascination at the way the lights danced across the wall of the nursery when her governess moved, candle in hand, scolding them for refusing to go to sleep. Her sister Maria, Anne remembers, shied away from candles, because they threw shadows on walls and she was sure, in her nine years of age, that bad things lurked in those shadows.

Anne has become well-acquainted with the bad things in the shadows, over the years, but her love for the candlelight has not changed. Nor has her love for warmth, which she is feeling now, sat as comfortably as one can be this late at night over the desk in the first minister’s office, pouring over taxation documents. She has not seen Maria in a very long while, and her heart aches for her sister’s smile, but she thinks that if she were to see her little sister again she might tell her that candlelight now marks the evening, and the evening means tucking little Louis to bed with a soft kiss to the forehead, and ridding herself of heavy, ceremonial dresses, and no longer having to smile at people she does not particularly like.

And evenings mean that she is allowed to be alone with Aramis, pouring over taxation documents.

In the small hours of the night.

It is not quite bliss, but if her sister was here right at this moment, Anne would be tired enough to not think of the consequences before telling her that it is almost, Maria, almost bliss.

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My opinion of popular Korean language learning resources and some tips

Talk to me in Korean: Some of their grammar explanations are very helpful, as well as their Iyagi series. I’d really recommend them for learning elementary~intermediate grammar. However, they use a lot of English and their content often isn’t serious enough (stock full of jokes that are not necessarily related to Korean at all, the hosts constantly teasing each other) and it can be cringe worthy and annoying. Would recommend but not as a prime resource. 

Koreanclass101: They have a lot of interesting features where you can actually track your lessons, record your pronunciation, use specific vocab lists for each lesson etc. But again, most of their lessons are filled with idle talking in English and come off as a bit cheesy. 

Livemocha: Livemocha is like a free version of Rosetta Stone with more community interaction. After each lesson, you must write from a prompt and record a paragraph which is given to you. It’s really cool that native speakers listen to and judge your pronunciation and correct your entries for free. However, the content is rather limited and doesn’t go to an advanced level (nor is it very practical content). Still, it tracks your progress and covers all aspects (listening-writing-reading-speaking) in every lesson. I’d still recommend if not just to get your pronunciation corrected personally.

Rosetta Stone: I’m not a believer in their products. Not for serious learners who want to reach a high level. No explanations for anything. Assumes adults learn like babies, which they don’t.

Quizlet: This is a website only for vocabulary, but I highly recommend it because you actually have to be able to recall the vocab instead of simply looking at it. Especially like the ‘learn’ tool. It may be a bit tedious to constantly input new terms and doesn’t necessarily help in long-term memory if you don’t put the vocab to use in another way. If anything, it will be tremendous help in practicing Korean typing.

Memrise: This is like Quizlet but with a more ‘scientific’ approach to help with long-term memory of vocabulary words. It keeps track of which words you need to review so you’re not forced to also shift through the words you already know. Their process can be a bit long and tedious for some people though. If you’re impatient, quizlet might be better. But as a whole it is a more structured way to learn vocab and I’d recommend it.

Lang-8: This is one of my favorites because it’s pretty unknown to the western world despite how useful it is. It’s not really a learning website; just a tool where you can write anything in your target languages and native speakers will correct it for you for free. I’ve even had people correct parts of my school assignments on this website. The community there is nice and helpful and there are lots of Koreans willing to correct your entries quickly. Recommended for people who are self-motivated in writing entries. Not particularly helpful for low-level learners. ALSO a lot of native learners writing english posts include the Koreans translation so you can study off of that.


1. There is no reason you should pay to learn Korean on the internet. If millions of free resources are not enough motivation for you and you’re too lazy to study without strict online lessons telling you how to do everything, you might not be motivated enough to learn a language. 

2. NEVER use google translate. Naver english dictionary is the best, closely followed by daum. 

3. If your motivation for learning Korean is to understand TV shows or music without subtitles, you’re probably underestimating how difficult it is to learn a foreign language. Waiting a week for some subtitles to come out on your favorite drama is exponentially easier than dedicating thousands of tedious hours to your life to learning a language. Language learning should not be fun and it should not be easy. But there’s nothing wrong with having a hobby and exercising your brain. 

4. Do not blindly trust Korean language learning tumblr blogs. Especially the ones with very light content that use lots of pretty graphics and have hardly any non-reblogged content. I have seen SO MANY spelling errors, incorrect vocabulary, and tons of other things that are just straight-up wrong and made by people who don’t know what they’re doing. 

5. Nothing will stick if you don’t make an effort to use it yourself.

6. Use penpal sites to interact with Koreans in Korea. Chat with people on kakao talk. A lot of nice people will help you learn.

7. Whenever you watch anything with subtitles, take notes on how things were translated. I would recommend you look for Korean subs every time you want to watch a movie in your native language. Also, most TED talks have Korean subs!! Watch some!!

