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Yup.. I’ll stick with maxis match, thank you very much.

I was tagged (not really, she just said for anyone who wants to do it xD) by @rosecoffeesims to do the alphaVSmm tag!

They’re both very different yet very similar, if that makes sense.

I had fun doing this–especially since the sim on the left originally had alpha hair until I changed it. It was cool to see how she would look completely in alpha everything!

Thank you @rosecoffeesims for making this tag, though the sim you did it on came out WAY better than mine xD

(WOW. Just realized i never tagged anyone >.> I tag @butterfly-tattoo, @simseternity @smubuh @tea-sims @citrontart and anyone else who wants to do it!! Have fun!)

Jung Ho-seok As Your Boyfriend~

OMG I love Hobi so much! He make me smile a lot and I bet he make you smile too <3

⁃ He would make you laugh all the time. 

⁃ Sexy when dancing (most of the time for you). 

⁃ And taking you dancing with him. 

⁃ He would take you to the best places. 

⁃ Walking while holding hands. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he wants something. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he screws up. 

⁃ Very caring and loving with you, specially when you’re sick. 

⁃ Make you feel better when you’re down. 

⁃ Make you feel special and important all the time. 

⁃ The best part is the sex. 

⁃ He would be rough and easy at the same time. 

⁃ He would love you kissing his neck. 

⁃ Whispering sweet words on his ear, would make him crazy. 

⁃ A lot of cuddling and hugs.

⁃ He would be an awesome boyfriend, the one that you can tell everything, and who gives the best advice.

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Hey! Sorry to bother but I wanted to ask you, how long have you been drawing? I really love your work so i was wondering... ps : ily

I’ve been drawing since I was very small. My dad is an industrial designer and has been doing digital art pretty much since the first Wacom, so I grew up watching him use photoshop. I remember watching him draw people in his sketchbook when we went out in public (he carried this moleskin and would draw everywhere – Church, the doctors office, McDonald’s – you name it) and so I grew up in that?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve still worked REALLY HARD. My dad may have been a great ART example, but he’s a grade A asshole and didn’t teach me anything. Everything I know is from observation, learning, practice (like a fuckton of that) and like a million art classes in high school and college. I also keep every single drawing ever, even this shitty ones I made when I was in elementary school.

Before you watch this video, please know that this means a lot to me and that I would normally never post something like this. It’s very personal and for someone special, for someone that I admire and adore endlessly. This is not professional at all, it’s just me and my ukulele.

@lunaisbandtrash this is for you daisy. I told you that I wanted to show you a song which I’ve learned to play on my ukulele and here is it. It’s probably silly and I know that I’m not the best at playing the ukulele and I also can’t really sing great but I thought I could show you how much you mean to me with playing this song for you.

You are the most beautiful flower, the kindest person I know and the reason for my happiness. I adore you with all of my heart and I hope you like this.
I love you Luna and when I sing that I can’t help falling in love with you I’m just being honest. Because it’s true, I genuinely can’t help but fall in love with you. You’re the best and I hope this is not too much or too awkward.

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If Draco had been raised by a different family (or if the Malfoys held different morals) do you think he and Harry could've been friends in school? I mean... the main reason for Harry rejecting Draco's offer of friendship in PS is bc Draco's a bully... if Draco had a different upbringing, I wonder what would've happened....

Harry probably would have accepted Draco’s offer of friendship if he wasn’t as arrogant, but i’m not sure it would have worked out with Draco and his family supporting blood purism. Let’s say if they didn’t though, then that’d be a huge alteration, so how much of Draco would be there left? I don’t really want him to turn into a whole new character, so it’s a sensitive balance really. That’s why i’m very picky with canon divergence stories where the divergence happens before the end of the war. It’s fun to play with the canon and what if scenarios, but not so much if that change is at the cost of the dynamic and character i like. I don’t really want things to be easier for them, the thing i like about them is the idea of them choosing each other despite the adversities. If it was as easy as it would be for Dean and Seamus for example, then would that be still Draco and Harry? This is something i think about a lot actually.

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Okay, but can we please talk about the "I would die for you" thing again. It's just so fucking heartwarming and breaking at the same time. The way Rhett says it so matter of factly the first time and then the way his voice softens the second time he says it because he realizes he actually would die for him because he loves him that freaking much. It made my heart flutter but also Link not responding makes me angsty because of how dang vulnerable Rhett was when he said it AHH :( too many emotions

yes!!!!!!!!!! like i thought it was very funny that Link ignored him, but at the same time i really wish he would’ve listened. it seems like it could’ve been a very heartwarming moment between the two!

