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i just wanted to say reading your trans marco post, made me really emotional and i never thought i would see my kind of story in a cartoon, which i know sounds cheesey as hell but, THANK you....


Honestly so much of this stuff is, honestly amazing. Like I remember being over the fucking moon at how well they explained dysphoria in Fetch and look where we are now.

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To all the cast, do you have any interesting ideas or theories for your characters that you would like to see happen in possible future instalments of the Power Rangers movie? Any ideas or theories regarding their personalities, their relationships with others, interests or themselves as a whole?

Dacre Montgomery:  I would love Jason to have two swords just like Resident Evil

Ludi Lin: I would my character to have a death side that splits into two death sides

RJ Clyler: I want Billy to have a love life

Naomi Scott: I want Kim not to have a love life

Becky G: I want Trini to be Billy’s wingman

          it’s officially been one year here on magnus,  i made my blog february 29th 2016    &    since there’s no 29th this year i figured i’d post this today. 

          i wanted to make something as a thank you to all of you who have followed & supported me. i never imagined i’d be here or that magnus would become such a huge part of life    &    have really helped me grow as a person as well as a writer.   i see so much of myself in him   &   look up to a lot of his good qualities !!   he’s by far my favorite character &    i can’t imagine not writing him,    you’re all stuck with me for good.

           i’ve never had a blog i’ve stayed on as long as i have his,    a character that’s meant so much to me or met as many good friends as i have here.    i owe a lot to this blog,         character    &     the people here that have made my experience great.   there’s a lot of people that aren’t on tumblr anymore or i’ve lost contact with but everyone’s touched &   helped me in one way or another   &   i’m so thankful to each   &   every single one of you    !!    so thank you   ! 

           this isn’t meant to exclude anyone,   even if i didn’t tag you,    you mean a lot to me   !   without further ado in no particular order,    onto the list of people who have made my year a great one whether personally or on my dash.   i look forward to many more   !

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NCT 127 - you having a pillow fight with another member.

Request hi! can you please make nct127 reaction to seeing their gf having a play fight/pillow fight with another member and having lots of fun? thank you!!!


At first he wouldn’t say anything, just stared at the scene. You laughed like never before. Jaehyun noticed his presence and stopped immediately. “Hi baby, is something wrong?” You asked, going to him. “No. Nothing, I just didn’t want to mess up. Can we go to my room now?” “Okay, bye, Jaehyun!” “Oh … bye.”


He would get very jealous. He entered the room and saw you and Mark joking and laughing. “What the fuck is that?” “Hyung? Is there a problem?” Mark asks. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend!” “What’s the problem, babe? Are you jealous?” “What? Me? Never.” He chuckled, making you and Mark laugh.


Yuta threw the pillow at you again, making you scream and laugh. “Stop hit my girlfriend, what if she gets hurt?” “I will not! Stop being so worried.” You said. “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “Okay, just try not to die, I need you later.”


He tried to control jealousy when he saw you and Taeyoung having a pillow fight. He pretended nothing was happening and just sat on the couch and watched the TV. “So … Can you stop making noise?” He said. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you here, love.” You said and smiled, sitting down next to him. “Okay.” “OOOOOH! Yuta is jealous of (y / n).” Taeyoung teased.


At first, you thought he would get mad at you and Johnny playing like that. But in fact, he took another pillow and started playing with both of you. Laughing even more! SO CUTE!


He was shy to being jealous. He didn’t know what to do, so he went to his room and waited for you there. You went in there tired and threw yourself on the bed. “Hi baby!” You said. “Hi. Were you having fun with Doyoung hyung?” “A little bit. Are you jealous?” “A little bit.” Both of you laugh. “But it doesn’t matter, you’re my girlfriend anyway, right?” “Of course, and I love you.” “I love you too.”


He just wouldn’t care. He doesn’t care if you play with the other members, he knows you would never replace him. “Hi love.” He said when you came to him. “Hi baby.” You kissed him on the cheek.


It was funny. At first he would be jealous seeing you and Winwin having a pillow fight. “Baby, join us.” “That’s right, come here and I’ll kill you both.” Winwin threw a pillow at him, making him laugh and join you two.


Extremely dramatic. He was going to see the scene and was going to pretend to be crying. “Is this (y / n)? Are you replacing me? After everything I’ve done for you?” “What?” You asked, stopping and going to him. “I’m kidding, I just wanted to stop that, let’s go to my room and have a makeout session.” “You guys are disgusting. Get out of here.” Taeil said.

request are open! feel free to ask. 

