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How do you think so/sp and sp/so establish a deep emotional connection with someone? It's definitely not impossible, but lacking the sx variant, how does it happen?

This topic has been touched before here and is a good starting point to get an idea: http://ichijikanme.tumblr.com/post/155772595737/what-is-it-like-establishing-emotional-contant-w

But I have still no real clue tbh. It’s just really difficult to discuss because the perspectives are so different. What may feel really deep and intense to someone sx-blind looks still shallow from a sx-viewpoint but the sx-blind hasn’t experienced anything -really- deep in their whole life so they just wouldn’t know and are convinced that this is how deep things can get? There is definitely a cognitive bias.

so/sps (sp/so not as extremely, but still to a degree) somehow have a really bad perception when it comes to emotional connections. Like just an example dialogue I had a while ago with so/sp INFP friend:

so/sp INFP: I wonder why friend A doesn’t visit me anymore when she is in town. It’s so weird because I’m her -best- friend but her text replies are so sparse and she has time for everyone else except me.

me: Have you considered that… you are not her best friend (anymore) and she doesn’t want to see you?

so/sp INFP: ??? tbh that idea didn’t even cross my mind before…

sx-blinds are either too importunate or too distanced. They are either convinced that everyone loves them or everyone hates them. And they really have trouble evaluating that gray area in between.

Also when someone sx-blind tries to mimic a sx-connection (because lots of love stories build on that idea so it comes across as very appealing) it gets obsessive and unhealthy in a second. I would even argue that most stalking cases are initiated by so/sps. Because again, sx-blind seem unable to find that sweet spot in between where you are very close with someone but not so much that it suffocates you.
Taking that into consideration I actually prefer it when relationships with sx-blind stay shallow but healthy.

And sorry @any sx-blind who reads this and thinks “whaaat? that’s not true! i’m awesome at this!”; you are in the same category as any sp-blind who thinks they are awesome at handling finances or any so-blind who thinks they are socially gracious. Better recognize your weaknesses instead of staying delusional.


Black-Blue (Dimir) Mill Package

I love mill. I don’t talk about it nearly as much as I want to. It is, put simply, the best mechanic without a keyword in the game. I’m calling it now. Quote, Max - 2016.
For those who are unfamiliar with this beautiful mechanic, the premise is to systematically remove cards from your opponent’s libraries causing them to lose when they try to draw from an empty library. Now, I hear you, isn’t that extremely difficult in EDH? Isn’t having 100 cards in a deck plus having only a small pool of cards to select from working against you? The answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! With that, I introduce to you the 1x8 package based around Black and Blue mill.

Note: For the sake of simplicity every time I refer to Grinding what I mean is “Reveals cards from the top of your library until they reveal a land. Put all cards revealed this way into their owner’s library”. It is a colloquialism I use.

Phenax, God of Deception - I’m starting here with a legendary creature for two reasons. 1: He can be your commander. 2: He doesn’t have to be. He is an enabler to the mill strategy that can work as both a backup in your 99 or leading. Additionally, when he’s a creature, that 7 toughness helps to make himself an excellent miller.

Consuming Aberration - My personal favourite card of all time, if your deck is going well, Aberration will be a powerhouse of a card. It’s power and toughness equal to the number of cards in all opponent’s graveyards, in multiplayer that will always be incredible. Additionally, with the ability to grind each opponent whenever you cast a spell, thus enabling itself further, it on it’s own can be extremely powerful. Especially if your deck is on the control side. It also has synergies with Phenax.

Traumatize - Plain and simple. 5 mana, target player mills half their deck. Incredible.

Mindcrank - Turns any damage dealt to an opponent into incidental mill, thus giving your the option to change your strategy around as you need to. It might not do anything as soon as it enters the battlefield, but there are very many creatures that can use the number of cards in a graveyard to be strong.

Keening Stone - It might not seem like a lot at first, but will only get better with time. More useful as a final blow-out technique or as a timed milling trigger than methodical, even turn, milling. Also, combos with Traumatize.

Memory Erosion - Featuring the talented actor Nick Cage, Memory Erosion punishes your opponent for doing… well… anything (except play lands). What Consuming Aberration is to your spells, Erosion is to your opponent… except it still hits them. A solid card against your friend who plays storm (yes, we all have one).