But also think about what that means for Rhett, he has a wife and family. He has other friends and loved ones, he has so many things he wants to do and see, and he would sacrifice it all for Link to live if it ever came to the decision. like…. its so tragically beautiful to think about and like you said it makes my heart warm and hurt at the same time

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you're the most openminded and honest person in the gintama fandom tbh I know you're young probly a teenager but you never act immature or needlessly hate on ships like most teenagers on here do. Just want you to know I admire you you're so wise for someone so young and that makes you an even better role model for everyone.

Oh HAAAAA I’m just going to sit here and writhe for a minute a7dyfalisjdkfa THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Gosh, my face is all red and gross now 897o8yirulhqwjfkdlasdf I mean, my god, if there’s ever a positive way to be perceived by someone, this would be it! Thanks so very much, this is an amazing ask!! I’m honored and humbled by this to a degree I can’t even tell you OTL 

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Hi Jenna! I was just wondering if you think the beta reading process should be implemented in short stories as well as novels. I just finished writing a three page story that I'm very proud of and would like some feedback on, but I don't want to waste a beta reader's time.

I think you could implement beta readers, but it would be a much faster and less invasive process, since it’s only three pages. 

hello, hello all !!!i’m sky (she/her) and it is very early into the morning so hardly any of you are awake but i figured i’d do this now for everyone to sign onto and see later. i will be playing Ah Jihoon, your friendly neighborhood drug supplier for the red sentinels. under the cut will be some information and facts about Jihoon and his past for plotting purposes. i’m friendly and very open to plots so if you want see Jihoon fit for a plot you’d like to fill or just want to interact with him in general, feel free to hmu. (tw under the cut: drug mentions, recreational drug usage)

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Hey, so if you’ve noticed how I pretty much have been dead on tumblr for a while….. I finally got around to refilling my queue!  I can look like a normal person again.

Also have thought a lot about how I used to write a lot of personal posts about my life and my work and all that before I moved and sometimes I consider doing that again but mostly I think I’ll continue to be silent on it all.  With personal matters, there’s a lot going on and public conversation is not something I want a part of it.  With work, I both love my job a great deal and most of my former posts were some version of complaints or venting frustration, which I don’t need to really do any more, and also given the amount of information I share and the much more unique nature of my work (particularly as compared to before), it would be very easy to identify where I work if I talked a bit too much about it, so I’ll refrain on that front too.  But here’s a general update:

As mentioned, I love my job.  I do a wild number of things.  I work weird hours.  I’ve learned so so much and I have no idea anymore what a career path looks like for me and that still scares me but hey, I love my job sooooo.

My doggo is amazing and the love of my life.  He’s made huge progress and the stress of being a single mother to a neurotic mess has considerably calmed.  We are both still mild neurotic messes but we’re doing quite well.  

Supergirl and I are still together and coping with living on opposite sides of the country, along with various other things, but we’re working on getting her to the Happy State where I live very soon.

I’ve been doing my photography again and have done several weddings in the past few months and have several more booked, plus am picking up a good number of senior portrait sessions, which I love.

For various reasons, I’ll probably be resuming therapy soon after a year and a half without, BUT honestly I’m in the best mental space I’ve been since probably like 2011 or so (when the weight of grad school began to drown me), so all is well and good.  (I will probably have an anxiety disorder the rest of my life, and depression will always be a companion lurking in the back of my brain, but the three of us have made arrangements which allow me to live my life quite to my satisfaction.)

i would very much appreciate it if you would stop stringing me along. you’ve got a knot tied around my tooth and you yank as hard as you can, yanking as much as you want until I no longer want to show my smile. i’m your little doll that you pick up and play with until you’re bored. until you toss me on the ground and go find something else to entertain you. you forget that I’m a real person. pinch me next time, in case you think I’m not real. trust me, it’ll hurt a lot less than what you usually do.
—  dear boys

Okay, this is literally a oneshot that just looks at the immaturity of the Titans.

Might seem ooc or very unlikely but it really is just a humour piece. Don’t read too much into it.

It’s modelled after one of my favourite scenes of NCIS. It’s flippin’ hilarious and I found myself wondering what it would be like with our fave hero network. It would probably help to go and watch the scene I am talking about just so the context is kinda backing it up.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCp9RGGliDQ

I just don’t want people commenting like oh my god, it isn’t something to joke about. I know but for this particular scene; it really is funny, especially if you are invested in NCIS as a show, like moi.