My fellow Bloodborne mutuals, if you have some time on your hands could you send me a screenshot of your female (!!!) hunter, also telling me their favourite outfit and weapon? I want need to practice a few poses, and only drawing my hunter would be so boring. I don’t know how many I’m gonna draw, but we’ll see about that :) Feel free to send me yours!

Requested #6- Taehyung

“You’re kidding right?” You asked seriously. A shocked expression crossed your features as your female friend held up the black and green set that could make you feel even more vulnerable than being naked.

“No! I think you should get it” Y/F/N said, laughing at your flustered state. “Maybe Taehyung would appreciate it” she wiggled her eyebrows at you. You sighed loudly.

“You’re kidding me right? I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me walking around in scantily clad…can I even call those clothes?” You sighed, crossing your arms. “Trust me, he wouldn’t want to see me in that.”

Y/F/N pursed her lips at you, seemingly in deep concentration. Suddenly her eyes wandered to the rack behind you and she gasped.

“This is the one!” She squealed. It was even more revealing the other one she showed you earlier. Transparent lace and a F/C corset. “He won’t be able to resist!”

“You think so…” You trailed off.

You stealthily snuck through the front door, careful t avoid any meetings. You had no intention of telling him where you were, or what you were doing, and why you had the interesting colored bag.

“Just get to the closet” you mumbled to yourself.

“What about the closet??” You heard.

Oh Shit.

You turned around and saw Taehyung walking out of the kitchen. “How was shopping?” He asked, leaning against the wall frame.

“It was fine!” You said quickly, laughing nervously.

“What did you buy?” He asked, trying to peek into the interesting colored shopping bag. You jumped back and held the bag behind your back. “Hey! Let me see” he partially whined.

“It’s boring, you really don’t want to see” you shook your head.

“It can’t be that bad” he rolled his eyes at you. Taking the bag from your hand, he looked inside. You could only stare in horror as he picked up the thing article of clothing with your finger tips. He looked up to meet your eyes.

“Hehe surprise?” You trailed off. “Y/F/N made me get it…she thought you’d like it or something” you laughed, shaking your head. “That’s crazy,right?” You chuckled again, expecting him to laugh. His gaze remained stale on you, his teeth clenched.

“Uh…right?? Tae?”

“I’m sorry…all I can think of is you wearing this…nothing but this” he spoke slowly, allowing the outfit to fall back into its bag. “ I bet you’d look so adorable in it…but at the same time so teasing” his voice dropped a few octaves.

“…oh…is that so” you trailed off, looking everywhere but at him.

“I want to see you in this…” He grumbled. “I really want to see you in this”

“Is that so??” You squeaked.

“Mhm” he smirked.

You stared at the mirror, your eyes bugging put of your head. These weren’t clothes! You felt more naked than being actually naked.

Like ripping off a bandage, Y/N.

You walked out of the bathroom, peeking around the corner to see Taehyung lounged on the couch. Waiting for you. He must have heard you walking because he looked up. You were still pretty much hiding.

“Well?” He grew impatient.

What’s the worse that could happen just go for it.

You revealed the final result of your little (literally) outfit. Taehyung remains emotionless, at least to you he did. You weren’t even aware than he was going through every single way to fuck you in that one outfit. His eyes raked up your body from the transparent lace up corset to the innocent look you wore whilst he studied you. Suddenly he shot up from his seated position, stomping up to you. His hands laced themselves into your hair as he pulled you into a kiss.
He allowed his tongue to roam your mouth, his breath heaving steadily.

“Fuck, you look perfect” he sighed. Taehyung began trailing kisses down neck, sucking harshly and then gliding his tongue over the skin. “I could rip this off of you, and take you right here” he smirked, walking your backward to your bedroom. Suddenly you found yourself on your back, glancing up at Taehyung.

“I could rip this off…but I have a better idea”

The pads of his fingers instantly went to your already soaked core. Through the fabric, he pressed his thumb against you and slid down, prompting a gasp to escape your lips. The friction from the fabric against you plus the heat of his fingers was enough to make you a mess.

“Can I taste you?” He asked darkly, his lips finding yours shortly. “I want to feel you when you come undone for me? I want you to see the pleasure I’m about to give you. Just a taste of that pretty pussy…” He bit his lip.