Mind Grind - This card only gets better with age. While I don’t usually like to play cards with variable costs, it’s hard to deny their raw power. Mind Grind, allowing you to grind X gives decks that run lots of mana stones, or ways of generating lots of mana the ability to rip through someone’s deck. To any other deck, all you need is 37 mana to simply win. Sure, that might be a stretch, but it’s EDH, it’s meant to be a little janky.

Mind Funeral - A bit of an uncertain card. Extremely powerful in formats like Modern, Mind Funeral won’t be quite as powerful in EDH. More lands, less effect, however I believe that the card is still very useful. More powerful than Mind Grind by default, it can be a cheap method of milling quickly.

Quick round of honourable mentions and the reason they were cut. They are a good place to go if you want to start evolving your deck:

-Nephalia Drownyard - Not a spell, a little too slow.
-Tunnel Vision - Strictly a buildaround card. It’s great if you know your opponents deck and better if you can seal a card to the bottom. Otherwise, could easily do nothing.
-Glimpse the Unthinkable -

I rest my case
-Nemesis of Reason - I would argue that Phenax is a better card, but if you disagree that’s cool. It’s also $10
-Sphinx’s Tutelage - I really don’t have a particularly good reason. I believe that it just relies on your drawing than on them milling. However, it’s a good card.
-Grindstone - Really not too crash-hot in EDH since Painter’s Servant is banned. Too slow and taps itself. Worse than Tutelage in this case

Please excuse yet another long post. If you would rather shorter articles, please contact me directly

— Max, @commandtower-solring-go

Dear Jafael Shippers:

If your reasons for wanting Jane to be with Raf include his looks, money, being Mateo’s father or the fact that he told Jane she should be a writer then TO ME your opinion is invalid. Most of those reasons are shallow and honestly my professors tell me I should follow my dreams all the time; does that mean I should be with them as well? Michael also encouraged Jane to be a writer by pushing her to fight harder for grad school and telling her to go even though she was worried about leaving Mateo too early. If not for him Jane would not have gotten as far as she has with her writing (including the fact that parts of her story were used for Angelique Harper’s novel).

Just wanted to give you Raf shippers something to think about. Feel free to argue your case for Raf if you’d like, Im actually curious to see some REAL reasons why he’s better for Jane..

Happy Birthday Himchan! I wish you all the happiness in the world. It’s a little worrisome seeing your dark circles and I wish you can rest up well mister~ We need our visual bright and our umma ready to tackle on the boys too. As tribute, I decided to satisfy some of our Banghim feels ♥

           He found out first by phone call. It was late night and the call came just as he was about to go to sleep. In another half hour it would be his birthday and he had no intentions of staying up to pass the midnight marker. One year older was one year closer to getting old.

           “Hyung! You should go check Twitter.” It was Daehyun and the younger boy was laughing so hard Himchan could feel his stitches hurting.

           “Why? What’s going on so late at night?”

           “You’ll see,” and with that cryptic remark, Daehyun hung up.

           Himchan grumbled and had half a mind to just ignore his dongsaeng. There couldn’t be anything important. But the thought that maybe this was a birthday surprise hit him. He didn’t want to be a party pooper. So Himchan grabbed his phone and pressed the familiar blue app.

           His notifications definitely exploded. And when he saw that Yongguk had tweeted, his heart skipped a couple of beats. When his eyes perused the tweets and he saw that Bbang had mentioned every member, himself included.      Himchan leaned back on the headboard and began to look at the short tweets in detail.

           It began with Junhong. Himchan smiled seeing the proud words that Yongguk had written to the youngest. “Daehyun, you’re two.” Himchan rolled his eyes. Fine Yongguk. Play hard to get. He scrolled and saw that Jongup was third, and Youngjae fourth.

           “Himchan, you’re a pass.” The moment he read this, his lips thinned. Cute, Bbang, cute.

           Himchan exited out of the social media application and pressed speed dial two. “Hello?” came the familiar deep voice and Himchan straightened up.

           “What’s the meaning of this?”

           “Of what?” but Himchan knew Yongguk was one hundred percent aware of what was going on. He could hear the amusement in the other man’s voice.

           “So, were you rating how available each of us is to the public? Because I guess I’d just pass because I’m not available.”

           “What?” And at this Yongguk chuckled out loud. “Channie, is old age getting to you? Are you losing your ability to reason?”