8. There are apps you can download that stream Korean radio. Turn them on while you’re doing something else or when you go to sleep at night. Even if you’re a beginner and can’t understand what is being said, it helps to acclimate yourself to the flow and pronunciation of the language. 

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The whole living in Ben's attic is complete bull. more with them involving who did Harry bring home to sleep in the attic. Like, what the actual hell? If I was there during the interview i'd question "Didn't you live with Louis?" and watch Ben Wiston sweat, like i cAME FOR THE TRUTH JANICE, that is all.

Can u believe barry used to bring girls to ben’s attic while ed used to sleep on the couch in the same room while harry was also living with lou n tom at the same time lmfaoo

Setting aside everything else we know: Harry would never be the type to bring someone to Ben’s attic to hook up with them. They also act like Harry literally spent every day of those 20 months at Ben’s. Even if he was staying there (which we all know he wasn’t) he was touring and recording and doing press.

i’m just imagining long-legged harry styles crouched in an attic that isn’t his for 20 months straight coming down occasionally for food scraps then scurrying back up it really does sound so ridiculous


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Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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Did Lemony stalk the Baudelaire orphans from his taxi?

The very first discovery readers make about the mythology of “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” is, naturally, the purpose of its semi-fictional narrator:

  • Who is he?
  • What does he want?
  • When did he start recording the lives of the Baudelaire orphans?
  • Why do they matter to him?

We do get an answer to all of these mysteries, in “The End”.

But these are all the wrong questions.

The real question is: “Can we, as a reader, trust the benevolent image he tries to project?”

There is indeed a difference between giving the facts and telling the truth. And when it comes down to it, there is something unseemly about the idea of a grown man exposing these children’s darkest turmoils for the benefit of complete strangers. Without apparent consent, no less.

Let’s embark together on a troubling journey and retrace Lemony’s investigation, step by step. We will analyze his methods; we will question his motives. And we will paint a very different picture of Mr Snicket’s works than the one he wants us to believe… after the cut.

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i just wanted to go to the carwash. but your friend texted me and he mentioned you and before i knew it, i found myself in front of your house.

i know, i know. but to be fair, i was only 10 minutes away and i was high. and my mom told me you painted your front door a million colors until you found the color of my eyes. and i know she was only saying that to make me feel better, but god, your neighborhood really lights up in the summertime. watching the leaves fly off of the trees really has a way of making me feel bone white.

i just wanted to go to the carwash, but instead, i parked my car next to the curb we used to take swigs of vodka on at 4 in the morning; i lit a bowl next to your front lawn and i sucked you in like laughter.

i thought i wanted to see you. i thought i wanted to watch my body shake besides you. i thought i wanted to look into your eyes, remember how much power you have over me, but all i could remember was watching you turn away.

for once, i didn’t miss the eyes that burned me for loving too intensely. i wondered what it would look like to see me outside of your open window. i texted your friend, “would he ignore me if i ducked?” and i think he wanted to say no but he said, “i think he’d ignore you even if you didn’t.“

when i came back from the carwash, my car was still dirty. i guess maybe i like being crazy. i like saying i scared my exs away instead of sleeping with them when my new boyfriend is out of town. i can say the friends i have now have not ever done me wrong. and your friends still talk like we were just for fun.

you didn’t give me a reason, so i am giving you one: don’t pick me. i’m the crazy one.

—  crazy
EXO12 React to You falling asleep w/o them noticing

Kris: After he finally noticed he would chuckle lightly.“Really?” He’d sigh and take off his coat carefully, doing his best not to disturb you then would drape it across you to keep you warm. “Good-night.” He’d say softly.

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Luhan: He would look over at you while you two were watching a horror movie to find you asleep. “You are something else sometimes.” He’d say, surprised to your sleeping figure, “how is that even possible?”

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Xiumin: “Looking at you is making me sleepy as well.” He’d say to your sleeping figure. “I just want to wrap my arms around you and cuddle.” He’d adjust the way he was sitting slightly and pull you closer to him. “That’s better.” He’d say before falling asleep as well.

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Tao: “-don’t you think so?” he’d be asking you a question and your lack of response would cause him to look at you. He’d freeze momentarily before a smile crept across his lips. “How can you fall asleep so easily?!”

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Lay: He’d be in mid sentence and stop when heard you snoring lightly. “Well if you’re going to sleep then I will too.” He’d say before pulling you closer to him and falling asleep beside you without another thought. 

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Chen: After he saw that you had fallen asleep he would laugh lightly. “To prank or not to prank, that is the question,” he’d say softly to himself. He’d look at you sleeping peacefully and sigh, “you’re too cute to disturb.”

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D.O.: He’d notice that  you fell asleep and would smile, finding it adorable. He’d hear another one of the members walk into the room and hold his finger to his lips before they could say anything and point down at you.