You choked on another moan as his fingers pressed harder. “So wet for me….Fuck what are you doing to me.”

He adjusted himself so he was at eye level with your throbbing center. Looking up at you with a sly wink, his lips barely feathered over your heat through the fabric. He placed small kisses on your center, then darted his tongue out to create an even greater friction between the fabric.

“T-tae"you squeaked.

You heard him chuckle lowly before lifting his head.

"I can make you scream louder than that” he bit his lip at your shaking and panting. He grabbed the waste bad of your brand new (now soiled) panties and yanked down, only to like a harsh stripe up and between your folds. Suddenly, your phone buzzed beside you, but that didn’t stop him.

“Answer it” he growled between his movements.

“Hello?” You answered as normally as you could. Suddenly, you felt a harsh suck at your clit.

“Hey!” Y/F/N chirped. “You make it home safe??"You heard her ask.

"Uh…yeah!” You squeaked. “Every thing is f-fine” you glared down at Tae, who just chuckled.

“So did Taehyung seen your little number?” She asked. Your thoughts were clouded when Taehyung began pumping his long slender fingers in and out of you.

You tried to disguise your screams with coughs as you answered her.

“Oh, he saw it…He definitely saw it” you replied. “Hey, Y/F/N I gotta go! Just realized I left the stove on"you said then hung up quickly.

You glared down at Taehyung, who was still in the midst of torturing you.

"You. Are. So. Wrong for that” you breathed heavily. Suddenly, he took his off of you and began trailing his lips upwards to meet yours. His fingers never stopped thrusting. His thumb began rubbing wide circles.

Suddenly his movements slowed down only slightly. His lips moved harshly against yours.

“I Believe not Y/N…it hasn’t even started yet”

(…..I’m sorry lol)

The official story behind Gladio’s scar is boring, sorry, I’m changing it. Here is was actually happened.

It was an assassination attempt that would have killed Noctis had Gladio not taken the hit, the blade was poisoned, Gladio nearly died and nearly lost his eye and was in the hospital for at least a week followed by at least a month of recuperation. Noctis visited when Gladio was unconscious but felt so guilty and didn’t think Gladio would want to see him once he woke up, so stayed away until Ignis blatantly and unapologetically tricked Noctis into it about two weeks later. Gladio was gruff and grumpy and secretly hurt that Noct hadn’t come to see him, but also relieved to see he was okay. Noct was quiet and stand-offish because that’s his coping mechanism but couldn’t tear his eyes off the bandage over half of Gladio’s face. After fifteen minutes of the most awkward silence in the world they had a scathing fight and that ended in both of them Definitely Not Crying and Noct half on top of Gladio over the covers for a very tight hug while he apologized and thanked him in a ridiculous mumble-teary voice and probably wiped his cry-snotty nose on Gladio’s shoulder and Gladio held him as tight as he could with one big palm over the nape of Noct’s neck and an arm around his back and his nose in Noct’s hair.

Sorry I don’t make the rules this is the new canon.

BTS reaction to meeting your younger brother who is taller than him

Request: Can I have a bts reaction? When they meet your younger brother for the first time and he is really tall ? Like 1m85 something like that. Thanks ^-^

Rap Monster: He’d be a nervous wreck. Seeing that your brother was 6'5 and he was barley 6'0 he was a little intimidated. He wanted nothing more than to get on your bothers good side too. “For him being the younger brother, he’s kinda… big.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Suga: I feel like Suga would be surprised. He knew he was going to be tall but not so tall he had to look up at him. He’d get nervous, thinking your bother would make fun of him. He’d try to play it off but you knew he was nervous.

Originally posted by yoonggi

 Jin: Jin wouldn’t really be too intimidated. He’d make jokes like “how’s the weather up there?” and “is it weird seeing the top of everyone’s heads?” You’re little brother took quiet a liking to him based on their first interaction because Jin doesn’t know how to handle a situation seriously.

Originally posted by crimsonspeedsterr

J-Hope: J-Hope wouldn’t really think much of it. He would gladly introduce himself as your handsome boyfriend. He was a bit shocked it was your younger brother because he did look a lot older than you. Now, when he saw your dad walk in, he’d lean over and say “Height runs in the family, huh?” 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: Tae would try to square up but in an innocent way. He would stand on his tip toes and joke about how he’s actually taller than him. Your brother would just laugh and admire the fact you’re boyfriend was a cool guy. “No look, y/n who is taller?” 