           “Ya, don’t insult me. You’re older than I am, old man.” But Himchan had a huge grin on his face. This was how he wanted to pass into his birthday: talking to the one he loved.

           “Guess again.”

           “You can’t possibly be ranking by how annoying we are, right?”

           Yongguk snorted. “You’d be top of that list if that were the case.”


           “You nag. A lot,” Yongguk deadpanned.

           This was true, so Himchan couldn’t exactly argue with that. “It’s for your own good though. I don’t nag for my own health. If you only ate more, or slept more, then I would have no cause to nag you.”

           “You nag our kids too.”

           Himchan felt happy domestic feelings burst inside of him. There was nothing that made him happier than to hear the members referred to as ‘the kids,’ much less ‘our kids.’ “Well, how else would they grow up to be good, righteous people?” It was fun, this flirty banter with Yongguk and Himchan couldn’t keep the happiness out of his voice.

           “So,” Yongguk began and Himchan found himself hanging onto Yongguk’s every breath. There were butterflies of anticipation in his stomach as he listened. “How do you want to celebrate your birthday?”

           “I’m already celebrating it,” he responded.

           “I know talking to me makes you happy but let’s think about others too. Do you want a party, or do you just want something small?”

           “Something small. I already have dinner plans with my family. How about we take the kids out to bowling or something?”

           “Sounds good to me.” Then, Yongguk added, “Then what about after?”


           It was fun to hear the slight embarrassment in Bbang’s voice as he spoke again. “You know. After dinner with your family. How should we spend your birthday?”

           “Oh, I don’t know. I would have already seen you for lunch.”

           Himchan heard the tsk of disapproval Yongguk made. “Please, Himchan. Let’s play hard to get when you don’t already miss me to the stars and beyond.”

           The birthday blushed a brilliant red and he hugged his pillow tightly. “So what do you propose? It’s my birthday and you’re my boyfriend. Shouldn’t it be your duty to plan something?”

           “How about wine and chocolates and starry night skies? We can go to that mountain we used to go during our earlier days and we can spend the end of your birthday together?” There was something soothing and pleasant about Yongguk’s deep voice mapping out the romantic night and Himchan wrinkled his nose.

           “I don’t know. I’m just a ‘pass,’ remember?”

           Yongguk laughed out loud. “What if I told you that list was most off-limits to me, and you’re last because there’s nothing off-limit about you to me?”

           Himchan pouted and kissed the picture of Yongguk on his screen. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Bbang.”

           “Good night, Channie. Happy birthday my love.”

To Be a Suitable Bed Partner

By: midgardian-hero 

PROMPT: Someone wanna write a story where the reader sleeps, cuddling their favorite plush and Loki gets jealous of the reader’s plush?

The tossing and turning from his side of the bed was growing steadily obnoxious as the minutes passed. He would kick one leg out from under the covers and drape it over yours, pulling your lower half closer to his for a few moments before deciding to turn away from you with a sharp jerk, taking the bulk of the sheets with him.

“Are you alright?” you murmured, lifting your head an inch from the pillow to cast a blind glance in his direction.

“Humph,” he grunted in response. 

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Time for a story - Battle of the godmothers

She came with a long moan, her fingernails scratching down Oliver’s back. He growled in response while his thrusts were growing quicker and harder at the same time. Felicity could feel his desperation to finally come after he had given her three amazing orgasms. Each of his movements screamed that he was chasing his release, so Felicity spread her legs a little wider, making him go even deeper. It only took him two more thrusts before his hips stuttered and finally stilled, his cock filling her with his seed deep inside of her.

Felicity put three fingers to his cheek, turning his head, so she could capture his lips with hers and swallow his sounds of pleasure. Both of their hearts were beating in unison, pounding wildly against their ribs. Felicity was out of breath, her lungs burning with the need for more air, but she couldn’t let go of his lips just yet. She wanted to keep kissing him for just a little longer, forever if possible.

When the need for air grew too much for him to handle, Oliver loosened his lips from hers. He peppered kisses down over the side of her neck to the top of her breasts where his head eventually came to a rest. He snuggled his cheeks against her chest, his stubble scratching her soft skin in the most delicious way. Felicity hummed, her fingers stroking through his short hair and massaging his scalp, while Oliver’s arms pushed under her body around her waist, embracing her small frame and holding her close.

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