It is purely being written because it reminds me of some kind of high school situation.

The big screen buzzed with light as yet another slide appeared before them all.

Superman cleared his throat and turned to face them, with the remote still in hand, pressing a button to turn on the lights in the room.

“As you can all see from the presentation, there are many forms of harassment in the workplace that can go somewhat… unnoticed. These little signs shouldn’t go without being addressed when you feel uncomfortable.” He paused and glanced over the faces staring back at him.

Rows of Titans sat there, staring back at him as he spoke. Their expressions varied from mildly interested to absolutely bored senseless. And, Superman was fairly certain he could hear snoring but he wasn’t sure who exactly it was.

Cyborg sighed, his fingers clasped together atop of the small desk he had been sat at. He was struggling but his eyes were on the Kryptonian as he continued to drone on about the topic at hand. They had all, needless to say, been reluctant to turn up to the watchtower this morning for the mandatory meeting.

The league had suggested that they were all very young still, despite being in their early 20’s and needed to be made aware of the dangers that can occur in the workplace; even if the occupation in question was a superhero.

There was a whole bunch of meetings like this they still had to look forward to such as health and safety, performance issues, discrimination… things like that. Things that normal, white collared folks usually had to worry about.

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How would you feel if by the time your kids are adults that they don't have any kids of their own? Would it make you sad that you'd never be a grandparent? Or what if they did have kids but are instead adopted; would you still be saddened that they aren't related to you? As much as you'd deny the very idea of such immoral thinking, it is without a doubt in our biological nature to want to have our genes continue to be passed down. I wouldn't think any less of you no matter what your answer is.

Ponies haven’t been driven by a “biological need” like that in hundreds of thousands of years. This is the exact same thing as comparing sentient life to one that isn’t. 

We’re not beings of mindless instinct, we have preferences and choices we can and do make on a daily basis. Some choose to never reproduce, some prefer to avoid the actions that lead to production, or in the case of some, their entire sexual identity is still being defined, which is FAR more difficult.

Don’t compare the love of a father to a chemically triggered series of electrical signals traveling through an underdeveloped brain of an animal.

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How do you think each twin would react when meeting their girlfriends parents?

Oooooh okay sooo..

ETHAN ➸ so I think that Ethan would be very chatty and a little bit showy-offy to your parents but also SUPER gentlemanly and smart and would call them Mrs. _________ and Mr. _________ and he would be super cute and sweet to your mom and if you had any siblings he would always play fight with them :)))

GRAYSON ➸ Grayson would be SUPER nervous and kinda quiet and reallllllly polite and awkward and mumbly but when he gets acquainted with them all he would be much more chatty and would be super nice to your younger siblings if you have any and would always want to help your parents with any chores and he would overall just be SUPER polite and sweet and nice :,,)

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Kyoya in a relationship headcanons?


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On another note I have this headcanon that if Sebastian and Ciel got together, their son would be so much like Kyoya XD.

  • You may feel that you’re competing with Tamaki for his attention XD, because he constantly manages the Host Club.
  • Tamaki would be your hardcore shipper, arranging your dates, giving Kyoya romantic advice (which he doesn’t usually listen to), getting you flowers and saying they’re from Kyoya after you had a fight.
  • Very chivalrous, but also a bit misogynistic. (Honestly highkey wanted to kick his ass in the beach episode.) Will always hold the door, pay the bill, etc. But may be awkward if you mentioned you were inheriting your father’s billion yen business, or were studying to be an engineer or scientist (or any “not ladylike” profession).
  • Would teach you etiquette if you didn’t know it already, all the different forks, how to curtsy right, dress codes for ‘white tie’ and ‘black tie’ events.
  • You would be the only person able to get a reservation with him at the host club, as he usually just schedules girls with the other hosts.
  • Free host club merchandise, though it’s mostly just host club fanservice (so he might not be happy if you got them).
  • If you were a commoner and his family wasn’t accepting, disapproval does the exact opposite thing people think it will. The probability of him doing something that was at 0%, and then learning everybody disapproves of it, rises to 100% (me irl). That means PDA overload just to annoy his family (tbh just his father), pet names that would usually make him cringe, surprise kisses directly in front of his father, etc.
  • When he’s not trying to piss off his father, he’ll still have some PDA, but won’t be the one engaging in it, he won’t mind receiving though.