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Jimin: Jimin would try to act cool at first. He would introduce himself, compliment his height, then once he felt like he was more comfortable around him, he would not leave his side. It felt like an older brother almost. He admired the height because, well, he isn’t. 

Originally posted by harunyany

Jungkook: Jungkook would be very intimidated. One reason being that he is your brother, the second reason being that he was much taller than him. You were about half a foot shorter than Jungkook so he was expecting someone your heighth and when your brother walked out, you could literally hear Jungkook gulp. “Why didn’t you tell me he was a giant, y/n?” 

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A writing contest would be a great idea if there were some way to take away biases. Like, making entries anonymous or something. It would be incredibly difficult to do, but WRA is already so cliquish that nominations and voting by polling would become incredibly skewed in favor of friends. I really want to see this writing contest, but perhaps figure out winners some other way.

Okie dokie!

I hit 2,500 followers yesterday (absolutely fucking insane, by the way), and I may have made a promise to @deafgirlsarecooler that I would do personal aesthetics for this milestone. 

So, here it is…

I am doing personal aesthetics

What does this mean? Keep reading to find out.

**If you don’t want to see these once I start posting them, blacklist “Taylor makes things”

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Who is your favorite couple in What does the fox say? Do you know if Samba will be posting Fluttering feelings soon?

I like Sumin and Sungji as a couple, and I like Seju as an individual. I hope she finds someone for her in the end. I would never want to see a tragic end for her… 😞

I don’t believe Ssamba will still be able to continue Fluttering Feelings. She has cancer and it’s understandable if she focuses more on her health. I do hope she will be able to write and draw again but her health is more important. Honestly, I would love to know she survived cancer than hearing she will continue FF…

OOC: Spent yesterday doodling some human!Jacks! His face has been annoying me for the longest because I can’t get it right. See, I want it that when you look at one of my doodles, then a FC icon, you can see they look a little alike. I don’t think it worked, but hey, I had fun drawing this.

These are various expressions and me figuring out ‘how do human’. Over my time here, he’s sometimes had a little tuft of hair falling down onto his forehead, and not other times. Rather than causing myself confusion, I decided they’re both valid! It’s normally combed back, but sometimes it flops forward and he doesn’t notice for ages.

(Also the top right one is really flipping cute and I still don’t know how I managed it)

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What do you think of Lost, Roulette, Pyxis and Kid!Roulette?

NightStar: Roulette is very funny with his wheel!!!


NightStar: He says stange words sometimes. 

NightStar: I don’t understand those words but when he says one… Lost glares at him, like if he had said something bad!

NightStar: I don’t understand?! But it’s funny to see Lost acts like that ^^


NightStar: anyways..I want to ask him to use his wheel on Uncle!! Just for see what would happen!! But I don’t want to bother him é_è

NightStar: Fell Roulette has told that I should not ask so trivial things, that Roulette could be bothered. And that the wheel wasn’t a toy….

*worried look*

.*change of subject*

NightStar: Pyxis is very nice!! We are STARS BUDDIES!!! And Roudy is a amazing friend!! We play a lot together ^^

*seems excited*

NightStar: And for Mister Lust!Lost, I don’t know him…Lost chases him everytime that I’m here..I don’t know why….


Lost/Roulette/Fell Roulette: @laukitus

Kid!Roulette/Roudy:  @rosaliableu

Pyxis:   @iamafuckinkikwis

Lust!Lost!  @eusoudesu


So, this is just a quick post to say, remember I asked you guys if you’d want to see a series of scenarios/one shots ((one for each member)) based on what their role was in the Dope M/V?

Jungkook has already been done ((ah, imagine what a handsome police officer Jungkook would make <3))

So, my question is: Who do you want to see next?

We have Office Worker!Jimin | Race Car Driver!Hoseok | Doctor!Jin | Bellboy!Namjoon | Detective!Taehyung | Army General!Yoongi ^_^

This is just to give me an idea of what you guys would like to see next in this series, so when school finally lets up a bit, and I finally have time to write again, I’ll likely start work on this, I’ll try and get Midnight Masquerade - Part 10 up this weekend as promised also! I haven’t written a reaction in a while, I’ll try and get that done next week ^_^