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Suho: When he noticed that you had fallen asleep he would wonder if you were getting enough sleep lately. He wouldn’t bother trying to wake you up because he’d want you to rest if you needed it. “Please don’t overwork yourself.”

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Chanyeol: He’d look down at you, “did you seriously just fall asleep???” He’d say barely above a whisper. He’d laugh lightly before continuing to rub your back. “I must be great at back-rubbing.” 

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Sehun: “Well now that you fell asleep, what am I supposed to do?” He’d pout slightly. “I had so much more that I wanted to say.” He’d sigh before giving in and watching tv, waiting for you to wake back up.

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Kai: “You must be comfortable,” he’d say softly as he looked down at you sleeping peacefully with your head in his lap. He’d rub your forehead and pet your hair gently, not wanting to wake you up. “Sleep well.”

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Baekhyun: He’d notice that you had gotten oddly quiet so he’d look down only to find you sleeping soundly. “I hope I wasn’t THAT boring to talk to,” he’d think to himself as he watched you. “Have a good nap, sleeping beauty.”

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Snippets of Valentine's day

By @amazingdentist

Just something very short, Scorbus-y, and hopefully very sweet.


“Al-buss!” A familiar sing-song voice called, “It’s time to wake up!”

Albus grumbled, opening his eyes a fraction, “Do I have to?”

“Only if you want to spend Valentine’s day with a certain gorgeous blonde!”

“And who might that be?” Albus teased, a smirk forming across his sleepy features. It was soon wiped off when a weight suddenly dropped onto the mattress, almost landing on top of him. “Scorpius, please! I need my beauty sleep.” He whined jokingly, tilting his head to look at the other boy.

A moment passed before Scorpius replied, “I don’t think all the sleep in the world could make that face any more beautiful!”.

Albus rolled his eyes, but couldn’t resist returning Scorpius’ wide, soppy grin.

“Can we just stay here all day?” He asked, wrapping an arm around his boyfriend’s waist.

“Hmmm… that does sounds like a good option right now,” hummed Scorpius, nuzzling into Albus’ side and planting a kiss on his cheek, “but no – I have plans! We have plans, more importantly! Plans that don’t involve snuggling in bed all day – not that I don’t enjoy this, of course,”

Albus grunted in response, feeling Scorpius’ warmth disappear from his side and an insistent hand tugging him up and out of bed.


Once they had eaten breakfast, Albus found himself being pulled enthusiastically along the corridors of the vast castle. They eventually came to a stop in front of a grand set of double doors.

“The library?” Albus asked dubiously, “Scorp, if this is how you planned we would spend today, then I thoroughly regret agreeing to get out of bed,”

“Excuse me, would you rather spend all day sleeping than with me? And are you saying you dislike the library? I am shocked, Albus Severus!” Scorpius grinned, poking his boyfriend playfully, “I just need to pick up a few books – it shouldn’t take long.”

“Okay, nerd.” Albus teased as he followed Scorpius into the library.

As they wandered through the maze of shelves, Albus smiled, realising that no one else would have taken their Valentine’s date to the library, even briefly. Yet he couldn’t imagine it any other way – Scorpius’ little traditions had become his too, and he loved every one of them.

He watched as Scorpius halted, concentration clear on his face as he scanned the shelf in front of him. Slightly impatient, Albus was about to offer his help when the other boy let out a little yelp of delight, having located the book he was looking for. Albus’ heart soared at the expression of joy on Scorpius’ face, and he suddenly couldn’t wait for them to be out of the library.


“You know, I think we make a great couple, because you make everything so interesting. For example, I would never have chosen to read this book, and yet here I am listening to you read it out loud,” Albus declared, snuggling closer under Scorpius’ arm, “And I’m enjoying it! I thought you were the biggest nerd, but I’m not so sure now – maybe you’re rubbing off on me!”

He faked disgust and horror at his words, drawing a chuckle from Scorpius.

“Hmm,” Scorpius said, “I’m not so sure. I, personally, find that having you around can be rather… counterproductive. You’re very distracting, you know. And as for that second part, well, I’ve known it all along – you are a huge nerd, Albus,”

“A huge nerd that loves you,” Albus corrected, grinning warmly. Peppering his words with small kisses to Scorpius’ face, he continued, “Loves you very, very much.”

“This is what I mean! So distracting.” Despite his protests, however, Scorpius didn’t seem to mind. He lay down the book gently before turning his head to meet Albus’ lips, which tasted vaguely of the Honeyduke’s chocolates they had been consuming in copious amounts throughout the day.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Al.”

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Hogwarts, the two weren’t worried about prying eyes as they continued the kiss. Most of the school was out at Hogsmeade, but they were both glad they’d decided to spend the day in the castle instead.